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You suggested that a man deserved to be shot, as he lay fighting for his life. We really don't need your lectures o…
Retweeted by Dan BogdanThank You Mr. President for All the Good Work That You Do, In A Sacrificial Manner, To Make America Great Again. Go… . . .but, TRUE IS BS and, it is coming from FOX "FAKE MEDIA NEWS" . . . You Mr. President for All the Good Work That You Do, In A Sacrificial Manner, To Make America Great Again. Go… and Furious: Eric Holder held in contempt and Furious: Eric Holder held in contempt We "Handing Billions" to IRAN as "Restitution" but, NOT TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN US Defenseless CITIZENS Abroad? We "Handing Billions" to IRAN as "Restitution" but, NOT TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN US Defenseless CITIZENS Abroad? Three American Hostages Still in North Korea Following Release, Death of Otto Warmbier via @BreitbartNewsPunish the 'psychotic despots' who run North Korea for Otto Warmbier's death DEMANDS JUSTICE, Over Otto Warmbier's tragic North Korean 'mistake' REAL COLLUSION: Gowdy Asks Johnson of DNC Hacking Claims: Why Wouldn't the Victim of a Crime Turn Over Server? REAL COLLUSION: "Elections Security: Federal Help or Power Grab?" . . . via @politicoTHE REAL COLLUSION: Former DHS Chief Johnson: "No Evidence Russians Changed Any Votes" . . . via @worldnetdailyTHE REAL COLLUSION: DHS Chief Johnson's bombshell testimony: DNC Refused Our Help After Being Warned About Hacking REAL COLLUSION: Gowdy Rips Johnson: “If They Were Hacked, Why Didn’t The DNC Let The FBI Look At Their Servers?” REAL COLLUSION: Obama’s DHS Chief Nuked the Russia Case! The DNC Obstructed Justice REAL COLLUSION: States Rejected Federal Help on Russian Hacking During Election, DHS Head, has said: REAL COLLUSION: Obama DHS Secretary: We Offered to Help The DNC Combat Russian Hacking, They Declined REAL COLLUSION: Former DHS Sec: DNC rejected fed help after hack @CNN REAL COLLUSION - Did Former US Pres. Obama's White House & AG Loretta Lynch Illegally Meddle In 2016 Election?… Now . . . You Had to "VOTE-For-It" TO SEE . . . "WHAT'S IN-IT" . . . Johnson testifies DNC rejected DHS help on hack, Russia meddling did not alter ballots | REAL COLLUSION: DNC rejected DHS help on hack, Russia "Meddling" While FBI Offered GREAT DEAL To Russian Hacker for "fake hacking" ...THE REAL COLLUSION: Robert Mueller hires ANOTHER Clinton donor for Russia probe - Making Web News . . . REAL COLLUSION: "UNMASK THE DEEP STATE" - Russia Narrative ‘Came Apart’ but Media Is Still In Denial . . . REAL COLLUSION: Report Details How Lynch Forced Comey from Room after He Revealed SEVERELY DAMAGING Intel REAL COLLUSION: Senate GOP Moves Focus to Fmr AG Loretta Lynch: "Get Out Your 5th Amendment Bingo Cards!" . . .'ous MUSIC VIDEO: Hillary Clinton & James Comey sing ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ – Dr. Rich Swier REAL COLLUSION: Two Lawyers Hired by Robert Mueller Were Maximum Donors to Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign ... About The REAL COLLUSION: FBI Offered Russian Hacker Huge Bribes to Say He Hacked DNC Emails for Trump ... Collusion Confirmed: GREEDY Bill & Hillary Clinton Personally Made $2.85M Selling US Uranium to Russia ... President Donald J. Trump, Slams Hillary Clinton for Scandals in Wake of Possible Obstruction Investigation . . . REAL COLLUSION: Russian Hacker Claims FBI Coerced Him to Falsely Confess over Clinton Cyberattack for Trump ... REAL COLLUSION: Russian Hacker Was Offered Money By FBI If He ‘Confessed’ To Election Hacking ... Hacker (Yevgeny Nikulin) Says That FBI Bribed Him to Confess Targeting Clinton’s Emails on behalf of Trump REAL COLLUSION: US Senate Investigating New Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal You Probably Never Knew About ... hacker says FBI offered him citizenship & $$$ To Confess Hacking Podesta's Emails On behalf of Putin & Trump HACKER Claims FBI Offered Him A Great Deal of "Incentives" To Claim He Hacked Hillary's Emails For Trump... Hacker Claims FBI Offered Him