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Family, Business, Big Brother Champ & I play 🎮 on YT / Twitch. Kanye GIFs = approval 📺 👻 👾

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@Wario64 @traceyfanclub @Last_Grey_Wolf Link me I’ll go in there and desalinate#TuesdayThoughts Are donuts just sweet bagels? 🍩
@kidreed8 @NorthernlionLP @RockLeeSmile @AlpacaPatrol How do I acq the originalAll the quest items you need to keep for @bstategames Tarkov tasks courtesy of the subreddit! Super helpful when t… @Deadlyslob cleo and leo unbeatable#DanGheeslingShow is live now Duos with @Deadlyslob in Escape from Tarkov. He is the Rick to our Curl.… @ThatShaggyMatt ys @ThatShaggyMatt ill be in car from 9:15-10am EST thats best time for me @ThatShaggyMatt what time @robcesternino That was meant for everyone except you Robert You have a RHAP day @Webiwnl I took the tip! Who did I start over @FayeHunter @Warcraft Looks like Lucky Landing super south in forty - thx for watching means a lot :) 0 minutes and the last player on the bench to starting over Drummond ... dont let your dreams be memes schedule for week of 4/23/18 MON: 2PM EST @bstategames Tarkov Duos with @Deadlyslob WED: 2PM ES… @1641029734 谢谢 @RobsBeach 100 @mint_toby SE? @MuyDeprimido real good gif @philold09 ey skrrrrrttttttt @xMADMARTIGANx all good my dude @7finsofsilver acq @bonita372000 thx bonnie!!!! @switchchris81 ye hit a later run this morning @JannaStigen :)Hey I hope you have a great day
Tom Cruise is Kyle Korver. Kyle Korver is Tom Cruise.Lance Stephenson is an old school NBA player - gotta appreciate his competitiveness @CashNastyGaming Cash - not trolling for real - do you think that Cavs look like 5 individuals playing instead of a team? @kevinjenig Total disarrayWho was that pass to? 😂😂 #NBAPlayoffs @JSmithOTI @jellydonutpro @MathasGames @JSmithOTI @jellydonutpro @MathasGames Confirmed super rare plant amiibo @JSmithOTI @jellydonutpro @MathasGames @TDBarrettYT Hey I’ll DM you my address - W is too easy for me kid @Prophet_RNR You’ve changed my life @TDBarrettYT 199X-2005 Raptor with the least playing time jersey 199X-2005 Pistons player with the least playing time jersey @TDBarrettYT loser buys the winner an eBay jersey of the player with the least amount of PT from their hometown fr… @TDBarrettYT just the game, i think raptors are going to win the east @TDBarrettYT whats on the line? @JSmithOTI @jellydonutpro What amiibo is that @mathasgames @TDBarrettYT @michaelalfox @YouTube @NobodyEpic Whatever is on the right is 🔥 @AlpacaPatrol @StevenHanson87 @stygiangamer @NorthernlionLP ......................... @EricTheGuy01 @michaelalfox @YouTube mine is uploading now :D @michaelalfox @YouTube i just noticed your thumbnail is sea of theeves @starwars @runDisney @NorthernlionLP spot the former presidential candidate in this photo @Deadlyslob It’s just you can’t really compare the two. The luxury of a gold chain vs a saiga - @Deadlyslob 1 hold chain each? Come on now @miggle_time We live and die in the 🎨!!! Thx for being a part of the series mike 👍🏻🌊 @thegamerseymour @Escape_Tarkov Thank you - really appreciate you dailing in and the kind words
@princessofBB Older @NorthernlionLP @katelovelymomo Is that knackerboradOut on a date with my wife and she says she doesn’t love my jeans... Actual true plot twist: I only own one pair o… you for this tweet I had no idea the NBA2k18 video did not go live! @amaxites_uk @NorthernlionLP Jeezy season approaching @NorthernlionLP If you don’t roast Sedin you don’t get to sip Merlow @Lets_Acquiesce LeTsHow do I get Stan Van Gundis to call a different set than 4 OUT 1 IN I’m @NBA2K MyCareer? @runeofred Thx for watching! @runeofred Yes for sure thank you! It will be after this week tho we just batched it up @prestonbradford 👍🏻👍🏻 @PrincexArtemis🌅 ☕️
@NorthernlionLP box out, and hustle back on defense, youll get more boards that way @CashNastyGaming Both Ls#DanGheeslingShow is now live. New @bstategames Tarkov Map & Hunting Our First Gold Chain @zth_ probably the lowest effort fries on the planet - that distracts me from the burger process @HaleGaming NPNP if you were a random I would have told you to sit - but I know you we’ve been tweeting back and fo… @Dajmin Had a Suburban @PSH729 I was trying to get him not the whole block lol @irishbucsfan You’ll never understand the timing you had with that sweet stopped at a red light checked my phone I… parking lot a guy similar to my age is BLASTING some Lil Zan/GucciGang/Lil Whoever - all windows down I think… @HaleGaming Show me @Gautaugau Ahhhhh makes sense now thanks my dude @HaleGaming Can you touch it @MathasGames ye - it's the best consequence game in the mkt r nNew Escape From Tarkov video is uploading now - should be up in a bit - thanks for being patient :)