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Run opportunistic income strat at @newriverinvest , CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products. david at newriverinvestments dot com

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@John_Hempton @howardlindzon combined with a long career? So a mutual fund manager?
How great a sport is active investing by @howardlindzon$STWD CEO Barry Sternlicht on Manhattan condo market
Retweeted by David Schawel @RodBoydILM @ingalee1984 namaste 🙏 @RussianBear do you consider that bar a home game for you? @BarstoolChief I'll chalk it up to solid trolling @BarstoolChief remember when ESPN suggested Schmaltz for Hanzal? Good times. @ReformedBroker Phil was a plant by Jeanie @barstoolWSD @barstoolcarl bought matching Charlie Tilson jerseys? @RodBoydILM ask @ingalee1984 for help , she's a yogie @Nonrelatedsense yahThese two Komodo Dragons wrestling on #planetearth2 - wow! @Prezntval @IvanTheK @TheStalwart @mark_dow I am just kidding about this. Self deprecating humor with me watching #planetearth2 @BarstoolChief #Tbt to thinking we were going to desperately miss Ladd, Shaw, and Teuvo @IvanTheK @Prezntval @TheStalwart @mark_dow well, nobody established whether 1 or 10 is best @jamiepastore great point @TramyersCSN @barstoolWSD Let's be mediocre before the best draft in 10years. Morons. @Traderbarn too late, someone already said it @barstoolWSD DVR'ing while blackhawks are on. Btw, wtf are the bulls doing? Reinsdorf's worst team @Prezntval ummm @IvanTheK is 7, @TheStalwart is 5, @mark_dow is 3Got to love the Internet randoms, only 1/3 consider me a dork @pearkes 9pm, you've got 50 min to locate it! @barstoolWSD haven't seen it yet, but heard it's awesome (seriously) @pearkes BBC USA I think @michaelbatnick you know, I intentionally didn't make that an optionExcited to watch Planet Earth II tonight, am I a dork? @HutchCPA_I that would be good news @alexroseinnes until you personally know someone sick you assholeFlu hitting harder and later than normal this year @ZipperTheory honestly have no idea, I'd guess 25-50bpsHypothetically, if 100y debt was issued tomorrow, what would be the 100/30 spread? @RussianBear @TheOnion sad! @hmeisler those Utes again? @pearkes @TheStalwart confirmedBitcoin just hit an all-time high
Retweeted by David SchawelOcean front house in La Jolla and passive owner of the Yankees sounds like a better gig than POTUS in this day & ag… @TheStalwart imagine reading this tweet five years ago
118 Uber employees reportedly resigned after Travis' all hands meeting
Retweeted by David Schawel @jvposter @michaelbatnick @77cyko @EconomPic @M_Maven "my investment manager gave me a helpful saying to recite when the mark… @michaelbatnick @77cyko @EconomPic @M_Maven "How are you going to meet my income needs?" "Don't worry, Ive got our emotions under control" @77cyko @EconomPic @M_Maven @michaelbatnick "Are you an investment manager?" "No but I've got a counseling degree from the U of Phoenix" @LongShortTrader @jack @elonmusk not saying I'm right, just my 2c as an outsider with no vested interest in either co @LongShortTrader @jack @elonmusk remember, nobody was hard on TWTR when they went's just come the last few years @LongShortTrader @jack @elonmusk you can argue over the last few years, TWTR has not really innovated while TSLA has @LongShortTrader isn't it easier to give someone a free pass (right or wrong) when they're a visionary/innovative? @DavidInglesTV I'm only kidding, but I'd be too scared to look if it was available @Takethisbread @AdamMKaufman You have really interesting insights, maybe consider an NBA front office job!! @Takethisbread @AdamMKaufman Yeah, whatever you say @BarbarianCap I'm kidding, but it's a great idea. "Gold Jerry, gold!" @AdamMKaufman Yep. Brooklyn pick = Moncada, other pieces = Kopech, etcEmail from 23andMe: "See if you're related to Le Pen or Trump" @BackrowMacro insane how many have popped up - even here in NC @AdamMKaufman two Chicago teams looking to rebuild trading 27y old superstars with insanely team friendly contracts @AdamMKaufman Ha, not trying to be sarcastic. I see a lot of parallels in the two situations. @AdamMKaufman sounds like when Boston fans wanted Chris Sale but only if Moncada wasn't included @LibertyRPF indeed @CSNHayes yeah we're all just hanging around playing golf, and throwing back drinks in AZ like you guys :)How are we supposed to buy cheap stuff if everything keeps going up?
@SteveGormley7 @syouth1 Ummmm...what exactly do you call down 40%+ over X years? It's been a slow bleed but still @syouth1 that fund, or the complex? I'm sure ppl bought the fund for that nice track record which is now gone, so why stay now? @syouth1 I can't imagine it doesn't see substantial outflows"You've got to know what you're living for or else it's all nonsense and waste." @syouth1 maybe when the monthly/quarterly statements arrive, the natives will be restless @Morgan_03 how often are you even in the office? @BrynneKKelly it happens on twitter in two seconds :) @pearkes Durham Popeyes FTW @syouth1 how much has gone out the last few days?Investors are charging into emerging market ETFs
Retweeted by David Schawel @BarstoolChief Schmaltz!!!!Experience has arguably been a hindrance post crisis as the memories were fresh. Newer participants didn't fear ano… @1_lot_hero Yup. They look great. Schmaltz has turned it on since being called back up. Changes the whole team. @1_lot_hero tbh I'm not a Vanek fan at all. Pleased with how the rookies have come on lately @danwiederer @chicagotribune why would he have trade value? Due to his relatively cheap contract for a QB ? @ChrisKuc Nyquist or Tatar @CramersShirt she might have deserved it @StrangestTribeX it's not a lie if you believe it - George Costanza