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There are 19 key combinations available when starting up your Mac. Here are all of them… curious #iPhone7Plus concept videos by @Jermainesmit I said, push alerts now live in iDB app. Don't worry, we cherry-pick what gets pushed b/c we don't wanna spam you’s our quick video overview of the new features in official @iDownloadBlog app app now supports VoiceOver and saving articles for offline reading! proudly present you an updated @iDownloadBlog app with Push Notifications for new stories, IAP to remove ads&more in the world gets the new half-price Spotify Family Plan, with the odd exception of Canada 3 is out with tons of improvements, brings best iOS features to the Mac @airmailer
Another feature that doesn't work in Low Power Mode: setting a Live wallpaper on iPhone 6s/Plus
But as to why my Home screen is set up the way it is needs a little more explaining. Here…’s on my Home screen? Here…
Scary vision of hyper-real, ad-infested future half of India’s 1.25 billion people population is about 25 years oldTim Cook: “We are in India for the next thousand years. Our horizon is very long.” @rjonesy @marcoarment What’s the name of that app?iPhone 7 may initially include LG, not Sony-made dual-lens camera Iron Man Arm has arrived!’d rather smartify my dumb TV with an Apple TV than buy so-called smart TV, thank you very muchHailing a self-driving Uber may not be a pipe dream after all
Major @InfuseApp update: Library view, trakt ratings sync, Spotlight search & more 3 for Mac is here! worries of fashionistas’s minimal, ad-free tool lets you quickly measure your download speed @PDFExpert5 update from @Readdle lets you sketch with #ApplePencil, transfer files Game of Thrones theme song using Chinese instruments in GarageBand @tim_cook pic is gold to @theunlockr, my iPhone is awesome! Article soon via @iDownloadBlog.
Retweeted by Christian ZibregGreat feature on our new BookBook for iPad Pro from @iDownloadBlog!
Retweeted by Christian Zibreg
Android innovation has been stalling for two years now. Google I/O 2016 was a pretty bad showing for AndroidBookBook case for 12.9” #iPadPro launches:has built-in #ApplePencil holder&more @twelvesouth’s Google’s I/O 2016 keynote in 360-degree live video (Safari not supported) “Hey Siri” wakeup command is supported on the Mac, too, and can be disabled in System PreferencesColorful Siri for Mac icon spotted in the Dock of OS X 10.12 ahead of next month’s WWDC! Apple Music songs in your iTunes library that are no longer available for streaming by @MartinMagni, a remarkably well-executed puzzler, is this year’s Monument Valley free Mac extension nests “New Terminal Here” shortcut into the Finder’s contextual menu peek at Tim Cook’s packed schedule for India like this image of Tim Cook in India
Do yourself a favor, remember this Safari productivity shortcut for quickly getting back to your last search results“OK Hound, what’s this song?” to kiss Google good-bye? Here’s a step-by-step guide on deleting your Google Account, responsibly’s a quick video walkthrough of the minor changes in iTunes 12.4 piece by @SebastienPage on Apple’s renewed love for China’s how you can watch regular Youtube videos in immersive VR mode on iPhone’s crazy cameras capture works of art with gigapixel clarity
Pro tip: cut down on Safari background activity and reduce cellular data consumption by disabling Safari Suggestions to take scripted 3D tours of world's major metropolises on Apple Maps Cook is in China today. Tomorrow, he’ll be in India Jobs was damn right about Flash, and he was right about it six years ago! your App Store to load properly with these handy troubleshooting tips less than 48 hours until #GoogleIO, download the official iPhone app from Google bad the music sux when do way too fake iPhone 7 images deserve to be reported on? We need more editorial, Apple needs no apps on the App Store that could detect weaknesses in the iOS platform"Alexa, where's my stuff?" Cook hails a Didi during China trip
Here are some top scanner apps for your iPhone and iPad
@marekmoi You’re welcome, Marek :DShowing what you mean and getting your point across, artfully, with #PointOut by @demarca_pl @simplebots Thanks, emailed you!
Here's our video review of Google's first-ever iPhone keyboard @MR_COLDHARBOUR @simplebots Well, it’s an alarm clock and not a calendar app per se, but I know what you mean—it’s awesomeGoogle delays ripping off Apple’s 3D Touch feature wholesale for its inferior Android software“iPhone generates more cash flows than the rest of Apple's product line put together times two”, how more pieces of glass can Apple successfully bring to market, do you think? @RudyChidiac This and next year will be pivotal moments for Apple! @RudyChidiac Hehe. That, too!Fun fact: we’re just four months away from #iPhone 7iOS 9 adoption slowing, sits at 84 percent like three weeks ago becoming a lot more developer-friendly as App Store review times shortened to 2 days for iPhone updated with broadcast search and native DJI drone support @DenZhadanov @sunrise Fixed :D @DenZhadanov Dang, forgot about it. Updating now…As Microsoft preps to sunset @sunrise, here are a few viable alternatives worth checking out @MacPaw No problem :DA bunch of fine apps by @macpaw are currently half price, but for a week only @MR_COLDHARBOUR Yup, that was the ultimate marketeer doing some of the best work everVideo: iPhone 7 CAD renders @MR_COLDHARBOUR Steve Jobs nailed it back then, didn’t he?Designing the new Instagram icon must have been fun @MR_COLDHARBOUR Yeah, and for those sites, Chrome with its built-in Flash Player is more than adequateIt’s foolish to say Apple’s $30% higher R&D spending vs 2015 has anything to do with cars. R&D spending on cars is measured in tons of $BsGetting sick and tired of Adobe Flash security advisories? Here’s how to remove Flash from your Mac once and for all, please no.., a bunch of additional Taylor Swift ads promoting Apple Music will be rolling out’s Glide Typing in Google’s just-released Gboard keyboard for iPhone’s iPhone keyboard is live: built-in Google Search, Glide Typing, GIFs, Emoji and more's how the new Instagram icon came to be (and why it has polarized the Internet), the new monochromatic Instagram look has also been applied to the web interface
Twitter for iOS tip: long-tap the Me tab to quickly switch accounts we’re calling it-iPhone 8. Boom, done! #iPhone8 use Apple’s patent that lets you hear/see through display to make it all work #iPhone8’d also put the earpiece and the ambient light/proximity sensor behind the display. #iPhone8Then, you’d get rid of the Home button and simulate presses with 3D Touch #iPhone8, you’d use LG’s tech which embeds a fingerprint reader into the display #iPhone8r Apple might realize an edge-to-edge iPhone? Let’s see… #iPhone82017 iPhone has edge-to-edge display with integrated Touch ID, camera & more, says @gruber, there won’t be ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ after all. Just a single iPhone 7 Plus model with dual lens and 3GB RAM @NickPomes Sure :D Credited, BTW!Zooming without pinching on Apple Maps…