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AEI Fellow, WSJ Columnist, FP Twitterati 100. Author of My Friend the Fanatic. (I share news and opinion from South Asia and the world.)

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India ought to pick a president from a deep pool of national talent, not from a shallow pool of politicians. [Reup] graduate of the day combines a deep understanding of global media with an eye for fabric.… @_ambedkarite Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What do you mean by terror in this context? @sjacobtalk @duttaroy_nina Full marks for fulfilling your Twitter responsibility of commenting before reading. :) @ShreemanGee If you bothered to read the article before chiming in you wouldn't need to ask. :) @Retributions @RURALINDIA Thanks. @WSJ @Retributions You could say so. Kalam was a giant before he became president, as was Radhakrishnan. Can't honestly say the same for Kovind. @Retributions Yes and no. The choice can be profoundly political even if the president isn't a politician. Best example: ABV picking Kalam. @AtharvaVesta Thanks. @hitesh49a I don't think it's wrong either. Thanks for sharing your feedback. @hitesh49a Well, in that case the solution is quite simple: Don't read the article. :) @prabharr Thanks. If trolls could process 850 words before reacting they wouldn't be trolls. :) @ReshmiDG I didn't know Kalam or Radhakrishnan either, but thought they were fine picks. You really need to outgrow this pop psychology. :) @Srirekhapr Thank you for the expert fact check. I see that you're maintaining your usual high standards. just picked a new president. It could have done better. [My take] #RamNathKovind @cvkrishnan Well, you're entitled to your view. I find Indian prickliness toward Western media somewhat baffling, but it's not uncommon. @cvkrishnan I read and share articles from both Western and Indian media. Former usually better at providing context for non-Indian readers.To answer my earlier query: Noida cops say restrictions on meat/chicken sales on Kanwariya pilgrimage route are not… @KanchanGupta Thanks. This is genuinely useful. Will share. @NBTDilli @ShyamNBT @noidapoliceNYT on the political logic of making #RamNathKovind president: It's about 2019. @KanchanGupta If you care about the facts, you should ask @NBTDilli & @ShyamNBT about the story. As your colleagues, they'll likely respond. @KanchanGupta I'm afraid your grocery bill doesn't quite merit a column. But always happy to feed your outrage meter. :) Take care. @KanchanGupta Hard to say. Perhaps some areas are affected and others are not. @ShyamNBT & @NBTDilli are best placed to clarify. @TheJaggi @KanchanGupta I asked a question about an @NBTDilli story by @ShyamNBT. If you feel the reporting is inaccurate, please tag them. @TheJaggi @BalancedIndian I'm sorry but the rules forbid us from handing out more than one award per day. #NationalistCharmSchool @CerebralPopEye @vikramchandra Awful if true, but please note that source of the story is Postcard News, which manages to make even WhatsApp look reliable. @TheJaggi I'm glad that you think the world's most repressive country should set the benchmark for the world's largest democracy. @nayanikaaa Mixed bag. Some folks say it happens every year. For others it appears new. @Bhaktavatsulu1 That was pre-liberalization. @samibegloo He did the decent thing. Point was to defend BHO, not to go off on a tangent about Arabs. @mehdirhasan @BenAffleck @kylegriffin1 @nadhiyamali Great question. Please let me know when you get an answer. I'm curious too. @UnTanyacious Thanks. I appreciate your response. @mihier_shastri Thanks for the explanation. I did not know about this. @UnTanyacious Thanks. Where is that and was it the same last year? @mehdirhasan Come on, that's unfair. In that moment, McCain was focused on shutting down the hater. That's all. @BenAffleck @kylegriffin1 @S52650529 I have no way to determine that. Quite possible that many people really think the retroactive tax was worse than demonetization.Could someone please explain this to me: Do yatris get to dictate dietary choices on their path every year or is th… @prbagri Many policy decisions before 1991 economic reforms were indeed worse. But these two are among those that stand out after that date. @acorn For many people, it seems to depend mostly on who hit you and who threw the punch. :) @over2shailaja Well, he wasn't named graduate of the day for nothing. :) @PdpTheGreatOne On what basis do you say this? @ArpitSapra Right up there. Chidambaram's 2008 loan waiver belongs on any shortlist of worst economic decisions since 1991.
