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Ninan: Moody’s sovereign rating upgrade is second shot in the arm for Modi after WB Ease of Doing Business boost. The Bolshevik revolution helped disfigure India’s economic imagination, writes @dhume
Retweeted by Sadanand DhumeWSJ Street column pans Moody’s India optimism: “Upgrade is a denial of the current state of the Indian economy.” Nageswaran on why surprise Moody’s ratings upgrade is good news for India. International optics matter.
Outside the communist world, no country suffered greater damage from communist ideas than India. [My take]
Retweeted by Sadanand DhumeOutside the communist world, no country suffered greater damage from communist ideas than India. [My take] visits India and detects “a creeping quiet” in its journalism. by BJP IT cell standards, smearing Nehru for affectionate pictures with his sister is a new low. v @samjawed65 @ShomaChaudhury Love affair is their term. As surveys go, the sample is reasonable. True, though, that it captures the mood in Feb-March. @Nidhi Agree. Even in the winter Delhi airport was efficient. This is new. @AmyKazmin @samirsaran @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @jayantsinha
@samirsaran What went wrong? The last time I was in India, in the summer, Delhi airport was excellent. @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @jayantsinhaPew: Three years in, India’s love affair with Modi is more intense than ever. oped in The Hindu praises Hayek and calls communism “a dangerous idea.” [Proof that miracles do occur.]
.@MohanCRaja: The triad was to promote a multipolar world. The #quad is to prevent the emergence of a unipolar Asia.“This is a bright spot in US foreign policy.” [Video, 4m]
.@pbmehta: The Supreme Court has become a reflection of the worst rot afflicting Indian institutions. @danish19888 Fine to criticize any government where criticism is due, but this story makes no sense. @pavnimittal Thanks! But what took so long?Dear @nytimes: Fine to criticize Modi govt., but conflating textile promotion w/ Hindu nationalism is preposterous. With the Gandhis Congress dies of irrelevance. Without them it fragments into islands of patronage.
I’ll bet dollars to donuts that @Twitter will either bring back 140 characters or hemorrhage users. Who wants #280characters mush stream? @gidla_sujatha I’m afraid @IChotiner is right. Curling up with my Kindle was the high point of my week. :)
Good thing about Twitter ruining itself w/ #280characters: I’ll spend my Saturday night w/ new @gidla_sujatha book. this @NDTV debate on #demonetization: Plenty of disagreement, but no yelling. v @vikramchandra [Video, 52m] Rahul Gandhi has added zing to his campaign. But odds remain solidly against his winning in 2019. The real place to look for black money in India is politics. But time Modi focused on jobs instead. Russia’s Bolsheviks best understood as a religious sect? #longread @pach100 Demonetization was a clown show. Here at least there’s a broadly detectable trend toward lowering rates and simplifying filing.This is funny, but a willingness to take on criticism and improve #GST is a good sign. Still far from ideal, but mo… What assorted worthies have done to fight Delhi’s smog so far isn’t just a joke. It’s an atrocity. To make India’s #GST the promised good and simple tax it needs to be streamlined to a single slab. “The most famous Indians tend to be excessively deferential towards the politically powerful.” Those who use violence or break laws aren’t protectors but destroyers of the refinement of Hinduism. If Trump wants a free and open Indo-Pacific he should work to get India into #APEC.
