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Columnist, Commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat and became a fiscal conservative. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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@EDinCali Need a conscientious Objector option for taxes
Retweeted by EdSenShummer & RepCummings both had IRS go after the #TeaParty for being on their tail. All was covered up. #VoteTrump
Retweeted by EdHard to watch criminals/supporters thereof all week & people cheering for them. Basically, agreeing to destroy US.
Retweeted by EdYes room temperature IQ's the South (and Texas), even authentic Christians have a word for what Hillary is spewing: bullshit.
Retweeted by EdA Career Sexual Predator Makes the Case for Hillary at the DNC
Retweeted by EdOkay. You convinced me. I'll write in Ted Cruz and give the election to Hillary out of principle.
Retweeted by EdWell, Monica was young enough to be his daughter. #Pervert
Retweeted by EdHere ya go-Fox News: Hillary Delegate Tells Protesters to Stop Chanting ‘USA’ Because It’s a Trump Chant @lvafeas70 @ericbolling @Varneyco @BretBaier Certain unions will be thrown under the dem charnel house bus, like cops as demographics shit @EDinCali Truth! She also seems to have inherited her mom's looks & lack of a soul. #CrookedHillary #ChelseaClinton
Retweeted by EdGod Bless Courageous Kevin Jackson: DNC Showcased Moms Who ‘Raise Thugs Who Try to Kill Cops’ @Varneyco Ignores Herd Of Clinton Elephants In The Living Room-Trump Spox: Charge Trump Working with Russia ‘Ridiculous’ Williams: My Mom’s a ‘Lifelong’ Dem Who’s on the ‘Trump Train Hardcore’ @Varneyco @EboniKWilliams will be her 2nd?-Gorka: Merkel Has Committed ‘Political Seppuku’ with Open Door Migrant Policy @SebGorka recipes/wedding planning, etc-Giuliani: The Russians Have Hillary Clinton’s Emails @radiotalkermike Baier: Union Workers at DNC Telling Me Privately They’re Voting for Trump @ericbolling @Varneyco @BretBaier they have prescriptions for it-Peter Morici: Obama, Biden ‘Smoking Dope’ with U.S. Economy Claims @Varneyco @emilyryanharper Web? @WilliamTeach Arkancides will be added to Webster'sAdd entitled, Hacked hillarys cookie recipes-Robby Mook: It’s Not OK for Presidents to Joke About Espionage By a Foreign Govt Pelosi: Hillary’s Genuine Strength Contrasts Profoundly with Trump’s Bluster @NancyPelosi In Animal Husbandry-Chelsea Clinton: My Mom Taught Me Public Service Is About Service Heads She Wins, Tails We Lose-Clinton: I Will Be President for Those Who Vote for Me and for Those Who Don’t @JoeClementino As Dan Quayle Once Famously Said: "A Mind Is A Terriible Thing to Lose"We watched approximately one minute of the "slap yo face" words being delivered & then exercised our right to leave!
Retweeted by EdLOL!!!! Si!!!! FNC’s Kilmeade on Kaine: Nobody Thinks You’re Hispanic @kilmeade @oreillyfactor can't fault him...I did too-Bill Clinton Falls Asleep During Hillary’s Speech @HillaryClinton Say, I Wonder If Joe Biden's Had Any Work Done | Restoring Liberty' Lanny Cooks Up Hillary's New Libya Narrative | Restoring Liberty Leftist Way, Dumb Down Everyone-Minnesota Proves Good Schools/Students Get Shortchanged by The Left Convention-Delegate: DNC Replacing Delegate With Paid Seat-Fillers... - via @ShareaholicMore obama corruption-Justice Department Knew of IRS Scandal 2 Years Before Congress but Did Nothing Headed Common Core-The History of the United States, as Told by Young Democrats via @KatrinaTrinko @DailySignalBlue Lives DO Matter!...They're the thin blue line protecting civilization from anarchy @blueruby8, @wolferspebs, @EDinCali, @DreamersRevolt, @SUPERLIFE, @BeetzyChase #followfriday by
Retweeted by Ed
.@realDonaldTrump The #DNCConvention is filled with actors paid supporters to replace the banned .@BernieSanders supporters
Retweeted by EdRT if you think @HillaryClinton will fail to mention Benghazi tonight.
Retweeted by Ed @JonahNRO @ReedRobertson concrete @edincali @sahof1 That's right! Putin really wanted Hillary's mom's banana bread recipe. I heard its awesome #DNCleak
Retweeted by EdSo according to the #KidFromKansas, not one of these guys was as qualified as #HillaryClinton to be President...
Retweeted by EdA cafeteria Catholic like Nancy pelosi true...If Hillary's 30k deleted emails were about recipes/wedding plans so what if the Russians hacked them, there's no national securityColorado is bummed, man.
Retweeted by EdWe're Number One! San Francisco Has Highest Per Capita Usage Of Marijuana In The Country!You are not supposed to notice....just moooove along speech notes: demonize @realDonaldTrump for 10 mins then spend 5 mins lecturing us not to demonize each other. #DemsInPhilly #Trump
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali how many have been oppressed by Dem Leadership in Detroit? Mayor wears it like a badge of honor.
