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AEI Fellow, WSJ Columnist, FP Twitterati 100. Author of My Friend the Fanatic. (I share news and opinion from South Asia and the world.)

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.@virsanghvi: “If you were to judge by local menus, then the greatest dish in Hyderabad is Chicken Manchurian.” If governors can't be legislated out of existence, the next best move would be to shrink the office to fit…
@rupasubramanya @livemint @taditkundu I think it does. Fine to disagree. Thanks for the interesting discussion. @omarali50 @jordanbpeterson You should have given him more credit for threatening to whack our favorite poco poseur. :).@omarali50 on @jordanbpeterson’s 12 Rules for Life: “generally sensible, sometimes obvious and massively padded wi… @GREYWHITEMATTER @rupasubramanya @livemint @taditkundu Thanks. FWIW I ran this question by a colleague (Stanford Ph… @rupasubramanya @livemint @taditkundu Nobody does that. It’s more like this: “China received $139b in FDI in 2016,… @rupasubramanya @livemint @taditkundu Thanks. Let me try and understand your point. Are you saying that reporting o… @rupasubramanya @livemint @taditkundu Fine to look at the data in multiple ways. My limited point is that Mint is r… makes Walmart a great envoy for free enterprise in India. [Blog] @AEIfdp @AEI
Retweeted by Sadanand Dhume @rupasubramanya @livemint @taditkundu Tnx. Perfectly reasonable for Mint to look at inflows as a reliable gauge of… @Nidhi I think she’s saying you should save money by hanging out in a movie theater instead of driving to work. Eminently sensible. :) @TamalDas_IND Possible to condemn human rights abuses by a Rohingya militant group while recognizing the suffering… Amnesty International report says Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army slaughtered dozens of Hindus in #Myanmar last… For India’s economy, the storm clouds gathering on the horizon are undeniable. Almost all macro in… Italy’s weird new coalition government could easily be worse than Brexit for the EU. @pnqiad @IndianExpress @anantgoenka Thanks. I mostly use Safari on an iPad. It’s good at blocking most pop-ups, but… @rupasubramanya @livemint @taditkundu Credit where credit is due: Modi has done a better job than Manmohan in attracting FDI to India.Bad news for Indian consumers if Ola and Uber stop competing and start cooperating.
@abhishekgujar @IndianExpress @anantgoenka Thanks. If it’s my ISP why does this not happen with other sites?.@livemint On Modi govt. economic performance in five charts. Good: FDI ↑, Inflation↓ Bad: Investment↓, Exports↓v… @param_demahi @IndianExpress @anantgoenka Thanks. If it’s a browser problem, then why doesn’t this happen with Mint… the half-dozen or so Indian news sites I regularly browse none is as consistently infested with lousy pop-ups as… you’re interested in counterterrorism or US policy toward Pakistan, pick up a copy of @stephentankel’s new book,… @PandaJay Deepest condolences. You and your family are in our thoughts. @AyresAlyssaIf Walmart can stretch the ordinary rupee, it can boost capitalism in India more powerfully than most, writes Sadan…
Retweeted by Sadanand Dhume.@MilanV: “The Karnataka soap opera would be highly entertaining, if it did not so effectively shine a light on the…
@latkar_pratik I’m afraid not. Please give me tips on how to be more like you.Chicago event: Looking forward to a great discussion this evening with Raghuram Rajan and Rukmini Banerjee. makes Walmart a great envoy for free enterprise in India. [Blog] @AEIfdp @AEI @BDUTT Not unique. King Bhumibol Adulyadej was a fine constitutional monarch, though somewhat sullied toward the e… @BDUTT Doesn’t work everywhere. Nepal’s royal family was pretty useless. @BDUTT I didn’t watch the wedding, but to me the British monarchy stands for continuity, dignity, and tradition tem…
@Notsosocial88 @desaisantosh My view: BJP has lost some of its sheen compared to 2014, but remains more popular tha… on how the BJP has lost many of the elements that made it appealing in 2014. Lewis has died at 101. Instead of an obituary, here’s an essay on “The Return of Islam” he wrote in 1976. “Until the age of 17, I was not acquainted with a single person who owned an air conditioner.” [On… on how the media’s portrayal of Siddaramaiah did not match political reality. you’re a BJP supporter who thinks the party’s decision to cozy up with the scam-tainted Bellary brothers in… After #Karnataka, India’s opposition has got its mojo back. And the BJP has lost a lot of its political sh…
.@tavleen_singh: The writers of India’s constitution never envisaged a day when legislators would need to be locked… By trying to grab power by hook or crook Modi imperils his claim to usher in clean politics. @BDUTT The Americans. Six seasons of pure brilliance. @BDUTT I find weddings boring, but am a sucker for The Crown. Can’t wait for Season 3. :) @AshikGosaliya Better for now. Agree that there could well be another twist in the tale that puts BJP on top again.Congress supporters: Democracy won. BJP supporters: Democracy was robbed. Reality: Both sides played hardball polit… up to find that Prince Harry has resigned as CM of Karnataka and BS Yedyurappa got married in a grand celebration. Congrats to all!