@vivx Have eaten a fair amount of Bangkok street food without any ill effects. I’d worry more about monotony than hygiene. @ZeeMohamed_ Worse things have happened, of course. My point is simply that this should be framed in terms of “how bad” not “good or bad.” @vijayhabbu Not about INC v. BJP. Some leaders in both parties get it, but (sadly) as a class Indian netas mostly unfamiliar w/ army ethos.Twitter’s destroyed its USP. The whole point, for me, was how inventive people could be within that concise framework. #Twitter280characters
Retweeted by Sadanand Dhume @awsome2784 Obviously no fan of DM but agree India has done dumber things over 70 years. Under Indira G top marginal tax rate rose to 97%! @Tweetiyapaaa If by “bias” you mean my view that demonetization was an unwise decision, then you’re absolutely right. @hardikshah001One of the few Indian politicians w/ military experience is also one of the few who sees the danger of diluting arm… @arjunkakar I meant dumb as a policy decision. Don’t dispute for a moment that it was politically savvy.Fascinating question. Fried grasshoppers notwithstanding, I’d pick Bangkok. v @tylercowen Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic is a great book. But it’s wrong about what made some places rich. @param_demahi I agree with you. Emergency was the single worst decision that any Indian government has taken since 1947.Just finished my third Indian TV show on whether #demonetization was a good or bad move. But the real debate about DM should be this: @ShankkarAiyar Fair point. Nehru’s infatuation w/ Soviet-style economics is probably better dated to his 1927 visit than to the 1955 visit.In 1955 Nehru visited the USSR and came back w/ exactly the wrong lesson from its economy.
@tusharva My polls give me a sense of how my followers view an issue. I’ve never claimed that they represent anything more. @rupasubramanya @thecpshah I’m curious about how my followers think. I don’t claim that they represent all of Twitter let alone India! @rupasubramanya @rupasubramanya True. Quite possible (even likely) that many people still back demonetization. But silly to use online survey as evidence. @razibkhan Fascinating. Do you have a hypothesis for why India does worse than BD on math/verbal and worse than Pakistan in verbal section?In terms of GRE scores, let’s just say Singapore does better than Saudi Arabia. v @razibkhan real lesson of India’s #demonetization debacle: bad economics can be good politics. [My take]
Retweeted by Sadanand DhumeA chance to discuss India and the #Rohingya crisis online w/ a group of regional experts. v @acorn @TakshashilaInst on the importance of reforms in Saudi Arabia for India (and the world). When she started doing stand-up, @awryaditi became enamored with the idea that comedy is honesty. Army chief’s public utterances have damaged the credibility of his office and of the Indian Army. lot has been said about goals of NoteBan. Let us trace the story as it has unfolded to see if we can make some sense of it 1/n
Retweeted by Sadanand Dhume @samjawed65 At this point you should accept that this thread will never be ended. So many problems out there waiting to be solved by DM. :)
.@Rory_Medcalf: All the bad things the US-Japan-India-Oz quad would supposedly provoke have occurred in its absence. @JoshJacobP Pretty much. Though in fairness we would be yelling at each other even if there were only five of us. :)The real lesson of India’s #demonetization debacle: bad economics can be good politics. [My take] @Svaalbard Hindutva Troll Army will also lecture you on the health benefits of playing langdi taang. :) @mihirssharmaYou will lose weight if you chop off your leg. This doesn’t make chopping off your leg the best way to lose weight.… Left and Right in India see criticism of #demonetization as opposition to Modi. [Bad way to discuss policy.] @rodrikdani essay on the much-abused term neoliberalism and its lessons for the world. #longread “India’s Businesses Have Lost Confidence.” [Executives blame “heavy handed” demonetization and GST.] @Nidhi Thanks. Why sadly? Glad to know that they didn’t lift something off the Internet to be witty. @ShekharGupta @sunilalagh @ShekharGupta Brilliant plagiarism. :) @sunilalagh blunt attacks Modi govt. needs drastic GST simplification, not more khakranomics tinkering.…
India invented a brilliant policy that cures everything from corruption to terrorism. Unfortunately, rest of the world too dumb to adopt it.RS Prasad may have won the coveted “best new reason to justify demonetization” award. @OfficeOfRG attack on brain-dead demonetization and hellishly complex GST. [But his alternative unconvincing.] Demonetization was a populist measure done in the name of the poor. But in the end it hurt them the most. @jamescrabtree I really wish shameless US comedians would stop lifting lines in advance from the Indian PM’s speeches. :)
Fine @SabaImtiaz story on Zubaida Tariq, the 72-year-old grandmother with an answer for every question in #Pakistan. a shrill govt. campaign to talk up #demonetization, Manmohan Singh takes a calm look at the damage it caused. @mehdirhasan In fairness, there’s no real basis for comparison. When is the last time something like this happened in KSA? @asadabukhalil