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Retweeted by BALENCIAGUADonald Trump is not welcome in the UK. This has never happened before in the history of the United States.
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAActually Donald Trump suggested execution for 5 young black men in Central Park jogger case. They were wrongfully c…
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAI took Alex Trebek rapping on Jeopardy and did the only thing that felt right: Edit it to the music he was quoting.…
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who’s ready for the long weeknd?
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAStill my all time favorite three-act play on Twitter.
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUASweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound.
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUATax payers are spending about $1M a day on security because Donald Trump's wife doesn't want to live in the same city as him.
"How many times have you pretended to be Jamaican?" Drake:
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAJohn Legend look like Arthur lowkey
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAsmokin and dancin on the freeway is always fun...
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUASam Hinkie stays winning: 76ers have a first round swap with the Kings in the 2017 Draft and their 2019 first rounder outright
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAMark your calendars..
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAhow they used rick ross and not big tymers tho
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAThe internet stays winning
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUANevertheless, Divac's public and private proclamations that he wouldn't trade Cousins will impact his future credibility w/ agents, players.
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAAlso, props to whoever edited the Kings Wikipedia page already:
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUACousins and AD
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAChris Webber is now trying to get his Kings career voided too.
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAAD put up 52 and 10... 52 + 10 = 62. 62 divided by 2 is 31. The Atlanta Falcons blew a 25 point lead.
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUANERD. ASS. DUDES. Gras. Chappelle. Hot Boyz reunion. No Limit Reunion. Boogie. This the greatest weekend in NOLA since the Super Bowl win
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUA-"The numbers aren't good Mr. Silver. Social media says the ASG is "boring." -"Make. The. Trade."
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAThe Pelicans were very close on a deal for Jahlil Okafor about 10 days ago, offering a similar package except it didn't include Hield.
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAIf the Pelicans don't get Cousins to re-sign, then they are really hung out to dry. @durkinmusic the falsetto chorus is so good tho @BtwoTimes he did make Drumline tho so he kinda gets a pass (not really)Legendary
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUA @BtwoTimes can't buy style SMHWhy is Nick Cannon dressed like he's playing Aladdin in a remake directed by Spike Lee?
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUACOME GET YER BOOMBACLAAT READING! she take her boyfriend name out of her bio
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUA @ComputerFAM sorry man you just missed a house night this past Saturday. Nothing on the weekday.NOW HE IS LI NING ON FINDING A NEW SHOE SPONSOR. 😑 is this... - a versioned mole hunt document? - a deliberate 'fake news' leak by the White house to discredit t…
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUADear Planet Earth, Donald Trump does not speak for all Americans (not the sane ones anyway). Love, Me
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUA @Gnaraly_ @jeffmon Hertz, so good. @Gnaraly_ @jeffmon I didn't realize Nellis was there until much later @jeffmon @Gnaraly_ definitely for you, Jeff @jeffmon @Andrewincarnate K THAT CRACKED ME UP! I JUST LOL'D IN HER GENERAL DIRECTION. @jeffmon @Andrewincarnate THE BIG CHICK FROM MANIFEST IS HERE AT ZIPPYS OMG LOL
AT THE COUNT OF THREE, NAME YOUR FAVORITE DINOSAUR.Dance the night away with @jcabarteja @SSSOLUTION y moi at @themanifest tonight (SAT 2/18) from… you're snapchatting a drone and trying to google what a drone is at the same time
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAThey need to replace Charles Barkley and Shaq with Werner Herzog and Alfonso Cuaron
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAFrank Kaminsky's definitely a narc
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAGlenn Robinson III should have jumped over his dad, just because
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAJjdjdjdfkglvcjcjvjjvcucjchdjjddjdccvhffff the NBA dunk contest as dystopian future filled with surveillance drones and DJ Khaled as America's most complete artist.
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUADJ should be trying to tear the rim off the backboard.No locker room has ever broke out into a rousing chorus of "All Of The Nights". Ever.Sponsored dunks can get the FOH.
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAIf the drone dunks, does it get a score?
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAMaking dunks on the first attempt >>>>>>>
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUA @DJDELVE they could've used fake DJ equipment tho.THIS IS GONNA END BAD DJ.imagine being this white
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUA @J_Stee @cltseu no doubtPretty sure nick young gonna air ball.
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAMAYBE KYRIE WOULD BE MORE COMFORTABLE SHOOTING A FLAT BASKETBALL. 😑 @Passionweiss Nick Young throws me off every time because at first glance I always think he's Nick Canon 😑 @Haylow also, JD is wild short. I opened up DJing for him before and he had to have a booster crate to stand on to reach the tables lol @Haylow have you seen the sheer amount of "facts" flat earth believers have to back themselves up? Its craze.Wait, is Jermaine Dupri TRYING to look like a marionette?
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAthis season is a disaster NOT ANYMORE HANG THE BANNER @nyknicks THE KNICKS ARE BACK
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAThe kid is 16. Wild. @kianto hope you told it to "die son" 😑 @donetodeath polar opposites attract?The whole James Brown at the Boston Garden concert is just incredible if you've never seen it.
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUARIP Clyde Stubblefield, who created the hip-hop breakbeat, defined funky drumming, cold sweating, obscene soul, and…
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAClyde Stubblefield solo at the Boston Garden in 68. I'm sure people have drummed this well but no one ever drummed…
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAIt's happening again– new #TwinPeaks teasers
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUA @Mike2600 thank you, brother! The acapella blends were v saucy! Gotta get you back on to spin w/ us again before you depart! @91GRND the best source for that is def @stonegroovefamTrump talked about national security issues in a crowded golf resort:
Retweeted by BALENCIAGUAThe PRESIDENT is asking for money to fight the media. THE. PRESIDENT. IS .ASKING. FOR. MONEY. TO. FIGHT. THE. MEDIA…
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