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I work at Amazon (Opinions here are my own). In my free time, I host and produce podcasts about pop culture. Formerly: Microsoft, Harvard Business School.

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Pretty unhappy with this Westworld emailer. @alexgz27 Whoa interesting. Can you tell me more about the plot of this film? @Ethan_Anderton @EricDSnider How many villains are actually IMF agents or working with IMF agents.Come let me show you what a house on sale for $600,000 in Seattle looks like.
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Come let me show you what a house on sale for $600,000 in Seattle looks like. @slashfilm This looks like hell to me. @ereIamJH_ I disagree with your reading Screenslaver talks about how we prefer talk shows to talking and game shows… @steven_le Ahhhh good call @heyyjohann My wife cringedIncidentally, there are two films in Pixar history that have the same person as Writer and Director. They are INCRE… of these are inherently bad but their execution feels sloppy. There are so many of them and none of them are f… Deavor’s (the good one) desire that Supers should be able to help humans freely, which is basically the exact sam… A conflict that is explicitly set up between “what you can sell” and “what you can design,” which goes nowhere -… INCREDIBLES 2 we have: - Mr. Incredible getting over his wife taking center stage (happens EXTREMELY quickly, li… the first INCREDIBLES, which, for all its flaws, is a classic, revered film that builds up to an extremely… THREAD: A second viewing of INCREDIBLES 2 reaffirmed my initial reaction: this movie is still a blast but i… @joekraemer PS Joe your work on Rogue Nation kicked ass.Two things I’ve learned in the past 24 hours: 1) This was a bad tweet, although I was fundamentally trying to comm… @schwabby Costco pass actually @mangiotto Walter.I just watched the trailer for AXL and now I’m questioning the series of decisions that led me to love movies as a… the concession stand I spoke with the AMC employee about Stubs A-List. Apparently no one working on the ground k… for INCREDIBLES 2, round 2. First attempted showing was sold out! Now in line for the 915 showing... Struck u… @jeffcannata This was very enjoyable, Jeff!I desperately need a THE WIRE: SEASON 8 about how social media is destroying the fabric of American society.
@davidlsims “You want an absolutely irreplaceable piece of biotechnology? How about you pay me roughly the marketin… @davidlsims They were Doctor Evil-esque terrible in hos low they were @lindseyromain FYI I’m extremely mad, but I take your point.i guess i can kind of understand people so enraged about luke skywalker's trajectory in TLJ now that i've seen what…
Retweeted by David Chen @Lornebalfe Lorne: Haven't seen the film yet. Looking forward to checking it out and hearing your work! @RatherKeen @jowrotethis Pretty sure I did exactly this a couple episodes ago. THANKS FOR LISTENING, ANDREW. @poritsky link to article?Holy crap. I need this in my life. Cc: @Devindra @SeanMBurns He’s okay.The change from 2-3 is remarkable. When I heard Giacchino’s version of the theme kick in, my first reaction was: Th… @tracksounds Okay yeah maybe I got the order on that one wrong. But the Classical guitar stuff is still excellent.MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE is a franchise where the composer for each subsequent film had a lower profile than the previou… Johnny Depp profile by @stephenrodrick lives up to the hype. So much sadness and tragedy in the life of a pers… like JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM will make less money than INCREDIBLES 2 and may come in at rank number…
Apple seriously considered removing the hardware charging port from the iPhone X. If this actually happens to its l… @ErrorEoin I used to work for Xbox. @_DaanishSyed Eh, too much work @mattsinger Not too late, manIt’s been about 36 hours and I’m still angry about the ending of JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM.The grinning yahoos that say shit like "sheesh, can't we just enjoy movies anymore?" are symptomatic of our nationa…
Retweeted by David Chen @DJ_Futureman I think it's just an anti-user stance in general. Doesn't matter how old it is. They are rejecting so… @DJ_Futureman I think it's pretty easy to blame them but that's just me.Sony's anti-cross-play position is so user-hostile that MSFT & Nintendo are teaming up in their marketing. Bad long… @davidcho A private oneAlways great to receive interesting news articles from my brother in the morning. @KristyPuchko I can’t unsee it. I CAN’T UNSEE IT. @joyofnapping This is some good photography of your finger on the left hand side of the frame. Cat also looks niceFull disclosure: It’s not clear to me if this is a joke? The claims the person is making are clearly ludicrous but… a fan comic does more to humanize a character than literal decades of daily newspaper strips.
Retweeted by David Chen @mattsinger I read this at the time and enjoyed it. I actually give the film credit for at least referencing the concept of Usenet groups @ccoleman I’m aware. But the fans you’re referring to aren’t the ones I’m mockingSTAR WARS fandom has metastasized past the “The movie didn’t make me feel like a kid watching Episode IV with my gr… @Devindra @Boxingwithgod @jeffcannata We’ve already seen production photos so I think the use of future tense here… @CesarKuriyama That’s not what she’s talking about. She’s coming onto Hunt. She says “I hope this doesn’t preclude… in the film, Luther jams Max’s cell phone signal by typing “Locate and Lock on Source,” and then, “Send Jammi… MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 1, Ethan Hunt sends an email to someone with the address “Max@Job 3:14.” @MissBrittHayes Nice!My wife won an Xbox One X at fundraiser for Let’s unbox it and set it up.
@TashaRobinson @mattsinger Don't forget that Bryce got the meeting with the Senator's assistant/friend/person or wh…, can't wait to watch these new Instagram TV videos in high-def on the Instagram app for iPad. ...I'm sorry, wh… @hrmccormack Let’s check in one year from now and see whose take is closer to coming true @hrmccormack You’re aware MoviePass owns a stake in Gotti, right? @hrmccormack Tell me what is inaccurate about my take @HawkinsTeague 1) Acorn costs money, 2) takes bandwidth to stream an episode 15xFor Xmas I gave my wife the complete DVD set of Poirot (her favorite TV show), and a commitment: I would rip every… @ZachWeiner I LOLed. Thank you, Zach.2016: "Come on, you're talking like Trump's going to put people in concentration camps" 2018: "First of all, I thi…
Retweeted by David Chen @mattsinger I may subscribe just to support the idea! @Inferno313 TrueAMC announces its MoviePass competitor. $20/month for three movies per week. Big advantages vs MoviePass: -You can… that said, I will give FALLEN KINGDOM credit for two things that it DOESN’T do: It’s the only Jurassic film tha… @jamiethechapman TrueLet’s talk about JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM with @mattzeller WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM: Despite a handful of tense and inventive moments, this film suffers from the fact t…