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Powerful strategic insights. Bold, differentiating creative. Targeted brand experiences that change behavior among specialty physicians. #CultureMatters

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Calling all #copywriters and #digital #strategists - we’re looking for you to join our team! #PhillyJobs
Have you checked out our ongoing blog series on #positioning your brand? First 3 posts, now live! #hcmktg
Brunch meeting? Brunch meeting. @dudnykhealth
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#DudnykDoes getting down and dirty. Not to mention winning the entire Tribal Challenge. Congrats #TeamDudnyk!!
#DudnykDoes The Tribal Challenge. A little rain and mud won't hold us back. Good luck team! well do you know your target audience? #hcmktg #pharma makes a Top 100 Agency? The story of Dudnyk tells it all:
We hope our very own ELITE are enjoying their night with @PM360online. Such a well deserved honor for you both!’re finalists! The 2016 MM&M Awards are this October, and we’re up for Small #Healthcare Agency of the Year:, Chief Strategy Officer @drewdesjardins: named a 2016 @PM360online ELITE Strategist, Creative Director Laurie Bartolomeo: named a 2016 @PM360online ELITE Creative Director is the day to celebrate our TWO @PM360online ELITE winners: EVP CD Laurie Bartolomeo & EVP CSO @drewdesjardins - congrats to you both!
We are honored to be nominated for Small Healthcare Agency of the Year! See you in October @MMMnews #Awards we're learning how to find balance in our lives with RN Carly Benjamin - so we can be #360Fit! #KeepLearning
Did you hear? Dudnyk named a Top 100 Agency again by @MMMnews: #raredisease #orphandrugs #hcmktg #pharmaDudnyk's Sciolla on refreshing #oncology narrative. #pharma #marketing #hcmktg #ladyballs
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We are honored to be named a Top 100 agency again! Thanks @MMMNews: #hcmktg the rules of engagement changing for #oncology? ACD Copy Angelina Sciolla says yes: it July already?! Congrats to our team members who celebrated June anniversaries - here’s to many more!
Welcome to the fam, Sayid! #KeepSwimming 🐙🐠👏👏👏 just a couple of sessions left, sending a big shout out to @SliceComm for organzing #smdayphl - great and informative day! #SMDay2016#SocialMediaDay Celebrated In Philly #SMdayPHL
Retweeted by DudnykWe out here at #SMdayPHL chatting all things social & visual. Catch our co-founder & CEO @ApuGupta speaking now!
Retweeted by DudnykContent is more visual than ever before. And it's influencing how consumers find brands. #smdayphlWe are totally appreciating @jwsteiert's pop culture filled presentation. #YouKnowNothingJonSnow #smdayphl an internal advocacy program helps to broaden reach and develop thought leadership. #smdayphlContent strategy is more than the content you create. Leverage user created content - and be ready to respond/enage. #smdayphlCheaper data storage and access to lots of tools is making it easier to perform an historical analysis. #smdayphlRight now, it's easier than ever to understand customer behavior, thanks to data, so you can inform business decisions. #smdayphl"One can smell a really contrived post from one that is from the heart." -Carolina Lobo, CMO panel #SMDayphl
Retweeted by DudnykIn regulated industries, focusing on educational content over selling can help get over compliance hurdles. #smdayphlFor social to work in #finserv, compliance & mktg have to work hand in hand. Strategy dev has to happen together. @what_a_mook #smdayphl
Retweeted by DudnykWhen starting your social marketing plan, keep an eye on competitors to see what they are doing and what is working. #smdayphlWe're here. We're ready. #smdayphl via @stealthmaestro: "Social Media is pay-to-play. See who you can target in ads manager."
Retweeted by Dudnyk#smdayphl "Social Media helps solve problems in real time" for healthcare providers, via @AngelaShowell
Retweeted by DudnykSocial lets healthcare humanize itself and truly become part of the community. Also acts as good customer service tool. #smdayphlHealthcare social has extra challenges, think regulatory, and requires creative solutions. #smdayphlNext up: #Healthcare Digital Darwinism - how social and healthcare are evolving together. #smdayphl#SocialMedia = the (big) real world focus group, says @erindress. Good point as it often offers unsolicited but valuable insight. #smdayphl
Retweeted by DudnykIf @erindress's opening keynote is any indication for how #smdayphl is going to go, we're going to learn a lot today! #KeepLearningWe'll see a shift from demographic marketing to psychographic. Social spans entire buying journey. #smdayphl wonder what percentages are from @amazon? I think mine are around 75%. #SMdayPHL
Retweeted by Dudnykmoms are in a different mindset for each platform. #smdayphl
Retweeted by DudnykMoms are more likely to research and buy products than non-moms. #smdayphlMoms aren't on your brand site. They trust and follow influencers. Use social to reach them. #smdayphlTwitter moms are unique: life is closer to home, pressure to make 'right' product choices, have less time to waste - @erindress #smdayphlSocial media is about visually sharing and inspiring consumers - @erindress #smdayphlBrands always ask if they should use emojis in communications. Your audience expects to be talked to the way they talk. So 👍🏻. #smdayphlWe are moving toward a world of conveniences and experiences - @erindress #smdayphlConsumers unlock their phones on average 150x per day. And attention span has fallen to 8 seconds - @erindress #smdayphlWe're getting ready to hear the opening keynote from @erindress 🙌🏻 everyone to Franklin Theater! #SMdayPHL #SocialMediaDay
Retweeted by DudnykReady for @SMDayPHL @TheFranklin - follow along, we'll be tweeting all day! #SMDay2016 #KeepLearning
Currently discussing train schedules to get to tomorrow’s @SMDayPHL. Are we going to see you there? #SMDay #smdayphlWe hope you brought enough to share! #WhoYouGonnaCall
@UTOKA_co Thanks for the shout out - We still love the Cinryze Swell!With our client @DudnykHealth, we created #composite #artwork illustrating an HAE attack -
Retweeted by DudnykRefreshing the #oncology narrative - from ACD Copy Angelina Sciolla: via @MMMnews
Dudnyk's Angelina Sciolla on refreshing the #oncology narrative. #ladyballs #endangeredbutts
Retweeted by DudnykTarget Audience: Know It Like the Back of Your Hand: #hcmktg #pharmamktg
#DudnykDoes summer - personal ice cream truck included.
