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Brutal killing in Bengaluru: Kidnapped son of tax officer found murdered, body buried near lake is the link of @ikamalhaasan interview with @RShivshankar where he is upfront about Modi, Yogi & Rajinikanth
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19/7 Anonymous sources in Finmin tell Reuters that Govt plans to cut expenses. (1/2)
Retweeted by dubashSomething to cheer you up this Sunday: a success story of swachcha bharat in Indore:
Retweeted by dubashAppalled at the gruesome murder of TV journalist Shantanu Bhowmik. Repeated attacks on media are worrisome for our democracy
Retweeted by dubashWe promise to waive off all loans of Farmers in Gujarat, Unlike BJP we won't waive off 1 or 2 Paisa but each&every paisa #CongressForFarmers
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#Map: purple countries have a smaller population than Uttar Pradesh (2017)
Retweeted by dubashRead @kpanyam deconstruct the petroleum tax. Best read on this.
Retweeted by dubashYou are all NRIs, the original Congress movement was an NRI movement. Gandhiji, Nehru, Ambedkar, Azad, Patel were all NRIs: #RGinUS
Retweeted by dubash @saurabhchandra Expectation from both sides, the govt and the public have increased, it's a good the long run : ) @cbcnn_Pilid @ShashiTharoor I can't find the article again, to follow up. (Frustrating.) I remember tweeting the st… @cbcnn_Pilid @ShashiTharoor This was more than customs, I think they handed over the administration over a small re… @cbcnn_Pilid @ShashiTharoor I don't remember all the details. But essentially British models, rules and regulations… @cbcnn_Pilid @ShashiTharoor I recall reading about a attempt in maybe Costa Rica, where they outsourced administration to a British org. 1/n @saurabhchandra 1) Govt hasn't done anything like this. And this is the GOI : ) 2) Filing anything is difficult, an… @saurabhchandra I would interested in hearing from people who research this topic. But my outside five thousand mil… @saurabhchandra Filing and paying are two separate events. But can sometimes occur at the same time. I don't think… @suman_rd No, no : ) Someone was explaining the concept, and that it was a thing that people study in college. @saurabhchandra All models are wrong, some are useful -- GEP Box : ) | There will always be peaks, but they can red… had the same reaction when I heard about about Packaging Engineering. I still haven't met a Packaging Engineer.)I remember hearing about Queueing Theory when I was fourteen or so -- and I am like, that is a thing one can study in college?!(India is probably the best environment to study network congestion issues.) @acorn . @acorn Not sure what potential pitfalls are -- but they could say odd GST Numbers last date to file is last odd day of month.You don't build roads to completely eliminate the morning rush hour.Designing a system that reduces peak load is the way to go here, I think. #CongestionPricing Govt consumption growth is in double digits for last 5 quarters. Where is lack of spending
Retweeted by dubashBreaking News: Jake LaMotta, the legendary boxer who inspired the Oscar-winning film “Raging Bull,” has died at 95
Retweeted by dubashRG: It is not my place to say China should be democratic or not democratic. They have chosen their path. hacked to death in Tripura; Section 144 imposed in West Tripura & Khowai: ANI
Retweeted by dubashEconomic Growth cess coming soon 😉 This Govt is solving every problem by cess and taxes
Retweeted by dubashHere's a nice @IndiaSpend thread about my recent paper on "ethnic identifiability" in India Paper:…
Retweeted by dubashA true GST Revolution is possible if it's simplified & digitised(de-bureaucratized) further: @PMOIndia @arunjaitley
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A new paper by @HappymonJacob explains how and why ceasefire violations happen in Jammu and Kashmir. My piece.
Retweeted by dubashHow to Work From Home | They lost me at "get dressed".Revealed! Humble tomato is single biggest driver of spurt in food inflation
Retweeted by dubashEconomic slowdown is real, not just technical: SBI research
Retweeted by dubashSociety in K Viswanath’s Cinema | By Sandeep and it has some of the best clippings of his films -Delight to remember
Retweeted by dubashThis govt is deleting all the data of govt websites. @FinMinIndia no more publishes expenditure reports
Retweeted by dubashDid you read "How to Get Away With Murder in Small-Town India"? The UP police did. And there's been an arrest.
