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Episode 69 of the How To Get On #RealityTV podcast - 16 years of applying, no callback. What next?… @QuiikTriGGeR @KYR_SP33DY Speedy is a good dude @JSmithOTI lets hang @JSmithOTI jelly donuts @JSmithOTI pabst @WhenChukAttacks brassoMinecraft Tekkit Lets Play Episode 36 [BATHROOM PHONE CALL]: via @YouTubeBeen going around the office singing "It's Friday, Happy Friday, let your troubles melt away" no clue where that song came fromStar Citizen Alpha 2.1.2 | HIDDEN BEACON | (Star Citizen PC Gameplay): via @YouTube
@ashleeeeean i have not! whats the story w it @Kevin_Forister thanks kev - do you work with illustrator at all? @DorksGoneWild_ not a fiver job breh @ashleeeeean @Rocket_Lion thanks ash! how are you??Any artists who are great at minimalist logo design out there? Preferably that follows already -Tweet me :)I remember falling asleep to this fight as a kid - being woken up at midnight and not believing that Iron Mike lost Stars Live Interview - EDWSnip3down - Episode 4 Part 1 (Gaming Interview Show): via @YouTubeLunch with Mom - always the best - always get the bill no matter what. Take care of yours! πŸ‘ΈπŸ»β˜πŸΌStar Citizen Alpha 2.1.2 | JAMMED PIPE (Star Citizen PC Gameplay): via @YouTube @TheRyanHilliard thanks ryan! @Chris_Mayer27 Mayer hope all is well! @Jarredisfly thanks man you too @andy_linds :) @EvolveTom tom how are things north of the wall?Hey have a great day!Punch Club Lets Play - BASIC MIKE [Episode 27] (PC Gameplay): via @YouTube
@bgavin1224 he's really talk @Jacobmccabe07 @NobodyEpic joel has about 10 inches on ChaunceyJust a couple of Chaunceys at the Pistons game. @NobodyEpic @DetroitPistons moment at the Palace seeing Chauncey's # go to the rafters! @NobodyEpic you here Chauncey?Excited to see #1 get his jersey in the @DetroitPistons rafters tonight ! LegendMinecraft Tekkit Lets Play Episode 35 [Pumping]: via @YouTubeStar Citizen Alpha 2.1.2 | MENACE TO SOCIETY | (Star Citizen PC Gameplay): via @YouTube
Firewatch Lets Play - Love Triangle [Episode 1] (PC Gameplay): via @YouTube @LashesSashes thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D @matthewwilson24 hi @AthenaLSantana thx!! @MartinOmes @itsBiiTTERSWEET @EDWSnip3down thanks for watching! eric did a great job @0period @LashesSashes george why you gotta be so rude @MotoCrafter new ep tomm :DGreat show with @EDWSnip3down tonight on #ShootingStarsLive - awesome interview + he destroyed the gaming challenge...SHOOTING STARS LIVE NOW: via @YouTubeGoing live right now for the @EDWSnip3down interview on #ShootingStarsLive --- @NobodyEpic me too man - one of the all time piston greats @NobodyEpic @LashesSashes @0period thank you for everything you do :) @KYR_SP33DY you're creative speedy - enjoyed watching it!Interview Tonight | State of the Stream: via @YouTubeMy interview with @DanGheesling is tonight at 7PM, if you have questions for him to ask me, leave a voicemail here
Retweeted by Dan GheeslingPunch Club Lets Play - The Rise And Fall [Episode 26] (PC Gameplay): via @YouTube
@MathasGames script you @JSmithOTI you're welcome but Bryan isn't my middle nameWouldn't miss it! Olivia girl looks like an @ijustine clone! #TheBachelor I'm not really watching but @cgheesling is... πŸ˜‚Tomorrow at 7PM EST @EDWSnip3down will be interviewed on #ShootingStarsLive Leave a voicemail question for him here @LashesSashes @AlChestBreach Happy bday AL! @DerrickL Congrats Derrick!I cannot confirm nor deny that @MathasGames and I just recorded some Tekkit. @NorthernlionLP @NorthernlionLP also did you see the new mtg announcement today @NorthernlionLP You are the seamI will be forwarding/telling all these shoe jokes to my Dad - you guys are cracking me up @traceyfanclub I can't @trentfinney Haha thats a great one, I'll probably steal it! Thanks for watching @Tallos87 in due time :DMy Dad just emailed me and said he ordered these shoes for himself...a part of me died today. Club Lets Play - Downward Spiral [Episode 25] (PC Gameplay): via @YouTubeXCOM 2 Lets Play | Swamp Shield | Episode 2 (PC Gameplay): via @YouTube @SierraGames Laura Bow too goodFallout 4 Lets Play - Episode 103 [Gorillaz] (Fallout 4 Gameplay): via @YouTube
Manning has had a legendary career, what a joy to watch. #SB50Coldplay? #SB50 @JSmithOTI @jasonthenicest not sure I can top that one @jasonthenicest @JSmithOTI did you see that sack by Dan Marino? @jasonthenicest who you got in this game? @jasonthenicest @DMARK_time215 bruh he's a defensive receiver chill out wolvesDab @JahovasWitniss yeah I wouldn't want to be a DB squaring him up...I know but he looks like a high school center running the ball.'s why you don't let lineman run the ball. #SB50 @JSmithOTI ur krang @Rocxs20 πŸ‘πŸ‘Talib Kweli > Broncos Talib #SB50Jason Bourne just won the Super Bowl. #SB50 @discolando I believe it! Benny's should be in everyone's pantry. @catrific truth πŸ™ŒπŸΌ @markt25hb πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @discolando I'm waiting for a Benny's commercial...Denver D is swarming - hard to make a play with that happening...until you taunt and give them a free 1st down #SB50 @Banyle @JSmithOTI jsmithball @LaughinGal they're not helping themselves with that call...That one bad call could have just determined the #SB50 champion.NFL refs scored that TD. #SB50Caldwell with the quick anti-dab dab? πŸ˜‚ #SB50 @Ur_Haileigh πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ”₯Where was Lady Gaga's meat suit? #SB50Going live with some #XCOM2 for a little while: 4 Lets Play - Episode 102 [Splatoon] (Fallout 4 Gameplay): via @YouTube @EDWSnip3down It would be poetic - it should be a good superbowlI'll be streaming some #XCOM2 right around 3:30PM EST - see you soon! @Wario64 @TheGreatGQ 5 bucks for an amiibo - #amiiborecession
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