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I work at Amazon (Opinions here are my own). In my free time, I host and produce podcasts about pop culture. Formerly: Microsoft, Harvard Business School.

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Looks like we JUUST missed the arbitrary threshold tonight. Let’s try again another night! interest in watching BRAWL ON CELL BLOCK 99 tonight (830pm pacific) & discussing it via Periscope afterwards? If over 50 yeses let’s go!Really psyched to dive into @ZachWeiner’s new book, SOONISH, which I pre-ordered. is a really striking piece about Sean Young, how she was left out of BLADE RUNNER 2049, and who she is today:
Retweeted by David Chen @gamookie nope @Atencio One of my favorite films of all time. Every scene has so much attention to detail from performance to set dressing.
We're broadcasting LIVE right now to discuss HAPPY DEATH DAY with @tobolowsky. Join and chat here: around 630pm pacific, @Tobolowsky joins the @Slashfilmcast to review HAPPY DEATH DAY. I think it’ll be memorable. Stay tuned for link. @mattsinger #NeverforgetDrive to work looks like BLADE RUNNER
I regret nothing. all the true crime podcasts I’ve ever listened to (e.g. Serial, S-Town), Dirty John is by far the most engrossing really good way to realize humankind’s insignificance in the face of nature is to go to Smith…
Sharing reflections after seeing my short film DOCTOR B live for the first (maybe only) time at Bend Film Festival watched @RealTomHankz’ film MR ROOSEVELT at @BendFilm. Wonderful and funny. A simmering quarter-life crisis, a… morning I got to attend bendfilmfestival and watch my short film DOCTOR B (about a… the hotel they sell accessories from a brand whose tagline sounds like a taunt morning, Bend, Oregon. Excited to check out the @BendFilm Festival today. email really took me on a journey.
Just started playing UNCHARTED: THE LOST LEGACY, and this is an extremely good looking game. whether to keep some old blu-rays (with @joyofnapping) @keithcalder You’ve definitely expanded my horizons today, Keith @stefabsky
We watched #BLADERUNNER2049 a second time. Let’s discuss it with SPOILERS. “Um, I know you’re on the way to pick me up, but would you be interested in seeing BLADE RUNNER 2049 a 2nd time… was an honor to read this great book and be able to lend my words of support to it is lovely @JosephKahn @JosephKahn Hope everyone sees this film, but Honest question I’m curious about: what is your plan if NO distributo…"The Storm" (Freestyle)
Retweeted by David Chen @CooperSBeckett @SHO_TwinPeaks WHERE CAN I BUY THISWow great catch about BLADE RUNNER 2049 from listener @phunkysai new Kindle Oasis looks so good that I am pretty irritated I bought the old one like three months ago
Overhearing a convo behind me: “I don’t think it’s SUPPOSED to be that scary. It’s on a cake!” “But it’s covered in blood!”I have never seen a preview screening this deserted before in all my years of doing this... @genrocks Congrats Gen!!!Ok this one is pretty good drive to work. @jacktweetslife Wait what? Where/how?I hope it's because we got our asses Off-World when Jared Leto was put in charge.
Retweeted by David Chen @Hellchico @jowrotethis Pretty sure I was the co-host and Joanna was the host on that one :)RIP Windows Phone. A lovely remembrance by @vladsavov am Lo-cute-us of Porg. Resistance to my adorableness is futile. #TheLastJedi
Retweeted by David ChenMy dad made Employee of the Month and it is legit really moving to me. (all personal info removed)
We're broadcasting LIVE right now with @Massawyrm to discuss BLADE RUNNER 2049're going to be broadcasting live tonight to review BLADE RUNNER 2049. Please stay tuned for a link.Szechuan sauce fiasco is amazing because it combines toxic fandom, corporate opportunism AND cultural appropriation! @rianjohnson I am so glad to have another tool with which to describe and illustrate your head. @PJVogt @aaronlammer I still have yet to get one of these :-/Rick & Morty should do an episode about how Rick's second favorite sauce is Universal Healthcare
Retweeted by David ChenI mean, just listen to this.
Retweeted by David Chen @_DaanishSyed @joyofnapping This is amazing. Thank you. @cullens @joyofnapping Never been to Costco? is a photo of @joyofnapping riding a scooter out of a Costco. I am deeply in love with this woman. mean, just listen to this.
Thrilling surprise to see Gosling share nearly every scene with a fascinating woman. Not a female-led movie, exactl…
Retweeted by David ChenOn that note: Have you folks heard to 2Cellos newest album, Score? It makes me want to die with how beautiful it is. know what is a good way to calm down from any nightmare of a week? Listen to “Now We Are Free” from the GLADIATOR score at full blast.
Retweeted by David ChenWhat’s up with Niander Wallis’s office in BLADE RUNNER 2049? (Minor plot details discussed, feat @joyofnapping)
Retweeted by David Chen @lindseyromain That subplot never coalesced for me either unfortunately @lindseyromain Interesting. Thanks for sharing. @lindseyromain Can you elaborate? (I believe you and can imagine why - just would like to hear it from you if you want to share)THE CONFESSION TAPES (Netflix): Definitely watch this show if you feel like you have too much faith in our society and its institutions.THE LEGO BATMAN movie is $2.50 on Amazon. That is less than the price of an actual LEGO Batman figure don’t know how effective this was but gotta give them props for the accuracy @MattGoldberg @ajaromano I interpreted it more as a need to be aware of the ways one’s art can be received, but i a… usual, @ajaromano hits the nail on the head with this thread @aamiller78 That’s what I wanted yesI haven’t been keeping up with RICK AND MORTY this year but everything seems like it’s going fine, nothing sad to s…
Here’s my biggest question about BLADE RUNNER 2049: How the hell did ATARI become ascendant again? @Devindra There’s definitely score but it is incredibly derivative @BenKpDesign Yes @lauren_wilford Agreed @BenThePCGuy I’m disappointed there was no Facebook liveBig day.’s up with Niander Wallis’s office in BLADE RUNNER 2049? (Minor plot details discussed, feat @joyofnapping) @DrPizza @Fullantho Even a forehead tattoo or something would've sufficed. @DrPizza Oh well now you're just pointing out problems in the premise. Like: Why design them to be completely indistinguishable from humans?