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I work at Amazon (Opinions here are my own). In my free time, I host and produce podcasts about pop culture. Formerly: Microsoft, Harvard Business School.

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@karamcnair Nebula Capsule, plus a gorilla pod tripod night is lying in bed at 845pm and watching Netflix projected on the ceiling until losing consciousness.… got some terrible news about a good friend that has left me shaken, and wondering if I could've done more to b… @claytonmarshall I just sent out a bunch of invites this morningSpoilers for Marvel films: *tears welling up in my eyes* I am so incredibly proud. Big moment for me to see this… @patrickhwillems No problem! We should work on something together sometime!The full text of Mueller's indictment is breathtaking. Here's one insane takeaway: Paid protestors ARE ACTUALLY FOR… really appreciated this piece by @patrickhwillems on the art of making video essays (and why the format has, in s… @yogoldsmith Calm yourself. I double dipped so I have the newer version.
I found this article about Bob Costas’ pink eye by @kellyconaboy to be unexpectedly engrossing. And’m giving away my old blu-rays and DVDs to people who can answer some #trivia questions. Come join the fun (US onl… @kphipps3000 Already claimed the digital copy, KeithAt around 730-8pm Pacific, I’m going to broadcast some trivia questions live and one lucky person will win all thes… @ajhan @cevangelista413 True story: I made this in MS Paint. @GermainLussier You’re interviewing Jane Campion?Oh snap. @brandonltenney Amen @PancakesNow @jeffcannata I'm sure Jeff appreciates being tagged into a conversation about LA LA LAND he doesn't ca… LA LA LAND a tribute to dreamers who help create art and shape our culture against insurmountable odds, or a dev… Panther will make more money in its first week at the box office than Justice League did in its entire run PANTHER: Despite some incredible costuming, production design, and geeky tech, I found the plotting for the f…
Months of avoiding movie trailers comes to and end tonight. It’s BLACK PANTHER night, people. @AWolfeful I found this to be a compelling piece, April. Thank you for sharing itI would like to wish happy birthdays to @alisonwillmore and @EricVespe, two film critics whose work has inspired me… guy gets my mood today. @mattsinger @Memles @Devindra I know we’re done with this convo but here’s the great Richard Brody on this scene. E… difficult times, I look at the replies to controversial tweets. For stupid replies, I block those people proacti… @TornadoOfKnives @Memles It was 100% bizarre that this seemed to be her very first time hearing this music. @mattsinger @Memles @Devindra In that case, bravo. @mattsinger @Memles @Devindra Something like that but I do think the fact that people's opinions seem to be so divi… @mattsinger @Memles @Devindra FYI: Looks like the internet also had this argument with itself a year ago @mattsinger @BrianJRoan @Devindra @Memles I think this difference in perception is fascinating and I appreciate you… @mattsinger @Devindra @Memles Fair point but there’s also a cut where it shows these dancers on stage doing these o… @Devindra @mattsinger @Memles I’d say if the movie is trying to convey that Legend’s music is also great, it does a… @Devindra @mattsinger @Memles Pretty sure I understand the point of the scene, on account of the multiple cutaways… @Devindra @mattsinger @Memles At the very least we are meant to laugh at how badly Legend’s performance and aesthet… @mattsinger @Memles Hey, I clapped longest and hardest during “Start a Fire”! To the consternation of those sitting next to me.Finally, a word about the Seattle Symphony’s performance of the music: it was great. The pianist was MVP & it was b… @Memles I am convinced more than ever that they are meant to after last night’s screening. There are no less than 5… ending of the film is still a massive gut punch. The idea of seeing into an alternate reality is extremely poig… though I ultimately find the film troubling, I not only admire its craftsmanship, I also admire the commitment…’s a scene where Legend lectures Gosling about what it means to be a revolutionary vs traditionalist. I found… of the actors of color have any speaking parts except for John Legend, whose music the film sets the audience… it intentionally perverse? The incongruous juxtaposition of lyrics and choreography seem to imply yes but the me… opening number, “Another Day of Sun,” is perverse. As aspiring actors talk about how they left their families b… Had a chance to see LA LA LAND in concert last night. Prepare for a bunch of spoiler-y thoughts as I try to…
Folks, there is LA LA LAND World Tour official merchandise and I don’t know how I feel about it but I know it’s not… excited to see LA LA LAND in concert tonight, a film which @jeffcannata described as “thematically dishonest”… you feel like the *pace* of these school shootings is intensifying, that's because it is. Why that is happening…
Retweeted by David Chen @slashfilm @rejects okay maybe you guys were right about this one appreciated the four dozen responses I got to this tweet, but unfortunately it did not help me decide what w… @Todd_Spence how can i buy theseGreat Moments in PR Email Writing, Entry #16 @EricDSnider I’m not sure if this tweet is making fun of criterion or disc buyers or both or neither?Damn. @boffajonesJETS Hmmm, no it doesn’t. I was just trying to explain my personal reaction to this one. @FuMikechu Not sure. The idea of welcoming what is essentially abuse from the person you most love doesn't sit well with me.These fake Phantom Thread Valentines are very clever, but I think on some level I still find the premise of the fil… @Devindra @kenwongart @jeffcannata Me too! Instant buy!Okay guys, I'm paralyzed by the sheer quantity of choices. Criterion is having a flash sale (50% off using promo co…
🤔🤔🤔 @mattsinger It’s a disgrace. I’m beside myself now that I know about it.There are tiny continuity errors and then there are colossal fuck ups. This is the latter. @mangiotto Wow this is upsetting WalterI tried out a bunch of new journalistic/narrative podcasts recently. Many of them tried to tell intricate stories b…
Broadcasting LIVE right now with @devindra and @jeffcannata. Going to catch up on a bunch of movie stuff and then d… is about to go down, for those interested in tuning in. Stay tuned for link. got to work at 630am this morning and am leaving at 630pm at night to go straight home to record the… @davehclark I was super thrilled to see some sun yesterday even though it was BITTERLY COLD outside. Seattle winter… not realize that Peter Rabbit is a horror movie.
@antsfilm Did you go?Seattle is beautiful and cold tonight. A few more photos with the #sonya6000. #sony #a6000 started watching WALK HARD again on Netflix and lost it at, "This was a particularly bad case of somebody bein… @patrickhwillems Thanks! @patrickhwillems I’ve been thinking of picking one up. Any places you’d recommend to learn how to take advantage of it? @StephenWilson Can you list some of your other favorite competing services?Also: I don’t care how good this movie is. If you have a character who undergoes plastic surgery, then you have a f… VILLAINNESS is an insane mish-mash of tones, veering wildly from romantic melodrama to balls-to-the-wall action…