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@leahmoore Ho ho. @royalboiler @annienocenti @karenpberger @DarkHorseComics Me too... thanks, Brandon.So, at long last our Winnebago Graveyard GN is in the shops. Thank you to @ImageComics and everyone who has suppor…
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February. Four issues, 48 pages each. Weekly. Sex, sentimentality and spectacle from comics’ coolest and…
Retweeted by David Aja @RockCampers @PatioHerreriano @javimiralles @ElBonet @A3Boom @HectorRockCamp @infoVLL @RubnCalvo2 @AyuntamientoVLL @alexdecampi @ImageComics That's superawesome @mercurialblonde @nurse_nurseImpresionado es poco, con la retrospectiva de @davaja 👏👏👏 en @PatioHerreriano 1000% recomendable. No os la perdáis,…
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Visitar la exposición de David Aja en el Patio Herreriano @PatioHerreriano coincidiendo co…
Retweeted by David Aja @Nacho_Carreras @PatioHerreriano @SasiBravo @flormarga1 @RubnCalvo2 @_javierencinas @RUHECArq ¡Gracias a todos por venir! ¡Abrazo!
R.I.P. #malcomyoung #ACDC
Retweeted by David Aja @louchelarue @CBCebulski If I would not be such a snob for not fav/like, I will that CB tweet. @alexdecampi Maybe you are oversimplifying writing that they "think", heh. Anyway, agreed."Umami" is my new comic, an ongoing series that only available through @PanelSyndicate !
Retweeted by David AjaOh, shit, Malcolm. @EricaFails @PaoloMRivera Woah, amazing.
The world needs more #Hawkeye crafts. #crossstitch #punkcrossstitch @mattfraction @davaja
Retweeted by David Aja @MrsKaderbeck @mattfraction It is awesome, thanks for sharing. @royalboiler @mercurialblonde Missed that, looks awesome, Brandon. @MrsKaderbeck @mattfraction That's great! Is it yours? @ColleenDoran That's pretty awesome.I read the news today, oh, boy... Congrats @CBCebulski! And thanks @axelalonsomarv for letting me do all kind of cr…, it is about teaching boys and men not to rape and harass, not about teaching girls and women to stay safe or to be courage.
My portfolio site.
Retweeted by David AjaHello my friends. There is no easy way to put this out there. This is my sister Becky. Since two years ago, everyt…
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@britney_spheres @alis_samp That's what I thought, yup. @britney_spheres @alis_samp Oooh, one of my favs reads this year. Alison, do you have it? (Not sure if there's an English edition, tho) @HoracioAltuna @tamaritn @dasilvakiko La verdad es que las dos son impresionantes, muy fan de ambas. Meto a @TakiTakos aquí.Más de 7.000 personas han visitado ya la primera retrospectiva del gran @davaja Puede visitarse hasta el 7 de ener…
Retweeted by David Aja @TessFowler Teenage Mullet Ninja Turtles.
@AlannaWrites Yup, I did. And those panels are awesome. @stargazerxyz @AshcanPress @_atowers @Marvel @WaymonHudson @mattfraction @GayComicGuy Ha, it was supposed to be mine... @WaymonHudson @mattfraction @GayComicGuy You rockI get my permanent custom #HearingAids today! I’m rocking my #Hawkeye shirt from the @mattfraction & @davaja
Retweeted by David AjaHawkeye #11, PIZZA DOG, colors with only some lineart. Lineart by @davaja from Marvel Comics, of course.
Retweeted by David AjaHawkeye #9, colors without lineart. Lineart by @davaja
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Here's the glorious second half of our interview with @annienocenti on THE SEEDS, journalism, and tech, coming up f…
Retweeted by David AjaI finally have a decent website! With portfolio sections and a complete list of published works! ✌️…
Retweeted by David AjaBonobos have peaceful matriarchal orders, use sex to form social bonds and resolve conflicts, and they don't use Tw…
@awhiteCuban @Marvel @MDHollingsworth @MiniB622 @ChrisEliopoulos Yay, such good memories.
