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Here’s how you can send large file attachments up to 5GB in size with Mail Drop in iCloud Mail’s CloudKit now supports server-to-server web service requests shot with iPhone 6 use this time-saving shortcut to quickly set some Mac display options 53: Apple warns iOS 9 bricks iPhone 6 in case of unauthorized Touch ID repairs @ZacCoffman done, thanksThis should help free up a LOT of space on your Mac: how to move iTunes library to an external drive
Productivity tip: organize your Safari bookmarks by filing them into custom themed folders @matthewmspace @flargh @backblaze This in addition to your iMore gig?Somebody fire Eddy Cue! services not working? You’re not alone… deal GIFs are coming to Twitter @_conath It brings Retina-like sharpness to a non-Retina display, though your effective resolution is much lower @ZacCoffman A link would be much appreciated
Here’s how you can measure frame rates in Mac apps/games and the OS X user interface you find OS X's frosted glass appearance overbearing? Go back to the opaque look! Strike ad with Arnie is cool @Objective_Neo You can only AirPlay from iOS/OS X devices to TV via Apple TVQuestion: does anyone know of an iOS app that would let me mirror everything on iPhone display to an iPad?Back to School details (Australia) to School details (New Zealand)’s Back to School promo launches in New Zealand and Australia with free Beats Solo2 headphones’s Day Bundle: @pebble offers 14% off a Pebble Time Round with an accessory, 8% off two Pebble Time Rounds @thomasgrau Definitely Airmail, it does everything
@Iamsoldiergh Gurman said no to new Apple Watch HW in March @Iamsoldiergh Been predicting an Apple-branded HD TV set for 5+ years before publicly admitting he was wrong think Gene Munster should be barred from making any sort of predictions pertaining to technologyHere comes Gene “iTV” Munster with Apple Watch S prediction @SparkMailApp but @airmailer is my new fav email app for iPhone and Mac. And whoever delivers iPad UI first has my utmost respect.This beautiful app, an astronomical clock for iPhone, might cure your #AppleWatch envy on @iDownloadBlog: app that turns regular photos like my summer image into snowy scenes you know you can cherry-pick quick contacts for Phone app’s #3DTouch shortcut menu? @matthewmspace Which notification?For those wondering, BookBook for iPad Pro will be shipping this Spring. You can register your interest here for iPad Pro has a built-in sketching angle and an integrated pocket to protect and store #ApplePencil maker @twelvesouth updates BookBooks for #iPadAir2 and #iPadmini4, previews BookBook for #iPadPro @iFixit launches The Repair Association, an effort to move the repair industry forward select quick contacts to appear in the iPhone’s Phone app 3D Touch menu Wow, is this 2007 or what? @sfiegerman Busted :)Reminder: Danny Boyle’s ‘Steve Jobs’ is now available on iTunes old news, aren’t we? Google reported revenues of $21.3 billion. Apple reported PROFITS of $18.4 billionHaha :D to Apple’s iCloud status page, yesterday’s problems with Apple Music search were non existent change in tech? Wow, dude, you must be short on headline ideas today. Tuesday, everyone! New iOS/OS X betas today?Three different suppliers have sent dual-lens #iPhone7 camera samples to Apple for testing‘iPhone 5se’ is quite a mouthful #justsaying“You are free to spend on side projects so long as your main business is not showing signs of weakness.”'s Creed — Identity is launching on iOS worldwide on February 25 @RobJDavey It’s in Google Cache so assumedly has been available for some time nowBREAKING: Apple said to unveil new 4-inch iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 and new Apple Watch bands at an event on March 15
@osxusr Thanks, posted can now pre-order Danny Boyle’s ‘Steve Jobs’ flick ahead of tomorrow’s digital release on iTunes @osxusr Wasn’t it available for pre-order before?To lazy editors who think Google passing Apple in market cap “for the first time ever” is new: In 2010, Google was worth more than AppleSpeaking of Google, here is desktop Chrome with more Material Design need to worry: Apple will reclaim its market cap lead when the market opens tomorrow morning, so you can stop that linkbait right nowThe true cost of those Google moonshots is staggeringAnd of course it involves cost cutting are Google’s ‘Other Bets’ If I were an Alphabet shareholder, I’d be asking some serious questions, a software co, outperforming Apple, a hardware co, in market cap is the clearest indication yet of how last Wall Street isNew in Google’s iOS app: “I’m Feeling Curious” via #3DTouch’s earnings release is right here NHL app with HD live video, picture-in-picture support and more hits iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV shouldn’t take pride in the fact that #iPadPro is outselling #Surface, which isn’t exactly a benchmark for successful tablet salesHardly a surprise given Android’s poor track record in security optimizes News Feed to help get rid of spammy posts’s how easy it is to hide all device icons that are cluttering your Mac’s desktop 5se? Why not ‘ePhone 5s’ ?It would seem that #GalaxyS7 might have curved glass back is what Samsung #GalaxyS7 and $GalaxyS7edge should look like officials confirms #GalaxyS7 unveiling on February 21 Expert for Mac introduces Day/Night/Sepia mode in View menu, now saves read-only PDFs’s new iOS update changes ”favorites" to "likes”, now requires iOS 9.2 or later testing ZIP chat export feature, Facebook to gain 'post via WhatsApp' button “A very specific version” of Airmail for iPad is currently under private betaMac email client Airmail hits iPhone with snooze, 3D Touch, interactive notifications & more
Lots of wonderful tips on removing the cruft and saving space on iPhone and iPad #howto AdWords iPhone app is here
@MR_COLDHARBOUR yaThis app lets you type out notes and memos with a keypad on your Apple Watch bit not mentioned in article: Samsung is a client of Strategy Analytics game Piloteer selected as Apple's #FreeAppOfTheWeek on @AppStore adapters have a 3-letter regional code in the slot (EUR, KOR, AUS, ARG or BRA).Here’s what an affected wall adapter looks like’s website has more on exchanging your affected AC wall adapters Apple announces a recall of AC wall plug adapters in some countries to set an image in Photos for Mac as your desktop wallpaper
“Apple’s biggest problem is its own success”, they wrote a piece of software to control DMX lighting via a web page!It took @panic 15 years to get a sign on its building, but the long wait was worth it 9 adoption rate now stands at 76 percent of devices 9 months ago: Apple’s LinX acquisition could pave way for 3D depth mapping on #iPhone7 on storage? Turn off HDR photo duplicates to save space @engadget @Mr_Trout Fuck you for spamming my feed with explicit image. Are you out of your mind or what?!?!?! #NSFW @flargh Apple fixed, issue resolved
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