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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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@SubsidiarityMan @wef Cyclical changes in earth's orbit, tilt, & wobble & sun flare cycles r critical. Beyond human effort. @BjornLomborg
Retweeted by EdSocialist Bernie Sanders is laying off campaign workers.....isn't that unsocialist of him? @justaskkarend THATS what it is all aboutIndiana Wants Me smell carbecue! as a result can force worldwide wealth residstribution from our pockets to the socialists/left @justaskkarend The science behind the lefty trunion called epa @justaskkarend It's govt financed outcome based "science"....Like mob accountants AKA: Faux science @DepelteauRobert @Climate_Cop Sadly nasas common core educated rocket scientists will probably land them on the sun insteadFruit of obama’s Prez 👉now in the Obama Admin 👉accepted $20M donation from the Saudi's 4 the creation of a Harvard #ShariahLaw Program! Malia Obama
Retweeted by EdCual de estos trajes te ha gustado más? @NuestraBelleza NuestraBelleza #NBLVIP #NBLClarissaVoto #EveningGown #traje
Retweeted by Ed @567opositive @DKElections Oh yes, exercising her "rich privilege"It's an email investigation, not an interstellar space exploration...Where's the FBI criminal charges? #hillary @mundyspeaks @TheEricErbShow @WashingtonDCTea @JohnFromCranber @FoundersGirl @BarracudaMama @AmyMek Hey Speaker Ryan!Stop Bailing Out Obamacare @WashingtonDCTea @JohnFromCranber @TheEricErbShow @FoundersGirl @BarracudaMama @AmyMek
Retweeted by Ed#Gas Real Science NASA thinks that increasing record high temperatures causes heavy snow. Climate Change: Evidence …
Retweeted by EdI can't believe Malia chose Harvard over Trump University
Retweeted by EdLook at our cofounder Greg run! Things are getting serious now! Ha. #road2recovery5k #nonprofit
Retweeted by EdSo true!
Retweeted by EdFruit of obama
Retweeted by EdGet back to work Greta :) @NYPolJunkie That's because they teach a revisionist history, where it is an alternate realityWhen the left rules, the fruit of obama-Why Can't San Francisco Stop Its Epidemic of Window Smashing? @jay6018 Whats down is up, what s up is down in that bizarro worldBones of 5,000-year-old Stone Age child and adult found in Irish cave @RichardGrenell Richard gave excellent Nat Security briefing at CAGOP meeting. Supported weapons for Ukraine. @hughhewitt @JenGriffinFNC
Retweeted by EdAnything that hacks and hews at the basic foundations of western civilization is permitted/fair game overriding foreign policy accomplishment during his rein will be the uplifting and strengthening of terrorist state IranDennis Hastert, the Speaker of The House, was being blackmailed for child molestation...Who else knew and who else was blackmailing him?Political corruption should have an overriding federal charge on the same level as treason, it is that damaging to our country @greeneyes0084 Of course :)Self loathers?'s because govt pensions have garnered a sort of holy untouchable aura, by those in the govt is the @WhiteHouse trying to shut down a program that has helped thousands of low-income students in DC thrive?
Retweeted by EdWhere's the outrage lefties? @WayneDupreeShow hehehe...Dont toot your own horn :) @ffweekend @KenShepherd @mchooyah Were those guards surprised when they got that knock on the door by the pizza deliveryimam @Rockprincess818 @steph93065 The corruption of 1 party rule is reflected in our nations crime statisticsThis will NEVER Happen With President Trump👉 Terror Group, CAIR Reps. Joins Meeting with Senior W.H Officials. #WHCD
Retweeted by EdKeep shining bright Roma :) course the political elites will, in the end ALWAYS protect each other, ALWAYS at our expense... watched Sen. Graham @FaceTheNation. Why don't they say that I ran him out of the race like a little boy, and in the end he had no support?
Retweeted by EdHillary has a record of pay skewed by gender bias. Trump has a record of performance based pay. What do you prefer?
Retweeted by Ed @nuzombie4 It's not good to tamper with a winning formula @PecosRoyBean @GovChristie @LuvRedWhiteBlue or m and m's :)But, but...... Cupcake Ben Shapiro, still throwing temper tantrums- has been outfoxed by its own hand. By trying to broaden its appeal to libs by being CNNlike, it has lost its appeal to conservativesHahahahaaaaaa, MSM! Punked by your own puppy-love crush!
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali In honor of May Day Comrade Sanders will not be campaigning today
Retweeted by EdI think Hugh is one source to find breaking news on Twitter've been elected to 5 straight National Conventions. Today, I got cheated. @realDonaldTrump got cheated at AZ Convention. Shameful!!!
Retweeted by EdI have to hand it to him, Obama would make a great MC....but has been a heinous president @LuvRedWhiteBlue @PecosRoyBean Really? I thought Chris Christy looked like Stains the dog staring at cookies when he looks at Trump :)America hatred 1st has been the guiding light for past 7.5 years THE NETHERLANDS GREAT AGAIN! #PVV #PVV #PVV #PVV #PVV
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Oh no! Trump's not worth $10 bn ? How can I ever vote for him?
Retweeted by EdTrumps aircraft and pilot we only arrest 17~400 Arrested In Germany For Disrupting Far-Right Party Meeting
This Group Offended by Boehner’s “Lucifer in the Flesh” @EDinCali @GovMikeHuckabee people causing havoc should be brought to Justice!
Retweeted by EdVIDEO: Muslim prayer hall blown up in Russia after POLICE FIND EXPLOSIVES INSIDE via Pamela Geller ...
Retweeted by Ed @Radioroger In california public schools waving an American flag can be considered an incitement to violence @EDinCali Mexican Flags waving as an incitement to violence?
Retweeted by Ed @IvoryDove That was definitely a great accomplishment.Notice there's never any rent a mobs at hillary/bernie/obama events? Only the left resorts to these tactics & employees these low lifesSpicer: We’ve Heard ‘Silence’ from Hypocritical DNC over Anti-Trump Violence @seanspicer @AlisynCamerota @EDinCali @JoeWMiller Bernie is Bernies favorite charity & he will gladly take anything u want 2 give
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Because one segment of America are blinded to moral values of Clinton's. They only see Trump sins.
Retweeted by Ed @1975Huck2016WH Possibility if the public gets dumbed down enoughAmen Brother! Hannity Rips ‘Weak, Timid, Feckless, Vision-less’ Boehner over ‘Lucifer’ Remark @seanhannity goal is to make everyone govt dependent-Varney: Obama Denigrating Reagan Is the Height of Arrogance @Varneyco's great accomplishment-Mo Brooks: Boehner Blames Cruz in Part for Being Kicked out as Speaker @SteveKornacki obama and his minions the finger-CNN: Russian Su-27 Barrel Rolls U.S Air Force Plane @barbarastarrcnn @EDinCali @GovMikeHuckabee Trump is already creating jobs..
Retweeted by EdWhy do we care what she thinks or says?-Chelsea Clinton Admits She Was Frustrated with How Bloomberg Ran NYC they do have jobs after all-Huckabee on Protesters: This Is Rent-a-Mob @GovMikeHuckabee Dems need all of your money-Why Over Half of Prince’s Estate Will Go to the Government via @joewmillerA Common Commie/Socialist View-Bernie Sanders: ‘I Don’t Believe in Charities’ via @joewmiller @EDinCali Father of son killed by illegal alien "We demand Americans first. We don't care about illegal aliens."
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State Dept. Delayed Releasing Email That Could Have Blown Lid Off Hillary Email Scandal via @dailycaller#muslims burn American flag likely we pay #welfare #education #housing & they attack as #koran instructs. #MAGA #DC
Retweeted by EdThese were not Protesters in California They were @TheDemocrats Terrorists doing anything to attack free speech
Retweeted by Ed @jeriallen15 of courseFruit of obama @datacrown democrat baseand DEFUND sanctuary cities. #makealiberalinsane
Retweeted by EdI'm watching the tapes on the violent low life's who try to disrupt Trump appearances...Doesn't look like they took time off from workThe left doesn't want looters law tampered with I spent my morning-with @GarySinise and a vet and his wife
Retweeted by EdAmerica Wants a Foreign Policy President via @JJCarafano @DailySignalWhy not give free healthcare to the world? California Looks to Cover Illegal Immigrants Under Obamacare DC Patch: C.J. Cregg from 'The West Wing' Briefs White House Press Corps @KnucklDraginSam @Salon smart conservativeMany GOP bigwigs have made their peace with Trump. 10+ million votes will do that.
Retweeted by EdFox News host Andrea Tantaros quietly pulled from daytime show over contract “issues” via @SalonCould it be a 5 letter word that rhymes with morose? Rico defaults this weekend..... let them.... we gotta start cleaning up the red ink somewhere... might as well be them.
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