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defrocked physicist, reformed adventure junkie, satori surfer, general waterman; computer guy now working with high tech that goes really high; PGP Key avail.

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@paulkent cool, thanksI'm old enough to remember when @glennf had only 90k tweets. @paulkent can't DM you if you don't follow meAn economy based increasingly on rent extraction by the few and debt buildup by the many is a feudal model
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @tbridge @ctdawe @willsommer The story doesn't include the part about chemtrails. Maybe that's now just a standard inclusion in conspiracy.Sitting in "Red Teaming 102" class. We are so screwed. McNealy was right.TIL: "Pentesting is noisy. Red teaming is quiet." @ChaseMit @cstross Let's not forget that the SS was dressed by Hugo Boss. Donald did say something about stopping those iPhones... @atlauren FYI nothing else, read the last two paragraphs about blocking end-to-end encryption. @JoeTacopino @peterwsinger The SS were dressed by Hugo Boss. #BanalityOfEvil
@summerbrennan The future occupant may have a fight on his hands. @ericgarland And he is always right. Just ask him.
@ShellenbergerMD And they write it off their taxes as a charitable contribution. @stuartgarlick Yes he is. And I have to admire anybody who publicly recants not only a book but an entire political philosophy. @stuartgarlick the grasp of The Beast. And how ironic it is now...Fukuyama apparently really regrets writing that one book. #QuelleArrogance @summerbrennan 10 Ways To Tell If Your President Is a Dictator, via@foreignpolicy @stuartgarlick Be careful when wishing to be clasped closely by the Trump. You just may get what you wished for.Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall. He will end by destroying the earth. - Albert Schweitzer
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @_rjrbt Somebody finally said it.
@_rjrbt @awscloud @AWSreInvent If you happen to write an exec summary, I'd like to read that.
@ericgarland Will President Trump pardon a Secretary Petraeus? @CO2Counter You might check Allen Downey, Think BayesWho will watch the watchers? The super-watchers, of course!! Romney's re-education is finished! on the front line, passively watching the golden hordes stream across the border
@summerbrennan Have been reading (and re-reading) William L. Shirer. @SuzanneWaldman Those with reason and compassion are not the only force in play. And they are not the force holding power.
Amazon thinks my recent humidifier purchase was merely the inaugural move in a newfound hobby of humidifier collecting.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @toddheberlein But for them it was a smoke screen to both hide and validate actual voter fraud. That's different than the real thing. @glgray Students can get away with fashion mistakes that professors cannot. But feel free! @frioux where fritter = twitter @frioux Actually, what I *should* be doing is writing. Working on some stories and a manuscript, but I fritter away too much time. @frioux I get the feeling that I am missing out on something though... :-) @frioux I'm not into cooking, as I can't smell or taste much. So... not into foodie books. @frioux Mm, I'm not sure it would improve with (your) age. I tried to read The Baroque Trilogy and couldn't finish the first. Still hoping. @frioux On Food and Cooking - fiction? (Doesn't seem like it.) @frioux And yes, I can see where Crypto could have been a slog. But it paid off in the end. @frioux Hmm, interesting. When I "read" Snow Crash, it was an audio book and iirc it was read by Stephenson. That may have made it better. @frioux I have piles of both...more books than time. @frioux Yeah. It's hard to recommend something to somebody who doesn't get it despite having lived in it for 20 years. @frioux Re Stephenson: I really liked Diamond Age and Cryptonomicon. @frioux I read GTD about 10 years ago. Thought it could have been a magazine article. But it has helped my discipline. @frioux I thought it ended about 50-80 pages too long. She wanted an insight into "techie" culture and thinking. What can one say to that. @frioux I'm currently reading some Russian-related non-fiction. But have *plenty* of other non-fiction and fiction in a holding pattern. @frioux The SO just read Snow Crash, on the recommendation of her friend and me. Hated. It. @frioux I read the description on Amazon. That does sound weird. And fun. @frioux He sets many of his stories in "Bay City", a thinly disguised Santa Monica. So you can read what it was like many decades ago. Cool. @frioux I don't have any recommendations at this time. I'd have to look to his bibliography and remember what is good and best. @frioux Chandler led the creation of a genre, LA Noir. His work is interesting and stylized and fun to read, and you don't have to read all.
In less than 2 months, they take away his phone. Then he’ll have to send this stuff on classified nets to people sworn to follow his orders.
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellFinished S4 of Breaking Bad. #BingeWatching #LateToTheParty"If I get a little money I buy books; if I get a little more I buy food." Such were my accomplishments for the day. #11books#RoveFacts @summerbrennan You should getting proficient on your quick draw from concealed before the apocalypse, huh.
@summerbrennan Can an egg have precious bodily fluids? #DisparateCulturalReferences
@PaulSzoldra Actually it's pretty common for top intel people (Hayden, Alexander) to have all those accesses on their desktop. #RHIPShodan that faucet! analogy would also be more effective if in 2000 mobile phones did not work at night and could not do half the t…
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @glgray Remember the "premie baby incubators" and "WMD" stories before Gulf Wars 1 and 2? Both fake news. Long history of it working. @glgray Yep, sorry, was working on something else (time dependent). Create a new calendar in iCal (I used iCloud). Name it appropriately. @glgray @bruienne There is a way to remove and to block further.
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellFantasies about colonizing other worlds signify at once insane technological optimism and profound political & ecological despair
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @bruienne @fuzzylogiq @9to5mac Thanks. Will start on that.I got it too. breakthrough for public #beneficialownership registries in #europe?
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellUsually "Atrophy of vigilance" happens when primary political concern becomes mitigating economic vs other risks. #CRHNET16
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellLeaned new theory: "Theory of the atrophy of vigilance"=shift in focus from objectives to means of pursuing objectives. #CRHNET16
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell"Atrophy of vigilance"=institutions neglect supposed concerns, fail to notice weak signals of growing risks & looming disasters.#CRHNET16
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellLittleSnitch Sale Mac #OSX / #macOS Personal Firewall 50% Off #blackfriday > big recommendation…
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @peterwsinger @jimsciutto Re "will the incoming team acknowledge it?" They are the advance guard. @ChezMiane
.@dhh McNealy's Law: You have no privacy. Get over it. (McNealy is arch libertarian. Bet he didn't expect this.)3. McNealy's Law - You have no privacy. Get over it. Moore's Law: Computing power doubles every 18 months. 2. Metcalfe's Law - Network power goes up as the square of the number of nodes.Three Laws of Computing: 1) Moore's Law, 2) Metcalfe's Law, 3) McNealy's Law