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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Author of the forthcoming novel THE CALEDONIAN GAMBIT. Host of podcasts The Rebound, Clockwise, and Inconceivable! Slam evil!

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Earlier today I burned my finger with a match while lighting the candles for my mom's birthday cake, so achievement unlocked I guess? @rakdaddy @rakdaddy When you stare into the demon horse, Adam, it stares back into you. @JasonT re: grammar/glamour, have been rereading The Dark is Rising in which the magic tome is “the book of Gramarye.” @RoboTony Never forget.Super excited for Arrow season 5. Many, many months off, though… think I have watched all the Comic-Con trailers now. @joesteel @_brianhamilton @dansturm I'd had a few.
@gte Only one on the board. Got destroyed by some pipsqueak kid. Was working on second when he and Vader had it out.If anyone's wondering, my Empire lost. But it was damn close. @heymermaid @esritt I am watching the response being constructed. @_brianhamilton @dansturm No worries. As it happens, I'm at a bar. @thejessbeast @esritt We've survived worse than this.He sunk my Death Star. 😭 @kbenesh @heymermaid @esritt It's not the X-Wing game! This is self-contained.I'm just saying, if I am going to play the Empire, you'd best believe we're arraying ourselves in style. @RoboTony @esritt Rebellion. @heymermaid @esritt Why do you think we're playing? @tacoold Star Wars: Rebellion. @gte @esritt This one. It's a little involved. @wiiowa It was nasty and crashing last time I tried it. So I gave up.In case anyone wonders what @esritt and I are up to today. If you don't hear from us within two days, send a patrol. @scalzi @CapeCodChips You've reminded me that their black garlic chips exist and now I can never be sated. @maxgladstone Warning: do not build actual cities on rock and roll. #rocksongdisclaimersI love this Groot/Rocket ISS patch so much. Kaine took on the @NRA in its home state (and won). Via @krystalball
Retweeted by Dan Moren @gte Ugh. I hate that his avatar makes me feel bad things about Ollie now. :/ @rakdaddy Watch out for the giant demon horse.
@GlennF @danielpunkass Lemme know when we DO have an ideal candidate. You go to election with the candidates you have—not the ones you want.I have a cousin named Tim Kane, so what I’m saying is this entire election is going to be confusing. @will_wagner @heymermaid For a good time, mix and match this with the horse one. @real_brentac Hmm. I don't get promoted for TFA codes when buying apps. Maybe b/c a different iCloud account? @ecormany @clockwisepod I wondered if anyone would catch it.I’ve got an opening next week on @bleedsixcolors if you’d like to be a sponsor! Get in touch - jsnell at sixcolors dot com
Retweeted by Dan MorenOr as some would call it, "taxes."
Retweeted by Dan MorenAt @macworld, this week’s Stay Foolish column is about some of the reasons I run a Mac server: @bschmermund @macworld Glad to help! Thanks! @lexfri Does she go to your dentist?
