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Vanessa Hurst @DBNess New York, NY

Coder, mom, social entrepreneur. Director, Engineering Practice @Etsy. Founder & Board Chair @GirlDevelopIt. (soon!) author of Continuous Learning in Teams

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New reading material. cc @StevenShorrock.
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The "Free File Alliance" (TurboTax and HR Block) lobbies against free tax filing and wins. #systemisbroken #factions
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That Time You Failed to Follow Up on Diversity – the co-pour ask, "how did you do it? How did you have a good twitter experience?" It's a little thing I like to call "blocking thousands of dudes."
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstIf you pre-ordered a physical copy they should be shipping any day now as well! 🎉🎉
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstDid you know the Kindle version of my new book has been released? If you we waiting for Kindle, your wait has ended!
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@duretti trust them. People will rise to the level of your expectations. And let them know learning is a process, not an event.
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Day In The Life: Meet Etsy Software Engineer La Vesha Parker (@feministcoder) @JohnWonderlich just noted on @CSPAN, our funding is transparent to the public on our website:
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"South Asians often find themselves ignored in discussions about race, forever stuck between black and white" I'm…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAnd that's how you know they still don't get it. That's how you know they still don't understand what they're being asked to do or why.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstYou can tell by the language. "That diversity is important, but ALSO diversity of thought." We are a checkbox for them. One dimensional.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstBut as usual, people see the calls to include women, PoC, LGBTQ, disabled as somehow separate from "diversity of thought".
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWhite guys: it's a mystery...this problem... Minorities: you could hire us White guys: can this problem…
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Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWe are hosting office hours next week for @GSoC & @outreachy. Come chat live with some of our mentors
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThis is an amazing newsletter for women in tech looking for speaking engagements & info.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstTrump won cause while an intelligent woman was trying to tell us about Russian ties u complained about her presentation & here we are again
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." <--really think about that. It can change the entire trajectory of your day!
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstinterested in speaking at !!Con? want to test out an idea? email me! ( we <3 talks from ppl in underrepresented groups.
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🎉chrome for android now at 50% HTTPS by page load, finally 🎉
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstRemember when you first saw Google Docs? People said “it doesn’t have these Microsoft Word features!” but it turns out that doesn’t matter.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOf course, we care deeply about @glitch being an inclusive, creative place. That means real community management. OH NO it’s @jennschiffer!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOn a nicer note, happy 6th birthday to @gdicbus! I officially started you 6 whole years ago. Lots of love to all who have been a part of it.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstHave you seen our new conference site? Check it out and join 200 tech allies and mentors in #Portland this summer
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstHey! We're looking for a venue to host a free full day @WriteSpeakCode workshop on Sat 5/20 in LA. Any SoCal tech companies willing to host?
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLast yr I spoke @TheNextWebEU abt Diversity/Inclusion & not just making space but PAYING new voices. This yr I wrote
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstHere's part of email from Boris, CEO of @TheNextWeb, in response to the piece @cmwalla wrote in @Forbes.
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst#hfhaiku We all make mistakes But mistakes are not causes In complex systems
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"So you want to be a wizard" (talk slides & transcript)
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAdded more speakers to the #Codeland site. I'm so proud of this lineup, I could cry
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstBeyond excited and honored to be a speaker at Codeland conf next month!!!! 🎉🎊🙌🏿 #Codelandconf #firstimespeaker ❤️
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstyou know what? it *might* be your effort that gets you where you wanna go. what's more likely is someone else *seeing* your effort, too
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Bay Area judge (and OEP adviser!) to star in new Fox TV show, mixing law, civil rights and reality TV:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLooking for a GDI chapter in your city? We are in 56 cities & always growing! Find your chapter!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstCome by booth 1824 & snag one our special edition pullovers for #SXSW before they're all gone! (Feat. @Mo_Mack &…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstMen who are hesitant to speak up about sexism: Don't make her do it for you. She faces much bigger risks. It's your fucking job #MaleAllies
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstBadly neglected subject. We focus on acute stress and rare events (CISM) but neglect chronic stress and burnout, es…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstDoes viewing one's work as a calling affect ability to do the work well or sustainably? Interesting perspective on… are not neutral. algorithms are not self-generating. algorithms come from humans and their results are r…
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Managering in Terrible Times
I've run some calculations ... turns out 💯 % of men have benefited from prenatal care
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI wasn't any better at the job than she was, I just had this invisible advantage.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstNicole had the most productive week of her career. I realized the reason she took longer is bc she had to convince clients to respect her.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWe did an experiment: For two weeks we switched names. I signed all client emails as Nicole. She signed as me. Folks. It fucking sucked.
