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My takeaway from the NYT interview, in which he mows down Sessions--Sessions!--is that Putin remains the only ally Trump has never betrayed.
Retweeted by dubash @tallstories Indeed but I quite like it. The bellicosity and bombast makes for good theater :)
Retweeted by dubashDry fish vendors protest over 5% GST
Retweeted by dubashAn early sign India’s huge tax Revamp is working: happy truck drivers via @WSJstabbed to death by the family of dalit woman....
Retweeted by dubash @umanathtrip Oh sorry just saw this. I would like to predict an India win : )THAT'S FOR 2003 AUSTRALIA! !India just picked a new president. It could have done better. [My take] #RamNathKovind
Retweeted by dubashThis is absolutely ridiculous! #Kaur
Retweeted by dubashTweetless. #KaurMs. Kaur is killin it. @umanathtrip 250 looks possible.HAR MAN PREET KAUR!!!!Crying, but no shame, as South Africa strive but fail to break the hoodoo“There’s no crying in baseball!”: “A League of Their Own” turns 25
Retweeted by dubashThere's no crying in cricket.100*Are you watching the cricket semifinal? @umanathtrip I was hoping for 220. But doesn't look like it. Counting on Kaur though.Some very lovely batting going on.Sportswomen from Hyd -- Mithali Raj, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu.Odds seem to strongly favor SC declaring privacy as a FR. I doubt any submission by Union of India is going to change that. 1/
Retweeted by dubash @dhume Subhead -- "The measure is routine and happens every year." years ago and the present…always been a privilege to know you, President Elect.
Retweeted by dubashHear some of India’s best journalists-turned-authors on blurring boundaries between storytelling & reporting…
Retweeted by dubashIndia Has No Robust System Of Measuring Job Creation And It’s Time It Got One via @swarajyamag
Retweeted by dubash @wtfex @RangaEunny You are going to see new economies of scale in Hindi education and Training. Positive effect on… @wtfex @RangaEunny TFR aside, Hindi power will increase as their incomes increase. Connection costs are reducing fo… a sight: US, Indian, and Japanese carriers leading at #Malabar2017, via @rajatpTOI
Retweeted by dubashUS amended the media note in which the reference to 'Indian-Administered J&K' was made - it was replaced by ‘the state of J&K': Govt in LS
Retweeted by dubashWhat was the reason for the fracas at @epw_in? Why did @paranjoygt quit? Popular explanation was that he shunted outside due to intervention
Retweeted by dubashTill now Indian publications (Wire, Hindu, etc.) were publishing Chinese handouts, now Chinese state media publishe…
Retweeted by dubashAnother reason we spend so much for health care - The Myth of Drug Expiration Dates:
Retweeted by dubashThe DD Free Dish phenomenon - a commercial success story -
Retweeted by dubashBottom line: Congress before 1947 was a much more complicated animal than post independence politics may suggest. Useful to remember
Retweeted by dubashSenator John McCain diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer
Retweeted by dubashI've been thinking about this John McCain moment from the 2008 campaign a lot lately. Even more so tonight.
Retweeted by dubash
@indianreagan (In this case though, before GST, Excise & VAT together amounted to a rate of 18.16% so pretty similar to 18% at 1st stage.) @gsircar And if the client is expected/counted on to report in both cases why not let the lawyer collect GST like a… @gsircar With RC -- Client reports and forwards GST. Without RC -- Lawyer reports and forwards GST. And client will still report.This is one explanation no one has brought up until now. @vasudevan_k But when are lawyers afraid of other lawyers? I just want to see the minutes from the meeting when thi… @ajitabh_baruah @vasudevan_k This isn't so much about exemption. There is GST on Legal Services. It's just odd that… @cbcnn_Pilid That is a very cynical explanation : ) (There must be some Delhi lawyers who know the scoop.) @indianreagan There's a particular argument he makes. I'm still trying to research it. (And if a famous tax attorne… @Soham1303 But technically the clients have to report. @cbcnn_Pilid (There has got to be another explanation. I am hoping for someone to tell me. And if there isn't a goo… a chaiwalla could sell water (0% GST), tea (5%) or Coke (40% ?). But legal services are legal services are legal services all at 18%.The explanation is why burden the chaiwalla with collecting GST. Let the burden fall on the big company.Interestingly one of the most common example for reverse charge mechanism scenario is a large company buying from a small chaiwalla.Well, well, well : ) And I wonder which professional group probably has the best lobbyists? get the reverse charge mechanism for taxi drivers and small traders, but how hard is to figure out 18% on one type of thing you offer? @indianreagan I would pay for grapevine newsletter. Reporting is woeful on certain topics. (Btw, check out Arvind Datar on GST on Youtube.)Onus of paying GST on legal services is with clients. 6/6 should lawyers avoid this rather simple burden? How hard is to calculate 18%? I don't know the reason. I can't figure it out. 5/nAnd if you are a lawyer, and you offer advice worth Rs. 1000. You don't collect GST. It's the client who reports and pays the govt. 4/nYou offer brilliant advice worth Rs. 1000. And you tack on Rs. 180 (GST 18%). You bill the client Rs. 1,180. Simple. 3/nPretend you are management consultant. (In fact that is how you become a management consultant, by pretending to be one.) 2/nWeirdest GST story that I don't get. Reverse charge mechanism and Legal Services. 1/n @indianreagan True. But Weaver incentivized to report sales to Textile Trader because -- it's no longer Excise & Va… burden is negligible for Textile Traders. But input tax credit system makes them part of a chain, and reveals extent of turnover. @nounderscore I don't know about that. Or I didn't know about that : )Simple solution to #RightToPrivacy battle in SC is for govt to pass a law defining it clearly & use it to make its case. 1/
Retweeted by dubash(GST & Textile Process) constitution is what you get when a people not of the book try to write a book.Traders readily concede most of their business was “unaccounted” in order to avoid income-tax. LT @MukulAgarwal66A crystal clear analysis by Sajjid Chinoy on state of the economy -- and policy implications. Cuts through the noise
Retweeted by dubashEPW editor Paranjoy Guha Thakurta quits, story on Adani Power’s windfall gains taken down
Retweeted by dubash @TimesNow That's what they're supposed to do. What's your point?
Retweeted by dubash#TNExclusive | TIMES NOW accessed Cong internal dossier. Issues that will be discussed by Congress in monsoon sessi…
Retweeted by dubashMind blown W/ an undefined right to privacy, sky will be the limit. 🙀
Retweeted by dubashBut of course! If it's desirable, it must be "found" in the constitution. #RightToPrivacy
Retweeted by dubashDalit man murdered in Trichy for ‘breaking plastic tap’: 26th Dalit activist killed in a year…
Retweeted by dubashSweden Is Almost Entirely Cashless Now And Urban China has nearly abandoned cash too
Retweeted by dubashFile FIRs in cases of attacks in name of cow protection, Centre tells states
Retweeted by dubashMaharashtra makes drip irrigation mandatory for sugar cane cultivation - @abhiramgpatil -
Retweeted by dubashThe nationalising of banks was a step forward towards social welfare in India. #ThisDayThatYear
Retweeted by dubashScoop: Modi govt's blueprint to hand over public health care to private hospitals @scroll_in
Retweeted by dubash"Nothing has been finalized but our aim is to make the strategic sale as simple as we can," company official said
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