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@btaylor @Benioff @salesforce congrats! Best product in the category, bar none.
@dens @avantgame @mg let's do this.
@noahkalina @dwell yes, of course. Or awesome cabins.Happy to announce that I am Guest Editor of @Dwell Magazine this month focused on Smart Home technology. Enjoy.
Be a better stranger. Say hello to the people around you. Love is the antidote.
@whynotbalu I'm trying to transition everything off.
@anniehawkins @garrettgee epic!
@garrettgee yes!
"There are over 500,000 computing jobs currently unfilled but only 42,969 CS graduates/year"
Retweeted by DAVE MORINRaising money is not news. Turning that money into something newsworthy is news.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINI don't understand how folks so staunchly evidence driven and atheist can genuinely believe we're in a simulation. Same game, different name
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @btaylor totally agree with this and have been thinking the exact same thing.Welcome 2016 Future Founders! @BloombergBeta use data to predict who may found a company. Tx @davemorin for speaking
Retweeted by DAVE MORINWhat a group. @davemorin was generous with time and thoughts. Great to meet this year's Future Founders.
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“Be gentle with each person you meet, for each of them is fighting a great battle.” — St. Ephrem the Syrian
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @ikirigin @narendra @dcurtis I want that too. @ilyasu totally agree.It feels like a 3rd app renaissance is coming.Swift Playgrounds are free.Another category where a Microsoft acquisition will trigger a do-over
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @bonforte I learned on Logo & HyperCard. 2nd coming? @HyperCard let's hope so!Did Apple just inch very closely to a HyperCard successor?
Retweeted by DAVE MORINSwift Playgrounds on iPad may be the thing I'm most excited to see this WWDC. Fantastic step for iPad and touch devices. #WWDC
Retweeted by DAVE MORINSwift on iPad is a really big deal. @ZackShapiro just as a feature in Messages.Apple talking a lot about privacy, but no mention of ephemeral at OS level. @BenedictEvans and not talking about just encryption. Huge troves of data sitting on every phone. Ephemeral at OS level is necessary. @BenedictEvans not APNS. @iTibz not APNS.Apple is opening iMessages to developers."Gentle" and "Invisible Ink" are reasonably cool. Was hoping for a shift to more privacy. Not this year."Messages is a doozy." - Craig Federighi @ikirigin @dcurtis I do actually have kids."The children of tomorrow will have no understanding of the English language." - Craig FederighiiOS 10 VoIP API is a big deal. Bravo.New Default iOS App: Apple Home for controlling your home. @dcurtis indeed. We will see how well Search works. Google Photos is the bar.Interesting that Apple is prioritizing Memories over Sharing in Photos.Apple is opening Siri to developers.Nevermind, Apple Pay on the Web is a HUGE deal.Apple TV Single Sign-On might be the single most important announcement today.#WWDC #developers
Reason to vote in a Democratic House and Senate this year:
Retweeted by DAVE MORINA few of my thoughts on Obama, Trump, and our current American political system...
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So excited, first guest editor ever--@davemorin . On newsstands June 21. Cc @zem
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@AriRoisman @flySFO hilarious.
Allbirds White
should designers be coders? should design coder? hould des coder hou des oder houdesoer hodesor hodor
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@msuster not to mention the stigma."Impossible is nothing." - Muhammad Ali
@shervin @aplusk @travisk @CoryBooker @sherylsandberg @KenHowery thanks Shervin, means a lot. You are a good man.
Facebook is doomed.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINToday marks 6 years of @uber, huge congrats to @travisk and the entire uber team on such great progress!
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @TaraViswanathan insane. So good. Tried a few, but Sweet Roots is my favorite so far.Simple is best:
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @ksimm @juicero seriously mind blown. @davemorin @iamdougevans Thank you for the kind words. That means a lot from you.
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @lifeafterdenim me too.People I admire: @JulesHanna. One of the smartest, most elegant and inspirational humans I know. @Kiva
Retweeted by DAVE MORINPeople rarely want to be impressed. They want to be loved, listened-to, and accepted.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINMind blown by the first glass of juice from our new @Juicero. Breakthrough customer experiences are rare. This is one of them."We have a Super Bowl every day on mobile." - @SherylSandberg @DannPetty @AviatorNation is my absolute favorite."He has not been known for his philanthropy. He has been known for other things." - @BillGates on Donald Trump #codecon"In order to achieve the next great leap in space, it will have to be global and consensus driven." - Yuri Milner #codecon"I like to think we are all bringing electricity to Westeros." - @sundarpichai, CEO of Google"I like to think Silicon Valley is less like Game of Thrones and more like the NBA Finals." - @sundarpichai, CEO of Google @mgsiegler @johnolilly Apple“As much as we talk about AI, I believe blockchain will have almost as much effect on how businesses are run.” IBM CEO Gina Rometty #codecon
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN"We have 200 blockchain projects going." - @GinniRometty, CEO of IBM #codecon"AI is a subset of Cognitive." - @GinniRometty, CEO of IBM #codeconLego has done a good job of not losing its soul. When they make Star Wars kits, they're definitely Star Wars seen through the Lego lens.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINSimplicity a few years after launch is exponentially more impressive than simplicity at launch.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINGlobal Internet Trends at 3B users #InternetTrends
Retweeted by DAVE MORINGlobal Smartphone Users Slowing #InternetTrends #codecon
Retweeted by DAVE MORINGlobal GDP Growth Slowing = Growth in 6 of Last 8 Years @ Below 20-Year Avg #InternetTrends
Retweeted by DAVE MORINIt’s finally here!!! Mary Meeker’s 2016 #InternetTrends report! Happy reading :) #codecon
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN"I don't usually spend time on the macro, but I wanted to this year. Global economic growth is slowing." - Mary Meeker #codeconSanders vs Trump compared to Clinton vs Trump:
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@jeffseibert just get rid of your phone.
“The stripes of the IBM logo serve primarily as an attention-getting device.” —Paul Rand, 1985: A Designer’s Art p42
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@msuster @sm I can make this happen. Let me know if you still need a connection. I am so sorry.
Someday we'll all start laughing and roll on the ground when we realize how funny it's been.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINHere's a followup about what it's like to be Black in Silicon Valley. The post on Quora felt too simplistic and...
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If I'm having a down day I just call up some users and ask for feedback and it gets me all jazzed again
Retweeted by DAVE MORINSF was redwoods w/ @davemorin @brit and @mscheminske, motorcycle reunion w/ @sumul, and brunch crawl w/ old friends.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINLooking good, @davemorin
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN"The Entrepreneur" Portrait of @davemorin Leica M-D, 50mm f/2 San Francisco. 2016.
Retweeted by DAVE MORINThe Master @chrismichel."If someone says 🦄 aren't IPO'ing because of "the markets," they're being dishonest. This is about the companies themselves" @danprimack
Retweeted by DAVE MORINNearly a third of new cellular customers last quarter were cars - by @inafried
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Two families team up to make their dream vacation getaway. See how they hack it:
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @ryangraves @dens @foursquare @marsbotapp me too. Foursquare for life.
Brilliant piece by my partner @lessin on why great products are missing in key consumer software categories: @rrhoover @ProductHunt so good."To build a design driven culture you have to put design first." –@davemorin
Retweeted by DAVE MORIN @rrhoover @cyantist just answered it.I am doing an AMA on @ProductHunt for the next hour. Join us: