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'Fascism' is still our #1 lookup. # of lookups = how we choose our Word of the Year. There's still time to look something else up.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINHillary Clinton's popular vote lead now stands at 2.364 million votes, a 1.8 percentage point lead.
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We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming because of this important message. #timewellspent
"Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone." - Alan Watts @MarcBodnick I do not know of one currently. Do you have recommendations? @MarcBodnick I think they are all done. Actively looking to seed new alternatives to all.While Silicon Valley was blithely preaching the gospel of disruption, the Republicans were building an electoral Death Star.
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @asymco I've found myself shifting back to PC lately.The Standing Rock protest has everything to do with a history of broken promises and institutionalized disregard for rights of their land.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINViolence against Standing Rock Sioux is a tragic example of failure to respect long-standing grievances for how they've been treated.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINMy latest for @NewYorker: Silicon Valley's Empathy Vacuum, where I tie together a lot of different strings.
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You are not alone."The bias of each medium of communication is far more distorting than the deliberate lie." - Marshall McLuhanThis is a grossly irresponsible tweet by a great paper. Part of a larger issue
Retweeted by DAVE MORINWhen the vanilla ice cream of celebrity magazines is calling you a crazy liar, you know shit's not going well.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINAnti-Muslim assaults reach 9/11-era levels, FBI data show
Retweeted by DAVE MORINI wrote about Trump and misdirection last week. He’s different. Media hasn’t adjusted yet.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINOutside of math, physics, and chemistry, there isn't much "settled science." We're still arguing over what the optimal diet is.
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @tedr if you find one let me know."I SAID PAY ATTENTION TO ME"
Retweeted by DAVE MORINThis is serious ? For Trump staff: why does a possible recount inspire a DefCon 1 twitter response, but not acts of hate done in your name?
Retweeted by DAVE MORINThe #Election2016 Micro-Propaganda Machine
@chrismichel outrageous!BUFFS WIN! FINAL SCORE: Colorado 27, Utah 22. SOUTH CHAMPS! #GoBuffs #WonTheSouth #theRISEisREAL
Retweeted by DAVE MORINGo @CUBuffs! @tedr I unfollowed everyone and rebuilt from the ground up. Much better now.NASA wants you to see this video of the Artic ice disappearing
Retweeted by DAVE MORINReceived most Presidential votes in US history: 1) black man 2) white woman 3 --> 100) white men
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @timoreilly @balajis sigh.TRUMP: I should tweet something. Is Castro dying good or bad? AIDE: It’s actually really complicated. Cuba is curre…
Retweeted by DAVE MORINI hadn’t seen this A/B test of Facebook’s right/left leaning political posts and #fakenews
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64.4 million votes. Could hit 65 million. Can we stop with this "no one liked Hillary" bullshit? That's more than A…
Retweeted by DAVE MORINInside a Fake News Sausage Factory: ‘This Is All About Income’
Retweeted by DAVE MORINSharing powerful #truth from @FLOTUS @MichelleObama today on @UN Int'l Day to End Violence against Women.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINThat "news" story might have been written by a foreign intelligence service.
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN👇🏻 elected Republicans really want to argue that it's ok for the President to profit from foreign business interest…
Retweeted by DAVE MORINBiology insights Harvey ❤=⛽ Haeckel 👶=🐟+🐢+🐤+🐇 Goodall 🐵=👷🔧 Pavlov 🐶+🔔→💧 Janský 💉=🅰️🅱️🆎🅾️ Pasteur 🍖+⚗≠🐛 Mullis 👽🦄🎅✨🌈
Retweeted by DAVE MORINGet outside today. #optoutside
Shoutout to my boss for telling feeble misogynists what's up
Retweeted by DAVE MORINThe Room Where It Didn't Happen: A Case Of Mistaken 'Hamilton' Identity
Retweeted by DAVE MORINHow long before the white working class realizes Trump was just scamming them?
Retweeted by DAVE MORINHopefully more #biotech companies take the lead from @PerlaraPBC and partner with patients.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINThis Thanksgiving, we give thanks for our blessings, and work to fulfill the timeless responsibility we have as Americans to serve others.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINWhat we learned when we tracked down and talked to a fake news creator in the suburbs
Retweeted by DAVE MORINThanks Twitter! My column, "No, Trump, We Can’t Just Get Along," is trending.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINAlcatraz Island Indigenous Peoples' Sunrise Gathering
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@davemcclure @naval so true."People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya AngelouLet's see: optimizing for engagement gets you 9/11 conspiracies, Donald Trump, Hillary takedowns, Cars 3 & Tim Alle…
Retweeted by DAVE MORINReminder that @alisaamiller and @PRI are doing some of the most trustworthy work in media right now.She's never taught. Never worked in a school. Her education experience so far has left a disaster in its wake. But…
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Pope Francis Grants All Priests The Ability To Forgive Abortions
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @chrismichel the Middle Way is the only answer right now. @chrismichel @BobThurman he is so clearly Buddha.Westworld had a booth at TechCrunch Disrupt this year and there were people who thought it was a real startup.
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." - Yoda @jw keep going.Join us in our mission to get more people outside. We're #hiring for a few roles. Check them out here!:…
Retweeted by DAVE MORINThere is no working with a president who will bring forth programs based on bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, or xenophobia.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINWhat’s your favorite mom or parenting focused website?
Retweeted by DAVE MORINKeep walking, you're almost there.
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN"Words show a man's wit, but actions his meaning." - Benjamin Franklin
It's very tempting to confuse engagement for morality. Silicon Valley makes this mistake repeatedly
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @garrytan yup.8/ A future society will be better served by un-censorable, distributed, open-source social media protocols.
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN7/ What makes this even possible is that social media platforms are controlled by "benevolent dictators."
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN6/ Very similar to taxis and hoteliers trying to force Uber and AirBnb play by old rules.
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN5/ The "fake news" controversy boils down to main-stream media trying to make social media conform to MSM rules and authority.
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN4/ If by Experts, then it's a lot like the news media today. Credentialed experts with capital and reputation at risk judging truth.
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN3/ If by consensus, you'd have to let people vote, distribute, and annotate. The winners would be the most popular. Sounds like Twitter...
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN2/ Algorithms are just another way of saying "by experts (programmers)"
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN1/ If you were to design a service to separate fake from real news, you have two choices. Either do it by consensus or by experts.
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN"Fake news" is clever branding. Sounds like it's about spam filtering but really about creating the apparatus to censor political speech.
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@cyantist @june it is seriously the best new tool of the last 5 years.
Announcing @Slow 3 at $145M as we continue to partner with founders on the edge of science, culture, and society:
Agree 100% with @BernieSanders here. @jimmymichaels89 no.5/ If I have learned anything in life, it is that the greatest learnings come through pain. More thoughts here: