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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Author, Believer: My Forty Years in Politics. Views expressed here are my own.

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Smart analysis by @haroldpollack of @UChicago on why AHCA died in House: Lack of care. myth to dispel on ACA: Yes, vote broke down on partisan lines. But the law itself contained over 100 @GOP amendments. Different process.Interesting look inside the @realDonaldTrump world, and how much the WH underestimated the challenge of governing.'s hope his wisdom proves true
Retweeted by David AxelrodLooking forward to greeting @greenhousenyt, a spring Fellow at @UChiPolitics, & exploring these challenges to our d… program note from the Viewer in Chief. What happened at 9 is that Judge Jeanine called for @SpeakerRyan
One little commented fact about yesterday's @GOP health care implosion: It was hard to scrap ACA because there's a lot about it people like!Very smart piece by @mckaycoppins of @TheAtlantic on the challenge facing the @GOP now that they're in charge.
Without a doubt. She was heroic! is NOT "exploding," as @POTUS suggests. But it would be shameful if admin ran a rearguard action to undermine, instead of strengthen it.The ACA passed, against all odds, because of the sustained, personal commitment of a president to the cause, the details and the process.They chose Door Three. a bill that people really don't want to vote for, you're either going to win by a little or lose by a lot. Or… also was the mantra for a lot of college teams that didn't make the tourney. news is so jarring today that I decided to write about something more satisfying: the @Cubs! on the day that the Treasury Secy said that AI "is not even on our radar screen." told Trump this year that W.Va. folks don't know why they have healthcare but "they’re going to know who took it away from them”
Retweeted by David AxelrodHow soon will AI be available to run the Treasury? he couldn't? it just me, or has this whole fiasco begun to feel like an episode of Celebrity Apprentice? dispassionate, professional opinion is that these guys aren't helpling themselves one bit. Time to tow their l… years in the making...
Retweeted by David AxelrodA drag-nyet it is not. funny will it be if this ends up w GOP rebranding single-payer as "conservative" & passing it
Retweeted by David AxelrodSome may find this over the top but, in all fairness, how many World Series has the Pope won? #GoCubsGo they're trying to pressure @SpeakerRyan & House to deliver but these precriminations from WH seem ill-timed. care, mental health and other benefits the GOP health care bill cuts
Retweeted by David AxelrodThis particular appeal won't enthuse moderates in the House and Senate. health care, @GOP argument is this: If insurance cos don't have to cover essential services, policies will be cheaper. Well, yes, but...House bill would remove requirement that insurance policies cover mental health and addiction treatment. Their response to opiod crisis?I had no dog in fight but what a comeback by @XavierMBB over @APlayersProgram! Gotta love the upsets. That's why they call it #marchmadness!
Has to be sobering on the eve of the do-or-die vote., this certainly feels like it's moving the right direction, doesn't it?😳 to watch the Art of the Deal at work. NYTimes:Houston, we have a problem! over-commitment is not just a human failing. John Boehner is counting his blessings while @SpeakerRyan is counting votes!Are we headed for nuclear catastrophe w/North Korea? Amb. Wendy Sherman on that, @POTUS & a fraught world.… knew that creating international incidents with thoughtless Tweets was a genetic thing? NYTimes:Seven years ago today, Congress passed the ACA. It has been a lifeline for tens of millions of working Americans. ducks the question of whether the White House itself showed him the classified info he noisily discussed yesterday.
Big votes are like NASA launches. You can schedule them, roll out the rocket & start the countdown. But if there's a glitch, you abort.High Nunes for Intel chair? Wonder what kind of pressure @DevinNunes has come under to try and justify unsupportable @POTUS charges?Not surprised to see old @BarackObama pals lining up for @tomperriello, a stalwart ally on health, climate & more. clearly Thursday vote-if it happens-is no longer being sold to @GOP members on its merits, which are dubious. Now it's raw politics.Stunning rebuke from @WSJ: "Yet the president clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle." overboard? No wonder @PressSec cut him loose the other day!
Imperiling the planet we have for the false promise of recovering coal jobs that aren't coming back. NYTimes:Judge Gorsuch bearing up well under the relentless grilling of @OrrinHatch.Most important thing new WH aide @IvankaTrump can say to @POTUS: "Here, Dad, let me hold your cellphone for you."Interesting that @realDonaldTrump chose to campaign for Trumpcare in KY, a state that has seen uninsured drop from over 20% to 8% under ACA.
One legendary big-city newspaperman on the passing of another. @mikebarnicle remembers the great Jimmy Breslin. about exquisitely awkward timing. was making a joking reference to the fact that the SCOTUS hearing was eclipsed by the one across the Rotunda. App…, weren't the Gorsuch hearings supposed to begin today? Or am I just imagining that?They have a bad hand but the @GOP members are conspicuously trying to shift focus from lies to leaks.What are the odds @POTUS will accept the verdict of the FBI, IC and his own Justice Dept. and stand down on his fantastical bugging charge?Retweeting link to new #AxeFiles with @jackiekcalmes.'s early. But @POTUS standing in Gallup tracking at 37% is lower than @barackobama at any stage in his administration.Why the stormy Trump era is a clarion call for journalists. Veteran D.C. correspondent @jackiekcalmes. #AxeFiles day. Another Twantrum. Why is @ POTUS so frantic about this? Or is he trying to pre-butt what he knows is…
The challenge is the gulf between the Right and Senate moderates is pretty wide. And that just may be unbridgeable.'s the play: Get it out of House. Accept whatever changes you need to in Senate. Send it back to House and da… losers under @GOP plan: older, working class and rural. You would think that alone should give @POTUS pause. grew up reading Jimmy Breslin, whose columns crackled w/colloquial wisdom, humor & passion. He captured NYC like no one else. RIPRex Tillerson does not appear to understand that he now works for the U.S. taxpayer, not ExxonMobil:
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May not have changed outcome, but @NorthwesternU was jobbed on missed goaltending call at critical juncture. That +tech was 4 pt turnaround.They had another gear! @Northwestern has another gear, but so far, this has been a brutal beating. @ZagMBB just has too many horses! #marchmadness @LukeRussert But if you're Nova, you have to deal. WI wouLdn't have chosen this game, either. Plus Hart DID travel on that play!Come on, @LukeRussert, you get outscored 15-5 down the stretch, you're not going to win against a competitive team!
Amid everything else, DOJ launches an assault on the consumer watchdog that polices Wall Street. Bannon, who is philosophically hostile to Merkel, going to be in this bi-lat? And isn't it odd that the Secy of State won't be?These deep cuts to medical research are incredibly short-sighted and would cost lives. NYTimes:For House @GOP members who are opposing the Trump-Ryan health care plan as too generous, the draconian @POTUS budget outline was red meat.
Make no mistake. This is not about deficits.This is a wrecking ball and will inflict a great deal of pain. NYTimes:Did @POTUS mention to Tillerson BEFORE he offered him State that he planned to gut the agency? "Rex, I have some good news & some bad news."This is nuts! We are driving away some of the world's brightest students. Not just wrong, but foolish. NYTimes:Alternative fact alert: