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I break bread, ribs, hunnit dollar bills...

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Two years ago today, Taurean Prince became a legend 😂
Retweeted by TDF™️ @AkrobatikMC @MOBOAwards @digableplanets Flawless victory @alshipley What happened to Tink? She had some buzz. @_blueyedsoul Srsly. He has the most exciting club beats the past couple of years.The beat for that new E40/B-Legit/P-Lo “Boy” track is crazy good! I brought it back like 4 times tonight. @SERPDOT ichronic.
Come get y’all juice
Retweeted by TDF™️Chinatown dance party vibes at @themanifest tonight (SAT 3/17) with @jcabarteja y moi spinning…
Retweeted by TDF™️a lot of that starts at home, tho.
Retweeted by TDF™️Coaches need to teach kids how to handle tough losses. This kid lost, wouldn’t shake hands, and even worse, Slapped…
Retweeted by TDF™️DJ Tweet: Every single person at music shows deserves to feel safe and comfortable. If I see someone being hassled…
Retweeted by TDF™️True Detective Season 5
Retweeted by TDF™️Anytime I hear a lighter flick, I always wanna say “No ceilings” out loud
Retweeted by TDF™️- What do we want ? - A chronological instagram feed ! - When do we want it ? - 2 hours ago ! - 18 hours ago ! - Sp…
Retweeted by TDF™️Shoutout to DJs who know you can still play the original version of NEW SLAVES, in its entirety at the peak of any…
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Whilst SSSolution is out of country, @jcabarteja & myself will be DJing b2b at @themanifest in… @framesjanc0 Its doing your signature move @framesjanc0 crushes a cotton candy eating contest ❤️.
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@djmorsecode I love the song and know there is an instrumental on the single but cannot find the single anywhere.
STEVIE KNICKSI will closing out both sold out @incubusband concerts from the @itsasafehouse DJ booth tonight…
RIP Stephen Hocking all I can say is what a life You did some great things Thank You
Retweeted by TDF™️First world problem in Iceland.
Retweeted by TDF™️How's life going? Me:
Retweeted by TDF™️RIP
Retweeted by TDF™️Damn. RIP Stephen Hawkings.Damn. RIP Matt Dike. I was a Delicious Vinyl fanatic. One of the best logos ever. As a member of the Dust Brothers,… RIP Craig Mack! Personal favorite: the "Get Down" Q-Tip remix from 1994.
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Craig Mack "The Wooden Horse":
Retweeted by TDF™️Craig Mack live in London, launch party for Tim Westwood joining Radio 1 at Hammersmith Palais London (March 19th,…
Retweeted by TDF™️Flava In Ya Ear sounded like something from another planet in a different dimension.. One of the most timeless joints ever
Retweeted by TDF™️Damn. RIP Craig Mack.
Thanks to Odell Beckham Jr I just found out I'm not the only one who chops my Parmesan cheese with a credit card.
Retweeted by TDF™️ @framesjanc0 Nah you stay turnt.
When people request a song as it's already currently playing 🤔
Retweeted by TDF™️Is it me or did they get rid of the gif option on IG stories? WEAK!
Retweeted by TDF™️New DJ booth. Same great Saturday dance party. @themanifest tonight 3/10 with @jcabarteja @djtrayze ATLANTA MONSTER, Reflections Of A DJ, How Did This Get MadeI miss HBO’s The Newsroom and wonder how they’d be handling the scripts for 2017.
Retweeted by TDF™️ @framesjanc0 plan
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@_blueyedsoul ever happen to me just tell my mom i love her because i’m changing my name and skipping town
Retweeted by TDF™️OH LORDT! C has the night off so its @SSSOLUTION and I spinnimg B2B at @themanifest all night from… FOREVER!!!!!!!
Retweeted by TDF™️AYE :( performing “Juicy” on MTV Spring Break in a short-sleeve Coogi is still my favorite #RIPBig
Retweeted by TDF™️Flawless execution right here
Retweeted by TDF™️it’s called soft crossfit and it’s going really well thank you.
Retweeted by TDF™️ @djmorsecode would you happen to have the instrumental for Doggy’s Angels “Baby If You’re Ready”?
I'M SHOOKETH WITH LAUGHTER! @BigJacks @STFDJS any of y'all have the instrumental for Doggy's Angels "Baby if You're Ready"?People banned from wearing the “Korea” Jordan 3...🇰🇷😏
Retweeted by TDF™️Pro Tip: The Safdie Brothers’ frenetic “Good Time” film is on Amazon Prime RN.LOOKS LIKE A BRUISE WITH LACES. day romance
Retweeted by TDF™️Today, @SUBWAY made me laugh super hard: READ. still blows my mind how he’s a licensed doctor and successful actor
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i always wonder why twitter is free when it blesses us with moments like this
Retweeted by TDF™️Michael Scott said “If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden and Toby, I would sh…
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@framesjanc0 That one is super mento
@Saltwatertattoo The Dunkirk score had me on edge from start to finish. I think it was the key element to pushing t… @Mike2600 Did you go to Nijiya Market?
Champion Saturday sounds at @themanifest tonight (SAT 3/3) with @jcabarteja @SSSOLUTION from… @Leighzus @Leighzus Make a reservation at Bar Leather Apron. @Leighzus There is nothing going on those nights. I would suggest: beach days (Lanikai, Waimanalo), a morning on th… Black Panther with Bill this afternoon & loved it. Beautiful film, lots of action, and a great message. Don't miss it!
Retweeted by TDF™️ @dattyvo Oh completely but what a momentWUT. a banger tweet gets no favs
Retweeted by TDF™️ @YoungNae 🤯 @Gnaraly_ That’s what she said