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As for specific concerns of the Rajput community, people's sentiments must be respected in the interests of India's…
Retweeted by dubashOoh. Moody's upgraded India. To around the same level as Spain and Portugal, whose debt to GDP is 99%+ and growth i…
Retweeted by dubashGreat piece on a wonderful writer
Retweeted by dubashThe Rawalpindi experiments saw the British send hundreds of Indian soldiers into gas chambers and test mustard gas…
Retweeted by dubashWSJ Street column pans Moody’s India optimism: “Upgrade is a denial of the current state of the Indian economy.”
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#BREAKING | Moody's upgrades India's sovereign rating to Baa2 with a Stable Outlook
Retweeted by dubashAnd another one. Stunned.
Retweeted by dubashOkay. This is getting UNREAL now. Dear Indian media. In GOD'S NAME, stop.
Retweeted by dubashWhat IN HEAVEN'S NAME is going on. Now @IndiaToday follows suit, believing my Macaulay story. On #NationalPressDay.…
Retweeted by dubashTOI: "In 1835, British officer Lord Macaulay had talked about the origins of Mysuru Pak during an address in the In…
Retweeted by dubashYou. Cannot. Be. Serious. @timesofindia takes my old sarcastic tweet of the Macaulay story for real and PUBLISHES a…
Retweeted by dubashTook about a year of reporting, but we've finally published our story detailing how prescient messages about upcomi…
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The politics of reservations and the OBC vote cleared for first mega CEZ via @economictimesReceived this on whatsapp. Kids are finding innovative ways to cheat these days. 😂
Retweeted by dubashDear @rsprasad, I just came back from an Aadhar Enrolment Centre. All centres take maximum 30 applications per day.…
Retweeted by dubashDelhi crosses GST target in October - :)
Retweeted by dubashIndia’s economy is a house under renovation, it will be dirty, uncomfortable for a while: must read…
Retweeted by dubashMy greetings to all friends in the media on National Press Day. I appreciate the hardwork of our media, especially…
Retweeted by dubashThe restrictive regulatory framework for prepaid payment instruments - @MandarKagade -
Retweeted by dubashThree Years In, Modi Remains Very Popular
Would you deny an overweight kid cake on his birthday? #DelhiFirecrackerBan @saurabhchandra What does it say about me that I understand what he is saying. (I disagree though that unemployment… 200 Final Exam. Why do countries tend to pass Clean Air laws before Clean Water laws? (Cite relevant examples.)
Retweeted by dubashRich people in Delhi would be willing to pay for clean air. Poor farmers in Punjab could be paid to stop stubble bu…, two words. Pollution credits. cc @capt_amarinder @ArvindKejriwalSir, it wud be best if we met. Cud u kindly share estimated funds reqd? Both of us together can urge centre. It wil…
Retweeted by dubashI agree sir that Centre shud take lead. But pl grant me time to discuss if together we can present a plan to centre…
Retweeted by dubashMy office continuously trying to take time from CMs of Punjab n Haryana for me to meet the two CMs. Its an emergency
Retweeted by dubash @abhility It ain't ganja. Where we fly up above the sky the oxygen is a bit low. @abhility Bhai, I am translating young Mr. Gandhi. I think I get his wavelength : )China took all the jobs. And all the unemployed people in India are on Whatsapp supporting Modi.
@WSJ Private/state investments 13 year low last Q. Factories operating at 71% of capacity compared to >80% 5 years…
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Ambedkar on INC's commemoration efforts. on Gandhi's place in history. @Nitin_Khatrii There is no objective history, and I suspect no side's history is acceptable to the other side. @Nitin_Khatrii So recap, GST and then Demo -- assuming all three are to be done? That happens to be the reverse of… the Left and Right want to rewrite history. The Congress insists what it wrote is the actual history."Also absent from this year's edition, as was the Constitution." | I am shocked, shocked.Chapters on Hitler, Marx, Soviet and French Revolutions, birth of cricket...but not India's freedom movement and the role of Gandhi.2016. Gandhi erased from Tripura textbook? @Nitin_Khatrii The hypothetical question assumes one want to do all three things : ) | And does recap help with the starting pain of GST?If you were going to do these three things, Demonetization, GST and Bank Recapaitalization, in what order would you do them?Rahul Gandhi is not that spoiled compared to others with similar upbringing. He knows this. And the underlying conceit is very apparent.
