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Good Grief. Don't follow me. I'm lost too. On the plus side I'm not using Twitter to peddle anything

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@HousewifeOfHell @DebbJay Ah yes... Romance...HD TV is now so clear that on reality TV shows you can actually see the disappointment of the parents...Ed Balls "Mansion Tax" is complete bollocks. The answer is to close the corporate tax gap which has widened to £35BN. @FraserNelson @driverminnie On weight of numbers flu kills more people globally in a month than Ebola will in a year. @twitchingphil Will only serve to underline what I've thought for 20 years. If Tim Spall looked like Orlando Bloom he'd have 4 Oscars by now @mswolly @ThePoke @Valen_of_Minbar Now there's a euphemism to end them all... @ThePoke @DebbJay Or, as we like to term them, "The Metropolitan Division"Just like to point out that Timothy Spall is a brilliant actor. Keep that in mind for a few weeks. TaMike Reads "song" is a perfect analogy for UKIP. Both are substanceless irrelevencies elevated by a shallow public hype into "phenomena"RIP John Holt It's one of those days....And the winner of the No Shit Sherlock Award for politics goes to... #FreudMustGo [Do remember he's just a cog in IDS' DWP hit squad]Always smiling. Always fun. Only she could have made gravy sexy. #RIPLyndaBellingham @springmeister Lovely, sweet, brave, fun. It would have been nice for her to have seen one more Christmas.
@tsetse97 Doer that make you a serial merderer? @DamjanaFinci Not the biggest Sinatra fan. Pal Joey is a film I understood very well however, and Novak as astonishingly good in it.RT: @DebbJay Girls. @DYRMusic @DamjanaFinci Kim Novak in Pal Joey sold as sex slaves in Mosul, Iraq…This is not on the news, no worldwide outrage, and not a protest in sight!
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe @tsetse97 @Trudski2012 Or perhaps sh** sticks... @DebbJay @MaSenn_ Here to serve @springmeister Fab! Been a couple of Sunday AMs recently to get some test shots for a ideo, but all I ever find are joggers and waterfowl. @tsetse97 @Trudski2012 Clearly the butt of so many jokes had to go.... @Boothacus You finally get it all together then forget where you put it @springmeister Do they still sail boats on on the pond at Kensington? @Boothacus OH! Well I never! Was there ever. A Cat so clever. As Magical Mr.Mistoffelees! @MaSenn_ @DebbJay Te only reason I'm a matchmaker and not a pimp is that I don't get paid. @Boothacus Shouldn't it be where it's always been?
@Boothacus x @GNU_Ninja @DebbJay Just click follow and she'll approve you.#thingsmoreusefulthansunderlandsdefence Southampton's attack...? @DamjanaFinci The problem with Grace of Monaco as not so much the subject matter as it was the delivery. Expensive, made for TV tosh. @driverminnie @denisepatterson @scaryduck @DamjanaFinci He's clearly wearing his curtains. Perhaps he'll shortly burst into song? @jonnot @DebbJay Not... necessarily.... #coprophilia #coprophagia @HiroOdan taking and holding of power. That has nothing to do with good Governance or the good of the people they are elected to serve. @HiroOdan The Party system was originally about collective opposed ideologies. Now it's just about groups whose only imperative is the> @HiroOdan It's not "putting off" so much as unreasonable, aggressive, tribalism that is incapable of compromising for overall benefit @HiroOdan I find American politics & politicians horrifying. @HiroOdan Party affiliation would only be interested in making a functional government for the benefit of all. Only then can we rebuild. @HiroOdan We already have a coalition tearing itself up over Party politics which is self serving not public serving. Individuals with no > @HiroOdan Right now I would like to see each constituency elect an independent from the community & sweep away the failed Party system @HiroOdan A firm & decisive ejection of an institutionally corrupt & incompetent hierarchy.RT: @DebbJay I haven't had a new follower in like, a month at least. #HonestUnfollowApp <Follow @DebbJay please . She's feeling left out. @DebbJay A lot of that is down to having proteted account. @DamjanaFinci Jessie Royce Landis stole that film effortlessly. Best character in the movie. @DebbJay Je sais. Je vous taquinais. Jouer avec les mots. x#BritainNeedsAPayrise? Perhaps. But first Britain needs a revolution. Or, for preference, a bloodless coup. @DebbJay Hang on... Did you just suggest Alison Moyet was a mountain...? @DebbJay Best smile in pop. And she does this @DebbJay #ChangeALetterRuinAn80sBand Spandau Bullet @DebbJay She was so pretty for an alien... @DebbJay GARK! @DebbJay Many dishes served cold are..... @DebbJay #ChangeALetterRuinAn80sBand Kazoo @DebbJay #ChangeALetterRuinAn80sBand WHIM @DebbJay Note to composer of this card: If you were MY kids' teacher I'd have you sacked for not understanding what an apostrophe is....
@stevenson64 @tsetse97 Goodo. Consider it suggested. Very strongly. @stevenson64 @tsetse97 That way you don't make silly judgements about a point you didn't understand & I don't get hacked off at midnight @stevenson64 @tsetse97 May I suggest strongly that before you jump to a conclusion about my point you read the WHOLE conversation through? @stevenson64 @tsetse97 Besides. I'd suggest you read what I wrote again. I did NOT advocate not voting at all but electing Independents. @stevenson64 @tsetse97 NONONO. That just says I am illiterate & stupid. Give us NONE OF THE ABOVE & see 100% turn out. @stevenson64 @tsetse97 Someone unfit standing for election to perpetuate the holding of power by the unfit is the ultimate disrespect. @stevenson64 @tsetse97 I do not pick the least shit because I should vote. I should be CONVINCED by those standing that they DESERVE my vote @stevenson64 @tsetse97 With any due respect, under the current system those two premises are entirely mutually exclusive. @tonyhazzard @tsetse97 Can you imagine the complaints to OFCOM? Or Points of View? LOL NightRobert Duvall is one of those actors who elevates every production in which he is involved. @tsetse97 Again, I live in an ultra safe constituency filled by a seat warmer whose job is t show up & vote with Party. Does fuck all else. @tsetse97 There would have to be a process with clear grounds & an independent Parliamentary body to assess them @tsetse97 Also a means of electorate removing ineffective, or poorly performing MPS before elections to force by-elections @tsetse97 I think they'd have to re-stage the vote. I'd also like to see "none of the above" option on the ballot . @tsetse97 If we don't vote for them, they have to go away. @tsetse97 I again refer the Honourable Gentleman to the option of not voting for any of them & electing from our own instead. @adampedersen @TheeJude I recall a DJ named Mike Dicken purring gleefully when both hit 1 slot. @tsetse97 More concerned by system that allows things like Boris parachuted into safe seat to ensure his return to Parliament. #whatsthediff @tsetse97 Ironic that the unelected House has safeguarded our freedom & democracy. @tsetse97 especially recently when they thwarted some fascistic ills by BOTH main Parties. @tsetse97 CoE seats in Lords are minimal & part of our heritage. I'd point out that Lords have safeguarded UK from some dreadful legislation @adampedersen @TheeJude did the single from it @adampedersen @TheeJude I loved that all said Lynne & ELO would never have another hit so he produced Balance of Power that went to No1 as>