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Don Wettrick @DonWettrick Indianapolis, IN

Founder CEO of StartEdUp. Podcast Host. Author, Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation. International Speaker/ Presenter.

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The definition of young #entrepreneur. Excited to be working along side this guy! a time where reporters are pretty biased (looking at you Fox, MSNBC), this interview w/ @soledadobrien cuts thru… @SenorG Thx Noah!Good compliment to @DonWettrick pod on finding mentors
Retweeted by Don Wettrick#drone club creations and a new supply of pvc pipe! Check out the landing pad created from #maker resources #stem
Retweeted by Don WettrickNew video is up on Let’s Soar Together! In this video we talk about changing your mindset in depressing times and h…
Retweeted by Don Wettrick#Education reform moves too slow. I'm gettin' angry. We are leaving students behind while waiting on things to cha… shoot! I have to pick up my daughter from her swim meet! Thx #RCSeLearn friends! Please chk out my podcast:… @RCSeLearn I think that is the balance (and goal) for the future. I don't believe that online only learning is that… @RCSeLearn A4: You NEED the non-traditional/ "un"formal classroom, IMO. #RCSeLearn @RCSeLearn BTW, 2 of my Students are building a school in #Ghana. Literally. #RCSeLearn @RCSeLearn A3: In our #Innovation class, they ONLY choose a project (and thus course) based on choice. #RCSeLearn @MrClarkIsChill @Jeremy__Hill Winning tweet of the night. #RCSeLearnI'm always wanting to make more time for my own #GeniusHour proj- but right now my project is getting an… @JoyKirr Ummm... Indiana has some cool ed movements, chats and people. Right @jmattmiller ? @JoyKirr Oh my gosh yes! Hey #RCSeLearn peeps... Joy is here! Major leader in the #GeniusHour movement! @RCSeLearn A2: I LOVE this question. I think a teacher #GeniusHour makes for good PD! #RCSeLearn @raewoolpy Glad you liked the episode! @mikesmithlive was motivational! #RCSeLearnI interviewed my former #innovation student today: *Its what we did WRONG... what we learned. #RCSeLearnI interviewed my former #innovation student today: *Its what we did WRONG... what we learned. #RCSeLearnBTW, I am BEGGING for you guys to take a look at our FB page. We do daily videos from our #Innovation class to be t… @hunterlambright YESSS! I can safely say that creating this class has restructured the culture. #GeniusHour for elem, middle-… Wettrick, Innovation teacher, Noblesville HS. If there is no greenbean casserole, it's not Thanksgiving. #RCSeLearn @RCSeLearn Excited to be here with you guys! #RCSeLearnOne Hour until the #RCSeLearn Tuesday Night Twitter Chat - Please Join Us! Topic: Pure Genius by @DonWettrick
Retweeted by Don WettrickMy interview w/ @soledadobrien on #media, truth, education, and how #teachers & parents handle these hyper-politica…
Learn the #RuleOfThirds in devoting time to a sustainable, awesome project. #GeniusHour #20Time #EducationOne way to get at the HOW of changing up traditional learning structures @cultofpedagogy @DonWettrick
Retweeted by Don Wettrick @Alex_J_Wendling I'll be back there tonight, I'll tuck them away. @RCSeLearn I'm there!8 Hour Notice: We hope you'll join the rest of us Turkey's at 8:00 pm tonight for our chat! Topic: Pure Genius: Bui…
Retweeted by Don WettrickStudents from Noblesville High School testing the #educaid Discovering Marketing board game. #innovation
Retweeted by Don WettrickAn online conference for teachers. 9 great sessions on topics that you love. TOTALLY FREE. The Ditch That Textbook…
Retweeted by Don WettrickMy student needs some feedback on a very important topic: students come back & tell me what I did wrong... & I LOVE IT!: via @YouTubeNEW: Two Min Timeout for Teachers... Give an Ovation! Share the #Wonder Inspired by #WonderTheMovie
Retweeted by Don Wettrick"What you do w your time is precious" - @DonWettrick, discussing value of using spare time to pursue mentorship, bu…
Retweeted by Don WettrickOur class is live on Twitch at: Pls. Subscribe.3 simple rules to consider for choosing a #student project for #GeniusHour... for that #NewYearsResolution 5min po… to late to listen to this weeks Mondays with Sarah!
Retweeted by Don WettrickJust listened to @cultofpedagogy podcast with @DonWettrick. Great discussion about genius hour & 20% time. I love t…
Retweeted by Don Wettrick @dwayne_zeissig @ZachDFreeman Not working? @PRMSDean Let's chat over break. @PRMSDean Let me know if you need anything else.So honored that @MVMT sponsored the podcast!!! Great company, great mission. @schamelearning @mvmt @letsstartedup Boom! @Jeremy__Hill Thx Jeremy!Resolution guidelines: 1. Define your passion 2. What skill(s) will this help you acquire? 3. How will others be im…
Retweeted by Don Wettrick @JeffreyASee Honored that you posted this!Hey Everyone so I think I am getting better at youtube...well maybe but hope you enjoy this video.…
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@MrChuckD still up for the podcast? We spoke back in August.On #edutwitter, we talk a lot about passion projects with our students. A year ago, I asked you to help me to launc…
Retweeted by Don WettrickFor your drive home: 3 simple rules for a #GeniusHour or Resolutions: 5min podcastTEASER for my frag movie... Dropping the full thing when this tweet hits 15 RTS or tomorrow at 5 p.m. whichever com…
Retweeted by Don WettrickBig thx to @MVMT for being such great sponsors of the #StartEdUp podcast! @jordanbpeterson Begging (from one teacher to a professor) to appear on my podcast. Re: Students thinking for them… thought on our journey to #changeedu #rethinkedu @DavidGeurin @KAarberg @NASSP
Retweeted by Don Wettrick3 simple rules to consider when selecting A: Your New Years Resolution B: A #GeniusHour project C: How to succeed… out the new video on my channel! Monday Podcast #1
Retweeted by Don WettrickWhen Arguing in Class is Productive: via @YouTube @sarahdateechur @ToutouleNtoya @cultofpedagogy Following now & would love to connect! Thx Sarah for looking out for us! @sarahdateechur @cultofpedagogy Next, listen to this 5min podcast: Rule of thirds in select… your an #innovationsstudent of @DonWettrick or another amazing teach! Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t had t…
Retweeted by Don WettrickListening to @cultofpedagogy’s latest episode with @DonWettrick #education #edumatch #futurereadycoach
Retweeted by Don WettrickIf you want to follow our #CSGO #eSports team individually, he ya go! you should start thinking about your #resolution now & how to implement the "Rule of Thirds" into every… @jckwnn @Hastory_ Looking fwd to seeing this!What is an Innovation Class…and Why Do You Need One? via @cultofpedagogy
Retweeted by Don WettrickThree rules for making a #Resolution, #PassionProject or #GeniusHour project. 5min podcast to make it stick:
@iamDrWill Get it!!! Looking fwd to seeing you grow! @iamDrWill You deserve it Will!Our TOP 5 Affordable Style Tips that will hopefully save YOU some money.
Retweeted by Don Wettrick @kscottburgess @Luke__Reks @Luke_Johnstonn @cultofpedagogy Happy you liked it! We are trying to showcase what we preach! @JoshuaMedcalf @Ed_by_design So glad you two are connecting! @HarrisonRuschak @NHSESPORTS Proud of the @NHSESPORTS team!!! Keep reppin' @NobSchoolsI've got a session on this awesome event, and will be participating as well! you want to start changing the world, but don't know where to start... listen to this podcast w/ @SpeakerJeff I… @theMSstartup @cultofpedagogy Non-edu: Linchpin- S. Godin Originals- A. Grant Drive- D. Pink Zero to One- P. Theil…