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@tunkuv Hyperbole with factual error is even worse. Muhammad bin Tughluq ruled in the 14th century so Sinha ought to have said 700 years. :)How will India’s econ Right view #2019 choices? For Gurcharan Das, Modi is less bad than RG. How does India create jobs when it drives away many of those likely to invest? A: It doesn’t. [23k $ millionaire… us at the #AmCenterND on March 20 as Amb. @NMenonRao, @IBagchiTOI, and @AyresAlyssa discuss India’s evolving r…
Retweeted by Sadanand Dhume @meelogsin @muglikar_ Despite what the Hindutva Troll Army believes, I’m no fan of INC’s economic record. Agree tha… @amitavdas00 @rupasubramanya @ShankkarAiyar @Raghav_Bahl @rbalablr Thanks. I already know that. Have never claimed… @rupasubramanya @ShankkarAiyar @Raghav_Bahl @rbalablr Surely if 2014 has taught us one thing it’s that good rhetori… @Lonerover6 @rupasubramanya My point is that you can’t really prove that one is left while the other is far left. A… @ShankkarAiyar @Raghav_Bahl @rupasubramanya @rbalablr I thought INC criticism of BJP failures (lack of jobs, nutty… @rupasubramanya @rbalablr @Raghav_Bahl Of course not. My point is simply that we may be reading more of a shift to… @Lonerover6 @rupasubramanya In the past year, just three BJP state governments have pledged to write off $11.8b in… @rupasubramanya @rbalablr @Raghav_Bahl I agree (of course) that Modi flattered to deceive on economic reforms. But… @Lonerover6 @rupasubramanya Please point me toward the policies that make you draw this distinction. At this point,… @rupasubramanya @rbalablr @Raghav_Bahl Shift compared to their record in office or their last manifesto? IMO we’re… @rupasubramanya Some BJP supporters seem to think that despite selling exactly zero companies in four years BJP sho… @rupasubramanya @rbalablr IMO @Raghav_Bahl is being a bit too kind to INC. Resolution quotes Piketty and RG promised a new cess on the rich.
@muglikar_ That’s my point: they’ve been making the same promise since 2014. But I admire your belief that it will happen any minute now. :) @prashantspeaks To me what matters is outcome not process. They promised to disinvest from IDBI Bank in 2015. What happened? @muglikar_ @muglikar_ Real world (NDA1): Privatize bunch of PSUs. Headline management world: Recycle same promises every year. @dinnuc Let’s see. In the past he’s used sleight of hand by “selling” PSUs to other PSUs. As I said, zero privatizations in four years. @muglikar_ I’ll applaud when they actually privatize something. Fine by me if you’re happy with a list that never seems to go anywhere. @MadusudhanR I’ll believe it when it happens. So far it’s pure jumlanomics, signaling intent without a single concrete outcome. @muglikar_ @muglikar_ In principle, the batsman may be committed to scoring a hundred. In reality, his score (after four years) is still 0.At #CongressPlenary @Jairam_Ramesh said one key difference between INC and BJP is BJP belief in privatization. [Pri… Magufuli “is fast transforming Tanzania from a flawed democracy into one of Africa’s more brutal dictatorships… Edit: “For farmers struggling with low returns from agriculture, the stalled cattle trade has dealt a crushing… @JackBored True. But still fascinating to watch this zombie movie rerun from the 1970s. @Crusader_niks True that Modi cloaked himself in fake reformist robes in 2013-14 before unleashing babu raj. But th… @khannaa Dear voter, We have two economic options for you: socialism and socialism. Please choose wisely. Yours, Indian democracyInstead of changing course, Congress doubles down on failed economic ideas. @AapkiMallika Huge amounts, especially for those that I write under my pseudonym, Lord Meghnad Desai. @samjawed65 Great thread, but needs to be open-ended. Not fair on Satyapal Singh and Harsh Vardhan to omit their stellar contributions. :).@swapan55: Modi and his governance agenda give NDA an edge in 2019. BJP election machine ignores this at its peril. @Saravindh Partly about what you’re dressing up too. Congress did many stupid things, but no single stupid thing on the scale of demon. @ajey1729 That’s a fair point. No deep introspection in Congress either. Main difference is that the drum-beating isn’t always on maximum. @ThalerToRupees It’s a question of degree. For instance, RG admitted today that in its last few years UPA let down India. @pareshsancheti @pareshsancheti You’re right, it’s a tricky balance in politics. But your volume doesn’t need to be turned to maximum for every message. :) @Saravindh Partly nature of politics, but BJP goes beyond putting its best face forward. Tries to dress up disasters as strokes of genius. @pareshsancheti You’re right. It’s mostly a style of communication, and a culture that demands 100% public praise of even idiotic ideas.However you see @RahulGandhi his point about lack of introspection in BJP is true. Exhibit A: Treating nutty demonetization as masterstroke.
.@Babar_Sattar: In Pakistan democracy is on a leash, and the leash has gotten shorter. you could get the Modi government to do just ONE thing before the 2019 elections, what would it be?Meghnad: Yogi Adityanath may be the poster boy of Hindu nationalism, but voters prefer better hospitals to pious ho… Modi must stop pretending that achche din (good times) are already here. They are not. @tjoseph0010 @veenavenugopal @chetan_bhagat The description that you find accurate portrays the column as an apolog… @tjoseph0010 @veenavenugopal @chetan_bhagat Disagree. Everything that’s not a full frontal attack on Modi is not an…“Muslim dons now have a diminishing return for political parties. They alienate more votes from a party than what t… @tjoseph0010 @veenavenugopal Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation, but that’s not how I read… If you could get the Modi government to do just ONE thing before the 2019 elections, what would it be? [Please stick to one.]Why has India not taken advantage of global economic upturn? Ruchir Sharma blames (nutty) demonetization, (sloppy)… Not long ago, the Aam Aadmi Party set out to save India. It’s now struggling to save itself. #AAP
.@Ram_Guha: The BJP objects to Lenin for being foreign. The real problem: he was a despot. Indians elected Modi to fix the rickety bus of governance, not just to drive it slightly better. sends Uighur women to re-ed camps after separating them from Pakistani husbands. [Not a peep from Islamabad.] @Shantz66 Disagree. There’s nothing wrong with condoling a great scientist’s death without knowing all about his wo… @sanjay_ramteke_ @Dhuandhaar Inko abhi tak mantri kyon nahin banaya? :) @sandygrains @ThePrintIndia I would like to read a story on how Stephen Hawking proved that Einstein stole his idea… @sachin_bhutada I do not recall the PM saying that. Do you have a link?India’s science minister uses fake Stephen Hawking quote claiming that Vedas contain theory “superior” to Einstein’… @Man_dhi2017 Best part is that this is done by governments. So there must be an official somewhere who said, “I hav… the absurdity of their tit-for-tat diplomacy no two countries can beat India and Pakistan.… @jubjubjab Godi is lap. So I suppose lapdog media is a pretty good translation.Which of these terms do you consider most appropriate for India’s propaganda channels?
@rupasubramanya ET has jumped the shark. Accurate headline: “In face of internal opposition, Modi government abando… @harsh8848 The optimistic view is that GST will be simplified over time. I wouldn’t compare it with Too-Crazy-Even-… @Bhupsi10 Complexity is the enemy of consistency. This is designed to allow arbitrary government favors. @i_krisss The whole point of GST is simplicity. That should be India’s goal too, not some indecipherable khichdi co… @IndusSpirit That is not true. Please compare India’s bizarre, multiple-tier, extremely high rate structure with GS… around the world: Simplicity + Transparency + Low rates. GST in India: Complexity + Opacity + High rates. @ElruDemon @tufailelif Indian supporters of authoritarianism always hope that they’ll get Lee Kuan Yew. But the odd… @Liberendu Wrong number. Neither @tufailelif nor I explained the 2014 result in terms of polarization. Here’s what… BJP’s “United Spectrum of Hindu Votes” has frayed since it won UP in 2017. In 2014 BJP won the hearts of voters from Goa to Nagaland. Hardline Hindutva and socialist economics… @ZeeMohamed_ I hate to inform you that unfamiliarity with spellcheck may be the least of their problems. :) @TheJaggi Fair point. It’s a setback, but perhaps too early for a political obituary. @ShekharGupta @bijnor2 @girirajsinghbjp This is not calling a spade a spade. It’s calling a spade a tractor. He is accusing ordin… peaceful Indian Muslims for voting is about the worst way to fight terrorism. edit: UP and Bihar bypoll results suggest discontent among BJP supporters.'s Oved Lobel in @J_wire on @dhume's recent visit to Australia and the #India-#Israel relationship
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