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Investment manager. Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products.

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PIMCO loves the IHRT 1L TL, significantly adding to its position in 3Q, loans now trading at ~75 after touching the high 80s in March.Was thinking about this again this morning. Everyone acts rational from their own perspective.
@2ndCityHockey Saad doesn’t count?? @zackmansfield @GeoffHunterNYC I can’t tell if he’s an idiot or kidding @Morgan_03 @nycsouthpaw YUGTBFKM @CapitalObserver that’s not important, I can say 1,900 or 2,100 if you want. Pt is that dominance will continue to… love the people who are so bulled up on crypto but poke holes at $AMZN which is basically steamrolling everyone &…’s a coin pickers market out there @michaelafulton @zackmansfield IB is bloomy @YoloCapMgmt I don’t buy this faux humility he’s trying to present👀 IB sent to me: “I bought some litecoin. Whatever, FOMO man. I can live if it goes to 0, but will hate myself if i… @IvanTheK @verizonfios Hey @verizonfios - no way Ivan cuts the cord. He’s had his landlines with you all since Ghostbusters came out. @barrybonds78 Has nothing to do with the future. I’m speaking about what people believe today.Regardless of your LT view of crypto, few think they’ll replace major currencies or be used like Visa to buy a cup… @TheStalwart Love how the quote they found from his letter says, “You will not hear about Passport shutting down”
@richardswarr Haha! @YoloCapMgmt cut the weeds and water the flowers!$GS missing from the ETF holdings @EconomPic @CliffordAsness @Nonrelatedsense @Foulke_David there’s plenty of broad beta instruments in FI (curve pos… @SuperMugatu tbf not sure any tweet should start out, “I have a seeking alpha article” @LucianaPatrizia chicken parm? @conorsen Conordoesn’t mean they’ll be burned, but making a large amount of money quickly will impact their behavioral tendencies in later investmentsSimilar to being burned after the financial crisis, the psychological impacts will stay with get rich quick $BTC in… @xvrmdf the window to answer that tweet closed two years ago!
@BrynneKKelly You’re a risk taker! @MikeTannenbaum @EconomPic @teasri I wasn’t even born when the first two came out! @MikeTannenbaum ahhh, misread. Yes, probably an average amount. Just nothing sci-fi likeFeel very comfortable to say that I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies. imposing smoke from #ThomasFire today. Looking west from Newbury Park.
Retweeted by David Schawel @IvanTheK You have the BTC fever too!? @FitzBeatSr you one proud dad? @WillBrinson Rivers has had a better career overall than Eli. Discuss (and spare me the Super Bowls) @SconnieTrader Congrats on the OT win over the 0-13 BrownsPoor Browns @teasri We’ve basically been long VXX for 30 straight years @teasri There’s very few moral and actual victories as a bears fan! @teasri I said getting beat, no? Also losing one player doesn’t mean you stop playing games.Love it! Bears winning and the Packers getting beat by the lowly Browns! @mbusigin @MayankSeksaria @teasri If what you’re implying is that investment is being passed up because buyback yie… @MayankSeksaria @teasri @mbusigin was more being sarcastic with that example. I think by definition typically you’r… @teasri @MayankSeksaria @mbusigin plenty of R&D for drug discovery/development:) @teasri @MayankSeksaria @mbusigin On a micro level I’ve yet to see an example of a company passing on any substanti… @BNightengale @AaronLemingNFL Hahn playing his hand well, again.
I would love love to see Coinbase’s 4Q financials @KCJHoop The 90s @Morgan_03 @mark_dow that is definitely not his style, here’s his ride if you’ve never seen it @GoodCleanSports I just LOOK like Ted Cruz @michaelsantoli @Macropsychology tbf RH power hitters don’t win championships (though they may help)In the words of George Costanza, “Was that wrong?” @michaelbatnick Ok now you need to post that gif @arampell Cool video , nice job
@BarstoolChief all thanks to Seabrook. He had their best interests at heart. @RobinWigg all this mining is turning us into a commodity driven economy!! @EconomPic @CliffordAsness Yeah and like you mention, things like non-agy are harder to account for/compare. @EconomPic @CliffordAsness Well of course both USTs & Corps earn the rate portion, so by definition the “spread” is… @CliffordAsness but it seems equally silly to claim alpha by simply buying bonds with significantly higher carry/cr… @CliffordAsness I go back and forth on this. One can argue that nobody has forced FI managers to overweight IG/HY/e… @PragmaticProfit I’m diplomatic @Nonrelatedsense Yeah I’m sure that’s an option for buyers of long duration corp debt!The 40y $BABA bonds are interesting. Wide spread, but is it worth taking that term risk on a relatively opaque comp…, they should’ve gone for the truckload of membership fees instead.
@WLV_investor How does it feel to be internet famous? @TheSovaGroup CYNK @EconomPic @followtheh @svrnco Well I know what you’re doing now tomorrow @followtheh I hear you. Given the volume Coinbase handles id just be surprised if they were attempting to do that.… @followtheh I think it would be dangerous to attempt that and not what they’re in the business of doing. Could be wrong but that’s my guess.This is referred to as arbitrage, but I don’t believe Coinbase is engaged in this. @Morgan_03 I can’t believe how few of HFs own Amazon @TheStalwart Agency identified MBSThis isn’t how people on Twitter operate, but the last sentence is the best one: “People should calm down about th…*BN: COINBASE ADDED TO SIFI LIST @WillBrinson Does the Browns GM get to take all those draft picks with him?
@pearkes @jamiepastore @Macropsychology “Fed is crushing the savers” “Fed is crippling the borrowers!” @ArchMcClure @pearkes @barstoolWSD Ozzie was also traded to the Sox on this day @michaelbatnick This one aged like Eli Manning’s arm! @Nonrelatedsense 🙄