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Run opportunistic income strat at @newriverinvest , CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products. david at newriverinvestments dot com

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@tdgraff read the article I posted next @TheStalwart @TheStalwart Blythe Masters' startup (Digital Asset Holdings) is a great use case exampleU.S. TTM spec grade default rate & '17 forecast @DavidSchawel Marty Fridson with a fantastic take on this topic here: interesting how different HY energy paper has responded to drops in crude prices versus earlier in '16 @IvanTheK @TheStalwart We know - you showed up for drinks last time in this: @TheStalwart AAA, the first avocado store listed in the phone book @georgepearkes @westelm because of the quality of the product or customer service?
Crazy. He'll be back. someone translate for me? @Vermithrax16 most humble too?!The forward 12-month P/E ratio for $SPX is 17.1.
Retweeted by David SchawelNC doctor using quantum neurology to help USA track members :: @gatorcapital @tangentstyle nice callWhat a great gig @JSiegel88 @SkeleCap sorry I was referring to my previous response as being not unique, not his tweets! @SkeleCap granted that's not an unique view @SkeleCap near ZIRP environment+low growth world probably makes longer/shallower cycles where it's tougher to kill co's w easy credit avail @nosunkcosts @jay_21_ also maturity walls typically don't materialize as a lot of stuff gets refi'd along the wayI’ve never understood these “maturity wall” warnings — like investors don’t know when bonds mature?
Retweeted by David SchawelCan someone give an intellectually honest explanation of why they didn't follow this policy when Clinton ran State?
Retweeted by David Schawel @MFaloon ;) what we're seeing with $LC, what kind of shape are the dozens of "me too" platforms in?This is quite a chart. Move away from prime funds is a huge shift in demand for ST paper w credit risk @BathosMan you write good stuff, it's appreciated @BathosMan @TheStalwart kidding! @BathosMan @TheStalwart Nobody knows what they mean! @danpompei surprised Bullard lasted until the 3rd round? @BrianBarnardCRE what are rates on similar non renovation units? @stkbullgod at 3.3? Doubt it3.3% cap rates. Who buys this stuff?! @LongShortTrader Even so, still meaningful to the person with $1k if they lost 75% @LongShortTrader Isn't "matters" relative though? @groditi @EMostaque How realistic is it that a substantial % of the population could actually do that? Everyone can't take this approach. @kltblom between their regulation of financial institutions and monetary policy, they pretty much do @SkeleCap @VegaVandal thought it was lyrics from a Simon & Garfunkel song #gikTwitter finance must really love $LILA now. Still don't know what they do. @EMostaque how easy is it for the average person there to do that? @zshrier yes I agree, and said as much in original tweet, but point is the outrage is exceeding the transgressionCompany I really like and stock is super cheap, but management is completely unresponsive. Time to move on & stop wasting energy. @rian81 Bolt is amazing @zshrier sure, but let's put things in perspective, many are acting like he killed a dozen orphansYes Lochte did something really stupid, but the public outrage seems a little excessive at this point
These beach volleyball games seem like one big party in the stands @SmartDividends @EddyElfenbein Eddy- no tweeting yourself from your second account @AdamHoge if you're gambling on pre-season football you've got bigger issues @JonathanToews probably your paycheck @Royal_Arse @dandolfa Correct, but that's an arbitrary choice for what determines best athlete. best combines arms, legs, etc. just my 2c!! @Royal_Arse @dandolfa fair points, but it's the combination of different skills/talents that's so impressive IMO (run, throw, jump, etc) @conorsen @IvanTheK helps when the US' B team would win silver as a stand alone @conorsen @IvanTheK A lot of strategy involved. Do you race B team & hope others do too? Potentially burn the big guns? @conorsen @IvanTheK I believe so, they'd all win @IvanTheK interestingly, athletes participating in prelims but not the finals also get medals if the team wins @IvanTheK particularly with swimming it helps with scheduling when there's tons of events. Ex: Phelps didn't swim prelims as he had so many @Royal_Arse @dandolfa have you ever seen a track star play WR & try to catch a football?Straightaway speed =/= necessarily mean best athlete @IvanTheK why not? It's a risk if you save your best. @IvanTheK you can do it in swimming too @DumbLuckCapital he wouldn't win even if he trained for it!Decathalon champion is the best athlete in the entire Olympic Games. Discuss. #AshtonEaton @RussianBear I thought the US never pays ransom $? @HFBondsTrader hahaha @Morgan_03 the three reserve currencies @naufalsanaullah @peterdwilliams @conorsen true for the previous hike in December given rest of the curve bull flattened? @conorsen @naufalsanaullah @peterdwilliams @boes_ The market and the economy? @naufalsanaullah @peterdwilliams smart money has pulled back so much, you don't think another two years would be a pain trade? @naufalsanaullah man, another two years would drive people nuts! Hence it'll probably happenWas talking to a group of SV insiders recently. Not a group prone to pessimism. But all of us thought Twitter would eventually Yahoo.
Retweeted by David Schawel @StrangestTribeX how many sell side "Prisoner's dilemma" titles tomorrow?Here's a pretty in-depth article about the literal blood baths that are common in Russia.
Retweeted by David SchawelThis could be one reason hockey really hasn't taken off yet in the US @Wmboot @LongShortTrader it was just a joke @TheStalwart @Wikipedia maybe lychee or passion fruit, but no way on coconut only @LongShortTrader it's cheap, they should make $1bil in EBITDA by '17 @Alonzo85X everyone makes mistakes, but it's a bad look for sureI remember a week ago when I felt mildly bad that Lochte had been overshadowed all these years. Good times. @DumbLuckCapital @SportsCenter should've just fessed upLochte up abroad @matt_levine most important ever?Good deal on a CEF tender, but only if you want to receive 150 convert cash bonds in kindWow, $TMO interested in $ILMN? @sehill_ causation or correlation? @TheStalwart true but prominent bond funds aren't ever really going to have 10+yr duration - most are intermediateBlowing a bubble? So much chill.
Retweeted by David Schawel @mark_dow you're only allowed to tweet that 3x per day! @Nonrelatedsense good q, should prob correlate
Olympic medal count looks very similar to the world GDP ranking"So there Lochte and I were and I said to him, "Ryan, I think he's got a gun." That's when he pulled it out"
Retweeted by David Schawel @CramersShirt but how does that cover it up? All so strange @DavidSchawel what's the motivation for Lochte bringing this up in the first place? @JodyShenn yikesSo what's worst case? The US swimmers made up the robbery & now Brazilian authorities are pissed and want payback? @ferenstein @pmarca Not sure anyone has ever accused Twitter of making huge profits :) @TheStalwart love Bolt's personalityWe can overly cliche markets. Neither the Fed nor the market is the primary driver of the global economy @jordw @conorsen happy early birthday to you both! @mims @carlquintanilla @mims @carlquintanilla kids today don't even remember AOL dial-up!ReformedKicker