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@pauljholden @pmoore121 Thanks again. Have to go out now but will check later… @pauljholden Yep! Cheers. @pmoore121 @pauljholden I just can't get the download to start… @pauljholden That would be great! Mac version. Thanks, PJWill scan Toppii pages soon. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here's a shampoo ad he did! is great! “@DirkMaggs: Terrific little project and a nice tribute to Ralph McQuarrie's concept art. @pauljholden Having trouble downloading the Clip 1.7.1 update. Anybody else?
@richgwilym @mackchater There are a couple of “A Man, An Adventure” books by Toppi. I’ll scan a couple of pages. Not in English, however. @JerryOrdway @jesse_hamm @Ovalfuenf “If you can’t awe them with art, baffle them with bullshit.”LOVE these pages from Toppi. Not only an art genius, bug the simple/stark palettes are incredible. Hugely influenti…
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @brianjayjones @mwkronenberg It exists and is released today in the US and next week in the UK, I believe.Woke up this morning and this was waiting for me at the front door. #Watchmen #AlanMoore @davegibbons90
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsAlways leave them wanting more. Own #Kingsman on Blu-ray tomorrow
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@romanseight No plans for Annotated Watchmen book tour.
@TomTaylorMade Masterful margin notes, Tom. The “double page spread” passage is among your best work. @BRIANMBENDIS That’s awful, Brian. All best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Bill Finger, the long-unacknowledged co-creator Of Batman, posthumously gets a street in the Bronx with his grandda…
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@molcher @Tim_Pilcher @TinyMaster @RazorJackRealm @cheekyjoe2112 @sispurrier You kids. @stazjohnson @tim_pilcher Numbed as he was by drink and sub-zero temperatures, Tim only cried a little bit.Such a wonderful evening with lovely dear friends! @RazorJackRealm @TinyMaster @davegibbons90 #GarthEnnis et al!!…
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Hunt Emerson! 80% off! Just $1.99 / £1.99. 200 pages inc. his team-up with Alan Moore. Ends December 15th. Don't mi…
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@scottmatmills @TomKingTK @steverudeart I'd be flattered if that was the case. Just read Batman 36 this morning and… reminder that The Dandy Annual 2018 is still on sale but selling fast. I've drawn several pages for it, includ…
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @petergrossart Looks mainly like bringing the new iPad features to desktop?CLASSIC COVER: Rogue Trooper by Dave Gibbons for 2000 AD Prog 241 (5th December, 1981)
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Nice to see Madefire made the cut!
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsToday is a Tony Salmons kinda day...
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsA forgotten corner of my early comics work: Jet Jason! @johnfreeman_dtb You're welcome, John. Thanks for a great article which showed me a lot of my own art I'd forgotten! @realjaxtaylor @TimPilcher You also have to work very hard, of course ; )
An amusing, albeit begrudgingly, positive review of my & @davegibbons90's #HowComicsWork in @ComicsJournal by Frank…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsComics USA - a travelogue from Alan on visiting New York in 1984.
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsThe countdown concludes with works from John Byrne, @FrankMillerInk, Chris Claremont, Alan Moore and @davegibbons90
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsHAPPY BIRTHDAY to THE DANDY COMIC! Today was the cover date of the first DANDY - 4th Dec 1937. Generations enjoyed…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsSurgeon X collected edition makes a great Xmas present or stocking filler. Get it from your local comic store or av…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsHappy 25th Birthday @AllredMD 's Madman!
@budgie Happy days.Valerian & Laureline (Christin / Mézières) - Tribute by Kim Jung Gi Live drawing show at Tokyo Comic Con 1m50 x 1m5…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsIt’s been listed on Amazon for months but now it’s solicited so I can finally talk about it... THE SHERIFF OF BABY…
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @MonicaAnnWalker @Cartoonmuseumuk And written by Jerry Siegel... @JAINITZ1 @KevinNowlan @xaimeh Hadn’t seen that a Garcia-Lopez roughbefore. Absolutely beautiful, of course!
@seanpphillips @andykhouri And a mighty fine job you made of it!Welcome distractions today: new PanelxPanel from @HassanOE and new Tips & History of Comics from @jesse_hamm !
Don't let this great book pass you by! Check out BEASTS OF THE BLACK HAND from @ronmarz, @matthewdowsmith,…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsSergio Toppi. Some of his 1980's work. #wednesdayinspiration #makecomics
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsGrab a bargain with HALF PRICE collections in the 2000 AD Christmas sale: the special edition of DAN DARE - THE 200…
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On the character, obv.Just read @KurtBusiek & @johnpaulleon Batman: Creature of the Night and then @TomKingTK & @Inkdropinc Batman Annual…"Reid is one of the absolute giants of UK comics history ... one of the most important books of the year full stop.…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsPre-order this special edition now! WILL EISNER CONTRACT WITH GOD CURATORS COLL HC (W) Will Eisner, Dave Gibbons,...
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @tim_pilcher It is very poignant. @tim_pilcher Already retweeted it!
#OTD 1975: "This obscure artist is a very extraordinary man." Illustrator Frank Hampson, the creator of Dan Dare, w…
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsAnother nice review for @davegibbons90's #HowComicsWork: "...what’s most impressive about the book: how incredibly…
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What he said!
It has began! @Tim_Pilcher & @davegibbons90 are in the house explaining #howcomicswork ! #cartoonmuseum #HypeBeast
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @Tim_Pilcher @Cartoonmuseumuk @QuartoCreates I’ll sit in the audience then.
Ooo, that's my multi-character cover for the Christmas prog!!
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @GlenDavidGold Thought you'd like it.Hit-Girl cover in Black and white, no pencil, for « Hit-Girl in Colombia », by @mrmarkmillar & @RLopezOrtiz - Febru…
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @StazJohnson @pauljholden Not smarter either but I think it's the massing of the blacks and spotting of the white a… spent a happy evening discussing all this with @GlenDavidGold when I'd planned on just complimenting him on h…’s magical. Pure essence of comic book! @StazJohnson @2000AD Zarjaz, Staz!
Watch: #Watchmen artist @davegibbons90 talks character inspirations
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @jaylender1 “lettering should be blocked in prior to inking.” Prior to pencilling, IMHO!Rick Veitch's The One—better and more relevant than ever!
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Retweeted by Dave GibbonsJust discovered this gem with @davegibbons90 @its_monocat @dermotpower #JudgeDredd & @2000AD on #Motormouth in 1991
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsWhat he said.
Angus McKie
Retweeted by Dave Gibbons @MitchGerads Yeah. I still get flashbacks...
Just back from seeing Justice League: now, that’s more like it! @Tim_Pilcher @lewstringer Thanks matey!
Thanks to all at @DavesComics in Brighton and m’colleague @Tim_Pilcher & son for a great signing today!I drew some of that!
@CharlieAdlard Great job, Charlie!See what I've been up to in my first year as Comics Laureate.
Retweeted by Dave GibbonsJust nobody better than JLGL
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