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Mask Off
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWN @RavenFelix SO FKN GOOD BUT SO FKN SADBeautiful writing about the horror of gun violence.
@NinaMendoza she really goes for those low notes tho @landonjumpoff out but inI finally met mike2600 IRL in Chicago when we witnessed @fourcolorzack win the @redbull3style is one of my favorite spreads from @julien_scheubel's latest #onemonthonetrip project.… the Summer Of 2015, I had the honor of being invited by the Vans Vault family to join them in…
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNThe story by @BaxterHolmes on NBA players & their addiction to PB&J is one of the best stories you'll ever read
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWN @roevicious @jdelacrux_ @discogs its def a kewl slang way of saying "discography" but DISCO G'S is hilarious @BadNewsRapDudes you snapped on this one! LMFAOOOOOOoooJ. Cole: one time for my LA sisters Me: BOOOOOOO!
YES! 🕺🏻 @alshipley so like when Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist are forgettable on screen, its a let down if you have any connection to the comics. @alshipley bringing comic book characters to life has always been interesting to me bc comics have a good deal of fantasy involved. @alshipley I wonder how these poor Marvel+Netflix series help/hurt the overall Marvel Universe. @alshipley I like Fuller House more because I have zero expectations for it. Marvel has worked really hard to build their brand up. @DeuxProcess my man. BTW the Kirkland White Tee from Costco is the real deal. On everything.Let's make one thing unequivocally clear: Today the head of the FBI confirmed that the President of the United States has zero credibility.
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWN @DeuxProcess NAILED IT! Seeking validation from other dudes is so odd when you are not a teenager. @DeuxProcess oh hell no! Money will never buy style. @DeuxProcess I believe the term is "peacocking". @DeuxProcess EXACTLY. Russ looks like the clothes are wearing him all the time. Its uncomfortable to look at. @DeuxProcess @DeuxProcess one joint looked like a literal fish net I used to use as a kid. LMFAOOOOOooo @DeuxProcess both of which he lacks. @DeuxProcess for a lot of stuff he TRIES to pull off, 1) it takes a certain body type & 2) knowing proportions comes in to play. @DeuxProcess LOL'D OUTLOUD BC NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, SHOPPING IN THERE COULD EVEN FIT IN A SZ SMALL. I'M GOOOOOOONE. 2/2 @DeuxProcess when I saw the first season in person, I instantly looked around the Barneys (Seattle) and laughed out loud. 1/2 @DeuxProcess 😂😂😂 @DeuxProcess haha really tho. What's crazy is: who was the fit model for the sizing on that line? def NOT classify Westbrook as a "fashion icon" LULZ me up when they add the "Who haven't taken a proper bath in over a week" filter.'s legal in NYC to swipe in a rider as you leave. Even if you have a monthly pass, in which case it costs you not…
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNPassionate from miles awayyyy Passive with the things you sayyyy
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNTomi Lahren getting away w/ being racist but suspended for being pro-choice is what laughing and crying at the same time feels like.
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWN @Rhek LULZOne more: Comey confirmed that Russian hackers also targeted Republicans, but only released damaging info on Democr…
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNI did not know this: before @realdonaldTrump called for defunding PBS, 'Sesame Street' had mocked him for decades.
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNHoly Shitballs
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNThe fact that this hearing doesn't have people more shocked shows how much normalization has happened:
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNOh man. This tweet from October.
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNFBI Director James Comey has confirmed: -Trump lied abt wiretapping -Trump lied via official @POTUS account -FBI is investigating Trump camp
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNYo. This is incredible.
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNTrump's tweets this morning seem panicked. FBI Director Comey testifies at 10am. Looks like he's trying to impact…
How I made Slide
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNIMPORTANT Fist: this Rosario Dawson crossover is so unnecessary.Iron Fist: if u aren't into it, then all "the hand" talk is less sinister & more comical like Liar Liar's "the claw" or something suggestiveLook ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ From ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ U.S. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Side
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWN @emilynigro DIARY IS THE BEST!! @kaibabez he has a BILLION things to say about it 😑 @kaibabez its so spot on!Also, Marvel's fascination with martial arts fight scenes are reaching critical levels.But here I am: halfway through mediocre Iron Fist because its not horrible, but like not necessarily a put-your-phone-down attention grabberDaredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all have leading males that don't connect with the audience or come across as either douchey or whatevs.All these Marvel X Netflix series suffer from poor lead character development and actor choices (except for Jessica Jones).Iron Fist's saving grace is Jessica Henwick.DED @caaaaaitlyn SO REALHow come the music that supposed to make you woke always just puts you to sleep? #theirony
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWN @ty_boe @FOURCOLORZACK @ty_boe @FOURCOLORZACK DUDE. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! @FOURCOLORZACK @CRAZEARONI Black Thought really gets overlooked the most. @Andrewincarnate @jeffmon HUGE!!! @hi_emelcee LUV U
Its @jcabarteja pon di turntables and mi pon di Turbo Tax tonight at themanifest from 10P-2A. No… @fwmj @JorjaSmith rising uk singer @SeeBalids maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanMissy: "If its worth it then let me work it I put my thang down flip it and reverse it" Me: "IZYURFIMENIPAFLANYANT"
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWN @J_Stee 1000%! its really bad for the league overall.Moodymann has vocal credits on More life 😳
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNWhen Drake is traveling and hears a slang word he's never heard before.
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNWithout Chuck Berry, there's no Hendrix, no Prince, no Thug, no Elvis, no etc. Mos Def said "Chuck Berry is rock n'…
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNso where some of the beatles appeal is adding r&b to the sound, chuck put in a dash of hillbilly and white folks were like that's my JAM.
Retweeted by CHINATOWN, CHINATOWNchuck is also interesting in that, where white acts often take off adding black elements to their sound, chuck was kinda the converse.