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Dan Abramov @dan_abramov London, England

Working on @reactjs. Co-author of Redux and Create React App. Building tools for humans.

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@pcmaffey Ironically that’s also a solution @pcmaffey Async stuffMy worst fear right now is that this was all a dream and I’ll have to go back to writing regular React after this. It’s a pain!That feeling when you come up with an API that solves all the problems but you know is going to be extremely contro…
Retweeted by Dan AbramovRe: this new API Dan is teasing, if we're successful, I expect it will usher in another era of rapid OSS innovation…
Retweeted by Dan AbramovI feel like I can genuinely praise it as I had nothing to do with its creation and it only “clicked” for me a few d… a new strange API. I never felt this productive using React before. You’re going to hate it, then you’re goin…’t hire me
@wldcordeiro Behavior should never vary between development and production for such cases, otherwise it would be dangerous @wldcordeiro That will just noop and warn, shouldn't crash. But it means your app likely has memory leaks since tho… @SaketTawde @acdlite Please file an issue, cc @kylemathews @TimurAmirov In a future SSR renderer, probably. It has to work differently though. Maybe in a year or two @RReverser @floydophone @gozala @reactjs @sebmarkbage.. We've got so much to do. It's quite an exciting time for React as we push boundaries
Retweeted by Dan AbramovNew RFC about creating a Gatsby Desktop app!
Retweeted by Dan AbramovJust wrote about what Excel and "normal" programming should learn from each other
Retweeted by Dan Abramov
@jonbharris @ken_wheeler Sure @oleg008 @ken_wheeler The answer to this is often “just virtualize them”. Although if you have a ready example that… @ken_wheeler Compute heavy is good as long as the computation is spread across components and not centralized in one place @ken_wheeler I haven't found much intensive stuff there @ken_wheeler I think SVG is more relatable to people @Swizec @ken_wheeler If it's open source, send a link please!Getting more specific: what’s the most complex open source data visualization example you can find that’s built wit… @bitwiselover @AdamWeeks @wesbos @trueadm 16.3. Will be announced when the release is stable, it's not ready yet! @bitwiselover @AdamWeeks @wesbos @trueadm (unmounting of ref target) @bitwiselover @AdamWeeks @wesbos @trueadm Even functional refs can never be null in componentDidMount. Object refs… @wesbos @trueadm react-dom is where all the logic is 🙂 react package is just a bunch of factory functions for plain objects @wesbos @trueadm You're sure both react and react-dom point to the same alpha version? @slonoed I mean standalone as in “I can just import that in a demo” 🙂Do you have any open source examples of computationally expensive component trees? Something where rendering is the… some demos you haven’t seen before. Things are finally looking like they can work, and I’m giddy with exc…
🌟 I built this GitHub Client in React using GraphQL and Apollo. It should be a great playground for you to see how…
Retweeted by Dan AbramovPosted about it a few times but this could be a fun new project to contribute to: `npx babe…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @ryanflorence @zachcodes @amit_tushar @mjackson It also wouldn't work as soon as you replace Auth into MyAuth compo… @amit_tushar @ryanflorence @mjackson @mxstbr I think it's still an expectation that you can safely wrap things in a… new book is out! It is called “Exploring ReasonML and functional programming”.
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @amit_tushar @kentcdodds I don’t care strongly, would probably split render method into several methods for thatFlow 0.66 introduces a new error message format for the JavaScript ecosystem. See any new errors you particularly l…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @swyx @amit_tushar That’s not a children render prop, this is cloneElement. Pretty fragile IMO. If you need to chos… @amit_tushar @ryanflorence @mjackson I don’t recommend using cloneElement like this. It’s very implicit and breaks…
📣 Join us for episode 02 with @jaredpalmer, all about his OSS @ReactJS projects, #TypeScript, and async React! 🔥 📡…
Retweeted by Dan AbramovReact Hot Loader v4.0.0-rc.0 is out! 🎉 ESNext + TypeScript + React 16 support 📦 Webpack + Parcel support ✂️ Compon…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @nowakowskipl @CompuIves @codesandboxapp @_philpl Minor feedback: when switching pages, the scroll stays on the bot…
@brian_d_vaughn When this happens I reply enough that it would be useful to future readers, but stop engaging with the personPretty fascinating that if you leave a soup of elementary particles for a dozen billion years, they will arrange th…"Maybe you don't need Rust and WASM to speed up your JS"
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @jlongster Why do people already put this into a component (setting state in componentWillReceiveProps) and not a function? @sithmel @reactjs *React* doesn’t (and didn’t) require a Symbol polyfill. Please see my comments in the issue. The… on how you look at it, this can be an upside too. In larger components, this lets you opt in smaller leaf… an Official Recommendation (tm) or a Pattern Endorsement (r), just wonderingDid someone make this yet? Might be nicer than all those componentWillReceiveProps that are being used for memoizat…
@mksglu I don't understand what you mean. React 16.3 isn't out yet, so you can't use this feature anyway. When it *…’s more annoying when you use it in lifecycles though. Have to either do the same from a parent component or add an extra layer.Updating to new context API if you only read context in render is even simpler than I imagined Next but with #282c35 background is pretty 😍 @flowtype error message system is amazing! Big thanks @calebmer
Retweeted by Dan AbramovSpheres of any fixed radius disappear in high dimensions; their volume goes to zero. A 5D unit hypersphere has maxi…
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@dan_abramov I’ve always liked the advice to be familiar with at least one level lower than the abstraction you’re using.
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @Psyycker Sure. I'm just saying it's an interesting (and often unexpected) problem for library authors. Everything… @threepointone (This applies to glamor as much as to React "are DOM nodes mutable?" and Redux "why do you need all this indirection") @threepointone Too late, I already noticed a pattern @faceyspacey We're also hoping to vastly simplify React Redux internals themselves (and make them more performant) with itPeople will start doing things that make no sense to you. “But why are you doing this, shouldn’t you do X instead?”… problems your early adopters will face are very different from the problems the late adopters will run into. Be… effect I’ve noticed. We often create abstractions assuming at least some knowledge of lower level. But… @threepointone @necolas @mjackson So if you release a good lib for CSS manipulation, people who learned *with* it w… @threepointone @necolas @mjackson If it is possible to do something, and your lib is popular enough, someone will d… @threepointone @necolas @mjackson Heh. I suggest to release (as long as it’s on by default, otherwise nobody who ne… @threepointone @necolas @mjackson Maybe there’s a place for dev-only warning when you detect something like this? @KenWebDevBTW @dmwlff @jorilallo @jordwalke The change was committed so I suppose whichever the next release is @faceyspacey Context is what powers React Redux under the hood. The new context API isn’t to “replace Redux”, it ju… apps that use Redux today probably don’t need it. But I’m glad to hear success stories about cases where Redux… is very early and alpha quality but it’s a very cool project! Powered by react-reconciler package (so it is al… @codeonward @ken_wheeler I’m just saying that whether it exists doesn’t seem correlated with quality of the state 🙂… @ken_wheeler @codeonward @codeonward @ken_wheeler Russia has state TV and it’s horribleYeah, this is definitely web standards.
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @KenWebDevBTW @dmwlff @jorilallo @jordwalke Both React and RN did by this point @Peter_Machowski @dmwlff @jorilallo @jordwalke @reactnative Probably too late for you but it’s MIT now @some_day_man @dmwlff @jorilallo @jordwalke It’s MIT now