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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Author of forthcoming SF novel THE CALEDONIAN GAMBIT. Tech writer. Host of @reboundcast, @clockwisepod & @incon_ceivable. Slam evil.

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@JonyIveParody Thanks, Not Jony. ;) @caspercdn @caseyliss Yep! @fathobbitbiker @jsnell Sweet! Thanks! @Headcrase Your lips to Wil’s ear ;) @redundantfire Thanks man! @Headcrase @jsnell Oh, it’s plenty real. @blogjackets Nothing to announce about that right now. @danlj Nothing to announce on that front currently. @joesteel I dooooo. (Single sign-on support has expanded among *apps* as well, but not providers. :|) @blogjackets Yay! @bjkirton I’m not sure what the situation is for international orders. 😬 @joesteel It’s got the CW app too. @joesteel It was there a few days ago, because it came up for me at one point. @nejcd Nothing to announce on that front right now! @ThePodPlaylist Thanks! @ThePodPlaylist @imyke Nothing to announce on that front at present. @Gabrulfo It’s in the US store, but I’m not sure how it’s handled internationally. :/I’m pretty much here for anything in Destiny that features more Cayde-6 (@NathanFillion). is some Christopher Guest shit.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @lexfri @caseyliss NOTHING TO SEE HERE. @Gabrulfo Thank you, sir! I like it quite a bit. ;) @DelilahSDawson 👋 @appintheair I was really hoping for more granular control over notifications. I got ~20 about my arrival gate changing, which I didn’t needWe also briefly talked about @dmoren new book that I’m super stoked to read.
Retweeted by Dan MorenI was delighted to join @Gartenberg and @reneritchie on the latest AppleTalk to discuss last week’s announcements. @ecormany Yes, Ed?Every time I get a note from @GraphicAudio, I get so jazzed 'cause their production of WINDSWEPT is gonna be great:
Retweeted by Dan Moren @E_Vlok I guess I’d call it…Skeletor-adjacent? @E_Vlok Thanks, listener Etienne! ;)Being in two chat rooms makes it look like your productivity has doubled when it’s actually halved. Or, as I call it, Pair O’ Slacks Effect. @1mehr It also might differ from publisher to publisher depending on how intl rights are handled! Way above my paygrade! @maxleibman Heh. Any Nook in a storm? I’ll take it! @matt_garber @caseyliss Thank you, sir! @JasonT Full marks to you on the use of “dogfights” although it sounds like I was a precocious middle-schooler writing about dog-fighting. @mcelhearn Dan Brown, probably. @1mehr I’m not sure what the situation is for international orders. :/ I’ll look into it... @JasonT I think I still have those somewhere. Maybe I should have written them in…doggerel. @bradleychambers @joesteel Thanks, man! @dloehr @joesteel No monocle emoji yet. But I see it’s coming! @joesteel 🎩 @drthunder I’m working on an idea for this. Stay tuned! @SebMaurino Yikes! Words are expensive to import in the Great White North, apparently?I should also note that if you care to go to your local bookstore and ask them to order my book for you, that is fantastic as well! @gwbattershill Awesome! Local bookstores are rad. :) @blankbaby “This is a book with pages, many of which contain words.” —Scott McNulty, Nemesis. @ibuys @caseyliss Thanks, man! @caseyliss You’re my favorite, pal. Don’t let anybody tell you different. @torrance_hanley Thanks, Torrie! Big year for all of us. :DSo, those of you waiting for the iBooks version, it’s there too. (/cc @aaronvegh @littleknown @bobbys @tverschoren @bjkirton) @carlfranzen Thanks!All right, friends: The Caledonian Gambit is out on May 23 and you can now preorder it at all your favorite stores:… writing prompt: a robot escapes from the jerks at Boston Dynamics and meets "I Love You Robot" girl from that YouTube video.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @imyke Textiles and quilts! WOOOOO. PARTAY.🚨 WWDC MEETUP 🚨 🗓 Monday 5th June 🕖 7 - 9:30pm 🏛 San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles 👤 All ages 🎟 Free tickets
Retweeted by Dan MorenI feel like I’ve maybe been misunderstanding what “Pumpernickel” means all these years. in @theincomparable Slack. @saladinahmed He fights some sort of bad guy!? While spinning webs, any size?!.@PhilipMichaels I was thinking “The Million Spider-Man March.” @Eric_Fischl O…okay. I WILL. @RoboTony Related: @Eric_Fischl Or he’s Tony Stark. WHICH ONE IS IT.Looking forward to the eventual Spiderverse crossover with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, and Donald Glover. @RoboTony That’s what the bus sharks want you to think. @RoboTony Also the sharks on the buses. @RoboTony This gives me an idea for a show: we merge Robot or Not with the Doomcast for “Doomed or Not?” (Spoiler: We’re always doomed.) @otolithe You know what, I’ve only got one watch. :) @otolithe Huh. I don’t remember ever seeing that. @otolithe Huh. It’s always been a little wonky for me. Might take some restarts?Well played, rumor site. @tinyasterisms @starwars “Do you have anything in more of a…black?” @carlwonders No, it’s just a different pattern. It felt a little more like a phone call, which is why it startled me.I think the new updates changed the haptic notification when your Watch unlocks your Mac. Anybody else notice that? @Spacekatgal Riveting stuff. As always, they just keep amping it up as the episodes go on. @hgrd Yeah I’m not thrilled with it either.
@navahw I will give you $5 if you convince him JPEG is pronounced “Guhpezh”. If it helps, you can quote me as a technology journalist. @turrean I’ve heard good things about your Episode VIII role. @will_wagner @DanJosef “Damn it, Zoo Wallet! You’re always flying backwards!”Pez Comforter @navahw @leeflower Remind him that that’s peanut butter.