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In suicide note, man claims Janardhan Reddy laundered Rs 100 crore for daughter's wedding @narendramodi is it true?Situation in Ekma Branch IFSC SBIN0002934 is very poor, Pension holders are not allowed to submit life certificate,returned without serviceNo crane big enough to lift tilted warship, foreign help sought @PMOIndia check with iit mechanical engineers
@karanjohar @aliaa08 @gauris @iamsrk इसको सिर्फ कमाई से मतलब है, ये नहीं बोल सकता ही बहुत अच्छी movie है। @RashmiS95949003 @DrKumarVishwas @abpnewshindi गौरा हमने बचपन में पढ़ा था। उन्हें पशु से बहुत स्नेह और ममता थी @ArvindKejriwal @narendramodi ये सास बहू का झगड़ा कब बंद होगा, परिवार रूपी देश को बहुत नुक्सान हो रहा है। मिलके समस्या का समाधान करो । @BDUTT @narendramodi @NitishKumar @htsummit now you want Modi to work on your instructions..? You job is to share news , not views @ArvindKejriwal जनता ने चुना है और उसे कोई शिकायत नहीं, आप लोग कुछ बेहतर तो नहीं कर सकते, कम से कम अपने काम पे ध्यान दे, पुरे समय मोदी मोदी @narendramodi if politicians are really corrupt , why till date not even one got caught and punished? Weak Law or political will?
@chintskap khullam khullaa is cool ..The soul of India is now called ATMa........
Retweeted by Dhananjay Tiwari @chintskap telephone with camera is known as mobile #AapKiAdalat
@sardesairajdeep with an hand on your heart are you not exaggerating ?why so much cash is needed , why not promote cheque transactionNo action yet, for following order number taken but replacement not yet delivered, worst deal we hav… @bestdealtv no one called kindly share your office adress we would pick up
In bid to make cash white, Bengaluru businessmen lose Rs 80 lakh @akshaykumar special 26 Act ;-)
@PMOIndia impose fine and penalty for disruption of Lok sabha and Rajya sabha , like all member of parliament will pay 20% of salary as fine
A new study finds a correlation between the degree and strategies that hurt firms but benefit executives.
Retweeted by Dhananjay Tiwari @ArvindKejriwal संगत से गुण आवत है , संगत से गुण जात, @_YogendraYadav @pbhushan1 time to introspect before AAP looses @DrKumarVishwas @narendramodi your app is not responding ..btw good decision , waiting for Dec 31 @aajkimaafi ? @bestdealtv how to track package almost 40 days and delivery not done complain no 335047, order no 1341590 @akshaykumar @TheShilpaShetty
@bestdealtv no one reached out to me yet , can you ask anyone from.courier team to call me and confirm?
@ArvindKejriwal @arunjaitley @narendramodi apart from rollback what else can u recommend 2 handle current situation ..please meet n discuss @RBI please make use of rapid mode transport for shipment of currencies , all banks complain adequate currency not available ..@arunjaitley
@TheShilpaShetty @bestdealtv order No 1341590 has been requested for replacement and package is not arrived more than 45 days, payment done
@narendramodi why @TheVijayMallya cannot be brought back to India and made accountable for nations loss..Celebrating the 170th anniversary of our legendary #LU biscuit, born in #France in 1846, still delighting millions…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Tiwari @narendramodi and not only BJP but all political parties member including Congress ,AAP..there Bank report should be investigated @narendramodi let last one years cash deposit for all BJP mla be investigated by any committee..why fear when no wrong done..
This chartered Accountant sent a mind blowing open letter to kejriwal on Currency demonetization! @PMOIndia @arunjaitley @RBI one of jokes ..apply expiry dates on each notes, so that people can themselves get it replaced , makes sense ! @PMOIndia @arunjaitley @RBI you can keep ATM open with 100 denomination and same withdrawal limit of 2000. No one want 500/2000 anymore @PMOIndia with adequate 100 note supply ATM could be open and it would have helped common people , same withdrawal limit .@arunjaitley
@PMOIndia 500 and 2000 not needed print more 100 denomination notes @arunjaitley
@PMOIndia I stood in bank queue for 4 hours and I still appreciate Demonitization decision ..honest will stand in queue ..As the nights get colder, how about relaxing with a warm @Cadbury Bournville Cocoa and a look back at…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Tiwari @ICICIBank very slow proceeding in lower parel branch ATM is working , none of measures in place yet @Abha_ypsingh pay your shagun or other payments in cheque who is stopping that ...cooperate for this two week after which all will be fine @arunjaitley inconvenience is manageable, with 2000 currency how can u ensure black money is not piled up again ?Why not scrap it completelySo proud of our 3000 #TeamMDLZ employees in #Asia #MiddleEast & #Africa for #volunteering 8000 hrs promoting health…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Tiwari @PMOIndia no need to keep currency of Rs 500 , Rs 1000 and Rs 2000 , discourage cash transaction as much possible ..
