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A lib until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat, became a fiscal conservative. In the new media sharing info/opinions/on the radio & guest on Fox

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Are we now at a point when some Federal Judges are running the country and not the President? I would say yes we are.
Retweeted by EdThis nation is being overwhelmed by the media into thinking that here are more of them than there is of us It ain't that way yall
Retweeted by Ed @tetxnu84967 @EDinCali @ThisIsWhyTrump It's called knowing I'm a loser with no love life or motivation, and taking…
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali I love how a weather man can't predict the weather from one day to the next, but the temperature for 50 years from now they know.
Retweeted by EdIt's called-don't really think this way-getting paid so I don't want to be a recognize me #whytheywearmasks
Retweeted by Ed @ThisIsWhyTrump that's a GREAT idea for you-FREEZE funding to those cities until it gets approved then they won't g…
Retweeted by EdTypical lib idiot talking points-Tucker Grills Eric Swalwell on Iran Nuke Deal: You Were ‘Hoodwinked’ By Obama's How Wrong Past Environmental Predictions Have Been | Restoring Liberty is against CA law to wear masks/face coverings at public demonstrations/riots....Another example of libs selectively enforcing law #magaMike Lee Warns Trump About Taxpayer Funding of Soros Groups Overseas via @FredLucasWH @DailySignal @ohnostudio @EDinCali GREAT idea! Cruz is brilliant. He'll be our next SCOTUS appointment and he'll be great at that too! Thanks Ted.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Obama used to mock Republicans wanting "a moat with alligators" but we'd have one if Mexicans voted Republican.
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The democrats howls about illegal aliens would make your ears bleed if those illegals would be voting RepublicanToo Funny
Retweeted by EdIf true, insanely stupid. It's like they are determined to replicate every mistake the Democrats made with Obamacar…
Retweeted by EdJosh Earnest: Obama will speak out if Trump crosses any 'red lines' (cue stock footage of Earth exploding)...
Retweeted by EdThe Truth Hurts!
Retweeted by EdTed Cruz Calls for $14 Billion Seized from 'El Chapo' to Fund Border Wall
Retweeted by EdBack and relying on the "machines" to broadcast instead of television Cruz estimates one drug lord alone may be worth $14 billion in confiscated funds. That would be good start toward paying for wall.
Retweeted by EdWilliam Horsley Orrick, the judge who just blocked cutting off funds to sanctuary cities, was an Obama official in the Department of Justice
Retweeted by EdBaby Boomers Borrowed $100BN In Student Loans For Their Snowflakes; Now Defaults Are Soaring
Retweeted by Ed @MyOpinyn @EDinCali I do wonder how much she'll "pay" after pleading cultural ignorance though knowing it's illegal…
Retweeted by Ed7yr Old Vic in #US #GenitalMutilation Case Says..'Hurted a Lot'. This should PISS all of #America off to the core!
Retweeted by EdLawyer for Berkeley Republicans in Coulter Case Slams ACLU for Absence
Retweeted by EdFunny @MaxineWaters can get away w/ paying her daughter but when @POTUS daughter works for him FOR FREE it's a prob…
Retweeted by EdBill Nye Isn’t Really a Science Guy But He’ll Play One on TV to Push His Leftist Agenda
Retweeted by Ed @DineshDSouza @EDinCali If I scratch off the red dot, can I win a slurpy
Retweeted by EdNo! Forget it! Besides, we don't offer any gambling concessions
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So how did you afford three houses and a $170,000 sports car on a politician's salary?
Retweeted by EdAbsolutely !
Retweeted by EdRoger that AnnForce1👍✈️ #BerkeleyWeather #TeamCoulter #AdvanceTeams
Retweeted by EdWheels of Justice grind slowly when you are a law abiding, taxpaying US Citizen'Reilly will now have to depend upon the "machines" to communicate with the massesFree healthcare just means more $ taken from your paycheck, higher taxes for funding, less hours at work to save $, and huge wait lists.
