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Vanessa Hurst @DBNess New York, NY

engineering + continuous learning @Etsy. likes: books, computers, leaving things better than i found them. also, founding: @girldevelopit, @codemontage.

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Proud to say I've paid for employee babysitting expenses. @cecilycarver πŸ’šHow to fix OSS? Be overtly welcoming. Adopt a code of conduct. Recognize intersection of oppression. Support diverse orgs. @CoralineAda
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstYou can sign up for the @codecupcakeschi mailing list here to get the latest announcements via email:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI've determined the hiatus for @codecupcakeschi is done and I'm beginning to develop plans for new workshops this fall. Stay tuned.
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @duretti oh, I feel that way about writing or creative work. ppl often idolize it as sth super fluffy-fancy when it's often plain work
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstSometimes it's staring at logs for too long, or puzzling over a test failure
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLike, it's not all bleeding edge and AI and stuff
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI want to give a conference talk about how sometimes programming is boring
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
Exactly what I deserved for bringing up anemones :)
traditionally male expenses like hotels and drinks covered; traditionally female expenses like babysitting, nope
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstHappy to announce that I will be speaking at Beyond the Code in September! Check out the amazing lineup of speakers.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstImagine literally laying on the concrete with your arms in the air, unarmed, in broad daylight, calling out "don't shoot" & being shot.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstMy heart is broken by the #CharlesKinsey story. He was trying to tell police not to think that his patient, a man w/autism, was armed.
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Code Studio now supports Pair Programming! - a way for kids to interact while coding. via @TeachCode #CSforAll
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ICYMI: What I'm Doing Now
what you learn in school won't matter in 3 yrs. continuous learning matters, so enthusiasm matters, which is why I say πŸ‘‘ @b0rk 4 queen πŸ‘‘
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstChrome extension to replace β€œstarted programming at 13, before there was an Internet and computers were this big” with β€œnobody cares”
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What I'm Doing Now what workplace issues are the most likely to make you leave a role? RT for larger sample size?πŸ’–
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI just simply won't believe that a company that grew to have a seventh of humanity as its user base can't find ppl to hire.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstCan we just go ahead and admit we know diversity isn't really a priority for a good lot of these tech companies?
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI just published β€œDiversity is a broken product in tech. FIX IT.”
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstBiggest thing NYC tech folks get right? Civic-mindedness. (Maybe "New York-style" is good for tech *and* pizza? πŸ• )
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWhen I explain stacks v heaps to kids it will be in terms of pancakes and ________________. Please help!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThe Millennial mind is mainly occupied with landing the perfect job.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWe've partnered with @girldevelopit to add special programming and invite @corinnepw and national leadership team
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstExcited that @Etsy hired @ScriptEdOrg students Andrea & Samuel as #dev interns this summer! Thanks for supporting!
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so what about me & the hundreds of other students of color who graduate with CS degrees every year?
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @li3n3 ahh weddings... all the family input and strong opinions... "managed diverse group of highly invested stakeholders" :) good luck!!#OpenData Reveals $791 Million Error in Newly Adopted NYC Budget
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In gross profit, FB made $4.5b last quarter. That's 50 mil, every single day for the past 90 days.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI slept on this and I'm even more mad. 15 million? Do you know how much money Facebook makes in a day?
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstEnvy is accepting 3 Orlando-based junior/student designers/front-end developers for a mentorship this fall.
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @elaine_marino @Ellevest @SallieKrawcheck is πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒReporting grants for women's stories/journalism. Apply: via @IWMF CC @TheOpEdProject
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @theory totally live here, hahaha. <3 how the internet helps that not matter, though!Annnnnd Sweet Job Alert: I joined Etsy!'s been amazing. I learned so much from the @CodeMontage community that I am *literally* writing a book about it. #continuouslearningEndless love to @CodeMontage heroes @CourteneyErvin @JuliaElman @BMartinStudio @Elaine_Marino @TheresaFreet @nahurst, @CodeMontage is wrapping up operations, but the site will remain online and open source I've submitted it to product hunt:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI've written up more about the launch on medium:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstIntroducing Dependency CI - Continuous testing for your application's dependencies: πŸš€πŸš’πŸŽ‰
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I just backed Gay Girl Straight Girl: Season 1 on @Kickstarter
Organizing a day of mock technical interviews for job-seeking women in NYC. Anyone out there with experience interviewing who can help?
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWe’re excited to announce our new national HQ hires! Help us welcome LaVonna and Bindu!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWhoa. This "farmbot" shows just how much is possible when you marry computer science with other subjects: #CSforAll
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Do I even have rights when it comes to a virtual location imposed on me? Businesses have expectations, but this is my home.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstHonestly I'm confusing Pokemon with Pogs.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWe need a nationwide moratorium on traffic stops for minor infractions until we figure out how to fix them and to de-escalate this moment.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI just published β€œMy White Boss Talked About Race in America and This is What Happened” #blacklivesmatter #tech
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstβ€œMy White Boss Talked About Race in America and This is What Happened” by @MandelaSH
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstIn a sometimes-crazy world, never forget that THIS is an astronaut's official NASA portrait
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstblack women are regularly victims of police violence #SayHerName was started in response to lack of coverage for black women @kakebaby08
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @susanalmon @lara_hogan @rands thanks :)Note I did not say as a "working mom" because that'd be redundant. I am unfamiliar with any mom who is not constantly working.Celebrating my first week back in the office as a mom! Here's my @lara_hogan inspired #careerdonut
Empowering underrepresented communities through #coding, @C4QNYC seeks a Dir. of Access Code
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstInterested in a career in tech? Apply for a free 10mth coding bootcamp @C4QNYC by 7/8
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @C4QNYC grads casually crushing it πŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎ
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAgain.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOne of the most radical things white folks could do to end systemic racism is believe us when we tell them what it's like to be us.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI Need Justice, I Need Peace: A QTPOC Roundtable:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstFolks in management positions at companies, read @EricaJoy post.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThe white reaction that asks for peace from ppl getting killed but not the killers is a psychological response produced by white supremacy
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstTired of waking up to a new hashtag of another dead black person at the hands of police. So Tired of it. #PhilandoCastile #AltonSterling
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst.@girldevelopit alum & @skillcrush founder @addabjork: "Why I’m over getting girls to code"
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+1 like @Mo_Mack in action! Awesome :) I almost forgot! I've been accepted to @Stanford Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders @StanfordBiz! πŸ˜€
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstGot to be witness to our @POTUS saying "This is what a feminist looks like" #stateofwomen
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAND THEN at @whitehouse #StateofWomen Summit, I sat mere feet away as @Oprah interviewed @FLOTUS. Amazing. πŸ‘‘
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstFirst @girldevelopit + @salesforce classes held @gdinyc @gdiATX & @gdiBoston (see pic!) Next @gdichicago @gdidenver!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAlso, I met Lenny Kravitz. 😎
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThrilled to work w @rockchick322004 & inspired by @trailhead Trailblazers. We'll see GDI student Trailblazers soon!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAnnounced @girldevelopit @salesforce partnership on #TrailheaDX stage w @benioff! More here:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAttended @NCWIT Summit & fantastic @mharrisperry keynote. Here's a recap: #NCWITsummit (+met her in the elevator!)
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOkay y'all. It's been a cool month...but I don't have time to write abt it (yet?) so I'll tweet some highlights real quick. Bear with me!
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Aww, this bot is SO NICE
πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ from there and now we're HERE!!! Thank you @Google and @wfloyd for making it all possible! #BGCTakesNewYork
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One of the hardest parts about writing criticism of tech companies is that I know so many good people doing good work at these companies.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstGirl Develop It just added two Philly women to [our] national team!
Attending @strangeloop_stl ? Want to learn ally skills? A few workshop slots are still open during the preconf:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstTaking over the @medialab Instagram to showcase grad school life. Thanks for following!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOnly 7% of registered bone marrow/stem cell donors are Asian, making it hard to find a match. Get swabbed today!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstIn LOVE with all the great blogs coming from attendees of @WriteSpeakCode this year. 😍 Keep 'em coming! Working on a wrap up! #WSC2016Conf
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstHusband Creates New Game Developer Barbie After Wife Could Only Find It In One Skin Tone - ABC News - cc: @Barbie
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstGood morning! Catch me on Buffer's Culture Lab podcast and Blog this week. Episode 9. Enjoy 😊
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstso excited for all our new organizers! :)
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWant to be a defender of the internet? Join us at OTI! We're hiring for a Policy Program Associate & we want you!
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It's @AFSEnyc graduation day! "...anything is possible through software, design, technology, and the human spirit."
KatieConf speakers 😍😍😍
My @WriteSpeakCode speaker gift is a Wonder Woman apron. As person who ❀ cooking & Wonder Woman, this is πŸ‘πŸ‘ gifting.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLove that @WriteSpeakCode starts with a discussion of intersectionality #wsc2016conf
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThe productive feedback model from @WriteSpeakCode includes the tip that feedback be actionable, specific & kind. ❀️
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"It shouldn't be harder to hire women than it is to build self-driving cars." @alexqin (The industry's priorities made plain.) #wsc2016conf
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