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@amconmag Lol good try guystwitter leadership shld b asking self: how long are people willing to stick w/ a service that makes them feel awful…
Retweeted by Happy Healoween @PSUBarstool The same kind of callous disregard for other humans that gets you a Joe Paterno/Sandusky combo. Those people should get fucked. @ForkSocialLab It's pretty bonkers. There is probably not a world in which I don't buy it but hopefully the seller… @cjam @monteiro Is this a protest quit or a Twitter's outlived it's usefulness for you quit or some combo?Somebody is selling the copy of Aldous Huxely's Leda that was inscribed from my great-grandfather to his mistress 😂… you're a man unsure of what to do to support women right now in your daily life (beyond, like, not sexually hara…
Retweeted by Happy Healoween @russms It's a fun enough meme! But I don't need 141 from Matt Yglesias.Unpopular opinion: 1 like 1 unpopular opinion is a bad ratio & results in too many tweets and also we should all delete our accounts
Respects to Halt and Catch Fire which wrapped last night. So much love for this exquisite, resilient, humane show no one watched.
Retweeted by Happy Healoween @mdudas My complaint is stupid since it's more about lame BI/Techcrunch puff pieces in general but I'll read the more substantive stuff :) @mdudas this reads like an ad. like, cool! but i've learned fuck-all about this company other than people like it and work a lot.
@suss2hyphens that ain’t how other bases are defended tho @AdamAxlKoop @sbell021 All your tweets are you complaining about other people’s tweets I think you might be the lame old man @JamesHasson20 @Popehat Except that’s not really what’s happening here, is it? @dankowal123 @chancetherapper Lol good job dan read 0 books and ask famous black folk to teach you stuff @JRMjunior1 Everything about it, honestly. @JRMjunior1 the offense is a nightmare @RLenziCMG Everyone still is @___JordanBarnes @DanWolken lol @FolmsbeeJeff @mekosoff jeff take your 41 followers and go home
@Varun @jsmilovitz You are free to be your allbirds hatin’ self now @tristanwalker @KristyT @karagoldin But probably splitting hairs needlessly here. This is the kind of false choice… @tristanwalker @KristyT @karagoldin Yeah I just figured if your values have an ethical inflection at all would seem… @tristanwalker @KristyT @karagoldin You think a jerk can legitimately share your brand's values (to the extent a br… @jemelehill & @lessdoggg
Retweeted by Happy Healoween @ForkSocialLab @Bourdain @pattonoswalt @beezy_melt that's very nice of you to say publicly. thanks, christine! @Bickfor2 @nickhansenMN @andreasilenzi @elizmayerle @ampersteph 18-65 LEGGGOOOOOOOOOOOO @jeitoapp It's not power. It's a burden. @jeitoapp No but that's on him and forcing a woman to be the sacrificial lamb is bullshit. @jeitoapp Try having more than a shred of empathy for someone who is clearly one of 10s or 100s of women he treated horribly @jeitoapp Bc these cases are notoriously hard to prove and traumatic to participate in for the victim @jeitoapp In part! Bc men like HW make it clear they will ruin your career. Bc the justice system favors the rich and powerful. @jeitoapp Because it’s fucking obvious why many women who are raped/harassed/assaulted don’t go to the police and y… @jeitoapp Go fuck yourself @JRMjunior1 @atprasad Oh, I read it as a subtle admission of phone sex addiction. @andreasilenzi @nickhansenMN @Bickfor2 @ampersteph Was reliably informed by Reddit dot com that cooties pop up agai… @Bickfor2 @ampersteph @nickhansenMN @andreasilenzi This stuff is so hard that I am trying to make sure I meet as ma… @russms Nerds also love to shout OPEN WEB whenever anybody registers a complaint against FB, Twitter, etc. @Bickfor2 @ampersteph @nickhansenMN @andreasilenzi 27-39 (35), tho I haven't been out with someone older than 37 or… @MikeIsaac Maybe a slightly sneaky tense thing? Do they still hire journalists?No USMNT in the World Cup? Get ready to hear where a lot of people studied abroad.
Retweeted by Happy HealoweenNobody is under the illusion that Twitter can’t do whatever they want. We understand what a private company is, you… @markcwebster @ERoundtable @techstars Maybe you were only getting the Gold Membership DRM'd advice and didn't know…'s cool cuz u can tweet photos of concentration camp ovens & pics of ppl being lynched but the f word is wha…
Retweeted by Happy Healoween @gblakeman Lol yeah. Tell me more about this offer! "CALL NOW!!!" @markcwebster Maybe this is like the stupid startup version of All Cretans are Liars and Jason is our EpimenidesThat better be some primo advice, man McGowan getting banned is really embarrassing and Twitter's response is going be disappointing @DanMcGurl74 @stoolpresidente Good pinned tweet, dude
this is a solid encapsulation of how SV sees news/journalism: UGC and aggregation drive value, original work doesn't
Retweeted by Happy Healoween @JacobAWohl @realDonaldTrump @NBCNews The tireless golfing is pretty impressive it’s true.donald trump is the dumbest kid from your econ 101 survey that was also willing to raise his hand @alicewg For your "LOL"?!Lol. Blocked for 3 skeptical emoji. The Silicon Valley gatekeepers are the biggest bunch of thin-skinned techno-uto… @alicewg honestly are these people high. what the fuck kind of a statement is this.Instapaper represents the greatest collection of knowledge since the Library of Alexandria!🤔🤔🤔 @R_Love317 @EWErickson No it’s a very stupid point actually @AdmiralHackbar @richarddeitsch It’s the “+” that really makes this dumb tweet for me
@ForkSocialLab Glad to be heading in the right direction! @vikasreddy Very American Vandal of them @JulianAssange You the real feminist, Julian.@sunilgulati OUT 👋🏼 #USMNT
Retweeted by Happy Healoween @CaseyNewton @Google I am imagining you need this for an alibi a la that Curb Your Enthusiam murder exoneration t/f? @isaach Too far, guys. Too far. @adamargo @compston I’m sorry :( Can I bring you anything later? Fine Lebanese cuisine perhaps? @adamargo @compston Gotcha, will watch & report back. Denver, CO geotag huh? You sleeping at Wally’s a few nights a week?An entire article dedicated to @susanthesquark dragging those who need to be dragged is a great story for me.
Retweeted by Happy Healoween @its_teek_yall Yes, it is. You're being absurd. If I look through your timeline will I find that every time you cri… @its_teek_yall @nataliesurely There are plenty of valid reasons for criticizing/talking about a person, especially… @kcfaul fwiw, i told you the "unity" kneeling was a cynical ploy. he's not actually on the players' side here. @its_teek_yall @nataliesurely huh? it's actually a lot different. are you high? @its_teek_yall @nataliesurely yes actually thatalmost enough taxes and fees on this @Avis rental to make a guy join the republican party and forget about all the… has delivered us a brilliant structural analysis of why it’s so hard to fight fake news.…
Retweeted by Happy Healoween @WyattOnSports are you this big of a piece of shit offline or you just doing a thing here? @PadraicMcC i bet you didn't put those read wrinkles in that paper you fraud @FreyDrew @Spiceworks those glass blocks are mesmerizing