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Investment CIO. Opportunistic Income PM. Love to talk markets and Chicago sports. Views are my own.

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@hecht_dan @RussianBear @NicSherrod It’s 2pm on Tuesday, who is watching my portfolio?? @RussianBear Where do I send the $??!! @MNupdate @billbarnwell tbh surprised one team isn’t tanking for the 1st pick in next year’s all star draftThis is terrifying but great work by this American Airlines agent @IvanTheK @TheStalwart These days an acceptable form of due diligence is finding a viral crypto tweet storm RTd by whale panda @DumbLuckCapital Sincerely, Jones, Edward @IvanTheK @ReformedBroker Maybe if he were unemployed for 6 years and on an Oreo binge. @TheStalwart maybe being a purist is out of style @jvposter looks like a rigged gameI get the sense the Norwegians live for the Winter Olympics
@JohnKageleiry Ex-cash, there’s not always a place to hide, especially when the move is made over a short period of time @TheStalwart Probably 30 @RobinWigg March hike for sureShorter: bonds fall when rates rise @btaubz @conorsen Troll! @zerohedge FTW @ReformedBroker if true, why do you think FB has had no serious interest in acquiring it? @dunlow66 why didn’t we hold for last shot?Stock buybacks turbocharge the low volatility trade (says two vol HF managers, clearly with no bias) @UnkaTRazz I’m beginning to see what life would be like had you hired me :)A lot of red this year in consumer staples ($HSY, $CLX, $PG, $MO, $PEP) all lagging the S&P by 9-13% YTD @stoolcapital Thinking insurance companies will start using them a lot more? @GRDPnL ahhh, was wondering why it was so highFor all of the hullabaloo over bond ETFs outflows, they are still a very small % of the overall market structure of the US IG+HY Bond market. Would not have guessed that the RoW owns the largest share at 30%. @sports_lee1 @IvanTheK Every time we have breakfast he tells me he’s a legendi have found my olympic talent
Retweeted by David Schawel @sports_lee1 @IvanTheK Lee, Ivan started taking social the day after the ball went between Buckner’s legs @ChrisKuc You left the Hawks right as they are declining to the Sox who are on the way up.
These Olympic athletes are unreal @M_C_Klein ExactlyDoesn’t mean asset prices will perform well, but as a whole we worry far more than beforeCompared to 2006-2007 you can argue we have a far more healthy/stable financial system and underlying economy yet w… @LadDave they look fairly exposed in a +50bp as of 12/31’s interest rate sensitivity slide, no? @LadDave why’s it getting hit so hard?
@2ndCityHockey can you imagine if we had traded this year’s first rounder?I can’t believe it’s been four years since all the “Why are Americans so infatuated with curling?” articles. 🥌 @ObservationDesk Of course @special_sits people could only adjust their investments one time every three months would they be a better or worse investor on average? @RobinWigg Yup, It’s all @CliffordAsness faultRe: Harvard article, Harvard alums asking endowment to stop with the HFs and put $15b(!) in $VOO, bc that's what Buffett says to do…
Retweeted by David SchawelS&P 500 up 1.7% YTD. What a boring year. @mark_dow could be a pyramid scheme (you’re welcome)Had to laugh at a share repurchase plan announcement but then saying they’d be very cautious about implementing it. @RussianBear I didn’t realize you were a pancake shamer @MarkYusko1 welcome back, amigo
@YoloCapMgmt it’s not easy to lose money like they haveThe 10y UST (currently 2.91%) last hit 3.00% on 12/31/13 at which time the 2y was at 0.38% (currently 2.18%) @btaubz Totally agreeI hate guns, and here’s my 2c: broad gun access/ownership needs significant reform. But, there’s still room for lim… think many were, but it shows how we’re often blind to our own heuristics re: rates, inflation, or whatever else. @michaelafulton Favorite memories of Grandma Schawel involve her matzo ball soup! @ArchMcClure Ha fair, but I’m not sure LQD buyers are sophisticated enough to even look at that chart. Huge outflows out of LQD lately btw @ArchMcClure Div yield is always lagging and that’s not matching WAL. Why not just look at IG spreads?
@CliffordAsness Frankly it’s more fun to blame risk parity!We're not crying, you're crying. #WinterOlympics #BestOfUS
Retweeted by David SchawelWell done @shaunwhite #OlympicGames2018 @LongShortTrader Are they nice coats? @CramersShirt I don’t think that thesis will play out @CramersShirt Yeah that’s a widely circulated thought. Many factors are at play so the former doesn’t necessarily mean the latter happens.corps a few bps wider today despite stronger equities. Dealer inventories down a few billion. Probably just a blip but worth watching.More you hear about Facebook the less you like them @adoxen Ox @drew5harvey Pun on Taco Bell’s beef quality @rich_rudolph @SeinfeldTV Hmmm good qThis is a Grade D move by $CMG @IvanTheK Ivan @DividendMaster @WBPetersen APTS has outperformed BRG by 49% over 1y, so that’s not saying much @DividendMaster @WBPetersen That I didn’t expect either @DividendMaster @WBPetersen I told you guys @DanHayesMLB Ask him why he hated the White Sox all those years @naufalsanaullah no strong view, just speaking in terms of value ex potential technical impacts @naufalsanaullah I think fundamentals are fine, but not a lot of compelling cushion spread wise. I’d rather own UST… @barrybonds78 what are your thoughts going forward?The great rotation...out of corporate bonds? @FiatSpeculator half kidding half serious