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Family, Business, Big Brother Champ & I play 🎮 on YT / Twitch. Kanye GIFs = approval 📺 👻 👾

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Fighting the ❄️ to go live - should be live by 2:20PM Afternoon 🔥 @Shenmue_3 @Wario64 @traceyfanclub @GodlyDuke hesback @Mr_Hasgaha THANK YOU! Do you bind them direct in SC or use a 3rd partyRetiring the Keyboard & Mouse setup for #StarCitizen - thank you for the feedback. Is there a new "best" way to setup dual sticks? @Cynical_Syrup Stop plz @That_Red_Panda I can’t fathom an asymmetrical toast cut - there’s no reason for it#1 is the true way to cut toast. #3 is mid range. #2 is madness. @Calinks3 Let’s gooooNext weeks #PUBG episodes with @Last_Grey_Wolf & @NorthernlionLP Banter: 9/10 Debate: 10/10 Gameplay: X/10
@CobaltStreak Kobe ur phone is dead @Revised_Daniel @PLAYERUNKNOWN @NorthernlionLP @Last_Grey_Wolf @NorthernlionLP @katelovelymomo check the wire plzHad fun talking #PUBG and YouTube/Twitch grind with Dropzone Podcast you can listen here: @apinkybunnie lets gooooooooooooooo @JSmithOTI @AlpacaPatrol nice whiteboard
@NorthernlionLP bodak @mccraechum yooooo the blame game @MathasGames what are some new b o i s out or coming out @MathasGames its in your minds eye. what would get the people going @MathasGames that o n eBest UNIs of the 90s. Where’s Marino at? @MathasGames LP a MMO M.D @Crusader2737 Thx my dude - appreciate you watching! Haven’t done any multi tarkies yet but I’ll keep in mindI believe in this 💯 - 5 beats a day for 3 summers - dont worry about me Ls are just setting up great Ws soon @dakotaz Best part about your story is the grind between WarZ and FortniteThanks for tuning in today. Community is awesome even though we’ve been dealing nothing but Ls. 😂 @MathasGames Yo why don’t we start an MMO series#DanGheeslingShow is live now! Fortnite with Strangers - then Tarkov @bstategames will start at 2:30PM today - 100% chance of turnt @RockLeeSmile Thats the first insulting thing you’ve ever said to me Nick.
@Dal_Vanderbilt @WalkingDead_AMC Megan balanced it out. The king is supposed to be corny. Keep watching :)Coral. #TheWalkingDeadEugene just said acquest- I’m done #theWalkingDeadCurl the voice of reason?? #TheWalkingDead #TheWalkingDead - Rick is scared for real lol 😂 @NOOBIFIER1337 @Twerk17Gaming @BoredGamerUK @wtfosaurus Congrats!!#TheWalkingDead Let’s goooo!!! @WalkingDead_AMC Mid Finale @GodlyDuke 🤔🤔 @DraculaFetus How about a shirt with just the LionDemon emote in a Che Guevera style ?In another lifetime maybe NL and I were day traders? @JSmithOTI nice telescope
@Sinvicta @ForceStrategy S Tier tweet @irishbucsfan @NorthernlionLP “Hey I have to do homework” @NorthernlionLP Respond ASAP at your convienece @NorthernlionLP a wire was sent out RE: fortnite - radar response no signs of life. Assets at stake @NorthernlionLP egg colored yeezys confirmed @JSmithOTI What about Chubby Cherub?
@Naughty_Dog Hey @djWHEAT @itmeJP the ending was all about one thing - 💰💰💰 ? :)Thank you for tuning in today. Hit some hurdles but laughed the whole way 😂#DanGheeslingShow is live now! 50 v 50 FORNITE with RANDOMS then @bstategames Tarkov winning… time is at 3pm EST for today show just a reminder :) Status! 🎧
@Last_Grey_Wolf 50v50 tho @NorthernlionLP 2 vs 5050 vs 50 - IN FORTNITE BR?!? LETS GO @tcrick8 🎲♠️♣️♥️♦️A chip and a chair. @cgheesling @JanieandJack :) @leetperkins @Identityrpg Just checked it out - sounds like UO !! Keep me updated when a build is avail 👍🏻👍🏻 @Myre_Test Typo....iPhone 🙈😂
@banditloaf Yoda
Retweeted by Dan Gheesling @ItzAwesomes4uce @ShitpostBot5000 I’m not stockThis tweet did not really happen.Watching #PumpRules 🙈🙅‍♂️🙌🏻 letsss gooo @Myre_Test Hey Myra thanks for hosting today - appreciate it 👌🏻👌🏻 @Cloverhook Hahah thanks clover :) @SarahMariePardy @MemphisGarrett 💯 @LightPhoenix6 Creepy is in the 👁 of the beholder - so nahhhhThanks for tuning in today! Had another fun show - community has been classic 👌🏻👌🏻#DanGheeslingShow is live now! @FortniteGame BR with S t r a n g e r s - then TARKOV. bday to my dude @MemphisGarrett - hope you have a great one @RockLeeSmile @hitoshura0 @seekerofthevoid Your usage of aqueiest: @LiquidScoom @rawrsnacks I’m the best res guy in the game - I’ll heal anyone anywhere anyplace @RockLeeSmile LOL. Nek. This meme is like a vintage 1983 Cabernet from the NY Smokies. Best served around the Holidays @RockLeeSmile ☘️ 🍕 @Tank334 Pass @Cartas_games Cherish then