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Vanessa Hurst @DBNess New York, NY

Continuous Learning @Etsy. likes: books, computers, leaving things better than i found them. also: @girldevelopit @codemontage @writespeakcode

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Calling all teachers! 1st new #HourOfCode activities are here! Personalize your Hour of Code w/ category filters at!New date for #Codeland our 1st CodeNewbie conference! Old one was Easter wknd & we want everyone to be able to come!
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No big deal to have @ri_cook and Asher Balkin join a debriefing at Etsy around the DNS DDOS attack response.…
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst4 women describe their nontraditional journeys to tech forward to spending this Saturday empowering more women to be leaders in tech! #elaconf
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstExcited for my first-ever @a11yTO this weekend, doing a talk on Technical Accessibility and #developingForGood!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstEvery day we're sharing a data snack from @textio - quirky things you didn't know worked in hiring. Check it out!…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI just published my notes on open sourcing Chain Core (which I originally wrote up for the @GolangBridge newsletter)
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Congrats to @alison_cossette for the well deserved spotlight and thank you so much for giving a shout out to…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstIncrease voter turnout by creating & sharing your own #WhyIVote photo with IssueVoter! has long claimed it eliminates the discrimination black riders face from taxis. A huge study says not true
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstSuper looking forward to my #QConSF track! Come see @_jrwest @kiranb @dapsays @jmdoges & @hwilson1204
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst“An Ode to The Mall or Towards A Customer Experience for Humans” — @kavbojka
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TIL this. Thanks @rmillerwebster & @nasrat <3
Hey @papers_we_love SF join us for the last 2016 meetups! Nov: @ongardie & Dec: @palvaro
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Volunteer Opportunities with Braven this November
How to make truly inclusive work environments? Simple and effective action plan by @polotek at #TechInclusion16.…
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ICYMI: "Economic Security for the Gig Economy: A Social Safety Net That Works for Everyone Who Works"
😍😍😍 slides from my #GHC16 talk "Diversity in Open Source: No Longer at Square One":
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWe're back—on a very happy launch day! Book No. 21, Demystifying Public Speaking, by @lara_hogan is available now!…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstProud to announce that I'll be an Advisor on the latest @xprize focused on Women's Safety!
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Check out @wscsf Open Source Hours on Nov 15! We'll be working on beginner friendly projects (including @ifmeorg)
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @Ryan_Frantz :D"Your company needs to be used to seeing people other than white males as experts" @beLaurie #GraceNotes
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst😍 piece is especially worth reading for the 10 simple but not patronizing steps to being an effective ally
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This was, at best, naive and unexamined thinking. Makes it easy to jump to The Pipeline as the external problem, unrelated to your views.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI used to be of the mindset that the industry was male dominated due to some inherent split of interests between gender.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstEtsy has fundamentally changed the way I think and see the world. This should be required reading.
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @ShirKi @cyberneticlove @WriteSpeakCode @chryswu \o/!!!
“Who is the Asian American Man?” — @JasonShen
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst💁💁 Please don't grab women by the anything 2. Please don't refer to women as "females" 3. Please don't
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOn my final day at Microsoft, my thoughts from three years ago still apply. This is work worth doing.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstSharing the same stage w inspiring @AFalth @f_forough @techprep @arpstract @6Gems talking about Economically empow…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstSo pleased to announce that #GHC17 will be held October 4-6, 2017 in Orlando, FL! #GHC16
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @cattsmall @amelielamont thank you for speaking up! good example of defending friends' time as a power move 🙌PS: Not responding to an email does not mean someone is rude. Email is taxing. It requires mental energy.
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Need the votes though :)
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstPro tip: Anyone who tells you he is the "least racist person you've ever met" is definitely not the least racist person you've ever met.
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Hey friends, major announcement: we're closing the chapter on #WOCinTech Chat. Read more:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstIn the last 24 hrs, I've met black women working in AI, InfoSec, Hardware, Gaming, IT, Mobile Dev, Data Science, & many other fields.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstIf you can't find a black woman to fill a role at your company, you're not trying hard enough.
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"It is a fact that women have helped drive every era of technology." - Ginni Rometty at #GHC16
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst @rachelober hi I'm excited for your life
If you're in NYC, don't forget to rsvp to our Friday #CodeNewbie meetup. Food, tech, community <3
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThis is a thing you should read @ShirKi I'm not! I always thought I'd bring my baby the year I had one! sad to miss it. @cyberneticlove is doing cool stuff tho!Are you working on these yet? 10 Actionable Ways To Actually Increase Diversity In Tech Catherine Ashcraft @NCWIT
When companies abandon performance evals, there's even more opportunity for bias. Love this latest from @AdamMGrant:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWork at different management levels | @lara_hogan
And the 2016 Geek for the year is... *drumroll* @Banderkat! #PhillyGeekAwards
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I think it's really hard for some people to understand how genuinely heartbreaking it is to live in this country as a woman and/or POC.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstNew post: New Zine "Playing With Python: Two of My Favorite Lenses"
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstreminder: if you want to hire great programmers who are curious & excited about learning, hire from @recursecenter:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstEveryday @gdisf students are jumping through hoops - er loops. #gdi #gdisf #learnjs
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I'm not "mad." I'm not "angry." I'm not "disappointed." I'm tired. I just want to know why black women are a footnote in venture capital.
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstthis is a great zine by @brainwane about playing with Python! I learned about `python -i` from it :D :D
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLotsa #girlpower in these pics 💪💪💪 I see @nataliemac and @LearningNerd representing for #gdila!! #GDISummit16
Retweeted by Vanessa Hursta very important moment last week was when @DBNess and I found out we both agree that breakfast is the three most important meals of the day
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst#womenfounders #diversefounders #entrepreneurs #founders meet #investors #venturecapital w #wamventures 10/18…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstGrateful to meet amazing women over #gdisummit16 and excited to find new ways give back more…
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I don't believe in stepping stones - @DBNess motivating @saronyitbarek, Chi Women in Tech Conference 🙌🏼 My new mantra! Just go for it ladies
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstJust published the next step in my public speaking series: proposal submission! Good luck, public speaking padawans!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstNext time you talk about trying to design something so simple your mother could use it try using a sewing machine you condescending shit
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstIf only there were a "Peace Corps for Nerds." Oh wait. There is. And we're hiring. Join the team, change lives…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWant to teach at the Army War College? Here's your chance!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstSometimes you are lucky enough to find paths that lead you to your people. These are mine. Thanks for the memories,…
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst“It is not enough to tell your story once.” @Ryan_Frantz'm excited to share, a live programming environment that rewinds to when the function you…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAlso, the proceeds from the salmon colored stickers go towards making more to distribute to @girldevelopit chapters and their students.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstFor 10% off of my "strong" HTML tag sticker multipacks, enter the code SHIMMY:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI’m done pretending that Silicon Valley tech is visionary via @Recode cc @numan
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThis is how we do it: In which @selenakyle and I dish about putting together the first @OReillySecurity conference.
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst#WiPSCE2016 full paper: @lsudol - Introducing Student Assessments with Evidence of Validity for NYC's CS4All.…
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