You know who I trust to make America great again? Luke Fucking Cage., Trump’s going to do it all himself. Everybody else can just go home. It’s taken care of. @DanJosef 👍🏻 @Genevieve @JasonT It is! Let me know when you want to gooooo. @lexfri @bleedsixcolors So damn famous. @DanJosef There’s a way to turn it off. What brand? @dloehr @MaxTemkin @AlexCox If anybody throws a Pokéball at me, I am OUT. @MaxTemkin @dloehr @AlexCox I enjoy the games. Wait, this isn’t a Hunger Games thing, right? @dloehr @MaxTemkin I will indeed be there! @JasonT @Genevieve It’s a movie! In theaters now! Uh. That’s all I’ve got. @Genevieve @JasonT Time to go see Star Trek?!GOP self-delusion reaching record levels. (via @scalzi) @meghann @consumerist I had the exact same result. (Kudos to whoever snuck “Tronc” in there.)Confused by all the new features in iOS 10 Messages? Let @dmoren take you on a magical messaging tour:
Retweeted by Dan MorenMembers! Six Colors Mag is heading to your box right now! With t-shirt discount coupon, guest column from @ismh, and @dmoren may be a robot.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @will_wagner @RoboTony Bustin’ moves makes them feel good.hello, friend Talked about the @whoismrrobot premiere on @TeeVeeNet. 🔗:
Retweeted by Dan MorenTrump on cybersecurity is like a bad auto-translation. It literally makes no sense. Just a word jumble.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @helenewecker Great title for a modern fantasy novel.Just in case you thought this might be the month that I wrote a normal, sensible column for @sixcolorsmag: nope.Superficially, dissolving NATO and inviting Russian aggression seems like a big deal but this is an email server management election.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @ismh @ecormany Yep. Sometimes you’re just looking for inspiration. @JasonT It’s an escalator of emotions.That escalated quickly. @gpcroft @bleedsixcolors Oh, that's what I have set up. 😀
@saladinahmed It’s just always going to be this video for me. Always. @HollyGoDarkly @Legopolis She’s been slowly moving them all, month by month, piece by piece... @real_brentac Haven't had any problems. YMMV. @flargh God. I hope they can find someone as good as Peter Dinklage to play him."CAUTION! I am a woman of means whose younger lover is DEFINITELY NOT hiding under the sofa cushions"
Retweeted by Dan MorenI sold a book! Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire is the first in a series. It comes out in 2018.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @johnaugust Woo hoo! @Moltz @lexfri Were there still Howard Johnson’s twenty years ago? @joesteel Garbage man! @DanJosef Stan, a plan, a canal. Panatsa. @Moltz Good old Stan. The man. With a plan. And a canal. @calzone Yeah, something weird’s going on. Saw a notification from another friend pop-up, but I can’t see it in my mentions either. @Moltz Whoa, who’s that handsome guy with your wife?! @calzone Weird. Tweetbot on my Mac was just showing me incomplete timelines as well. I had to quit/relaunch. @will_wagner @calzone Bob Club for Men. Not only a president, but also a client! @calzone I just figured the Norm Corps were the most boring superhero team. Always getting shown up by the Carol Corps. @TSindelar Stan takes regulation very, very seriously.“Do you pledge your allegiance to Stan and all of his works?” “Uh, yeah I guess.” “Great, just fill out this form in triplicate.”Mistyped “Satanism” as “Stanism” and now want to start the most boring cult ever. Just lots of paperwork and water with red food coloring. @will_wagner I have…not. Is this SATANISM, Joel?BRB, putting “Podcast Warlock” in my Twitter bio. @Moltz @smiller “Remember, just go to Squarespace and use code MOLTZ.” @nut_bunnies @jsnell We had a show called Counterclockwise as well, though it’s on hiatus (?). @mattalexand congratulationsAlways a delight to do a show with @hotdogsladies and @sfsooz. And that other guy.! Comics, smart homes, Twitter verification, and teaching programming, with @hotdogsladies and @sfsooz!
Retweeted by Dan Moren @m_older @PorterSqBooks @maxgladstone @MikeRUnderwood My local store! Woo hoo!live now with @hotdogsladies @sfsooz
Retweeted by Dan Moren @BodyofBreen @danielpunkass @mandaris @johnvoorhees @viticci @verified Fair enough!The entire Star Wars Rebels season 3 panel is pretty fantastic. Light spoilers. @ChuckWendig Yep. I think he wants it as a checkbox for his own self-aggrandizement, nothing more. @danielpunkass @mcelhearn @mandaris @johnvoorhees @viticci For what it’s worth, any Twitter “drilling” never made it down to me. @jsnell @kevin_doyle And then straight into Warrior’s Apprentice and you’ll never look back.Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga and Star Wars were the building blocks of my book. @thejessbeast You’d be surprised how often it comes up. @thejessbeast