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Live now - playing some PUBG with @wlvsatmydoor! @NorthernlionLP Yo - be careful with that Britney gif @MathasGames What kinda πŸ• u getting there😈 @Lightford U2 πŸ’―πŸ”₯🌊
For when you need a good laugh? @RockLeeSmile Hey tried calling you - got voicemail again...
@Coach_Jackson When are you back in MI next? @Mr_Hasgaha 4K plzWhat was actually happening the night when @NorthernlionLP pounded on his unruly neighbors wall
@AlpacaPatrol hey found your restaurant bubalee @NorthernlionLP @TJ_Magesty @NorthernlionLP @MathasGames Baer grew up there on a demilitarized airbase
@AnthonySully_ 🌊🌊🌊 @discolando Photo plzThe drop at the end πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @MathasGames 1yr baby Mithis @NorthernlionLP If they were banging Ye tho you were out of line @Goldfish_Vender @kmilzzz @NorthernlionLP Yeet @my_vendettaX Hey Sammie thanks for watching and always remember to keep it πŸŒŠπŸ’― @aw67307 The clocks tickong @sonyaj616 @NobodyEpic It's probably the best verse of his life I listened to a few songs and nothing comes close to thay @mrRayBaby @NorthernlionLP Got wm @dhoppe_rock GG @NorthernlionLP Honestly visualizing you 😑 pounding the wall is such a non NL thing it's the funniest thing of 2017 @ItsJonny1011 Listened to a few tracks went back to Ye @A4Deity You're my fav fam @JM_Jemoni @katelovelymomo @NorthernlionLP Silver surfer @Kate_nev @NorthernlionLP Ge @Kate_nev @kevinmiller1996 @NorthernlionLP Sava @NorthernlionLP Seeing the Egg get to his boiling point - πŸ‘€
Sneak stream. Fumbling through Dark Souls 3 @sirrah_slettiw thanks man ill check it! @NobodyEpic just 1? his verse on ULB is the hottest fire since you dunked on speedy @kaseyaseyasey wrong. i said do you even know what the issue is, and then i said you're just trying to find where the tissue is @AlysianahNoire 100 - u better be w us!After listening to Ultralight Beams 500+ times, I now appreciate Chance's verse. Never heard any his stuff, what is his best album? @kaseyaseyasey IM JUST HAVIN FUN WITH ITπŸ—‘πŸ”₯ @wlvsatmydoor Is it Jay if it doesn't have Gills?🌊 They don't they don't they don't _____ . 🌊 @michaelalfox @NorthernlionLP @Last_Grey_Wolf they don't they don't they don't knowSo @UniofOxford is having a debate: Kanye vs Shakespeare who is more relevant? Do they even need to debate that?… @Teck923 @NorthernlionLP 🌊 @Cartas_games @Last_Grey_Wolf @michaelalfox @NorthernlionLP Magna carta @garyvee @vaynersports Congrats on Braxton Miller --- dude is legit
@michaelalfox @NorthernlionLP You @NorthernlionLP If they hate then let them hate and watch the πŸ’° pile up @KYR_SP33DY Kinda like you Speedy @TheAstroPub @TestSquadron @RobertsSpaceInd @TESTGamingTV @RichardOnTwitch @SGT_Gamble @CmdrZman @Texas_Skulls Grea… @VerseYonderer @SGT_Gamble @TESTGamingTV πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ @AdReNaLiNe9_ Silver surfer @NorthernlionLP Bronze is better than no podium -id like to thank the academy πŸŽ– & MALF for rolling up in front of 4… is the most 🌊 🌊 🌊 y of the PUBG squad? @comcastcares eyyy any update we are approaching one month with no internet?? @Underscore_ATX thanks for the help last night! @banditloaf happy bday ben!!!
Big thanks to everyone who tuned in and played tonight! Thx to @SGT_Gamble & @TESTGamingTV for joining us!Live now with PUBG then #StarCitizen War vs @SGT_Gamble & @TestSquadron -- LIVE NOW: @NorthernlionLP @grahamorama hey got your vm, if it were easy and close to my house i would do the interview for sure - would be fun @Last_Grey_Wolf GGs last night fam - I feel like our group skill gets higher, and your patience grows like a lambs wool in merchino @Quallsimodo prices going up! @SGT_Gamble OK you got your squad? We'll go for an hour battling for Koreah @banditloaf What would you say the biggest difference is between SNES and PC WC @SGT_Gamble Gamble - what time do you want to hop on tonight to get things setup for WHP vs TEST IIThis is exciting! πŸ‘πŸ»
@BaerTaffy @AlpacaPatrol Congrats Baer!!!!! @NorthernlionLP @Last_Grey_Wolf @michaelalfox perfect like MOLF @CobaltStreak @NorthernlionLP @Last_Grey_Wolf @michaelalfox COBE is this a good or bad thing 😈 @michaelalfoxπŸ˜‚πŸŒŠπŸ’― @NorthernlionLP @Last_Grey_Wolf @michaelalfox 10PM EST start --- soonest I can go 🌊 @CobaltStreak What if Ledarius called you? @NorthernlionLP @Last_Grey_Wolf @michaelalfox 8 or 9pm EST? I'll make it happen but I have to negotiate a peace tre… @NorthernlionLP @Last_Grey_Wolf I was just playin man --- get your πŸ’―isaacs in then hit me on the wire -- wed? @michaelalfox ? @Chadman70 @Last_Grey_Wolf @NorthernlionLP @Last_Grey_Wolf @NorthernlionLP Don't talk to me or my son ever again @NorthernlionLP S Q U A D up?????? When??? @DevilDogGamer Yo don't forget that loot over there why did you pick that up