@amitprabhudesai Thanks. You're too kind. @sidin @tavleen_singh I'm not sure where to begin with your elegantly mannered fans. They're even more charming than mine. :)What is the single worst economic policy decision India has made in the last 25 years?
Retweeted by Sadanand Dhume @panjikar He appears to have a slight disagreement with this tweet: @firasifsa I'll still take trolls over censorship any day of the week.Our graduate of the day stands out for his playful imagery and gentle sense of humor. #NationalistCharmSchool @kashmihiriyat Not really. I've praised many Modi decisions including surgical strikes, Israel visit and Urjit Patel pick. @rupasubramanya @p1yush_K I Nonsense. I spoke out strongly against how RR was treated, but as a rule I never make stock market predictions. @rupasubramanya @nalintyagi01 Maybe we need a top 5 list to accommodate this parade of greatest hits. :) @rupasubramanya Dolt Right view hinges mostly on what Modi does. If he privatizes AI, they'll suddenly discover that privatization is great. @cityshackle Could you folks please untag me from this conversation. Thanks. @AbbakkaHypatia @f00lish_dharma @rrgehani @AtharvaVesta Hmm. Personally I think one could make a compelling case for either one. @crackthis Not always, but usually. It's just a preference I guess. @silent_crusade1 It made my shortlist, but didn't quite rise to the level of pure suicidal madness embodied by the two finalists. :) @nikes225 Pick one. @TamalDas8 Another disastrous policy, I agree. But it was by Chidambaram in 2008.What is the single worst economic policy decision India has made in the last 25 years?Look forward to discussing India and Pakistan w/ @MadihaAfzal, Gautam Mehta & the great Pervez Hoodbhoy. v.… @bhuwanmpandey That's not clear from the story. Wording suggests that the figure includes old notes returned before swap deadline expired. @shapmochan Not comparable. GST: Long championed by economists, though some find current version flawed. DM: Batshit crazy crank policy. @PriyaAryaputri Thanks. Are you the author of this article? @Saroj_ini Thanks. That seems not to have happened to any significant degree. Possibly one reason RBI is dragging its feet on the count. @bhuwanmpandey Thanks. Article does not say they're only talking about new series, and not all bills "since demonetization."Dept. of good news: Truckers pleased with #GST elimination of state border check posts in India. v @WSJ @rakeshkonfucius If they think DM was a good economic idea, then by definition they aren't sensible people. :) @gsyadav71 By my rough calculation, 11.23 crores in fake notes detected is about 0.0007% of the currency India demonetized. Think about it.Like nuking a city to kill a fly. @BharatDharma I've long argued that India needs to get tougher on the ideology of Islamism. But most Indian Muslims are not Islamists. @Begum_Faizabadi I like your gift for understatement. :)"The story is lady oriented." | @GulPanag on censorship for dummies. [Video, 2m] #FOE @EllenBarryNYT Not fair to the Chinese to launch Arnab at them until more reasonable options, like carpet bombing, have been tried. @EllenBarryNYT Indian media has been pretty low key. Indian media has been pretty low key. Indian...[Like seeing snow for the first time.].@ajaishukla: India understands that backing off in #Doklam would amount to throwing Bhutan under the Chinese bus.
@Jayajaitly It's just a little thought experiment. Curious about how most people would choose if these were the only choices available. @d_jaishankar Tell us something we didn't know already. :) @sanjeevsanyal See thread. Others asked the same question. @DikshitSmita I have no doubt that you do. But acknowledging, or even swearing by, something is not the same as lecturing others about it.