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Dan Morguen ⚰️ @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Author of forthcoming SF novel THE CALEDONIAN GAMBIT. Tech writer. Host of @reboundcast, @clockwisepod & @incon_ceivable. Slam evil.

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@helenewecker I’m just brainstorming more sequels and other genres. “If You Give a Jinni a Cookie?” @helenewecker The Golem and the Cookie.Donald Trump made 33 false claims at the debate last night. #TrumpCheck
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️ @_brianhamilton I *am* a rollercoaster of love. But this email was a tease. @_brianhamilton ME TOO. @kbenesh Buying chocolate for you hasn’t quite put me in the poor house yet. @jsnell @lexfri Does our show pre-date tagging? I guess I could go back and fix them…Donald Trump thinks he’s Don Draper—smooth, articulate, reality-distorting Is actually Donald Duck—angry, flailing, virtually unintelligible @misterarnie @lexfri @jsnell @notplayingcast That’s it: Arnie and I are burgling an auction house. @AsterRoc Well, it presumably grouped together what it assumed was one person—it just needed you to put a name to that face. @AsterRoc @RoboTony @kappa_bird You don’t need to identify things that aren’t humans; it just figures it out. @JackWellborn That’s fair. I guess I mainly think about the comparison in terms to what I paid for employer-provided healthcare. @JackWellborn Social security is pretty close, but I generally treat those separately. @Aleen It’s just ridiculously expensive. And I’m just one person!I need to hire a copywriter. Full-time work. Helping craft great host copy for podcast ads. Is it you? Hit me up: Lex at midroll.
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️RLRT: As a self-employed writer, healthcare is by far the biggest chunk of my business expenses. (And that’s *just*… to express (or even comprehend) how much easier the reality of Canada's healh care system has made a full-time career as a novelist
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️ @heymermaid MOAR SHARKS. Bet @esritt loved those guys. @AsterRoc @kappa_bird Machine learning algorithms that have scanned your photo library to identify objects in them."No one has more respect for women than me..." is 2016's "I am not a racist, but..."
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@ismh Grrrrr. Screw them.TFW Princess Leia says you’re a cokehead. This is the screengrab of the #debate
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️Thanks for tuning in to these debate tweets. We now return you to your regularly scheduled coverage of reality: there be a handshake one the way out?!“Say one positive thing about your opponent?” 😰 *Hilary racks brain*Justices who are “very beautifully reviewed?” Oh, no, did he rank them on a scale from 1 to 10? @lexfri No. @jimcorreia It’s an old rhetorical trick. It just makes me angry.As a Cuban (and a person with eyes), it is so clear to me we are looking at the beginnings of a dictator with Trump. #debate
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️Whenever Trump says “I’m not even going to mention that” right after he MENTIONS whatever it is, my eyelid twitches. @Gisy_Angel He clearly doesn’t know anything about the Constitution.“Mr. Trump, Ms. Clinton, would you support a retroactive medal for Chewbacca’s service at the Battle of Yavin?”'s clear African-American and Latino are synonymous with "inner cities" in Trump's mind.
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️I love that Trump and Pence have never heard anything each other has said.
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️ @Gisy_Angel He definitely doesn’t have enough DEX.'It's your fault I didn't pay taxes, Hillary. Women let you do anything when you're a star.'
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️Donald Trump now arguing with Martha Raddatz, who was the PENTAGON CORREPSONDENT for years.Donald Trump now advocating for Sneak Attack, so I guess he plays a rogue?cooper: do u pay taxes trump: no! cooper: so you dont trump: of course i do cooper: what trump: bernie sanders cooper: wait what trump: isis
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️“With the $1.7 billion in cash, which is enough to fill up this room.” Somebody bring me $1.7 billion in cash so I can fact check this. @kbourgoin Well, he’ll just throw everybody else in jail. Gahhh. I just terrified myself. 😱This debate is the second-worst thing that ever happened to Abraham Lincoln
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️But it hasn’t been debunked. @mikahsargent MY INTEREST IS THE BEST INTEREST. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE HOW IT HAS BEEN CARRIED. CARRIED SO WELL. @mikahsargent My interest is not being carried.I feel like someone gave Donald the “carried interest” bullet point. #DebateNONE OF HILARY’S DONORS ARE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT."You got money so you could take ads out on Donald Trump" He refers to himself in the third person. Just. Wow. What. #debate
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️“I know nothing about Russia.” Truest thing Donald Trump has said in his entire campaign. #Debate @ismh No it isn’t! Because I say it isn’t!Wait, how is he so upset about people not saying “radical Islamic terrorism” when those are JUST WORDS?as a small business owner, I can tell you, health insurance was no Eden before ACA. Up up up, less coverage, all that happening before
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️Oh no, now they’ve dragged @gruber into this. @moze It is where my soul is going after this debate.hiucvbjknfjkdfvbkjdfbkjgwrohjsabfdnjkdfbjklnsdvkjlsnfbeofubh23t831ut24tighjrwb9r2qwpiefonjdksvc897uio32j14kbr3etwfndsv #Debate
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️I’m putting the odds at 4:1 that Trump throws down his mic and storms off the stage before the debate is over. #DebateTrump just threw some Republican congresspeople under a bus. #Debate @ismh *looks at open bleach container, then at server* Crap. @kbourgoin I think she should apologize if she wore acid washed jeans. We all should, really.Oh my god. Trump is threatening, if elected, to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton. What the actual fuck?There’s nobody in the history of politics that’s worse than Bill Clinton? Really? Nobody? In the whole history of politics?Martha Raddatz shuts down Trump. Nice.In Donald Trump’s defense, he legit thought Isis was a woman who refused to sleep with him. @ismh I’ve got you covered.Anderson Cooper gets straight to the point. “This is sexual assault.” #Debate“We’re going to bring back Law & Order. Especially Criminal Intent. Loved that show.” #DebateDid they give Donald Trump a giant novelty mic? Oh wait, those are just his hands… #Debate @danielpunkass Glad she’s taking your advice.the presidency has clearly aged donald trump...
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️No handshake! #DebateReally love the wristwatches that Raddatz and Cooper have on the table in front of them. #Debate @lexfri It’s best two out of three, right? @lexfri What if they tie and go into overtime? WHAT THEN!? @jsnell I knew I liked @misterarnie.The debate was just won by @VanJones68. #debate
Retweeted by Dan Morguen ⚰️ @turrean I think you can pop up the software keyboard even when using the Smart Cover and tap the mic there. (I don’t have one to test!) @JD_Bengals @jsnell Squirrel Girl is phenomenal. Recent Spider-Woman runs have been pretty great too! @JD_Bengals @jsnell Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl would be my top two recommendations.