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.@tcburning inspires me #sheinspiresme
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstAs always, I'm happy to be in the company of intelligent, wonderful women🙏🏿 @TwitterWomen
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstDay made!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstDiversity work: long-term time & emotional labor, oft unpaid. Donate to make it sustainable #internationalwomensday
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"Being shut out of tech is the equivalent of being shut out of the economy." -@laurawp of @code2040 at #SXSWEdu on ending structural racism
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOur next event is 3/30 in NYC! Plus, a call for collaborators:
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOn this #InternationalWomensDay, ask why you don't see URM women in positions of power at your company, then challenge the excuses you get.
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst“Community Conference Financials” Why I’m leaving @uxburlington
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstMy story is not uncommon, especially amongst woc, remember my story when you consider what women may have endured to be where they are.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstYea it's great I'm thriving, but let's build a future where women don't have to go through what myself and others have to simply live.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThis #IWD2017 celebrate the resilience of women. Because we truly are survivors, each in our own way.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOn #IWD2017 substitute words like 'support/empower' women with words like 'hire', 'promote', 'pay', 'bonus', 'fund', 'reward', 'enrich'.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstTo all technologists who find themselves managing or contemplating management, @skamille is wise, and you should re…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstFor #IWD2017 you can support this woman and pre-order my book which will be shipping soon!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstEPA clean water standards office moves from "science based" to "economically and technologically achievable" wording
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstApparently the Statue of Liberty lights went out due to a power failure. But I would argue women are also protesting due to a power failure.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstMen, today on #IWD2017 CHAMPION A WOMAN. Recommend a woman for a job/board position/consultancy gig/speaking gig/pay raise. #beboldforchange
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstMeet @rachelandrew! She will give us an insight in how CSS was developed and help us understand it better.…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstMeet @jllord! You know her as a creator of many great open source projects - at @cssconfeu, she's one our two MC! 🎤…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOn #IWD2017 and every other day - hire, promote, fund, pay, champion, recommend, appoint to your board, invest in women. #changetheratio
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstsooooo excited to announce that I will be speaking about search systems at @scaleconfco later this month!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstIf I’d “invested” $600 per year into an HSA, I could have saved enough to pay for Rebecca’s surgeries and treatment…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstSimplyE - @nypl's project for cleaning up ebook access & discovery - boosts circ, gratifies instantly, drives down licensing costs #c4l17
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI’m taking over the "Grown­A$$ Finances" stream in the @bustle app TONIGHT at 8pm ET to teach you how to save & spe…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstFYI @EqualityLabs has a some really useful digital defense one-sheeters -->
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWe respect and recognise the contributions of women in #linux and #opensource communities #IWD2017 #BeBOLDforChange
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstHeading to SXSW? Hang w/my investment fund @Backstage_Cap & lots of our portfolio companies at our Saturday meetup!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstNice article about @tammybutow and the @GirlGeekAcademy work she does to help empower rising girl geeks! #IWD2017
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThread. Don't be judging any women tomorrow.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstA high risk pregnancy for twins. About 10 phones.
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI mean, it's one cell phone, Michael. What could it cost, thirteen thousand dollars annually with a $200 per-visit…
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstYou keep promoting engineers without any people managing experience/training to manage people and are shocked when that doesn't work out 🤔
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Just realized that @ksylor is speaking at @FluentConf! ✊️
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hello sir, i'd like 4 of your finest sheryl sandbergs please
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