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Investment management CIO. Love to talk markets and Chicago sports. NC State alum. Views are my own.

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@nastywomanatlaw sameBOOM. Check it out. @M_PaulMcNamara makes his Odd Lots debut. If you're interested in what's happening in Turkey an…
Retweeted by David SchawelNo love for cyclicals @special_sits so easy @JodyShenn Yeah, companies in the index def come and go all the time. Just an extreme way to view one sectors curre… information technology sector of the S&P 500 is projected to earn $41 in EPS for 2019. If you bought the low…
@YoloCapMgmt I keep them around for the future embarrassment @BarstoolChief Not sure they have the assets, especially after trading next year’s 2ndYoung Mexican ballplayers want to come and play in the major leagues. Teams such as the Cubs are offering million d… @AaronLemingNFL He will be a tough contract if he has a big year @AdamSinger Now put a rocket ship in your handle! @bySamRo have you? @AdamSinger They are delusional. Hey guy, you know what also fell 90%? Thousands of companies that never recovered and never became Apple! @AdamSinger I love how the baseline assumption is that BTC is comparable to those!How strong were earnings in 2Q? 56% of S&P 500 companies beat consensus earnings, the highest since 2010. Only 9% m… news for #CRISPR gene editing and other gene therapies! Scott Gotlieb at the #FDA and Francis Collins at the…
Retweeted by David Schawel @IvanTheK KHC is always playing ketchup @jordw @BromonaTheBrave my flights are too short to rack up enough MQMs. Need a few more MQSs this year to at least… @DavidHaugh Will be a disaster of a season for this rule @AaronLemingNFL also leblanc with the fair catch at the 4 didn’t help @crowdturtle @SuperMugatu fun doing drinks gents! @beyondreasdoubt sick
Friends in China told me about this a few months ago, and I couldn’t believe it. How disgusting. “China’s Uighur C… @M_PaulMcNamara sheesh @M_PaulMcNamara wtf? @RodBoydILM I laughed @Morgan_03 @YoloCapMgmt it’s true @YoloCapMgmt That would result in a lot more naked positionsVery interesting. Shows the success of newer brands such as RX Bar @MayankSeksaria sorry Mayank! @trengriffin wonder why market dynamics do not force change (less restaurants, lower rents, less people willing to try it, etc) @PScatterpatter The struggle is real @trengriffin Good stuff! Thanks Tren!Whoa, here's one of the most amazing pitches you'll ever see. A company with just $165K in the bank and declining r…
Retweeted by David Schawel @EconomPic I don’t know! @EconomPic I think that exists, but don’t believe that represents the median outcome @EconomPic if that’s indeed the case, that seems like the definition of insanity“... This study explored restaurant ownership turnover rates using qualitative data, longitudinal data (1996-1999),… @Nonrelatedsense Quantifying your first two sentences is what I’m interested in knowing. Also how do we know if the… @tangentstyle Agree @Nonrelatedsense correct, but even a restaurant that shuts down may have recouped their $ (or close) but maybe didn… @Nonrelatedsense I think the responses to my tweet are off. If an owner clears 10k/yr they’re probably shutting dow… @EconomPic shutting down doesn’t mean you’ve got a -90% IRR @AdamSinger Baby Musk!anyways, I would love to see the return distribution on a large population of restaurants in NYC. Also would be int…
If you had to guess, what’s the 10yr IRR of the median new restaurant in NYC? @mark_dow Funny just had this conversation with @TheStalwart the other day. Max pain might be 2-3y longer of recove… @LucianaPatrizia @CristelleFr travels to and from New York with lots of meetings! Need some sleep, and maybe 🍷 @CristelleFr @LucianaPatrizia have a nice weekend to you both!Buy side is suddenly uber bullish on Keytruda/MRKI spoke with the @bandwidth CEO on @BloombergTV on his investment in Raleigh, how tech is attracting businesses to…
Retweeted by David Schawel @EconomPic Despicable
What did all of today’s quotes update except for tech? @morganhousel Walmart
@TheStalwart 10 is the floor @hmeisler my 10c is that it isn’t about Turkey @michaelafulton McRibML highlights how strong 2Q earnings came in: “It's not all tax reform, as pre-tax profits have come in 2% above ex… @jposhaughnessy @HutchCPA_I @CliffordAsness @bpsandpieces @jfc_3_ @jlowin @MebFaber @modestproposal1 @awealthofcs @WillBrinson at least they’re not the same old BrownsWishing Indians a very happy independence day! I have never been more optimistic about India. Each day more and mor…
Retweeted by David Schawel @DavidHaugh have you requested an interview with CAA?
@RussianBear Agree, and also the first positive thing I’ve ever said about anything Maryland related @IvanTheK 1 out of the 2bil active users? @tracyalloway depends on the headline! Could say, “only 1 in 4 millennials are willing to work longer hours to fund a big purchase” @CliffordAsness @Yankees Can’t think that way, there’s a lot of randomness in baseball (best teams only win 60-65%… earnings right but multiple compression wrong is a painful (but learning) experience @SconnieTrader 🙄What we need are more outraged tweets about Tesla @BarbarianCap details details @jnorris427 ehhhh, not statistically at least. Torres may be better (or not), but his AA/AAA aren’t close to Eloy.… @jnorris427 there’s not four players over the last four years in the minors who can hit like him @Morgan_03 @BarbarianCap Higher the starting yield, the higher the forward 3y return. 1. Duh, more coupon income 2. We’re in a…
@AaronLemingNFL @adamjahns what’s the point of caving now? They should’ve done it from the get go. Waste of a monthSneaky, but I’m going to have to label this PIMCO graph a chart crime! @DAG_Investments correct, you don’t @Evan3Longoria It’s up hundreds of % in the last few years @TheStalwart The outcomes of modest inflation are far better than modest deflation (delayed purchasing, etc)