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PM at @newriverinvest Fixed income background, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products. david at newriverinvestments dot com

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@ml8_ml8 tightest link is real US ratesBass: China bank crisis 5X worse than subprime
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@ChrisKuc new goalie interference rule? @talktoskirt except @Nonrelatedsense @Nonrelatedsense @talktoskirt he's a recluse that disappeared... What about Lamar Odom? Always in spotlight, problems, etc @Nonrelatedsense @talktoskirt delete your account!! @agurevich23 @LongShortTrader @vader7x @JacobWolinsky to his point, would they want that much bond leverage relative vs stocks? Big bet @LongShortTrader @agurevich23 @vader7x @JacobWolinsky that's the key, even if they had exposure it would have needed to be really levered @_oldmangloom you wants scuds back?Almost half of you would be willing to take 5% from here & call it a year @NinjaEconomics lots of charts! @InvestingLatest oh matty....i said BOJ issuing negative interest rates bonds is dumb. Look at nikei and yen this week. bad news for kuroda
Retweeted by David Schawel @Dutch_Book they are involved in some loan participations, but not aware of them selling any loans @Dutch_Book as they're a commercial bank I'm referencing their on balance sheet loan book @Dutch_Book historically they've had a very low charge off ratio (even through the crisis) @adoxen @max02050 @IncomeTrader hahaha! Cmon, not what I meant! @max02050 @adoxen @IncomeTrader now that's a fair critique @nosolicitation @adoxen @IncomeTrader thanks, first time I've seen AMZN's chart! @adoxen hey doesn't mean I'm right! Just my opinionTWTR can't seem to grow MAU's @adoxen @IncomeTrader not at all, they're not mutually exclusive. Stock has been hammered & bezos wants to say he thinks it's undervalued @michaelafulton i think high 80's...close to right now$TSLA earnings are on fire$CSCO shares outstanding @IncomeTrader @adoxen signal @adoxen 2% of mkt cap - won't impact their future plans one way or anotherJust to troll the bears @Chris_arnade @IvanTheK Good question @barnejek not quite what I've taken away from his book & various essays but I like your enthusiasm @Chris_arnade @IvanTheK Loool @conorsen @TheStalwart anticipation and cynicism is a lethal comboAlmost everything written by Raghuram Rajan is amazing @IvanTheK condi? @DavidSchawel related, who is Malone? Karl, the mail man?RT: Pvt Account: Wow - some of these Malone names have 'compounded' all the way back to 12-13 levels @Don_Homer you mean the 20% of div over the threshold amount right?Anyone follow $HIFR ? @Nonrelatedsense what fund is thatHave to love this current income fund that modified its policy (calling it "non fundamental" to now include common equity securitiesIt's true
Retweeted by David Schawel @BlairReeves this really bothers you huh?What is this futures green thing I am seeing? @Jesse_Livermore I don't know either, just thoughts. QE was thrown at the wall & really didn't generate growth (just risk asset chase) @Jesse_Livermore I have a hard time believing the issue is that CBs just haven't bought enough bonds/assets @Jesse_Livermore causation=\= correlation? 1. QE was done earlier in the cycle 2. NIRP happens to be occurring now as problems are emerging
The Walking Dead: Something is Rotten in the Banking System
Retweeted by David SchawelWe're not still posting charts of the Baltic Dry Index, are we? Owner Kroenke buys 535k acre Texas ranch (will relocate to LA?) @IvanTheK nah, he's probably still in it...Christie? @IvanTheK Jeb!"It's not a lie if you believe it" - George Costanza @conorsen Seems like an insult to Cook @jay_21_ not based on the poll results @MarkLazerus Panik with some nice hits the last few games - something Hawks haven't had much of"Get me out!" At the beginning of the year 50% of respondents wouldn't vote yes to lock in a negative return for '16 @MorindaWealth the root of the question gets at investors behavioral tendencies @NextCityOrg cc @conorsen @MorindaWealth no, it's a hypothetical @DavidSchawel essentially asks if you'd be willing to take a loss on the year (on average) but recoup some from these levelsInvestors: for the rest of '16 would you take a 5% guaranteed return from today's levels & call it a year? @quantian1 👎🏽E&Ps: Leverage vs Internal Funding
Retweeted by David Schawel @SoBendito @M_C_Klein interesting, do public plans usually make purchases like this? 7% of their total RE holdings? @IvanTheK rightly so @IvanTheK no clue, also I think it's non interest income @IvanTheK ya'll gonna make me lose my mindBig banks might get a temporary earnings boost from a mini refi wave with 30y mortgage rates now at 3 5/8 on average @ReformedBroker inflation!! @17thStCap that's wacCredit Suisse stock back to 1990 levels now.
Retweeted by David Schawel @Royal_Arse @mbusigin top 100 for his salary is atrocious @mbusigin smart to dump Phaneuf @crowdturtle for the CLO portion, I would assume yes. They have interests in other credit funds iircWow, Late to this but $OXLC (CLO equity) NAV fell 20% in Q4 @RuthlessGravity amazingThe risk of a loss of market confidence is always LIQUIDITY (not capital), as counterparties can pull funding. Perception is importantStrange letter from $DB CEO. Some acknowledgement of environment seems warranted. No heavily levered bank w credit risk is "rock solid"
@AxelMerk true printing @AxelMerk there's ways around it to make lenders whole @MacroHeavy with your JPY profits, first! @LongShortTrader 🎺We need a worldwide debt jubilee - once and get it over with! @EddyElfenbein wait, how old ARE you? @BromonaTheBrave they're slowing down & getting old outside of Butler @BromonaTheBrave yeah I'd never go back @BioBDTodd the great thing about Twitter is you tweet what you want & you're not forced to follow anyone @BromonaTheBrave or Portillos, I-290, and the Bulls @ReaperCapital yeah good qualifier - agree @SconnieTrader hahaha yeah the show, but stand up is similar @jordw good man Jordan! @aronro @groditi makes you wonder why miners have always been serial equity issuers & literally can't make $ pulling gold out of the ground! @CouchCfa of course they know of it, but many don't get the jokes, references, etc @AxGlobalAdv both!One of the saddest things about Millennials (among many, many things) is they don't know SeinfeldWeirdos...who actually goes over 4mins? 10y at 0.9%. I get 0.75% on a CapOne SV acct w/ zero headline risk of any kind & no duration/maturity limit. Who would buy a bund?
Retweeted by David SchawelWho would want to buy 10y german debt @ 1.9% ? it's NOT an inflation linked bond... #idiocy #thereisnosafehaven
Retweeted by David Schawel @davealevine fear & greed will always exist in the market - that isn't anything new$usdjpy 150 calls seem like a lifetime ago
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