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Fixed Income PM at @newriverinvest , CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products. david at newriverinvestments dot com

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@IvanTheK Sounds like people don't like his actions because he's rich, not because they're against his actions. Fair? @ProFootballTalk cc @georgepearkes
Knocking on the door of one of the places they're supposed to be disrupting #LendingClub Talking With Citigroup @JuliaCarmel__ maybe military is more like catch 22 than we want to believe :( @WelchCapital wow! That'll be a great memory @_oldmangloom @NoonSixCap I enjoyed Kesler losing that series even more tbh @NoonSixCap @_oldmangloom feels weird having LA/Chi out of the west @Makro_Trader good game - Pittsburgh still up 1 @conorsen Boggs once drank 107 beers in a day non hockey fans: if you're ever going to watch a game, turn on game 7 of the east finals on now in the last period @SconnieTrader had a thought of you running a massive spreadsheet showing it was cheap @nokamber that's what prompted the thought, was just reading about that @conorsen @ComfortablySmug Indian spelling bee is front page news here in Cary @SconnieTrader nerd @_oldmangloom seriously, Ott brought Backes his heating pad, go home. Love how they got bounced by SJ after finally beating Chicago. @jlaich do you have a point of your own to make?Rising rents, strong employment and the gradual loosening of mortgage credit should nudge people back to homeownership @ConcenEcon lol! Only one foul called against GSW. NBA wants this series to go 7.With his persistence, he should get a tryout
Retweeted by David Schawel @SusanLiTV great night for sports! Go lightning and thunder! @IvanTheK Because of tonight's rainout in KC, Mets will see Chris Sale pitching on MondayWhat a (strange) time to be alive @nosolicitation @EricBalchunas it was a pun re: your Twitter handle. On a serious note, I'm not sure if anyone is doing that or not. @nosolicitation @EricBalchunas are you soliciting me?Risk off city is right't believe the "Gawker goes after the poweful" scam. They punish the weak. Voyeurism is not journalism. Kapish?
Retweeted by David SchawelCalling Gawker a "digital publisher" is equivalent to calling the mafia a "social club" or manure a"natural perfume"
Retweeted by David Schawel @modestproposal1 @matt_levine They've got that new block chain venture with Blythe launching soon, right? @EricBalchunas what's the screen look like for biggest YTD inflows & outflows among ETFs @EnzoCalamo They've really struggled, maybe it'll help turn the ship! @JSiegel88 @IvanTheK because they didn't take them @conorsen @IvanTheK won't be enough, HRC will need to too @IvanTheK twelve tweets in a row about him, what's her day job? @cullenroche good point @cullenroche that's a big if! @Chris_arnade I doubt that in this election taxes is going drive votes one way or another @IvanTheK titanic project @SIRF_Report living the dream R! @BTabrum @KenVeksler if so, not a bad tweet to peak on @IvanTheK can never trust a guy with two first names @ArbCowboy There's always exceptions and one offs, but in aggregate you're wrong- not everyone can leave a paycheck to paycheck life @ArbCowboy I think we just have different views on how much is related to choice, versus socioeconomic class etc. it's all good @ArbCowboy Yes saving is good. But, we will agree to disagree here overall, I have said more than I intended to already. @Nonrelatedsense @ArbCowboy actually millions do! That's the point! you guys are trapped in bubble @ArbCowboy @nicolatheron I can't believe you'd chalk up that stat to "poor planning", seems like u have no understanding of the avg American @ArbCowboy @nicolatheron Sure for a fraction, but you're ignoring the masses who work paycheck to paycheck & can't save substantially @HawksBreakdown still wonder what Bowman offered for Hamhuis @ArbCowboy @nicolatheron it's insanely naive if you think all older people who can't retire are in that position b/c they didn't plan well @ArbCowboy @nicolatheron you're missing the point, there's a ton of people who have to keep working, they have no choicePeter Thiel is right. You don’t get to destroy people’s personal lives just because you have a blog post quota.
Retweeted by David Schawel
@iyer_prashanth I'm impressed to see knowledgable hockey analysis here in the Triangle! @jarrettjessup I pretty much believe that ! @DavidHaugh I agree with you but it's still sad that these days it's considered exemplary instead of the obvious/no questions asked decision @munilass has to be a large % of it, and then maybe just charging more because they can @munilass that's how this works though, right? Healthy pay for the sick? @ArbCowboy yep, me too! You were dead on @TheArmoTrader both not charged for crimes they were guilty of? @nicklesg I figured, but just teasing! @nicklesg crisp acid! Sounds interesting if not a little strange! @2ndCityHockey how good is this Gundbradson? @groditi @DavidSchawel dun dun dun!
Retweeted by David Schawel @ReformedBroker I think you're right on scandal, but still looks to be such a small % of the overall lending market @michaelbatnick @IvanTheK @ReformedBroker actually since I tweeted that, looks like someone registered that account @IvanTheK @ReformedBroker better late than never I suppose? @ReformedBroker cc @ReformedLenderDo you think age discrimination is a big issue in America? Let's call it 55+ @adoxen true, where you are born & grow up etc largely determines how well you do (of course exceptions aside) @montoyan this is what @naufalsanaullah sent us after his black turtleneck dreams were shattered @IvanTheK mean reversion lately with his predictions @Morgan_03 nerdSounds like a cheerful presentation @georgepearkes I saw that on your tweet, assumed they were some of your rabid Duke football fans$YDKN to explore sale led by Sandler, consolidation continues in the banking space. Maybe $FCNCA to buy? @mirtle why should he? Beat the Hawks and Stars @conorsen @georgepearkes it's booming hereHigh Yield panic seems like a distant memory @jvposter @conorsen @callieabost causation?$CBL situations looks bad @bySamRo chief gemologist? @LongShortTrader real estate financed with fixed rate long term debt?This cadet was born in Haiti, became a US citizen, then an enlisted soldier. Now a West Point grad #DreamBig
Retweeted by David Schawel @papster7 @michaeljordaned either that or maybe a complete loss of confidence. It's weird. @papster7 @michaeljordaned i respect your strong defense of a team that's been utterly wiped off of the court the last few games
@ConcenEcon Simmons thinks he's hurt @papster7 @michaeljordaned Draymond is 6'6" fwiw. They're getting wiped off the court, take this argument to someone else. @papster7 @michaeljordaned '96 Bulls lost three total playoff games by a combined 35 points. Essentially dominated. Sorry Papster7. @ConcenEcon series isn't over, BUT they don't look the same at all @oknotsomuch I dunno, they're playing as a team at least @oknotsomuch yeah but you know talent is only one of many factors @oknotsomuch maybe @michaeljordaned Agree. And only partially because I grew up going to those games.This reminds me of the time when the 96 Bulls were on the ropes about to go down 3-1...wait, actually nopeThis Thunder team is impressive @LongShortTrader @hussmanjp welcome to the club!HP Enterprise will shed a business that accounts for roughly 100,000 employees
Retweeted by David Schawel @MattZeitlin likely because this is their first batch of loans @17thStCap He's blocked me, but how does this make his investors who are down 30% feel better?Moarrr marketplace loans!