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@NickRadz23 respect. @catrific 3rd @DBZWii09 2nd @NickRadz23 1stWhat she order? @fightingchxnce :)Proud of @UM_JRoss15! Always out working his competition - congrats! @Sinvicta straight outta bermuda @JanellePierzina @britney_haynes And all the other HGs! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ to see @JanellePierzina & @britney_haynes back on CBS! @PlatinumMad @dexxx yes sir u? @jamiedchristian :) @PoetryStud I have, I am not sure how people would like it TBH. It's a bit different than most stuff on the channel @JSmithOTI PBR. from me to you for your hip hop taste @ZachWigal :) @DesirabuI cat 5 @Allyghost thanks mm!!! @badjin_rank :) @SchrodingerDOGE this guy @bbkbobo thx bobbbb @D1vaJ :) @bbkbobo @NorthernlionLP hey Every time you said turn it up last night this is what I heard-also kanye verse fire @NorthernlionLP Gary. @JSmithOTI @NorthernlionLP no jsh you are the best garbage man @thebadnewsbaron 5v5 Starfarer on Reddit....real good. Nice work @Spicy_Squirrelz @NorthernlionLP @katelovelymomo 500k nugs @PoetryStud @NorthernlionLP @katelovelymomo do your homework son @TulaneTerry savageBig thanks to @NorthernlionLP for bringing me on the NLSS - and also to @katelovelymomo as well!
I cannot not confirm nor deny that I will be on @NorthernlionLP's NLSS at 7PM EST playing Overwatch. @dexxx i see the @garyvee influence @dexxx the hustle is real! respect @dexxx i see you droppin those early vids @JSmithOTI @NorthernlionLP diddy @BigBrotherLeak Well you guys do it best IMO, easy to support. Non-biased updates are hard because the show can get so emotional for people. @Chrisje_T hope they nerf @traceyfanclub i need to call him man @ForceStrategy can i have it now, thx @TheRealBaller7 avg 2 hrs a day times x days? however many x is @BigBrotherLeak Good luck this summer. Looking forward to your updates - you guys do it best!RIP Old Big Brother pool - it was the best part of that house. Reaper & Mercy. enjoy this, I hope you do too my favorite Star Citizen video to date - what happened in the Starfarer is almost movie like. πŸ”₯ @moaiHeadOlgo Grant spoiled it on FB already RIP @moaiHeadOlgo SPOILER πŸ€• @grayheadedgamer @Twerk17Gaming @discolando @wtfosaurus Guys, I'm confused I thought Drake designed all the ships?
@NorthernlionLP no more parties in laThank you for all the love on for the new Star Citizen video today - really looking forward to making a lot more! @JSmithOTI cut up @JaycerGeneral no im a lost soul in that game @JaycerGeneral dont tihnk so @JaycerGeneral about to record an ep, i need to get out of cathedral :/ @JahovasWitniss congrats! Citizen 2.4 update - so much to explore here is just the start: @katelovelymomo k8 u awake
@TheGreatGQ dude go full time amiibo trader @flatshanlon hey Sarah - hope you had a great season! Belated congrats on the new gigFirst Star Citizen 2.4 video will be up tomorrow! Downloading it now -- πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @8bithomo you're so vain @SoireeBlanc @NorthernlionLP @RockLeeSmile @Chiwis 😒 @wlvsatmydoor jeb @PudgeButcher I killed all the dudes @NorthernlionLP @MathasGames the mimic one? @MathasGames @NorthernlionLP stuck in cathedral of deep help plz just raised the green wall from sludge man can't find next part thx @SuperkenGaming ITS NOT RALPH THOUGHIt's still good. @NorthernlionLP I AM WARHOL @Sports_HQ @NorthernlionLP you can do it Ryan @dexxx good morning to all the late night @MathasGames dude @g1Brent I live in the suburbs!
A raccoon just walked up to my back deck window and starting scraping to come in. What planet am I on? @NorthernlionLP @SwaugerDogger prince William ain't do it right if you ask me - if I were him I would have fertilized the turnip tree @NorthernlionLP @SwaugerDogger what she order? What she order? Turnip tray @NorthernlionLP @SwaugerDogger first mixtape "get turn'p up" drops Monday πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ @michaelalfox @NorthernlionLP @BaerTaffy @MathasGames @AlpacaPatrol @JSmithOTI @Last_Grey_Wolf @wlvsatmydoor credit cards and the scammers @Last_Grey_Wolf you @Last_Grey_Wolf meg @AlChestBreach happy vdayThe after dunk > the dunk. @JSmithOTI @EvilUno jsmith you need some jellydonut in your life man - you salty lately @Sinvicta what is that point @Quallsimodo qualie! @varil29 who is that @Theromantics1 :D how is everything w u @BaerTaffy i see what you did there "lovers" @Theromantics1 Wes! @Quallsimodo didn't get the access inviteWhen you find out Star Citizen 2.4 dropped but you gotta wait for it. @DevilDogGamer I'm on the outskirts too - I think we just have to wait it out and not bug @discolando
@NorthernlionLP @michaelalfox tell your primey to keep his hands to himself@ @Last_Grey_Wolf nutmeg @justnymp @NorthernlionLP I'm too busy running the chi like gale sayers @NorthernlionLP wing commander @TheCullingGame how close r weThoughts on the new Star Citizen ship! @michaelalfox bake a swedish pizza on strim @banditloaf translation plz