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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer, slammer of evil. Author of SF novel THE CALEDONIAN GAMBIT. Tech writer/podcast host. “Competent, if unambitious.” —Publishers Weekly

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@chancerubbage Straight up marinara in the larger size. There was a sale and if you buy a case you get a discount…t…, filming a hipster remake of Wages of Fear. @midnightbrewer @Moltz VICTORY
@heymermaid We finished it in about 45 minutes! @heymermaid I am told it is “The Apartment.” @heymermaid I don’t know! We just got here!So, this is happening., I’ve been not eating Romaine since for years. 😎 @maxgladstone @Harkaway It’s funny, my mom was just asking for things to get me for my birthday, and I was like “Oh… @JosephBrassey Except for the revival: Deather House. @JosephBrassey Worst ‘90s sitcom. @JosephBrassey My favorite John McClane film.This time: fewer houses…more death? @lexfri Hell of a drug. @Eric_Fischl @KeithYatsuhashi @rakdaddy My lawyer has advised me not to tweet with you anymore.
@Eric_Fischl @rakdaddy Come on, Fischl. Don’t talk to me like I’m other people. @Eric_Fischl @rakdaddy Montana Mule? @Eric_Fischl @rakdaddy Only if it’s a Moscow Mule. @Eric_Fischl @rakdaddy You magnificent bastard. Next weekend’s my birthday so you’re going to send me some, right?Jesus, Jeff. It’s not like you need to give him any more incentives.’s not easy being a writer. @will_wagner He’s Batman? @will_wagner Yeah, I wonder if it’s the Citizens right there in Harvard Sq…17:49 Report of possible BANK ROBBERY IN PROGRESS at 0XX BRATTLE ST in #CambMA
Retweeted by Dan Moren @dmoren Bank robbery at Battle and Red Line at a stand at Harvard.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @rakdaddy @Eric_Fischl It’s like you’re trying to offend the water biking community.They keep flying over my house. I mean, other people’s houses too, presumably? @will_wagner This is what I keep hearing going over head?! WTF? @cshoemake77 @notplayingcast @PierceBrosnan @lexfri Asked and answered counselor. @heatherkelly Lettuce all just chill out. @cshoemake77 @notplayingcast @PierceBrosnan @lexfri A thousand times no. @GlennF I got one for a package that actually showed up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Apple’s new model: Please subscribe. @dmoren takes a look at Apple's growing services push, which means subscriptio…
Retweeted by Dan MorenI guess what I’m saying is…please don’t make us watch Die Another Day.
Gbye? @CapHector @incon_ceivable We did do a round of “Robot AND Not” once. :)Just a reminder that “stan” is a combo of “fan” & “stalker”, it comes from an Eminem song where a Stan is crazy & s…
Retweeted by Dan Moren“Giuliani says he is joining Trump’s legal team to ‘negotiate an end’ to Mueller probe” @GlennF @DebraMessing @MarthaPlimpton ? @jilliancyork @gameshowpodcast Maybe it’s time to start! After all, Twitter clearly knows what you should be intere… vehement like Virginia (@VPoltrack) and order a Rebel Alliance shirt! Proceeds to Everytown!…
Retweeted by Dan Moren @calzone @will_wagner I would watch a goddamn Chewie movie with no English dialogue. In a heartbeat. @heymermaid @gameshowpodcast Look, I have varying interests, okay? Like Tech News, Tech news, Technology, and Techn… @heymermaid @gameshowpodcast You led me down this path, Jane. This dark, dark path.Well, Twitter, you nailed this one. Thanks, @gameshowpodcast. I *also* had the cheap, black & white mass market paperback of this when I was a kid. I think this is pretty… @gknauss Don’t ask to see Woody. @joesteel I actually love Tomorrow Never Dies. It takes some flak but Michelle Yeoh! Jonathan Pryce! @JackWellborn Yep. That’s what it turned out to be. Still, weird. @ChuckWendig @PVBrett Mein Gott. The broccoli IS magic.We’re back! With Apple leak lore, more MacBook meanderings, and lost @lexfri.
Retweeted by Dan MorenOkay, yeah. Sure. That definitely seems like I should let you go ahead and do that. @ChuckWendig @PVBrett Peat, I have to apologize for Chuck. There was a “magic broccoli” incident and now he thinks he can speak German.I admit, this poll has a special place in my heart, since Brosnan was the first Bond I saw in theaters. (And I saw… @mikahsargent @Lucid_Podcast I’ve heard rumors about it. I think I described pretty much all of the dream here! I’m… @ChuckWendig Story checks out. @ChuckWendig Oh shit, the evil Spider-Man from another Earth was you all along! Wasn’t it, Wendig? WASN’T IT?It was a little weird because he was wearing a costume that was part CW Flash, part CW Zoom, and part Spider-Man No… @ChuckWendig First of all, who wouldn’t want to be GIANT CHUCK, the forest devourer? It’s the greatest underdevelop… @dmoren that really happened Dan it was on the news what did you do
Retweeted by Dan Moren @ChuckWendig IT IS LIKE I AM EATING LITTLE TREES AND YOU KNOW HOW I LIKE PRETENDING TO BE A GIANT CHUCK @ChuckWendig Awwwww, shit. AGAIN? I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that magic broccoli before bedtime.Also, we had cleverly hidden the Infinity Stones in these weird lights embedded in the flagstones corridors(?) insi… up this morning from the coolest dream I’ve had in a long time: I was Steve Rogers, fighting an evil Spider-Ma… @rosemaryorchard 😭 @rosemaryorchard Is that an option?!So, uh, it’s definitely snowing now.
@Allandaros @incon_ceivable @mikahsargent @WhovianFeminism @2minutetimelord @verso @_brianhamilton @LMMyles I wasn’… @scottlynch78 Right? Make sure to check out the apocalyptic murals while you’re at it. @scottlynch78 The scary thing is that’s only like the third weirdest thing at the Denver airport. @kivus No imminent trip planned but I’ll keep it in mind. :) We are heading to Disneyland in a couple weeks though! :D @drummershoujo @kivus Yeah, Copley is definitely more expensive, but it’s way more central. Problem with the convention center is… @kivus Just for a visit? Any particular reason? Convention Center area might be cheaper, but it’s probably less int… @GlennF I’ve taken to calling my family’s place in Rochester “Western upstate”. @gmthor85 The actual writing work is never done until it’s been published. ;) But in this case, the whole book is “… @JasonT @calzone @heymermaid Oh I’m not blaming him for his dad. latest episode of the nerdy game show that I host! Come hear me and @lexfri torment panelists with diabolically… @calzone @heymermaid YES.