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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Bacon Jerky=Good!What moron approved giving China control of our stock exchange?Anyone foresee a problem?
Retweeted by EdHeavy visible law enforcement presence in SF area for superbowl @EDinCali @DailySignal @POTUS couldn't care less what happens to Americans who pay their bills! He only cares how he "looks" to the world!
Retweeted by Ed5th Columnist CBS Gushes: Clinton ‘Was Fierce being a 1st term senator is? Rubio on Trump: Being President Is Not the Same as Being a Real Estate Developer @dicknorman @wolfblitzer A certain shrillness emanating from Lindsay @Neoavatara Of course, his leftist Potemkin village is built on red lines and lies @karystus Perhaps its because obama student loan policy encourages/enables gender/race studies degrees and not math/scienceBecause his mom says so-Jeb Super PAC Releases Ad with G. W. Bush: Jeb ‘Will Keep Our Country Safe’ @GeorgeWBush "politician scorned" Lindsey Graham Blasts Trump and ‘Political Opportunist’ Ted Cruz @wolfblitzer "Dont Believe Your Own Lying Eyes" ‘Not True’ Americans Are Anxious About the Economy Because of Immigrants!? W.H. Admits Oil Companies Will Pass on Cost of New Tax to Customers @PressSec Dissembler @ W.H.: The President Is ‘Looking out for Middle Class Families’ with New Oil Tax @PressSec Politician Santorum on Backing Rubio: ‘National Security Trumps Everything’ @marthamaccallum @RickSantorum Howard Dean: Asking Clinton to Release Transcripts of Speeches Is ‘Unseemly’ @mitchellreports happens when you cross red lines-Kerry: Russian Bombs Killing Women and Children ‘in Large Numbers’ @JohnKerry Levin is right, Lets open the borders for "undocumented lawyers" and see how fast congress acts in sealing the borders"Fruit of obama"-Grassley Raises Concerns on Prisons Using Terror-Tied Groups to Vet Islamic Chaplains Unions abandon Private Sector & Go For Govt-West Virginia on Verge of Becoming 26th Right to Work State is the ACLU/Atheist Group Ambulance Chasers? Tempers Flare Over Loud Islamic Prayers in ‘Muslimville, USA’ Gets Us Average Orange County Fire Authority employee received $213,000 in total compensation & his BFF Jeh: Demands Border Guards Allow Criminals, by Thousands Into Nation Illegally Green Gangster Tax-Obama’s New Oil Tax Would Hike Gas Prices 22 Cents a Gallon via @DailySignal
@EDinCali @worldnetdaily But she will, evidently, win the coin toss.
Retweeted by EdHillary to lose presidential Super Bowl via @worldnetdailyWho Is the Best to Reform Wall Street? > Richard Grenell Franklin Graham Responded To Obama's Mosque Visit...And It's Going VIRAL via @Doug_Giles @Scout66com @mitchellreports he's a paid dissembler/liar just like Lanny DavisThousands of Muslim Refugees Just Got Really BAD News from Europe, They're Going To... via @Doug_GilesBronze is the new gold? @Scout66com Perhaps ArizonaAfter zeroing in on Christie for past few months, listening to him on the primary campaign trail....I now believe he shut that bridge downI think the 1st primary state should not be Iowa. Archaic/complicated caucus & awash in agri welfare, it has too much influence #tcot @EDinCali Don't do the fast food salads. There not good for u.
Retweeted by EdBenefits a select few special interests~Finally, America May Be Catching On to Ethanol Racket @DailySignalTwo Separate Judges say the Federal Government has Acted Illegally in their Attack on Oregon's Ranchers! question- Why Did Obama Choose to Become a Christian? He ‘Routinely’ Defends, Promotes Islam @rushlimbaugh! Carville: ‘No Evidence’ Wall Street Speeches Affected Clinton’s Policies @mitchellreports I did not have sex with that woman? Clinton: ‘I’m 100% Confident’ Nothing Will Come of the FBI Investigation new gig-Trevor Noah Mocks Santorum’s Rubio Endorsement: You’re the Worst Hypeman Ever @trevornoah sucking society dry & indoctrinating children-More School Bonds—After 2014 Bond Passage! sector will have to be squeezed even more-Calif’s Pension Contribution Shortfall At Least $15 Bill per Year our already wounded country-Obama’s Response to Surge of Illegal Immigrants Is Inadequate "Gibbs", not what it seems-Healthy Fast Food? McDonald’s Kale Salad Has More Calories Than a Double Big Mac"Fruit of obama"-Border Agent: ‘We Might as Well Abolish Our Immigration Laws Altogether’ via @joewmillerSays Chief Damager-The Political Wars Damage Public Perception of Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts Says Moines Register Calls for Audit of Iowa Results: ‘Something Smells in the Democratic Party’ via @joewmillerTime to Stop the Cuban Immigration Welfare Scam via @joewmillerListen: Why Limbaugh Couldn’t Keep His Eyes off Bill During Hillary’s Speech- ‘I Saw…’ via @joewmiller
Clinton Campaign Manager Is FRUSTRATED That Sanders Would Dare Bring Up Clinton’s Record
Retweeted by EdHow can unemployment be at around 5% when you have 90 million Americans not participating in the workforce. Who's doing this math?
