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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Host, The Axe Files, Views expressed here are my own.

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Wonder if this is where @GOP candidates get off the RV? I were @HillaryClinton, I'd lay off the Tweets on the @realDonaldTrump tape. It kind of speaks for itself.Appalling as the @realDonaldTrump tape is, I'm reminded of all the times we have said, THIS time he's REALLY done.I wonder who interpreted the tape for @mike_Pence?If @realDonaldTrump reaches for the TicTacs on Sunday night, my suggestion to the female Town Hall participants: Run!!!Had a great time chatting @Cubs and '16 with the great David Remnick on @NewYorkerRadio. Fans here are jazzed about team the @Cubs have built, but will likely vote heavily against pick of Rick…, the family & @Cubs management are split. Laura Ricketts is big D. Theo Epstein, their baseball maven, app… the scarecrows outside the Hancock building are in the playoff spirit! Take note, @SFGiants! #GoCubs Russia attempt to tamper with U.S. Election? @FareedZakaria. #AxeFiles
This, in a nutshell, is nuts! And dangerous., as always, your were brilliant and incisive. Great conversation! Thanks, @FareedZakaria! Claims in U.S. Decline to Near Lowest Level Since 1973 Putin hates @HillaryClinton, and more. @FareedZakaria on #AxeFiles. headline: The Democrats Are Getting Worried Oct. headline: Donald Trump’s Slip in Polls Has G.O.P. Worried About Congress. #ficklebiz
Bring on the @SFGiants! #108isenough. #GoCubs!Uh...hellooo??? of you who gently noted these numbers were reversed were correct: Trump 29; Clinton 18. #VPdebate fact via @ckamka -- Cubs' rotation finished w/lower ERA (2.96) than Toronto's Aaron Sanchez (3.00), who led AL in ERA. #Cubs
Retweeted by David AxelrodIn @CNN poll. @mike_Pence deemed winner 48-42. But by 29-18, voters who watched were more likely to vote for @HillaryClinton. #VPdebateInteresting.
On @realDonaldTrump and Russia. Questions likely to linger. Just as they did BEFORE debate, @GOP declared @mike_pence winner. #VPDebateHardship? @realDonaldTrump? #VPDebate.@mike_pence doing a service here for @realDonaldTrump in recasting his bromance w/Putin as something Trump has never suggested. #VPDebateFair point here. To whom does @realDonaldTrump owe 100s of millions. Reports say Russian oligarchs. Answer locked on returns. #VPDebateTalk about cleanup! @mike_pence refers to Putin as "small and bullying," not the "strong leader" @realDonaldTrump has touted. #VPDebate.@Elaine_Quijano seems intent on running through her questions, even when significant exchanges are happening. #VPDebate.@timkaine is interrupting more than @mike_pence, which I don't think is serving him well. Scoring more on positives. #VPDebateInteresting, both candidates already have inserted actual people more than either presidential candidate did in an entire debate.#VPDebateBut @timkaine scored by questioning why @mike_pence had to submit returns to @realDonaldTrump and asking why Americans can't see his.Point missed here is that @realDonaldTrump attacked Wall St. hedge fund traders & others for not paying taxes. What about him? #VPDebate.@mike_Pence was in danger of losing his re-elect in Indiana when he joined national ticket. Why? #VPDebateAggressive back and forth probably didn't play well for either. #VPDebateSmart questions to ask candidates address main public concerns. #VPDebateFirst fact check: It's Longwood, NOT Norwood! Yikes. #VPDebateI personally can't hear about the history of the debate commission often enough. #VPDebateThey will have to pry that device from his cold, dead hands! #VPDebate @GOP release rhapsodizes on the rousing ovation a triumphant @mike_pence receives at post debate rally three hours from now!In the past, being picked by SI would spook @Cubs fans. But today? 😳 would Hamilton do? @Lin_Manuel Miranda's message to Hispanics and the young: VOTE! #AxeFiles't expect @mike_pence to be pensive tonight. He'll be designated hitter, delivering hits @realDonaldTrump couldn't. But can he defend?I'll Granite you that one! @UChiPolitics 1 yr & 6 MILLION downloads later, we're celebrating 1st anniversary of the #AxeFiles!! Thanks to our faithful listeners!Two @UChiPolitics alums already making a big difference in this election! #proud ad featuring @IvankaTrump on women's issues on behalf of her dad, who CLEARLY needs the help. But why in the world would they run in IL?Every national leader has a responsibility to use accurate and appropriate language when talking about mental health and suicide especially.
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Gary Johnson just sent email boasting that he is running strong THIRD in NM, where he was governor. But can he place the name Albuquerque?Your dad stakes you 2 millions. You lose a billion, as several of your businesses go bust. So I guess the "genius" part is not paying taxes?What a great conversation with @Lin_Manuel, creator of the incomparable @HamiltonMusical! Must listen #AxeFiles.… better way to mark 1st anniversary of #AxeFiles than w/Hamilton creator, the astonishing @Lin_Manuel Miranda!…
L'Shana Tova! Here's wishing you a happy, healthy 5777!Poignant piece by Robin Williams's widow speaks why mental illness IS illness--not defect of character. to hear Rudy explain how @realDonaldTrump is the man to reform an unfair tax system because he has taken full advantage of it.Just saw ad 4 @GOP candidate for IN Gov, the current LG. He boasts he worked w/fmr Gov. Daniels for 10 yrs. What about Gov @mike_pence?So question is whether you believe @realDonaldTrump will "fix" system that apparently allows him to owe no income t… one thing he doesn't say here, and never says, is that he pays federal income taxes. And if he had, BELIEVE ME,…
Headlines you just don't expect to see, particularly 38 days before a presidential election:
Hilarious! is rumored to be prepping @realDonaldTrump 4 Town Hall debate. Wonder if he'll the 1st questioner to "sit down and shut up."Late news from Chicago: the @Suntimes, opting to choose between the candidates who actually could be POTUS, endorse… way early, these numbers from NC's second largest county are good portents for @HillaryClinton. you!!! to #AxeFiles producer & @UChiPolitics comms director Matt Jaffe & wife, Katie Hogan, on birth this AM of Emma Colleen!Obviously impressed by his grasp of global affairs, the @chicagotribune endorses Gary Johnson for POTUS. @JonHuntsman told me last Feb. on #AxeFiles that he could support @realDonaldTrump and why.
A thinly veiled reminder of history's lessons In book review from @michikokakutani of @nytimes. exposing America to...the ease of voting! it just me, or is @NewtGingrich the wrong guy to weigh in on this Miss Universe story? think of 11/8 as Election Day. But early voting already is underway. Opens in IL today. As much as 40 percent of vote will be cast early..@tombrokaw says ego and lack of prep, as much as @HillaryClinton, tripped @realDonaldTrump up in debate. #AxeFiles the money: there ever been a POTUS in modern times with massive, secret debts? How can we evaluate conflicts of interest if we can't see them?"Follow the money!" @realDonaldTrump says. What about his? At least 600m in debts 2 unknown sources, buried in returns he won't disclose.
As WS push begins, @cubs give team architect Theo Epstein a well-deserved contract extension. This is why: a remarkable evolution @MichelleObama has made from reluctant conscript on the public stage to amazingly compelling campaigner!Lost in flap over @realDonaldTrump closeted tax returns: Aren't Americans entitled to know who a potential POTUS owes 100s of millions of $?I love @GovHowardDean. But this is nuts.