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Head of Accessibility @gdsteam. Front-end developer. Accessibility and usability advocate. Long distance triathlete.

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Many thanks to @PennyMordauntMP for working to support the new #DisabilityConfident Passport & Toolkit…
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWhen could we see WCAG 2.1 as a recommendation? As soon as June 2018. See the proposed timeline at #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair DugginDon’t miss EU veteran Ima Placencia presenting on current and future European legislation on #accessibility in 7 days #Funka2017
Retweeted by Alistair DugginSimplifying Content for People with Cognitive Disabilities via @IBMAccess #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair DugginGDS is looking for: Senior Accessibility Specialist #job
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @MarcoInEnglish @davidbolter thank you!My big news: I’m moving to Sweden 🇸🇪 Your big news: you apply for Head of Front-end Development at @gdsteam?
Retweeted by Alistair DugginLaunching a user research panel for GOV.UK by @katieminatie
Retweeted by Alistair DugginThe Digital Capital of Europe - my blog on Tech Nation #digital #technation #digitalinclusion
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin#AccessibilityWins - GOV.UK Focus Styles by @MarcySutton #a11y #KeyboardOnly
Retweeted by Alistair DugginLiterally, I’m excited about every single register GDS’ Data team creates – but UK gov’t orgs is especially useful:
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin"Our vision is that by creating services better aligned to real-life needs and issues, everyone’s experience of age… @karlgroves we'd love to have you talk at @gdsteam if you are in London
Slides: CSUN17 – What Comes After WCAG 2.1?
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin"How to Design and Develop in an Inclusive Way" by @MollyWattTalks "What we CAN do rather than what we can't do" 👍
Retweeted by Alistair DugginHow Designing For Disabled People Is Giving Google An Edge
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @MarcoInEnglish we've blogged about the issue here: @MarcoInEnglish we've raised a bug about inputs being invisible when changing colour settings. Can it be fixed? users change colours on websites, methods used, issues found and what ppl creating websites need to think about your service - a new approach to patterns #govdesign #servicedesign
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWant to learn more about neurodiversity in the public sector? Why not join our mailing list?
Retweeted by Alistair DugginGood advice on hiring for greater diversity
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Inclusive design points the way... #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWhy these new signs are appearing on disabled toilets
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I’ve written for the @gdsteam design notes blog, “Doing the hard work to make things open”: #govdesign #opensource
Retweeted by Alistair DugginThis #a11y style guide is great!
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWORLD Health Organisation release global priority research agenda for improving access to high-quality affordable A…
Retweeted by Alistair DugginLast day to register for #Funka2017 is TODAY! You will come, won’t you?
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin#DigitalInclusion & the #DigitalDivide in Australia: read our White Paper on this crucial social inclusion issue…
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin"The number of errors found has increased 60% over the last 5 years – from an average of 25 errors in 2011 to 40 er… report on self-assessments of New Zealand gov agency websites against Accessibility & Usability Standards this far and wide: No automated accessibility testing tool can return a valid or accurate judgment of whether your website is accessible.
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New blog post: Users aren't fraudulent
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin7 solutions for creating more accessible SVGs #svg #a11y #webdev
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin3 Principles of inclusive design: -Recognize exclusion -Learn from diversity -Solve for one. Extend to many…
Retweeted by Alistair DugginThe new @GOVUK taxonomy is officially in beta! #govcontent
Retweeted by Alistair DugginSlides from last night's talk "YES! your site can (and should) be accessible" at #LWSA11y17 Thank you @webstandards!
Retweeted by Alistair DugginA friendly overview of the potential new Graphics Contrast criteria for WCAG 2.1, and request for examples:
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@pollyrt Thank you! Fixed
#AXSchat video - Aurélien Levy @goetsu CEO of @temesis. French company working on digital #accessibility & quality.
Retweeted by Alistair DugginJust released ~ Using aXe for automated accessibility testing 🔍
Retweeted by Alistair DugginLearn about web accessibility with me and @rob_dodson! Choose your flavour: course or docs 🤓
Retweeted by Alistair DugginMy slides from my accessibility talk at @gdsteam yesterday are now posted. cc @dugboticus
Retweeted by Alistair DugginProfessional Web #A11y Auditing Made Easy – a new online course developed by Ryerson University @ChangSchool
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Failing in the USA...failing in the #UK...Why? #a11y needs a better #business value prop than compliance #etail #web
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5 Tips to Improve Mobile Accessibility
Retweeted by Alistair DugginAccessibility Business Case: Spending your money intelligently
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An in-depth look into toggle buttons. The first post of my new blog:
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin"When we make things easier for the diverse, we also tend to to make things easier for everyone else." @JamieKnightRead this if you care about usability! It is excellent in so many ways. Thank you, @JamieKnight. #a11y
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin📢 I have started a new thing! It's a blog called Inclusive Components. Follow @inclusicomps. First post/component coming soon...
Retweeted by Alistair DugginBrilliant video explains the social model of disability - people are disabled by the environment not by impairment're delighted to have Paul Smyth @pa79smyth @PennyMordauntMP and @MollyWattTalks speaking at ATEC London 6th June…
Retweeted by Alistair DugginDisability passports - how it works in the Civil Service
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin'The problem is never the impairment, the problems are the barriers that many don't want to face' - @Evenbreak #ATEHack
Retweeted by Alistair DugginI've just posted an article about developing an autistic identity and what i have learnt along the way. (pls RT!)
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin"Accessibility isn’t crazy voodoo magic... you can easily pick up the skills necessary to make your content accessi… @cjforms so sorry to hear this. Sending you hugs and positive thoughts and wishing you a very speedy recovery!
'Accessibility must be part of the design process, not a box ticking exercise' - @ianhamilton_ talking to GDS about…
Retweeted by Alistair DugginEveryone must read this excellent article on accessibility APIs by @LeonieWatson and @chaals
Retweeted by Alistair DugginZoomText - Getting Started with ZoomText: via @AXSChat #A11Y #Accessibility
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin"Good forms create good experiences"
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Accessibility tree? Find out more: 1 2 3 4
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin'This is for everyone' - @louiseamymiller on how focusing on accessibility makes things better for all users…
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @jsutt @webaim I work hard to inspire people to care more about accessibility - a different kind of inspiration to what you mentionA different way to look at WCAG - step-by-step approach to include WCAG success criteria in the development process"Nothing motivates people to make things accessible as well as inspiration." @webaim for Motivating Accessibility Change: the things that best motivate ppl to implement accessibility @webaim is the most powerful statement anyone has ever shared with me during testing. Do you agree? This is why our w…
Retweeted by Alistair DugginOne of the many reasons to publish content as HTML rather than PDF is the ability to translate content in another l… helping people with nonverbal difficulties to communicate #a11y #hero
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin @adambsilver sorry - hadn't seen it. Will forward it to Leonie and publish the comment with a response.Listening to @Klepas talk about the development of the @DTA UI-Kit at Front End Canberra - live at…
Retweeted by Alistair Duggin7 web accessibility myths
Nick Beese: Working with sign language/English interpreters
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWCAG 2.1 – What challenges face #accessibility auditors?
Retweeted by Alistair DugginWorld Wide Web (not Wealthy Western Web), that @brucel on why the web is for all of us...
Retweeted by Alistair DugginDisability statistics - key demographic characteristics of ppl with disabilities in the EU HT @NeilMilliken