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=> hard to believe wealthy people spend millions of their fortunes to win election to this lousy job =>>> #Obamacare & #TerrifiCare are what happens, politically, when majorities run partisan bills.The bill has a better chance if he lets McConnell handle it => drip... DCCC Chair Luján Announces Rep. Bustos as Chair of Heartland EngagementThis leaves Trump exposed to a big question: What is his admin doing about Russian sabotage of 2018?…
Retweeted by David M. DruckerPlays well not just w/ the base, but broader GOP electorate => officially undecided on #BCRA =>>>> The #KislyakCurse strikes again => won't win over suburban swing districts => old fashioned Capitol Hill politics. => IN: Iranian official says Trump travel ban is an "obvious breach" of nuclear deal
Retweeted by David M. Drucker.@AmericaFirstPol threats of retribution against Senate GOP no votes on #BCRA is complicating @SenateMajLdr's whip:"Ultimately I think that's going to happen, it may not be today, though." Ex-Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) tells @ChrisCuomo #BCRA will pass"We just saw 4 victories for tackling problems & addressing issues, & 4 defeats for just simple resistance.""Whether or not it's being perceived well, or understood fairly, is not the Q so much as: Do we achieve the result?" bullish on 2018 in face of challenges frm health care & @realDonaldTrump-not unlike Dems were in 2010: @FeelnPreti @NewDay @realDonaldTrump Not a jab, it's a part of the story of his foreign policy. And WHY matters bec… group's attack on Dean Heller on healthcare bill could backfire via @dcexaminerNugget: @SpeakerRyan to report raising well north of $30M for the year so far when his latest #s are released => @SpeakerRyan tells me Republicans will be vindicated in 2018 on healthcare via @dcexaminerUp shortly on @CNN's @NewDay w/ @ChrisCuomo & @brikeilarcnn in for @AlisynCamerota ... #TerrifiCareTuesday.@SpeakerRyan: Republicans will be vindicated in 2018 on #healthcare via @dcexaminer
Groundhog Election Day continues => @TexasTribAbby Bah - nothing of the sort. All you.Congratulations @TexasTribAbby. Well deserved. big bill that passes has a moment(s) where it looks dead. It's almost a requirement.The White House says the U.S. has identified "potential preparations" for another chemical weapons attack by the As…
Retweeted by David M. Drucker @TheToddSchulte Makes no sense. Unless it's a big sham and Heller asked them to do it because he thinks it helps hi… @benpershing Viable prediction. Except he also risks a backlash from a Right that, in NV, is very Trumpy. Risks all around.If Heller comes around, he risks charges of capitulating under pressure from Trump, even if America First never run… @AmericaFirstPol attack on @SenDeanHeller complicates @SenateMajLdr's #BCRA whip effort: Trump furthers U.S.'s solid relationship w/ India, solid foreign policy move. Could help counter China & Russia,depending on how utilizedCBO: Premiums under Senate bill would be 20% higher in 2018, 10% higher in 2019, 30% lower in 2020, & 20% lower in 2026.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRoll Call reporters asked every member of Congress for copies of tax returns. Only SIX sent them over.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker.@HolmesJosh on how @SenateMajLdr operates & the paces he's probably going through this week. => would fall to about 30% below current law in 2020 - right in the midst of the next presidential campaign.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker @jacksonrichman I don't know. My best guess is armed w/ how much more affordable insurance would be, if it in fact would be.Sidewire is shutting down
Retweeted by David M. Drucker @jacksonrichman I'm aware of this. But this argument is tougher to win. But yeah, I get it. @Darth_Andrew777 @jamiedupree all, i think.Are there premiums projections? This is how the GOP could counter coverage #s.The Senate bill reduces spending by $1.022 trillion and reduces tax revenues by $701 billion in 2017-2026
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRepeal! CBO says Senate repeal bill would leave 22M more uninsured
Retweeted by David M. DruckerCBO: Senate healthcare bill would result in 22 million uninsured, $321 billion in savings via @dcexaminer @AmericaFirstPol tells me haven't expanded Heller threats/attacks to other Repubs, just doing some light "encouragement" in other states.. @igorbobic Me too but now, if they come over, it'll be "cowed by pressure" & senators don't like to hear that. @Darth_Andrew777 @AmericaFirstPol Not really. Making his life more difficult. Let MM work his members w/out outside… @Schwabcycler That's my prediction, just not this week. @igorbobic Doesn't require ads to complicate negotiations. Threat is out there..@AmericaFirstPol complicating McConnell's effort. Johnson & Paul just won re-election. Mike Lee couldn't be cowed…>> will be no reporter questions at Trump-Modi summit of world's two largest democracies. Spicer won't say which side objected to ?s.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerCurious, @BrentBozell -- What does the fact that Chabon is Jewish have to do with this story? Why did you feel need…
Retweeted by David M. DruckerUp shortly, @CNN... @ToadonaWire Hated it. I hated those station wagons because of it.Buried on page A14 of today's @nytimes: Evidence that higher minimum wages do, indeed, hurt workers by raising cost…
Retweeted by David M. Drucker @ToadonaWire The carpool station wagons of my youth. Always made me queazy.#SoftMandate amazing for anyone that ever had to deal w/ the CA DMV => says Senate bill would "markedly improve the stability of the individual market and moderate premium increases."
Retweeted by David M. DruckerAmerican Medical Association announces opposition to BCRA discussion draft in letter to Senate leaders:
Retweeted by David M. DruckerHuckabee's position on Senate GOP health bill consistent w/ past position on gov't & health care. His criticism of Trump a little surprising.@AmericaFirstPol tells @sarahcwestwood they're not relaxing campaign against @SenDeanHeller. No 2nd chances:'s not 5 o'clock yet, don't worry. delivers a non-sarcastic critique of the Senate GOP health bill - & POTUS => DHS statement on SCOTUS
Retweeted by David M. DruckerToo mean?'s walks back his 'August 1 is the drop dead deadline' but it's probably still the case. => Senate GOP bill to include coverage delay to encourage young/healthies to stay insured: h/t @susanferrechioNEW from @RalstonReports: @dscc starts Google ad campaign to pressure @DeanHeller on health care #NVSEN
Retweeted by David M. Drucker @Darth_Andrew777 @rickklein @marykbruce There are also moderate holdouts, so not that simple. @Darth_Andrew777 @rickklein @marykbruce Don't know yet.