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Internationally published dork. Model | Tv presenter | Fashion Designer | Aspiring Actress | Paul Heyman Girl #Happiness

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If I had a pound for every laughing emoji I use ... It would be raining up in here 👏🏼💰Thanks for the kind offer babes , but I have to decline , sorry for any inconvenience 😘 just want someone to tickle my back, grab my arse and tell me I'm pretty 😂😂😂 @morgane_kelly2I think about food more than I think about anything else ....It must be hard work to be as much of a cunt as you are tbf...give you props👏🏾
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌Conor McGregor's Cheque: Whole Fight: $3,000,000 Per Round: $600,000 Per Minute: $120,000 Per Second: $2,000 Boss.
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌ @CloCrowhurstx @justinbieber he just doesn't know it yet 😂😂😂. @SI_Swimsuit @AndyGray35 I present 2u fine #SportsIllustrated folk, the incomparable #PaulHeymanGirl @deliarosee1
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌Why am I always in the same place as @justinbieber but never bump into him ?😂 fml one day 😩🤓Ring any bells @morgane_kelly2 @iamkiraknight @djcameo #ibiza 😩 you have to question if someone cares about you or not... They don't
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌Shut the f*ck up and buy me pizza. 🍕 @morgane_kelly2 @DH409 Hawaii ? ✌🏼️☀️#ConorMcGregor gets the judges decision at #UF202!!
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌ @iamkiraknight one of the funniest conversations of my life 💗👑😩😂😂😂
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌ @HeymanHustle @deliarosee1 @MikeCohenTOG yes think she is due for a feature. Damn.
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌😘😘 you more!!!!! 🏆💫👸🏽👑
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌Love this boss bitch @iamkiraknight 👑👊🏼I remember this !!! Crazy view ! Great picture ! 😍 may have misfortunate things happen to you , but this does not mean that you are misfortunate. Blessed 🙏🏼wifey material doesn't come around often so you better recognize when you have yourself a rider before you end up with a hoe
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌I'M SCREAMING 😂😭
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌Two photos, one horrible reality. When you Stay / When you Leave #OmranDaqneesh #AylanKurdi
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"There's like 8 toilets in this house. My goal is to take a shit in every one" you my friend are crude @Josh_Brennan_ 😂*fucking peasants 😂 creasing x"Dammmmn Delia . Back at it again with the white vans 😂" @CloCrowhurstx 💗😂 gosh 👊🏼💗 @GEMHUMPH you and your sister tho 😉💗👑
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The most naughty looking one - seems to be the most sensible ? Wtf 😂👑💗 @CloCrowhurstx double trouble 😈💅🏻🙌🏼💗I've met some one more wild than me @deliarosee1 😂 looks like dstrk again tonight... Uh oh😈
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌Way too excited to see the collection and this beaut @jessicahayes77 ! Come show some support ! Crazy night ! 🍸💅🏻👑💗 too 😬 definitely ! 👌🏼 excited for girls launch tomorrow @jessicahayes77 & @katiesalmon24 🎉 @dstrktlondon the collection is to die for 😍😍
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌I want to be the next Siri 😂
You dont have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you.
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌Everything will be okBe happy with what you have, some people have much less.
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌Why do the best looking guys always have fucked up or boring personalities ? 😂 it's one extreme to the other
Boom 🤘🏼 after I watch the olympics 😂
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌ @AlexClarke92 oh go on then 🙈💗🤘🏼
😂😂😂 well we all know that I'm not much better at sending messages to the right people 🙈 took over the @HardRockHotelLV @RehabLV this weekend. Here's #PaulHeymanGirl @deliarosee1
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌We don’t have to talk every day to be friends. If you need me, I got you g
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌Shake it off , stay focused. 👑 @cayahefner much love girly🍸👑 @morgane_kelly2 Can't wait to see youuuuuuuuuu 😈
Vegas baby! @HeymanHustle @deliarosee1 @ChristyAnnFit @MikeCohenTOG #hustlebootytemptats
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🤘🏼Love this shot by @MikeCohenTOG for this legend @HeymanHustle 👊🏼 #hustlebootytemptats #HardRockVegas 📸 Mitch 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😁
Thank you beauty 😘👑 x😘😘😘 x😘😘😘 is unreal 😍 thank you so much @HardRockHotelLV 😘😘 you! You beautiful mermaid 💗👑 miss you ! peak 👀 @HeymanHustle #VegasBaby shooting with @MikeCohenTOG @HeymanHustle @HardRockHotelLV 🍸👑💗📸's weird , I actually hate wearing makeup 😩Today shooting in the suite where @justinbieber has stayed ... I may cry or try and steal a pillow 😂😂the room is amazing @HardRockHotelLV 🙌🏼👏🏼 that steak though 😍 I've missed @dstrktlondon 👏🏼🔥
@AlexClarke92 @ManLikeAsh_ @dstrktlondon @Shak19_ @MichaelOwusu_ hahaa ohh you guysssss 😩😩😩👊🏼 xGota be the best group👑shooting at the @HardRockHotelLV with @EngelikaPadilla @ChristyAnnFit @MikeCohenTOG for this legend @HeymanHustle 📸💪🏼😂 love this ! I would run him over and then take the bike. See you soon beaut! 👑 we need a puppy date ! 6 puppies 😂x to meet you ! Good luck with everything , you will be an amazing teacher girrrll ! 😘😘😘X you ! 😁 Lots of love to you girls , and have a safe journey back 😘😘😘x👊🏼 yesssss will call you shortly 🙌🏼😊 x
Two more sleeps ... Vegas baby ☀️😁
The 16th 👊🏼 am back on your TV Screens tomorrow! #MascaraBoysSexMeUp Channel 5 10pm. Straight after #CBB 📺👌 Hope you all tune in 💋
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌People who make snide, rude, self-righteous comments that think I can't see right through their jealous, bitter hearts. 🙄
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌ @TERRIEHAWKES @tayIorhiII @peta heart breaker right 😩💗
#AssWednesday @deliarosee1 @jennahoskins @OliviaBerzinc @Lucysummers_xxx @sexx_freak @SexyJane99 @PornoBrazil
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌Thankyou 😘😘😘😘😘 you 😊
Ibiza 🙃
I belong above the clouds ✈️So looking forward to shooting with this absolute lad 👊🏼😂@scottninness #ibiza ✈️
@RonnyMoser @Delia_lover44 @TheRealDuggyG2 your so sweet ! Love my tweets from you guys 🙌🏼💗
Oh God. I just realized I'm stuck with me my whole life.
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌When you order pizza and it's went past the waiting delivery time
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌finally some closure in my life.
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌ @MissRachaelCx Cam and cocktails soon 😍When your feeling too lazy to set up your lazy spa 😂 Sunday is a day of rest ☝🏼️"What would you do if you got cheated on?"
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌So glad I didn't go out last night - hope your all hanging😘✊🏼
Eat, sleep, pose repeat 😂✌️ @HeymanHustle #PaulHeymangirl #strongisthenewsexy
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌This will not last forever.. You have 2 choices... Enjoy it while it lasts or build an empire...
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Typical first impressions for @MAJORLAZER x @justinbieber x @MOMOMOYOUTH's "Cold Water", haha. Relatable?
Retweeted by Delia Rose ✌Girls ALWAYS bring their friends everywhere 😂💁🏼👯 @lelepons @anwar @JosephBirlem
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