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Investment management at @newriverinvest , CFA. Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products. david at newriverinvestments dot com

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@jcbarrett2000 Ridiculous @teasri @RobinWigg Historically I assume. What about going forward? Any reason we should expect that to hold? @SconnieTrader I don't agree. You need multiple stars to contend. Wouldn't have happened in his last two years of h… @SconnieTrader Meh, maybe. Either way losing 3rd round picks won't be the deciding factor, bigger issue is whether he's the guy or not. @SconnieTrader being an 8 seed and getting bounced is no way to live. Sadly need to be bad to get high picks etc. Butler is a great player @SconnieTrader Because there's no use being .500 at best. You're in purgatory. Fan of rebuilding, not a fan of that offer. @SconnieTrader that's dumb, I think trubisky is going to be really good. Don't like the Butler trade though @SconnieTrader Bulls/blackhawks/Bears/White Sox @SconnieTrader Should scare you that you think like a Bears fan!The classic 30% off with your first purchase trick you ever wonder why athletes go broke, take five minutes and read this article: @DowdEdward Oh puhlease! LolSaw a small REIT pop the last two weeks for no apparent reason, and then a huge secondary today 🤔 @ReformedBroker on the bright side, Rose wants to come back @IvanTheK that was easy @ByScottPowers any chance they would trade him for another RFA in a change of scenery deal? @ARKblockchain Brexit was what, a 1-2 day drop? Also not sure there was material BTC volume during Grexit. No real… @ARKblockchain So you're walking back it being a "disaster hedge"? Those examples, as you acknowledged, were nowhere close to disasters. @m00nsnacks @ARKblockchain That's fine and maybe you'll be right but it hasn't been tested yet. @sspencer_smb @ARKblockchain "Problems"? Minor bad data is way different than "disaster hedge" how he framed it whi… @ARKblockchain for all we know crypto could perform even worse than stocks in a 2008 scenario @ARKblockchain Has this theory been tested yet? That MIGHT be true, but has crypto been around during a capital markets crash yet? @microcaptrader1 Nice, you've got a high point furniture company in there @mark_dow partly cloudy in Laguna? @microcaptrader1 what are current positions? @RobinWigg hard to know when you're the center of it?
@quantian1 U571 @mark_dow @IvanTheK Trick question- the best hot dog isn't even included😂😂😂 #CWSFinals @BarstoolChief Gagner played with Kane at London right? They trying to reunite?Blog: 100 people have $100 each, each minute one random person gives someone else a dollar -- what happens?
Retweeted by David Schawel @TVarmageddon I don't know - I'm probably 2/3 it goes lower, but not a lot of conviction @EconomPic I was going to say, you're more optimistic than I am, and I'm telling you it's not awful! @EconomPic It's not attractive and I'm not a fan but if that ends up being true it's far from awful in this market imo @EconomPic annually or cumulative? @EconomPic let's say 12-15% of coupon income less default losses etc...maybe a very low return but still unlikely you'd get crushed imo @EconomPic on a HTM basis, what would you guess the total return would be on that portfolio (guessing 5-6y wam)? @TheArmoTrader good answerWill the next 20% for $KRE be higher or lower? @No_Little_Plans @FiveThirtyEight Agree he won't, but I don't think that makes it a failure. Fact he can even hang… @ByScottPowers just subscribed for a year, thanks @FiveThirtyEight @No_Little_Plans Unrelated, but how many athletes without baseball experience could put up the sta…'s train-ride read: Why working at 84 Lumber could net you a $200,000 salary, or even $1 million
Retweeted by David Schawel @zatapatique @dougtee "Quit telling your stupid story about your stupid desert and die already" @zatapatique @dougtee "I hate it!!" @DividendMaster @adoxen secondary market of LL's has weakened a bit this month. See my retweet of @lastbadasstion @DividendMaster PFN and AWF have very broad exposure (corp, mortgage, EM, IG, govt) @BromonaTheBrave 😂😂😂 @DividendMaster You're comparing apples and oranges. Floating rate IG GS and JPM notes in ETF form is much diff than lev loans in CEF form. @DividendMaster one is leveraged and holds junk rated paper, the other is non levered with mainly IG paper, no? @LongShortTrader To be fair, hasn't that been an argument for a few years now? @Muniguy2012 No you're not an idiot - as long as you realize the risks (like any other investment) @DavidSchawel Secondary has been sliding bit by bit since June 9. Investors are pushing back on repricings. Most pr…
Retweeted by David SchawelLoan market starting to soften just a bit? @michaelafulton If I had gone to UNC I'd have witnessed college ball titles - instead I got Gottfried @zackmansfield @pearkes I suppose the practice of it isn't different, but arguably the usefulness. I've even seen TA applied to th… you imagine trying to explain technical analysis of cryptocurrencies to a non market person? Actually, to even… @M_C_Klein @alexandrascaggs sometimes fortune is on your side how upset some Ethereum Forked "investors" get when an ICO announces they are going to sell ETH to be assured…
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@Morgan_03 🙄"XYZ is down 20% this week!" "Yeah, but it's also up 100% year to date" Why does the former typically generate a larger emotional reaction?Whatever the asset, interesting how a big drop in price elicits such a bigger reaction than a big gain @DarrenDreger all dozen of his former teams?End of an era: High Schools increasingly doing away with lockers week will be Santander Consumer? (kidding)Buffett with his second investment in a heavily shorted company in consecutive weeks @TheStalwart well, only one is honest @TheDomino loved that movie @TheDomino Planes, trains, andtick tock... @17thStCap A middle market i bank I would guessLagging the liability repricing on the way up is how banks make $’s Minimum Wage Hike May Have Gone Too Far
Retweeted by David Schawel @eleanorrduncan they're attracted to matching shirts and fanny packs
@77cyko @IvanTheK puns are freon Sunday's @IvanTheK Seems like a lot of hot air to me @stkbullgod it was just a pun @jamiepastore I can't resist a good cryptopunEthereum under $300 feels like virtually free money