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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Author, Believer: My Forty Years in Politics. Views expressed here are my own.

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Another woman in the Senate—just the latest, I am certain, in a wave of women who will join her in Congress after ‘…, of course, @Bakari_Sellers! percent!!! He was a huge presence in every way! late campaigning of prominent AA politicians like @DevalPatrick, @CoryBooker and robo call from @BarackObama an… do I have this feeling that Ivanka stole her father’s cellphone tonight? Trump congratulates Jones on 'hard f…
Gracious to the end. Zac McCrary, a talented young Alabama pollster who helped worked the race. And, most of all, to the thousands… to @JoeTrippi and Paul Maslin, my old pals and skilled campaign warriors, for their role in helping to gui… rejects outside agitators! was a cynical play to push for Moore, with all his awful baggage, to hold a seat. Now Democrats have won their… a remarkable night in American politics.If Jones wins, this will be the story. of a jaw-dropping interview with Moore spokesman by @jaketapper. Doubles down on Moore’s views that homosexua…’t know whether he thinks he’s somehow hurting @SenGillibrand with this, but, wow, what a colossal miscalculatio… Typo’ll be the judge of that! Alabamans deliver a message to Moore and the horse he rode in on? few appreciate the burdens on the siblings of kids with serous illnesses. This piece captures some it. agree!’t it a bit ironic for Bannon to travel to Alabama to exhort people not to let outsiders tell them what to do?To be clear, though, Gillespie took full responsibilty for his loss, and we had a spirited conversation about his c… @davidaxelrod interview with 2017 Virginia GOP gov. nominee @EdWGillespie, deconstructing highlights – a…
Retweeted by David Axelrod.@EdWGillespie on his defeat in the VA governor’s race: Trump was a “big factor.” #AxeFiles 200th episode!…
Mrs. Moore on her husband’s broad-mindness: “One of our attorneys is a Jew.” Happy Hanukkah, Counselor. You could be in for a lot of work!Former @GOP chair @EdWGillespie on the cost to the party of a Roy Moore victory: “I don’t think the long term pain… with @realDonaldTrump is upside down. He rails that the “system is rigged” but by waging open and relen… guess the question in AL is whether tribal partisanship will trump the allegations against Moore. Will the attem…
2017 decimating the nation’s seasoned diplomatic corps and shrinking U.S. influence in the world Make America Great… to hear from those who claim the flag as their own and rail against an overweening government yet encour… attempt to delegitimate an independent media and defy the rule of law is not a Republican or Democratic issue.… tomorrow: #AxeFiles episode 200!!! I’ll be sitting down with @EdWGillespie for his first public conversation…
I have a very strong feeling this was not a spontaneous thought. now, Derek Jeter is a most valuable player for the @Yankees! will all these @GOP senators, including @SenMajLdr, who have retreated from moral outrage to “let the people of… robustly endorsing an accused child molester all right if you don’t cross the state line to do it?
My friend Forrest Claypool, who resigned today as CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, is one of the finest public se…
Dems in Congress should “absolutely” withhold votes for a budget without a solution for the Dreamers, says L.A. May… principle is emerging: If you admit misconduct, you resign. But if you deny it, however compelling or volu…
See you then, @David_Gergen!, the Congress moves on gun legislation in response to a series of deadly massacres... Wait...WHAT?!? 😳 will judge but upending seven decades of U.S. policy to embrace a dangerously divisive position hardly seem…“We will be dealing with unintended consequences for months to come because the bill is moving too fast." Bad Boy Bannon attacks @MittRomney for not serving in the military because of his faith. How about a pri… that she would say that, as @POTUS candidate got thumped by Moore in the @GOP primary.“The only endorsement that matters in this race is President Trump’s.” -Kelleyanne Conway on @CNN, on Alabama Senate raceThis is a classic Faustian bargain. The @GOP has the WH. They’re getting the judges, the appointments, the polici… defying his national security advisers and the counsel of all our allies but one, @POTUS recklessly and…
This bill was written for donors, not voters. But if you were a swing district Republican, these polling numbers on… wonder if @POTUS lawyers are studying whether presidents can be guilty of money laundering? seems like another important and ominous development in the Russia probe. want some hopeful news? Read this report on the progress being made in Chicago’s public schools.
Now @RNC is back in for @RoyMoore because, when you think about it, how bad is child molestation, really? covered a bit of Rep. John B. Anderson’s quixotic presidential race during my early years at the @chicagotribune.…, EVER, is @realDonaldTrump calling someone “a good man” a prelude to him actually saying something good. You… the day Flynn pled guilty, I sat down with former U.S. Atty. @PreetBharara to talk about what it means and where… the past 24 hours, the @POTUS has viciously attacked the FBI and endorsed an alleged child molester as a crime…, wait, fight crime by electing the guy who, as an adult, allegedly trolled malls for teenage girls and molested… is the problem with delusions and lies: Witnesses!
.@RobbieGould09, the greatest kicker in @ChicagoBears history, wins another game at the final gun at Soldier Field.… those pious pronouncements of disgust from @SenMajLdr over Moore will prove as meaningful as his past declarat… on Weinstein & sexual harassment scandal: “Am I surprised at some of the personalities involved? Not Ha…, he laid a log on the obstruction of justice fire. Taking together, the torrent of Tweets…
Really enjoyed my #AxeFiles conversation with @TomHanks on @CNN tonight. He’s one of those rare people who is as g…"I would probably play him as a very incurious man. incurious and unimaginative guy who doesn't see much beyo…"This goes much farther beyond that because it…becomes part of the marketplace. ...when it is inherent to the workf…“Some people do it for power. There were ppl like that without a doubt in Hollywood. It's not common core, but with…“That is what tyrants do. That is what crappy communist dictators do. …That is what banana republic dictators do.”…“You could actually feel the focus of their eyeballs on you and if, if they started reacting in a way to something…“The instinct was to throw myself into it totally. When I was in a play or when I was performing, it -- it took up… 2020? Hear what he has to say about it TONIGHT on #AxeFiles on @CNN. 7 p.m. ET questions: Why did it take you 18 days AFTER the acting AG informed the WH that Flynn had lied to the FBI and V… and, I guess, honest that @POTUS is celebrating the Senate passage of his tax bill this morning with a gath… convo w/@TomHanks on his journey and the craft of acting; Weinstein and sexual predators in Hollywood and beyon… bill, slapped together in the middle of the night, passed on a party line vote, laden with benefits for folks… Republican tax bill will explode income inequality in America
Retweeted by David AxelrodNo Dems expected to vote for tax bill. 1 of Dem from a swing state facing a tough re-election told me they thought…
Retweeted by David Axelrod
Ty Cobb affects an air of implausible calm in WH statement on Flynn. Time to add Babe Ruth to legal team?