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2017, but forever @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer, slammer of evil. Author of SF novel THE CALEDONIAN GAMBIT. Tech writer/podcast host. “Competent, if unambitious.” —Publishers Weekly

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@nerddotis I do love pancakes. Does that help?Come on, CBS All Access. You have literally one job. @Eric_Fischl @CBS Worst NCIS spin-off ever. @AlanBailward @CBS Artifacting and pixelation, lauding, some sections jumping or repeating. @KatieFloyd @CBS Same here. We’ll try again tomorrow but this is very disappointing.Really sucks to pay for a monthly service like @CBS’s All Access for a single show and they can’t even deliver that smoothly. Way to go. @dmoren More importantly, I finally have a home for this gem:
Retweeted by 2017, but forever @tritchey I asked and it said "no." @TheWifiPirate I think you just described my life. @Kersimus 🤔😑 @jcoste Thanks! You rock. Looks like you gotta move pretty fast to pick up those autographed copies, people.*rolls to check for traps* @panzer @PorterSqBooks Thanks, buddy! You’re actually not the first person to tell me that, so I guess I have one of those voices. 😬 @jcoste Also, if you have a chance to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads, it’s much appreciated! @jcoste @PorterSqBooks Thanks so much! There’s probably some Scots back there, but I also lived in Edinburgh for si… @piscotikus @PorterSqBooks I…have walked around with a pen in the past, but these were both graciously provided by the bookstore. ;)Boston folks: getting ready for holiday shopping? One signed copy of The Caledonian Gambit available at… @Eric_Fischl That’s abutte right. Don’t mind me. @jeremysean1955 Thanks! Sorry it slowed you down but glad you’re enjoying it!
Come play Jackbox with @theincomparable!!
Retweeted by 2017, but forever @Eric_Fischl Butte out. @tinyasterisms That dude doesn’t understand the meaning of “equal” huh?
Just in case you never hear from me again. @gswrites @popeguilty @EricaFails @unbeatablesg @ryanqnorth $500-$600, as I recall!How Apple can build a better video streaming service, by @dmoren
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.@KFC follows 11 people. Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb. 11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process this.
Retweeted by 2017, but forever @heymermaid I never quite understood why people got bent out of shape about that particular choice.Runoff vote! Which name most makes you want to learn more about a weird little RPG? (Pretend they all have spaces. Stupid character count.)
Retweeted by 2017, but foreverOne of my local coffee shops is apparently selling a bunch of @EricaFails original @unbeatablesg pages!? /cc… @agentbillo You ask, we deliver. Sort of. ;) @tithenai @WritingExcuses Pretty sure some friends of mine were just recording a show in that space the other day! @tithenai @WritingExcuses Wait, is that the CAH studio? @rakdaddy I feel like this is the sequel to We Bought a Zoo.Jeff Goldblum is the eccentric uncle we all deserve. @GlennF Good times, right?whoa
Retweeted by 2017, but forever @lexfri What if someone had hypothetically adjusted the pitch of your voice so it sounded like you had sucked the h… @dmoren and @moltz alone and they’ll talk about movies anywhere. Also Movies Anywhere. Plus Wi-Fi security!
Retweeted by 2017, but foreverHelp me rename my bizarre little RPG before I playtest it at Metatopia in a couple weeks
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@briannehring Thank you sir! If you haven’t had a chance to write a review, it’s much appreciated. :) @JD_Bengals It may be a while. Or I’ll have to produce it myself using LEGOs. @briannehring Oh, there’s an email if you’re in the ebook settlement. @briannehring There’s a link in the tweet you replied to. ;) @jofallon763 I’m working on some stuff! Good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads sure help but glad to know you liked it. 🙂 @DavidJSnyder @TeeVeeNet @Molto @gte I want to believe that Mario Batali is into Arrow, but I’m guessing you meant @Moltz. @rakdaddy @GlennF @GlennF Don’t leave us in suspense, Glenn: Who WAS Karl Marx? @misterperry @siracusa How about if it’s $0.38 off? @tobiashieta @siracusa Thanks! A review on Amazon or Goodreads is a big help if you have the time! @chetw @siracusa 👍 You are a scholar and a gentleman. @cabel He was great as Wolverine. @jeremyburge @clockwisepod @heatherkelly Definitely should have run that sink during the show.AI scanning of intimate photos, voice assistants’ walled gardens, and more. With @jeremyburge & @heatherkelly!
Retweeted by 2017, but foreverIn related news, if you have some ebook settlement money to spend, why not buy my fine book about spies in space?, for colluding to fix ebook prices, Apple is giving me money that I then have to spend on Amazon’s dominant eboo… @samspenguins He might surprise you! Gambit always shows up where he’s least expected, cheri!We’ll be live at the top of the hour with CNN’s @heatherkelly and emoji maestro @jeremyburge!
Retweeted by 2017, but forever @Aleen I hear dust will do that. @samspenguins Math is totally wrong! :) It’s fixed in the ebook edition, but that’s a little tougher in print. Cons… @Auhim It’s weird that it’s only on one Mac. My iMac is fine. @JeffNotJeffrey I’ve said too much. @ismh seems convinced I have two iCloud accounts. (I do not.) years ago, a TV executive sexually assaulted me. Finding it hard to write a pithy tweet, so here. Please share.
Retweeted by 2017, but forever @PhilipMichaels Bad time to reveal that my first and middle initials are D.B.? 😱 @MykeCole’s a quick example of what makes commas so important. tried anything myself, since I was pretty sure it was genetic, but this is the only real solution. @lexfri @reboundcast @bitnipogovori It’s pretty early in the morning for you to be drunk. @lexfri @reboundcast 😑 @lexfri @reboundcast Wait, did you abandon us for Slovenia? @AdeTheux You’re quite welcome!
Sounds great to me. @nerddotis The name’s Landad Coolrissian.Jesus, what do we have to do to get a non-Battlefront Star Wars title? sure how I’m feeling about the new Han Solo movie, but I’m sure Mario Van Peebles will be great. @ChuckWendig I really just wanted more car chases. And Lily James’s character is just poorly served…My books are 100% proof against T-Rex attacks. Doubt me? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WERE ATTACKED BY A MOTHERFUCKING T-REX?
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