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Intriguing. @MHB2012 Fair enough. You're making my point. @drmoore @NBCThisisUs Great write-up. @MHB2012 It would not be irrelevant had one of Trump's GOP competitors won the presidency. That's my only point.If hypocrisy didn't exist, neither would politics.Any other Republican who ran in 2016 wouldn't get away w/ nominating someone like Mnuchin for this very reason. Tru… think people understand the Carrier deal was a "win" for Trump, but I'm not sure they get how big it could be.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker @davidcmcalpine Appreciate your thoughts always. Thanks for reading. (I live and learn.)Thurs on pod, @BillCassidy on #Obamacare repeal, signaling where GOP'ers are headed. A preview: #ExaminingPolitics @davidcmcalpine Your overall points on journalism are well founded, fwiw. But I take issue w/ that one point. @davidcmcalpine ...HRC investigations (emails, foundation, wiki) etc. I also dabbled in HRC strategy. That was my focus. @davidcmcalpine That's exactly what I contend. My beat were the anti-Trump Rs, that was my focus. I had colleagues doing Trump covg... @davidcmcalpine Fair enough. I suppose we disagree on my track record. But I just thought it was funny that it was not an all-negative story @davidcmcalpine Fair points. I stand by reporting. Sources I allow anonymity met my vetting requirements. But you're entitled 2 question."We'll cap mortgage interest but we'll allow some deductibility." -Mnuchin (this is one change I doubt Congress wou…"No tax - absolute tax cut - for the upper class" cuz income rate cuts balanced by less deductions. Per Mnuchin says at length millions of aliens voted illegally
Retweeted by David M. Drucker @davidcmcalpine ...Look at top two quotes. Republicans have mixed views. I reported on their various mixed views. That's what they said. @davidcmcalpine Well I appreciate that you read and your counter views are always welcome here. But the story is not what you claim...This guy really likes me. => @AddisonSunshine @markos Well, says me. You're welcome to disagree. @AddisonSunshine @markos Not what happened. And instructive for Democrats to understand that because they can shape strategy accordinglyThe Democrats need an expansion draft. Senior federal official tells NBC News that U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara will meet with President-elect Trump today in New York.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker @tqholden That's not racism, that's politics. @DogPoundGrind Nice of you to say. Thanks. Appreciate your thoughts always, whether we agree or not. @DogPoundGrind Should he be focused on making the right business move or the right move for his new job? @LadyConserv Think you asked if I was concerned about Obama doing something. You're right, I won't answer. I don't give value judgments @DogPoundGrind That's no move at all, really.Trump's closest advisors => @RobKrupicka This is what you say so you can justify opposition later. @MarkMcAmerica2 Not at all, that was part of it. But the House GOP strategy began before the rise of the TP. @LadyConserv What is your question?In 2009, Repubs on the Hill were decimated & on the ropes. How did they get their mojo back? Defied convention & voted "no" on everything.What Pelosi has going for her, for now, is that's it's easy to keep an uneasy caucus unified when all you have to do is vote "no." @LadyConserv I don't offer value judgments. I'm not a columnist. I'm an analyst....But not nothing. all that's left is the base, the leader of the base is likely to win. tuned. The winner after this commercial break. => @saletan @Slate Because he views foreign policy more like Obama than Rubio/Cruz, although obvi some clear differences w/ Obama. @SethJacobson @CBSPolitics He's VP. He doesn't make the big decisions. @SteveWCarlson @OlegDemych1 @joshrogin @SenatorCardin @ForeignPolicyI Putin is a strongman thug. C'mon.SCOOP: Trump is considering Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn for a top job, possibly to head OMB
Retweeted by David M. DruckerTrump admin can do a lot. But maybe not on the quick timeline Mnuchin favors. Remember this from Sens. Corker/Warne…
Retweeted by David M. Drucker>>> @NoMantics The U.S. can withdraw from the deal & reinstitute sanctions. The other powers that are party to the deal wouldn't have to join usParents announce that yes, they will feed & clothe their children. => like past presidents-elect of both parties, Trump offering cool benefits to big donors who fund his inaugural:, Trump didn't run on tearing up the #IranDeal, altho he thinks it's awful. He ran on policing it better.… => U.S. moves out & China moves in. answer in politics: It's OK that my guy does it because you can trust my guy. My guy is motivated by pure intentions.Trump's new announcement does zero to remove possibility of conflicts and corruption, ethics experts tell me:
Retweeted by David M. Drucker.@SenatorCardin: "Russia is not our ally. They are not our partner. They do not share our values." @ForeignPolicyI
Retweeted by David M. DruckerPer McCarthy's 2017 House calendar, 34 work days in D.C. the first three months of 2017, NOT COUNTING Mondays w/ 6:30 p.m. votes.115th Congress convenes Tuesday, January 3, 2017. @LadyConserv This is not about concern or not concern. This is analysis about what they will do or not do. @Zachary_Cohen @HotlineJosh I can answer that. Occasionally "yes," but generally "no."Biggest open question in Washington => abt Pelosi: Frm 03-08, she presided over/funded building of Dem majority fueled by cands like Tim Ryan, who cld speak to all votersEnjoy the infrastructure bill. Obama might deliver last formal press conference by a prez is a good bet to take. Except no doubt Trump'll hold them w/ foreign ldrsSome GOPers say Dems are plotting to 'Bork' Jeff Sessions. Not right. They're plotting to 'Ashcroft' him.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker @day_gardner Agreed. My point is this: Ds were fine w/ Obama because "totally different person." Same way you feel about Trump. @day_gardner This part of his political activity is actually quite similar to Obama.#populism professional sports teams looking 4 stadium deals, if biz think can negotiate incentives by threatening to outsource, they'll do itCarrier keeping some jobs in Indiana after the state ponies up w/ incentives: Rs irked by partisan nature of focusing on supporters - plus worry about visuals of Trump rallies: 6/6...Some Rs figure Trump has figured out how to use bully pulpit, so they're fine w/ 'ThankYou' tour: 5/...Other Repubs worry Trump is taking same "permanent campaign" route as Obama, & they fear political blowback: 4/...W/ @realDonaldTrump stepping up campaign activity, some Repubs loathe 2 criticize/question. After all, he won: 3/...For years, Republicans criticized @BarackObama for choosing a "permanent campaign" over governing: 2/.@realDonaldTrump's decision to launch a post-election rally tour campaign swing gets mixed reviews frm Repubs: 1/ @coshoct I like your take on Mitt dinner. But the 'bigger deal for him' part is irrelevant. He's going to be POTUS....Of course, Trump's kids at helm of his biz sounds rather similar to 'Hillary/Bill will step away from foundation & Chelsea will run it.'Gotta hand it to Trump. He's turning a pre-requisite for office followed by previous presidents into a groundbreaking positive headline.'Thank you' tour, or permanent campaign? via @DCExaminer
Khalid Sheik Mohammed, mastermind of 9/11 attacks, explains George W Bush'a response to 9/11 saved American lives.…
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