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I work at Amazon (Opinions here are my own). In my free time, I host and produce podcasts about pop culture. Formerly: Microsoft, Harvard Business School.

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mark ruffalo and chris evans right now thinking about how they invited a whole ass pro-confederate family to the in…
Retweeted by David Chen @slashfilm I accept your apology. @mattsinger @GermainLussier Look Germain, I’m not saying Snoke is Rey’s fifth cousin twice removed. I’m just saying…'s THE SHAPE OF WATER is one of the most beautiful films of the year. A gorgeous, thrilling fairytale abou… just watched THE SHAPE OF WATER. Let’s discuss it.
@Blake_Seven Possibly! @yaboichazzeh yes, couldn't find it :-/Twitter, need help: A few months ago (I think after a natural disaster), a Twitter thread went viral about how the… LAST JEDI: An epic, emotional, yet cerebral experience with surprising moral complexity. Breathtaking visuals a… @jasondashbailey hey man, if you've got it, flaunt it.@seattlecritics are announcing their nominations for film awards this year, and this is by far my favorite category
Looks like it’s going to be non-stop THE LAST JEDI reactions on Twitter, which means I’m totally off social media u…’s talk about I, TONYA (with @joyofnapping) @jlfergin ExcellentHoly shit I, TONYA is incredible. Wildly entertaining, heartbreaking, shot and edited with an intensity and verve t…
Playing Curse of the Osiris DESTINY 2 expansion with @globalreset right now. Watch us play live and chat here: @GermainLussier Man, so jealous you got to see "Untitled Spider-Man Homecoming Sequel" before the rest of us... @mikeyface Serious question regarding this Patreon debacle: Are you considering other options? There are a couple a…
@PCBrown how so? @chriscorneschi @_DaanishSyed That would make the most sense and I wish the movie addressed this. @_DaanishSyed There's like dozens of magazines, so like, I guess some people just spend like hundreds of hours crea… I have about THE TRUMAN SHOW: - Truman reads mags & watches TV. Is it all elaborate faked media that does… @Devindra (I deleted the tweet because I made a typo) @Devindra Still subject to change! @LAboytoy I was being sarcastic @jowrotethis woman stole a package off my doorstep this week and now I am making it my life’s mission to find her and deman…’s talk about Steven Spielberg’s new movie, THE POST (feat @joyofnapping) THE POST was a disorienting experience. Can’t believe we ever lived in a time when newspapers struggled fi…
Seeing all these dinos attack humans in the JURASSIC WORLD 2 trailer is giving me post-traumatic flashbacks to that… @ Amazon Corporate disappointed by @Patreon's decision to describe a change to their fee structure as pro-creator when it's… @JebusHChrist I don't think you can fully appreciate how subversive it is without having seen at least some of the original series. @BrianJRoan No.As I look back on this year, I can't get over how TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN was possibly the boldest reboot of a TV sh… @silviakillings Saw the pilot. It was haunting and beautiful and great. Like a German TWIN PEAKS with better cinematography.Remember when earlier in 2017 that dad got interrupted during a BBC interview, then we all had a good laugh and we…’s talk about Ruben Ostlund’s THE SQUARE
@kissysellout @slashfilmcast Thank you! @mattsinger @rianjohnson It would be your second greatest achievement (after Brick) @rianjohnson can we please make all of this happen @Bleacher_Boy I mean the concept of a Klingon General Chang played by a white person does still break my brain a bit to this day.One of my first memories of getting a sci-fi thrill in a movie theater was watching Kirk saying "FIRE" as they took…’s talk #TheDisasterArtist (round 2) with spoilers, feat @joyofnapping's my 2017 in music. (PS I love Todd Barry but he's not on here by choice. My shuffled playlist kept surfacing…
Let’s take a look at the amazing #GetOut art book with @joyofnapping. Errol Morris wrote about Finding Frances for The New Yorker
Retweeted by David ChenSpeak of the devil (the devil is subtle anti-Asian racism), here comes the @nytimes with a big load of WTF THIS WOU… piece by @aarontmak. I know many Asians struggle with this. @inkookang LOL, you tell me, Inkoo.I need to watch this.’s talk about #TheDisasterArtist.
I wrote about how BOJACK HORSEMAN's 4th season emotionally destroyed me
Retweeted by David ChenI wrote about how BOJACK HORSEMAN's 4th season emotionally destroyed me like another Seattle morning commute that is in no way depressing or ominous. interesting thing about VOYEUR: at one point, one of the subjects directly turns on and attacks the documentari… reviews this wknd: VOYEUR: Read the New Yorker article & you'll get 90% of what this is film is trying to…
Some thoughts on the end of Tony Zhou's hugely influential Every Frame a Painting piece seriously makes me consider switching to Android @SethAbramovitch CONGRATULATIONS SIRMy friends just got back from seeing COCO. This was their reaction. #TheOlafHateIsReal DISASTER ARTIST: Adds little to the lore of THE ROOM that wasn’t already covered in THE DISASTER ARTIST (book),… LEAGUE will make less money domestically than CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER. Still hasn’t made as much as…"[Gondry] said, 'You're so beautiful. You're so broken right now. I love this. Please don't get well.' Because [ET…
@GermainLussier I've definitely done both of those things (in my head)I haven't been this pissed at @GermainLussier since he implied that the ENTOURAGE movie is a piece of art worthy of… @the_moviebob Does Apu dieThe show clearly answers the question of who drew the dicks. The fact that there are STILL endless conflicting theo… insight into the Disney pitch process by @EricDSnider here was not prepared for BOJACK HORSEMAN Season 4 Episode 11 and now I think I’m going to be upset for the rest of my life.Would recommend I, ROBOT though @the_moviebob @mangiotto Always appreciate your humility and perspective when it comes to these things, Bob. @the_moviebob @mangiotto One thing I struggle with in figuring out how to react: There are people in our world who… @mangiotto What is meant by "patronizing GET OUT shit"? @ChaseDunnette Good call. It worked. (Sometimes it doesn't). Thanks! @mangiotto Whenever I feel like my concerns about racism are being minimized, I just remember that many people go t…'m really glad @mangiotto wrote this angry, scathing review of DOWNSIZING so I don't have to go off on it myself.… digital future is so bright, I literally can't see it. BILLBOARDS’ treatment of race made me feel pretty gross. Grateful that @alisonwillmore has articulated the is…