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@liammiller87 know ur audiencejust found my old prom photos!!! White House puts out photos of Mike Pompeo's secret meeting with Kim Jong Un. Trump told Fox this morning he h…
Retweeted by David MackAvicii's Family Released A Statement Saying "He Could Not Go On Any Longer" via @TasneemNgay republican twitter is goin off personal news... Diamond and Silk campaign ad for Paul Nehlen, who later revealed himself to be a white supremacist, is a wild r…
Retweeted by David MackPhoenix police estimate at least 30,000 people are marching for Arizona teachers’ pay, school funding
Retweeted by David MackGolden State killer caught, Cosby guilty, Kanye gets red-pilled; this week is like a season finale for America.
Retweeted by David MackReset the clock. It's been zero days since I cried at my local pizza place while eating lunch.
Retweeted by David MackOmg. This made my cry.
Retweeted by David MackYes but maybe no phones 🤣📵📵📵📵😂
Retweeted by David MackBREAKING: Trump's gay nominee Richard Grenell confirmed, 56-42, as U.S. ambassador to Germany @WashBlade
Retweeted by David MackIncredible scenes as women run weeping from the courtroom immediately after Cosby is found GUITLY, and tearfully em… Cosby Has Been Convicted Of Drugging And Raping A Woman In 2004 via @cjrosenbaumJury has reached a verdict in #BillCosby sexual assault trial found guilty on all three counts of aggravated indec…
Retweeted by David Mackkevin......... thank you this moment we were all @ariezrawaldman
Retweeted by David Mack of @DiamondandSilk claim again that Facebook did not reach out to them until April 12 via Twitter. We obta…
Retweeted by David Mack1. Diamond & Silk lie to Congress. 2. Mueller indicts, flips Diamond & Silk. 3. D&S reveal themselves as Russian…
Retweeted by David MackDiamond just lied to Congress while under oath. Here's the FEC filing:
Retweeted by David MackThis is both a quibble and a big issue — misinformation is constantly being weaponized against trans people, and in…
Retweeted by David Mack"For the first time... I thought I was done [with Twitter]." Questlove reacts to Kanye's pro-Trump tweetstorm
Retweeted by David MackGreat op-ed from @dominicholden: The New York Times Needs To Stop Calling All Transgender People "Gay" why Arizona teachers are on strike? Take a look inside their classrooms, with rotting text books, moldy w… Terrible Classroom Conditions Are Why Thousands Of Arizona Teachers Are Going On Strike via @corawelp i’m ded @calvinstowell @TylerDinucci those gym selfies won’t take themselves @calvinstowell they said it couldn’t be done and i proved them wrong!It is April 26 2018 and the President is on Fox News talking about his electoral college victory.
@chrissyteigen goals tbh @chrissyteigen this is very cute but do you guys seriously have your wardrobe upstairs from you bedroomThis cannot be real.
Retweeted by David Mack😐 story on this:
Retweeted by David Mack @KateNocera we are the jim and pam of buzfeed @JamColley LISTEN I CAN MAKE THIS JOKEprepare to watch me tweet for 8 hrs a day CAP President Neera Tanden named the anonymous victim at the center of my story on sexual harassment at CAP i…
Retweeted by David MackUhhhh: Neera Tanden Names Anonymous Harassment Victim In All-Staff Meeting
Retweeted by David MackThis is more rain in a single day than LA receives in 3 years.
Retweeted by David Mack @robbie_couch and yet you never RT me, you are fake newshow I feel retweeting a friend
Retweeted by David MackMacron Says Trump Will Likely Kill The Iran Deal god today is that 30 Rock episode straight 4 years ago: yeah i'm joining buzzfeed but i'm not gonna be spending all my time writing about the kardashians l… wrong again!!!!! Their house is $60 MIL
Retweeted by David Mack
Retweeted by David Macknice pic of me burying my plans not to drink this week, @netflix is making a show with @BuzzFeedNews highlighting our reporting and journalists, and I will be one of t…
Retweeted by David Mackgimme the phone, kanye jenner getting home & logging on just looked at kanye page what the fuck kind a spaced out tweets are those. fuck that I aint never looking at that shit again
Retweeted by David Macki said i want to get off please*Gets inspired *Starts writing ‘Get Out 2’
Retweeted by David Macktoday's twitter in summary so: • Kanye tweeted his love for Trump and a photo of himself in a MAGA hat • Then Trump thanked Kanye on…
Retweeted by David MackJust massively updated this story: Kanye Tweeted Love For Trump And Wore A MAGA Hat. Trump Called Him Cool. It's On… chaser.
Retweeted by David Mackplease stop the ride i'd like to get off now'm very sorry everyonePeople Are Saying They Wanna Fuck Venom Now, So Forget About Pennywise via @andyschwanderWhite House: The reporters here must convey only the most fair, accurate news. Also White House: Here is a press pass for Gateway Pundit.
Retweeted by David MackAP: Law enforcement official identifies suspected California serial killer as former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo. @danpfeiffer"give melania a voice" Spicer opening the Trump wax figures at Madame Tussauds today Indian spiritual guru with millions of followers has been jailed for life for raping a 16-year-old girl.… should hire Kim Kardashian to be the new White House Chief of Staff
Retweeted by David Mackbig day for dragons Says He Loves Trump Because They "Are Both Dragon Energy." So, Yes. Ok Then. just realised i’ve had yoghurt on my nose for 3 hrs and no one told me how’s your day goingto be clear: joy's old comments are really shitty, and this new hacked defense is even shittier, but fox only being… once fox news cares about homophobia “Trying to portray BuzzFeed as a legitimate news organization that breaks important news is a comple…
Retweeted by David MackDon't be this PR person.
Retweeted by David Mack