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Dan Frost @DannyBoyFrost Watford/London town

🥊Big Boxing fanatic-attendee from amateur to small hall to big arena. Fight podcaster/Writer,@Boxcleva1 trustee, Graphic designer, Snooker fan & #WatfordFC fan

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🔥 @frankwarren_tv reacts to Eddie Hearn comments, James DeGale, StubHub, Billy Joe Saunders and more... 🔥 👉…
Retweeted by Dan Frost1 spare tix for a sold-out night of mouth-watering #boxing @ York Hall looking for a good home. £40 aka FV. Pick up…
Retweeted by Dan Frost @rock_bernadette @1jakeball @JFB_Sports Good luck for later @1jakeball cracking fight. See you there 👊🏼Gutsy performance from Cocoran 👊🏼👏🏼👏🏼#HornCocoranWhat Danny said 👇🏼’s everyone scoring this? 🥊 #HornCorcoranWe're live in Brisbane NOW! We've heard the 🇬🇧 national anthem, now it's time for the Aussie anthem 🎶 #HornCorcoran
Retweeted by Dan Frost @OltaiPaul @craigscott209 He learnt the hard way 💪🏼😎 @johndennen ✋🏼Me boss @OltaiPaul @craigscott209 Neither really? I was just the one who didn’t fall asleep on the subway 😂 @realdealjackson I made the trip over - had to really! So was disappointed it ended in the manner it did. ShameRematch between @GGGBoxing & @Canelo getting closer to being finalized. My story: #boxing
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Good to see Lucas Matthysse (38-4, 35 KOs) back in the ring on Jan 27th against Tewa Kiram (38-0, 28 KOs) for the v…, it makes the manner of the defeat worse then @VasylLomachenko Miguel Berchelt #Unification 🥊 @anthonyfjoshua where you at boy? I'm coming for you punk ent no1 blocking my path now!👊🏻
Retweeted by Dan FrostTyson Fury is free to resume his boxing career after accepting a backdated two-year doping ban. Read more 👉…
Retweeted by Dan Frost @jamesmitch83 @Babs_SP In fairness, he’s had 2 tough fights-physically and mentally! So it’s a exceptable level of… turns out that Guillermo Rigondeaux’s left hand is not broken. Complaining of pain on the top of his left hand,…
Retweeted by Dan Frost @WayneBoxing @TheO2 @TEAMSOLID That David Walker on the left?🤔 @Sam_OReilly1 @thomas_humber @Fight_Talk1 @craigscott209 @Adam4cSports Don’t I? Sorry I swore I did @thomas_humber @Fight_Talk1 @Sam_OReilly1 @craigscott209 @Adam4cSports He’s a loose cannon that Scotty!😂Light-Heavyweight @mranthonyyarde impressed on Saturday night, becoming the first man to stop Nikola Sjekloca 👏 Bi…
Retweeted by Dan Frost @thomas_humber @Fight_Talk1 @Sam_OReilly1 @craigscott209 @Adam4cSports It’s well deserved as well chaps 👊🏼👊🏼 @jaime_ingleby79 @TheFightGuru Berchelt is a natural banger, so a good clash of styles. Only thing left at 130 for… @TheFightGuru You don’t do easy lists, do you?🤔🤔😉 Berchelt then Garcia for me @MatchroomBoxing @KatieTaylor @timthejab 👆🏼On This Day 12 Dec 2015 Anthony Joshua captured the British heavyweight title & avenged his amateur loss to domesti…
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2nd best MW fight to happen in world boxing 👇🏼🥊 @COOPSthereitis4 Some tough champions at the weight. But time will tellSo, Kell Brook steps up to 154 next year-as expected! Anyone see him winning anything significant at the bigger weight?Clearly keen to get back into the sport then!! 😏 @BritBoxingBlog @mranthonyyarde Think the Buglioni fight is now a huge natural fight to make before heading up towards world levelParker: I Think We're Close To Locking in Anthony Joshua Fight #boxing
Retweeted by Dan Frost @NiallerDoran @TheFightGuru This saga certainly has its twists and turn. It wasn’t to long ago DeGale was doing the… @boxnationtv @VasylLomachenko Miguel Berchelt in a 130 unification. Then move up and make more history at a 3rd weight in only 13 fights @trboxing @mickconlan11 @espn @TheGarden Well done Mick. It’s 6 valuable rounds in the bank🥊
Everyone is so quick to blame the trainer! Coz of one fight! What about all the hard work from Olympic Gold to 1st…
Retweeted by Dan FrostArum: Lomachenko Would Make Joke of Mikey Garcia, Make Him Quit #boxing
Retweeted by Dan Frost#LomaRigo 🥊 😔 done. Bring on 2018.
