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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slammer of evil. Author of forthcoming novel THE CALEDONIAN GAMBIT. Tech writer. Host of @reboundcast, @clockwisepod & @incon_ceivable.

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@JasonT @DanJosef You don’t use iCloud backup? @JasonT @DanJosef Yeah, that’s shitty if so. Never seen the message myself, but I’ve had extra storage basically forever…
@_geraint It’s very very good. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang meets a 1970s noir. @heymermaid @esritt Super cool looking. @jsnell @HollyGoDarkly Glennnnnnning. @heymermaid Florist foam is crazy. Absorbs water like nuts. @_LisaRodgers Great first line. Let me see the next 50 pages.The Nice Guys was just as good as I’d hoped. @rakdaddy @GlennF Open source doctor? @rakdaddy @GlennF Consult a cardiologist. @calzone Heroes on the bat shell. @gte I dunno, I hear they’re doomed. @antichrista I love this so much. (I also wanted to make a joke about misspelling Berenstain…)Do you have a small person in your life who needs to learn a lesson about group chat?
Retweeted by Dan Moren @franckhertz @ryanqnorth @Spacekatgal Don’t worry: the millennials will kill the Latest Generation. That’s why they’re late. @BenRiceM @jacobbarssbailey Long as you don’t call me Late for Dinner. Because I’m speedy, duh. @Spacekatgal @franckhertz @ryanqnorth We’re not evil…just misunderstood. @franckhertz @ryanqnorth It was all downhill after they took “Greatest Generation” What’re we supposed to do now? Greaterest Generation?“Millennials killed me” was going to be my epitaph, but that was before millennials killed tombstone engravers.Made a Chrome extension that changes "Terrorism" to "Millennials." I can barely tell a a difference in clickbait.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @jacobbarssbailey I keep a warm feeling in my heart for whoever deprived them of the username “manadude”. @will_wagner I thought that said “Robot Service” and it actually made more sense to me.From the one time I had a Wikipedia article about me for about 30 minutes. (Thanks @jacobbarssbailey!) was born in 1980 and according to Wikipedia I'm a millennial? *flips tables* THOSE THINKPIECES WERE ABOUT *ME*?
Retweeted by Dan Moren @ryanqnorth @ThisMightBeJess Millennials are killing the self-identity of those of us born in 1980! @DennyTrumpet @HollyGoDarkly Irreconcilable Similarities. @HollyGoDarkly @Spacekatgal @imyke @ismh @_RelayFM @heymermaid But can anything kill millennials?! @HollyGoDarkly @Spacekatgal @imyke @ismh @_RelayFM Erika, I will do a podcast with you. It will be about something awesome. @jsnell If there’s one thing I learned from my last couple years at Macworld, it’s that people LOVE autoplay. @mikahsargent @ismh But literally. @jameslsutter Greedo always shoots second. In life. 😢 @heymermaid Ah, you’re doing the numbshop. As the kids call it. @ismh WHY…WON’T…YOU…STAY…DEAD?! @jameslsutter Important question: What if I show up to Lucasfilm in my homemade Greedo costume, with a copy of my manuscript? @ismh Help, Stephen. I’m stuck between two buildings.Well, I’m out of ideas then. @aschwortz @jameslsutter Good old Meronica Vars and her adventures aboard the Seth Dar. @jameslsutter *crumples up draft, throws in garbage bin*One of the coolest things about being on @_RelayFM are yearly gifts @imyke and @ismh give the all the hosts. ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Dan Moren @heymermaid Oooooh, sign me up. @JoeZieja I just like to set the expectations bar low.Applying for a Pro badge for ECCC next year and I’m not sure how honest I’m supposed to be. @johnaugust Or possibly a Hitchcock film.Sometimes my custom “Apple” section in Google News tosses up stories you’ll never see covered by the tech media. @calzone @jmgold I mainly married him for obscure comic book informa—I’VE SAID TOO MUCH. @goodreads Out of curiosity: what’s the turnaround for getting access to an author page? I filled out the form last week, haven’t heard back @will_wagner @heymermaid You can flush a toilet wrong?! Uh…I’ll be right back. @heymermaid Jane, it’s only Tuesday.It's a living. @JasonT I would totally play that. @siracusa That is how @esritt and I used to play X-Wing and TIE Fighter.
