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Alabama is a Frankenstein’s laboratory of terrifying regressive legislation.
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@cjrmurphy1 Her campaign aligns with Donald's preferences : Be Breast lolThe lying liar who lies wants us to trust him on Iran.
Retweeted by amy❣️anderson @cjrmurphy1 Be breast 😂 @SenJohnMcCain #JohnMcCainDay is the only way I know how to be today. #FridayFeeling #TrumpsAnInternationalDisgrace @MeghanMcCain 🥰💯In memory. #JohnMcCainDay #JohnMcCainDayJune14 #Resist 🇺🇸
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@JannardMarc @NAudrey_ST @FaithCampbellJ1 @Gr3Te4rights @ShelbyKStewart @abbeludwig @DetroitLove88 @Eathbound420 @ECMcLaughlin @cryborg Wouldn't it be nice to see the fake abortion clinics donate some of their supplies given to… @BGJorgensen @McconneyMichael Trump is a political evangelist. He's got my parents anti Mittens now @BGJorgensen @McconneyMichael I'm convinced Joseph was very much like Trump. @kkjn1966 Tbh I'm in the same boat. 👯‍♀️ @kkjn1966 Lmao. I wish all the men following me were are as kind as you. @7AwesomeAustins @warriorwoman91 False. You CREATED a nickname and CREATED an identity which is the Mormon church.… @kkjn1966 @Moncktone3 @cara_doxyluv @realDonaldTrump The Holy Land has new meaning #noabortionbans @cara_doxyluv @Moncktone3 @realDonaldTrump We pay for Israel's abortions so..... It's whatever @kkjn1966 A FUCKING men @Kokomothegreat @StevijoPayne I read somewhere long ago that she attends daily confession due to her devout faith. Daily. @lizcgoodwin I'm so unhappy with him. I really don't want him. Please let him be our TrumpFuck you @google #google @mybibelottweets @CadeEarth @warriorwoman91 I see you've vomited a bunch of namby pamby apologetics and none of your arguments are w… @CadeEarth @warriorwoman91 Please list the books you've read on Mr Smith and the origins of the early church. You need to be well read. @CadeEarth @warriorwoman91 Clearly you can't appreciate a film reference. It is rated R so I understand ur at a disadvantage @CadeEarth @warriorwoman91 Ahhh. Ur a "simple" believer. Hit me up later. @warner_gm @LM_Texas_ Are you trying to say they're gluttons for punishment? @BillyDa80889887 That's a weak thesis. Come prepared. There are so many assumptions built into your proposition tha… @CadeEarth @warriorwoman91 He was a deceptive man lying about nearly everything he did. Period. 🤷🏼‍♀️ He was probab… @CadeEarth @warriorwoman91 We could start with his marriages to plural wives before the sealing powers were "restor… @CadeEarth @warriorwoman91 Joseph lied.
@CadeEarth @warriorwoman91 So start by believing it's true? Lmao. My guy. Please. 🙄 @KalanisCalves @warriorwoman91 You are so cavalier and above it all. Typical priesthood holder. #dustsfeetoff @KeckTaylore @warriorwoman91 You just sound desperate and gimmicky 🤷🏼‍♀️ @KalanisCalves @warriorwoman91 Is it hard to read your faith claims in black and white? Totes. @KeckTaylore @warriorwoman91 You sound like an AA sponsor. Lol @choytmac @warriorwoman91 <---- will just read the correlated manuals for belief updates. @melaya_huffaker @warriorwoman91 A nickname the church doubled down on for at least 4 decades. Now they are playing… @jayjazz3 @warriorwoman91 Thanks to correlation I bet you're not too sure unless you read a manual. The church is a… @KalanisCalves @warriorwoman91 You know Mormons are different. Don't be disingenuous. You know the Mormon church st… @CadeEarth @warriorwoman91 Dude. Man made is your jam. 🙄 @nickburt81 @warriorwoman91 Mormons used to thrive on their differences from ALL OTHER SECTS. #peculiarpeople now t… @JakeKirkpatric1 @warriorwoman91 When the Mormon church starts calling gay members "gay" instead of same sex attrac… @_nickthebrick1 @warriorwoman91 Good thing JS got that Bible retranslation started.... Interesting that not one sin… @7AwesomeAustins @warriorwoman91 You're totally a Mormon. Remember that movie: Meet the Mormons? The ad campaign in… (On Mormon sex abusers) “He’s only a man & subject to human frailties & the temptations of Satan” (On ab…
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If you do nothing else today, watch this Jon Stewart clip! WATCH and RETWEET this video, for the love of God, huma…
