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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Host, The Axe Files, Views expressed here are my own.

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Great idea! He's an incredible guy. this kid Zastryzny keeps pitching this well for the @Cubs, I'm going to have to make a serious effort to learn how to pronounce his name.Is new ruling junta at @realDonaldTrump HQ going to seize his Twitter acct to prevent grotesque messages like this? bizarre. @realDonaldTrump doc dashed off report to nation on DJT's health in 5 mins while Trump's limo waited. smokes, is @KrisBryant_23 good!! Two more big homers tonight. Rookie of the Year last year. MVP this?
My cousin was killed today in Chicago. Another act of senseless gun violence. 4 kids lost their mom for NO REASON. Unreal. #EnoughIsEnough
Retweeted by David AxelrodBringing an end to more than half a century of conflict, the Colombia peace process is truly inspiring. have to wonder, If bigot & racist are August fare, what in the world will OCTOBER be like? What ugly invectives will be left to deploy?FYI, dictionary on word bigot: "One who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance."Torn on Stanford rape judge recall. Sentence was outrageous; offensive. But is precedent dangerous? Should judges rule fearing recall?The greatest challenge @realDonaldTrump faces in this nascent reset: VIDEO. Hard to wipe the slate clean. Past words live on.
In need of more votes, @realDonaldTrump suddenly finds the @JebBush immigration plan very high energy.Whatever your view of preamble to this analysis, seems clear @AP got out over its skis on CGI-@HillaryClinton story. roundtables simulate connection, but until @realDonaldTrump ventures into communities, they're more photo op that outreach.
.@Goebs80 @realDonaldTrump donated $100K from his foundation to @cureepilepsy & @mcuban graciously doubled that w/$200K. Both generous..@realDonaldTrump minority play is less to win their votes- a tall order-than to allay doubts of whites who don't want to vote for a bigot. @POTUS had his "anger translator." Seems like @mike_pence has become the "rationality translator" for @realDonaldTrump.
The "what's a few more" answer on KImmel also was a little off key. to reconcile @realDonaldTrump's rhetoric about urban "war zones" with his refusal to accept any limits on the guns that flow there. @hillaryclinton is in a very strong position. Imagine where she'd be v. @realDonaldTrump without the weight of her email decision?
Addison is on some next level rn. #CubsTweet
Retweeted by David AxelrodHe was an essential player in the election of @barackobama as @POTUS. @Robt_Gibbs. #AxeFiles the new @realDonaldTrump minders don't start their days until 9. health Qs are out there, I'm kind of curious as to why one pager pronouncing @realDonaldTrump fit was written by a gastroenterologist?A white son of Alabama, he helped elect the 1st black president. @Robt_Gibbs in #AxeFiles. @realDonaldTrump latest reset reassure? Or does it add to image of instability? And given his current standing, is this a risk at all?In 2000, @algore lost the presidency by 537 votes in FL. @RalphNader got 97k. Seems like a relevant parable.
What I meant was, hats off TO Brazil for defying the doubters and hosting an outstanding Olympic Games.Next, will @realDonaldTrump wall come tumbling down?
Tell her thanks! is on a rampage for the @Cubs!
.@realDonaldTrump is currently hovering between 0 & 1% among black voters depending on whether @RealBenCarson is home when pollsters call.John King’s #InsidePolitics gets noon slot through Election Day
Retweeted by David AxelrodRather than cast a Paul over his campaign? are so many stellar young athletes representing the USA in Brazil. @RyanLochte is not a symbol of our country.Manafort is done. (Or is it Donetsk?) With these serial firings, the @realDonaldTrump campaign is beginning to feel like The Apprentice!
These were smart words, written for @realDonaldTrump and read off a telePrompter. What happens when he is unplugged? of new team? Real test will come when @realDonaldTrump is asked WHICH comments he regrets. may have some vulnerabilities, but it's kind of nuts to argue that a lack of tenacity & toughness is one of them.I can understand why, having sweated details of security, Brazil would be enraged if the U.S. swimmers falsely gave their country black eye.Campaign theater: Loved the faux National Security photo op yesterday, complete with slightly higher presidential chair 4 @realDonaldTrump!
Having worked for Yanukovych & Marcos, Manafort knows a coup when he sees one. But will it fix @realDonaldTrump? proud of the stellar class of visiting Fellows coming to @UChiPolitics this fall. See for yourself! ubiquitous news of campaign turbulence, these cataclysmic floods & fires that have claimed so much remind us of what crisis truly is.
