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Fox News pulls Napolitano, who is not expected back "any time in the near future"
Retweeted by David M. DruckerObama: 'I learned about it from press reports.' Trump: "I'm just reporting the news."Has Bevin given an unqualified endorsement support to #TerrifiCare? But sure blame Fake News. Whatevs. @DistrictNspon @KatyTurNBC Um, Clinton's are exactly famous for understanding what is, and isn't, bad optics. @cherry_bethea He got a lot wrong but come now that's way off base.Are House Republicans going to let down Trump? No. The Senate is going to be a tougher negotiation. => tells you all you need to know. #TerrifiCare looking pretty good. => there's still time to get Katko. => point here =>"I've been here like 51 days, give me a chance," @realDonaldTrump says in Louisville, on Day 60 of his presidency. Which 9 is he forgetting?
Retweeted by David M. Drucker#Da'm about ready to wager that #TerrifiCare passes the House. => @Travesham As it happens MM is a staunch Louisville fan. He doesn't pretend to like UK the same. He's a UL guy. @AJentleson Possibly. @bloodless_coup Didn't you see "Team America World Police"? @JSwiftTWS YEP. @Travesham Which team is that?I bet it works. =>'s harsh, especially with McConnell in the room. => ask Hans Brix.'s #TerrifiCare @Tzaousios1453 No. In fact I was holding the people who did it responsible. They did it before he took the stage.The palace gets another guard. to go guys. @Mariobatali Possibly a good place to check: should be more grateful. If McConnell hadn't blocked Garland there might be no Trump. => mix of loud boos and polite applause fill Freedom Hall when @SenateMajLdr is announced as warm-up act for @realDonaldTrump.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerYikes. Sen. Mike Lee aide tells @FoxReports that Lee's meeting at the WH today on health care bill was "terribly frustrating."
Retweeted by David M. DruckerFair. Service had removed alarm sensors from fence intruder scaled: h/t @susancrabtreeNobody with any sense every believed this. => Conway is meeting w/GOP whips right now, rallying them as they line up support b4 Thurs repeal vote. Saying Trump is all in.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker#TheRoyals of thumb with big hearings on the Hill: All the good stuff happens in the first 45 minutes. The rest is snoozeville.Who edited out "after he was fired in August."? @realDonaldTrump speaking at the house republican conference meeting tomorrow.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerNo brainer. @wits_mcgee Influence on information flow would count. They didn't rule that out. @wits_mcgee It's more than voting. @eptronic Yes but they should ASK, since they're asking him about a bunch of other stuff he can't comment on. Helps their argument.==>>> Democrats should yield all questioning to Adam Schiff. He's the best they've got. @eptronic Surprised they're not asking why Comey had so much to say about HRC investigation last year but nothing on Trump.To be clear, Democrats are new to this whole hawk business on Russia. Argued very little with Obama's 'flexible' approach to Putin. @FieldRoamer @DevinNunes I offer analysis, sometimes favorable, sometimes critical. @eighteenrings Not true. @FieldRoamer @DevinNunes I don't follow.I think House Intel Democrats are missing an opportunity in much same way Republicans missed during Benghazi Cmte questioning of HRC.And FWIW, comment on the House Intel hearing comes from official WH twitter account. => comments on House Intel hearing. => @GOUSAAmer114 Boosted Iran, big state sponsor of terror, helped them create a nuclear program. @GOUSAAmer114 Meanwhile Mex Prez invited Trump to stand next to him, big boost to Trump at the time. @GOUSAAmer114 Would be more of a so-what if he would start treating Russia way he treats China -- absent concessions @GOUSAAmer114 You might be right but as it relates to Russia - unproven so far. @GOUSAAmer114 Your opinion is based on belief in Trump. My point is that so far policies similar. @GOUSAAmer114 In fact my point has been: BHO's Russian Reset failed, as did Bush approach before him, so why continue it? @GOUSAAmer114 We need to get something in return. For instance, they can stop helping to prop up Iran.Problem w/ this is that Putin viewed Trump as a nationalist, not a traditional Reagan Republican. =>, @DevinNunes trying to undermine suggestion that Putin favored Trump, on grounds that Russians have always preferred Ds over Rs. @GOUSAAmer114 Never said they were beyond pale. But they are adversaries. Need to be treated as such. @gato_danger @CahnEmily @realDonaldTrump Maybe so. Guess we'll see. @GOUSAAmer114 I think you're giving Russia & Putin a pass. They are actively undermining U.S. in Europe & the ME. @GOUSAAmer114 Fine. But then they need to stop undermining our agenda in the Middle East, with Iran, etc. @GOUSAAmer114 Goes to one of the issues at hand: Did Putin favor Trump? Some still argue this."...Rykov linked to a Russian language, pro-Trump website w/ a Russian domain..." nuclear option, not a very convincing argument for Democrats to make. => more on how foreign agents such as Flynn fall through the cracks, see this from @KimDozier and me last week
Retweeted by David M. Drucker @GOUSAAmer114 You know you're one of my favorites but you've lost me on this one. Good to hear from you nonetheless. @hansgruberdies They may be. Republicans have made some credible arguments on that. But that's another matter. @GOUSAAmer114 Separate issue. We had two candidates under investigation in some form. Says something about the country.That doesn't mean Trump won because of Putin. But it's clear that that's who Putin preferred. And that goes way bac… favored Trump - viewed Trump as a fellow nationalist who would be more accommodating. My story from OCT 2015: @realDonaldTrump never tweeted about Obama wiretapping, he'd have avoided 'Comey discredits Trump' headlines that are surely comingThis is Trump's schedule during the House intelligence committee's hearing into Russian interference in the 2016 el…
Retweeted by David M. Drucker.@DevinNunes trying to muddy the water by suggesting the Russians were interested in infiltrating the Clinton campaign & CGF.Still waiting for a House Intel Dem to ask about this... => => have met the enemy, and they is us. flag is up!