Retweeted by Ed100% glad I voted for @realDonaldTrump 100% glad Hillary lost & 100% glad it drives liberals insane #MAGA 🇺🇸…
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And if Allah is big and if she's lucky, he will die of a heart attack on their wedding night
Retweeted by EdHow many brain surgeons does it take to find half a trillion dollars 💵 of Obama errors at HUD?
Retweeted by EdGorsuch provides fifth vote to let Arkansas execute Ledell Lee: via @slate
Retweeted by EdCounterpunch: The Main Issue in the French Presidential Election: National Sovereignty #france2017
Retweeted by EdOops! Then guy who was arrested wanting to acid bomb Press Club / Deploraball apparently violating terms of his pro…
Retweeted by EdHere's vile human being @WhoopiGoldberg at #marchforscience.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @Mags661 This is typical Dem #Playbook. Pathetic LOSERS. I stand with #Hannity
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali They smell blood with O'Reilly's leaving. More liberal usurpation of 1A rights
Retweeted by EdThat's what the mentally ill liberal sicko are saying. How pathetic!
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali This is BS. @seanhannity is the best. Just another leftist attack
Retweeted by EdBaby Jesus? Seriously? Sean Hannity Accused of Sexual Harassment by Anti-Trumper Debbie Schlussel presume there will be nothing there?
Retweeted by EdFANTASTIC! Latino Trump Supporter To Run Against Maxine Waters #MAGA #TrumpEffect... by…
Retweeted by Ed @PITA444 @EDinCali Why was she not arrested for assault. I saw her on Tucker & wanted to slap her her arrogant face!
Retweeted by EdFIRE HER! Yvette Felarca Member #BAMN / #Antifa Teaches @ #MartinLutherKingJrMiddleSchool In Berkeley 510 644-4544…
Retweeted by EdYes, just like the Bushes, Clintonistas, Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street aligned to oppose @realDonaldTrump.
Retweeted by Ed @inscamerated i don't give a flip about your proclivities, just don't want to pay for them or the fall out from them.@RCamposDuffy: "80% of all prison conversions in the United States are to Islam."
Retweeted by Ed @GaryBlackal @cirstenw @JulzMooreWorld @Rockprincess818 @Dems4Trump2016 Wait until the 1st common core rocket scien… @AngelWingsSC55 LOL, OK @AngelWingsSC55 ?At your suggestion, I added: ESPN, McClatchy, Federalist, Conserv Review, Wash Monthly, Twitchy, Gateway Pundit, Conserve Treehouse.. 1/2
Retweeted by EdChurch with Jesse Lee Peterson streaming LIVE now (11a.m.-12 Noon PT / 2-3 p.m. ET) watch here:...
Retweeted by EdIs there ANYTHING not corrupt about democrat superstars bill and hillary clinton? really is ridiculous a wedge for politicians to exploit @BigGeorgeSATX So simple, even a caveman could say itReally? We have such monumental life and death challenges and your BIG concern is marijuana? I am not a lawyer, but had that role in a high school me 1st glimpse of a Coptic priest in Egypt years ago and he had a bodyguard escort good start, or is it just switching leadership by govt mob accountants having to live under the same laws we have to live under of why Europes main crops changed from above ground to below ground due to mini ice age & why plague wa… Terrorist Who Beat Trump Supporter In Head With Bike Lock Identified As Local Professor…
Retweeted by EdExactly, there are all sorts of ways for others to pay for wall...Entry fee/Surcharge on all money wired out of US/… you are an American and willingly travel to N Korea, you are stupid Dont just do something....Sit there Revoke Citizenship Of California Al-Qaida Recruiter
Retweeted by EdRidiculous propaganda "shuts down" every weekend & any real or imagined holiday and still seems able to limp along accurate. He never said they would build the wall he said they pay for it.
Retweeted by Ed @SapiensRealis @Ransoms_Note Perhaps some time on the rack?I think he purchased carbon offsets from his own company