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I break bread, ribs, hunnit dollar bills...

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@ChiDuly @churchbarpdx Email it or it never happened 😑The funniest thing to me is how people have wiped from their memories the time Drake mopped up Common and sent him to turtle neck purgatory
Retweeted by TDF™️I wish Drake would’ve rapped over “What Happened to that boy” instrumental hahahahhahahahhahahahahhaah that would’v…
Retweeted by TDF™️You can’t post shit on Facebook no more. By 2020 that site is gonna be nothing but videos of bacon getting wrapped…
Retweeted by TDF™️Fuck you, George Washington! Stand up like a real American.
Retweeted by TDF™️ @YoTengoComplejo @smashatomz I think he was talkin bout Quentin Miller, not schoolboy.Remember when the government aimed & used water cannons on Native people in freezing temperatures just because they…
Retweeted by TDF™️Haaaa now its getting fun.
Retweeted by TDF™️-- nickname is chuy -- speaks a language only some white people understand -- good mechanic -- tendency to overreac…
Retweeted by TDF™️The basketball scene from 'Catwoman' is the worst movie scene of all time.
Retweeted by TDF™️Swish 🏀
Retweeted by TDF™️Just in case ya forgot who suggested to @Kaepernick7 that he should kneel...
Retweeted by TDF™️If you are a DJ and, when playing "Saturday Love" you mix out BEFORE playing Alexander O'Neal's verse, you should s…
Retweeted by TDF™️Prior, I could only think of JJ Abrams or Christopher Nolan to handle a multi film arc of the franchise, but now I… Howard does a great job of encapsulating the similar sense of adventure, settings, humor and wonder that Episodes 4,5 & 6 did.SOLO is the perfect vehicle to capture the hearts and imagination of a new generation in the same way Star Wars did for me as a kid.
@FranBoogie I gotta just remake a similar flavor type mix. @FranBoogie FUK.CHECK IS IN THE MAIL, BRUHBRUH"The Games We Play" is ridiculous. Instant classic. But "Come Back Baby" is MY SH!T! OOOHWHEEEEE!!!DAYTONA! 🏁🏁🏁MOOD: NBA SUPERMAX CONTRACT
Retweeted by TDF™️Here's a dog realizing you can stand in a pool.
Retweeted by TDF™️this is how you use the technology.
Retweeted by TDF™️ @DavidDTSS This is the perfect summation. Nuff respectStart your day off right
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irony alert: the way i read it, the last part of no. 3 would seem to apply to what kap did *before* reaching the de…
Retweeted by TDF™️"All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day, put the pieces back together my way"
Retweeted by TDF™️My updated privacy policy is: STAY OUT OF THE DJ BOOTH WHEN I’M WORKING! @MisterLassiter Sorry bruv I thought I was already following. Fixed that.PUT OUT THE WORD, BLAHZAY HAS EMERGEDThe new anthem policy states that players "shall stand and show respect for the flag and anthem." Issue with this:…
Retweeted by TDF™️I’m fuckin done 😂
Retweeted by TDF™️If you continue to support the NFL thru this plan to silence and fine players protesting the murder of innocent Ame…
Retweeted by TDF™️THIS IS THE HARDBODY, RE-UP GANG PUSHA RAPS WE WANT.’S DISCIPLE, MY RAPS ARE TRIFLE...They created a penalty for protesting racism faster than for players who hit women.
Retweeted by TDF™️If your package late you know why
Retweeted by TDF™️Tomi Lahren spells her name like it was already taken on AOL.
Retweeted by TDF™️ @_YOENEMY BEST PRODUCT SHOTS IMO @djnickbike They are trolling us to start posting again...only to immediately hand out more strikes instantly.Just found out Seven Nation Army is all guitar with NO BASS at all. The sound is actually created by running Jack…
Retweeted by TDF™️ @dj100proof Just look at who the team owners are. Not too far from plantation mentality imo.The list of reasons to not fuck w the NFL is growing every season. ✔️ CTE ✔️ domestic abuse ✔️ forced patriotism a…
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NOW WHOSE FLATTOP RULES IN '89... @djjespinosa They do but they don't have the same stage that most DJs do.Leonard's Bakery needs to let me design them a "Sprinkle Me, Mayne" t-shirt.NBA has been kind of a 1st quarter league recently, and if the game is more often then not settled in that 1st quar… Gordon looks like early Timbaland.Been a great wrinkle early by Kerr putting Klay on Capela. Has made it unattractive to make Capela a ball screener
Retweeted by TDF™️Does it matter what shoes PJ Tucker is wearing when his team is getting run?Capela on Curry only works if the rest of the Rockets seal the other Warriors from cutting through the lanes.It's tough to think of any other teams that can withstand and even comeback to make it competitive when the Warriors are playing like this.this is what I hear when people fight about jordan and lebron on twitter
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imagine reading this and not being from hawaii
Retweeted by TDF™️You should listen to this mostly bc that Lion King/Lean Back mix is absolutely ridiculous. IS 70% MAYO; THEREFORE, 30% MORE MAYO TO MAKE IT ALL WHITE.“Go away, this doesn’t concern you.”
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That Valentino Khan ‘Deep Down Low’ song is a hitter. @mannyhunee Tonight is the night one hunneh girl happens for you brah.This is a perfect club set.My man @cutso is a wonderful human and an even better DJ. @Gnaraly_ Mr. Lava Lava
@landonjumpoff I love LOOPER almost as much as I love lamp.Omg bitccchhhhh lmao. #SNLFinale
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Retweeted by TDF™️conspiracy theory thread: Nav is a robot of 40 oz. Van. first point: nav backwards is van
Retweeted by TDF™️House & Techno DJ’s literally get to play gigs in the best places. Fucking beaches and swimming pools and all that…
Retweeted by TDF™️ @LyanRau Hard pass. @LyanRau Nope. Sounds like it could be something I hate. @LyanRau Its like whiny vs rage tho.MOOD. Anakin can stay too but I never bought Hayden Christensen’s angst.for fifteen years, i thought that top was white
Retweeted by TDF™️Keep Liam Neeson, Eean MacGregor and Nat Port. Everyone else, I could do without. Especially the CGI, which looks u… wish someone like JJ Abrams would have directed+written Star Wars Episodes 1-3. I didn’t like them much when rele…