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AEI Fellow, WSJ Columnist, FP Twitterati 100. Author of My Friend the Fanatic. (I share news and opinion from South Asia and the world.)

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@sidin Hing is stinky, Tanks are thinky, Benazir was Pinky. @sidin Methi is fenugreek, Harbhajan Singh is a Sikh, Look what you've started, you freak. @Retributions It's not a gaffe and the attempt to paint it as one is forced. But since when has the Hindutva Troll Army showed common sense?.@thesuniljain: "So did Narendra Modi kill the Indian economy?" [No, but he sure did wound it badly.] The Congress Party's plan for 2019 appears to rest on "a high-decibel rejection of the status quo." to know. But who was minister of state for chemicals and fertilizers? to see Republic TV carry on the best journalistic tradition of holding government accountable for every misste… @acorn As a pundit I'm torn between calling for bold reform and praying that it won't be a crackpot idea that tanks the entire economy.
Enjoyed interviewing #Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina in New York last night. We talked about #Rohingya and other issue… @chitraSD Not my observation, actually, but happy to do my bit to keep your bile tank filled. :) @nistula I believe it's called true louw. @CherieDamour_"Periods of globalisation have been associated with the spread of democracy and periods of de-globalisation with th… Indian jobs outlook is at a 12-year low. back, what has been the Modi government's top economic achievement since 2014?
For first time in 21 years, the Syedna will visit Karachi's Bohra community for Muharram. back, what has been the Modi government's biggest economic blunder since 2014?
Retweeted by Sadanand DhumeThe line between PR and journalism in India has been blurred to the point that many viewers wouldn't even notice th… @77sree Don't be greedy. You need to pick one. @meerasanyal
.@_sabanaqvi explores "the acute distress a systematic assault on the meat business has caused" in parts of India. @mintu_solanki One also needs courage to jump off a cliff. @rolandlanders Need to pick one. @badri_rama Well, to me the answer is pretty obvious but I won't say what I think it is for fear of contaminating the poll.Looking back, what has been the Modi government's biggest economic blunder since 2014? @Retributions We can argue about the quantum of fuel taxes, but the idea of using low global oil prices for fiscal consolidation is sound. @dubeyamitabh Fair to point out that UPA laid the groundwork in 2013, but Modi still deserves credit for the actual policy change in 2014. @PKR70 This is true. The BJP position on this while in opposition was equally irresponsible. @usanghvi55 Yes. But why protest now for excise hikes that are more than 18 months old? @s24_rahul Govt. has decided to use low global fuel prices to soak up revenues. Not unreasonable, and definitely not "loot." @ravikamdar @sajaru Much to criticize in Modi govt.'s handling of the economy. But I would argue that this is one of the things that they've got right. @rbalablr At best you can argue that high fuel taxes disproportionately hurt the middle class. But not "loot" by any stretch. @priyankac19 @ravikamdar The recent fluctuation that people are complaining about is driven by deregulated prices, no? @s24_rahul @priyankac19 Not true. I criticized BJP and others too for protests against fuel price hikes in 2010. @s24_rahul True. But arguably it's fiscally wise for government to soak up revenues while international fuel prices are low. @ravikamdarIn fairness to Modi government, fuel price deregulation is a genuine economic reform. A responsible opposition woul… on India's faltering economy: temporary growth blip or deeper structural problems?…
"He’s on Wanted Posters in U.S., and Campaign Posters in Pakistan." [Hafiz Saeed] Indians learnt drinking the hard way involving "a lot of trial and an exceedingly large amount of throwing up." @KoiDekhLega Thanks. I've already responded repeatedly to variants of this question. Please read the thread. @AnandzWorld You may well be right. But in my view political narratives tend to be fluid. Will be interesting to see how this one evolves. @AnandzWorld Because narratives change over time. And arguably both demonetization blunder and thuggish troll army do indeed hurt the BJP. @AnandzWorld No. Nor do I believe that @autumnshade view is widely held today. Too early to say if it will find more takers a year from now. @plzNoComments Don't think @autumnshade's view of RG is widely held. (I certainly don't share it.) But it may gain traction over time.Most people likely still find Rahul Gandhi unacceptable as PM but BJP should worry about @autumnshade argument here.