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Someone’s not a Gamboa fan, clearly ✍🏼 vs Martz HIGHLIGHTS: December 8, 2017 via @YouTube
Retweeted by Dan FrostI genuinely hope @BronzeBomber and @kingkongboxing get this fight on for 2018 🥊 @RigoElChacal305 Good luck tonight champ, we’ll see you at MSG👊🏼Shame we didn’t get a chance to meet you this weekI blessed you the first time, boyyy you better get on your knees tonight because God have blessed you with a second…
Retweeted by Dan Frost @patrickjkillian @trboxing sleepy Hollow 😂😂#LomaRigo will go down in history as a bout between 2x gold medallists AND the longest face-off ever.
Retweeted by Dan Frost @patrickjkillian @trboxing 👌🏽
@CameronGillon_ @DannyFlexen @Babs_SP @2footshaft 💯 @DannyFlexen How did you guess Danny?😂"How does @StGeorgeGroves justify him being number 1? The joker!" - @jamesdegale1 🃏 #DeGaleTruax
Retweeted by Dan FrostGood meet you @mickconlan11 Good luck tomorrow fella 👊🏼 I took this. Mental. #LomaRigo #NewYork #boxing #boxeo #TopRank
Retweeted by Dan Frost @OltaiPaul Working on it!😉While I’m New York for #LomaRigo yrs to the day my fight with @FloydMayweather in Las Vegas.
Retweeted by Dan Frost @DannyFlexen Result of a hard punishing career that is🤕 Reckon Vargas will be to strong for Smith?Quality trio line up #LomaRigo #P4P 🥊 @mickconlan11 @TheGarden See you there!🥊 @R8UND Not convinced he’ll go past 2 in reality. Plus, Dubois will no doubt be trying to make a statement and KO him quicker than Joshua did @HarryMonaghan94 @RigoElChacal305 @VasylLomachenko @TheGarden Just Arrived from London as well. Any idea of the hotel?👊🏼 @craigscott209 @the7wolves Sounds like a successful start to the weekend 😂Tyson Fury UKAD Hearing Starts Monday, Facing 4 Year Ban #boxing
Retweeted by Dan FrostMe and @RigoElChacal305 making history. Better watch. #champions
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Hall of Fame executive director Ed Brophy announces that Lomachenko and Rigondeaux will both donate their gloves fr…
Retweeted by Dan Frost8⃣3⃣ - 0⃣ (6⃣8⃣ KOs) The combined record of our cruiserweight semi-finalists!! 💥 🏅 Plus the #WBC #WBA #IBF #WBO be…
Retweeted by Dan Frost @OltaiPaul @craigscott209 Which I can understand being a comparison, but Joshua beat Darch nearly 4 years ago, and… @craigscott209 @OltaiPaul I’d be very surprised if Darch made it past the first! Need to step this up for Dubois ne…'s a hot prospect on the rise who fights Saturday on @espn on the #LomaRigo card, but featherweight @mickconlan11
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@DannyFlexen @_GaryWilliam_ He’s got everything in his favour - apart from reach! But it’s not as one sided as some are suggesting @_GaryWilliam_ Yeah not exactly GGG/Brook or Valuev/Haye @SauerlandBros C’mon lads. The 175 division is BEGGING for that Ali Trophy 🏆 @patrickjkillian @VasylLomachenko @RigoElChacal305 So I’ve just seen on Boxing scene 👍🏼 Rigondeaux (@RigoElChacal305) is one of the hardest working fighters I’ve seen, up there with Pacquiao an…
Retweeted by Dan FrostA display of speed, agility and strength in today’s media workout with coach Manny Robles and @mickconlan11. 🥊…
Retweeted by Dan FrostAny news of you’re potential next fight @andrewselby1 ?🤔🥊Thanks boss 👍🏼