Retweeted by Ed15 Quotes From the 2016 National Prayer Breakfast @DailySignalBubble Boy Obama to call for $10-per-barrel oil tax to fund clean transport | Fox News |, another record weekend for gun murders in Chicago--a liberal gun-free zone. No questions on this subject please.
Retweeted by EdAt Prayer Breakfast, Obama Suggests Welcoming Refugees Is Example of "Faith Over Fear" don't think Hillary Clinton would speak at a mosque. the speakings fees would not be enough! @EDinCali @edhenry
Retweeted by EdWhere's the valerie plame outrage with hillarys flagrant disregard for cia security?How about criminal? Clinton in 2007: I Prefer Calling Myself ‘Progressive’ to ‘Liberal’ @HillaryClinton @FrankVespa1 @JoeWMiller word salad @FrankVespa1 @JoeWMiller Whats worse is an electorate who would put him in power twice @YourInfoBabe @JoeWMiller ie: ignoranceFO-US Bound by Climate Change Deal That Skirts Constitution, House Panel Told via @nataliejohnsonn @DailySignalPulling rino horn out of our back-The New Budget Showdown: Conservatives Want to Disavow Boehner Deal soon old, too late smart-Finally, Europe Is Waking Up to Dangers of Multiculturalism @DailySignalHe learned about it in newspapers-Obama’s Growing Conflict of Interest in the Clinton E-Mail Scandal via @joewmiller @emilyryanharper @JoeWMiller That and "global warming/putting condoms on bananas"Audacity of Lie"-Obama Just Made a Ridiculous Statement About Islam That Any Historian Could Debunk via @joewmiller95% of terrorists are muslim-Ex-Army Recruit Pleads Guilty to Trying to Bomb Fort Riley in Kansas via @joewmillerIgnorance and promise of "free stuff"-Why Are so Many Millennials Feeling the Bern? via @joewmiller @itldoranch Native Americans are Americans...illegals are NOT @EthanBearman @ChrisChristie @JohnKasich NO priv sector experience, lifetime govt paychecks,except for kasich short stint at goldman sachsVideo of Irish boxer on vacation in Turkey fighting off a group of men goes viral fawners can't take it anymore-WATCH: Hillary Answers Question, Suddenly Hears Reporters Laughing in Disbelief law respected-Illegal Aliens Whine They Need to Falsify Social Security Cards to Illegally Steal Jobs lefts, "takes a village" to pay for other peoples kids-State says number of students to get free lunch is way up"Fruit of obama"-Doctors and patients are discussing ways to cut costs political lifer, poisoning our country-Does Dianne Feinstein Want to Be the California Version of Strom Thurmond? @gwfrazee @vma182b @sbhouston60 @BlissTabitha @SherriBergan Chelseas right at home @vma182b @sbhouston60 @BlissTabitha @SherriBergan @EDinCali Corrupt as her husband; teaching her daughter & son-in-law. #HillaryForPrison
Retweeted by Ed @gwfrazee @vma182b @sbhouston60 @BlissTabitha @SherriBergan Chelseas husbands father was in prisonThe political "Bronze Age"-Bronze is the new gold :) @BOSSYtxmar55 @trump2016fan @TIMENOUT @EDinCali Rubio reveals amnesty plot IN SPANISH - RT
Retweeted by Ed @EthanBearman Isn't Rand Paul a 1st term Senator, just like Cruz and Rubio...and yes barack hussein obama?A TOXIC Hillary Scandal She Thought She Buried Was Just Dug Up- NOT What You Think
Obama ignores evidence of Baltimore mosque’s ties to terror via @worldnetdaily @ChadPergram @StandForLiberty we're quickly on the way with corrupt venal politicians like Cummings in officeGenerals Say Women Should Have to Register for Draft via @joewmiller"obamaland"-So It Begins Here: U.S. City ‘Overrun’ With Criminal Refugees via @joewmillerRun Rand, Run BREAKING NEWS: Major GOP Candidate Drops Out via @sharethis @Brian_Sussman ...safer bc heads were at ground level and less toxic fumes...Same can be said on battlefield, heads lower fewer bullets @Brian_Sussman Gloria Allred successfully argued women firefighters could drag unconscious people out of buildings, rather than carry thusFruit of obama-America’s Economic Freedom Has Rapidly Declined Under Obama via @AKFREEDOM @DailySignal
@EDinCali @KyleNABecker Mr Bill got a million for a 10 minute speech, and huge donations to foundation from where they sold us out.Clinton $
Retweeted by EdEx-Spies Say That Clinton’s Illegal Server Triggered Widespread Devastation
Retweeted by Ed @CraigDavidL thank you for the Godly intercession/interpretation @railgirl1952 @pwc1011 They sprinkle them in @irgrannyg @andersoncooper @VanJones68 The gorrila my dreams @pwc1011 in the 1770'sMercifully put it to sleep-Fox News: Huckabee Suspends Campaign for President @megynkelly
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