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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Author, Believer: My Forty Years in Politics. Views expressed here are my own.

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Here’s hoping @EmmanuelMacron can succeed in persuading @POTUS to honor the Iran nuclear agreement. To abandon it… HHS Sec. Tom Price visits @UChiPolitics at 5:30 Thursday to discuss his stormy tenure and the future of heal…
Thank you! to my concern on Trump and Kim, this very smart piece by Jake Sullivan. has enough influence to guide him.Diplomacy is surely preferable to war but the big concern about North Korea is that the @POTUS may be too eager for… the latest #AxeFiles, I talk with @mmurraypolitics about the very consequential upcoming Midterm elections and… everyone, I’m pulling for Danny Farquhar of the @whitesox. Nothing reminds us of the fragility of life more th…
@CarrieMuskat If he remembers it after running into that wall!And finally, let us not forget the NRA, the hand maidens of the gun manufacturers, for the intimidation tactics tha… let’s not forget the federal and state legislators who, despite continued tragedies, continue to allow military… yet another mass shooting today, let us give full recognition to Colt, the manufacturer of the AR-15 semi-auto…'t tell @Cubs, but we made a (probably temporary) @montrealexpos fan out of @davidaxelrod this weekend at…
Retweeted by David AxelrodAnd in the evening...former Navy Sec and MS governor Ray Mabus! @UChiPoliticsLooking forward to chatting with Denis McDonough, my old WH colleague and former chief of staff to @BarackObama, Mo… Pruitt is a serial scammer, who, in large ways and small, has habitually profiteered off of his public positi…
So a @POTUS who has regularly exploited race for his own political benefit suddenly is a champion of Jack Johnson?!… to see @drose contributing so much to a @Timberwolves playoff win.Preposterous, outrageous and unthinkable to suggest that @realDonaldTrump would assign pejorative nicknames to peop… called said target, while simultaneously, and unexpectedly, pardoning another person prosecuted by a special cou… @RonBrownstein @RonaldKlain SThank you to the @liberal_party of Canada for a wonderful reception last night in Halifax. You are an inspiring cre… gesture. just as a point of reference, this comes from a guy who thinks @seanhannity is a first-rate reporter!Generally, being named a “third rate reporter” by @realDonaldTrump means you’ve done first rate work, which is cert…
All of these sideshows—Comey’s flamboyant roll out; this @DNC lawsuit—seem spectacularly ill-timed and abet @POTUS
Hick Up! My conversation with CO Gov and potential ‘20 hopeful @hickforco about the politics of health care, pot an… a bold step backwards, the Senate strikes a blow for racial discrimination in lending. @POTUS can talk Kim out of his nukes in a way that is REAL and VERIFIABLE, it would be historic. But the North K… her visit to @UChiPolitics earlier this year, @NikkiHaley stoutly defended @POTUS actions on Russia. But when…
I grew up in a vibrant, pulsating @ChicagoTribune newsroom. So much of who and what I am began there, under the tu… a way to live! These are American citizens. of new swipes in this cab line!So keep ‘em coming. This string is a good vehicle for cab/Cohen puns. And, given the news, we all need a Lyft!#dadjokesruleDamn. I can’t believe I missed the most obvious pun: “Fare” to say! Big tip to those who flagged it for me! This… to say this cab stuff and Cohen is raising flags!I have no idea what this means but Chicago’s cab industry is notoriously odoriferous. Why is Cohen knee deep in it… nightmare scenario: “Mr. Trump, the officials said, wanted to be seen as backing up a series of bellicose tweet…’s not just the dignity and grace with which Barbara Bush lived that is to be admired. It’s also the dignity and…
Barbara Bush has been a classy, gracious part of our national life for four decades. RIPThe view from the front lines: Prosecutors, physicians and victims discuss the burgeoning opioid crisis at… to Bank of America for its decision not to finance gun manufacturers who market military-style assault weapo… is so deflating. the @Cubs prepare for baseball on what promises to be another preposterously cold night at Wrigley, their leader… remarkable that this would seem so incredible, isn’t it?#TaxDay surprise! @POTUS releases his tax returns for the first time! “Let’s put all questions to rest, once and fo…’m certain that Haley’s Comment was no shooting star, but an authorized, considered announcement of a measure to…
Aren’t you kind of tempted to map the Cohen Crime Family? may be a bigger scandal than the @seanhannity story. Trump puts the brakes on new Russian sanctions, reversi…
Retweeted by David AxelrodMemo to @POTUS: The greatest threat to jobs today isn’t coming from Mexico or China. It’s robots and computers. Gr… is up with @POTUS and Putin? Consider this story in the context of Comey’s recollections and recent Tweets fro… to welcome CO Gov. @hickforco to @UChiPolitics today at 5 p.m. Is he running for POTUS? With the intrepid… apologies, here is the correct link commentary on what went wrong in Iraq, post-invasion, from former U.S. Ambassador Salmay Khalilzad. Born…’ve questioned the timing of Comey’s rentry. His moral angst can be maddening. His personal jibes-hair; hands-we…
I very much admire @GStephanopoulos for pressing Comey repeatedly. Comey received a prime time platform but he did… question the timing of Comey’s book, A Higher Loyalty, as a matter of the public interest, adding, as it does, to…’s a good thing @realDonaldTrump doesn’t read the @NewYorker, because just the title of this very sobering piece… @realDonaldTrump And let’s not forget that, as he rants about Comey, this @POTUS already is chewing on the NEW @FBI God, these schoolboy rants get tiresome, don’t they?
Though the way this is written, the leak doesn’t appear to be from the special counsel.With this caveat: IF it is true! Mueller has been unusually unleaky.This seems like a big, big deal.
It’s juvenile, I know, but I can’t help chucking each time I hear that the National Enquirer exec and Trump ally in… you, @ValerieJarrett, for being such an inspiring guest at @UChiPolitics! the darkest, most sardonic novelist could not have imagined a news day like this. Makes House of Cards seem l… again, @PressSec sped through her briefing today as if she were double-parked. Given the news, can you blame her?One of the most disturbing legacies of this @POTUS will be his penchant to use his power and platform to punish ins…
Well, this certainly should improve things around the WH! get why the timing of the Comey book works well for HIM. He’s going to make a mint and wants to have his say: B… whiplash too strong a word? five years, he led Britain’s Labour Party. Now, as a backbencher and podcaster (@CheerfulPodcast), he is openi… @realDonaldTrump won the electoral college list. @michaelirish211 @chicagobulls @NBA I agree!
In fairness, it’s not the @chicagobulls. It’s the @NBA. Under league rules, teams that aren’t in the playoffs hav… Away! @ChicagoBulls lose again in their final game, completing the season with a series of ugly losses to… clear that @POTUS launched a Twitter assault on the Russians promising in pretty specific terms an attack BE… to @BallotReady, a start up launched by students at @UChiPolitics and this fall will offer voters in all 5…