@ICICIBank banks at vasai east , nalasopara east brach closed by 4:30, none of ATM operational , tough day one after DemonitizationFlying boomerangs! #TeamMDLZ #Germany helped kids build their own boomerangs to promote active play. #Volunteer Mon…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Tiwari @PMOIndia no need to give relief of 7 days , this is perfect decision , ignore SP chief recommendation ..
@narendramodi देश की जनता आपके साथ है, उनपे दूसरी राजनितिक पार्टी की आलोचना का कोई असर नहीं होगा , इस निर्णय पे बधाईToday we have a historic opportunity to weed out the evils in our economy & secure India’s future. Jai Hind!…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Tiwari
@RailMinIndia 11061 pawan express get delayed by more than 4 hours just before reaching Varanasi could such delays be avoided?
@PMOIndia @JioCare @reliancejio I have not even started using 4GB data and the speed has come down to 1.7 it sign h…
2016 @msdhoni with restricted field you can be the explosive opening batsman india is still looking for ..keepers can open innings @gilly381
@ArvindKejriwal BJP lost delhi election cause they just criticised you & AAP u are doing same instead of working in delhi..crying baby
@RajivPratapRudy @nitin_gadkari छपरा बिहार का सबसे बड़ा कारखाना केंद्र बन सकता है यदि केंद्रीय एवेम राज्य सरकार मिलकर प्रयत्न करे"Ye 2-4 "Sleeper cells kind of Directors" hain na jo khaate yahan hain...gaate vahan ki hain.."Kamaal kr diya..:D
Retweeted by Dhananjay TiwariWe recognized the positive contribution of BRICS countries to global economic growth after the 2008 financial crisis: PM @narendramodi
Retweeted by Dhananjay TiwariCM @Dev_Fadnavis lauds the role of spiritual organisations in conducting various social initiatives which enhances overall devpt works.
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@sureshpprabhu provide airport like trolly to coolie at railway station will be relief for them and more human ..
@virendersehwag when will you release Sehwag untold story ☺☺
@narendramodi इस बार ये किस्सा ख़तम करो इनका @PMOIndia नहीं चाहिए पाकिस्तान जैसा पडोसी मुल्क, complete boycott for 100 years ..Pakistan wants 'evidence' of surgical strikes. What did Islamabad do with all the evidence we provided on 26/11 apart from living in denial?
Retweeted by Dhananjay TiwariAt BSF post on River Chenab at International Border reporting on how Water can be used for Infiltration. Pak is 30…
Retweeted by Dhananjay Tiwari @ArvindKejriwalकितना भी मज़बूत सबूत देदो , पक़्क़िस्तान कभी नहीं यकीं करेगा, तो क्यों उसे स्क़बूत देखे अपना top secrete share kare ?
Statement by DGMO #IndianArmy on 29 Sep 16
Retweeted by Dhananjay Tiwariभारत माता की जय। पूरा देश भारतीय सेना के साथ है
Retweeted by Dhananjay Tiwari @ShashiTharoor Sir you are in wrong party ..please come
@narendramodi मोठा भाई को jio के साथ मेक इन इंडिया वाला handset करना चाहिए था।मेड इन चीन का फायदा करा दिया , अब ये पैसा CPEC में जायेगा @PMOIndia india should impose sanctions in pakistan .. @PMOIndia why not complete boycott of Pakistan , by cancelling all trade and visa, indian citizen will not mind if there is financial loss @JioCare using my jio sim and I stopped switching to my wifi network , awesome internet speed ...
@PMOIndia why should we do business with Nation attacking us our soldiers ..why not immediate stop all deals with them.
@narendramodi हमारे सायंम को कायरता समझा जा रहा है।
@rajnathsingh if army is not protected how can country be safe ? Stop blamming other countries @rajnathsingh you should resign , nothing karara about your response should be ashamed this happened ..
#Paralympics is pyaara-lympics. Bow down to #DevendraJhajharia fr d Gold&new World Record.He won Gold in2004as well
Retweeted by Dhananjay Tiwari @PMOIndia our divyang citizens showering gold in Paralympics ..hope you following it..Thank you & congrats #DeepaMalik for reminding us how fortunate we are to be cheering for inspirations like you
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@narendramodi when is white paper coming for past 3 years work, you remember it was promised ?