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@TheJaggi It’s not false equivalence at all. True that the sums involved are vastly different, but the principle is identical. @TheJaggi I don’t have a problem with that. I have a problem with using it as an excuse to impose double standards on pilgrimage question. @TheJaggi The problem lies in using a complex issue (temple management) to evade a simple one (the blatant double standard on Mansarovar). @TheJaggi Return temples to whom? To the priests who ran them traditionally? I’m agnostic on this, but yet to see a convincing argument. @TheJaggi Temple argument is complex, but also disingenuous. We’ll oppose A’s subsidy today, but get to B’s subsidy when world is perfect. @TheJaggi India claims to be a secular state, which was a reason to oppose haj subsidy. But logically you can’t be… @RahulEaswar Please check DM. Thanks.
@thischeena Mansarovar yatra is in Tibet (China). Principle is same as haj subsidy even if outlays have been smaller. @tufailelif @SandipGhose Fact: Those who want the haj subsidy scrapped but mansarovar subsidy continued are driven by anti-Muslim animus not secularism.If you oppose govt. subsidies for haj (I do), you should also oppose these other subsidies. Israel and India are natural friends. But only under Modi has Delhi overcome antipathy to Tel Aviv. India. Always good to be back! that India has scrapped the ludicrous haj subsidy. But a truly secular state would provide no subsidies for ANY religious activity. @ShashiKishore @learning_pt You’re right. It’s all my fault.Good news: More Indian kids than ever before reach class 8. Bad news: 1/4 of them struggle w/ simple reading. About… is scrupulous, fair-minded fact-checking by @AltNews. Never mind that Amit Shah is the beneficiary. v… @acorn @saliltripathi Not bad at all. The question is whether it accurately suggests India’s trajectory or not.
I’m threading a few comments on @spignal’s take on the Indian economy in @TheEconomist . It is “negative feedback”…
Retweeted by Sadanand Dhume @saliltripathi @acorn Point is that India was at the same level of per capita income after 26 years of reform as Ch… @acorn By that token, there’s much cause for continued optimism. Being just five years behind the game-changing jug… Dolores O’Riordan. And thank you for the music. #TheCranberries on his brief infatuation w/ AAP and active politics. [And sensible advice from his wife.] Indian judiciary’s huge own-goal will increase calls for accountability. But will it weaken or strengthe… to admire Indian fact-checking sites @SMHoaxSlayer @boomlive_in and @AltNews. Thankless but necessary work. Swaraj’s “brittle response to an op-ed criticising her performance as foreign minister has surprised so many… a lighter note, my apologies to the French guy inadvertently trolled for my TOI column on Sushma Swaraj. Je suis… being part of a fine @amprog task force on US-India ties led by @NMenonRao & @RichardRVerma. You can read t…
.@desaisantosh explains why I found #Bollywood pretty much unbearable after the age of ten. have to love #Australia for constantly expanding the frontiers of human civilization. reality, the vast Indian middle class conjured up by marketers and consultants scarcely exists. v @TheEconomist @jonathanshainin Possibly the first sensible decision of your life. :) @ShashiTharoor That’s not fair. @malviyamit already has a life. It’s spent driving people away from @BJP4India by spreading filth all day..@swaminomics: Left’s obsession w/ equality is dangerous. Pol Pot’s Cambodia was likely the most equal country ever. @jambu8211 @qz Tea comes from China. Odds that root word for it is Tamil are slightly lower than for my winning an… @jambu8211 @qz Fascinating. I wonder if “then” is close to “te/teh” (sea route makes sense) or whether Tamil is an exception.My first visit to India, a world power that is strengthening its relations with Israel. I am excited about this his…
Retweeted by Sadanand DhumeTea if by sea, cha if by land: Why the world has only two words for tea. v @qz @INCIndia This is childish and tasteless. Modi’s personal warmth has been an asset to Indian diplomacy. @vivekagnihotri Nice try. But the plain fact remains that only one of us frets about the caste of the person sitting in 1A. @vivekagnihotri @SushmaSwaraj That’s precisely how I read things. Hint: Normal people don’t mentally log the caste… @vivekagnihotri Says the guy who gets upset if Dalits fly business class. :) @ReshmiDG @ImranKhanPTI Why do you think I need to have a “candidate”?