Retweeted by dubashDigvijay Singh: Rahul Gandhi "is by temperament not a ruling person. He is by temperament someone who wants to fight injustice".
Retweeted by dubash @dubash has declared Rahul Gandhi will eventually become PM of India :)). We shud not forget this!! :)
Retweeted by dubash"Rahul Gandhi has so far refused to join the Twitterati because, his party members say, he doesn’t have the time to tweet himself."
Retweeted by dubashThe job of a vistarak is to engage with people, and post a ‘Main hun BJP’ sticker on each door if they’re sure resi…
Retweeted by dubashMany interns have gone on to become full time members of our staff or permanent fixtures in our nightmares. Do appl…
Retweeted by dubashKashi Vidyapeeth: No seats for ABVP in Varanasi varsity polls – The Indian Express
Retweeted by dubashExcerpts from the memoirs of a communist turned radical humanist: MN Roy on his days in Russia after the revolution
Retweeted by dubash.@tavleen_singh: Three years in, BJP can’t blame everything on Congress “misrule.” A course correction is needed.
Retweeted by dubashBREAKING: Saudi Arabia arrests billionaire Waleed bin Talal, whose company has holdings in Twitter, News Corporation and Citibank.
Retweeted by dubashAfter 12 months, looks like the farm might break even for this month. Eat your veggies you people and gift flowers to your loved one's.
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Karthika Deepam Song. believe in Andhra too, women send lighted lamps on little flotillas made of leaves.
Retweeted by dubash.@ikamalhaasan should be ‘shot dead’ for his Hindu ‘terror’ remark, says Hindu Mahasabha vi…
Retweeted by dubashVice's former "Male Feminist" columnist Michael Hafford is accused of drugging and violently raping several women
Retweeted by dubashA disturbing new study shows thousands of heart patients may be getting stents for no reason #heartdisease
Retweeted by dubashHow many have you tasted and which is your favourite? #Khichdi
Retweeted by dubashMore than 40 witnesses, accused or whistleblowers linked to the Vyapam scam have died mysteriously
Retweeted by dubash4 lessons for the world from India’s disastrous #DeMonetisation exercise by the Harvard Business Review
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“Whenever we see the bill these days, it is a blow for us,” says Ayushi Panikar, referring to GST. #KemChoGujarat
Retweeted by dubash @VMuppi @sunandavashisht No you know your languages well. I am mostly guessing based on the context, and often guessing incorrectly : ) @Samir__Ag @sunandavashisht : )) bangla, gaadi, iphoneX : ) @Samir__Ag @sunandavashisht Yup. Hindi movies went from Roti, kapda, makan to Bangla, gaadi. Not sure what they asp… @Samir__Ag @sunandavashisht But are people buying cars after buying houses in India even now? @VMuppi @sunandavashisht Again there I would guess bhaagyam as blessing. Health is the greatest blessing. | I keep… @VMuppi @sunandavashisht I have no idea why but to me bhagyavantudu -- meant a man -- who is well-off, healthy, res… @VMuppi @sunandavashisht I assumed my reading of bhagya as blessed was driven by Telugu knowledge. I might have bee… @VMuppi @sunandavashisht I always though bhagyawaan was lucky-blessed. And blessed in every way sort of connotation. @sunandavashisht @Samir__Ag True in America as well. I am not sure I know anyone who bought house before car though… @sunandavashisht People want to be wealthy and cash-rich, smart people : ) @sunandavashisht I also find it interesting Bangla comes before gaadi. In America I think the order would be reversed. @Samir__Ag @dubash Dhan is cash Daulat is wealth ( could be in kind).
Retweeted by dubash @sunandavashisht Yeah that is what I thought. But people also say Dhanwan, meaning wealthy as in materially well-of… is the difference between Dhan and Daulat in the phrase "Dhan daulat"? #HindiQuestion |For example Dhan daulat, bangla, gaadi...‘Critical concerns on Aadhaar’: Six former civil servants write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi via @scroll_inYoung airport buggy driver at Delhi T3 shares she has got a Govt School teacher's job in #Punjab. Says going rate Rs 10 L. Same everywhere.
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