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Head of Accessibility @gdsteam. Front-end developer. Accessibility and usability advocate. Long distance triathlete.

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My @BristolJS slides - "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" #JavaScript #ARIA - Thanks it was fun!
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @suthen @MollyWattTalks getting a 404 not foundQA accessibility testing with VoiceOver on iOS by @saleem4rahman #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair DugginInclusivity is a set of constraints that guide us to design robust user interfaces. 👌
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When we design for disability, we all benefit
Retweeted by Alistair DugginGreat 40 min video! Pragmatic accessibility advice for product managers, UX designers and devs by @rob_dodson year, every @Microsoft employee took training on Disability & Accessibility. We popped some of it online! Enjoy
Retweeted by Alistair DugginThks #html5 WG for accepting my recommendation to allow headings <h1>-<h6> inside <legend> elements. @stevefaulkner
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Maintaining website accessibility for people with disabilities an ‘ongoing challenge’ @DACcessibility @DByDNews
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Yes, hire a Content Designer > “Why your design team should hire a writer” by @saitojohn
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An overview of PDF inaccessibility
Retweeted by Alistair DugginDoes your organization have an Accessibility Information Page? Orgs that do here: Got additions? I'll add them #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair DugginThis was an awesome conference! Highly recommend watching these talks on game accessibility. Thanks for sharing the…
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin"Accessibility is a team effort. Every person has a role to play"
If you watch only one video on Accessibility this year let it be this. Then share it with your Product Owner.…
Retweeted by Alistair DugginSome thoughts on accessibility, the team & how we approach a11y at Slack. Happy #gaad!
Retweeted by Alistair DugginSlides & Report Template from #AccessU2017 "Creating Accessibility Reports Designers & Developers Will Love" #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWell done to past and present HMRC team mates, we won! 2017 Heroes of Accessibility - Knowbility
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@jbuller @etheya @nonswearyphil @ermlikeyeah nope - that's the one. You've got it.If you have 20mins to spare, I recommend you watch the documentary “Inclusive”, an introduction to inclusive design.
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @jbuller @etheya @nonswearyphil @ermlikeyeah @abbott567 did me a run of the "If it's not accessible it's not done"… @etheya I'm on a train back to London. I can post you some stickers if you send me your detailsToday is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Here's what we mean when we talk about accessibility:…
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @abbott567 Quite a few went. Have lots left which I can hand out on my future travels @abbott567 Thanks for coming. And thanks so much for the stickers! @rem_ram Great article - thanks for sharing! Are you able to share your final draft of the checklist?10 Simple Things Writers Can Do To Improve Web Accessibility is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Please follow #GAAD and #GAAD2017. A lot of great things are happening all over the world today
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin“Web accessibility is everyone’s job” - embedding #a11y in the culture of Seamless by @rem_ram #GAAD
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To #ARIA, the cause of, and solution to, all our #accessibility problems... on @WebAIM
Retweeted by Alistair DugginThe Veil of Ignorance, a great post by @mrmrs_ #a11y #accessibility #vision #blind #disability #ux #design
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @knowbility who won the 'Institutional Achievement'?Video of my latest accessibility talk "Designing the Web for Senior Citizens" @ #JAMstackSF's #GAAD event yesterday:
Retweeted by Alistair Duggincaptioned & audio described Apple videos on how people use their devices accessibility/software to live their lives.
Retweeted by Alistair DugginICYMI Slides by @ermlikeyeah from yesterday's intro session
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin[New post] 5 Ways You Can Participate in Global Accessibility Awareness Day #a11y #gaad @gbla11yday
Retweeted by Alistair DugginGreat piece from @katiedupere on Apple's accessibility efforts, for @gbla11yday #a11y #gaad
Retweeted by Alistair DugginNice primer for those unfamiliar with ARIA & what’s available: “Quick guide to the ARIA specifications” #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair DugginReading @Github issues just got easier with a screen reader, now each comment has a heading! Example: #win
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWhy not use the @a11ybytes video 'everyone is different' to start the conversation abt digital accessibility: #gaad
Retweeted by Alistair DugginApple has a bunch of new #a11y videos which highlight different ways in which people use their hardware & software:
Retweeted by Alistair DugginThese short @w3c_wai videos show the impact & benefits of web accessibility for everyone #a11y #GAAD
Retweeted by Alistair DugginFantastic stuff: "Accessibly labelling interactive elements”: #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair DugginBBC #GAAD will be online in the UK
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Slides: London Web Standards; Making SVG accessible from the talk by @LeonieWatson last night at @webstandards meet
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Good read: Designing Voice Experiences
Retweeted by Alistair DugginEveryone is Different! This great YouTube explains diversity of users: HT @dboudreau #a11y #hci
Retweeted by Alistair DugginRT @nancykawaja: Designing for disability! Thanks 4 sharing @eyeonaxs #a11y #inclusion #UDL #designthinking #edchat
Retweeted by Alistair DugginSVG accessibility and SUX some user experience tonight at #lwsA11y presented @LeonieWatson and @thebillygregory Yay!
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWe're bringing together different communities on 29th June to talk about how we can make things better together. Jo…
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Design patterns are still a thing many places don't have or understand why they should have them. I try to explain.
Retweeted by Alistair DugginThe Screen Curtain Bookmarklet allows the sighted to simulate blindness for screen reader testing on the web.
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Building Accessibility Into IT Procurement
Retweeted by Alistair DugginFree web accessibility workshop in #Wellington for devs - private sector welcome @jkiss shows how to do #a11y 4 govt
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🎬 The Live, Online AccessU Summit is Next Week 🔥 Save 20% with code E4HNEWS! -
Retweeted by Alistair DugginDigital exclusion is changing - it's not about your nan
Retweeted by Alistair DugginTIL: Microsoft has an *incredible* corpus on inclusive design + accessibility.... by…
Retweeted by Alistair DugginSmart #Homes Are Game Changer for People With #Disabilities #inclusivetech #a11y #accessibility #ux
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📢IBM Accessibility Checklist Version 7.0 👏
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Two questions to ask until you're bored of your own voice: 1) "What's your riskiest assumption?" 2) "And so how are you testing it?"
Retweeted by Alistair DugginLive in London? Wanna see the #SUX talk I won't shut up about? Come hang with me and @LeonieWatson next week!
Retweeted by Alistair DugginQuestion: what companies, organisations, government bodies, educational entities etc use the #BBC #Mobile #Accessibility Guidelines? pls RT
Retweeted by Alistair DugginThis slidedeck by @dugboticus on "#Accessibility for Content Designers" is outstanding:
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWe worked with @HSBC_UK on developing the 1,500 talking cash machines it has now introduced across the UK:
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin📝 More interesting accessibility links. A list of interesting #a11y things around the web I enjoyed this year.
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True for cognition, as it is for physical abilities: Change the design of the environment, not the person.
Retweeted by Alistair DugginFirst open water swim of the year in Hyde Park - gonna be cold!
I spent the last 3 weeks preparing for a talk about #a11y and collected resources. Maybe it's useful for someone. 😉
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWeb Accessibility Tutorials Updated
Retweeted by Alistair DugginHere's @marcysutton presentation from this week on Automating Accessibility Testing & CI #a11y #webdev #a11ychi
Retweeted by Alistair DugginSome context provided by @LeonieWatson What does accessibility supported mean?
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWhen technology and education come together, possibility becomes reality. #MicrosoftEDU
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Hey! I made a video on color contrast and some great tools to help with it. Give it a look 😁
Retweeted by Alistair DugginDesigning for disability: the businesses breaking down barriers
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @adambsilver @USA2DAY this may also be of use @adambsilver @USA2DAY is part of me getting dressed, without my #toolkit I'd be very lost! Pls find 3 minutes to watch RT
Retweeted by Alistair DugginIf anyone's interested in parliamentary data model stuff @silveroliver will be talking about fag packets next Tues
Retweeted by Alistair DugginFascinating documentary about stress - and the benefits of nutrition, exercise and mindfulness