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defrocked physicist, reformed adventure junkie, satori surfer, general waterman; work with high tech that goes really high; PGP Key available

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RT @bartshemiller: Only once or twice a decade in the Eastern Sierra does #cawater runoff thru the desert like this
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellThe Truman show: The moral problem of putting a human in a box West World: The moral problem of a box becoming human
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@SwiftOnSecurity I expect she doesn't do her own infosec anymore than she does her own sound engineering. Congrats on having a good team.
@GlennF I was just thinking - how does one say "goombah" in Russian? @HowGrow I have failed utterly in identifying my citrus. 😁Makes more sense than giving rights to corporations.
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellAmazon Prime.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @KimZetter Converse case: If the goal is to smear somebody, what do they do? #clintonemails @HowGrow Having grown u in citrus country, my first thought was "lemon", or orange. But then "that's too easy". So, lemon?That escalated quickly
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @HowGrow Loquat? @HowGrow Kumquat?
@sheeraf Excellent piece, thanks. (Been following this since Estonia 2007.)Sitting in a jet at PDX, waiting to take off for LAX.Beijing shuts down its last coal-fired power plant as part of bid to clear air
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@ericgarland I bet $1 he lies to the Senate committee.Another one: China to disband over a quarter of its army corps, sources say
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnellamazing diversity in insects (wasps...and beetles) @Carter_PE Does it sound like conspiracy theorizing if this seems like the piece that completes one-party rule?IMAGE: Kansas homeowner turned on sprinkler system before escaping wildfire (Kansas Air National Guard)
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @scriptmag Please quit with the pinterest clickbait referrals. The two thus far are a mess, and not useful at all in assisting screenwritersHello, I want to gain some development experience, but I fear being ridiculed for my inexperience. “Contribute to Open Source!”
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @ctdawe I am already planning another weekend road trip to Portland with the express intent of getting lost in there. 😜 @GlennF Elated! Really!Finally, for the first time in my life, I have come to Powell's Books. @RJSzczerba It looks like Jared is doing most of the diplomacy. And the WH got the Chinese to pay him $400 million for it. #DonaldsDealsSarah Palin's PAC money has run out. (Spent mostly on herself.) We are past #PeakPalin.
@frioux It's an unprovable assertion. And he's been pushing this for years. (PS: Peter Thiel is a backer.)
Europe’s most entrepreneurial country? It’s not the one you might expect
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellJust read that Royal Robbins passed away. @Kyle_MacLachlan @VidiotsVideoLA @sxsw @Showtime @SHO_TwinPeaks @VoodooDoughnut Just down the street... warfare is clearly far better, proven investment
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell"Alex, I'll take Chroma Key for $1,000 please." Sacramento. I never expected to find civilization in an airport. #VinoVolo #SMF @Susan_Hennessey Huckabee believes in lawmaking, judgement, and execution all in the same centralized body. #justplainwrongFile under "Be careful what you wish for"."Drain the swamp," translated from GOPese to English, means "get rid of the experts whose fact-finding undermines o…
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A good look at the global outlook for #nuclear #energy. Capacity will grow, but the center of gravity is shifting o…
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellMore than anything else, it is energy that drives civilization forward. (Finally.) @MavensNotebook I first read that as Juan (Garcia) Esquivel... @juliettekayyem Even the inner circle goes under the bus- and this guy isn't even close to "inner" circle. @nils_gilman Hope for the best; prepare for the worst?#100YearsAgoToday: Russian Tsar Nicholas II abdicates
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Every time an outlet pretends to have the goods on Trump and doesn’t have any goods at all, “dishonest media” rings more true to Red States.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @gmillard I was being a little...coy, and tongue in cheek. That "friend" would be moi. :-)Apple hires Jonathan Zdziarski, an active forensics consult & security researcher in the iOS community…
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @gmillard Where does the line start? Asking for a friend... :-)Ladybird Book of CyberWar - Page 12. Jane eavesdrops an #infosec sales pitch
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @gmillard @TenableSecurity That looks like a fantastic environment to work in. @danralls TrumpCare Death Panel:
rookie a #9 hitter in a no-DH league
My short film #Landfill is finalist in The Alternative Film Fest @AltFF @AltFilmFest starring @RoccoGiuliano
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellThat day when Rupert Murdoch bought his way through the eye of the needle. my personal library categories... @GlennF Blame FDR.
@betsygquammen I wonder if we could gather together all the old school disenchanted Rs would they outnumber the new model usurper Rs?
Blessed be the people who make flowcharts showing all the convoluted Trump/Russia connections to keep my head from…
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellLibertarian logic. @toddheberlein Republikansky
@ericgarland I expect @CIA will notice. @thepacketrat Ah, but which version? Are they up to date? Inquiring minds want to know.All these gov intelligence dumps, and not a single thing about extraterrestrials, secret advanced technology, chem trails, area 51, etc. Bah
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @toddheberlein @Apple But Comey is out there selling it anyway. "Trust us. We're the government." @frioux How many bots do you get to auto-follow when you tweet that hashtag? 😬
@thepacketrat ICYMI: crowdsourcing naval innovation using MMORPG-like game, (with Singularity), via @JeffLaGrua @marczak @schoun This location in Japan scares away most people, because it has slightly elevated radioactivity. @marczak @schoun Warning: there are some pictures that are difficult to look at. @marczak @schoun and @marczak @schoun 2/ I am tempted to go and join. (I've already been irradiated by everything. Don't care anymore.) Will send link to story. @marczak @schoun I recently found out about a Japanese man who now lives in the Fukushima hot zone, takes care of the abandoned animals. 1/ @marczak You are so right on this. @ericgarland @Independent This happened with the Russian DDoS of Estonia in 2007. NATO was less prepared then, but reacted better. @SwiftOnSecurity Name'em 'n' shame'em. jk/nkListening
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellI've decided that this afternoon requires a nineteen minute version of Cowgirl in the Sand. Your mileage may vary.
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellVint Cerf speaks to IoT concerns at @UCLA Anderson. Reliability. Safety. Security. Privacy. Autonomy. Interoperabil…
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellI guess the .ru investigation in the US is getting too hot, time to throw a big distraction at the CIA; drive wedge between executive & IC
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellHi.