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Vanessa Hurst @DBNess New York, NY

founder @girldevelopit & @codemontage. ♥ continuous learning, data, gratitude. coders can be superheroes & anyone can learn to code. see what I did there?

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@AlexW_GG \o/! feel free to email me (first name at girldevelopit dot com) & include budget & who's working on this, happy to help if I canWe've been teaching CS to high schoolers, and the experience has been eye-opening. @ScriptEdOrg #STEM #nyctech
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"Convert CSV to JSON with jq" from @noahsussman
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstconferences don’t exist without speakers. truly diverse lineups CANNOT exist without funding speaker travel/hotel/ticket.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWe act as if work is optional for women. It's not. My OpEd in @washingtonpost abt how false assumptions hurt us
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstNews! I'm teaching expanded Ally Skills Workshops, writing a book on Impostor Syndrome, doing public speaking, etc.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstTHIS: Fathers: maybe stop mentioning your daughters to earn credibility on women’s issues /b @joelarson4 /v @DBNess
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstICYMI, please support The @Offworld Collection, a hardcover book that features diverse voices taking about games!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWent to the @recursecenter party and shop talked about ASTs, compression algo. & git gc. Are you lacking such friends? Apply for a batch.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOur friends @G4C are hosting the Games and Media Summit at @Tribeca, 4/18. Get your early-bird discount: #G4CTribeca
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the magical black women of Twitter, Slack, Black Lives Matter, Ebony, LinkedIn, Black Girls Code, & the list goes on
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstthis is my new favorite headline. @joelle_emerson telling it like it is, always. @TechCrunch #Crunchies
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLast day to apply for Diversity & Inclusion schlrship for #StrataHadoop is Fri! … #BigData #womenintech #pocintech
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAny #Salesforce experts out there? We would love your volunteer help at @CoderDojoNYC:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWe've loved to have you join, code and learn along with us. Check out for more info on ongoing projects!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstHappy Friends Day!! You guys are the best ☺️
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💪 @lindsaylee13, @gdiindy chapter leader and solutions developr at @salesforce!
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"In GDI classes, we see women empowered to think differently about their capabilities once they learn how to code."
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstSlack's Erica Baker On Hiring A Head Of Diversity And The Need For Inclusion In Tech by @meganrosedickey
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst“We have to volunteer to do the busy work it takes to make diversity…” — @joelarson4 @paix120 regardless of changes in affordability of things, impact of having siblings with things vs not having siblings, etc. (2/2) :) @paix120 as a technologist & cranky middle child I resent the implication that "fairness" == children getting things at the same age (1/2)hey @nodejs community, @feross and I are your Individual Membership Directors ✨😳✨=>
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstBig Bird is now a VC.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstSome good points here. "Fathers: maybe stop mentioning your daughters to earn credibility on women’s issues"
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"@Etsy is the first U.S. company to complete reassessment as a Certified B Corp after going public" @chaddickerson“[I] think about women [how] I think of my daughter, paternalistically” — @joelarson4 declares Clinton first-ever female presidential candidate to win Iowa Caucus; says it still "feels" like a loss.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstEvery @NYTimes print issue from 1851 through 2002 can be found here:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI wrote about showing up to meetings, why it isn't always easy, and how we can make it better:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstSome real talk from @beerops. Thank you for writing this
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Love this analogy & distinction between charity & justice in #socialchange efforts by @MichaelDTubbs
Does anyone have any good blog posts or whatever on building dismissable onboarding steps into a Rails app?
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Here w/ @albertwenger @wesleyan_u teaching day long coding boot camp to women #learntocommit
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"We have to make sure all our kids are equipped for the jobs of the future." —@POTUS #CSforAll
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThanks @POTUS and @codeorg for pushing all schools to teach computer science! #CSforAll out the @DuckDuckGo Global Quack & Hack 2 today! you can improve search from your living room Global Quack & Hack day is underway! Help us build and improve the Instant Answers @DuckDuckGo users love: #GQH2
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAnd here's what we have to say about tracking on the internet: #PrivacyAware #DataPrivacyDay
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @madewithcode #MyCodeGirl 's are @TaraChk @SusanWojcicki @DBNess @silenok @emominasu #girlcoders
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We are excited to announce our 2016 Fellows! A fantastic and diverse group pushing Processing & co to new places!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWe're going to be featured at the screening of @codegirlmovie at the @athenafilmfest in February! Join us!...
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @brwngrldev congratulations!!!!Finally official: I'm now an Android Google Developer Expert!!! 🎉💃🎉 #androiddev #gde
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOne more time: Diversity = hiring people from different groups and cultures. Inclusion = creating an environment where they can succeed.
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"@TpTdotcom is much more a community where resources are getting sold than it is a marketplace" @AdamFreed the face of angel investing. Join @PipelineAngels: #changetheratio #angelinvesting
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If your bootcamp is getting good use out of @exercism_io, please consider contributing to the @travis_fnd grant!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstEver wondered why so few video games have loading screen mini-games? Blame software patents.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThis post is a perfect example why I read @catehstn h/t @DBNess
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThis is why I don't fault anyone for opting out of it. It is very high risk/low reward in an industry where just existing is a risk for some
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAnnual reminder that doing diversity and inclusion work in addition to your regular work will always have negative repercussions. Always.
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst.@catehstn wrote some advice for men who like to give advice. My fav part:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLove this profile of data scientist Diane Hu of @Etsy on @CareerContessa
Join us 4 a live hangout with @katherine_kuan @puf and learn about @Android development #devstudyjam #StudyJamsLive
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstMeet @BasiaCoulter, chapter leader for @gdirdu by checking out her spotlight!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThe Disney movies our daughters watch on repeat? See how little women actually speak in them
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I've given multiple versions of that talk to different audiences, but the theme is the same: teaching helps you stay in touch with humility.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAnd @saronyitbarek brought up a talk I've given: What Beginners Teach Us and here's a video
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstTick-tock tick-tock - 5 days left to submit your awesome @postgresql talk for @PGConfUS! Don't forget!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThe Nebraska.Code() call for speakers is open! #NebraskaCode
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @__apf__ "Usable security is science, but not enough people treat it like science." #enigma2016
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"Who Belongs in Tech?" Check out our latest Inclusion Labs study with @Pinterest. via @clrom
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstRSVP ☛ @ProPublica staff talk social strategy for their Patient Harm series at @HacksHackersNYC tomorrow — #HHNYC
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstopen invitation to asians in tech who care about a more equitable tech society: hit me up to be informed & learn to speak up. get involved.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstFOSS developer, dev intern openings and more:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstNSF to pull funding from institutions that don't address (gendered) harassment. Huge. /via @JacquelynGill @chanders
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstTune in 12pm ET tmrw @SiriusXMStars Ch 109 for #girlsintech creating #apps to help their communities @LesleyChilcott @codegirlmovie #STEM
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstJoin the @DuckDuckGo Global Quack & Hack 2 Saturday, January 30
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWhy Google Will Not Be Diverse Anytime Soon |interesting take, there are ecosystem effects of communities in cities
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstHopSkipDrive, The Ridesharing Startup For Kids, Grabs $10.2M In Series A Funding by @fitztepper
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstGood morning! Have you proposed to speak at @CSVConference yet? Application is open until February 15!
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@sarahsharp @outreachy @gsoc @XOrgFoundation @RailsGirlsSoC We've got lots of (paid) FOSS internships!
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @sarahsharp I created a list that has some more.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWhat open source internship programs are out there besides @outreachy and @gsoc? There's @XOrgFoundation EVoC, @RailsGirlsSoC, @OSFramework
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst#cville #staunton #hburg Join @ann_lewis this Thursday for "#tech , where do I fit in?" Register:
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@jovialjoy happy birthday, world-changer!The Scully Effect - a perceptible increase of women entering the fields of science, medicine, and law enforcement
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst{FREE Live Class} Learn to Code & Get Hired. 1/28 @ 3pm. All attendees will get our ebook!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThe latest @FastForwardLabs newsletter is on ethics of machine intelligence. Check it out:
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Pssst.... @KierenJameson and I are presenting an #HourOfCode workshop at #16NTC! See you there? cc @codeorg #nptech
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstNeed a break from the snow? Don't just veg out in front of a screen - make something for it! Try out these Snow...
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstCan you recommend spaces that can hold a ~300 person weekend-long event in NYC? I'm helping organize a thing, and it's research time.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstHave our @leveleducation students work on data projects for you! Sign up here:
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @SpaceAppsNYC thank you for the invite! Just sent a DM @olivierlacan congratulations!! 😍Preparations for @SpaceApps 2016 in NYC are underway! Interested in sponsoring? DM us! Check out 2015 sponsors:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI'm pretty much convinced that if you want a team to go fast, a feeling of momentum is more important than a sense of urgency.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstCOOLNESS Vimeo Is Going to Start Funding Female Filmmakers via @WIRED
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstToday we launch year 3 of our #PublicVoices Fellowship at @ColumbiaU. Here are FAQs about the fellowship:
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"As a former Outreachy intern, I strongly believe this program is making a huge change" @vkmc on @OpenStack interns.
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Truth: much of software engineer is fixing other peoples code & refactoring old crusty code & stringing together frameworks & APIs. Dassit.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstSomehow people in the Valley have perpetuated this lie that all of software engineering is designing world changing algorithms.
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @EricaJoy there may be more asians in tech, but it's due to the stereotype that we behave and assimilate.
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @ewoyke huge congratulations to @techreview!! ;)Got sales skills? Want to use them for good? @codeforamerica needs someone to work on donations and sponsorships!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI'd love to hear people's ideas about how @CODE2040 can better evaluate candidates. Here, or
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstCompanies: assessing for totally subjective things like "fun-loving" *inherently* invites bias into your hiring.
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