@JasonT That…is odd. Unless it is trying to back up something it can’t fit. Photos maybe? @will_wagner Bacall. @moze Sometimes autocorrect ruins a joke. And sometimes that joke wasn’t very funny to begin with. @moze You built PIERCE BROWNIAN?! @will_wagner I mean. Why else do you think I got it? :) (it also doesn't really work on some of their players.) @steven_aquino @jsnell I got mine too!Here’s that link to the aforementioned segment with @veschwab talking about villains on @NPR. fear I paid too much. @veryornery @veschwab I believe it was a news piece on All Things Considered! About villains in books. @heymermaid @RoboTony Book 5 is pretty great, too.Just caught @veschwab on NPR talking about villains. @slaine_ I’m just surprised, since it doesn’t seem like Netflix, for example, has the same sort of issues. @redgirlsays Never have I before thought quite this much that I am in the wrong line of work. @seidior @GlennF @technorav Is QuickTime getting used in here somewhere? @GlennF @technorav Amazon Video has kind of a shoestring feel to it. What does seem clear is that Mac users are second-class citizens. @GlennF @technorav Hmm. Yeah, Amazon Video in Chrome on my Mac mini connected to my HDTV: @technorav I’m pretty sure I can find it, but feel free to shoot me a link. @GlennF @technorav If not HDCP, then what? @slaine_ Yep, just tried it in Chrome on my Mac mini: @technorav Based on what I’m hearing about their lack of support for HTML5 video on OS X, I’m betting it is specific DRM issue. @slaine_ Firefox does not appear happy. @slaine_ Oh, I know Silverlight works. I was wondering more if not rolling out HTML5 support for OS X was another shot in Amazon vs. Apple @slaine_ Interesting: Widevine’s platforms page lists OS X support: @technorav Sounds like HDMI version might be at play there? Some sort of HDCP error, I’d guess. @slaine_ But not on OS X? Just noticed that they’re still using Silverlight, which is going to go away eventually… @slaine_ But Amazon Video clearly provides a stream that can be decoded by whatever’s in the iOS app. @slaine_ Interesting. Will check out the Firefox angle and see. @curtiscchen @rakdaddy I can’t say that I have! Looks kind of reminiscent of Mystery Men. @slaine_ Don’t really understand. How does DRM play into it? What does Chrome support in that regard that Safari doesn’t?Can anybody who knows HTML 5 video explain if there’s a legit reason Amazon’s web-based player doesn’t work in Safari on the Mac? @rakdaddy It’s not even Aquaman. It’s just a goldfish he instructed to convey the message. :/ @rakdaddy “Oh, sure, Cold Shoulder. You could, uh, totally come to our meetings. It’s just that they’re tough to get to. In space.” @rakdaddy And his trusty sidekick, THE BRUSH OFF. @rakdaddy Injected with 10ccs of contrast dye, he became the hero known as THE COLD SHOULDER. @ecormany Oooh, interesting links both. Thanks! @lexfri Whaaaaaaat. Two of my favorite guys. And Lex. @caseyliss Whoa.I think we can all agree that a lot of trouble would be saved if someone would just reboot the Escape Velocity games. @heymermaid Wait…tell me more. @Legopolis @HollyGoDarkly It’s a Maple Leaf, right? @OrangePoser @jsnell @tiffanyarment @marcoarment @MarcosPounder Aw, thanks, cherie. to Hugo winners @HollyGoDarkly and @Legopolis, I had no trouble with this crossword clue this morning. @tinyasterisms Ah. I’m on Unlimited so I read everything 6 months later. Don’t think I’ll be sampling too much CW when it arrives for me. @tinyasterisms I wouldn’t say you’ve been “missing” it, Allie. @heymermaid It is vulnerable only to silver weapons. And then you must stab it where the sun DOES shine. @MykeCole Oh, this will totally happen. @heymermaid An old man approaches you, “You must quest against the dread god Humidity and put an end to it once and for all!”
@rakdaddy @GlennF @alychelms @MikeRUnderwood @mishellbaker @POTUS