The FBI turned over notes on @hillaryclinton probe to the House today marked "classified." It'll be interesting to see how quickly it leaks.Just what a city on edge needs: @realDonaldTrump! Ailes knows politics; TV; debates. Qs: 1) Can @realDonaldTrump get up to speed? 2) Will he listen? NYTimesHere's practical problem for @realDonaldTrump. It appears his map is shrinking & @HillaryClinton's map is growing. in public life have personal stories as compelling as fmr IA Gov Tom VIlsack. #AxeFiles
To Russia with Love? denies he got millions in Ukraine. So did he work 4 corrupt, Russian-backed leader for free? NYTimesAg Sec Vilsack on why Ds can make gains in rural U.S. In Age of @realDonaldTrump .#AxeFiles
Seems problem this guy should address is that more & more voters are unwilling to subscribe to @realDonaldTrump! question: With all his talk of unfairness & cheating, could @realDonaldTrump be paving way for early exit because he fears losing?Remember halcyon days when @realDonaldTrump rode constant media attention to nomination & quoted polls constantly?
I'm sure that's true. There just aren't enough of them to get him elected. And he is not adding! are two of the most brutal pieces I've seen at this stage in a presidential campaign. is why @realDonaldTrump can't exploit "trust" gap. His own history of serial exaggerations & false innuendo. is absolutely true that the House GOP caucus in 2017 is likely to be a) smaller; and b) more skewed to the right.
With 87 days to go, @realDonaldTrump pre-spins PA loss, raising specter of "cheating" in "certain areas" of state., given the exposure that @realDonaldTrump received en route to nomination, that supporters say media is out to "destroy" him.Basic rule of presidential politics: The candidate who blameshis problems on the news media is generally losing.Maybe income ($10.5m) looked too gaudy so @HillaryClinton release focuses on healthy rate paid (34%). via @nuzzelI can't believe we all missed this! Hilarious.
Thanks @teddygoff! Given everything on your plate in Brooklyn, honored you made the time!! same improvisational, in-your-face, no boundaries quality that propelled @realDonaldTrump to the nomination is killing him now.Ambiguous Wink Wink to ‘Second Amendment People’
How does a judge re-sentence Blagojevich to same 14 years after 5 counts were thrown out? Blago did wrong, but this just doesn't seem right.Already had him! Take a listen. @MittRomney refused to endorse @realDonaldTrump, he came under fire for failing to get line. He's probably not feeling as lonely today.A thoughtful admonition for all of us from @PJK4brainhealth.'s imbroglio, coming a day after his latest Reset, renews the core question: Can @realDonaldTrump control himself? POTUS's have to!.@realDonaldTrump ad libs on 2d Amendment, shoots self in foot. (via POLITICO for iOS) best thing we can do for our economy? Massive investment in infrastructure while interest rates are near zero. Patrick opens up about issues of race, policing - But they're still high stakes tests before huge audience of Americans. Skipping would reenforce unfitness. once thought @realDonaldTrump would not debate. I now think he HAS to in order to prove he can handle the job. It's his only chance.
You could hear @SenCollins laying groundwork on Axe Files 5 wks ago for decision today renouncing @realDonaldTrump. could hear @SenCollins laying groundwork on Axe Files 5 wks ago for decision today renouncing @realDonaldTrump. seems like a problem. else you can say about @realDonaldTrump speech today, however, he'd much sooner have folks talking about his policies than gaffes.They said it when he started Trump U! They said if when he opened The Taj Mahal! Damned the doubters! What do they know?.@realDonaldTrump cites energy analysis from The Institute for Energy Research, notorious as the climate change-denying arm of oil industry..@realDonaldTrump rails against China for lack of environmental regulation, even as he vows to roll back our own.Speaking in Detroit, @realDonaldTrump skipped over one piece of history: @POTUS intervention that saved U.S. auto industry..@realDonaldTrump 2.0, reading from script (mostly) & no taunting of hecklers. Now if they can only invent a TelePrompTer for Tweets!Interesting piece by @jimrutenberg on the quandary and boundaries the media faces in covering @realDonaldTrump. inspiring ex-MA Gov @DevalPatrick on frayed police-community relations; '16 campaign.
With another brilliant outing today, @kylehendricks28 of @cubs is pitching as well as anyone in baseball.In new @washingtonpost-@ABC poll, @HillaryClinton beats @realDonaldTrump on "honest and trustworthy" by 9, undermining pillar of his case.Remember grade school retort, "I know you are but what am I?" Whatever you call @realDonaldTrump, he'll call you.
Why can't @HillaryClinton simply say what seems clear AND consistent w/FBI? She didn't KNOWINGLY convey any classified 411 on private email.From Russia with Love?
A wonderful tribute from a @UChiPolitics alum to the late Rep. Steve LaTourette, a beloved IOP Fellow. gop candidates will begin running ads saying vote for them to keep a check on Hillary as president. It's coming. Guaranteed.
Retweeted by David Axelrod.@SpeakerRyan says Donald Trump could cross a line that would prevent the speaker from backing him, but "Where that line is, I don't know."Here is a measure of how bad this week has @realDonaldTrump has to have Georgia on his mind! Surge as U.S. Hiring Gains Broad-Based for Second Month chief: In Intel, we'd say Putin "had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation."
.@realDonaldTrump losing college-educated white voters by 7. @MittRomney won them by 12.