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Consultant Developer. Specialist in user interfaces and interaction and wholeheartedly supporting equality and Feminism. Director @ Digitalgravy Ltd.

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Absolutely stellar 'people in the papers pointing at the thing that's made them angry' today
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreYou knew Apple’s new reality show was bad. But, did you know just how bad?
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore @callummr @newsycbot I do not. However would be a handy skill!
SpaceVim is the best IDE for people live in terminal (cmts
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@yeltzland I genuinely (foolishly) thought it was an original, until I heard that. @yeltzland Har har har 😝😝😝Wait, what?! Jesus, are there *any* songs from my youth that were original?!
Got into KGX this morning and literally one person in the entire full carriage got up. No one wants to go to work. #happyFridayOborne: "Its a fair paper" Audience: "Oh no it isn't!" Daily Mail is a vile joke and #bbcqt is literally panto 👏
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreLooks like stupid ransomware authors lost control of their C&C :)
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreHey @Twitter you've got a bit of a way to go to get those colours right m8. Not everything is brown.
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Former LEGO developer @glassbottommeg explains why penises are such a hard problem in games
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore @_William_a_p Pshhh my Thousand Sons will wipe your pesky Tyranids 😝 @productoven Hahaha I'll try! 😄 @whoatemycrayons Might have accidentally got back into Warhammer as if I'm a 12 year old again 🙃Oh balls. Caught the bug again.
Hell of a lot of people justifying terrorism. You are the exact equal of people supporting ISIS.
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreSpot the difference. Caucasian vs Brown. Same method of terrorism, two different motives whilst reporting.…
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@whoatemycrayons Hehe ❤️❤️ thank you! @callummr 😍😍 thank you!
Wedding time!
Ahhh Wales ❤️
Brands hating Twitter's design team right now...
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore @callummr @Twitter @design I'm loving how it's breaking the brand guidelines of loads of companies now 🤦🏻‍♂️ twitter vs new twitter
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore @callummr @Twitter @design Next up: Twitter Stories™USERS: we love twitter but it has problems TWITTER: great we'll fix them USERS: do you want to know what they are TWITTER: absolutely not
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreUSERS: you're alienating the people who actually use your product TWITTER: likes are now florps USERS: what TWITTER: timeline goes sideways
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore @rem I'd second @krakenfxTaiwan's new police puppies are SO TINY. SO TIRED. SO FIERCE.
Retweeted by Stuart Elmoreit’s a mystery
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreITS A ME, YOUR UBER DRIVER, IM-A-OUTSIDE!
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“Someone was typing in a URL and WhatsApp was fetching it off my server” (cmts
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreWeb 3.0: progressive de-enhancement™ @whoatemycrayons We think it is... Seems all quiet this morning at least! :D
@whoatemycrayons 💨 apparently one of the valves on the "medium pressure" feeds is just "blowing out gas" 50mtrs from the front door 😕Excitement in our street tonight, what with a gas leak 🏃🏼‍♀️Days to hit a 60% disapproval rating: Carter: Never Reagan: Never H.W. Bush: Never Clinton: Never W. Bush: 1,756 Obama: Never Trump: 144
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreTories doubling down on contempt for the young will 100% turn their political fortunes around
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore5/ Education level another key divider: the more highly educated someone is, the more likely they are to vote Lab/L…
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@productoven @LogitechUK Hmmm I'll have to keep an eye out for that! 🕺🏿Thanks #Brexiteers! 👍🏼 top job. 🤦🏻‍♂️ @productoven @LogitechUK Updates?i hate this celebratory genre of "be on the constant verge of death under late capitalism"
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@whoatemycrayons Omg that place is heaven! Mojitos on tap too! 😍😍😍😍Here’s roughly how the 2017 general election would have looked under a pure proportional representation system:
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…Oh, and it was Owen Paterson, who isn't a minister. We need better fact checking, now more than ever.
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreThis is being shared a lot, but I believe the minister said he can "imagine" it happening.
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreIf this is real May needs to be forcibly removed from her post and Tories can get to absolute fuck. Disgusting.
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore @callummr Haha nooo Imma have to check that outBeing a developer
Theresa May spent £100 million of public money to reduce her own majority. Still, I reckon she'll do a good job negotiating Brexit.
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreSorry for all the political tweets and retweets, but a UK general election only happens once every few months.
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreImagine the scale on which the UK media would have LOST THEIR SHIT if Corbyn entered No10 on SNP support. The DUP bigots are fine, though.
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Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreFavourite headline of the night so far #GE2017
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore @whoatemycrayons @cakepopprincess That's probably because in Danish politics, coalition is the norm ❤️Oh my god Lord Buckethead’s political manifesto I’m screaming
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreThank you, young people. Well done. Take that feeling and *keep on being heard*.
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreThis is the worst character select screen ever #BBCelection
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore#Peterborough you have done us all proud this day. ❤️ @callummr So close! 😭 I think you can still feel proud.That's it, off to bed. Laughing. Huge problems ahead for Brexit but, for now, this is a joyous, hilarious self-inflicted political wound.
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore @callummr I did 😊 my mrs dutifully stayed up to watch! How about you?Waking up this morning I expected to be distraught heading to work. Instead this result is more than I had hoped for! ❤️Think your vote doesn't count?! This is why you should ALWAYS #VOTE Brexit delayed? EU Commissioner Gunther Oettinger says Brexit talks might not now start as planned on June 19 #hungparliament
@productoven @WeAreAmido Wait, so that's the 4th and 5th new coffee machine in 2 months?!?!I voted! Which means I get my +8 DEF bonus against the day-to-day torture of watching everything go irreversibly to shit.
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreCan't get done for running through wheat fields if you get rid of 20,000+ police officers
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore @whoatemycrayons I am now at my desk. Only 3:30 hours from bed to desk 😔 @whoatemycrayons Ugh. 4:50am. Still not at my desk. Fucking trains. Looking forward to heading to the polls later.If your polling card hasn't arrived, please know YOU DON'T NEED CARD TO VOTE. Find where to vote here: PLS RT
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore 7 General Elections as anchor @Channel4News, after weeks of requests,Theresa May is the first serving PM to refuse me an interview why?
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Do not vote for Theresa May. Do not vote against the NHS, the police, human rights, foxes, school meals, pensioners, and the mentally ill.
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