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What the journalists of the @WSJ did that day was remarkable. GOP nominee's son, who is one his closest advisors just proudly tweeted out a Nazi meme. Just let that sink in for a second.
Retweeted by David Leonhardt.@DonaldJTrumpJr now posting neo-Nazi memes on Instagram featuring their mascot Pepe the frog: (via @BuzzFeedAndrew)
Retweeted by David Leonhardt @mckonomy @tripgabriel I'd say yes. We selectively release everything but the most important parts. Possible to release with uncertainty.The Green Party defending Trump.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWhether or not this is useful, the idea was inevitable. Status quo - media hiding info from public - couldn't last. love this sequence so much
Retweeted by David Leonhardt3 weeks left, 8 teams, 3 playoff spots. Featuring the champs, Sox, Yanks, Cabrera, Donaldson, Altuve and the King.
Reminder that the 47% comments (& other gaffes) generated negative news coverage, but limited (if any) poll movement
Retweeted by David LeonhardtClinton has largely failed to sway young left-leaners w policy. Their main problem is personal. Wonder whether this helps credibility there
Retweeted by David LeonhardtSteep decline in X somehow correlated with steep incline in 100 - X. Very curious.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe consequences of the ongoing institutional failure of the Republican Party are disturbing and profound
Retweeted by David LeonhardtFair criticism? I think so. @tiredboredblog @ToddRadom Mine too. I was 4. Vs Twins. Dewey doubled. Crowd went nuts. I got scared. My dad took me home. My uncle stayed.Of the countless Allen Iverson highlights, this one might be the coolest...
Retweeted by David Leonhardt @PauLinNY Me too.If you're in your 40s and a Sox fan, this ticket design brings back many happy childhood memories. tribute to the greatness of Hitchcock.
Thank you @GeraldoRivera for writing a thoughtful, honest piece
Retweeted by David Leonhardt.@michael_hendrix on humans vs. algorithms
Retweeted by David LeonhardtNorth Korea's apparent nuclear test underscored weakness of the NBC forum: We got soundbites, not insight into handling of Kim Jong Un.
Retweeted by David Leonhardt @NYT4thDownBot But he needs to work on his econo-political sweep.He's back. NBC should let him interview Trump?
Retweeted by David LeonhardtBob Costas, committing journalism: He speaks critically of the NFL's handling of DeflateGate silliness on an NFL broadcast.Here's work of "strong leader" being praised. Wreckage of MH17 shot down over Ukraine. There's an American in there.
Retweeted by David Leonhardt @MattGrossmann They didn't seem wasted in 2012, right?I'm excited to double down on the disputed claim that 2 plus 2 equals 5. Think Exercise Rest Eat No: Think Eat Exercise Eat Rest Eat
"Lauer’s performance was not merely a failure, it was horrifying and shocking." in '08, Senator Barack Obama had praised Putin as a better President than the American, Republicans would have demanded he quit race.
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.@DouthatNYT argues what I've long suspected: that Hillary's dullness would help demystify our overhyped presidency.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtAll things considered, Clinton likely leads by 2 to 5 points now. We'll know more soon. @Nate_Cohn explains: @SWillyerd After election this year.
When he was born without legs, the doctor suggested ending his life. This week, he'll compete in the Paralympics.
@NormOrnstein ... (Nor should it.) But the culture is not usually to dismiss thoughtful criticism, IMO. Such criticism makes us better. @NormOrnstein ... to happen in the newsroom, rather in public. Which may or may not be a mistake. And it doesn't always lead to change ... @NormOrnstein In my experience, NYT journalists usually give serious consideration to serious critique. This consideration often tends ...
.@RTDNEWS, Virginia's primary newspaper of record, has endorsed the Republican nominee in every election since 1980:
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It's fascinating to think how completely bizarre this tweet would've seemed just one week ago.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWhen I saw Roethlisberger criticized Kaepernick,I double-checked to make sure there wasn't a 2nd player by the same name who wasn't a rapist
Retweeted by David Leonhardt @monkeycageblog Ah, so the problem is the way the graph was drawn, curving the 2004-8 data in a misleading way. @monkeycageblog I don't doubt Obama plays a role. But what is plausible cause of 2004ish turning point?Pivot point instead seems closer to 2004. Anyone have theories of why? (3/2 -- sorry!) I don't think graphs support the argument that Republican attitude toward blacks start changing in 2008. (2/2) piece. Worth the time to read. (1/2) get rid of their crazy charlatans. We nominate ours for President.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtYes. Democrats remain far more united than the GOP. And the party's broad middle, not the flank, is in control.
From "The Producers:" "I want everything I've ever seen in the movies... i'll do it!...I'm Leo Bloom! I'm me!"
Retweeted by David Leonhardt"I think to be believed, onstage or on screen, is the one hope that all actors share” — Gene Wilder
Retweeted by David LeonhardtJust your average Donald Trump Jr. retweet of a Larry Summers blog post on monetary policy. this year, in this environment, this is a striking statement about strength of Portman & weakness of Strickland
Retweeted by David Leonhardt @bertwerty Yes, true, and no doubt a factor, but that doesn't empty the ballpark in Tor, Bos, StL, Chi... @tlaskawy It's certainly fair. Maybe even wise. But it has downsides. I'll take the under on the goodwill it earns her.The all-too-rare and refreshing take: Supporting the form while opposing the content. @tlaskawy Should she encourage ticket splitting? Or risk alienating some R voters while tying R candidates to Trump? No free lunch. @IamZeeEggman In isolation, yes. But if she implicitly encourages ticket splitting, maybe not as much.There's a half-serious journalism joke that the answer to every headline question is "No." This is an exception. take on Hillary creating space for Rs to oppose Trump. Worth considering, but I'm not so sure. @abrams_doug Maybe. I don't think we know that's the case in 2016. @DannyPage The effect that large in St. Louis, Chicago, Boston etc? I'd be surprised.Reuters evidently has a different click-bait strategy than some other media organizations. @DCTrojan @JonMeoli @jselingo True, but I think the Red Sox, Cards and Cubs still pack the park the night that school starts.Clinton seems to be trying to maximize her odds of a win (and a big one), not the odds of a Democratic Congress. For a big pennant-race game on a gorgeous night. Makes one wonder if Baltimore is an overrated sports town. @TheFix @Reince #Slatepitches! @RobL777 That's not a background that screams privileged childhood to me, but I take your point.Very good piece on higher ed ---> Congrats @BenCastleman, @DrNHurd, @DanPorterfield and everyone else on this list. @RobL777 Not Tiafoe. Read his history.Again and again and again, the Fed has been too optimistic about the economy. @LHSummers: man – wonderfully strange, inarguably hilarious. Rest in peace.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtAnalysis of ISIS chatter on social media indicates that ISIS strongly prefers Trump over Clinton.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtLedecky & Tiafoe: DC's Maryland suburbs are responsible for arguably the two most exciting teen athletes in the U.S.
A plurality of those under 30 would ban human drivers if self-driving cars are shown to be safer.
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Seeking an editor to run @nytimes education coverage ... a new editor to run @nytimes coverage of gender... these three exciting @nytimes leadership openings, given the interest yesterday... roger ailes is obv media savvy the idea he'd come up w a winning strategy for trump means u ignored fox news in 2012
Retweeted by David LeonhardtIt has been a year since two journalists were brutally killed and our industry rattled. Thinking of them today #WDBJ
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