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Indeed… screen comparison: iPhone 8 Plus (left) vs Pixel XL (right) difference: iPhone 8 vs iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus get your#iPhone8 before Apple ceases production altogether get the sticky MacBook keyboard syndrome. But why is no one talking about the keyboard paint loss?'s an early look at the hike out to Beartooth Point, when we first blocked it into Firewatch for a January 2015…
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@iampatricktan_ @notWylsacom @iDownloadBlog Indeed @iGOjha @iDownloadBlog It worked?Yes, #iOS11.1 beta 3 has also fixed #3DTouch lag in #ControlCenter. Here it is running smoothly on my #iPhone6s #3DTouch lag is no more in #iOS11.1 beta 3
Also, Apple Pay coming to India. “We’re working on it, but no date to announce at this point,” he said.
@davemark At present, US English only. She also can’t translate from support languages into English @TheAuto_Ally Video? @Aniketman Yeah, the comment was on point in that context
And here’s Tim Cook’s iPhone X completely falling out of his pocket and onto the couch Cook's iPhone X peeks out of his pocket Jobs at the January 2017 iPhone introduction: “If you see a stylus, they blew it”
Fun fact: Apple released 15 distinct models before #iPhones8 and #iPhoneX
@muskingo Here you go’s #3DTouch app switcher on #iOS11.1 beta 2 in action Touch app switcher is back with iOS 11.1 beta 2! planned obsolesce? My iPhone 6s is still performant despite it being a two-year-old device. And my iPhone 5c r… of the biggest Android authorities explains why Apple’s chips are way faster than Qualcomm’s rips off iOS 11’s Do Not Disturb While Driving mode Rim: Uprising trailer looks promising. Love the soundtrack!
@BlakeMichelleM Having read your thoughts on iPhone 7 headphone jack situation from last year 😹I’m dying for a survey on who exactly needs to listen to music via wired headphones while charging their phones. U ever done it? @BlakeMichelleM Can’t wait for your Forbes piece slamming new headphone jack-less Google Pixels @FutureBoy Dude, where’s your rant about Pixels having no headphone jack? Courage, much? @Caleb_Denison Having read your bitching about iPhone 7 lacking headphone jack, anxiously awaiting your rant on new Google Pixels @reckless Dude, get over it, the headphone jack in phones is dying. No one is asking for articles like this… Stay classy. @iDownloadBlog The fastest fix from Apple ever!That has got to be the fastest fix from Apple if I ever saw one., where is today’s doom’n’gloom article about yet another #iPhone8Plus cracking open due to “possible battery failure”So I guess Android camp won’t be ripping off iPhone X’s depth-sensing TrueDepth camera anytime soon. if you’re thinking about fast-charging your devices with USB-C know, right? Especially those who bitched to high heaven about Apple doing this, because journalistic integrity...“Apple is so expensive.” #MadeByGoogle
Retweeted by Christian ZibregBack when Ive still had hair and was Jon, not Jony! @JonyIveParody @davemark I agree the flaws are real but his presentation is much flawed. Basically an opinion hit piece disguised as facts @davemark This is rich coming from a website that looks like a Geocities template...At first I hated the iPhone X horns, but then they grew on me. 🤘@reneritchie
Retweeted by Christian Zibreg @davemark I like yours better!The amount of worthless articles in the Apple blogosphere is beyond my comfort level…“Renderings”? “Imagining”? Hahaha, WTF, they just stretched an #iPhoneX image! I wanna be a conceptual artist like…
Spreading FUD… Wake me up when this becomes a widespread problem. tip: If you find new Dropbox redesign disguisting, use it with standard Apple interface within the Files app…
Retweeted by Christian ZibregImagine if Apple bought Samsung and shut it downPro tip: If you find new Dropbox redesign disguisting, use it with standard Apple interface within the Files app… @AppleTechPro101 @iDownloadBlog Take my benjamins! @Rov3rRepo macOS and tvOS, too @CorbLite Works just the same, apps need to use new APIs to prevent images from being inverted. Twitter now support… @Cre8tivat @iDownloadBlog @Twitterrific @tweetbot When have they pulled watch support?Any reason why iOS 11 App Store no longer shows app update size? Thanks.The safest way to share YouTube clips with guaranteed Messages playback (inline): Share menu or pasting a video URL fact, send a video to someone with the iMessage app and this is what see if they don’t have YouTube installed blogggers saying YouTube’s new iMessage app “finally” lets you watch clips inline. Messages been doing that out of the box since iOS 10
Because we need a notch on every side?
@iDownloadBlog Best tidbit: Samsung employees refer to Apple with codes, like “LO”, short for “Lovely Opponent”Apparently Samsung employees refer to Apple with codes, like “LO”, short for “Lovely Opponent”
iPhone 8 is slower in launching apps than Note 8, NOT! Hint: slow app-opening animations on iOS
Pro tip: switch to the awesome @Twitterrific client which comes with rich watch support on your headphones and play the video to hear it in action iOS 11’s new App Store, App of the Week becomes App of the Day
Short answer, yes it is because glass breaks all too easily!’s up with asking about battery life in iOS 11.0.1? I’ll know by this time tomorrow, not after 20 minutes of testing #ios11In less than a week, iOS users get another update. Meanwhile, 80+ percent of Android folks still on versions 2+ yea…’s support doc specifying the security content of iOS 11.0.1 is certainly revealing, your battery drains faster after upgrading to #iOS11. Pro tip: It’ll stabilize after a few days b/c indexing, Photos recognition etc.Sold by Amazon itself, not just some third-party seller, so there’s that me answer that for you right away: TrueDepth camera @marekmoi Looks nice. App Store URL?Honestly, If you can’t adapt to changes in hardware button functions, you don’t deserve #iPhoneX (Apple fans, they… @NateSwanner @iDownloadBlog There won’t be any issues on those Apple TVs because iCloud Photo Library serves them 1080p version of 4K clipsApple started using HEVC (H.265) three years ago with iPhone 6 FaceTime cellular calling #justsaying @macmixing @julipuli Reality distortion? :DCan’t innovate my ass! @julipuli I think the blogging industry should just ignore those stupid drop tests. Same for DxO and other camera rankings. @julipuli Predictably though, the headline is linkbait-y (“shatters repeatedly”)