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Run opportunistic income strat at @newriverinvest , CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products. david at newriverinvestments dot com

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@HawleySports I just wish I had been there! Probably a memorable game to attend @bgmims in Vegas for a wedding, would've loved to have been there!!Slip and slide time. Awesome emotion of student athletes playing for the love of the game. @HawleySports gmafb, both teams played in itGo Wolfpack!!! #NDvsNCSU @CharmAndDecay I was trying to watch some on the flight- en route to red rock now - it's a monsoon there!
@SBarlow_ROB read up on him see if you can find anyone calling him a poison @dougtee sarcasm of course @SBarlow_ROB Sale isn't a locker room poison, everyone says he's an amazing teammatePoor David Price is the opposite of clutch, look for Boston to go all in for Chris Sale in the offseason #RedSox #IndiansStrong move from the person kicking on next week's out of office reply at 3pm on Friday @TheStalwart combine two obscure county names or two senator names together @BromonaTheBrave we can extend the celebration to this weekend! @BromonaTheBrave if I could, I would send you Gene & Jude's in honor of your bday @Fully_Levered dunno, hasn't been very common post GFC @Nonrelatedsense @realDenaldTrump it's not realThe dreaded stocks & bonds both go down market - sooner or later it's coming @BrysonDave pun that fell flat! @cullenroche @TheStalwart I would say no too, but I bet we see a 10%-15% drop at some point @TheStalwart @cullenroche do you think we see another similar drawdown in our lifetimes? @IvanTheK ha indeed, but point is nobody would choose the alternative!HNW investor, active AM of Aug 2015 plunge, unable to meet $WFC's margin call, cashed out. Here's his revenge - ad…
Retweeted by David Schawel @IvanTheK never understood why people get mad if forecasts were wrong & they over prepared @M_C_Klein @JoshZumbrun about time they got off the couch!Haiti: 25% of Haiti hit, 300 deaths, 350,000 people in need, 15,623 people displaced, 21,000 evacuated, cholera risk
Retweeted by David SchawelMajor flooding in the #Bahamas from #HurricaneMatthew
Retweeted by David Schawel
@dandolfa I loved Anna Karenina - fantastic novel @bgmims @michaelafulton @NFL I couldn't find the GIF of that scene, sadly @bgmims @michaelafulton @NFL is a new one @RobMarciano is it going to stay off the coast? @John_Arndt ugh, just so so sad :(These heartbreaking images show the aftermath of #HurricaneMatthew in Haiti
Retweeted by David SchawelInbox: Oil trade write up @barstoolWSD feel like they'll be more reluctant to deal him now @adoxen angry birds @CarlosRodon16 round of golf or beer on me if you make it back to Holly Springs/Raleigh this fall! Fellow Wolfpack & White Sox fan @LJKawa Canadian journalists are the worst the damage isn't catastrophic for #HurricaneMatthew but amazing how much was donated for Katrina so quickly Death toll in Haiti rises to 264 🇭🇹
Retweeted by David Schawel @TimAnderson7 great rookie season Tim, you've got a bright future ahead of yourself! @VegaVandal you were close$GBPUSD #KeepPoundingCongratulations, UK. Sterling has basically turned into the rand, complete with gray zone stop loss screw jobs. Well done you!
Retweeted by David Schawel @EconomPic @syouth1 @cullenroche huge issue given that trade is largely played out & agency portion is more vanilla due to size @ComfortablySmug tbf, @IvanTheK showed up to coffee one day with socks, crocs, and spongebob pajamas on#Merica egregious is $PGP (76% premium) which uses index swaps to generate near term CF to support huge divvy, but massively exposed LT @JodyShenn ok, almost never?Peeps getting slaughtered this week/month in $DBL. Never a good reason to buy a portfolio of bonds for 117 cents on the dollar. @2ndCityHockey lol @2ndCityHockey he hasn't impressed me one bit @ArchMcClure Arch's M&A Outlook, $9.95/moEntire city in Haiti wiped out by Hurricane Matthew.
Retweeted by David SchawelBlue light special @timothydh what an idiot, he's right that they usually don't materialize but that means nothing for this time @PScatterpatter agree, Frank Thomas lost a few MVPs to guys on roids & he was the same size in collegeI've never had a good outcome putting on a trade because I was bored or stretching to convince myself something was compelling @michaelsantoli @conorsen wow, that's a legit throwback @conorsen huh"Besides Katrina, this is the most dire forecast I have ever made" - @BillKarins #Matthew
Retweeted by David Schawel @nemoredux BCRH?$PDVSA (Venezuelan oil company) trying to do. $4.7 bil bond deal today. This should be interesting.
Retweeted by David Schawel
P2P delinquency rates @IvanTheK atta boy @timrotolo additive to emotion doesn't mean a better overall game @JodyShenn after I shoot and turn around, the players are on the court and Bird & MJ were talking together watching us shoot . Great memory @JodyShenn 1989 Bulls vs Celtics. I got to shoot a FT at halftime with other 6-7yr olds. I was last to shoot & it was running late + @DavidSchawel cc @WWBAD32 you will laugh at this one @yellowbuss I totally agree and that would be lost, but think overall game would improve @yellowbuss like I said, I totally changed my tune over last few years... originally really against it, but calls change game a lot @VegaVandal 😂#schawelstoriesWent to the game in mid 90s when Albert Belle got caught with a corked bat. Spent next two weeks attempting to cork a wood bat for my game @gatorcapital very good stuff @EventDrivenMgr there'd still be an umpire but they wouldn't call balls & strikesI've really changed my tune on this but I no longer see a compelling reason to keep human home plate umpires @michaelafulton wish there was an app for directionsCubs have to feel good one of these two pitchers won't lead off the series