.@tca_tca: "Though Mr. Modi is a truly great political leader, his leadership in governance has been quite poor." @tca_tca I think @pbmehta means free pass from pundits, not voters. @barugaru @BretStephensNYT For the newspapers, of course. @runbikehurry Good old Bahrisons, of course. :) @runbikehurry To me it embodied the worst of late socialist pseudo-capitalism. "The video tapes must be rewound before being returned." @RahulEaswar It's 2017, Rahul. An adult gets to decide who she wants to marry and what faith to follow. Her parents have no "rights" here. @runbikehurry The Book Shop was weird. Took itself far too seriously and deserved to die. (Though isn't it still around in Jor Bagh?) @thegymnosophist Often is an exaggeration. I'll accept "sometimes." @RamaNewDelhi If we had Twitter in 1909 someone would have got many RTs for pointing out that in some ways Gandhi was a crank. @ShekharGupta @Cat9thLife I wish @Swamy39 had admitted that demonetization was idiotic in conceptualization, and not just in implementation. @virsanghvi.@swamy39 tells @virsanghvi that India's economy "is in a tailspin." [Only senior #BJP leader willing to publicly q… @nkura52 I think that is @PChidambaram_IN's point. Silly for India to boast when its GDP growth rate had (briefly) overtaken China's. @over2shailaja So, tell us then, has Khan Market gotten better or worse since your Maan Nagar childhood? @srijanapiya17 Oh please. Kalra Cycles was very much more a little boys kind of shop. :)Kesavan: "Khan Market is the only place in New Delhi that has actually gotten better with time." [Debatable.] no longer growing faster than China. But no big deal even when it was: @Pchidambaram_In.… Opposition to India's first bullet train suggests a "homeopathic state of mind."
.@tavleen_singh: BJP reaction to Rahul Gandhi speech suggests "first signs of vulnerability in the Modi government." must realize that it's sitting next to a guy with a loaded gun and zero economic stakes. That is Russia. #ITF13Brexit and Trump have given the EU a chance to reinvent itself. #ITF13[11:32:51 GMT] what is being said about #ITF13? : india, gmfus, orfonline [get your own profile wordcloud by menti…
Retweeted by Sadanand DhumeFor the Chinese Russia is a mistress, not a marriage. #ITF13There's a revisionist territorial agenda associated w/ both China and Russia. This is not true of the US or India. #itf13 @shantihp Not allowed. It's Chatham House rules. (No attribution.) @sachinpatiltex @khasiguyA fiery panel discussion on the state of democracy in Ind,US&Eur #ITF13 w/ @rupasubramanya @StvlL @JJCarafano &…
Retweeted by Sadanand DhumeRussia-China relationship is a marriage of convenience. Currently going through a stable period, but Russia has long term concerns. #ITF13China has very few friends and allies. Russia is an extraordinary prize for China. #ITF13"The Pakistani military establishment is obsessed with revenge." #ITF13
Retweeted by Sadanand DhumeMy tweets tagged #ITF13 quote what panelists here are saying. In short, NOT my words. @sachinpatiltex @khasiguyUS sanctioning Pakistan after it had acquired nuclear weapon capability was like taking a birth control pill after you're pregnant. #ITF13 @autumnrainwish I'm not allowed to say. Chatham House rules.The US and Europe are responsible for helping create "industrial strength corruption" in #Afghanistan. #ITF13Pakistan is the problem. You can put chocolate on a turd and call it a donut, but it's not a donut. #ITF13 @tavleen_singh PT = Pathetic Troll :)
Great 1st panel on illiberalism/& unenlightenment in US,EU,India at #ITF13 Link to intl order/strongmen politics tangents to follow up on.
Retweeted by Sadanand DhumeThanks @priyankac19 @rupasubramanya @StvlL @JJCarafano for a terrific panel. #ITF13