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Investment management at @newriverinvest , CFA. Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products. david at newriverinvestments dot com

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@mark_dow Uber, but for people getting fired and going to Janus @SSS_joshnelson Would you do the trade again today? I would, we expected to lose this trade in '17-18the verse "there is nothing new under the sun" seems appropriate for the ambitions of Fintech to disrupt banks @CramersShirt @TheStalwart @pearkes @JoseCanseco @TheBigHurt_35 meeting him when I was 10 was a highlight of my childhoodLending without an experienced credit culture & stable and low cost deposit base is difficult @TheStalwart @pearkes @JoseCanseco The Big Hurt? @TheBigHurt_35 @RussianBear who will get the treasure trove of discounted steaks you purchased?
@RussianBear still can't believe you think you got a dealHow Poverty Changes the Brain
Retweeted by David SchawelCoin flip decides new president of southern Illinois village // IL law actually calls for coin flips to break ties @BBGVisualData Map as of 00:56PM Paris Time, 95.56% voters Source: @Place_Beauvau
Retweeted by David Schawel @KCJHoop tbf, he promised in the preseason to be around in the playoffs @boreallady you planted these??Reiterating this after today's Uber story Uber secretly tracked users after they deleted app. Tim Cook found out, threatened Kalanick w/ App Store delet…
Retweeted by David Schawel @nosunkcosts hahaha, would love to know how they came up with this combo of dry needling, computer science, and dea… seeing news of their new equity round, I decided to open up the "what's going on at Quora" email. Paste. Keep. Four options for US housing, via TD Securities:
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@RussianBear you mean you paid $150 for $150 worth of meat? @CSNHayes who does he remind you of so far hitting?Here's this.
Retweeted by David Schawel @Vox_Magoo @montoyan @Nonrelatedsense Maybe there are reasons. Flight attendants and other staff aren't paid much,… @montoyan @Nonrelatedsense you're conflating comfort/space and reasonable treatment (i.e. American Air situation) @Nonrelatedsense @montoyan Wouldn't recommend either of you represent the average joe @CSNBoden he was also invited to play in the first round but declined @montoyan flying business or first class is the threshold to be treated like a human?New idea: a commercial airline that doesn't seek to be the cheapest, but instead treats passengers like actual human beings @2ndCityHockey Might be unfair assessment, but outside of Keith, Hossa, and Toews the heart & intensity seemed to really be lacking. @WallStCynic @SconnieTrader probably a lot of truth to it too
@ChrisKuc would've been nice if he joined the Blackhawks last week @jamiepastore that's my fav movie @jamiepastore's just all get along with each other @DavidTaggart @pearkes @DCAficionado @WallStCynic @FVNate @SconnieTrader @ArmyJew never take anything seriously on… @CSNHayes @BhamBarons interview with Adams coming too? @SconnieTrader @WallStCynic I am with you guys there. Didn't go to UW, but pops was all big 10 baseball player when they had a team @oknotsomuch @SconnieTrader @WallStCynic @FVNate @pearkes @DCAficionado @ArmyJew don't get us started on where you live! @WallStCynic @SconnieTrader I enjoy the banter. Hopefully the bears will one day make the rivalry competitive again @SconnieTrader @WallStCynic @FVNate @pearkes @DCAficionado @ArmyJew Nothing to do with Chicago sports being dominat… @WallStCynic @SconnieTrader Weak, you're not half the troll of @SconnieTrader @CramersShirt @SconnieTrader @WallStCynic @FVNate @pearkes @DCAficionado @ArmyJew all in good fun @WallStCynic @FVNate @SconnieTrader @pearkes @DCAficionado @ArmyJew pro sports teams in Wisconsin have won a combin… @WallStCynic @FVNate @SconnieTrader @pearkes @DCAficionado @ArmyJew statue avatar guy- who is talking junk? @RussianBear I've never seen anyone do that tbh @SconnieTrader @pearkes @DCAficionado @ArmyJew tbf, you kind of deserved it after the out of nowhere bears trolling @Nonrelatedsense @DumbLuckCapital I'm half impressed half creeped out by your juice knowledge but I'll allow itThis is getting more and more unbelievable "Theranos Secretly Bought Outside Lab Gear, Ran Fake Tests: Court Filings" @CardiffGarcia Asheville NC @christopherhuff I think that's accurateTheranos bought outside lab gear and tried to pass it off as its own in demos: suit
Retweeted by David Schawel @M_C_Klein @TheStalwart @LJKawa @pearkes Something like 85% of all statistics are made up on the spot @Nonrelatedsense the easiest way to describe it is that it used to be a fund that bought cheap off the run bonds, n… @TheDomino @CNBCFastMoney @OptionsAction Not all heroes wear capes!Shine coming off of DoubleLine? Flagship total return fund lagging PIMCO Total Return, PIMCO Income & Loomis Bond over 3,6,12,18mo @nicolatheron is that like two cans of coke? @kevindepew have one of those, use it every morning @emilydparker interesting article, nice job @DividendMaster I personally find MTGE investing in skilled nursing facilities pretty strange for a mREIT - granted… @darioperkins probably, just seems pretty tastelessbasically the world is fine if stocks keep going up and expense ratios down "Why the next war will be great for stocks". Some of you people are sickening. @IvanTheK today is a #followthevest kind of day cc: @MarkYusko @darioperkins I know, was referencing yesterday's convoBalance sheet > Next rate hike
@BromonaTheBrave @Nonrelatedsense who among us doesn't... @BromonaTheBrave Yep, 11:40, 1:20, and 3:30 are the "triangle of rotation" times @BromonaTheBrave zen @ObservationDesk @NHLBlackhawks Too soon!! Haha @SconnieTrader NRZ was getting rich anyways, little shakeout like today never hurt anyone @SconnieTrader Riiiiight. You bought fake stock. @SconnieTrader you idiot @SconnieTrader What role did you play? Eating gas station hot dogs on mom's couch!? @SconnieTrader is that a slogan of yours? Beginning? GB didn't win anything either last year. They have an old aging team. Sad! @VincePagano we will see how he does huh? I know what my bet is @SconnieTrader cmon you can do better than that @VincePagano when the games were on the line he wasn't nearly as good. Their schedule wasn't enough tough either. N… @VincePagano carried them to what? 4 wins? @davidmarchorn true but there's a diff between confidence and comparing yourself to the best ever