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@asaruxin @Jared_Carrabis just friendly banter! @Jared_Carrabis haha, nicely played @Jared_Carrabis 0-5 today with 5 k's. No risk he's not a star right!? Mostly kidding w you! @IvanTheK @btaubz @WillardOfOdds I used that same GIF this morning to describe the white sox clubhouse @IvanTheK he's ended up being a great deal for the Mets. Don't think they gave up much iircIt's about that time for my man JR!! The Hall is getting a serious upgrade today #HOF2016
Retweeted by David Schawel @17thStCap you're right it is -can't prove or disprove any of this stuff anyways @17thStCap were living in it right now @17thStCap I understand his point that global coordination of CB's could be risky, & said difficult to assess what downside would beInteresting thought. Difficult to assess downside risks here though. @kltblom agree, it's been a disaster. A lot of room for improvement @TheStalwart @bySamRo jealous, he's going to have a sick cell phone plan @dimsumyoulose @naufalsanaullah hahaha well said @marie_lcm Yeah but like I say all the time, being against one side doesn't mean you're for the other. Many ppl in this camp. @SoBendito I think it's probably worse. That being said, many babies aren't cute, but hard for parents to see/hear that @SoBendito yeah I hear you. What would be the motivation to ever say that though? Spite? @dimsumyoulose @naufalsanaullah @LadDave @DailySignal still a horrible idea IMO @SoBendito would you ever tell a 5y old girl she wasn't as cute as she thought? @Davidschawel if there's any enterprise I don't want handling my money it's the U.S. Postal ServiceElizabeth Warren rails against big banks but wants the Post Office to get a banking charter & hand out loans? 😂 @barstoolWSD *Walks into the White Sox clubhouse and looks around* @conorsen @georgepearkes I'm much less sophisticated with a gas Weber grill @georgepearkes Loolol I was just about to post something similar @JodyShenn @TheStalwart that was an unexpected reply, Jody!!Start your Sunday with a chart of failed expectations.
Retweeted by David SchawelYou can't rationalize away Clinton's corruption as the way it's always been because Trump's nativism and preying on fears of "others" is too
Retweeted by David Schawel @TheStalwart Agree. I think anchor (consensus views) & adjustment is very common. @TheStalwart wouldn't reading someone on that be the same thing? @BillSimmons @ringer @MJ_Baumann Yes, and I want a pony @FreeJoshGordon_ @Red_Sox_Strong delusional - they want the best pitcher at 27y with the best contract w/out having to give up top talent @CataCarryOn at least he didn't pick a fight
@LongShortTrader do you think he's trying to scare to get people out to vote? @Red_Sox_Strong then they won't get Sale, zero chance @BromonaTheBrave White Sox had a hilarious incident tonight @BromonaTheBrave just trying to keep you awake! @BromonaTheBrave Derrick Rose traded BACK to the Bulls. Luc Longley considering coming out of retirement @bySamRo I've found these tips very helpful, Sam. @SI_PeterKing why not? A top 3 pitcher who is 27 and with the most team friendly contract in baseball? @quantian1 I went to opening day at new comiskey in '91, we had season tickets in 90s before I moved here in '01 @quantian1 wait you're a white sox fan too? @DavidHaugh get the feeling he really might be tradedAwful stuff. @JeffKDavis1 didn't they get acquired this week? @YourTearsYummy @JonHeyman @myknuckleballs unlikely a deal will be done - if I were Boston I'd give up a ton given their ML roster @YourTearsYummy read this @YourTearsYummy my mistake, looks like mid 6s last few years and on pace for 6.5-7 this year. Trading that known at 27 for unknown=huge risk @YourTearsYummy you're enamored with a prospect & overvaluing unknown potential vs actual value. I get it. Last I will say on it. @YourTearsYummy Sale is a 8-9 WAR/yr player with a contract at 30% of his fair mkt value. Moncada may never be a 8/war a year player. @BradBiggs don't think I've seen something like this before for two FA signingsHome prices vs BART stops the same chart as showing rates have fallen since the 80s IMF Director Christine Lagarde is so worried about anti-globalization sentiment
