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@willmenaker @bourgeoisalien A greedy oil baron dies, leaving us a burning planet and facing extinction so he could… @jilevin A greedy oil baron dies, leaving us a burning planet and facing extinction so he could die with $50 billio… @barbarastarrcnn @iwanttolearn Weeding out psychopaths would be a good start.Works like a charm. @carolineheldman @dare2misbehave A greedy oil baron dies, leaving us a burning planet and facing extinction so he c… war that must be won! story is so deflating and depressing. Too many Democrats are clinging to norms and nostalgia while Republicans…
Retweeted by Is It Dystopia Yet? #FBRBanks side with criminals. It's good for bidness... greedy oil baron dies, leaving us a burning planet and facing extinction so he could die with $50 billion in the… run things now. From the top on down.'s called infiltration. They are prepping for war. Voting Systems Were Left Online
Retweeted by Is It Dystopia Yet? #FBRDon't hold your breath. Our #UselessMedia is not known for asking real questions. #Trump is reigned in as the largest source of lies and attack, what difference does it make?>#Twitter Trust a…
Retweeted by Is It Dystopia Yet? #FBRA greedy oil baron dies, leaving us a burning planet and facing extinction so he could die with $50 billion in the… greedy oil baron dies, leaving us a burning planet and facing extinction so he could die with $50 billion in the… percent of Earth’s animal species live in the Amazon, and "nothing is adapted to fire”
Retweeted by Is It Dystopia Yet? #FBRNow whack job schools are giving away the military weapons used in school massacres. How Republican. @AdamRamsay @openDemocracy Time to elevate 'crimes against the natural world', to the level of 'crimes against humanity'!
Retweeted by Is It Dystopia Yet? #FBRNazi firebugs Love burning things down. is how deep the cult mentality runs. Kids are being slaughtered by the hundreds, yet this...'s actin' like he just got word this will be the final season of "Putin's Apprentice."
Retweeted by Is It Dystopia Yet? #FBRPlease share this disgusting shame until his vile company is no more. #animals With Nazis... what upchuckery @ABC. up through a criminal organization is fraught with danger. RUmpenfuhrer's orders.'m sure they only talked about golf and kids... Treasonous little punk. #PutinOwnsTrump am turned off by dancing Nazi Propaganda Ministers. burn things. So do greedy oligarchs like the dirty Kock Bros. @jjsmokkieBOY57 Perfect choice for Official Liar.Notorious right-wingwhack job, know years ago. sandpaper. freaks feel his _________. Oil Baron leaves us facing extinction. Worth 50 billion. Now we pay... @WalshFreedom Have you been Rumplestiltskin the past 30 years? @DNC forbids debating climate change? How Republican is that? Who do they work for? Koch Industries? #EnemiesWithin #DemocraticDebate
Confederates. Just like Republicans only worse.'s getting to be "Do or Die" time on the climate crisis. I say GO! NOW! @jennycohn1 @cryborg Or Putin?Soliciting a foreign power to attack a political rival. Treasonous, seditious. Belongs in Gitmo. is why America's Nazis are openly marching and rioting in the streets: one of their own now runs the country. Ford was not alone in admiration of Hitler, many Republicans and oligarchs felt the same way. Still do, appar… #UselessMedia will keep Rump propped up enough that it won't impact campaign spending and their profits. That i… #UselessMedia makes stars out of lying criminals. It's most profitable... a large area like this takes even the best professionals much time and effort... But afterwards, there wil… Republican plan to protect their brownshirt #RadicalizedRepublicanTerrorists Is to accuse anyone opposing them…, a ship that carried thousands of Jewish refugees from. Hitler’s Europe was turned away from US ports and…’s getting to be “Do or DIe” time on the Climate Crisis. he were a Republican POTUS, our #UselessMedia would be debating his level of godliness. #TrumpIsInsane Media CEO, quoted in Democracy Now, talking about the curse of Frankenstein tRump:: “We know it’s bad for… by idiot, will read humanity’s tombstone.
Right wing dictator burns down the Amazon for profit. And our #uselessMedia yawns. is doing Putin’s bidding because he is fully a subsidiary of the Kremlin. We are a vassal state. Next question? this three times slowly to yourself.