Retweeted by amy❣️andersonKatrina Marie Lawhead age 25 of Wellston Ohio has not been seen or heard from since April 30th. She is About 5”1 an…
Retweeted by amy❣️anderson @WickedWalnut Eradicate suffering @Neil10790465 @DaniteSam @Irieska @Margaretavonell @spookperson @naturelyblake04 @alexathe_great @jwcraw @Neil10790465 @DaniteSam @Irieska @Margaretavonell @spookperson @naturelyblake04 @alexathe_great @jwcraw @Neil10790465 @DaniteSam @Irieska @Margaretavonell @spookperson @naturelyblake04 @alexathe_great @jwcraw @AussieDebBell @ReSista_Babs @roseymelhill @blu_joon @Mandalorian_Ren @TDEMomof3 @Ginger_Lyn_66 @Gr3Te4rights fucking day #exmo #sharegoodness @ECMcLaughlin Yup. Jokes. This bitch has jokes. I've done the work for 15 years and she has some fucking jokes.… @QueenK4dy People always say they treat people respectfully and then.... You know😔. Some of the nicest people I hav…
@BJohnsonCanada Yup. @iam_danalena @La_loca65 @MarieMex_91 @roseymelhill @blu_joon @Mandalorian_Ren @TDEMomof3 @Ginger_Lyn_66
@SurvivMormonism Bikers Against Child Abuse @La_loca65 @MarieMex_91 @iam_danalena @roseymelhill @blu_joon @Mandalorian_Ren @TDEMomof3 @Ginger_Lyn_66 @anthxeria @TroyPittman1 Open like the gates of heaven Perryville! Doooooo it! @TrellfromBmore @StevijoPayne You are FUCKING kidding me. They were in Scottsdale? @QueenK4dy you were so nice to me yesterday. @StevijoPayne @goodoldcatchy My carpet shark Lola @RhymesRadical @johnwilliamwife @leisareid71 @MrsBerts1 @Amaji27Ma @wosewood @LOLWTFOREOS @Jr3597 @BrendaBalazs @NoMoreDeaths @iambrig @USAO_AZ This is my state and AZ you make me sick.“He gave them food, he gave them water, he gave them a place to stay...He did a bad thing.” -- Anna Wright,…
Retweeted by amy❣️anderson @La_loca65 @MarieMex_91 @iam_danalena @roseymelhill @blu_joon @Mandalorian_Ren @TDEMomof3 @Ginger_Lyn_66 @MarieMex_91 @La_loca65 @iam_danalena @roseymelhill @blu_joon @Mandalorian_Ren @TDEMomof3 @Ginger_Lyn_66 @SurvivMormonism Is BACA no longer active?Today was one of the hardest days of my life. [A THREAD] My aunt and uncle’s final immigration meeting was yeste…
Retweeted by amy❣️andersonLaura Ingraham tells her viewers not to believe what they just heard Donald Trump say.
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@TroyPittman1 Absolutely. Thank you. I appreciate your openness 💖 @TroyPittman1 @CindylooQ @TroyPittman1 @doggiedaddyca @Trump454545 Of course! I can't be any other way. I don't like what's happe… @CindylooQ @TroyPittman1 @doggiedaddyca @Trump454545 No I understand. I have greatly appreciated a nice afternoon 😘 @TroyPittman1 @doggiedaddyca @CindylooQ @Trump454545 You can't end a convo with IMO my guy. Lol @CindylooQ @TroyPittman1 @doggiedaddyca @Trump454545 I do too. I absolutely do not believe in that. I went to a fak… @TroyPittman1 @CindylooQ @doggiedaddyca @Trump454545 For women that use abortion for birth control, how many aborti… @TroyPittman1 @CindylooQ @doggiedaddyca @Trump454545 Ahhh she had to terminate so she could go back on her meds. He… @CindylooQ @TroyPittman1 @doggiedaddyca @Trump454545 I honestly believe that once a man deposits his biological mat… @CindylooQ @doggiedaddyca @TroyPittman1 @Trump454545 Sometimes we regret decisions. Marriage, career, etc. I really… @TroyPittman1 @doggiedaddyca @CindylooQ @Trump454545 I really want men to care about preventing women from being in… @TroyPittman1 @doggiedaddyca @CindylooQ @Trump454545 That's illegal in most states btw. Gender selection @CindylooQ @doggiedaddyca @TroyPittman1 @Trump454545 It's definitely a touchy subject. @TroyPittman1 @CindylooQ @doggiedaddyca @Trump454545 I've personally attended to second trimester cases. One was ac… @doggiedaddyca @TroyPittman1 @CindylooQ @Trump454545 No adoption is a great option for those that can be pregnant a… @doggiedaddyca @TroyPittman1 @CindylooQ @Trump454545 The "heart beat bill" is ridiculous. Tell me more about your l… @doggiedaddyca @TroyPittman1 @CindylooQ @Trump454545 It's a "should" that is impossible to legislate or enforce bec… @doggiedaddyca @CindylooQ @Trump454545 @TroyPittman1 So you see confidence I see arrogance. He's the master of his… @TroyPittman1 @CindylooQ @doggiedaddyca @Trump454545 I'd like to hear him be incredibly vocal about this. Daily. Hu…