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I work at Amazon Prime Video (Opinions here are my own). In my free time, I make podcasts about pop culture. Formerly: Microsoft, Harvard Business School.

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Tonight's episode of the @slashfilmcast is going to be pretty chill. Join us as @devindra (and hopefully…'ve wanted to write about Diane Nguyen forever. Thank you @WearYourVoice for the opportunity 💖 Here's my critica…
Retweeted by David Chen @TaraAriano @gavinguidry I got nothing. ATOMIC BLONDE? TRANSPORTER movies? DRIVE?“The PM is not going to sack you after a week. Sacked after 12 months - looks live you've fucked up. Sacked after a…
The replies to this tweet are amazing. It's fascinating to see how many people this movie series has forever scarre… thoughts on that new SPIDER-MAN game for PS4, which is awesome @htranbui @slashfilm @cevangelista413 Good news! It already is :) @Slashfilm @cevangelista413 @htranbui Just listened to a recent Slash Daily. THE RIDER is probably going to be in m… @jasonschreier @kirkhamilton I really appreciated your Splitscreen discussion of SPIDER-MAN’s music because it’s ba… @Massawyrm Can’t wait @BallsOnBalls I answered your question. I can’t control what movie is playing there. @JerryLacay Thanks! That is very kind. @BallsOnBalls Cinerama @VinceMancini NiceThere’s a “half-chicken” dish on the menu. My wife asks, “Are your chickens as small as the one those wings came fr… my wife and I went to The Whale Wins restaurant in Seattle with a bunch of friends. We ordered the chicke… it for the last two seconds alone. @buggzero Sorry, but no.I really loved these engagement photos I was able to take of my coworker and her fiancé today. There’s so much genu…
The FINAL DESTINATION movies are a testament to the power of cinema. To this day, I can’t pass by a truck full of l… gives some good commentary. @tweedleV @slashfilmcast @jeffcannata @Devindra @KristyPuchko @BenThePCGuy Why are you doing this to yourselfUPGRADE is some great B-movie fun. Interesting sci-fi ideas explored with a dash of camp and a handful of inventive…
The opening sequence of this week’s BETTER CALL SAUL was poignant and beautiful. A lovely depiction of what it’s li… video cuts away before we can hear Ted Cruz speak, which is the most merciful thing you can do for Ted Cruz in… a couple years, half of us will feel dumb.
@film_girl @brandonleblanc Do you guys feel bad about yourselves? Just trying to gauge how I will feel if/when I ge… @jamiethechapman NiceNot that I'm interested in buying the new iPhone, but I called all the Apple stores in my area today and they were…’m looking for some photography inspiration these days, so here’s a question for everyone: What is an Instagram ac… me Amazing. two-part episode of The Daily podcast is truly devastating. I’m crying on the bus ride to work listening to it.
Today it was announced that Cary Fukunaga was hired to direct the new Bond film. Do you actually think a Bond film… @jcamachott No it’s not?Instead of asking, “Why did Elmer Fudd get owned all those times?” you should be asking yourself why he was the onl… know that scene in Shirley Jackson’s THE LOTTERY when all the disparate townspeople from vastly different walks… @mikecosentino I aim to pleaseNever even knew this was a possibility, but now I can’t UN-know it ever again FUTURE IS HERE AND YOU CAN TALK TO MICROWAVES NOW. primary reason I’d buy the new iPhone is for the amazing camera. But the price is so high now that I could spen… saw some dude use an app to make Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel smile more, so I thought I’d do the same with the m… @MichaelSalfino Pretty sure it’s a henchman.MANDY: "At core, men are afraid women will laugh at them, while at core, women are afraid men will kill them.", this was devastating all right. That is all.
This film came out almost exactly 20 years ago today, and we are all so, so very old ANOTHER remake?
Retweeted by David ChenIf you’d asked me two years ago to give you a list of brands that the Trump era would become inextricably entangled… at work. @ Santa Monica, California @Lesismore9o9 Thanks! Perhaps consider just embedding the tweet. @joyofnapping Is this supposed to be a pun because it’s pretty rough
Here’s a thing that just happened: I have a full day of meetings in LA. For lunch, I get some salad at this hip pla… brother with the pro tech support to be at Amazon Studios’ Santa Monica offices today to meet some of my fellow team members up on yesterday & this live proposal is next level shit. Dude is cool & collected about breaking all our h… @Paopalinaa Crap sorry about thatDawn. @ Santa Monica, California historic. So proud of all my colleagues who work on this show.’m in LA for 48 hours on an ultra-quick business trip. On the way here I met this elderly Chinese lady who was 4 f…
The developers of Spider-Man hid an Easter egg proposal in the game, but the couple broke up before the game was re… @globalreset You have no idea how much agony I’m about to endureiOS 12 for iPad moves the swipe gesture for control center from swiping up at the bottom of the screen to swiping d… @manymanywords Technically wouldn’t you have to lay them off one at a time and replace them slowly over the course of three months?The tone of this article underscores a stark truth: every year after the iPhone 6s, Apple has made phones that add… morning., everyone's right about Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4). It's ridiculously fun with an optimistic, upbeat tone. It'… @guywelch2000 Dude my wife is exactly in the same boat! I gotta respect it too
Are you bored on Sunday afternoon and have nothing better to do? Why not listen to @jeffcannata @devindra and I dis… of my 356 dead mum tweets. After she died I was tasked with clearing out her things. So much unworn and untouc…
Retweeted by David Chen @jowrotethis #OllyRulesForever @GeonnCannon @Joe_twheets Incredible @ModernChow Hmmm, how large is this crew of yours? I already own the base game on PS4Does anyone here play Destiny 2 on Xbox? I'm looking for a few folks to get through the new Forsaken expansion with…’s #talk about A SIMPLE FAVOR with @joyofnapping and THE PREDATOR (with me) need to start taking notes like this and skip writing reviews altogether.
Retweeted by David Chen @JeramyWainwrigh No worries @JeramyWainwrigh Never used the term “plot hole” in any of the above. So, goodbye. @UKGr8ness2012 We reviewed it on for THE PREDATOR: Here are notes/questions i wrote down during my screening of this film.
@mattsinger @sean1meehan Sean let’s co-produce this @morninggloria SO COOL!A good thing to do when you’re sick is combine Bibigo dumplings from Costco with Shin Ramen from an Asian grocery p… can’t believe that this week, the most valuable tech company in the world (by market cap) released three phon… is an exceptional deconstruction of BOJACK HORSEMAN: Season 5 by @lenikacruz you think in China, they have a concert series called “Celebrate North America”? @Tyacenda loved Season 2. Great work! VANDAL: Season 2 is a huge achievement. Beyond being another engrossing (ahem) yarn, it does so many thing… @craftingmystyle I’d love to talk/podcast with you about it! But I don’t know what the rules are now at your new gig :) @film_girl Okay I’m really enjoying your tweets but I have to ask: do you wake up early or is this staying up late for you? @craftingmystyle Ok I finished the series and it wasn’t who I thought it would be in the casket! Also, great interview!I'll admit it: It still kind of sucks that Diane Nguyen is voiced by a white person in BOJACK HORSEMAN. The Vietnam… @helloluis I think it could go either way, but criticism acceptedThe bad news is that a fever has completely incapacitated me and I’ve been recuperating in my house all day. Good…
@curtmega I would say mostly because the dialogue and acting and visual effects in the trailer all look uniformly pretty badGoddamn you, BOJACK HORSEMAN, for putting in visual gags so quick that I MUST pause to read them, only to have you…