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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Author, Believer: My Forty Years in Politics. Views expressed here are my own.

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How many members of the administration will forget having attended this party?, I thought @washingtonpost was FAKE NEWS. Now @POTUS is citing it? And didn't he say Russia hacking story was… @POTUS says Senate bill is a "very good plan," as opposed to House bill, which he told us was a "spectacular pla… powerful reminder from someone who has seen health insurance from the inside about what's at stake. seems extraordinarily self-serving. me up! Two proven winners-Popovich & @SteveKerr! The @spurs and @warriors loss would be America's gain! '18 reality for Ds. Maps are skewed R. 10 Senate Ds up in pro-Trump states. Can enthusiasm overcome math?, trapped between his NV constituents & the Washington @GOP machine, which will rain negative ads on…
This ought to be a particular concern to Republican members of the Senate as they ponder their health care vote. allies running a hashtag HellerVoteYes campaign against NV sen who said he won't vote for health bill. Is there a #HellerNo campaign?I grew up watching Gabe Pressman's coverage of NYC's boisterous politics. Short guy, but but a huge presence. RIP Trump Said Bad Things So We Can Too response is ridiculous. Intimations of violence breed acts of violence. It… hated when such bile was directed at the last @POTUS. I feel the same way now. meant BOGUS, though it should BUG us! you look at bugus claims @POTUS & @SenateMajLdr are making, it feels more & more like Trump U pitch. NYTimes:
Durbin on GOP health care plan: 'Put a lace collar on a pit bull and it's still a mean dog' is so un-Public Radio, brother! It's ok to gloat but use your indoor, lower case voice! Murkowski on health bill: “I am not a lobbyist, so I’ve seen nothing”! @WBEZ will gain from Steve's extraordinary leadership, just as @UChipolitics has!! As a listener, I am… is a good start. Now how about that "evidence" that @BarackObama wiretapped you? Might as well clear the decks…'s impossible to overstate the contributions Steve Edwards has made to @UChiPolitics. We'll miss him!!! says WH chaos under @realDonaldTrump reflects the man on top. #AxeFiles about overprescription by doctors? faces of change? taxes for wealthy & health care for poor, elderly & disabled. This is why @SenateMajLdr wants a quick vote! calls Ds "obstructionist" for not working w/@GOP on health care-as if they had been invited to participate.#AxeFiles Daley on leadership, from his dad, Chicago's legendary boss; to the presidents he's served & @realDonaldTrump.… cut on GA-6: Ds should be disappointed but not despondent. Rs should be relieved but not exultant.
When you're well underwater on approval w/no major legislative wins & cloud of probe, even winning @GOP strongholds…
Rs have right to take victory lap tonight for repelling furious Ga challenge. But unexpectedly tight SC race should be a bit of a concern.A lot of D pros feared that if Ossoff didn't win in 1st Rd, when Rs were badly fractured, he would have a hard time winning runoff. Correct.But wouldn't the mail-in vote also be proportionately larger? No saying it's enough but overall should be more than… is question. Race will tighten when VBM comes in. But enough for Ossoff, given large election day turnout that… smartest House experts on each side. Great hosts for a cool podcast.
Retweeted by David AxelrodFun to ponder while votes roll in: Wouldn't it be something if all that $$ got spent in GA-6 and SC-5 turned out to be the big surprise!Well, now the theory of heightened engagement among Democrats will be put to the test. about the death of Otto Wambler, @POTUS can't resist turning it into a not-so-veiled attack on @BarackObama. It truly IS sad!Plainly, @SenateMajLdr doesn't want his flock going home for holiday to face constituents w/health care law in play. What does that tell us?What @SenateMajLdr is doing in ramming AHCA is destructive not just to coverage & quality of health care but to faith in our democracy.There were 100s of hearings, roundtables & public meetings on ACA over the 10 mos before it passed. It contained over 150 @GOP amendments..@POTUS job approval down to 36% in CBS poll. But key number is 72% among @GOPers, down from 80s. If I were WH, that # would worry me."I think the (VA) shooting is going to win this election for us,” said @GOP official on GA-6. #cold NYTimes:
The World's Greatest Non-Deliberating Body. weirdest thing to me about the GOP bill isn't the timing or the secrecy. It's that no major org in health care thinks it's a good idea.
Retweeted by David AxelrodCrazy like Fox? lawyer says POTUS was reacting to media reports when he tweeted that he was under investigation. Doesn't that mean he BELIEVES them?So when acts of terror are committed by Muslims, @POTUS can't wait to Tweet. When they are committed AGAINST Muslims, nothing.More than anything, this poll describes the size of the @realDonaldTrump base. About 37%.'s happening to labor in the new economy and why. Longtime @nytimes labor writer @greenhousenyt. #AxeFiles's GA-6 vote will be the truest bellwether yet for '18, and it's tight as a tick! from declaring war after Pearl Harbor, Senate has *never* rammed through such major legislation w/o hearings
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Sen. Collins says she's effectively been kept in dark on @GOP health plan. must be just what the families of 7 dead sailors wanted to hear from the Commander-in-chief, & on Fathers Day
Retweeted by David AxelrodLovely fam! Best for a wonderful life together! (You, too, Leo!) better way to wed. Congrats Jon and Emily.
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Don't be fooled by the headline. This is an interesting & important piece on what immigrants mean 2 U.S. NYTimes:
No matter how hard he tries?, could be be more wrong? It's great 4 media that he tweets. It's a window into his unfiltered thinking. It's ju…
Which is Claude Rains as corrupt senator in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and @POTUS lawyer in Mr. Kasowitz Goes to… the 4th tweet of the day, each more frantic than the last, is unhinged too strong a word?, not Russia, is the biggest scandal in Washington today, and millions of Americans could pay the price. for 5 IL state universities downgraded to junk status amid an intractable political logjam in Springfield. challenge of being a reasonable politician in unreasonable times. Former @GOP Rep. Bob Dold. #AxeFiles
At @ChiDebateLeague event, I heard from inspiring students for whom debate has been transformative-and who have the… AJC poll finds the House GOP health care bill is deeply unpopular among GA-06 special election voters.
Retweeted by David AxelrodAttended a luncheon for a splendid org that funds debate in Chicago schools so kids can learn civil discourse. Perfect tonic for dismal day.We should lock arms as Americans against fanaticism, from the Left or Right, that seeks to justify violence against public officials.The targeting of members of Congress, regardless of party, is an assault on our democracy. A terrible day.Saddened to read political responses among expressions of thoughts and prayers. Can we please hit pause on that for… news about shooting in VA targeting @GOP members of Congress and Capitol police.House health bill was no less "mean" when he praised and celebrated it. The "win" was more important than content. as to what the justification would be for firing Mueller? His handling of the Clinton email case? Oh, wait...😳 #Russia
Fascinating results in VA speak volumes about respective energy and centers of gravity in each party. NG for @GOP. @POTUS celebrates with meanies from the House after they pass health bill he now decries. first that somehow escaped mention among the litany of "achievements" recited at Monday's Cabinet meeting. says he came to Mayflower Hotel event as "interested person..." but he had already been named chair of Trump Nat Sec. Adv. Board
Retweeted by David Axelrod.@SteveKerr of @warriors is more than just a championship coach. He's a remarkable person. Our #AxeFiles convo: