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Head of Accessibility @gdsteam. Front-end developer. Accessibility and usability advocate. Long distance triathlete.

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New on bitsofcode! 💃🏿 "Accessibility Testing with pa11y"
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Learn about Accessibility Checker rules: What they check for, how to fix issues, and why you should.…
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Visually impaired volunteers needed for audio description study, e-mail, travel expenses covered + £50 gift voucher
Retweeted by Alistair DugginCritical Development Considerations for Mobile Application #Accessibility #mobile #appdev #ios #android #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair DugginInclusive Design Principle: Be Consistent
Retweeted by Alistair DugginAutomating Peace of Mind with Accessibility #Testing & CI (YouTube) with @MarcySutton via @a11yChi #a11y
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Delighted to announce the latest additions to our conf agenda: @MollyWattTalks & @rydermc. Early-bird available now…
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin"I'm half in tears & half in awe watching these amazing athletes & what they achieve in their 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s"
"Disability is actually an outcome of design." - @augustdlr (@Pinterest head of design via @TechCrunch) #a11y #UX
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Thanks @alastc of @we_are_Nomensa for updating us on future #accessibility guidelines #sketchnotes
Retweeted by Alistair DugginVO Starter, an app that teaches VoiceOver on iOS, is now free: HT @CRPDisabilities #ios #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair DugginAccessibillity, Why Bother?
Retweeted by Alistair DugginSpent a very productive and enjoyable day furthering gov design-systems and patterns standards with some of the UK'…
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin"Behind every great site or application lies thought, empathy and inclusion. This doesn't happen by accident - it h…"The greater the diversity of minds - the greater the probability of generating an original insight, solution, or c… Primer Part 0: Glossary { author: @shimmoril }
Retweeted by Alistair DugginStill recruiting! If you do accessibility audits, user testing, or other review method, get in touch! #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair DugginImportant new features for GOV.UK Notify - you can now send letters and get text message replies - >
Retweeted by Alistair DugginDid you see us on @BBCNews talking about @RIFilmFest Maisie was a star for the day. She better get used this 🎬🌍🇺🇸
Retweeted by Alistair DugginJoin me on a 4 minute journey into London with a guide & experience my daily challenges Pls RT
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @bernardtyers Thanks - this looks great! :)142 page PDF - includes information on demand, supply, technology, forward look and communication support workers of responses: Market review of BSL and communications provision for people who are deaf or have hearing loss for a good articles or resources about captions and text transcripts #accessibility #captionsThe review tab in Word just gets better. Now with instant read aloud and highlighting. #dyslexia Right next door to…
Retweeted by Alistair DugginThis presentation looks fantastic! Are slides or a video available? a11ycast time! How do you manage focus in a single page web app? 🤔
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Easy Checks helps #WebDev #webdesigner #UX #tech managers, anyone, check some basics of #web #accessibility – no ex…
Retweeted by Alistair DugginUsing inclusive language in everything you write? If not, AI in #office365 can help. Disability bias grammar chec…
Retweeted by Alistair DugginAs a developer, how knowledgeable are you in accessibility? Do you know ARIA-roles and how to keep SPAs accessible, for example?
