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@josepbusquet @picadlos @eccediciones No creo, será oficial, he visto cosas más cutres, ja ja, que son muchos años ya. @picadlos @eccediciones Bueno, el logo estaba en las portadas y además lo diseñé yo, supongo que esa no cuenta. Per… @Biggletron @JAMALIGLE @PiaGuerra @ImageComics @drewgill I will for sure, I mean, is Pia. @Biggletron @JAMALIGLE @PiaGuerra @ImageComics Thanks! I have some TPB fetish, heh, I asked just in case. Will pick the HC then.I think, going further the classic dystopian sci-fi wich is about depiction of a political/social collapse, one of…
Retweeted by David AjaApunta planazo! Mañana visita guiada con @AsierMensuro en la última semana de la expo «Superpoderes. @davaja y…
Retweeted by David Aja @JAMALIGLE @PiaGuerra @ImageComics That's great! Curious, there will be a tpb? @picadlos @eccediciones Están bien para jugar a "Encuentra las 7 diferencias" con las portadas originales, jojo. @FdoBlanco @annienocenti ¡Gracias amigo!The transphobia, and more generally speaking queerphobia and misogyny and racism that drives Comicsgate's worst act…
Retweeted by David Aja @LeeGarbett @Jock4twenty Happy birthday!!!!
@bodgei Please, do! @bodgei That looks super awesome, thanks for sharing. And I really hope things will go fine, big hug.Every time someone use the term "SJW", Jack Kirby kills a kitten.
@alexdecampi I have never muted nor block, but it seems I am blocked, it's ok. @alexdecampi Broken link? @ElTioCreespy @horrorfestival Pues creo que sí, no lo sé todavía, voy de culo, pero me encantaría escaparme aunque sea un día. @ElTioCreespy Pero cómo me gustas, Borja. @marcdaalder @annienocenti Thanks!!
@alvaroortiz_ Toad triste. @Crooperc Hostia, pues sí. @sispurrier Me too, big big hug. Tons of crap around and working on the seeds. Next year for sure. @sispurrier Noooo, I can't. I would love to and to see you THREE. And I know, I'm a hermit. I have not gone to a c… Batman has a penis that looks like a Super Mario character and punches elderly women, right? @davaja @RetconPunch @annienocenti Happy to! Honestly don’t know what would be the point in discussing The Seeds wi…
Retweeted by David Aja @Patrick_Ehlers @RetconPunch @annienocenti You rock. Thanks again, really. @RetconPunch @annienocenti @Patrick_Ehlers Thanks so much for taking your time and write such a wonderful review, P… @alvaropons Tío, tenías que haber hecho un hilo con todo eso.If you want to know some comic art assistants names and faces working in the shadow, I would recommend you to check last @alvaropons tweets.The Success Story, por Al Williamson y Archie Goodwin
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@emmartian @McKelvie THAT ELDERLY PUNCHING JAMIEE¿Puede que estemos ante la serie de culto del año? #cómic #theseeds
Retweeted by David Aja @mantaypeli @annienocenti @DarkHorseComics Si eso quiere decir que va a vender mucho, ojalá, je.The Seeds#2 no falla, @annienocenti pone las cartas sobre las mesas, logrando que el interés por la historia crezca…
Retweeted by David Aja @PedroParedesDC @annienocenti ¡Gracias Pedro!I had no idea what The Seeds was about before picking it up but it’s such a cool concept and (as per usual) I love…
Retweeted by David Aja @pnkdmp Thanks! @_simsima1980 @HassanOE @curexcomplex @annienocenti Boo. @emmartian @McKelvie Get you two. Also, THAT helmet Jamie. @HassanOE @mercurialblonde @ThoughtBubbleUK Also, check the tables layout at the plane, I can see a pattern there.… @HassanOE @mercurialblonde @ThoughtBubbleUK But, but but don't you know Gundam plastic model kits are set in a 9 panel grid? @MIIS3RIIA @ElTioCreespy @ModernaDePueblo Junto con el de 2011 y 2015 de lo mejor, jojo. Ya en serio, me ha encantado. @ElTioCreespy @ModernaDePueblo ¡Hostia qué bien! (y con los patrocinadores en negro, triunfada) @Tyrexito @Larrimbe Qué chulo, Mauro. @McKelvie I never have liked a tweet because I'm a horrible person.An example of how you can focus a 9 panel grid around a single image from @davaja & @annienocenti's The Seeds #2.…
Retweeted by David Aja @HassanOE @annienocenti I love you, pal. @MutantAgenda @annienocenti Thanks!
