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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Author, Believer: My Forty Years in Politics. Views expressed here are my own.

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What a joy to host my friends @secupp and @VanJones68 at @UChiPolitics. They were brilliant and inspiring! NJ, 20k families on welfare in 11/16 compared to 41k in 11/10.
Retweeted by David AxelrodFDR: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." DJT: Be afraid! Be very afraid!"It's time for all Americans to get off of welfare and get back to work. You're going to LOVE it!" @realDonaldTrump rolls or a golden Oldie.If @BarackObama COS had called the FBI to knock down a story on an ongoing probe of the president's allies, Congress would have raised hell.
What if Bannon had given his jeremiad on nat sovereignty in Mexico and Kelly/Tillerson had offered calm reassurance on immigration at CPAC?So long and thanks to @TajGibson22, whose character and work ethic as a member of the @chicagobulls matched the tow…'s reality about @realDonaldTrump & media: Except for faithful WH organs, journalists who do their jobs ALWAYS will be @POTUS targets..@Reince and Bannon, appearing together at CPAC. on Bannon: "I cherish his friendship." And then they're off. 14 minutes.Bannon boldly, bravely strides into public view and submits himself to withering questioning at CPAC.A group of Chicago public school students get a chance to visit The Room Where It Happens. Wonderful story. formula for managing @POTUS: If you rub his belly w/favorable coverage he won't bite with caustic Tweets. Kristol made clear: tho they're playing along, lots of Rs on Hill are anxious about loosey-goosey nature of l… on @realDonaldTrump, the @GOP and the future of conservatism. #AxeFiles. Corden: "This the first presidency where the public is aging faster than the president."
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.@NewYorker's cartoon of the day.
Retweeted by David AxelrodI meant "was" and "Pruitt." KNOW they're forty might years away, but can't @elonmusk get us there? news 4 those worried by choice of climate denier as EPA chief. If we burn up THIS planet, here are 7 more! explains why McConnell wa so eager to get Pruit confirmed last week ahead of damning emails. NYTimes:Fmr @DNC chair @GovHowardDean endorses @PeteButtigieg. "I think it's time for a (D.C.) outsider. I was an outsider."
Obamacare repeal could cost Cook County $300 million a year: via @greghinz
Retweeted by David AxelrodFree at last! You think you need to remind me!! Thx for listening to my podcast. As for Toronto, not quite yet. Still waiting in line!.@TorStarEditor Tight ship, you run here, my old friend! @davidaxelrod never heard of you ! :-)
Retweeted by David AxelrodApparently someone told them I was a part of the dishonest media! from border control line at Pearson Airport into one for travelers deemed deserving of extra scrutiny. Can someone vouch for me?.@mcuban is right. The great threat to middle class jobs today isn't China and Mexico. It's robots and computers. for how long? 22 hours since last @POTUS Tweet. Trip to AA museum; condemnation of anti-Semitism; peaceful @PressSec briefing. Could it be strategy?Record Feb. temps in Chicago will only climb w/these steps. When Mar-a-Lago's under water, maybe he'll move it here!
Were droves of voters bussed over MA border to cost @realDonaldTrump NH? @CLewandowski_, an old NH hand, says NO.… may insist he's running "fine-tuned machine." But @CLewandowski_ says WH staff has let him down. #AxeFiles cannot tell a lie! I agree. Happy birthday, in advance, my friend!
I'd suggest anyone considering becoming National Security Adviser read this story first. NYTimes.@JoePalazzolo2 @JeffreyGoldberg @TheAtlantic @UChiPolitics Coming soon!At a momentous time in global affairs, I'm looking forward to hearing from @JeffreyGoldberg of @TheAtlantic. Monday @UChiPolitics.Will the White House seek to link the cataclysm in Sweden with the Bowling Green Massacre?Most Chicagoans I know look forward to day when @POTUS stops talking about scourge of gun violence in our city & starts helping to solve it.
You get the sense that @realDonaldTrump believes he can outshout reality..@realDonaldTrump reads Steve Bannon.I respect Gen. Mattis. But listening to @POTUS you have to wonder if he would have gotten SecDef job if his nickname weren't Mad Dog?Realty check: U.S. has seen a record 75 straight months of job growth. That is "disaster" from which @realDonaldTrump pledges to save us."If you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many times adversarial press."
Retweeted by David AxelrodI spent the last 4 years working for @pressfreedom. In that time 256 journalists were killed on the job…
Retweeted by David AxelrodThomas Jefferson also said this, FWIW
Retweeted by David AxelrodInsightful piece here on Flynn, Trump & Russia; Miller's brittleness; and @GOP struggles as a governing party. McCain just systematically dismantled Donald Trump’s entire worldview take from author of much-anticipated Nixon biography, out in March. may be. But he had a solid hit at Boeing, on the issue upon which he will be most judged-jobs. And he obliter…
Ok, maybe Nixon did, tho not PUBLICLY. Not the role model you want-unless subversion of elections & democratic ins… certainly viewed some journalists as enemies & put more than a few on his list. But he never called the media… president is irritated by the news media. No other president would have described the media as "the enemy of the people."Oh, please. should stop idly raising 25th A. Even if @realDonaldTrump disdains democratic institutions, those who believe in them should not.It's 60 in Chicago. Snowed in the UAE. And the Senate just confirmed a climate change denier to run the EPA. PC, @realDonaldTrump asked if anyone believed @HillaryClinton would have been tougher on Russia than him. I can think of one guy: Putin.McConnell pledges to "change this awful health care law" that has benefitted his state more than any other. prudent for Senate to wait for emails before confirming EPA nominee. Will they? Not a chance.
.@GOP plan to replace Obamacare: Redistributing health care $$ from the poor to the rich. NYTimes:Way early yet, but watching @realDonaldTrump today, he may be both galvanizing his base & shrinking it to its irreducible core.If someone had told Harward that the WH is "running like a fine-tuned machine," perhaps he would have taken the job., asked to say definitively that no one in his campaign communicated with Russian intelligence: "i had nothing to do with it"
Retweeted by David Axelrod55% of col+ whites say they strongly disapprove of Trump performance which may interest 23 House R's in mostly whit…
Retweeted by David AxelrodNot to be overlooked, Trump has repeatedly declined to say if officials in his campaign were communicating with Russia.
Retweeted by David Axelrod“Why isn’t anyone talking about Hillary cheating at the debates?" We are a month-and-half into 2017, and 27 days into the new POTUS's term.
Retweeted by David AxelrodNo, they're just Americans. Leakers "will pay a big price." (Unless they're Russian, of course!)Hilarious video of a @Cubs Hall of Famer pranking the reigning MVP. more threatening to our safety and security than refugees would be empowering a crony of @POTUS, with no Intel background, to remake IC.Why @GOP Congress should proceed with caution on Obamacare. Former Bush HHS secy Mike Leavitt on #AxeFiles.… POTUS decries leaks, but without this one, seems clear Flynn would still be on job & Americans-including VP-would still be in dark.
Feels like Pudzer, who put scantily clad women on TV to sell burgers, is now standing naked and alone. Q: When Flynn was retweeting fake stories in 2016, was he knowingly transmitting Russian-made missiles? the Flynn resignation, ongoing probes and all their implications, @POTUS is still fixated on whether his victo… you're feeling down about your family dynamics, just remember, it could be worse! on my experience, I misspelled "experience" below. This misspelling thing is contagious!