.@ShekharGupta: Under Modi, the economy has struggled, the strategic situation has worsened, and social cohesion is… @alexvtunzelmann Sometimes I wish you still had penal colonies..@swapan55: For Congress, the move to recognize the Lingayats as a separate religion enjoying minority status backf… Bajpai plots a makeover for Rahul Gandhi and the Congress Party. [The scruffy beard debate goes mainstream.] Walmart’s big bet could pay off for India, writes @dhume
Retweeted by Sadanand DhumeGiven the results what would be the fairest outcome in #Karnataka? @secularatti @WSJ Too early to say if Walmart will fail or succeed. But pretty clear that they face the fight of their lives..@d_jaishankar: Many Indians treat international affairs like cricket. Successes are met with flag-waving, setbacks… old-fashioned ideas of thrift and value for money make Walmart a fine envoy to India for capitalism. [Reup]… does it say about the moral fiber of the average Indian legislator that virtually everyone assumes that he is…
.@peggynoonannyc: Tom Wolfe “strutted through the world like some crazed, antique peacock.” v @WSJBy succeeding in India Walmart could send a powerful message to 1.3 billion people that free enterprise works. [My… #Karnataka loss, Congress and allies in charge of just 2.5% of India’s population, 3.2% of GDP. BJP and allie…
Retweeted by Sadanand DhumeAfter #Karnataka loss, Congress and allies in charge of just 2.5% of India’s population, 3.2% of GDP. BJP and allie… @chimni_sapna @ZareerMasani 1. Jinnah died in 1948. 2. Thanks to Partition, Pakistan inherited an outsized and expe… Arguably, the liberal, free market oriented Jinnah would have been a far more successful prime mini… @free_thinker @AltNews @samjawed65 Realize it was a typo, but I couldn’t resist. :) @neeldaya @Friedreus_ @ShekharGupta There was no tearing rush. A fair-minded governor (as opposed to a partisan par… @AltNews @samjawed65 Okay. But while we’re at it could we please also make it a “habbit” to spell check. :) @vikasmisri @mihirssharma @dubeyamitabh Utterly tacky too. The right thing to do (by voters) would have been to dis… @dubeyamitabh @mihirssharma I get your point, but disagree. By way of national precedent, I think the 13-day ABV g… @mihirssharma @dubeyamitabh You have no qualms at all about telling the voters one thing (“JD-S is the B team of th… @dubeyamitabh @mihirssharma It’s not sophistry. To me foisting a CM from a party with just 37 seats on the state as… @Indulekha_A @ShekharGupta Fair point. That’s far too long. If BSY has the numbers he should be able to prove his m… @mihirssharma Agree that BSY (and Reddy pals) are crooks. But to cloak opportunistic Kumaraswamy-Congress alliance…
In 60 seconds: As Congress loses its last major stronghold, is this the end of India’s Nehru-Gandhi dynasty? [Video…
Retweeted by Sadanand Dhume @Friedreus_ @ShekharGupta That’s a silly excuse. True that the BJP moved faster than Congress to stake a claim, but… @ShekharGupta Disagree. Governor who belongs in hall of shame is Goa’s Mridula Sinha for robbing Congress last year… @myraemacdonald Possible that Congress will spring back. Stranger things have happened. But at this point we must a… 60 seconds: As Congress loses its last major stronghold, is this the end of India’s Nehru-Gandhi dynasty? [Video… @bhuwanmpandey I have no dog in this fight. If JDS had won 104 seats I would have expected them to get first shot at government formation.India has been unable to boost exports even as the global economy purrs along.