On Sale Now! Phase Two of our Zarjaz @2000AD releases featuring prints by @davaja @NickDerington @tulalotay
Retweeted by David Aja @ManuelBartual Yo ahora tengo 155.
@diefraumaschine @Betinaserrano Viva @Skaughtto @ChrisSamnee I had no idea about that.
@Kano_es Jojo.Hasta el 7 de enero puedes disfrutar de la primera retrospectiva del gran @davaja @infoVLL @Marvel
Retweeted by David AjaUmami is my new project, and ongoing series that you’ll only find through @PanelSyndicate. #umamithecomic
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@raqcabrero @allenraul Gracias, maja!
Fantastic interview with @annienocenti ! Discover some seeds to The Seeds with @davaja #BergerBooks
Retweeted by David AjaI do love @annienocenti @paul_duffield 69
@OutofStepArts @GayComicGuy @mattfraction @Marvel That's awesome. @GayComicGuy @mattfraction @Marvel Thank YOU for these lines, you rock. Big big hug. @mattfraction @davaja @Marvel So basically, thank you to the folks helping me get through going deaf, even if you never know it.
Retweeted by David Aja @mattfraction @davaja Getting a hear aid is scary for me. But seeing it in #Hawkeye actually does weirdly give me s…
Retweeted by David Aja @mattfraction @davaja Seeing creators actively seek to show the struggles so many people face can make you feel les…
Retweeted by David Aja @mattfraction @davaja Seeing your struggles represented can make you feel less alone. It can help you laugh in the…
Retweeted by David Aja @mattfraction @davaja Comics matter. Representation in comics matters. Seeing yourself in comics matters.
Retweeted by David AjaAs I found out that I’ll lose my hearing, all I could think about is the @mattfraction & @davaja #Hawkeye run. It r…
Retweeted by David AjaHi everyone! So I have a kind of big announcement. Read this thread (from my non-comics account) about my hearing l…
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@bootyvenger @Marvel @MarvelUK @Avengers Yay, nailed it.
Project is going slowly, but going. Could not be happier working with Ann and Karen. I love them so much.The Seeds. Promotional Art 02. Coming in 2018. @annienocenti @karenpberger @DarkHorseComics #BergerBooks Seeds. Promotional Art 01. Coming in 2018. @annienocenti @karenpberger @DarkHorseComics #BergerBooks a more interesting thingy, yesterday I uploaded to Instagram some The Seeds Promotional Art that is around and I forgot to share it here.The way I see it, cover artwork is a work where illustration and design merge as one. Anyway, bonobos for the win.The fact that an illustration done by me is used on a cover, doesn't made it a cover done by me. If that has any sense.In that particular edition I haven't done logo nor design of the book cover, so I think I cannot totally claim it as my own.I've just known I've been nominated for an award as Cover Artist for a foreigner edition of a US Marvel book and I had rejected it.Watch Nosferatu, the Seminal Vampire Film, Free Online (1922)
Retweeted by David AjaTodavía no has visto la primera retrospectiva del gran @davaja ? #Cómic #Marvel #Valladolid #Arte
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@sinKEVitch Awesome (as usual).
@PatioHerreriano @davaja Cada rincón esconde un pequeño retazo de talento que enamora
Retweeted by David AjaUna mañana genial en @PatioHerreriano con @davaja disfrutando de su Expo ¡muy grande! #Valladolid
Retweeted by David Aja @korngan @PatioHerreriano Muchas gracias, majo! @GermanGarciaArt @alvaropons @davaja @Clare_Kirtley @javiercaster Another Hawkeye page. Interesting to see how all…
Retweeted by David Aja @davaja @montynero @Clare_Kirtley @javiercaster A non text page gives a different result...
Retweeted by David Aja @davaja @montynero @Clare_Kirtley This is another result from a comic by @javiercaster
Retweeted by David Aja @davaja @montynero @Clare_Kirtley Yes, we did a gazetracking of of diferent comic-book pages (color indicates time,…
Retweeted by David AjaAnd the blue circles here idea identify how people read good old Hawkeye @davaja . Fascinating. @Clare_Kirtley
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