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Fixed Income PM at @newriverinvest , CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products. david at newriverinvestments dot com

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@LJKawa huge! @Morgan_03 admirers fly into middle American town to hear billionaire tell stories
@merrillmatter no, I gave you the final return @HD3369 yeah not a fan of this 2nd round! What's going on?! @TheStalwart jealous! @BradBiggs surprised Bears chose to keep trading down? @CramersShirt he's overrated & will be career backup @greggabe getting too cute with all these trade downs? @DavidHaugh who said they were even targeting him? If they loved him so much wouldn't they have taken him at 41? @PeterRMaher "holding" is the hard part for people :) @mark_dow @Fully_Levered poll results are interesting @Fully_Levered amazed because you're surprised anyone would say yes? @Fully_Levered it kind of frames what type of returns people think are obtainable @Chris_arnade not too far off from just buying a 5y Muni in terms of TEY @Fully_Levered I never said what I'd take @stkbullgod Unlevered @IvanTheK Sell in April, particularly any Staples? $XLPGiven today's asset levels, would you take 5% annually over the next 5y and call it a day?After big run, the self-storage names are down 10%+ MTDThe Fallen Angel H/Y Bond ETF $ANGL is up 13% ytd double $HYG. Seems to always outperform, highly underrated product
Retweeted by David Schawel @carlquintanilla @MikeIsaac @CNBC @sspencer_smb meaning what?
@TonyFratto sounds like his knee is falling apart - some say 3yrs to play @TheArmoTrader I mean the injury, people think his knee may fall apartRemember Yen 150 predictions? @TheArmoTrader some say he might only last 3-4y @kylef @mikefreemanNFL Loool !! @greggabe they liked him enough to trade up too? Seems like a reach? @WillardOfOdds I agree, take him! @kylef @BarstoolBigCat sounds like someone trying to sabotage him @pmarca Loved the "If you're not curing cancer don't cry about a lack of liquidity"Paid $3.99 so I could live tweet the @united emergency landing
Retweeted by David Schawel @DavidHaugh did you say similar about Kevin White last year? Arguably their D was worse before last draft than now. @TheStalwart @bySamRo Awwww, Ro is him @georgepearkes @bySamRo guy three rows back looks scared to death @lizzie363 you're always good in my book! @IvanTheK it's not a subtweet if I can't fit all their handles in the tweet @IvanTheK "Something something 478 P/E multiple..."Angry $AMZN bear Twitter after a big earnings beat is the best @ESPNNFL cc @jvposter @jamis8891 you said last week you were holding it for 10years!! @_oldmangloom Cost $5 to get in & you end up in the John?If you thought sell-side research on single stocks is bad... @IvanTheK people giving you looks?5 worst categories (based on trailing 5 yr rtns ended 12/31/15) are having themselves a prettay prettay good 2016
Retweeted by David SchawelARK "Israel Innovation" ETF to launch later in 2016 - ticker $IZRL @Dutch_Book jealous I didn't think of it tbhHome ownership nearing lowest level in history. Watch super cool animation of how it's changed since 1950:
Retweeted by David Schawel @greggabe are you warming up to this possibility? @BillSimmons cute @HuffingtonPost cc @michaelafulton @michaelafulton who? @ArchMcClure @BlairReeves ?Zervos becomes the latest convert to the Hoisington view.
Retweeted by David Schawel @georgepearkes @ArchMcClure @SkeleCap I thought 1-10 might have come from MD&A section of $BAC's 10-K
Live look at the BoJ's arrows @Nightline @RebeccaJarvis @JujuChangABC so horrible @dishahdadpuri Yes, obvious now, but a few years ago people doubted whether they could make $ off of mobile. Zero to $15b quickly!!so "obvious" that the stock is up ~6x from the bottom @sharkbiotech I mean seriously, who cares!?! @nfldraftscout why does it matter where we heard it first?Incredible. $FB @MarkLazerus He deserves to go make good money. @grodaeu @georgepearkes As it should be for bonds too! @georgepearkes so 300bil rough MTM on a 50bp move. There would be huge headlines! AAPL move alone today just for 1 stock. Not perfect ex but @georgepearkes You're obv right. I'm being a smart ass exaggerating, but I think there's overemphasis on bond vol vs equityMore was lost today in $AAPL than if everyone's "rates are gonna rise 50bps & bond prices plunge" nightmare happenedHFs: Don't Blow Off That CFO Meeting Just Yet! #caragoldenberg #ceo via @SlideShare
Retweeted by David Schawel @montoyan they're not used to writing letters like this!Dynex: "Demographic trends continuing to contribute to private demand for fixed income assets" @ReformedBroker what a sad existenceLoeb: "There is no doubt that we are in the first innings of a washout in hedge funds and certain strategies" // agree or disagree? @BlairReeves maybe @michaelafulton @BullandBaird on their websiteFrom Third Point's letter @IvanTheK that was hard to watchHedge Fund Investors Have Fallen in Love With Merger Arb (Again) - @SimoneFoxman @Burtonkathy
Retweeted by David Schawel @tracyalloway I would have thought @adsteel would be a better person to tweet that @greggabe from people in the know, or just media types?Chicago millennials living with their parents: How's that working out? - Chicago Tribune
@Bob_Stauffer why? Why would they match up? @vinmcc @jamis8891 you guys miss the point- look at my poll results, plenty are voting for him @Jesse_Livermore @LWinthorpe RagingBull message boards! @LWinthorpe work for Hussy? @adoxen ok everyone except you! General point stands @SkeleCap @quantian1 my stream is full of people like yourself, I don't see any pro-Trump tweets, and 31% support in my poll... @Nonrelatedsense @talktoskirt Loool @SkeleCap @quantian1 oh come on, do you not agree on what I'm saying? @SkeleCap @quantian1 poll has 30% support, and I'm shocked it's that high given my stream is 99% anti trump @carney you have a scooter? @quantian1 I think people are just too afraid to admit supporting him @quantian1 do you see the same as I do on here? @davealevine just did a poll, fascinated to see the results @DavidSchawel given that polls are anonymous, don't be afraid, do you plan to vote Trump? @DavidSchawel either that or the supporters don't want to admit itI follow 700 ppl on Twitter& I'm not sure I've seen even a few of them tweet their support of Trump. Suppose my stream isn't representative? @TheStalwart @emilychangtv first time we've heard such a poor broad macro characterization from Apple, right?Apple CFO Luca Maestri tells @emilychangtv that the macro environment is "very weak"
Retweeted by David Schawel @btaubz was a sympathetic "like" @Morgan_03 poor Rachel Ray book sales?A 9% decline is not a "plunge" for Twitter. It's just another quarterly earnings report. $TWTR
Retweeted by David Schawel