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I break bread, ribs, hunnit dollar bills...

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@landonjumpoff Or even a cheat code. @_YOENEMY GET ON THAT PLANE RN! LOLSOUND ON 🔈🔉🔊 of the women Charlie Rose abused were UNPAID INTERNS racking up credit card debt & then never working in the b…
Retweeted by TDF™️Eight women say Charlie Rose, the longtime TV host, made unwanted sexual advances to them, including groping them o…
Retweeted by TDF™️Anthony Weiner is in prison. Bill Clinton was impeached. Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey…
Retweeted by TDF™️Chlorpyrifos is a chemical from Dow Chemical Company. It came from the nazis and is a nerve agent that does irrever…
Retweeted by TDF™️How tf was Usher & Alicia Keys 'My Boo' not on the Casper soundtrack??
Retweeted by TDF™️lost in this...the pitch perfect capitalization tells me an aide sent this, not trump. that’s definitely my guess.
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a mother whale lost her baby due to plastic pollution and carried her baby’s dead body with her for days before giv…
Retweeted by TDF™️ think about this so much
Retweeted by TDF™️ @RennelisShy SALAMAT PO IT UPSaturday’s done the right way
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THE LAST ONE THO 😂😂 #currychallenge @StephenCurry30
Retweeted by TDF™️The best Saturday night dance party in Hawaii is #SUPERHANDSOME at @themanifest with @jcabarteja is going on with Curry’s hair?I always look stupid in photos unless its taken by occultpractices. Then, I look slightly less… @GetliveRO This is a Kerrible tweet. 😑 @LOW_LIMIT Should we start a #takeonmechallenge ? Haha
Retweeted by TDF™️A real high point for me would be finally being able to hit the high note on "take on me" when it comes on the radio
Retweeted by TDF™️Someone tell me why I thought this lady’s hair was a dog wearing sunglasses 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Retweeted by TDF™️Lmaoo
Retweeted by TDF™️TIM FTW strongly dislike myself for this
Retweeted by TDF™️Jaylen Brown drops a piano rendition of a Dr. Dre classic
Retweeted by TDF™️The pony was SHOOK!
Retweeted by TDF™️3/4 court bounce pass. boop😎
Retweeted by TDF™️ @DJPDot I pretty much do the same methods. Putting it in the comment section is a great detail. My song names tend… man. @FOURCOLORZACK @deejayspider For example, small scale, ‘RIDER SHIT’ have beats and tempo like Big Tymers ‘Still Fly… @deejayspider Which is why I ended up figuring out tag words so I can pull up similar songs. @deejayspider Totally. I used to have a minimal amount of folders/crates but that has multiplied and I end up just…"Take a Knee, My Ass (Lick My Pussy and My Crack)"
Retweeted by TDF™️White people when the plane lands
Retweeted by TDF™️At this point I’ve seen this a solid 30 times and I’m still dying.... like real life tears! #waitforit
Retweeted by TDF™️ @0thighgap ups to @weareGTA who came up on stage for pretty much my entire set the last time they were out here. @Mike2600 Mike. @N_C_B Damn. Y’all are doing some amazing interviews. A wonderful time capsule. Thank you.I try and spend as much time with each song (retype titles/artists/track details) so I have some sort of connection…, keywords help me remember standout songs that I might forget with each week’s new batch of tracks.It will make running medleys/rap chorus quick mixes so much easier.Cannot stress how important it is to organize your dj digital library/folders/key words to your most optimal workflow.WAIT. WHAT?! asked Isaiah Rashad what the motivation behind The Suns Tirade was, and he answered "I wanted to make the music I…
Retweeted by TDF™️shout out to all my chinese brothers and sisters doing cool ass shit and not giving a fuck
Retweeted by TDF™️For context: @docadam is currently in PORTLAND, OREGON and @SSSOLUTION and I are in HONOLULU, HAWAII. #synergy
Ok so, as I was reading this tweet, @SSSOLUTION JUST PLAYED ‘DIDDY’!!!!!!!!! no, @ochocinco 😭
Retweeted by TDF™️PSA: sandstorm is the same key as bodak yellow
Retweeted by TDF™️This ref is at least 99% electric eel 1% human being
Retweeted by TDF™️Dancefloor survivor night at @themanifest! Who will be the last one still dancing when the… @hahmony @dariesbr @sza @bamparmy @JoinTheRepublik Garanz bots and cart hoarding.LADY BIRD. EXCELLENT FILM.Why doesn't Batman cover his mouth area? I feel like all someone has to do to kill him is to aim for the bottom half of his face
Retweeted by TDF™️Just so we're clear.
Retweeted by TDF™️Jaylen Brown lost one of his best friends from ATL, Trevin Steedy, last night. He was the fan he played one-on-one…
Retweeted by TDF™️Warriors were on the way to a blowout then Jaylen Brown single handedly said "nah" he became a legit star tonight
Retweeted by TDF™️Emotional Jaylen Brown on playing after the loss of a friend.
Retweeted by TDF™️Kyrie Irving embraced Jaylen Brown after Thursday’s win: "Ky gave me the game ball and said this one was for Trevin…
Retweeted by TDF™️Jaylen Brown holding back tears: My best friend passed last night...I remember the first time I met him, I transfer…
Retweeted by TDF™️That one was for you bro !! #RIP
Retweeted by TDF™️Just a reminder: Danny Ainge got ripped for drafting Jaylen Brown ahead of Kris Dunn.
Retweeted by TDF™️ @framesjanc0 Is this a haiku?
NORMACORE is a really kewl nickname for any cool chick named Norma.Thursday is the new Friday! ‘OVE®️TIME’ is back at @themanifest from 9P-1A tonight (THURS… Jamal Smith part in ‘Palasonic’ is so fkn good! What makes it even better is they use Roy Davis Jr. “Gabriel” to score it! WOT!! @occultpractices (at)vladimir_poutineInsta-cop
Retweeted by TDF™️Bad website but also good website
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Same people tweeting don’t do do prescription drugs singing “molly percocet” in the club 🤔
Retweeted by TDF™️Guys I just found out that super chill cat was from a neighborhood in Istanbul and when she passed away in 2015 the…
Retweeted by TDF™️I hereby donate any organs, limbs, or ligaments living or dead that Joel Embiid needs so that hey may play until he’s 150.
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