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Investment CIO. Opportunistic Income PM. Love to talk markets and Chicago sports. NC State alum. Views are my own.

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Joe Dumars @EconomPic right, meaning the latter is cheaper, not the former @EconomPic though if you borrow at negative real rates, your debt is debased and your asset is likely going up in v… @EconomPic I understand where you’re coming from, I’m just busting on you @EconomPic you going to start underwriting to real mortgage payments? @EconomPic well in the second chart I compared it to income @SconnieTrader just give it up already! @pearkes need a little slack, I am an amateur chartist compared to you! @TimDuy @M_C_Klein I might have taken too much liberty comparing the mortgage payment to average hourly earnings, but it was a shot... @DavidSchawel This is visible in the S-1s that are coming to market, especially in the SAAS industry:
Retweeted by David Schawel @CapitalEdgeNY average hourly earnings has nothing to do with that, it’s a pre tax numberThis is how many hours one has to work (using the US average hourly earnings rate) to pay this mortgage payment. So… home prices and mortgage rates are both higher. What does the mean for a mortgage payment on a new median price… @AdamHoge So stupid. Let’s give up on a pretty certain player to get a 3rd rounder that hits 20% of the time @barstoolWSD even with the team sucking so much? Why not let him dominate another few months? @ArchMcClure I may throw out my back with what I’m tossing out thereThe good news for rate bears is they’ve now correctly called higher yields one out of the last eight years @WillBrinson @PriscoCBS @picksixpod Yeah, BUT the upside of Lamar Jackson is higher than Taylor. Not saying it’ll b… Fine AF 1999 Toyota Corolla, wasn’t going to put this on twitter but the guy took it off of Craig’s list so I f…
Retweeted by David SchawelMiller gets no respect @SuperMugatu @LJKawa ain’t always a reason @LJKawa sometimes things just go downThe difference between core funded banks with sticky low cost deposits and those who were able to skate by with low… @TheStalwart @elerianm I also think Pat Dorsey has written some solid investing books @TheStalwart Fingers* @TheStalwart Kahneman and @elerianm are two that come to mind, but I wasn’t trying to point figures at who was good or bad @MylesUdland mmmhmmm @IvanTheK @bgurley Yeah, more aggressive funding rounds at favorable valuations leading to a greater focus on growth, thus burn. @IvanTheK @bgurley Fair point, though VCs can deploy uncalled capital to any company they choose (or not choose). D… is an amazing stat according to @bgurley: “The cash burn of the top 100-200 companies in Silicon Valley is 5-1… the UST selloff, this chart from RBC’s US economist Tom Porcelli shows that on a hedged basis 10 year Treas…
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Kids losing scholarships because of their tweets! @DavidHaugh I hope he doesn’t try to outsmart the league like last year picking two division II players in early rounds. @jerzshoreirish I rarely finish them @Nonrelatedsense Ha, well you get my point @_DJ_DC_ Like if I wrote a book!I find 90% of the business/finance books I read are a disappointment. The issue, IMO, is that very few of the top t… @naufalsanaullah not saying he’s right or wrong, just that he’s basically saying to sell his total return fundNot everyday you hear a manager tell people his holdings aren’t attractive (DL manages billions of Agy MBS, which c… @crowdturtle agreeRIP financial repression. Savers are alive and well!
@Yaneznaiu @ReformedBroker It’s true, they’ll just let it grow @ReformedBroker 🎶 Let it grow, let it grow 🎶 @LucreSnooker good point @77cyko @RussianBear @lhamtil @ReformedBroker I blame Al Davis and the Raiders organization @RussianBear @77cyko @lhamtil @ReformedBroker I didn’t? @77cyko @RussianBear @lhamtil @ReformedBroker I don’t remember your head being that smooth @M_C_Klein there’s things I’d prefer liver wurst over, but it doesn’t make it a good meal @KRooneyVera Same here, trying to convince remaining family in Chicago to move to NC!Why would anyone voluntarily live in Connecticut? operating income over the last two decades $BLK @barstoolWSD Such a 7am on Monday tweet!When 10y yields broke 3% on the way down few investors thought they could go much lower. My base case is not substa… security of loans versus bonds diminishing by the month?
@EricBalchunas Who else? Maybe Chuck Person? @EricBalchunas He’s the Xavier McDaniel of this decade #GIK @EconomPic @awealthofcs by kid number 2, I wised up and had the fire department do it. Best kept secret as they do it regularly. @richeisen Your local fire department installs dozens of these per month. Saves you the hassle and it’s installed safely @Mega_Man_2 I’m in that camp right now. I see no reason to rush into these.So not super cheap on their own, but against the S&P they’re as cheap as they have been in 10+ yearsConsumer staples are interesting to look at right one. On one hand they’ve been crushed and are seemingly left for… @RussianBear @Morgan_03 I deserve itNice photo of the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, and First Lady Trump at the funeral of Barbara Bush posted by @jgm41 (…
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@AlanLevinovitz Yes, of course. Though there’s a very negative public connotation with investment bankers, while no… @LucianaPatrizia Indeed. Have a wonderful time. I will send a picture of the children to the foundation email! @LucianaPatrizia Sounds good. Was sunny and 20 degrees today, very beautiful. Full day of sports and fun for the kids! @RussianBear best way to procure high quality but low cost frozen steaks? @RussianBear worst roommate ever? @RussianBear Your worst stock pick? @AlanLevinovitz An investment banker doesn’t look after anyone’s money and has nothing to do with index funds. What does that even mean? @keithlaw Also for a guy like Anderson who is one of the few African American players in MLB and recently went thro… @dandolfa David, blockchain just tells you it’s solving problems, it doesn’t actually solve stuff! @barstoolWSD Yet the trade still looks like it’s in the Sox’s favor @LongShortTrader What’s your view? @DavidHaugh For a guy coming off of tragedy and trying having fun like Anderson, it’s too bad @JustinVerlander is so uptight @teasri @les_mos Yeah, I mean I don’t think 1/3 of the average person’s career is too short! How long are you planning on being around?Some good answers here, but also a lot of blaming of central banks spent a lot of time > avg historical valuation while the outlook clearly warrants a below-the-line... first it…
Retweeted by David Schawel$CBL '26 bonds breach 9% yield Access to capital becoming a major issue
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