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@chamath rockets and saving the environment are cool but call me when he builds a marketing automation platform wit…
@TimRMeyer @MattDoyle76 @realDonaldTrump Snowflake? Tim you seem to be the *very* white one. @laurenschutte I think I have him blocked, or muted. Or both. @clareyfrey it me, as they sayLmao
Retweeted by Dave Heal @themouthmatusow You’re a bozo dude
Retweeted by Dave Heal @clareyfrey "You just started working there so it feels early to love people! Therefore it must be great and will you hire me." @clareyfrey Already?! You hiring foul mouthed tweeters or whatFirst night of hannukah…is lit.
Retweeted by Dave Heal @laurenschutte sometimes, even in 2017, the tweets are good @clareyfrey @savvysarahjane what's a "g-nip"?sadly can confirm @andreasilenzi That Yankee candle/intermittent fasting combo really gets great results @davidplotz I’d guess this cuts down on peeing on the rocks?I wish I loved anything as much as these people love the Buffalo Bills
Retweeted by Dave HealEvery now and then there is spectacular art on Twitter. Behold, the master thread. Truly wonderful.
Retweeted by Dave Heal
@nickhansenMN @Bickfor2 @andreasilenzi @ampersteph Bc I already had my Twitter-free vacation before this and love t… @nickhansenMN @Bickfor2 @andreasilenzi @ampersteph [sex joke] (no but seriously good news all around love is real) @jaguyton @TomLoy247 Says who? @ForkSocialLab @ZagatDenver Never putting on pants again fuck society long live gelatoone of the untarnished bright spots of the past few weeks has been watching @Passionweiss and co. successfully figh…
Retweeted by Dave Heal @lilyslynch But then I had one crushing disappointment and have subsequently reevaluated for all sorts of reasons not worth going into here @lilyslynch And idk what neurotypical is but happy to join in the pile on YOU'RE PROBABLY GUILTY @lilyslynch This is a whole convo, obviously, and I now go out on dates with people I haven't done much messaging w… @jeffbercovici I think Conway's in a demonstrably better position to be throwing his weight around too. Nobody's go… @jeffbercovici They're deflecting in a really shitty way @jeffbercovici Sure but often people have info they feel is credible but not legally actionable, or in this case it… @jeffbercovici It's bad @lilyslynch full disclosure: that was a paid advertisement from #teammute @lilyslynch I still struggle with this a bit b/c there is something viscerally satisfying about smashing the block… @lilyslynch (Also likewise one of the few good things twitter did this year) @lilyslynch we are splitting the bill I am not “one of those” lily @lilyslynch But also would be happy to field all “help me plan my bachelor party” DMs on your behalf from @/IiIysly… @lilyslynch Jason calacanis and I are taking you to dinner and won’t take no for an answ...sorry fuck I’m sure this… @CaseyNewton @DannyGroner Will check it out! Mostly haven’t found an app worth sticking with but do like the idea o… @BrandonBJustice That’s really fucked up. Was it “sign this non-compete or you’re fired”? Or was the language hidde…
@BrandonBJustice Missed the 60-day timeline the first time. Just curious what they gave you in exchange for signing… @BrandonBJustice Did you cover what/why you signed elsewhere? Was it a separation agreement that gave you a severan… @ericajmoss EAT SHIT OTHER LADIES THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVEN @ericajmoss lol Erica did you sabotage the other two ladies by telling them it was novelty sweatshirt attire and th… @CaseyNewton @DannyGroner Congrats btw! Always fun to find something that helps/works. Still using the app?say what you will about Macklemore but that cat can really rap @nickhansenMN @andreasilenzi @ampersteph @Bickfor2 It feels like decidedly not your business even still IMO. But curious what others say! @nickhansenMN @andreasilenzi @ampersteph @Bickfor2 For the avoidance of doubt my answer is no obligation but also don’t say anything either @nickhansenMN @andreasilenzi @ampersteph @Bickfor2 No. You def don’t have all the information required to know he’s… @jaguyton @TomLoy247 What are you talking about?
@blakereid Blake this was a very good tweetstorm :)WFH can be hard with all those distractions @ericajmoss Thx for update @umhoops Yeah but there have to be like a million teams right? @sethmcguire @harmophone Ok I will stay here but something about this doesn’t feel right @lilyslynch Maui! Found a cheap ticket here or Honolulu & this seemed more my speed. Tho have been told I'd also have dug Kauai. @lilyslynch Am in Hawaii so less late than it seems :) @lilyslynch FWIW I was imagining we’d each have a bed-closet in Jason’s place “Upstairs, Downstairs” style @lilyslynch THEE (GENTRIFIED) PARKSIDE @lilyslynch (Also when you disappeared from twitter I thought you had blocked me for DMing you a playlist that was… @lilyslynch I’m just saying we could run Jason’s podcast empire together and I’ll do all the stuff you don’t want t… @lilyslynch ICYMI 👇🏻 @lilyslynch I’ll do the podcasting and “fun times” if you take killer gear, production and video. Or whatever I jus… When doing a big treason, don't track changes in Microsoft Word.
Retweeted by Dave Heal @richarddeitsch He’s not anywhere new now this is all out of the weasel John McCain playbook dude isn’t *doing* shit @JeffFlake YOU VOTED FOR THE TAX BILL THAT WILL MAKE RICH PEOPLE RICHER AND POOR PEOPLE POORER THROW YOUR PHONE INT… @klwg @alicewg That's my favorite Jonathan Safran Foer book too!
@isaach How do you know?! Do I have to “tune in next time”??? @harmophone I vote @sethmcguire @mdudas @alicewg Seems like a totally different statement :) Your version seems right on, particularly in b2b software. @mdudas @alicewg But also b2b prob selling into larger corps, more ossified power structures dominated by men, so t… @Houckadoodledoo You're a monsterOoh Clay Travisreality show Big Brother except it's Seth Abramson, Louise mensch, and Eric Garland and a few other terrible opportunistic know-nothings @alicewg Extremely white and extremely male is the name of the escort service I was asked to join at the David Ramirez show, I think @daveheal This strikes me as an extremely white extremely male version of entrepreneurship
Retweeted by Dave Heal @alicewg Yup, precisely.I mean maybe it helps? But "have to be"? Demonstrably false. @TravWeav Ok we get it now stop being an asshole on the internet @steakNstiffarms eric clearly owns one. not fair. @woodardj Other than on paper it could be mistaken for a south londoner saying "brotherhood" I quite like this port…