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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Host, The Axe Files, Views expressed here are my own.

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Big contrast in VP rollouts speaks to organizational disparities and relationships between POTUS and VPOTUS candidates.A lot of challenging days ahead, I'm sure. But this day, this choice is a total home run for @HillaryClinton. #DemsInPhillyVery strong debut for @timkaine. Natural, engaging, connecting. #DemsInPhilly.@HillaryClinton making a solid argument v. @realDonaldTrump. But someone, at long last, needs to urge her to let the mic do the work!
Among @timkaine's attributes, particularly in these times, is his service as a successful mayor of a racially diverse city, Richmond, VA..@timkaine is really solid choice for @HillaryClinton--thoughtful, experienced & genuine. A thoroughly admirable man. #DNCinPHL.@chrislhayes One minute he's Dr. Bruce Banner; the next he gets agitated and turns into The Incredible Hulk.75 minutes off prompter was too much for @realDonaldTrump, who let loose on AM after w/a Trumpian blast. NYTimes:Totally agree with this. @realDonaldTrump speechwriter just called speech "profoundly optimistic." It felt neither profound nor optimistic. #RNCinCLE
Crowd chants "Yes you will!" Their version of "Yes We Can!" I guess. #RNCinCLEWhen a candidate says "BELIEVE me," do people believe them? #RNCinCLEWonder if @Mike_Pence is in washroom right now. #RNCinCLEThis is a remarkably dark/bleak speech. More boos (about bad things in country/world) than cheers. No uplift; almost purely negative.
Retweeted by David AxelrodReal question if a speech so dark and relentlessly negative will play well in the broader electorate. #RNCinCLEIn speech extolling law enforcement, @realDonaldTrump implies FBI Director Comey took s dive on email case. #RNCinCLEWoman tries to mar festivities with banner reading, "Build bridges, not walls." Police lead her away, to chants of "lock her up." #RNCinCLEBetween the light moments and moving vignettes, I sense some anger. #RNCinCLETrump is painting a dark and dire portrait of a lawless, terrorized America as he accepts the Republican presidential nomination. #RNCinCLE
Retweeted by David AxelrodPolitical correctness apparently very unpopular here. #RNCinCLEWould have been good to hear from the little folk whose lives we are told @realDonaldTrump changed. #RNCinCLENice concept. Equal pay for equal work. They should put it in their platform! #RNCinCLEMaybe I'm nuts, but it feels like they amped up sound for the big night. Of course, both could be true! #RNCinCLE Barrack is smooth. #RNCinCLEHuge reception for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. What's clear is that @realDonaldTrump is betting on record % of white vote. #GOPinCLETalk @GOPconvention: Now that Roger Ailes has left @FoxNews, will he shore up @realDonaldTrump 's bench? They say Nixon '68 is their model.⚡️ “Michelle Obama gets her Carpool Karaoke freak on ” theme for tonight? Making America One Again. Among the leadoff speakers: Sheriff Joe Arpaio. You can't make this stuff up! #RNCinCLEWouldn't @realDonaldTrump camp have been better off letting @tedcruz speech come and go? They stepped all over @mike_pence speech & story..@TedCruz: "I'm not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father." Politics aside, you can kind of get this.Will loosey-goosey style trip up @realDonaldTrump campaign? @mmckinnon #AxeFiles #GOPinCLE, welcome to @realDonaldTrump World! Be interest to see you 'splain this.
As '12 showed when coal spent heavily against @Potus & he won all 4 coal producing swing states: OH, PA, CO, VA
Retweeted by David AxelrodHoosiers less impressed w/@GovPenceIN record than Pence. Approval in low 40s, reelect in jeopardy before hooking up w/@realDonaldTrump.Have to say, @GovPenceIN showing homespun warmth and self-effacing humor..@SpeakerRyan wanted his friend @GovPenceIN for VP, and gave him a more rousing embrace tonight than he did to @realDonaldTrump last night.This is really unfortunate. pivot by @newtgingrich, interpreting @tedcruz stiff arm as a defacto endorsement of @realDonaldTrump.Until, of course, he kind of ran afoul of the honoree. & @marcorubio played ball. @tedcruz did not. #RNCinCLE2020 audition? After drive- by congrats to @realDonaldTrump on @gop nod, @tedcruz rocks joint w/ conservative-populist jeremiad. #RNCinCLE"HIstorically, black lives HAVE mattered less. My life mattered less." So interesting to hear Trump foundation VP say this. #RNCinCLEWonder if classic, rousing @GovScottWalker speech on behalf of @realDonaldTrump puts more pressure on @tedcruz to deliver endorsement.Best argument to unify Republicans via @ScottWalker : "we cannot concede the court to liberals like Hillary Clinton for the next 30 years"
Retweeted by David Axelrod.@GovScottWalker gives more energetic speech than I recall during his truncated race 4 POTUS, which may be why it was truncated. #RNCinCLEGiven what passed between them, if @tedcruz were to warmly endorse @realDonaldTrump, wouldn't someone tag him as Lyin' Ted? #RNCinCLEFour minutes into Wednesday session, delegates burst into the familiar "Lock it Up" chant. Three hours to go. #RNCinCLEAfter a couple of quiet days, skirmishes erupt at Prospect gate to @GOPconvention. late than never, SOMEONE takes responsibility for lifted phrases. But why did it take so long?? #RNCinCLE've confirmed that "Hillary" and "Clinton" were the 2 most common words spoken tonight. "Work" was tied for 10th.
