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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Author of forthcoming SF novel THE CALEDONIAN GAMBIT. Tech writer. Host of @reboundcast, @clockwisepod & @incon_ceivable. Slam evil.

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Castro AND Florence Henderson in the same 24 hours? COINCIDENCE?!Dr. Strange was the most conflicting "Don't text and drive" PSA I have ever seen
Retweeted by Dan Moren @MykeCole Are you anywhere near the water? Because I’ve always wanted to swim with the Dauphins! @rakdaddy I will remind you. But it will be TOOOO LAAAAAATE. @real_brentac Come on. Does he *look* like a ghost? Use your head, Brent! @rakdaddy Like this, but with corgis. ask about my writing process a lot. I don’t want to give away any secrets, but let’s just say it’s very comp… @ejacqui I could use about seven of those in this apartment right now. @AaronIsaacs Hahahaha. Just so. @heymermaid I’ve heard the alarm on his phone. If he can sleep through that, he can sleep through anything. @heymermaid Tears streaming down my face right now. I hope you are happy.Couldn't sleep, so I tried playing D&D with cleverbot, r/cleverdungeons style. Moral: never trust a goblin rogue…
Retweeted by Dan Moren @lexfri Right black at ya?It turned out the mysterious $5.99 monthly charge was coming from INSIDE MY ACCOUNT.I watched the first episode of the new Gilmore Girls. It took a little while to warm up, but it was pretty great.
As long as we elected a TV star to be president, why couldn’t it have been Jed Bartlett? @AsterRoc May the odds be never in your favor? @astandy India. But close! @Harkaway WE HAVE ALTERED THE DEAL PRAY WE DO NOT ALTER IT ANY FURTHER unless you maybe want to add some chips as a side or something @lexfri Chachi(ng).
@chartier Secretary of the Interior? 😱 (Hopefully just Secretary of Long Beards or something.)Oh my god, it’s only a matter of time before Stephen Baldwin gets a cabinet post, isn’t it? @Moltz Welcome to AdapterLand. @Genevieve We’ve had some of that! Good stuff! @kacealexander @rakdaddy Not at all creepy. @rakdaddy The Lord’s work. Carry on. @rakdaddy It’s like you don’t even read my Twitter feed. 😭 @rakdaddy Indiiiiiiia. @Legopolis I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. @rakdaddy I confess I did not. I have been exceedingly wary on this trip. (Perhaps too much so…)The future is strange. @rakdaddy This evening I walked past a gentleman running a cart on a street with a sugar cane press, and thought of you, buddy. @Legopolis Next up, Cinnabon? @heymermaid Northworld is where I’m a Viking. @shepgo @bleedsixcolors I’m not a hamburger eater, so nope! :D @PVBrett The membership card isn’t even laminated. Also, it’s on fire. @shepgo @bleedsixcolors I’ve moved here for more than a month. So more than a tourist if not quite an ex-pat? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @kbenesh Where else am I going to keep all my tiles?Been in India for two weeks, and I swear this is the first driver who has Google Maps speaking directions in Hindi, not English.Good news, everyone. I found the last Circuit City. @PVBrett Welcome to the “left the country at the wrong time and everything went to hell” club. @kbenesh I’m willing to wait.
Looking at Find My Friends, it’s a bit mind blowing to realize I am almost exactly as far from @porchdragon in NY as @moltz in WA. @preshit Few more weeks. In Mumbai now and for the next week or so. @preshit Not too bad. Except for adapting to people being asleep while I’m up for most of the day. ;) @jeffcarlson (And then only if it’s from a single Carlson.) @jeffcarlson Unless it’s from the Carlson’s….house? Dog? GHOOOoooOooosts? @joesteel Thanks for beta testing this one.These are the last lines of the last speech ever typed for President Kennedy, intended for remarks on November 22,…
Retweeted by Dan Moren @HollyGoDarkly @Legopolis I’m working on @kbenesh to watch it. Though probably not going to get 7 seasons in her before revival is out.Speaking of which, I have seen a ton of Superman logo shirts in India. Probably more than any other Western icon. Not sure why. Fascinating!Supergirl belongs to the world. first donated to @ACLU when I was a sixth grader. Just did again. If a 9 year old can donate to protect civil liberties, so can you.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @DanJosef I do it for America. 😕 @drthunder Nazis. I hate these guys.I am EXTREMELY excited to announce that I am writing an ongoing Black Bolt solo series for Marvel Comics.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @saladinahmed Nice! Congrats! Looking forward to reading it.Walking While Black isn't a crime. Bystanders shouldnt be arrested for stopping police brutality. @CambridgePolice
Retweeted by Dan Moren“Conflict of interest” is a situation that might *tempt* somebody to abuse a public office. Trump is confessing he actually *will* abuse it
Retweeted by Dan Moren @heymermaid “Who brought the donuts?” @AsterRoc Close to Christmas. @robpegoraro I couldn’t not get the Wi-Fi. The suspense would have killed me. @mcelhearn Hell yes. Not about to let fascists and racists take over my country without a fight. @robpegoraro That would have been seriously surreal. Lufthansa has Wi-Fi, though, so we were refreshing frequently…In the back of my head, I keep thinking “I’ll go home at Christmas and it will all turn out to be a horrible prank.” Even if I know better.Sometimes it’s hard to remember I have been out of the US since Election Day. It all seems like a terrible nightmare.The US Holocaust museum has released a statement calling on all Americans to "confront racist thinking and divisive…
Retweeted by Dan MorenThis is Captain America. Captain America fights Nazis. Be like Captain America.
Retweeted by Dan Moren @_LisaRodgers @RebellionPub I’m in wholehearted favor of books with “Gambit” in the title. @AsterRoc I used Google Translate a bit, but it’s not ideal…I mean, have you ever seen a seemingly confident politician be this afraid of the press?
Retweeted by Dan Moren @AsterRoc It’s quite good, and they have a lot of varieties!Cafe office away from cafe office. @ Taj Mahal Tea House
@autoy “Openly supporting” is overstating it. of my dad’s parents were Jewish immigrants to the US. I’m hardly an observant Jew, but to people like this that won’t make a differenceThat video is chilling. The Nazi salutes, the bald-faced racism, the very fact that they now feel okay to slither out from under their rock.You know, I thought Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment was impolitic at the time but Jesus H. Christ:! Trump wants to kill net neutrality too. @eslivka Thanks! Still can’t figure out where I know it from, but it definitely sounds familiar.