Retweeted by David Schawel @YourTearsYummy @jcbarrett2000 Guy who has never stepped foot in the big leagues is a hall of fame talent? Take off the red glasses dudeThis is the good stuff @Democracy4Can fear, terrorism, recession? Great question. Don't know. @DumbLuckCapital this was even below that - NASL league @dougtee @IvanTheK I was, but I'm not going to leave it up after I see it's incorrect @IvanTheK I took it down earlier because it was misleading & didn't come from dem side @quantian1 I'm feeling anyone but the current candidatesWent to a soccer match last night &there was the token annoying fan who wouldn't shut up.Why is those fans NEVER make even one good comment? @BlairReeves believe whatever you want - makes zero diff do me @BlairReeves I've seen links deleted off of tweets! @BlairReeves yeah I'm sure all of the hundreds of complaints are a coincidence
@NateSilver538 Maybe, but you kind of have to say this. Too much downside if you say it's a landslide & Trump somehow wins. @DavidSchawel and Cleveland winning a championship! @DavidSchawel and low vol funds holding FacebookAnti abortion Democrat and a Republican that doesn't want to support NATO & wants to bring back glass steagall. 2016 is weird. @YourTearsYummy @jcbarrett2000 @JonHeyman you're on crack if you think that's a realistic offerHeartbreaking stories starting to emerge from #Munich shooting @rcallimachi
Retweeted by David Schawel @crossdefault usually you can, must have been a different scenario for whatever reason @crossdefault prob liquidating an old warrant positionFirst time I've seen $SIVB have lower QoQ assets in forever. Looks like pressure on leverage ratio & likely pushing deposits off. @mark_dow probably means they keep going. I only know one person on here who likes staples @ASmolokoff a 7-9 WAR/yr player signed for 4y at 40% of his true market value. Possible no prospect return equals that value.But I'm biased! @ASmolokoff to get an elite guy like that without trading someone on the ML roster? Do it everyday. Prospects don't always pan out! @jcbarrett2000 team is stuck in mediocrity, but you still don't trade them unless you get a historic return @ASmolokoff don't laugh, but Moncada, Benintendi, Devers, Kopech and more is likely the ask. No comparable player & contract has been dealt @jcbarrett2000 @JonHeyman he wouldn't go to the Cubs. Red Sox, Dodgers, or Rangers IMO @ASmolokoff you don't trade one of the league's top 5 pitchers (with a crazy favorable contract) for Moncada alone. Would require WAY more. @jcbarrett2000 @JonHeyman exactly, I don't know if there's a package big enough that a team would agree to @JonHeyman is there a package big enough to land Sale? @georgepearkes more like latercast ammirite? @RebeccaJarvis haha I endorse this idea @Chris_arnade it's all adding up now ;)statistics showing lower crime don't convince people they're safer today with these crazy shootings happening. Fear trumps charts. @montoyan @SkeleCap @Morgan_03 @TheStalwart I hate all of you for the record! @_CB01 and hashtagsRegardless of who did this, the idea of Europe is done in light of past 2 years. Done. It will either adapt to new reality or be torn apart.
Retweeted by David Schawel @LongShortTrader statistics can improve & people can feel less safe. Not all deaths trigger the same amount of emotional response @ttmygh good points @awealthofcs there's a lot of downside to social media too - Kelly's post summed it up fairly wellState Dept. spokesman calls out a reporter for playing Pokemon Go during a briefing:
Retweeted by David SchawelPIMCO thinks Italian govt should buy NPLs funded with low cost borrowing. Irony isn't lost. @The_Analyst you're better than that jordan, cmonISI on baa yields vs multiples, gdp, capex. Not sure how much signal there is, but fwiw since people been discussing
Retweeted by David SchawelWe need more apartments and houses although the challenges differ a bit for building more of each:
Retweeted by David Schawel @callieabost hooray! @davealevine consider yes, but you can't pursue everything in life @IvanTheK @TheDomino it was a "does Ivan have me on mute" tweet @TheDomino sell land line service to all Yahoo mail addresses?