Retweeted by EdPermanent Govt Dependent Detroit Mayor: ‘Unlike Donald Trump, Detroit Is Only Going To Do Bankruptcy Once’!!! Race Baiter/Plagiarist/Liar Biden on Trump: We Cannot Elect a Man Who Exploits Our Fears @JoeBiden's ALWAYS About HIM HIM HIM-Watch Obama Refer to Himself 119 Times During Hillary Nominating Speech @BarackObama did NOT want the Brotherhood; it was forced down their throats by #Obama and @HillaryClinton
Retweeted by EdFaux "Science" The Left Demands Its Vig-You Could Pay More to Fly Under This EPA Climate Change Rule this? The Egyptians Were Betrayed-Clinton jeered in Egypt with chants of "Monica, Monica" Clinton Aide Reveals 'Nightmare Scenario' That Could Hurt Her Chances in November | Restoring Liberty Throwing Cops Under The Bus & So Do their Unions-Appreciating Police Officers, Challenging Police Unions Admits "Islamist Terror Has Arrived" As It Prepares To Deploy Army In "Crisis" Situations | Zero Hedge
Retweeted by EdREVCLOWNS: Black Trump Patriot Destroys Violent Communists via @realalexjones
Retweeted by EdDifferent set of rules for the msm royal family
That Time Joe Biden Dropped Out of Presidential Race because of Plagiarism BUT became VP #MelaniaTrump #RNCinCLE
Retweeted by EdHe is actually touting the Iran Deal! Now that's really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali .According to Obamacare, up to 26 = child. She was 24. Yep. She was a kid.
Retweeted by EdMonica Lewinski was a kid, did Hillary fight for her and protect her? #hillarySomebody release Hillary's deleted 30k emails...inquiring minds need to know...what difference does it make now?Astruturfers bought and paid for rioters by the democrat heirarchy this administration starts another one of its "investigations" means NOTHING will come of it mentions 'Islamophobia' after Priest is beheaded & the sheep nod in agreement. #DemsInPhilly #DemConvention
Retweeted by Ed @GirlygirlinMN @EDinCali @RealAlexJones and they were probably so stupid, they moved to the back. It was their self loathing & white guilt
Retweeted by EdDemocracies inevitably fail when 1 group learns how to pick the pockets of the other groups...why dems have built in 47%At least above room temperature @EDinCali Well, I'd just settle for ID proving eligibility to vote. #YouCantFixStupid
Retweeted by EdBack of the bus, too? 😉
Retweeted by Ed @Fritzz2009 @GovHowardDean Or final thrust of the bayonetWe can do far better once we get rid ofthe state owned MSM,Bills coat tails/corrupt tentacles,corrupt DNC #wikileaks
Retweeted by Ed @Longtails53 politicians need to be changed early and often, just like diapers @EDinCali for sure. It was #BillClinton who made me see the light about the dem party...they're do as I say, cover up what I do hypocrites
Retweeted by EdBring on IQ Tests and copy of tax returns showing you pay before you can vote @Linkus717 @rushlimbaugh Yawn..ok @alWPWtom is a much more real environment than what we are seeig at the dem convention @EDinCali finally she is proud...what do you know. At last😱
Retweeted by EdWhites Ordered to Back of Crowd at Black DNC March via @realalexjonesYes Crooks At DNC-McAuliffe: ‘People Are Very Happy’ I’m ‘Restoring Rights of Felons’ @TerryMcAuliffe @ErinBurnett Beater Dem. Rep. Alan Grayson Explodes on Politico Reporter Why Would Russia Prefer Trump When They Could Blackmail Hillary? @rushlimbaugh’s Kilmeade: ‘Refreshing’ to Hear Michelle Obama Say She Loves America @sdoocy @kilmeade smelled the hypocrisy Grinder Michelle in 2008: ‘For the First Time in My Adult Life I Am Proud of My Country’ @MichelleObama, bill clinton is the protected sacred cow of the main stream media..Any other person would have been jailed @alWPWtom When I listen to these serial liars at the dnc...I long for the sincerity and integrity of pro wrestlingYes Its Time For A Woman To Be President, But Why Is The Only Choice A Corrupt/Serial Liar? Is That The Best You Can Do? #hillary"I Have A Scream" Howard Dean: We Need to Elect Hillary Who Will Finish the Job on Heatlh Care @GovHowardDean Pervert Bill Clinton Lectures On "Family Values""Fruit Of Obama"-As a Teen Cashier Seeing Food Stamp Use, I Changed My Mind About the Democrat Party "right" to fruits of your labor-Asking Sanders Supporters If They Were Socialists. Here’s What They Said. 84-Year-Old Priest is Beheaded by ISIS Terrorists, Americans Unload...on the White House via @TheIJRLyin' Obama Implies Russians Committed DNC Email Hack to Benefit Trump | Restoring Liberty
Where are the Bernie supporters tonight? Did Hillary have them gassed?
Retweeted by Ed @Thomas1774Paine @GregScheinert @GeraldoRivera Geraldo is like Justin Bieber pretending he's a badazz surrounded by his security posseeNot our Fathers party