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Dave @Dave77062 The Republic of Texas

Just your average conservative gun owning, constitution supporting American from the Republic of Texas. Come and Take It! #2A, III%

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Watching the Hillary infomercial called 60 minutes. "I will call President Obama for advice"..Hillz
@MarthaRaddatz is the most annoying woman on television.72 percent in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll see Clinton as “too willing to bend the rules.”"6 in 10 Americans dissatisfied with presidential choice" ABC News
CNN reports 69% of Americans believe race relations are at a level not seen since Rodney King. Thanks own that.
Maybe the Whitehouse should be lit up in blue.
Look what is happening to our country under the WEAK leadership of Obama and people like Crooked Hillary Clinton. We are a divided nation!
Retweeted by DaveTwitter marks Black Lives Matter movement with special emoji July 09
“Everyone please be vigilant. I never thought I’d see the day when we needed to watch the backs of the police...
Retweeted by Dave @HCSOSheriff @houstonpolice Houston CHL holders support and stand with you.AG Lynch to #Dallas protesters: ‘Do not be discouraged’ #DallasPoliceShooting
Retweeted by DaveWe are told not to judge the protestors by the actions of a few. Why can't we as gun owners get the same respect?Missouri police officer 'fighting for his life' after ambush shooting | Fox News | Dallas shooter id'd as New Black Panther, I went to and read their doctrine. The level of hate is staggering.
Micah Johnson - Dallas Shooter. is what you geniuses are killing cops over % killed during arrest White 0.0032% Black 0.0040% #Dallas
Retweeted by DaveAnyone else see the irony in DPD defending the very people who hate them? Twitter Takes No Action As Calls For Cop-Killing Sweep Platform - Breitbart News @BenWilhelm1230 @Eccentrie @Hardline_Stance yep. You can legally carry a long gun here but dang that was a dumb place to do it. @BenWilhelm1230 @Eccentrie @Hardline_Stance he had an AR that was unloaded. No explanation as to why. @BenWilhelm1230 @Eccentrie @Hardline_Stance turns out he was a person of interest and not involved. @BenWilhelm1230 @Eccentrie @Hardline_Stance really what?More anti police rhetoric from Obama today...where is he now...crickets.People tweeting they are happy these officers were killed are disgusting. What the hell is wrong with you people?Deafening Silence! Where are all the Liberal celebrities condolences to the slain police officers & their families!? #Sick #Dallas
Retweeted by Dave @mcmurrayhollee @rightwinglatina @dallaspiosana @ZANews16 reports are he is not one of the shooters. @arsenal9w I'm sure he was on his way to church or something. @PDXpain the guy is a person of interest.
It’s a dark day in American history when the FBI makes a case against Hillary Clinton and then recommends no charges.
Hillz mishandled top secret info so let's elect her and give her more..really? We are screwed.Here comes the media doing damage control.So you can violate security laws but that's ok?Revealed: The Obama Policy That Left Chris Stevens Defenseless via @BreitbartNewsYeah..our borders are secure. 200K Criminal Aliens Booked Into Texas Jails Over Past 5 Years, Says DPS
@TGowdySC when are you going to run for potus?
@JacksonLeeTX18 How about you clowns in congress deal with the real issues such as Islam, mental health access, and enforcing the law?
Can someone explain to me how Imam Obama has a 51% approval rating?
@FinitoSosa @doughboy0218 @GOP I have to agree. He can't beat HRC. It's a shame that these people are what we have to choose from. @FinitoSosa @doughboy0218 @GOP disagree. Trump is an ass but he is not HRC. All of this I won't vote for the GOP candidate will elect her.Had a debate is it wrong to wear US Flag clothing? Especially shorts? Thoughts? @ABCPolitics runs a story on Trump's runny nose..really? Maybe you should concentrate on real issues like HRC's criminal activity. @aheartforgod Christianity is not about "direction" it's about forgiveness and love. "..ask and you shall receive."Corrupt Federal Court Rules Govt Can Hack Your Computer Without a Warrant, No Probable Cause
Retweeted by Dave @doughboy0218 @FinitoSosa @GOP great rhetoric but unfortunately a 3rd party vote will almost guarantee a HRC presidency. Heard of Obama?Why isn't this bitch in jail? AP: Hillary Clinton Destroyed Gov’t Email, Wiped Names From Her Calendar - Breitbart Invites 18.7 Million Immigrants to Avoid Oath of Allegiance, Pledge to Defend America - Breitbart @GeorgeWill disappointed in your decision to leave the GOP. Didn't peg you for a quitter.Federal Court: Government Doesn't Need a Warrant to Search Your PC - Breitbart via @BreitbartNews
We need names of these RINO pieces of crap. Senate gun compromise survives first test vote. (Sent from KHOU 11) Amendment was written specifically to protect you from the same Government which is now trying to take it from you. #2A #DemocraticSitIn
Retweeted by DaveDem's answer challenge of due process by reciting names from Orlando. That has no bearing on my right to due process under the law.
The Holocaust in Nazi Germany started with gun control.
Retweeted by DaveAin't it the truth? @TheDemocrats
Hollywood stars follow Obama’s gun control script, tweeting White House talking points on cue | Fox News |
Obama calls it ISIL instead of ISIS bc ISIL rejects the fact that Israel is a sovereign nation.
Retweeted by Dave#NoWomanEver should feel powerless #2A
Retweeted by DaveI don't normally agree with ANYTHING Bill Maher says but this is spot on. via @youtube
Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts Democrats Pushing For Gun Control On The Senate Floor via @chicksonrightStay Classy Dems..Anti-Trump Protester Throws Rock, Bloodied Reporter's Head - Breitbart via @BreitbartNewsI unfollowed tweeps that don't follow me @
Is he serious? Statement on Terror Watchlists - @nrailaWhere do these people come from? @GershKuntzman, N.Y. Daily News writer: Firing AR-15 ‘gave me..PTSD’ - - @washtimesWhy do liberal papers such as this endorse Hillary? Obama’s failed leadership is literally killing us - - @washtimes
Muslim Mayor Of London Warns Of Attacks Against America If Trump Doesn’t Do What Muslims Want via @youngconsDon't touch our damn guns because of the radical Muslim:
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Report: Store Management At Academy Sports Orders Sporting Rifles To Be Removed From Display via @youngconsThe guy is such an asshat. Obama: Omar Mateen Had 'Glock Which Had A Lot Of Clips in It' via @BreitbartNewsLondon’s Muslim Mayor To Ban Sexualised Images Of Women via @BreitbartNews..and you are a pastor? Sacramento Baptist pastor praises Orlando massacre (Sent from KHOU 11) who exactly are these conservative #NeverTrump folks going to vote for?
Once again, Barry blames guns and doesn't mention Islam. What an asshole.Obama's speech let me sum it up for you. Guns bad..tolerance...not Islam..guns bad..need gun control. I just saved you 30 minutes.
If you are a Dem you need to ask yourself. @TheDemocrats
If there is any question if you should support Trump. Trump — or Clinton — Will Decide Fate of the Second Amendment just keeps getting better. Obama administration backs plan to relinquish Internet control - Fox News
Hillary's speech - "I will always have your back." Ambassador Stevens would beg to differ.
Please sign & share the #StopYulinForever petition. Let's be their voice! #AllyForChange
Retweeted by DaveOur @POTUS Yet To Mention The 9 US Soldiers Who Died In Texas Floods... If Only One Had Been A Boxer Maybe? #tcot
Retweeted by DaveOMG !! #Obama Appoints Grandson Muslim Brotherhood Leader Gov't Liaison Muslims #DEMOCRATS #CROOKEDHILLARY #TRUMP
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Retweeted by DaveAli was not a hero. He was a draft dodging racist anti American that could box. BFD.Chew on this a while! @Tenpointer20111 @thro_e @Mrs_TxWolf @popstherock33 @BroncoGirl1807 @ter2459
Retweeted by Dave VERY AFRAID Hillary Refuses Say Right to Bear Arms Is a 'Constitutional Right' #NeverHillary #2A #Trump2016
Retweeted by Dave @hcc_mike @LindaSuhler oh absolutely! Me being a smartass aside, there needs to be a criminal investigation. @hcc_mike @LindaSuhler yes you do..msm is her campaign manager. @EmilyMiller @SteveGuest @DailyCaller say Clinton passed Aussie style gun control. Who confiscates? That question needs to be asked.
Reagan? No, JFK. He would reject the leftist Democrat party of today.Democrats are not focused on liberty today.
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Retweeted by DaveThese ARE @thedemocrats ..any questions? Anti-Trump Men Attack Female Trump Supporter, Wave Mexican Flag #tcotPaul Ryan Disavows Trump's Attack on Judge's 'Mexican Heritage' via @nbcnewsProtesters Assault Trump Supporters With Eggs, Bottles, Punches After Rally via @nbcnews