A mini indulgence for #NationalEclairDay! #GetInMyBelly
Have you checked out our current openings lately? Looking for copy, account, and digital talent! #PhillyJobs
How well you know your target audience could make or break your brand: #hcmktg #pharmamktg
Congrats to our winners at today's @US_HAEA #HAEInMotion5K: 1st & 3rd females and 1st male in his age group! 🏃🏻🏅 Team Dudnyk! Today we're supporting #RareDisease awareness at @US_HAEA #HAEInMotion5K. #CultureMatters
Our HR team @DudnykHealth is looking for an #intern #jobs via @jazzdotco
Retweeted by DudnykCongrats to ACD Art @andrewrunion on his first book! Check it out:
Target Audience: Know It Like the Back of Your Hand | New Dudnyk blog from @drewdesjardins:
Summer Friday. Sweet Treat. #CultureMatters results are in! Check out the 100 PM360 Industry Elite Winners right here: #pharma #pharmaceuticals #marketing
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Are you a #digital #strategist? We have an opening for you. Get in touch… #CultureMatters #hcmktg
Great HR Internship opportunity for a recent grad @dudnykhealth. Check us out at #culturematters #HRInternship
Retweeted by DudnykCongratulations to Dudnyk’s ELITE: EVP, CD Laurie Bartolomeo & EVP, CSO @drewdesjardins!
Are you making these common grammar mistakes? #BeYourBest
Join us in sending a big congrats to our team members who celebrated Dudnykiversaries in May - here’s to many more!, Chief Strategy Officer @drewdesjardins named 2016 ELITE Strategist by @PM360online:, Creative Director Laurie Bartolomeo named 2016 ELITE Creative Director by @PM360online:'s Laurie Bartolomeo is on the cover of @PM360online representing the ELITE winners. Way to go Laurie!
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ELITE Strategist Drew Desjardins of Dudnyk -
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You'll want to read these!
Retweeted by DudnykBest wishes on your upcoming wedding, Ashley! We love any excuse for cupcakes 🍰#CupcakesMatter #CultureMatters to EVP, CD Laurie Bartolomeo & EVP, CSO @drewdesjardins on their @PM360online ELITE Award wins!
What is #CultureMatters all about? When the 3:00pm slump hits, it’s all about the snacks. The good snacks. Marketing is Changing—Learn How to Keep Up | ft @drewdesjardins via @PM360online you seen the first two blogs in our new series on brand positioning? #hcmktg
We like working with you, too, @andrewrunion! #BelieveInOthers #BeYourWeirdest #CultureMatters
Thanks to @jahdabh for another great #DudnykUniversity session. We're ready to read some clinical articles! #KeepLearningThree types of primary research articles: prospective, retrospective, and post-hoc. #DudnykUniversity #KeepLearningYou can usually find data that's not in a PI in the Results. But it's not always med/legal accepted. #DudnykUniversity #KeepLearningIntro of article can be useful because it cites other relevant articles - helping you find more info easily. #DudnykUniversity #KeepLearningDiscussions put results into context, providing addtl info (but also should not be used to support claims) #DudnykUniversity #KeepLearningAbstracts are great for seeing if an article may be useful, but you should not use it to support claims. #DudnykUniversity #KeepLearningWhat makes up primary research article: Abstract, Intro, Methods, Results, Discussion, and References. #DudnykUniversity #KeepLearningNeed an article? Head to @NCBI PubMed. #DudnykUniversity #KeelpLearningTypes of clinical articles incl: primary, review, meta-analysis, editorial, case study, & health economic. #DudnykUniversity #KeepLearning#DudnykUniversity is in session with Scientific Director @jahdabh: Anatomy of a Clinical Manuscript #KeepLearning
Reframing the Conversation - a look at competitive frame of reference with @drewdesjardins: