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defrocked physicist, reformed adventure junkie, satori surfer, general waterman; work with high tech that goes really high; PGP Key available

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Had one of those memory flashbacks - now watching Endless Summer 2 on the YouTube. @_rjrbt Very nice. Best wishes. It sounds like a great adventure. That area sounds very nice. @IanDavey773 @SushiDude @SwiftOnSecurity Amateurs argue tactics; professionals discuss logistics. @_rjrbt Ah, pretty cool that you are expatting to CR. You going to San Jose or somewhere outside the capital? Guancaste? 😎 @ilangoldenberg @RVAwonk Is this the point where the astute and steely-eyed businessmen step in to cut costs and maximize revenue?So this happened: Mike Pence Resembles A Scary Number Of Fictional Cartoon Veterans
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Happy 10 year anniversary of Russia's cyber attacks on Estonia
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@Carter_PE @JerryHendrixII @ConsWahoo George Clooney to star in the movie? #MenWhoStareAtGoats @sarahkendzior @arielwaldman Maybe Facebook was short on money to pay those journalistic fact-checkers they let go?… anyone gone looking for stingray use near Mar-A-Lago yet?
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellWhere: "contractors" = "mercenaries" and mercenaries are not subject to UCMJ (or any rules for that matter) "I voted for Trump, and I am not a racist!" So now they are qualifying themselves and their vote. #AreYouSureThings you don't want to hear: "Hey, I found this PowerShell script on the internet! Let's run it on our production Exchange server!"
@mikhaelf You've got my vote.
And sneakers. Oh wait, shoes. working OT to get back that important metric: White House Viewership. libertarian dream: No employers, no job security, no health-related risk sharing across employee pools
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellWhat Would Jazzbear Do?
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellThe good news is that Justin Trudeau can fix this with a 10-minute history lesson.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @ex_ballscribe @LAObserved Pulled them out from under incompetent, corrupt management that made them unpopular...?Flynn lied on SF-86 security clearance form. Kushner lied on SF-86. Who else lied on SF-86 about contacts w/ Russia?
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellLooks that way: "Unlike in Cold War, Russia’s Relations with West No Longer Restricted by Any Rules, Lavrov Says".
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I'm old enough to remember the days when the Le Pens had to sell the family armored car to raise enough money to ke… flash boys, but for virtual money. by @barrelshifter, I decided to get a plant for my apartment.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell"Crooked Hillary" or massive projection ?
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell"She (Ivanka) is his (Trump's) voice but she has a nicer voice." approve this message. Because I said it.
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellIf we don't buy into the illusion of monarchy, we see that kings are just actors, and actors are just people.…
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellThis person makes a very compelling argument.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnelllet's take a moment and remember when Canadian television owned Ann Coulter in them most Canadian way possible
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellA) Wolfowitz needs a job. B) One guy on the planet is dumb enough to hire him. C) He gets great ratings. D) All of…
@glgray Okay. Thanks for the info. @glgray He was SOOOO much better than any and all of us college ballplayers. Always wondered if that "scaled" laterally to professors. @glgray For example, when I was an undergrad I also played baseball. We got a new coach who was a nobody journeyman… @glgray I always wondered: are they easy for you? That is, when I was doing physics I wondered if "hard for me" was… @chrislhayes @IlvesToomas Hoping the DGSE is a little more competent than the US' national law enforcement @GlennF Seeing that trend a bit in LA too. #Like @ddale8 "Let's see, there's Jared, Ivanka, Don Junior... Trust me, that's a lot of people. And I trust their judgement." @SMSwimCenter Since you're not answering the phone about today's problem, can you at least give us the schedule by twitter?You can check out, but you can never leave.
@weddady @MalcolmNance Is this the Deputy Crown Prince taking down or upstaging the actual Crown Prince? @rulajebreal Her father was one of the military occupiers, a French mil-intel officer and implicated in torture.… got his Asia history lesson from Mr. Xi a week ago. Was complicated. Maybe misunderstood? Or maybe he only re…, must be rough to be denied a seat you expected to receive
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @GlennF That is indeed a great one. Can you hang those bike frames from your cervix? @eatingsecurity Open Office design plan for when you want some quiet to concentrate.Best "bad translation" ever. Comey an unwitting ally of Putin...
@peterwsinger @drones That wall with Mexico better be darned high to prevent drones like this from crossing it.
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellGotta admit, knowing that being the last to check in could lead to a beatdown adds an exciting Running Man vibe to the whole flying process.
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellWhite House web site where you can vote for which agency to eliminate. Let's get rid of Defense, Justice, Treasury :
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @IlvesToomas @nytdavidbrooks "The Retreat of Western Liberalism" (a more credible author), @marczak I get that even with Chrome. And I thought had the F-word embedded. @Max_Fisher Ridiculous. Yes. Surprising, not in the least. @ShellenbergerMD @SuzanneWaldman Where do I sign up? Where do I make the Kickstart contribution?China’s biggest airline bans shark fin cargo
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @iJuls Sounds like he may not be comfortable with himself. I mean, it's a nice compliment and not insinuating of anything.
@BraddJaffy @Susan_Hennessey How does that compare to the payouts to the people who were harassed? @peterwsinger "His role ... flying close to the sun." And we know how that ended.A fog of distrust As oligarchs serve themselves Selling influence
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @GlennF He will get a job on K St and rake in the big bucks lobbying his former colleagues.Why do think tanks call its writers "Scholars"? Cause "Paid Professional Dissembling Partisan Hacks" is too long to fit on a business card!
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @thegrugq @matthew_d_green I hope a great book is published covering the complete arc on this information operation…
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Fine print on USAFacts: didn't talk to anybody in govt; no collab with other similar projects; data format not open… Data Reveals Software Engineers Answer Less Than 3% Of Phone Calls, 0% If It's Not Mom
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellI have written lots of these WH releases, seen even more over the years. No precedent for this in comic neediness.…
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @KaiMThaler @nils_gilman More recently: Stingrays, for IMSI interception and deception. @peterwsinger Kinda like Barry McCaffrey.The White House literally just sent out quotes of nice things that Trump's cabinet officials have apparently said a…
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Reminder on ID cards. @JasonKander @TomLevenson Most industries do not involve loofahs.and a background story about the platform: slightly more informative report on that product launch: company had a product launch today. It's now about 200 miles above Earth. @shwood @_rjrbt Bigendian
Was looking at getting the @Bloomberg finance app but wow, uniformly hated by 400 reviewers. embassy interviews baby to make sure he’s not a terrorist
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