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Investment management at @newriverinvest , CFA. Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products. david at newriverinvestments dot com

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@MugatuCapital @BadaBingCapital @77cyko @cheapbeta @crossdefault @RussianBear what are we fighting over? @LadDave did not know that @TheStalwart bro in law worked there during the late 90s, there were an insane number of paper multi-millionaires @FatTailCapital why does it use so much energy per transaction? @17thStCap there's always someone willing to buy a narrative of calamity @77cyko @VincePagano @SconnieTrader They have no record of him, I think it was actually UW-WhitewaterSadly, I would think DJT will continue using a Martingale strategy @SconnieTrader So basically you contributed to the sub-prime crisis, and didn't speak up as you churned out NINJA l… @jake_f I like that perspective @TheStalwart It's really flu higher"How baseball's tech team built the future of television" This is fascinating re: MLB's BAMDiscount rates rise, equities fall, financial conditions fall, discount rates fall back. Secular rate drivers keep equities higher?If secular trends have pushed interest rates down, will those same trends keep equity valuations high? + @bySamRo tbf, if you deleted everything before "how" it would still hold truePeople using "law of large numbers" to be bearish on a stock is usually a great contrarian indicator @GRDPnL ha, I remember those tweets
@SoBendito @Nonrelatedsense sigh @JodyShenn OuchNice job, NFL. Why do you show a guy getting fired? @VegaVandal now everyone is scrambling to lower the price target, so to speakIt feels like America is heading down a hill with the brakes cutIt's only August @dougtee Only exec mgmt is in La JollaThis 100mil market cap company could start cutting expenses by not having an office on the main strip in La Jolla. @EconomPic @AdamSinger @NickatFP Gartman bearish? That's the more bullish signal I've seen thus far @JBoorman You're such a rebel! @PlanMaestro good q @IvanTheK Did they address Ivan or K? @PlanMaestro maybe now questions if the rest of the held for investment book is marked correctly?$AMZN bond book 3x the $16B issue. Demand for bonds remains torrid & continues 2make it exceedingly hard 4 bears to break equities $SPY $QQQ
Retweeted by David Schawel @PlanMaestro Not since last year, but saw the big impairment in last week's earnings release$RAS is looking like lights outNice chat with @_NickRogers_ , a smart businessman who is doing exciting stuff w Minnesota's MLS team. Good follow too!$TSLA NNN at 5.5% cc @WallStCynic this point, it feels like all the growth around here is upscale apartment complexes and self storage units @BackrowMacro @selling_theta was a great read. I obviously agree you go play for top clubs if you can, but don't think MLS hinders USMNT @CSNHayes I understand Jimenez, but why promote a catcher hitting .220? @_NickRogers_ @selling_theta No, if anything they provide opportunities for them to develop and be seen by the NBA teams drafting.Under Armour has underperformed Nike by about ~60% since bulls proclaimed it was taking over last fallYou don't.
Retweeted by David Schawel @Morgan_03 you cursed it @selling_theta I don't see how MLS hinders the USMNT. If their players are good enough they'll go to the best leagues, full stop @selling_theta I'm going to keep you honest and cc @_NickRogers_ for his thoughtsMore borrowers default on loans meant to help eco-friendly home upgrades via @WSJ by my pal @KirstenGrind
Retweeted by David Schawel @selling_theta what's next? Sampras > Federer ? Ovechkin > Crosby???
@AaronLemingNFL Think Robertson-Harris will make the team? @MBlockRhino I say it mainly as sentiment seems to be continually looking for a correction @MBlockRhino anyone's short term market calls are useless (mine included), I just think we will go higher @MBlockRhino we will keep going higher @Morgan_03 76% of statistics are made up on the spotYou don't see many low double-digit unlevered yield opportunities these days @conorsen I've never thought to compare the two, they taste and are so different @conorsen I'm a fan @DividendMaster @Morgan_03 At this pace it would be by Labor Day @Morgan_03 "Seven busted ICOs bound to make you rich by Festivus" @Morgan_03 @mark_dow It's rigged @VegaVandal At worst just change one letter, you could be SegaVandal, with a sonic avatar @pearkes market where resi lending lags the rest of the credit cycle but it continues to loosen now 9y post crisis @sm_sears ha, it was sarcasm but agreed! @pearkes the website ranking chart for is insane too @EddyElfenbein We only ask why the market is moving when it goes down!Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was left injured after falling off a building as he filmed a daring stunt in London:
Retweeted by David Schawel @IvanTheK @TheStalwart @CharliePellett DM fail?It's weird but I lost interest after Tiger went downhill. There was something exciting about golf when he was at th… @conorsen I suppose u could debate whether these volumes from various countries = secular trend of distrust in gove… @conorsen Obv huge % of BTC volume from China trying to get capital out. Think ppl view it (and desire) as a way to keep away from govts. @conorsen well, I said global, not US/UK. That seems to be a more local narrative, but I'm talking broader. @conorsen I'd fade Trump, but probably would not fade global distrust in governments (which is related, but doesn't… while I do acknowledge some technological benefits, I think the major secular driver is distrust/pessimism -not technological disruptionUnlike previous booms/bubbles which are rooted in optimism, BTC is at least in part driven by pessimism in governments, institutions, etc. @Rich_Campbell Makes sense. Just don't get media focus on Glennon's feelings, and him looking over his shoulder. Th… @JuliaHB1 awww poor driver @Rich_Campbell @DavidHaugh Why is there so much concern about Glennon's feelings and what was promised? Everyone's… @IvanTheK @kocherlakota009 This is a good summary on CRT's. You're basically buying second loss position after Fann… @kocherlakota009 @IvanTheK Doubt it. CRT bonds have agency MBS reference collateral but aren't guaranteed. Diff tha… @kocherlakota009 big bond mutual funds investing for income, the PIMCO's, DoubleLine's, TCW's of the world. @kocherlakota009 You could say the same about any securities with credit risk, CRT bonds aren't unique. Unlikely MM…
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