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Run opportunistic income strat at @newriverinvest , CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, & structured products. david at newriverinvestments dot com

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@treeee50 Breckenridge @WBPetersen some trail going up over BreckenridgeMorning hike!
@WBPetersen @77cyko Breckenridge @Vox_Magoo good eye @aymeric70 BreckenridgeWeekend view @largecaptrader1 buy an old CFA level 1-2 Kaplan study guide. The old ones can probably be bought for almost nothing @Chris_arnade just a little light hearted convo at 530amAirport security guy didn't like when he asked if I had anything in my pockets I said "lint" @TheStalwart HBD!
@griffinmcgee just do it?Wow @Cimmerian999 @RolfeWinkler @pmarca 🎶Sometimes I dream...that he is me...🎶 @Cimmerian999 @RolfeWinkler @pmarca not only that, Michael Jordan once finished second in the league in scoring!Did the WSJ really write a story, right or wrong, that these guys only did great but not quite the greatest? Really?
Retweeted by David Schawel @barstoolWSD told ya! @barstoolWSD agree, but App St has a great D, veteran QB & RB and solid OL. It'll be a game. They hung in there at Clemson last year @barstoolWSD Not a slouch programNever a bad time for one of these #LacroixTwitter great Craigslist ad via @valuewalk
Retweeted by David Schawel @matt_levine the good old "notes don't get priced so no exposure to up & down swings" trick @DividendMaster I like them but don't love the price and don't love the economics that Fortress gets @SoBendito NNN? @TheStalwart Casper (arrives in a box), Tuft & Needle @DividendMaster I've done the analysis, need to find $105 collateral to call at $100 and issue at $105 again.Not a substantial amt out there @DividendMaster that is probably true @DividendMaster I bought one of their deals that they came to market with @DividendMaster the economics aren't huge on those deals & there's really not a ton where the arb is available. Not very material imo @DividendMaster Yep, I know their balance sheet well @DividendMaster why does it deserve a premium to BV? @DividendMaster why do you like NRZ so much? @griffinmcgee baller!!!Is Vanguard subject to max ownership thresholds like all other investors? @ttmygh Yandex email gives it tons of validity!Labor day special podcast from the Jason and Scot Show - an interview with Seth Beal head of Walmart Marketplace:
Retweeted by David Schawel @jazz3162 congratulations! @M_C_Klein suppose it makes sense, might as well utilize it @DavidSchawel wouldn't have immediately thought WalmartThe Top 25 Companies by Solar Capacity thing about 2016 is I haven't seen a "What is Dr. Copper telling us?" article. @IvanTheK @Starbucks that's a sign for you: put away the crocs for the year @kocherlakota009 @TheStalwart I believe that,but why is the answer to push the envelope w unprecedented experimentation for the sake of ⬆️G? @TheStalwart @kocherlakota009 I think central bankers are too obsessed with stimulating growth - slow growth isn't calamity
@groditi @PScatterpatter I didn't see anything wrong with the bill cracking down on payday lenders,they should have much greater regulation @CharmAndDecay @jvposter @Nutbag31 you'll probably end up winning just bc of this hazing @jvposter @CharmAndDecay @Nutbag31 he traded up and back for the entire 5th round @CharmAndDecay @Nutbag31 @jvposter did you forfeit your 1st round pick!?Wall Street in a nutshell? @PScatterpatter none of above, just reiterating I more often than not am in opposition to her views (just not always!) @PScatterpatter yeah I mean 9/10 times I disagree w her & can't stand her... @PScatterpatter I dislike her in aggregate, but doesn't mean I can't see good in some things she's done/stood for @groditi @LadDave you can debate its efficacy but there needs to be a regulator for consumer oriented biz & IMO it's net positive all told @LadDave most people didn't read what I said, there are some good things she's done (create CFPB, go after Valeant & Mylan etc) @SconnieTrader area code Twitter handles, he's trying to start a trendHeaven forbid I say something with an ounce of positivity about Elizabeth Warren @LJKawa @georgepearkes FYI for your peeps back in the motherland @JBoorman even if you think she's a negative on net, there's still good things she's done (suggest CFPB, this Mylan fight, etc) @Nonrelatedsense @FZucchi my original tweet said some @FZucchi I don't think that's a fair analysis, and again I'm not a fan of her in general. BUT, she def has done good such as proposing CFPB @FZucchi well they're also issues worth pursuing @DavidSchawel it's a shame she isn't head of the CFPBThere's plenty I don't like about Elizabeth Warren, but you have to respect & appreciate her tenacity and fight on certain issuesBREAKING: Brazil's President Rousseff removed from office by Senate in impeachment trial
Retweeted by David Schawel🚨🚨Signs of life in non-agency 🚨🚨 @IvanTheK maybe we should just fix this ridiculous system that promotes this behavior? @scotwingo amazing how big this aspect is becomingMust read article frm Bloomberg's @devinleonard + @spencersoper about Amazon's logistics capabilities and ambitions:
Retweeted by David Schawel @DividendMaster not many layups in the market right nowI'm inspired by @TravisRudolph5
Retweeted by David Schawel
@ShitFund because they're very different models with one of the only similarities being they're both REITs? @danwiederer no braverman? @CrookedCapital @_oldmangloom I suppose to him, where he eats sleeps and drinks Vikings football, it's devastating but yeah... @_oldmangloom yes but also reached out to his dead father "spiritually". Yikes, it's just football. @_oldmangloom reaching out to his dead father? @AdamHoge stop trolling everyone, I don't believe you @JamesMarsh79 @awealthofcs naturally what I'm saying carries additional risk & what Ben is saying is more conservative(not saying I'm right) @gadawgck @awealthofcs unless you believe inflation falls even further! Never know @JBoorman @awealthofcs but agree, have seen many take out mortgages to arb low cost of debt with credit portfolio @awealthofcs and you get no use or return on that $ for all those years (locking in an arguably negative real return on the years in b/t) @awealthofcs maybe, but let's think about this. You're paying a $1 today towards a $X debt owned in (yrs of mortgage left) @awealthofcs so arguably you lose the liquidity, flexibility & ability to earn anything on it @awealthofcs Nice piece. One thing about paying down mtg early is the loan doesn't re-amortize, so the savings isn't until the end @ElliotTurn awesome! @mark_dow in theory you could do both! @IvanTheK any place on 34th street? @BTabrum @KenVeksler know him? We share the same photographer! @BTabrum go on...Uber iraised capital just to buy time until self driving cars can replace its drivers and keep 100% of ride revenue. Isn't this obvious?
Retweeted by David Schawel @conorsen sounds like a liability waiting to happenI think I hated memes until I saw this one @jonsticha hate to see that, awful stuff @jonsticha anyone can create real time narratives around their @tableau dashboards using Wordsmith.
Retweeted by David Schawel @SkeleCap @WFAssetMgmt when? @chigrl what's next, organic ramen noodle soup?! @BradBiggs trade one of their extra LBs for a CB? @kocherlakota009 @Claudia_Sahm The ole, "on one hand...on the other hand"Great article
@The_Analyst yes