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Run opportunistic income strat at @newriverinvest , CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products. david at newriverinvestments dot com

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@derek_dg @EconomPic @ReformedBroker And would you be pissed if you paid top $, showed up & Rodgers/Matthews decided to rest while healthy? @EconomPic @ReformedBroker what's the last entertainment (sports, music, etc) event you went to where you paid $100+/person? @conorsen there's an arb somewhere? @conorsen Yes but not sure I'm really going out on a limb hereKentucky was the only team in UNC's path that could've beaten them IMO. UNC will now breeze to the title. @EconomPic @ReformedBroker imo if you're being paid $20mil a year & networks/kids/etc are paying for your entertainment- you play if healthy @syouth1 @EconomPic @ReformedBroker No it's not. You think the NBA will give up ad revenue/smaller tv contracts for a shorter season. Never! @EconomPic @ReformedBroker lol, dude, we all know why it's being done! Some of us just side w Beverly on the issue. @EconomPic @ReformedBroker Everyone understands why it's being done. How is Beverly missing games to injury comparable to resting healthy? @ReformedBroker I never recall MJ/Pippen/Grant or Ewing/Starks/X-man taking games off to rest up @EconomPic @ReformedBroker how is missing games due to injury comparable to resting healthy players? @morganhousel doesn't matter, not saying it as a concern, just more in amazement of how low it is now @morganhousel I look at this one a lot, though I wonder how much is P vs I (guessing majority a drop in rate) @zackmansfield amazing game & shot - well done!Ripples from US nuclear plant closings overwhelm small towns☕️
@IvanTheK well done - you should be in 95%+ percentile @TheArmoTrader @IvanTheK agree @IvanTheK nice to see new names make itOregon is hot, but Kansas just seems like they're getting cleanly beaten #marchmadness"It's estimated that over one third of the grass grown on earth will be harvested by insects" - Planet Earth II 🌏 @MillennialCap1 tons of places @Skinsgame19 itasca, went to Lake Park High @IOI_Erik that's a good pointNo bueno for Cook County. It's been 16 years since I left DuPage County for the greener pastures here in NC @CSNHayes congrats! @John_Hempton @MikeTannenbaum I know all about green coffee, where it's sourced, and who uses it/doesn't. That's the main input to coffee! @MikeTannenbaum @John_Hempton don't bother with a guy who'd block me because I disagree on coffee. Peak immaturity @EconomPic @MebFaber agree! But still surprised consensus is so bearish @John_Hempton if you're buying more superior green coffee from Ethiopia than I am, then I want to know, but you're not. @John_Hempton The only two variables are quality of the green coffee beans & the type of brewing equipment. That's it. Rest is in your mind. @John_Hempton but keep thinking the beans Australians buy from Africa are somehow superior because of "culture" @BarstoolChief I'm old enough to remember Wild fans talking junk about leading the division @MebFaber @barronsonline wow, looks like most are pessimistic on HY @NicoleAuerbach good interview w Keatts @wasson_art Friday? @wasson_art speaking of investing in people, we should have lunch at Pizzeria Toro soon @John_Hempton the Ethiopian Harrar I drank this morning is no different than the same beans being brewed elsewhere @John_Hempton While SBUX may be popular, there's plenty of places that brew freshly roasted high quality beans. @John_Hempton This is stupid, John. Same coffee beans from Africa, South America, etc are imported to Europe, Australian and the US. @JasonSpells as an nc state fan I'm jealous - would've loved to have himLesson: never ask the Internet to pick the name of your professional sports team @IvanTheK how would that result in them making more $? @jamiepastore @PScatterpatter yeah I couldn't believe what I was listening to @PScatterpatter I know you don't have an 859 area code like that dudeDude I get the more I realize how much more fulfilling it is to invest in people & relationships versus yourself and material things @barstoolWSD @barstoolWSD did you read the article about how much candy Dwight Howard was eating his whole career ? Insanity @WillBrinson lopsided to say the least#marchmadness!!! @IvanTheK @mark_dow True, brackets should take priority. @IvanTheK @mark_dow committee should re-seed in the elite 8!
@btaubz still speculation right? @btaubz IU's AD thinks he is Ball said he could beat Kentucky with his pinky @IvanTheK I'll allow it @RussianBear no good? @RussianBear mom? @TheArmoTrader and Lavar Ball is likable! I applaud your contrarian nature! @danielsethlewis a team would deal with the media attention if he was still his old self imo @danielsethlewis Don't get me wrong, I remember his first start vs Chicago on MNF, he was dynamite! But why take scrutiny w a bad QB? @TheArmoTrader not a chance @TheArmoTrader Right. Not one GM would take him over Booker @danielsethlewis Dude, you're living in fantasy land! Very low Y/A, low YPG, etc. Teams are desperate for QBs, and he was benched on SF. @danielsethlewis did you see him play last year? He was abysmal. If he was good he would have a contract. @danielsethlewis he's an awful QB? @TheArmoTrader yeah let's check back in @mbusigin might be inevitable, but the comparison vs pre crisis isn't very telling imo @mbusigin also precrisis loans that have deleveraged would likely never have been made by banks today - standards much diff @mbusigin why? Has largely gone out of favor post crisis, and homeowners more reticent to tap into new HPA @CSNHayes well, it's not like they're trying to win this season @stkbullgod ha! No problem, have a good weekend! @MSGCapital one of these days we need to get an Old Style and a Hawks game together @IvanTheK @julieverhage honest mistake, I think she muted you a few months ago @MebFaber how big do you think their funds and overall firm should be allowed to get? @LAEQTY still family owned after this many years?Good time for Schneider (5th largest trucking co) to be going public? $JBHT coming off of new ATHs