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My 2018 style guide actually says "a game of dodge ball should be rendered as 'Dod G.E. Ballgame,' like a fancy WAS… @MeghanMcCain Yes @BarrettSallee Thx for setting everybody straight on the rules.
@Alphey @KurtSchlichter loooooooooooooooooooooool read a book for *once*Whoever feels a "deepening bond to Trump" should be denied every iota of resources, companionship or respect
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@plragde I think Nick Bilton heard the same and regretted the original tweet :)i'll take "some regrets as dave heal" over "no regrets as war-mongering monster charles krauthammer" any day of the… this can’t be right. Big Cat is one of The Good Ones™️. That’s why so many people I follow, follow him and def…
Retweeted by Dave Heal @sethmcguire hey zaddy @Varun I feel like not yet on my timeline but I’m excited for the future. I hope the bleak jokes are as limp and un… @irontestis That’s a real piece of shit thing to say, dude. @Varun that’s Donald trump’s blood @jkempcpa @PaulDees3XChin @jcshurburtt Lol yeah definitely the rallying cry we’ve got tank tops
@RoteCampbell Go blue @harmophone if only i had been figuratively reported by a bunch of maga millennials living in their parents' basements they might have!Update you also get your account suspended for "figuratively kill yourself." @jkempcpa @MJK_2313 @jcshurburtt I already said that the answer was no :) I’m not talking about you; most trump voters disagree with you. @jcshurburtt @jkempcpa People whose desire, no matter how impractical, to allow other folks to reap the benefits mo… @arb guy shoulda gone with "hop on a call." less work than jumping. DELETED. @jcshurburtt @jkempcpa People who say "stick to sports" are fucking morons. @MJK_2313 @jkempcpa @jcshurburtt I don't think "all" Republicans actively hate brown people, but that doesn't much… @jkempcpa @jcshurburtt And that's fine. These are reasonable policy differences aimed at a good faith solution. Tru… @MJK_2313 @jkempcpa @jcshurburtt B/c the only way Republicans are interested in "fixing" immigration is by keeping… @jkempcpa @jcshurburtt I didn't skip it. Not voting for the man doesn't exempt you from not getting hoodwinked by t… @jkempcpa @jcshurburtt Shame on you both. The guy literally created this humanitarian problem and then “solved it” in a shitty inhumane way. @PattiSerafine @KurtSchlichter Seems unlikely but also you’ll go to jail. The rule of law! @InTheBleachers Ah I gotcha. Still, overengineering a weird new system just seems to defeat the purpose. We have a… @Javierx0149 @WillParchman Lol at “exaggerated hand extension.” @InTheBleachers Lol this sounds real convenient, too, including the part where if you want to have more than two be… @joelandren listen when the big kid down the block wants to buy your lemonade stand after just one big summer you hear him out @compston “Turned down nine figs bro. #keepbuildinhaving the amount of money that your startup sold for in your twitter bio is really gauche, right? @DeeSmit02087345 Don’t kill yourself dee there are other options
@parscale “Solve.” Lol. Good one, Brad.
“Chicago is prepared to let Amazon keep $1.32B of the personal income taxes paid by its workers. Employees would st…
Retweeted by Dave Heal @KurtSchlichter I’m def gonna enslave you dude
@jaredstill @steakNstiffarms lol congrats guy @Nicole_Cliffe phone password get shared by like the second date these days. not trying to drive & spotify if i can help it. @PARISDENNARD It’s a misdemeanor, bitch.Hello, Colorado!
Retweeted by Dave Heal @asanwal it'd be one thing if it was a cynical "we know it's not so we're deliberately hiding the ball" but i think… @asanwal this is one of those things that drives me bonkers from startups. this is a non-zero part of most startup… @asanwal am amazed his offer letter even contained enough information to tell. it usually does. i asked to see the… @steakNstiffarms None of those sentences makes sense in context and one of them is a single word. It's quite an achievement. @minakimes @EdwerderRFA ed if you want the job just say so, man. @alicewg @Nicole_Cliffe maybe we can vape during the bachelorette tonight. commercial breaks only. @Nicole_Cliffe i bought one as someone who enjoys the occasional cigarette quite a damn bit but also likes fitness,… may actually be what gets me to pay for Showtime. @hfp325 yup, was locked out of my account until i deleted the offending material! @hfp325 yup! assuming some maga bozo saw something else i tweeted and decided to comb through my shit. real weird. @sportsfanatic22 @TheWilderThings @EdwerderRFA sorry who called you a racist? it wasn't me (though i wouldn't be su… @sportsfanatic22 @LauraLjol2 @TheWilderThings @EdwerderRFA You don't understand how "discrimination" works at all.… @sportsfanatic22 @TheWilderThings @EdwerderRFA you have clearly been studying those alt-right flash cards, i'll giv… @sportsfanatic22 @TheWilderThings @EdwerderRFA actually, my man, she was offering actual help by alerting people to… @sportsfanatic22 @TheWilderThings @EdwerderRFA lol it would be a white dude calling himself sportsfanatic22 who wou… either doesn't know what "especially" means or he's just as invested in maintaining the status quo in… @sportsfanatic22 @TheWilderThings @EdwerderRFA Or she could just...advocate for women and people of color like she'… @joshelman They’re sleek but nothing in that article convinced me I should pay 3-5x what a similar generic knockaro… @ANoWinScenario She has 16k followers and you have a few hundred so I’d say at least a few more people want to hear… me some good sports journalism profound respect to some of my comrades who work there, the ACLU does not need more money. It has so much damn…
Retweeted by Dave Heal @jdeeringdavis Thank you for your service I believe this strongly @Coach_Leach @BobHeaning As everybody else has said you don’t get to claim “just RT’d it to start a convo” about a… @TomFornelli Bush did 9/11? Discuss. @Coach_Leach @BobHeaning You actually do get to look at & analyze the stuff you retweet before you do it. It’s not illegal. @natiwo Microsoft Outlook :::flinches::: @vikasreddy ⏱... @adamswales4 @AndyGlockner You don’t realize nearly everything about the way we enforce our laws includes some elem… We have a policy of prosecuting everybody who “crosses illegally.” 2. If you are prosecuted we will separate yo…
@joelandren Sorry Joel I can only read 5% of your tweets I must be doing goodIt’s 2018 and capitalism is weird
Retweeted by Dave HealElon Musk keeps exposing himself as a bad/bad faith interlocutor and human. @xina @plragde IMO any mostly clean wrapper is fair game but the more likely to create a mess it is the more you *s… @plragde @xina Of course :) @xina If you even walk by my house with a dog I think you should have to clean the inside of my trash bin with a ti… @isaach This was worth the waitOf course that’s the top post. Love my NextDoor Community®️ so much! @floozyesq Hard to believe being a women online is freeEllen's thread and the one she quote-tweets are both worth reading if you are currently working yourself to the bon…