Retweeted by David Axelrod
I don't know about the Young and the Restless, but I bet a lot of the @GOP base are the Old and Resting right now. #RNCinCLE @GOPconvention planners cleverly give Kimberlin Brown an guacamole green backdrop. But what the heck is she doing up there now!!! #RNCinCLEIn fairness, folks I respect had pos reaction to Don Jr., responding to his powerful speech as meaningful validation of his dad. #RNCinCLEHowever polished, a very political-sounding speech. Not sure attack dog is the role candidate's son should be playing. #RNCinCLEThe Tiffany Trump speech was impressive; helpful to her dad. sharing warm and personal anecdotes that have been rarely heard. #RNCinCLEHere's the issue: Quandary: @realDonaldTrump @GOP pros gives heartburn when he riffs but he's awkward off prompter. any have weddings or Bar Mitzvahs coming up, I highly recommend the @GOPconvention house band, which is killing it with schmaltzy rock.Plagiarism sign of larger problems in @realDonaldTrump camp. Surprise floor fight. Unhinged Rudy makes prime. @joniernst did not. Sloppy.Uh...yeah! This is way worse than anything any of those folks @realDonaldTrump fired on The Apprentice did! two. What could possibly go wrong?If I'm Melania speechwriter, I'm on my way to some wilderness hideout around now. #RNCinCLE
Give @joniernst credit for speaking energetically to a 2/3ds empty hall. #crazyplanningOdd programming choices at the end here. Two fire-breathers sandwiching the candidate's wife's loving portrait. Strange. #RNCinCLESee, and you thought he couldn't do it! #RNCinCLEMaybe chairs will fill in as night goes on but CO delegation, center of today's rules fight, seems sparse at start. to wonder if the @realDonaldTrump forces would not have been better off allowing roll call on rules. Fracas will dominate Day 1 story.Looking ahead? Home state Governor @JohnKasich isn't speaking @GOPconvention but he is meeting with state delegations."No Hearings; No Vote" leader @hughhewitt counsels quick confirmation of Garland if @HillaryClinton wins. #AxeFiles profile of @realDonaldTrump from author of The Art of the Deal, who, as it happens, was not Donald Trump. @GOPconvention opens, conservative radio's @hughhewitt on @realDonaldTrump. #AxeFiles.
If you're for @realDonaldTrump, you should hope it goes better than his awkward engagement to @mike_pence! days before his murder today, Baton Rouge police Officer Montrell L. Jackson issued this plaintive plea. historic Arcade building in Cleveland, where I sat down for @AxeFiles w/the always fun @hughhewitt. Up Monday. no time, @realDonaldTrump "demands" law & order. Someone's been studying Nixon '68. dreadful news from Baton Rouge. This is madness.My fervent hope is that BOTH conventions come off peacefully. Let's debate ideas; ideals w/words, not fists or guns., at least folks won't get wet!
Apart from drive by tributes, @GovPenceIN gave the speech he would have given if he were running on the @SenTedCruz ticket.What does it mean that @realDonaldTrump left the stage as soon as @GovPenceIN took it?Note to @realDonaldTrump advance folks: How do we know if @GovPenceIN means it if we can't see his eyes! #lightingSuddenly @GovPenceIN sees extraordinary virtues in @realDonaldTrump that eluded him when he endorsed @SenTedCruz in primary.What was supposed to be about Mike has turned into Open mic!"Oh and getting back to Mike..." oh. Every time he's about to turn to @GovPenceIN tribute, @realDonaldTrump goes off on a Trumpian riff. @GOP ticket: Oscar and Felix!Someone needs to brief up @realDonaldTrump that if voting for the war in Iraq is disqualifying, he picked the wrong Veep!Law and order! New meme but one I expect we will hear a lot. "Americanism" v. "Globalism"!is another.You can just feel @realDonaldTrump's enthusiasm for his new running mate, can't you?Checking out podium at Trump-Pence announcement, seems the joint logo rolled out yesterday to the great amusement of many has been axed.FL state chair tells @smerconish that @marcorubio will be at @GOP convention "in spirit." There will be a lot of "spirits" in Cleveland!
Lovely piece on character of @barackobama as dad, husband & POTUS. NYTimes: With Obama, the Personal Is PresidentialPossible useful go to line for @GovPenceIN in his new role as VP pick of @realDonaldTrump: "He said WHAT???"Long history of this in presidential politics. I mean,Bush accused Reagan of "voodoo economics " and wound up as VP! file yet?
I found this @GOP senator's personal testimony striking; disparities in black and white. is rational pick. An offering to conservatives; evangelicals. But how will Pence fare in the parry and thrust VP role demands?How about, Is Christie too cross? @HillaryClinton has taken a hit after last week is predictable & undeniable. But it's July. Question is what it will mean in November?Is Pence too pensive to be thrown into this media circus? Is Newt too prone to make news? (Can't think of alliteration for Christie.)You have to hand it to @realDonaldTrump. He's building audience for The Apprentice VP Edition. Numbers should he HUGE!!!Top U.S. envoy to Cuba, Jeff DeLaurentis, on future relations with island nation. #AxeFiles.