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Investment management at @newriverinvest , CFA. Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products. david at newriverinvestments dot com

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@teasri That's original :) @teasri Totally. "I don't know anyone fully long. Everyone is defensive" "What about record high prices and fairly high valuations?"No, I AM the contrarian!"Buy index funds" "go long L/S HFs" "macro is dead "macro is coming back". Few say they are just part of consensus.Almost all investors act like their current view/allocation is unpopular and out of favor @WillBrinson @ProFootballTalk @SNFonNBC most are throwing the term around without even knowing what it means @WillBrinson @ProFootballTalk @SNFonNBC Look at historical examples of collusion. In those cases there's incentive… @jbarro Not similar at all, but agree it was very good @TheStalwart @The_Analyst I find it uncomfortable when a guy gets badly injured and fans are like, "my fantasy team!"Russia should've named it BlocChain @paytonsun what now? Do you sign him to big money with less than half a good year? @AaronLemingNFL anyone can see it, so predictable @BillSimmons Boston has had plenty of championships @billbarnwell Writes them at night, keeps in drafts, releases a fury!!Jets owning the Patriots. Ok, you win 2017. @AaronLemingNFL some early down high % passes wouldn't hurt to mix things upJesus: “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...” Gorka:
Retweeted by David Schawel @WallStCynic Wouldn't he be reluctant to step down as it would hurt the stock and therefore his own net worth?
@elberts_m @ByScottPowers Nope, we don't care @jwgiglio Yes along with someone responding with "state loss to ECU looks more confusing every week"This is the comprehensive version of the 4th down bot @KatieHancock20 more to do with the carrier than phone right? @jwgiglio does the ND game count as an ACC game? @IvanTheK in a jiffA critical point from Hoisington Investment Mgmt that USD bulls continue to blissfully ignore:
Retweeted by David Schawel @WillBrinson After ignoring a handful of holding calls on the previous drive. Awful. @jwgiglio bogus call @2ndCityHockey If Rutta was playing horribly then Murphy would be in. It's a function of Rutta too. @2ndCityHockey It is very notable, but we have to at least wait to see a reasonable sample size @2ndCityHockey TBH it's rather silly to even discuss that 4-5 games into the season
@WillBrinson if you're not going to have faith this year, then when?! @rickbozich State is good @contangoz Wow, search his name on twitter @WillBrinson He is all class, BUT it's so much easier to say that after winning a national title @hmeisler for stocks I wouldn't take anything from it, just what I said in the previous tweet about the spread curve @hmeisler basically the curve of corporate spreads is very steep. Maybe more willingness to hide on front end with flatter nominal curve @hmeisler for what?"...current spreads for both 3y and 5y fixed-rate corporates are at their tightest levels relative to 10y debt in t… @BarstoolChief Hayden breaking faces @Rich_Campbell Fair, although Sitton voluntarily signed with a team that was bad. @Rich_Campbell Fangio reunion? @GreggDoyelStar @joe_spears7 we live in bizarro world @jwgiglio Fake classes: no penalty Real classes: penalty Got it. @Muniguy2012 Sure that sounds good. $50 to the charity of the winners choice? @DividendMaster You're not wrong @MylesUdland @TheStalwart I'm surprised so many still think the end game is to use bitcoin to buy coffee @_CB01 I like it @carlquintanilla @CNBC need a "you mad bro" gif for him @EconomPic isn't the opposite of love apathy?It's kind of strange how angry Dimon sounds about bitcoin.Ivascyn's @PIMCO Income fund surpasses $100 billion despite fee hike: sources
Retweeted by David Schawel @RickyBobbyLP @conorsen @VegaVandal Let's hear the other nine for shits and giggles @CraigCustance Seems like it would be mildly annoying but deep down flattering. Still crazy someone takes time out… @CraigCustance Oh you're loving it @conorsen @VegaVandal Def not condoning the logic of following CNBC, but I can understand why some without knowledge think its advice/etc @VegaVandal Not really. For the average person who knows nothing and CNBC is their only exposure it kind of makes sense (still dumb though) @Nonrelatedsense wow that's a blast from the past @Muniguy2012 SureBitcoin's $95bil market cap now exceeds firms such as Texas Instruments, Schlumberger, Goldman Sachs, Eli Lilly, and United Technologies.
@MNupdate but it sounds like I struck a nerve, and I'm heading to bed. Take care, @MNupdate Sure, check UNC's L/S allocation the last 10y. @MNupdate I may be skewed by the large universities around me that love L/S(and have seemingly forever) @MNupdate Maybe I'm wrong @MNupdate no offense but anytime I hear "all are doing x" and "totally abandoned y" it sounds more anecdotal than data driven @MNupdate I would love to see that quantified among large endowments and whoever else.D.C. stinks at literally everything
Retweeted by David Schawel @morganhousel @AdamSinger Good tweet. These things can also be summed up in 140 :) @MNupdate says every allocator right now!!Nationals going to National @dunlow66 Wasn't a knock on them, I'm excited too. Just have learned not to get too excited over dunking clips. @dunlow66 Impressive but if YouTube clips mattered, then Ryan Harrow and Leslie would've led us to national titles! @barstoolWSD Buying time until Max goes in? @zackmansfield @michaelbatnick speak of the devil @michaelbatnick they all roll up to Tony Robbins @aymeric70 Just thinking if FF movements are fairly impotent at these levels is it worth trying to get ahead of the curve?if inflation does become an issue, will movements on the way up be any different?Given the price sensitivity of demand for changes in FF appears to be small,why are FOMC members concerned about getting ahead of inflation?