Retweeted by Alistair DugginHere are some of my favorite books on #inclusive #design via Pinterest. Suggestions welcome! #inclusion
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Loneliness is deadlier than obesity, study suggests
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin''an exhibit, wheeled out to identify the colour of people’s jumpers in pubs'': Colour blindness in 21st century uk
Retweeted by Alistair DugginChallenges, opportunities, and the potential for low vision access, by @Matatk on the TPG blog
Retweeted by Alistair DugginThese 4 workshops look great - inclusive design, managing digital projects, the NVDA screenreader and ARIA't write for screen reader users - just write well via @LeonieWatson #a11y #content
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Last chance to sign up for @alastc's Future #Accessibility Webinar - tomorrow @ 3pm. Register today:…
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @dylanbarrell Sounds great - would love to find out more!Five golden rules for compliant alt text #a11y #webcontent
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @Skotkjerra Happy to send you a link to what I have come up with? @Skotkjerra People that are interested in using your tool shouldn't have to do this. It should just be published on your website. @Skotkjerra I've been reverse engineering this by running it against issues and have complied a spreadsheet with ones I have discovered. @Skotkjerra When you run your google extension the errors, warning and reviews are listed by WCAG success criteria.…
Before and After Demonstration: a multi-page resource that shows an inaccessible website and a retrofitted version wish accessibility tools told you exactly what tests they run & what issues they can find. Help ppl choose & know what to manually check
Identifying primary & secondary actions in your application will help you prioritize accessibility work ahead #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair DugginBlog from @MollyWattTalks gets to the heart of how #tech enables access to sound, to people and to things
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New @ChromeDevTools audits panel features @____lighthouse with #axeCore testing API from @dequesystems!
Retweeted by Alistair DugginTechnology drives inclusive innovation. BBC and @MicrosoftUK collaborate on voice controlled iPlayer #accessibility
Retweeted by Alistair DugginCommon Misconceptions on Blindness via @hollytuke
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWhat an amazing response to the London Accessibility Meetup - 120 spaces filled within 24 hours & more than 20 waiting list! @dugboticus
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @stewartelee @LeonieWatson We're planning on running them monthly. I'll be encouraging people that can't make it to…"Morgan's Wonderland has received over a million visitors from 67 countries and from all 50 American states" @Airbnbdesign toolkit will help you create products and services that are inclusive and useful for most people.
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Just published a post on Accessibility for Teams. Everyone has a role to play!
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWe released July 28 draft of #WCAG 2.1. A summary of New Success Criteria is here, and instructions to comment.
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @cmuncharaz yes, there will be a palantypist with live captions on screen. This is being provided by… one’s convenience, at one’s independence: Bookoo by @a11yltd:
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @MollyWattTalks Would you be interested in speaking at a future event? @MollyWattTalks You can join the group and add yourself to the waiting list here: @MollyWattTalks There is a short waiting list which you can add yourself to. I'm sure lots of spaces will become av… Australians are online but our digital divide has deepened, new RMIT research finds
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A great day! Brilliant first run of @LeonieWatson's 'accessibility for developers workshop' and all 120 tickets gone for London a11y MeetupWe’re very proud to announce an essential new book coming this fall! @laurakalbag’s Accessibility for Everyone.…
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @JamieKnight Looking forward to it! Would you be up for speaking at one? Planning on doing them monthlyThat's exciting! 106 tickets gone in a day. Great to see such an interest in accessibility. out of 100 tickets already gone. Be quick if you want to find out how @FT and BBC News approach web accessibility forwards to today's trial run of our 1/2 day accessibility workshop for developers with the awesome @LeonieWatsonTools for Developing Accessible Websites @ireaderinokun @Mrdini Tickets for the London Accessibility Meetup (11th September) available here and going fast resources for line managers from BDF @DisabilitySmart
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWondering about people newish to accessibility #a11y (less than 1yr): what has been the toughest thing to learn as you're getting started?
Retweeted by Alistair DugginIt's only when organisations try user testing they realise what they thought was fully accessible really isn't. Gr…
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@FT @lc512k @Sareh88 @ThinkRiseLDN RSVP and find out how @FT and BBC News are approaching accessibility with talks from @lc512k and @Sareh88 at… next London Accessibility Meetup will be on 11 September. Venue and speakers are booked. Tickets available when final details confirmed.How to make your interface accessible to the large group of users with screen magnifiers 🔎
Retweeted by Alistair DugginLove - what future of care homes should look like... - they should also all have free wifi. So many are unconnected.
Retweeted by Alistair DugginThe @WebAIM July 2017 Newsletter #web #accessibility #news
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