Retweeted by dubashThe United Nations has called it “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” This is what it looks like from space.
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Exclusive: Detailed account of Gauri Lankesh murder probe so far 's UPI Based Digital Payment App Tez will comes preloaded on all new Smartphone by Nokia, Micromax, Lava and…
Retweeted by dubashPayments made straight from your bank account, big or small. Presenting #GoogleTez, money made simple.…
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Sunday 8 PM- Aaj to jaldi sona hi Hai, new week, new start from tomorrow. 12:30 AM- reading Sadanand Viswanath's Cricinfo profile
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@rohitguptahpf I don't know what the data says. But I suspect your assumption is a good one.All that said -- I am not opposed to creating new PSUs. | And yes I am aware of the argument I just made : )Imagine you buy stock in companies. You do well with some, and lose money with some. Only buy good ones next time is not quite a strategy.And governments of all stripes have shown that they are not very good pulling the plug on the loss-making units.GOI started many PSUs. Some happened to become winners. No guarantee that if you start again, you will create only winners.I am not unopposed to creating new public sector companies. But this "just replicate winners" argument is @indianreagan @knackofflying TN Ninan roots for replicating "strong public sector entities"
Retweeted by dubash#Thread on discussion held at 21st GST council meeting. This single pic shows how GSTN is screwing up the whole imp…
Retweeted by dubashCensus data suggests that 31% of India is urban but satellite images suggest that it is more than twice that figure
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Rahul Gandhi will go on a 'study tour' of the world to prepare for a 2019 face-off with Modi
Retweeted by dubashGST return filing stumps millions of taxpayers, filing portal keeps throwing tantrums
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35% of faculty posts vacant in IITs, 53% in central universities
Retweeted by dubashTOI exclusive: CCTNS project that e-connects country's 15K police stations, creating national database on crime/cri…
Retweeted by dubash @auldtimer I would say he seems weak. And sometimes the weak overcompensate with violence.This was quite a segment from @CNN that will be shared far and wide
Retweeted by dubashUnder NDA Sensex mostly Tanks, Plummets, Nosedives. Under UPA Sensex mostly Dropped, Ended down, Closed lower, Even…
Retweeted by dubashChristopher Cantwell - before and after Race and Terror
Much of what Tagore penned as 'Morning Song of India' is as true today as it was more than 100 years ago. Freedom is a constant struggle.
Retweeted by dubashHappy I'Day! We preserved liberty & unity. May the future bring harmony, prosperity & opportunity to all, and end all avoidable suffering.
Retweeted by dubashFound no relation of Oxygen to Gorakhpur deaths, mortality count lower this yr: Doc Panel sent from Delhi tells me
Retweeted by dubashThe costs and benefits of demonetisation
@BJP4India @SwarajyaMag Principal Rajeev Mishra's wife Dr Poornima Shukla was running the show at GMC. Was demandin…
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Nearly 350-400 kids die every year at Gorakhpur's BRD Hospital between July-Sept due to AES. Glad the controversy h…
Retweeted by dubashMany reports, including this one, say the culprit could be Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES), endemic to Gorakhpur.
Retweeted by dubashAround the same time in 2015, in the very same Hospital, 20 children had died. No one knows what causes this AES 1/n
Retweeted by dubashIndia’s falling groundwater storage being replenished for the first time: Study
Retweeted by dubash#GorakhpurTragedy is not an isolated incident. 1.2M kids <5yrs die annually in India - most r preventable. Our healthcare is in shambles.
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DATA STORY: How surging digital ad revenues in India will overtake print in five years
Retweeted by dubashSense of unease among Muslims: Hamid Ansari in his last interview as vice-president
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Nandyal bypoll a litmus test for Rayalaseema statehood demand?"We want a picture of pious family values for our school name board" "Do you have a photo?" "Nah. Just google Famil…
Retweeted by dubashCongress has fought the Gujarat #RSpolls with more seriousness, resources, and effort than many assembly elections....
Retweeted by dubash @akilan27 I think it also has something to do with how much the SC trusts lower courts. There are reasons for the lack of trust. @akilan27 I think it is a good step. But they need to do more. I am not sure they should allow non-constitutional c…