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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Author, Believer: My Forty Years in Politics. Views expressed here are my own.

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Hats off the @Dodgers. That was an old-fashioned beat down! Good luck in Series. See you in ‘18! #Waittilnextyear“Bullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone; provides permission for cruelty and bigotry.” for listening to #AxeFiles, Maria!! to Bannon: You want war? You got war! hope you enjoy this conversation with the brilliant, incisive @tanehisicoates as much as I did! #AxeFiles.…!! live to fight another day!
Amazingly bad call by umpires in @Cubs-Dodgers game. Replay clearly showed Granderson struck out. Umpires gave him chance to do it again.Alt theory from a smart friend: @POTUS didn’t have clue abt Alexander-Murray bill when he opined on it yesterday, b… wonder if tumbling 92 places in @Forbes list of the wealthiest Americans was what drove him off the deep end this… took less than 24 hours for the specter of angry base to turn the Commander-in-Chief 180 degrees. Why would any…, he backed bipartisan HC bill. Today, spooked by whatever right wing TV he wakes up to, he’s a “Never!” L… @POTUS was FOR it. Last night, he seemed 2 be against it. Health security of millions rests in his hands.… & @SenAlexander deserve credit for crafting good faith compromise to prevent massive coverage loss an… are likely enough votes in the House & Senate to pass bi-partisan ACA fix. Will Ryan and McConnell allow it to come to floor?What if we don’t follow him down the rabbit hole? unloads AM twitter fusillade: NFL; Comey & Hillary; lying Dems? Why? Doesn’t like the news today. Wants to change story.Grateful to @Cubs for 3 straight NLCS appearances and a World Series title with more to come. Just not this year. @Dodgers are damn good.
Was the pitcher in ‘77 Carl Edwards Sr.? one! #GoCubsGo, @SusanPage and @KarlRove, looking forward to being with you tomorrow at @HamiltonCollege in the Room Where it… feeling the pressure of living down to low expectations, the @ChicagoBulls already are unraveling. “I won’t “blame myself” for failure to enact any major legislation. I can’t think of an instance where he took blame for ANYTHING!But the more important truth is that four young Green Berets are dead; their families grieving. Let us focus on th… recall @Barack Obama consoling families of the fallen, as he did on this trip to Dover. Saddest part of his job.
Separate #AxeFiles w/@tanehisicoates coming soon!! problem with the Coach is that he just never speaks his mind! 😊'm grateful to @SenJohnMcCain for his lifetime of service to our country. Congratulations, John, on receiving this year's Liberty Medal.
Retweeted by David Axelrod.@UChiPolitics is proud to join in welcoming the extraordinary @tanehisicoates to campus tonight!Does bipartisanship have a chance in D.C.? My convo w/one Senate’s most thoughtful members, @SenBennetCO. #AxeFiles of course for “Thou shalt not steal” “Thou shalt not commit adultery” “Thou shalt not bear false witness” &…
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No. Davis hasn’t pitched since he got 7 outs against the @Nationals on Thursday. He was warming in the pen. is the best. Hindsight is 20-20. But they brought their closer in in the 8th. Ours sat out the 9th. I’m sure t… more proficient than I at basic math already know that the death count has TRIPLED, not QUADRUPLED. Sadly, th… for forward to welcoming Fmr. British Foreign Secy. @DMiliband, who will discuss global refugee crisis. Monday @UChiPolitics.The rise of the anti-immigrant, populist right throughout the world is not a coincidence. It’s a trend. Flynt REALLY wants to play dirty pool, he’ll cancel @POTUS ‘s subscription! @POTUS “catering to Netanyahu” instead of following facts on Iran. #AxeFiles top 1% will see an income increase of 8.5% under the GOP tax plan
Retweeted by David AxelrodDeath count in Puerto Rico due to Maria has quadrupled since @POTUS gave himself a big thumbs up for holding down hurricane fatalities.When I went to Ms. public schools, was fortunate to have some of the best teachers I ever encountered. This does n…
Retweeted by David AxelrodMy wide-ranging convo with @NancyPelosi, the deft and durable Dem House leader, in full podcast form. #AxeFiles