Retweeted by Is It Dystopia Yet? #FBR @SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump Why? It’s always a good idea to defend the boss. how about testing dental floss so we can avoid PAFS’s? That would be helpful. @ConsumerLab Research that substitutes, say, synthetic CBD instead of the biological CBD, is tainted by Confounding… killing humans. It’s what people like this do. And we thought Deatheaters were only in Harry Potter bo… is the Kremlin’s Man of the Year. #KingOfIsrael found them disloyal as well. #KingOfIsrael Putin cares? the WRONG thing is not how @Amazon became successful. Shame. out that whether a joke or out of a serious belief, we have a President talking about being King of the Je…
Retweeted by Is It Dystopia Yet? #FBRI was hoping, but no. Nothing’s much changed., Nutty Yahoo claimed that Hitler only slaughtered 6 million Jews because some Arab told him to. 2nd time h… would he think of us? All the sacrifice, dead and maimed, all the horrors and yet they got rid of Nazism, wipe… will Rumpenfuhrer start wearing medals on his saggy chest? @RawStory Show of hands: who expected this trafficker to live long enough to expose in open court the names of the… @mccaffreyr3 @cryborg No senate reaction. No Kremlin reaction. Same reason. @IlhanMN Spending forever in a Rumpenfuhrer Kocentration Kampf. @charliekirk11 @realDonaldTrump So our next election will be Russia vs. Mexico? They both have similar GDP’s. Sorry… @SafetyPinDaily “Russia helped get me elected” he once blurted out, while pleading innocence. Funny how our… @Dorothy1240 How long before a #RadicalizedRepublicanTerrorist heeds der RUmpenfuhrer’s call to action? @TheDailyShow @C2CLiberal RUmp is also the most godly god ever. Just ask him...How long before a proud, #RadicalizedRepublicanTerrorist heeds his call? #KingofIsrael Kiddie Koncentration Kampfs are now permanent and forever, according to the #KingofIsrael
But China will gladly profit by lending Rump money to pay off farmers to keep them silent until after the election,… like David Duke and George Wallace? And poor Hitler too? Cultists eat up lies like a 5-year-old goes after spi… Republican Terrorists. Young males trained in street thuggery and dirty fighting. Proud that one of the… advise women and children to avoid areas that my be frequented by Republicans.... tampering, evidence tampering, felonies if anyone of us were to do that. Will there be charges for these cr… is another example of #RadicalizedRepublicanTerrorism, a phrase you will NEVER hear from our #UselessMedia. @freep In conclusion, imagine if your child ( or children) and you were sexually abused & harassed, and YOU also kn…
Retweeted by Is It Dystopia Yet? #FBRSo why isn’t he being disbarred? Thugs do cast a negative light on the profession... turns on everyone eventually. Malignant Narcissists always do. to wear a dress. Is it dystopia yet? sells, and FOX’s mission is to sell propaganda. Hence, the ‘beaver shots’ to attract and keep the feeble-minded. won’t believe it, they will obey the ludicrous orange fakery. That’s how brainwashing works. Crime. Still, the criminals go unpunsihed. @richones1 @marcorubio You have my admiration!We are tied in the polls, but the outside Super PACs are blasting me with almost $5 mm in false attack ads. We can…
Retweeted by Is It Dystopia Yet? #FBR @KrisK75WASF Many have already seen that dream come true. We were warned about right-wing radicals infiltrating law…
THIS is Radicalized Republican Terrorism. In your face. And our #UselessMedia pretends like it’s just another day. @aprivateguy @SteveKingIA Where did all the hired actors end up? @SenFeinstein Radicalized Republican Terrorism is a serious crisis in the USA. NRA is a key component to keeping it that way.Could someone show this chart to our #UselessMedia? Thanks so much. #RadicalizedRepublicanTerrorism @jidk1187 #RadicalizedRepublicanTerrorismWhy not call it what it is? Radicalized Republican Terrorism. #GOPFascists #MassShootings #ProudBoysAreTerrorists
Where? Klan rally maybe...