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@LexAlexander Googled Black Box Voting... I'm betting we will be getting our voting mach… @LexAlexander I'm 81 years old... up until 2016 I've been pretty satisfied with the results. So for MOST years - sa… @LexAlexander The one I like isn't running.... (and may need a little more seasoning) @LexAlexander BTW: I always vote straight Dem ticket... that is not likely to change. @LexAlexander I'm beginning to not like 'blue no matter who'... it's sounding like a lack of enthusiasm - In the Ob… @LexAlexander @waltb31 Eager to see what else you have on your platter to serve... I enjoyed the Dolby bit! @LexAlexander @waltb31 "in Dolby 5.1 at 140 decibels" has a nice ring to it... I approve!Interesting read, well written...
@4029news The judge should have also made him cut his beard and shave his head... just for kicks. @ashleystollar @lawprofblawg just as smart as me, maybe even smarter - depends on the warranty and how long the pot… @kinilei1 @HolleyTrent @cerestheories Oh, I've had a pressure cooker, and the instant pot is not just a pressure co… @HolleyTrent @kinilei1 @cerestheories I've got an instant pot but no pool... let the judging begin... I'd really ha… @HolleyTrent beautiful, I wouldn't have thought of that... I have boiled eggs in the ip because you can do volume a… @TheTipToeFairy Nice, thanks for the review... @dragon_lady_51 I'd say you're a great photographer... wonderful catch! @SupermanHotMale "filing a lawsuit" Trump's second most liked recreation after bringing down a nation, followed up by a round of golf. @DAbitty OMG, I forgot... it's amazing how a rack of bbq ribs will change your priorities. I'm back now... Dam that fire! @Joy__Hart "he was unable to confirm or deny anything" Usually means he hasn't thought of a good lie yet, give him… @StellaStar711 National geographic's take on it... @StellaStar711 Very interesting, I wonder if this is common behavior. @deviatar @SenatorCardin RE: "enhanced interrogation" "employing abusive interrogation techniques" Maybe it would… @LauraBergerol Those damnable GOP conservatives are out to get us... if they can't kill us they will jail us or dep… @azannaphx Good grief... what's this world coming to? Every liberal bias I held sacred is being challenged! (I still won't vote for Trump) @RustyBertrand Interesting observation! @glauber Thanks for the follow, I'm honored! @glauber I'm smart enough to know you couldn't run fast enough to give me that job... done properly, it's a lot of WORK. @glauber Maybe I didn't think of it because I'm not to Sharpie!🤣
@IainLJBrown Insurance Firms Pushing towards AI is a scary thought. Unintentional consequence... not a level playing field for the insurees. @glauber good one, why didn't I think of that....? @TheFigensezgin cute! thanks... @glauber The writings on the wall... @CaseyNewton ...enjoyed the narrative - Thanks!
That sure was a WTF moment! Circus Circus.... @txvoodoo @TheRoot Yes, what is this horseshit... 4 year old's shouldn't be given scissors... @Phillygirl1441 I don't even have to ask about who he is referring to... It's a shame we have a president deserving… @txvoodoo it makes baby back ribs to die for... use sweet baby ray's bbq sauce. @txvoodoo I have 8 qt. instant pot and biggest air fryer... They are my go to appliances now... so little cleanup and attention needed. @txvoodoo That chicken does look good... I'm thinking instant pot and air fryer. Need to look up a recipe...RT .@JonLionFineArt open for orders custom portrait's. .@GY18164253 I love this.... @owillis I think I've seen this movie before... at least, I recognize the plot... @Dividist Who is he and what's he running for... oh, I get it - he's advertising his book. ...never mind! @therightblue RT interesting read!
@Joy__Hart Good to know! @WillSmirk4Food @dailykos Thanks, I had missed it! @thougts_prayers @trendchasernews Thanks @TheFigensezgin @103486315Com LMAO @LisaToddSutton Ouch! In today's world the news just isn't worth it... just causes ulcers anyway. Sometimes, less… @skrishna This day will make for precious memories... nice to have pic's for proof when they grow up.Y'all it's going to be a long day
Retweeted by Darcy @LisaToddSutton BTW: I always like seeing your posts... whether I link through or not.... @LisaToddSutton Never mind me.. just so many subscription services out there that I'd like to have them all but of… @LisaToddSutton NOTE to self: WP is subscription news I don't have so check for other news source... result:… @raebops @pauljimerson The more we let go of the free'er we become. That's a fact of life! @CMarPA @MSNBC Same here, Hard pass...
@olivepippi2 👍 @natureslover_s Beautiful sight to behold... Thank you! @DouglasCP I'm left here with my mouth gaping wide open!!! @DMansini @JuddLegum I don't even think I want to unroll that... @tominwindsor @Soxwriter @geoff9cow @RobertH48756949 Heartwarming... @SirrK eye no @ONowland interesting find... @ONowland Got it! @SupermanHotMale @MaxineWaters 👏go for it @RepMaxineWaters @ONowland I hope he was putting it out for rats, but I get a sinking feeling reading this post.... the combination… @Picassokat To bad it's not the Democratic nominee - hopefully, it will be when the time comes. @CMarPA 😊Same here in AR @moritherapy @siwaratrikalpa You can unfollow me because I'm not into the follow backs.. I follow for content and b… @Hallemillerwil1 @CNN @CondoleezzaRice I'd definitely vote for her in the primary's and I am a democrat - a yellow dog democrat! @_EPluribusUnum Annuit coeptis (meaning "favours our undertakings") and the other motto on the reverse of the Great… @TreasonHappens @RichNj5 @glennkirschner2 @SheripetersonS Emphasis being on 'WE ELECTED'. The WE must get our act together. @SupermanHotMale Dear Tim... Thank you for expressing our feelings. Darcy @_EPluribusUnum Annuit_cœptis @SirrK Nice tuck! @RVnGrammy @Shoq Trump looks like he approves.
@Karoli @DAbitty @BetoORourke Coming For Your AR-15? Beto O'Rourke Scrambles Dems ... › en… @JPJABBER ✋🤚 @tucsonrosie2001 @croyboy47 Thanks... @KubeJ9 LOL @fras99 A Nobel peace prize.
@FrancoIKU It may be interesting to watch, but I'd feel like a traitor. So I think, I'll pass. @WillSmirk4Food My Vote! @KeenEye_NY @owillis Nailed it! @Joy__Hart Gives me a heart ache! 😢
@krysilove I'm rockin' rockin' rockin' but no rollin' @SangyeH Awe Sweet!
@GeekTrader Tell your children it's a childish game that white folks play, pay it no mind, you're better than that.
@azannaphx I love that... @CaseyPregent1 @Sarah_SKG_1983 @EjazGujjar55 @fxp123 @NadelParis @malavai00x @cwaynemc I am beginning to see how th… @azannaphx They have run of the house and fully take advantage of those privileges. Love that kitten... Thanks for sharing! @CharlesMunn1 This is how my morning is going... Bubba's having breakfast - Sara just wandering around, what's on h… @CharlesMunn1 Sweet post, I like! @soledadobrien @techweenie Politicians are not as interesting as guests, but maybe more profitable to accommodate.Sunnie got shaved... Actually, he stays indoors most of the time along with his buddy Casey... He sure is spoiled! @R0samond @QuancyClayborne It's all about the linage, it's a living will dividing up the fruits of the world, as th… @RonSupportsYou Another, nice to know.... because, on that we do agree. Dem are not all bad and we are not always r…
@RonSupportsYou Would you vote for him for president IF he got the nomination? (and you didn't care for the Dem candidate) @catawu @hardknoxfirst <<happy dance>> very good!