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It's Dave, man, will you open up.

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@clareyfrey I am only prepared for .45 GPs worth of exercise but I will do my best @BuckSexton Ok “Buck Sexton” @steakNstiffarms #couplesgoalsthis should take nothing away from @BobSaietta's excellent story, but it is notable how many of the tweets about it…
Retweeted by Dave Healmany men in mainstream media still insist this is a "big legit site." 🙂
Retweeted by Dave Heal @DillonHinkle94 @TheUrbanEntity @AnnCoulter @JusticeABarrett Dillon wants to see some old jizz I get it manWhen Google, whose U.S. workforce is just 2.5 percent black, buys ads in historically black, rapidly gentrifying ne…
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@justkelly_ok 🙋🏻‍♂️I saw two weird bluntsLove a good Donald Trump Jr. + Jon Caldara op-ed double header. Strong few days of barely literate conservative blo… @realcoachD101 @DirtyBirds_grid @JeffSpartyjeff @ItsAntWright Both teams are 2-1 and you’re comparing MSU’s loss to… an effort to get me out of my writer's block, the good people at @popula had me do a free write about a day of m…
Retweeted by Dave Heal @mariabustillos @lilyslynch GOOD COMBO WILL READ (hi lily!)
@JeffSpartyjeff @ItsAntWright That explanation doesn’t make it betterEd Whelan, like everybody who supports Trump, is a world-class piece of shit. @JeffSpartyjeff @ItsAntWright Dude your handle has your name in it twice. Put the phone down. @JonDough03 @UMichFootball @TomFornelli Good way to spend a Saturday Jon keep yelling at people on twitter about sports @todd_thacker @YahooForde Relax, buddy. @andreasilenzi MAN STUFF :::GRUNTS:::CNN just did an interview with a handful of Republican women and their thoughts on the Kavanaugh accusations and I…
Retweeted by Dave Heal @tedcruz "Hi, I'm Ted Cruz. Do you abhor justice? Vote for me!" @Varun legit nobody knows but it makes you sound really smart in a tweet. unless you're asking what it is. then you sound mad dumb. @msquinn @_danilo That’s fair! I do think the quote showcases Jack’s still-extant naïveté about technology, which i…“TSA-approved lock” is so stupid and grim. @msquinn @_danilo And I just explained my snark! Do you actually think his answer says something meaningful? It rea… @msquinn @_danilo His statement is total techno-utopian pablum, & not just that it is certainly not "something othe… @_danilo That’s something, but a great “thesis” it ain’t. @HI_gh_Society @soniagupta504 FACT CHECK: no white men have ever died. @CaseyNewton @WillOremus @Twitter WHERE'S MY FUCKING 10K CHARACTERS TOO, GUYS
@elmerjfudd2012 @MSNBC Because she was not a sexual predator, among other reasons. Unlike the guy you voted for. Wh… @elmerjfudd2012 @MSNBC Or actually most people think bill clinton is also a monster so responding with this graphic is stupid as hell @HI_gh_Society @soniagupta504 More books less math and logic maybe? @elmerjfudd2012 @MSNBC That’s a persuasive argument, you dipshit. @StuDiablo get fucked, stu.sir, i do not believe you. is fucking grim. I know a lot of my classmates from law school are depending on this program. @DouthatNYT @fishwony It's like 30 people putting out an entire newspaper. And apparently Alden Capital gets to place an article a month too. @elliewing Yeah I mean this screams "editorial decision from the overlords." @xBBx @Inkfacefahz huh? you were called an asshole b/c you tagged someone into a serious post the original poster o… first year i did this, @rachelmillman had the great idea of selling these shirts for charity. thanks to nathan…
Retweeted by Dave Healdo yourself a favor and (re-)watch demi's annual 🎵ayee-iyyy-ayyye🎵 videos in sequence and then go buy a shirt for c… @markcwebster IF YOU GOT SHIT TO TALK ABOUT ROCHESTER JUST TAG ME NEXT TIME MARK @zacfrmsac @AnxiousPenman @_celia_bedelia_ happy to evaluate your nudes and let you know but on the personality fro… the Denver Post, man. Not the mostly lovely people who work there, but whoever green lighted this DJT Jr. "op-… @denveropinion @denverpost @DonaldJTrumpJr Good bothsidesing, team. Congrats on the "op-ed exclusive." @zacfrmsac @AnxiousPenman @_celia_bedelia_ "Women love me" is not usually a statement uttered by men for whom that… @DouthatNYT Go fuck yourself.The Kavanaugh news cycle has reminded me of something I almost forgot from high school. I wrote about it, and the d…
Retweeted by Dave HealSince the president is glibly tweeting about how Ford surely would have filed charges if her alleged attack was "as…
Retweeted by Dave HealUpdated my Ed Whelan, Zillow Detective explainer.