@ReshmiDG @ImranKhanPTI Fine to disagree. IMO SYK was the greatest. But the objection seems to be to my picking a P… @ahanwadi @ImranKhanPTI Well, in my view Yaqub Khan has been the greatest to date. Can’t be as unequivocal about Imran Khan.Some folks upset that I called Sahabzada Yaqub Khan the greatest South Asian foreign minister. That’s absurd. Like… @nayanikaaa I hope for your sake that India isn’t such a banana republic that an oped criticizing a politician invites reprisals. @Retributions Fair point. But my purpose is not to assign blame. Merely pointing out deficiencies in current arrangement.In my view, Sushma Swaraj is a talented politician, but a poor fit as foreign minister. How do you feel? Those who objected to Aadhaar from day one understood the ways and wiles of Indian officialdom bet… It’s almost astonishing that no Parliament of independent India has seen fit to modify the laws underly… @Babar_Sattar oped on the domestic costs of Pakistan’s national security policy. point. That’s why we’ve seen only half-a-dozen tweets by Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj in response to my arti… Some say presser damaged Indian Supreme Court’s credibility. But there’s no longer much credibility to lose.
Opinion: When Trump tweets, Pakistan’s generals may listen, writes @dhume
Retweeted by Sadanand DhumeThe trouble with Sushma Swaraj: a talented politician, but a mediocre foreign minister. [My take] Trump tweets, Pakistan’s generals may listen, writes @dhume Madman theory vis-a-vis Pakistan
Retweeted by Sadanand Dhume.@husainhaqqani: On Pakistan, the “no alternative” argument has for too long held sway over American policymakers. that judges who claim to care that India’s Supreme Court “maintains its equanimity” would hold a press confe…’t dismiss @realDonaldTrump’s tweets on Pakistan. They may actually work. [My take]
Retweeted by Sadanand Dhume
“The trick is for the Pakistanis to think the president is crazy. As long as he’s not actually crazy.” [Reup]’t dismiss @realDonaldTrump’s tweets on Pakistan. They may actually work. [My take] For six years, successive Indian governments have grappled with weak private investment. They have fa… @DevashishMitra_ Fascinating. So you’re saying the assumption is in fact rational, not stupid? @RightPointer Partly fair. But even here perception often trumps reality. For instance, I never predicted anything… @mangal95 I can’t speak for others, but to me if you’re not abusive you aren’t a troll.Pet peeve: Why do so many people assume that EXPECTING X to win an election is the same as WANTING X to win? Genuine question.
@thesuniljain @ShekharGupta In hindsight, on privatization Vajpayee’s was the only government that did anything! @spignal @ShekharGupta Agree. Modi government is making encouraging noises on Air India but, as @ShekharGupta has p… @ShekharGupta I don’t think Modi govt. deserves such praise until they actually privatize something. So far they’re… @ShekharGupta Except that when in power Congress decisively halted privatization. They’re not hypocrites in this de… In Our Time Has Come, @AyresAlyssa “sees India well on the road to acquiring global power and status.” v…
@jeevessunil When I change my mind I lay out my reasons. Perhaps I missed it, but yet to see Akbar do that.Evidently MJ Akbar (2018 edition) is no fan of MJ Akbar (1986 edition). #TripleTalaq
@ArushiKmr I won’t believe that until it shows up on @madhukishwar’s Twitter feed. ;)In India, cash is still king. (Though this may be slowly changing.)
.@MilanV: India’s new electoral bonds are supposed to reduce opacity in political financing. Instead they merely le… be a really slow news day. :) @bhuwanmpandey @BDUTT Public has a right to know about a major politician’s marital status. Beyond that I rather li… @BDUTT Disagree. Fact that Karunanidhi has three wives or that ABV lives w/ his “foster family” has been widely rep…