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defrocked physicist, reformed adventure junkie, satori surfer, general waterman; work with high tech that goes really high; PGP Key available

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@existentialfish Is Tucker Carlson rationalizing his own slaves?
Hey guys, I just found where we can bury all the radioactive waste.!
1 uncle, US Army, Normandy, Ardennes; 1 father in law, Belgian resistant, worked with US Army as scout helping get… @rose_robin @BFriedmanDC @thegrugq Uncle was machine gunned on Normandy, June '44. Patched up in time to go to the… @jaxcarys @rose_robin @Annette23348076 @BFriedmanDC @thegrugq Glad they got out. Did they tell you their stories? @NatashaBertrand The state police had the law. That is the most powerful weapon, unless the authorities choose to cower.I was musing to myself that ReCaptcha seems to be all about street signs and cars lately and then I realized I'm training self driving cars.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @thegrugq @ElenaLatici @rose_robin @BFriedmanDC Every individual's story from that time is unique. His was amazing. @stuartgarlick @belindaofficial 👍🏻 @thegrugq @ElenaLatici @rose_robin @BFriedmanDC The young woman who eventually became his wife was a prisoner of th… @thegrugq @ElenaLatici @rose_robin @BFriedmanDC My FIL was Belgian resistant in the Ardennes and helped som of those aviators get back.Times like this I really miss Hitchens, Carlin, and Thompson. @BFriedmanDC @thegrugq Battle of the Bulge, Dec. '44: "I'm the 82nd Airborne and this is as far as the bastards are…
@ericgarland @katiecouric Color photo, Charlotteville, US, third from left, 82nd Airborne, joining Nazis. B/W photo, 82nd Airbor… many veterans identify with far right politics that more moderate voices are afraid of speaking out for fear of backlash.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @TLCplMax #3 from left, 82d Airborne baseball cap @TomLevenson Not just the statues - rename all those streets and schools, take down the flag symbols. @thepacketrat @WhenOnKStreet I'm good with Union Blue, but prefer Hawaiian Floral Print.The GOP needs to add a line to their Republican Purity Test. @drstevenwooding Sounds like a good day!An exploit campaign targeting paralegals has begun, with the intent of discovering FISA warrants being processed by tech companies.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @cyberwar Russia has their own GLONASS, so do not use or need GPS. @ritholtz ICYMI on a possible financial crisis that could happen n China @nils_gilman And Jeffrey Goldberg was one the chief cheerleaders of that false premise and that war. Afaik he has n…
"We could fight 'em with conventional weapons but that would take years..." Bluto's Speech from Animal House @drstevenwooding Congratulations! How was the surf, and the water temp? @atlauren @Dodgers @astros So are the Astros the best in baseball, except for that team 10 games in front of them? @SuzanneWaldman @KidinaSandbox I for one have a lot of admiration for your patience and tolerance.First thing I do every morning is check Google Maps to see if all the countries are still there.
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellUK's new carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth successfully conducted its first landing and takeoff of an aircraft. #satire @ericgarland How else can Jr decide which direction to take the family business if he doesn't have inside information? #EmolumentsI saw the Icarus movie last night. Good illustration of the pervasive corruption of Russian politics.
@cfarivar It's old school, but is still used. @idreesali114 Jared can handle it. 🤔 @cfarivar This sounds much more reasonable than the PA jobs in Hollywood. @glgray @glgray Yes and ... If they get one more SC seat and capture two more states then they will have solid one party rule. @glgray SCOTUS seat theft, massive gerrymandering, vote suppression, now this. Looks like a bloodless coup d'etat in slow motion.
@TomLevenson Past the waterline we are no longer at the top of the food chain.#HappyBirthday Amedeo Avogadro!
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellThis is all going to come down to goddamn Dennis Rodman, isn't it.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @RVAwonk "Fundamentalist cleric urges radical leader to commit holy war." @atlauren I had one short and blow a car fuse. YMMV.Is August 9th a Day That Should Live in Infamy?
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell"Inside the next fake news war" Good piecw, but ignores"dark ads", targeted FB ads, which FB refuses to make public.
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellNot sure who to credit for this absolute gem. Nails it.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @GlennF Rick Perry - the only guy in Washington dumber than Donald Trump. With Mike Pence running a close second. #Doomed @ericgarland Inside the opposition' OODA loop.
@kilbo That force field may be dipolar, and causes them to park in handicapped spaces - then leaping out to run into the gym.and wildfires in Greenland and Siberia @thepacketrat @Carter_PE sizable force @kilbo Given that every BMW comes from the factory with non-functional turn signals, it is no surprise they break down in other ways too.It's no wonder that Putin and his siloviki are confident they can park their laundered money in New York.'ve based 70 years of nuclear deterrence theory on a model of nation states as rational actors. Now we have Kim Jong Un vs. Donald Trump.
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@matthew_d_green Star Trek transporter? #JKNKRealising just how few #butterflies I see at home nowadays, all these in 50 yards of coastal path this afternoon.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell"Those who discover vulns need to responsibly disclose them or, if retained for national security purposes, adequat…
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell"Foxes are just cat software running on dog hardware."
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @SuzanneWaldman The NIE and DoD analyses state that massive migration flows out of inundated areas will cause major… @narration_sd @SuzanneWaldman Your patronizing mansplaining is still just obscuring, and neither evidence-based nor…
@toddheberlein That was good. I thought I had seen everything on your site, but I hadn't seen that. And in fact I d… @ritholtz @tedlieu @GeorgeTakei David Daley documented it, and the NYT Book Review summarizes it:… course, some will tell you that the Crimean population has freedom of expression. Doesn't look like it.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @peterwsinger Some in the US mocked Newt Gingrich long before then, e.g. when he killed the Office of Technology Assessment.Stop me if you've heard this before.
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@pptsapper small upgrade: Briefing is theater - acting plus lighting, audio, wardrobe, script (ppt), mise en scene. Attention to detail. @atlauren Interesting.The biggest summer weather pattern in the Southwest is getting messed up and we bet you can guess why…
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell5+ days since Putin kicks out 755 US Embassy personnel. No response from Trump--not one word!
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellThe US' ruling party sees the other side as allies and not opponents. saw a car for Apple Maps. #LateToTheGame #NotInTheRiver
@NatashaBertrand Then having Mueller investigate should exonerate him! (Yeah, sure.)Taking a 6 hour flight. Feel like I'm gonna step off the plane and be at least 5 scandals behind
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Home Depot Releases New Bluetooth Cordless Hose
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnelllyft driver said vegas mayor carolyne goodman made speech about kicking BH/DC out next year. Can't find news to validate. Anyone know?
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell @TomLevenson This is a big concern.