Retweeted by Dave HealEd Whelan: Good morning, tweeps! I would like to propound a theory in which a sexual assault *may* have been commit… likely spoil the last social network I mostly love. Time to go outside & make some meatspace friends, I guess. a bunch of likes from your subtweet and move on, shithead investors remaining unaffected bc “the community… once I’d like to see one rich vc call out another rich vc for behavior they’ve deemed bad enough to label “soc… @EdWhelanEPPC You’re a real dingus
This country sucks and is getting worse @adamargo This is the good shitWomen for Kavanaugh tonight at MSG! kony 2012 but this guy
Retweeted by Dave Heal @ZarbaNotZorba @nhannahjones @MattWelch you're doing this wrong, karen1. Breaks up with girlfriend. 2. Quits job. ... 3. Profits? @isaach i'll bring you warm nuts and unlimited alcohol in economy class for $4k hmui swear to fucking god i don't want my house or my car or my gottdam toaster listening to me i'm gonna move to the… @joelandren good luck ever knowing what the weather is, joel[jerkoff motion so large it can be seen from space]
Retweeted by Dave Heal @isaach $8k?! Is that the Sydney on the moon? @mgsiegler @mhiszem I'll likely do the same. Max isn't a ton bigger than my current 8 Plus but I also am not wild a… @mhiszem @mgsiegler I suspect b/c it's bigger. @mattgist might i recommend "mavis beacon teaches typing." great program for all ages.have learned a lot from chamath in the past but a tweet in which you call reports about your shitty management "fak… @UMichLawAdmit Hi friends! The list says "coulder, co” for the two "boulder, co" dates. Which, having lived in AA f… @dispositive @maudnewton Would you recommend this or his fiction as an intro?i think im anti-slack in the workplace now being hard to reach is a feature not a bug
Retweeted by Dave Heal @BarrettWilson6 @jiatolentino Lol Barrett "free speech"Linus Torvalds has always been an enormous asshole & I would not be surprised if he's stepping away b/c there is so… @jamieofthenorth Heaven Girl is outstanding. And am jealous of all the time you've saved saying "IT" instead of "Silicon Valley." @clareyfrey ty for that reminder. i saw that at one point and did a lot of chuckling. this was my dose of Internet… anybody so consistently used a dumb joke name for a tv show or movie such that you forget the original name of… @sethmcguire @united seth talking about "elite travelers" @Varun Noted🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @southstands303 @JakeDMarsing You like the GoFundMe health care economy? I’d like not to roll the dice. @tariqnasheed @briebriejoy @goodopinionhavr @LewisAshon "looking at you sexually"??? you are being (are?) a real creepy asshole here, tariq.
@ForkSocialLab @rachsyme YOU ARE👅👅💦💦 @adamguettel it's not "suspiciously timed." he was just nominated for a lifetime appointment on the supreme court. @soulfoodscholar @NEHgov @cohumanities the tie tuck instead of the full tie over the shoulder is a pro move. one da… "don't think it's necessary"?! lol. guy, you're in a relationship with another entire human. if you're doing it… remember being a stubborn dude in my 20s. am very glad some people helped me grow out of this. "my girlfriend wou…'s newsletter is great and i really enjoyed this essay pushing back on "i'm marrying my best friend!" laid off sucks but having to be "made aware through clarification" hours after layoffs are announced in the… he just didn’t know his phone could do short messages? @JRMjunior1 Two doesn't seem like enough...Must. Not. Yell. At. Dumbos. On. Facebook. Must. Not. Yell. At. Dumbos. On. Facebook. Must. Not. Yell. At. Dumbos.… @meeshellen As a tweet salesman I can tell you that you should always strive to exceed your quota. @mattgist @1Password i'm a lastpass user but seriously this has been such a pain in the ass and i'm super happy about his update @compston @TwitterBoulder GIMME DEM TOMATES (btw, you should make these if you run out of things to do, it's outsta… should be fucking falling over themselves to hire Sonia and instead they're letting the fear of cowardly…'re hiring an Outbound Sales Lead at Umbrella to build out outbound calling, street teams, and other programs. Gr…
Retweeted by Dave Heal @MAL___ You 12?