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Ugadi Subhakankshalu | (y)ug + adi shubh + akanksha (lu)My takeaways from the India-Australia series: great cricket, but more civility, gentlemen, &how about a shave?
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Here's what should really shame the elite of India.
Retweeted by dubashPolice may close molestation case against TVF CEO Arunabh Kumar as no victim has come forward…
Retweeted by dubashIf Lucknow doesn't have legal meat, it's because government-owned slaughterhouses have been shut via @scroll_in
Retweeted by dubashThanks #GMO - India is #1 cotton producer, also a top exporter, while pesticide is down dramatically, plus farmers…
Retweeted by dubashAs bollworms harm India's cotton yields, a corporate dispute hampers the introduction of pest-resistant seed:…
Retweeted by dubashKonkan fisherman nets rare 20-feet sawfish weighing 700 kg near Vijaydurg in Sindhudurg district of #Maharashtra on…
Retweeted by dubashAs an immediate measure to bring down road accidents in the state, launched Road Safety monitoring vehicles.
Retweeted by dubashParticipated in Ugadi celebrations at Raj Bhavan, along with TS CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao garu.
Retweeted by dubash @vikSchandra I need to finish his autobiography. And also read Nehru's Discovery of India. (I wish both MKG & JN ha… @vikSchandra I started it. But didn't finish his autobiography. Need to get back to it. Interesting stuff. I rememb… @vikSchandra Yup. Especially the part about when he was newly married. But I think his scrupulosity is also evident… Mental Health Care law specifically mentions Electro-Convulsive Therapy. Not sure why. Much of the stigma surrounding it is overblown.I have always wondered if someone has written about Gandhi from a medical perspective. For example the excessive scrupulosity angle.Mahatma Gandhi used to use it. comedy chalti rehti hai is desh me
Retweeted by dubash @suman_rd Ok. Will have to wish tomorrow then. Until then Happy We Beat Australia Day : ) @suman_rd I think it is today. And India won. It's not today? I didn't see any Telugu people wishing now that I think about it.Dharamsala has to be the best test venue in India. Great pitch. Good stadium. Amazing location. @kailashkaushik8 Yes : ) @umanathtrip @sakshitrip @alakshya2 No not bad at all. @nounderscoreNot feeling really sorry for the Australians.
Insufficient notice, no opportunity to take remedial measures to meet new requirements suggests animus
Retweeted by dubash @umanathtrip I'm waiting for the girls to chase me. I don't think that is a crime. @sakshitrip @umanathtrip I was talking about age. You say 250 you are going to drive the hot 180 year old girls away. @sakshitrip @umanathtrip I'm only close to 200 and you've made me 250?! @sakshitrip @umanathtrip By you I meant we. Blame it on cricket. @umanathtrip I doubt they were thrown by ET coverage.Not at all feeling sorry for the Australians now. @umanathtrip something serious happened. But I'm not sure if you have all of the information. @umanathtrip Did ET coverage matter to UP residents? And their demonetization coverage was not wholly negative. @umanathtrip I am not sure that is the full story. They have gone to IE events. And none of this is new.Why PM and other cabinet ministers pulled out of Times Group's GBS summit & wht lies next
Retweeted by dubash @nounderscore and this Australian team seems more English they do not seem to have the old ruthless effectiveness of the past. @jemin_p Yup and toss in New Zealand while we are at it. @nounderscore first of all they missed three chances. And they really need those chances.I am feeling very sorry for the Australians. Don't ask me why..@mihirssharma calls the government's Finance Bill shenanigans "an unprecedented power grab"
Retweeted by dubashMGNREGA MOMENTS: Hindustan Cables stopped production in 2003 but kept alive for 1,333 employees,FY16 loss Rs 994 cr…
Retweeted by dubashSirji, you have been a top IPS officer, Po lice Chief of Mumbai. You should not say this.
Retweeted by dubashI've just posted a new blog: Review. Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw
Retweeted by dubashThe calls they are coming from inside Israel. teenager responsible for "a monthslong wave of bomb threats against Jewish institutions in the U.S." understand the moral rules they do not give sh**t about as well as everybody else.…
Retweeted by dubashOn Humayun's accidental death -- He stumbled out of life as he stumbled through it.Another favorite quote. Potential military conquest of Sindh -- If few are sent they will be killed, if many are sent they will starve.One of my favorite quotes from history -- You cry like a woman, for that which you could not defend like a man.Not sure about this. Although -- "Made the Angrez Apologize" is good for political capital. took just 70 years
Retweeted by dubashThree men. 1) Doesn't need his party. 2) Party needs him. 3) Believes he has a party. @neha_aks . @neha_aks Yes. (I have heard of stories where kids have called 911 while playing with old inactive phones.)Note for US residents. You don't need to unlock a phone to call 911. You don't even need to be an active subscriber. eat up a patient in MP government one knows if dead or alive.
Retweeted by dubashWho would you rate as the worst Indian PM since liberalization in 1991?
Retweeted by dubashIn 2001 Venezuela was the richest country in South America; it is now among the poorest
Retweeted by dubashAbsolutely valid question. How are the two different? Why can't empathy be only in action rather than on camera? Gi…
Retweeted by dubashThe ABC of remonetisation: India's China moment- @NileshShah68 - via @economictimes
Retweeted by dubashAAP MLA Ved Prakash joins BJP, to resign from assembly
Retweeted by dubashI am shocked to know a woman has been burnt alive in her village near #Jodhpur for protesting against cutting of tr…
Retweeted by dubashSigns of new political alignment? Congress Defends Shiv Sena MP Who Hit Air India Staffer With Slipper
Retweeted by dubashKerala 'IS module' plotted to target Hindu leaders: Nabbed member to NIA
Retweeted by dubashThis @htTweets headline for those who mocked @FinancialXpress story exposing huge leakages in Midday Meals and push…
Retweeted by dubashBuilding a legal ecosystem for Aadhaar 2017, @qz will grow staff to 270 and continue to build on our newfound profitability.
Retweeted by dubashShamsul Hoda, key suspect in train derailment cases, had met ISI-linked Safi Shaikh in Dubai in January, soon after…
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@arav_m I think everyone forgets how young these guys are -- probably the biggest (and most stressful) tournament that involves under-22s.Heartbreak in the Kentucky locker room. (📹: @joe_mussatto)
Retweeted by dubash @ramana1729 @smarket I was going to point to precisely this as the sort of thing that supports my case! : ) To do l… interviews of ISIS captives by @wrightr
Retweeted by dubashRightly pointed. Gandhi Ji fought for justice and humanitarian values.
Retweeted by dubashFake News being circulated & promoted by Pakistani handles with aim to cause unrest in India. HAS NOT HAPPENED IN UP
Retweeted by dubash @dubash He is not making a principled argument. Current legal situation is actually partisan in the other direction.
Retweeted by dubash @c_ontrarian I agree with you. No legal reason barring either.
It's not the constitution though that is under threat -- it's public norms. And they hold a country together better than any constitution.Nariman's son I assume does not show up in court in the garb of a Parsi priest, I assume.They engage in rhetorical excess. And they tend to unpersuasive.This is why shepherds have become irrelevant. @rahul_mehta5 . @rahul_mehta The credibility of shepherd boys ought not to distract one from determining if there is a wolf about.