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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer, slammer of evil. Author of SF novel THE CALEDONIAN GAMBIT. Tech writer/podcast host. “Competent, if unambitious.” —Publishers Weekly

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James Damore: “Commuting in the Bay Area is like the Bataan Death March.”James Damore: “Eating at the Google Cafeteria was like surviving the Bubonic Plague.”Hmm. I have previously compared working at Google to a Soviet Gulag. Could I possibly top that ridiculous analogy? @heymermaid 🤞 @heymermaid This makes me miss Ral Khemed, priest of the god of lies. @lexfri It’s making the $$$. @heymermaid I am both missing this AND playing D&D at the same time. :OI kind of dig the idea of a Yojimbo-style Obi-Wan movie. Especially if Ewan’s coming back.👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👇🏽
Retweeted by Dan Moren @MaxTemkin Next time we’re in the same place! (I’m on vacation right now. Missing out on GenCon this year. :( )Finally got to break out Secret Hitler with a group of ten last night, and of course Hitler got elected chancellor. TOO REAL, @MaxTemkin.
@dingerc Fair. Though one of the Sarek portrayers was from the Kelvinverse. @dmoren Finished The Caledonian Gambit. Great first book! Really enjoyed it! Look forward to the next installment!
Retweeted by Dan Moren @Dawgfan89 Thanks! Glad to hear it. :) If you have a chance to leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, that helps! @mikahsargent :(The latest episode of @incon_ceivable has the skinny on Batman Person and @mikahsargent’s sad childhood stories. @mikahsargent This is the most terrifying thing I have ever seen.Let's face these out, shall we. CC @dmoren
Retweeted by Dan Moren @rakdaddy Someone who can live with that number of bones in their brain is a medical marvel. @lexfri @reboundcast @Moltz New phone, who dis?No show this week. @moltz, @lexfri, and @dmoren just really need a break. From each other.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @tpritc Thank you, sir! If you get a chance to leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, it’s a huge help! @jberlyne @awfulagent Apparently the one on the non-Schengen side of the Helsinki airport has one! @jveneracion Whoa. Trippy.
Amazon Support came through somehow and we were able to register it finally! @joesteel Weird. I’m not sure that’s what happened here, but possible?Amazon support says it was registered in June 2017. Is there anyway to register a Kindle without physical access? @unfed The refurb thing was my guess. Amazon sent it as a replacement. She’s had for five years and it’s never stay… of us have tried to log in and re-register it to our accounts and it doesn’t seem to recognize either of our credentials.Super weird: We’re trying to register my girlfriend’s 5-year-old Kindle, and it’s apparently registered to another unknown account?So, I deleted the tweet of pine on the smartphone because I took it without permission. That was a bad call on my part. Apologies to him.So, @dmoren and I watched The Empire Strikes Back. It was an experience. For both of us.
Retweeted by Dan MorenDoe anyone else miss those carefree days of Sean Spicer’s feud with Dippin’ Dots? @notplayingcast boys have breakfast. Keep watching the stars. weird and dubious honor? /cc @gruber @scottlynch78 That would also explain why your arms have been strapped to the seat as well, I guess. @maxgladstone I also had this experience, though people addressed my girlfriend mainly in English.David Suchet Hercule Poirot, naturally.Dreamt I was helping Hercule Poirot investigate a case involving many different mysterious plates of cake and now I’m sad I ever woke up.
Which is to say, you’re not obliged to issue tolerance when the other party doesn’t operate on the same terms.I found this piece fascinating and resonating: Tolerance is not a moral precept, but a peace treaty. week when leaving for Finland, I managed to snap the plastic on my daily-use headphones. While still at the Boston airport. 🤦‍♂️ @JasonT I totally used M-W when I did a round about this on @incon_ceivable a while back!While I was away on an island, Batman U Professor @TSindelar joined @moltz and @gte for the Arrowcast last week! @dhn Excellent! I hope you enjoy. :)
THIS IS AMAZING! 1943: US War Dept released this video to tell Americans not to fall for fascists. #Charlottesville
Retweeted by Dan Moren @mikahsargent I see you’re prepping for Return to Death House.May be about to set a record for least time on the ground in Iceland.All of these people are super nice and awesome. @tinytempest @navahw @tithenai
Retweeted by Dan Moren @MilHistNow @gte @TeaMuse1 Thank you kindly! 🙂Damn it, @Eric_Fischl, stop leaving your book everywhere.
Oh, hell no. I’m going to be out of town but I hope that my city lets these assholes know they are not welcome. @Eric_Fischl I’ll miss you most of all, scarecrow. @navahw Never enough! Maybe I’ll finally make it down to New York this fall. Also, cross your fingers for the next draft! @likhain A pleasure to meet you as well! Hope to see you again! @Kreaton The good news is it never gets less relevant. @philstollery Thanks! Reviews are appreciated! ;)En route to airport. It’s been real, #worldcon75. Thanks, Helsinki! Your bizarre ice cream flavors and cheerful residents shall be missed! @totalkharnage Thanks! @totalkharnage Do itttttttttt. 😁Finnish, Swedish, English. @ Suomenlinna / Suomenlinna Sea Fortress Caledonian Gambit: interrupting showers since 2017. @TeaMuse1 Thank you! Sorry about the shower. :) If you have a chance, leaving a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads i… finished The Caledonian Gambit by @dmoren. Loved the world/ galaxy-building, characters and plot. Now do an Earthfall novella!
Retweeted by Dan Moren @lefebvre Thanks, man! There will be a little more about Earthdall coming. If you have a chance, please leave a rev… @helenewecker You should get that looked at. Could turn her into gelato. @mikahsargent @heymermaid I had that. It was delicious! @dmoren Mortal Kombat's Shang Tsung is a big fan of the choirs in that country. Because of all the Finnish Hymns.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @prouty 👏 @Carrie_Patel @Eric_Fischl I’m thinking a badge harness, a la Sean Connery in Zardoz. @lexfri What about a scorekeeper?Tag yourself I'm 'La Crisis'
Retweeted by Dan Moren @awfulagent Who doesn’t like a good Impossible Injection! @Eric_Fischl Always a nominee, never a winner. @heymermaid Looking forward to the O. Henry ending.Finnish ice cream flavors are…weird. Russian intelligence apparatus has really fallen on hard times.