@tulalotay @ThoughtBubbleUK @kierongillen I hope I will be able to go next year, I really miss you two. @quimicefa La vida son carencias. La muerte es la plenitud. Da de comer al desnudo. Lo dice la biblia y una taza de Mr. Wonderful. @quimicefa Se llama vida, Javi. @ThoughtBubbleUK @kierongillen It is. @PabloDuraRuso Pues @LaParadaComics
@brian_level @annienocenti Thanks!! @Focusedtotality Thanks! @McKelvie @spintheiryarns Actually, I just used that in one issue, my idea was Kate to have different clothes on each issue. @RWRLindsay @annienocenti Thanks!
I am a lil behind here but “the seeds” is really great comics. @annienocenti & @davaja killed it. #ilovecomics
Retweeted by David Aja @TonyDonley @annienocenti @DarkHorseComics Thanks!!The Seeds places the reader in-between everything. Like Lola, I’m unsure of what side of the wall I belong, but I’m…
Retweeted by David Aja @btmorgan85 @annienocenti Thanks! @inmenso_pirluit ¡Gracias! Y sí, se publicará por aquí cuando esté terminado.
@westonfront @2000AD Love it. @audkoch Weird and frustrating. You know you are supertalented, right? @audkoch @McKelvie I'm reading @ChelseaCain and you already had 4 issues done?? This has no sense and it is frustrating... So sorry. @audkoch @McKelvie Wait, what?? That totally sucks, why?ICYMI, "The Seeds" #2 continues to showcase and deepen the mysteries of the debut issue with high quality artwork a…
Retweeted by David AjaYesterday was a good day for comics art fans, with new work by the singular @fareldalrymple, and @davaja in peak fo…
Retweeted by David Aja @brettwarnock @fareldalrymple @ImageComics @DarkHorseComics Thanks, Brett!! @RFKemp462 @annienocenti Ha, thanks, Richard!
@MIIS3RIIA Y a dónde vamos. Estamos solos en la galaxia o acompañados. @MIIS3RIIA @LaCentralenMad Cómo me gustó la última trilogía (ya veo que han sacado un integral, tengo los tres núme… @christyblanch @cthulhumachine @GailSimone @annienocenti I do not use emoticons because I'm a snob, but imagine here another three hearts. @JAMALIGLE @sinKEVitch You should ask to be paid for reading it. Actually, you should ask to be paid for reading th… @feemcbee @Jenny_Smyth Yay, thanks, you two! @BatmansBookcase @theREALLarbear Hah, thanks, you two! @BradBarnes17 @annienocenti @karenpberger @DarkHorseComics Thanks, Brad! @waltspeaks @annienocenti @karenpberger Thanks!Seeds #2: Unique & excellent. Every panel is used for maximal storytelling in what shapes up to be one of the best…
Retweeted by David Aja @ComicNerdy Thanks!An ominous panel from The Seeds by @annienocenti & @davaja.
Retweeted by David Aja @Midnighter_DC Oh, sorry, that sucks, both for you and your local. Great you got it, tho.THE SEEDS #2. In which a spaceman overshoots his mark, the Queen Maker arrives, the bees are fed up, someone is kid…
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@NicKlein @pauljholden Yes.Hey, same for issue #2. Also, thanks a ton for reading us. @ales_kot @vicho82 @mandorlablog @TEBEOBIEN @allenraul @annienocenti Ho ho, punk.Miércoles de novedades bellas en la tienda de cómics. THE SEEDS #2 de @annienocenti y @davaja y THE NEW WORLD #3 de…
Retweeted by David AjaOut this #NCBD! THE SEEDS #2! By @davaja and @annienocenti
Retweeted by David Aja @nick_lowe_ Thanks, Nick!! @curexcomplex thanksthanksthanks @mandorlablog Yo tengo mis ejemplares parados en Aduana... de verdad. @curexcomplex High six! @mandorlablog Y yo.*cough*.... eh...*cough*.... THE SEEDS #02 IS OUT TODAY! @kierongillen @McKelvie @cracksh0t You are ready for doing MCU posters.Not New News: A bunch of scumbags are monetizing hate and bigotry. @nellwoodprince @GailSimone You rock. @panelpatter @ToddNauck @JoelGHodgson @annienocenti @DarkHorseComics @MichaelMoreci @Cleanlined @thevaultcomics @PopRelics @GailSimone "My characters have that recovering-from-hangover chic" Gonna write that in my bio. @nellwoodprince @GailSimone Thanks!!!