Money & Citizenship To Claim That He Hacked Podesta's Emails for Trump ..., Well ... Comey's FBI Offered Deal to Russian Hacker to Say He Hacked Hillary’s E-mails For Donald Trump ... Hacker: FBI Offered Me Citizenship, Immunity & Apartment If I Confess 2 Hacking Clinton’s Inbox 2 Help Trump! - THE REAL COLLUSION: Russian Hacker Says FBI Offered Citizenship if He Admitted to Clinton Email Hacks . . . REAL COLLUSION: Russian Hacker Says FBI Offered Citizenship & New Life 2 Confess Hacking Podesta Emails 4 Trump REAL COLLUSION: "SERVER GATE," Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Getting Worse. More Wrongdoing Evidence Found.! - THE REAL COLLUSION: Accused Russian Hacker Says FBI Offered Bribes If He’d Confess To Hacking Election . . . REAL COLLUSION: Hillary Clinton Not Yet In The Clear Over Email Scandal, US Appeals Court Reopens Case offered deal to Russian hacker to claim he hacked Hillary’s e-mails on behalf of Trump via @famblogTHE REAL COLLUSION - "LOCK-HER-UP" - President Trump Unleashes Tweetstorm, Asks Why Hillary Not Investigated? – OpEd REAL COLLUSION: America Demands Loretta Lynch to Testify over Clinton "Obstruction Of Justice" Investigation ... President Donald J. Trump: Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Gave Free Pass & Protection to Hillary Clinton REAL COLLUSION: When will Mueller Start Investigating Loretta Lynch's "CLEAR OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE" Case? REAL COLLUSION: Senate Republicans Demands Former AG Loretta Lynch Testify About Clinton Email Investigation... REAL COLLUSION: Senate GOP Shifts Their Focus to Loretta Lynch (Video) ... REAL COLLUSION: Obama's Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch Should Be Called To Testify About That 'Matter' DEMANDS JUSTICE On Behalf of Otto's Family . . . am going to answer: "BECAUSE THEY DON'T STAND FOR "SOMETHING" but, . . ."AGAINST ANYTHING" that The US PRESIDENT… REAL COLLUSION: VIDEO - Judge Napolitano Calls for Criminal Investigation of Loretta Lynch ... REAL COLLUSION: Obama’s Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch Just Got AWFUL News from the FBI [VIDEO] . . . REAL COLLUSION: It May Be Loretta Lynch's Turn to Be Investigated for Covering the Clinton's Email-Gate Scandal REAL COLLUSION: Comey Raises Concerns about Loretta Lynch’s Independence REAL COLLUSION: Loretta Lynch Reacted With ‘Steely Silence’ to Comey’s Evidence About Email Investigation REAL COLLUSION: Senate Republicans Want to Hear From Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch about “E-mailgate”... REAL COLLUSION: Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Portrait Of "Hillary Clinton Cover-up Corruption . . . President Elect Donald Trump Won the Presidency, Bill Clinton Chomped on a Cigar, Hillary Sat 'Stone-Faced' ... REAL COLLUSION: It Is About Time That Loretta Lynch Should Be Called to Testify About That . . . "Matter" Napolitano: Fmr. FBI Director Comey Laid Out Case for 'Misconduct in Office' Against Former AG Loretta Lynch REAL COLLUSION: Ex-FBI Agent Just Ratted Out Comey in Clinton Cover-Up Episode . . . NEWS: Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch Could Be In BIG Trouble; Here's what we know... Making Web News REAL COLLUSION - Bombshell: James Comey Confronts Former AG Loretta Lynch With Memo About Clinton's Email Probe Sanders’ Advise to Democrats: "How Democrats Can Stop Losing Elections?" ... REAL COLLUSION: Judge Napolitano Said Something Loretta Lynch Didn’t Want Getting Out! ... via @liberty_writersBREAKING NEWS - Will the Democratic Party Open its Doors to Bernie Sanders' Young & Working People? REAL COLLUSION: Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch Obstructed Justice And Must Me Investigated . . .‘Bernie Would Have Won': Sanders Supporters See Hope In UK Election - REAL COLLUSION: Senate Republicans May Attempt to Question Ex-AG Loretta Lynch on Conduct in Clinton Email Case Is Where It Begins: New Effort To Draft Bernie Sanders For 'People's Party' -'s The Great News that No Democrat Wants To Hear and/or Acknowledge: No Collusion Between Trump and Russians ...