.@Cubs outthink @Dodgers by losing Game 1, lulling Angelenos into a false sense of security. Wait ‘til tomorrow! #gocubsgo3 most important issues in Congress: "I always say the same thing; our children, our children, our children" @NancyPelosi #AxeFiles on @CNNNeed “to try to bring people together.” Not just in Congress, but “also in the country.” @NancyPelosi on #AxeFiles on @CNN‘There is a spark of divinity in every person." If you disagree w. someone, "you believe in their goodness.” @NancyPelosi #AxeFiles on @CNN“Beautiful…African American young women” w. “all the confidence and self-esteem.” alum @NancyPelosi praises @TrinityDC #AxeFiles on @CNN"It is about the Gospel of Matthew. 'When I was hungry, you fed me. When I was homeless, you sheltered me.'" @NancyPelosi #AxeFiles on @CNN“You can't negotiate unless you have some strength.” -@NancyPelosi on need to attack Bush to take back House in 06 #AxeFiles on @CNN"These football players are expressing their belief. And that's their right under the Constitution.” @NancyPelosi #AxeFiles on @CNNTrump “shows that experience counts for something, because he has none and he has not accomplished anything.” @NancyPelosi #AxeFiles on @CNN“It's a waste of my time to even talk about it.” @NancyPelosi on younger generation of Dems challenging her leadership. #AxeFiles on @CNN“We have to reject any caricatures of who voted for Trump. I think that that was wrong.” @NancyPelosi #AxeFiles on @CNN“Politics is not exactly a day at the beach. You take a punch…have to be able to throw one too." @NancyPelosi on #AxeFiles on @CNN“If she lived now, God knows what she could do. She would be President of the United States.” @NancyPelosi on her mother #AxeFiles on @CNN“Treat everyone as your friend, but know who your friends are so that you're not counting wrong.” @NancyPelosi #AxeFiles on @CNNYoung @NancyPelosi “learned how to count” votes from dad fmr Mayor of Baltimore Thomas d’Alesandro Jr. #AxeFiles on… @NancyPelosi held bible when her father was sworn in as mayor of Baltimore. #AxeFiles on @CNN“I grew up in…Little Italy, in Baltimore.” I think @NancyPelosi left heart in Patapsco River, not San Francisco! #AxeFiles on @CNNFamily of @NancyPelosi “we were devoutly Catholic, fiercely patriotic” proud of Italian-US roots + “staunchly Democratic” #AxeFiles on @CNNTweets of @realDonaldTrump are “serious concerns” w. allies on “how far…president would be willing to go” @NancyPelosi on #AxeFiles on @CNN“There could be…initiation of serious military action” @NancyPelosi on @BobCorker fear @realDonaldTrump tweets start WW3 #AxeFiles on @CNNGOP has majority in house, in Senate and has signature of @POTUS. “It's up to them to keep government open.” @NancyPelosi #AxeFiles on @CNNTalked to @NancyPelosi for new episode of #AxeFiles on @CNN right now – won’t rule out threat of govt shutdown over DACA! #AxeFiles on @CNN“They were not happy with what the president did.” @NancyPelosi on @SenateMajLdr & @SpeakerRyan at Trump for deal w. Dems #AxeFiles on @CNNJoin me at top of the hour with @NancyPelosi. #AxeFiles on @CNN! those to whom @Cubs-Dodgers is important (✋️), this timing will still allow you to catch the ENTIRE game. Other… lively #AxeFiles convo w/@NancyPelosi about @POTUS, Dems, battles in D.C. & her own future. TONIGHT at 7 EST on… nine short months, this @POTUS has transformed U.S. from respected global leader to isolated, mistrusted outlier.Looking forward to visiting with my buddy @smerconish in a few to talk about @POTUS news and tonight’s #AxeFiles on @CNN with @NancyPelosi!
Hear what @NancyPelosi has to say about potential shutdown on my #AxeFiles convo w/her. Saturday at 7 p.m. EST on…’s WILL we. Typo. But you get the point. “spirit of the deal?” Your own senior nat sec team says Iran is living up the TERMS of the deal. The question i… @realDonaldTrump made during the election and after that he would provide better coverage at a lower cost wa… Rhetorical question. are the odds that @POTUS would be as rabid about destroying the ACA, at great cost to millions, if it were not known as Obamacare?Retweet if you agree baseball is, without question or qualification, the greatest sport. Repent, reform and reeducate if you disagree.
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