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Would you be so kind as to donate & spread the word about my @Comic_Con #EisnerAwards campaign? Ends in ONE WEEK on…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsSome of the GREATEST artists in history have done the @StoneBrewing #w00tstout label! @davegibbons90 @Devilpig666
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Meanwhile, in France... #Comics, Les Secrets d'un Maître:@davegibbons90 @ligne_claire "Et c…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsNice review of my & @davegibbons90's #EisnerAwards nominated #HowComicsWork by @RogerCrow here: "Pretty peerless"!
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsAnother lovely review of @davegibbons90's #HowComicsWork, this time by @Win Wiacek:
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Hey, if you dig Mister Miracle, Sheriff of Babylon is just as good. A little less babies, a little more guns. Now o…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsIn all its glory! The @JoeJusko 2018 w00tstout label art! Get this as an AUTOGRAPHED print and join us for the BEST…
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Retweeted by Dave GibbonsOwners of my original art who would like to see the art published in an upcoming IDW Archive Edition, please contac…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsChristian Rossi.
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsMoebius draws Morbius (and Spidey!)
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @KyleJBaker @WalterSimonson Sometimes. If you’re lucky.
@rbruning @WalterSimonson That’s me. @rbruning I was thinking more of @WalterSimonson ; )Opportunity knocks… Jeckie of Orando marries Val Armorr of Earth by @paul_levitz @davegibbons90 @DCComics “LSH” Annual #…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsAlfonso Font
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High Plains, page 1.
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsLee Weeks @Inkdropinc
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @ScottW_inks Paperlike is pricey but very good.
As much me as anyone could sensibly want!'None of us need to be alone': Illustrators' raw and honest accounts of how they've coped with mental illness…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsPhoenix Open Studios this weekend. Come see my scrawlings @PhoenixBrighton
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @HassanOE @rbruning Oh, yes. This very week! @Tim_Pilcher Thanks, Tim. Cheque in the post…If you love the comics you grew up with, show some love to the creators of those comics. That's whom the…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsI try and post this once a year in honor of Russ Heath...screw Lichtenstein, long live Russ Heath!
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Incognegro: Renaissance hardcover out in October by Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece: The…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsICYMI: THE ORIGINALS - THE ESSENTIAL EDITION, new this week! By @davegibbons90, the new hardcover features the full…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsThis is the one you have to have: Sir @davegibbons90’s opus, #THEORIGINALS. Now go get it! #BergerBooks baby!
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsHot new work by m’pal John Higgins ( @RazorJackRealm )! a midnight treat: another spread from the mod #THEORIGINALS by @davegibbons90 #BergerBooks baby! (I loved worki…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsBut WAIT! There's more! From the 32-page sketchbook section - #THEORIGINALS by the most excellent @davegibbons90
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsAnd get a load of the inside of this monster #THEORIGINALS by the stupendous @davegibbons90 #BergerBooks
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@rbruning Touché ! @rbruning THE DESIGN IS FABULOUS! (Really, it is.)Oh, tush. photo books of comic creators. Comic Book People 1 & 2 by Jackie Estrada.
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Great interview with our one and only @davegibbons90 ! Thrilled to publish this special story.. again! Beautiful ov…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsNext to comics, Meccano was my favourite thing! @budgie Thanks, Budgie!Thanks for the coverage, Paste mag! VIDEO: Here's @davegibbons90 in conversation with @Tim_Pilcher, discussing #comics process and their Eisn…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsAnd returning to print in a lovely deluxe hardcover, #Watchmen & #SecretService co-creator @davegibbons90's brutal,…
Retweeted by Dave Gibbonson racks tomorrow: The Originals Essential Edition by the mighty @davegibbons90
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsAnother grail page from the panini collection. Stan Lee presents and @davegibbons90 draws the Dakeks!…
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @mark_salisbury Sorry about that. You know how to reach me. @mark_salisbury Yep, all good. Hope the same. @paqman13 : ) @mark_salisbury No, I got a chippy to build them. His name might have been Billy… @paqman13 Like an England penalty shoot-out, wasn’t it? @PunkLuke No, it’s essentially about composing shots. Here’s a review : not, apparently.Or i might read them sitting up week’s reading (especially for Brad Brooks @ninthart !) THE ORIGINALS - THE ESSENTIAL EDITION, new this week! By @davegibbons90, the new hardcover features the full…
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Giving young whippersnapper @WalterSimonson a few pointers. is a grail page for @aggedor The Fourth Doctor transforms! Words: John Wagner Art: @davegibbons90
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsToday is 40 years since the cover date of the first issue of Starlord! There's 50% off Ro-Busters, Strontium Dog, a…
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Dino Battaglia (1923-1983) western, “La Pista dei Quattro”, circa 1963 Italian Afternoon
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsJoin @aggedor and myself in the @2000AD book club to discuss some great Doctor Who stories from @PatMillsComics Joh…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsCome see us at @OldhamLibraries and pick up a FREE copy of mine and @jacobr_phillips new comic! We’ll sign it for y…
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Holyhell! Never seen these before. Amazing!
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Released and live on YouTube! Enjoy our fan film! Share and let us know what you think!
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsAlbert Dorne
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@MrSteveBull @ChaosCityStA Not yet, I’m afraid. Soon!Thanks, Matthew! @PunkLuke In the afterword of the book.The new edition of THE ORIGINALS is now out from Berger Books/Dark Horse. Larger size, bonus features! Here’s the e…
Congratulations to the great Neal Adams. Well-deserved.
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @PatrickZircher @PaulTobin Hi, Patch! @monkey__marc Happy Birthday, Marc!
@KurtBusiek @StazJohnson @PaulTobin A song, a smile and a shredded lettuce. @KurtBusiek @StazJohnson @PaulTobin Yeah, Faspar was pretty much Fubar. @StazJohnson @PaulTobin Gaspar, not Faspar, obv. @StazJohnson @PaulTobin That B&B job was lettered by the incomparable Faspar Saladino, which added so much to the look I was after. @StazJohnson @PaulTobin Thanks for all the kind word, chaps! Oh, and did I mention I’m up for a Hall of Fame Eisner this year? @CampbellLetters @PaulTobin @mccreaman Apart from the time I inked Mick’s Fink Gang pin-up I believe Junkyard Demon…