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A lib until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat, became a fiscal conservative. In the new media sharing info/opinions/on the radio & guest on Fox

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Sisters of perpetual motion? fair that you have 2 a kidney the pastor jeremiah wright?....Rev sung myung moon? party of JFK is now the party of left wing lunatics
Retweeted by EdIf Trump picks Ted Cruz to replace Ginsburg, the braying & caterwauling from Democrats will make our ears bleed wants to go for the quadruple dipping govt pension gold, on top of his trust fund stipend, I never met anyone that scaled a wall, avoided gunfire, swam through oceans, to go from capitalism to socialism. #SocialismSucks
Retweeted by EdMore signs conservatives not serious about beating left: George Soros ties to 30 major media orgs:
Retweeted by the time he was considered the biggest crook in DC...long ago lost that distinction to Clinton now obama needs to be mentally evaluated in a safe medical environment cannot throw stones, I come from the state that gave you feinstein and harris Mom Aghast as Huge Guy Wearing Lakers Jersey Walks Into Ladies' Room REALITY CHECK MORONS!
Retweeted by EdPaying attention? Info from Yemen raid showed al-Qaeda's successful development of compact, battery bombs…
Retweeted by EdSlimy Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch, even though he is filling Scalias position as another conservative...Wait til we replace GinsburgHe is now interstellar, since he just won his election he knows he has 6 more years back!, she's ready to run for President (Obama style: 57 States, Austrian, etc.)
Retweeted by EdWelfare and medicaid are ways of life. Time to change that
Retweeted by Ed[
Retweeted by EdRachel Maddow complaining Trump only paid 68 million in income tax...A true commie thinks govt should get it allVery glad to see Kevin Corke retain his job as Fox News Whitehouse correspondent #FNCOK we want to put security out to bid-City threatens: Oppose tax hike, lose police protection via @worldnetdailyA smart man learns from his mistakes....A brilliant man learns from other people's mistakes...Trump is brilliant turned the social safety net into a "lifestyle choice" and a hammockèn in black...mere mortals NOT Gods Like Big Mutts, I Cannot Lie is this guy? How many times has he attacked Trump supporters? How does he make a living? Who pays for him? @Stephe96 yes @TessaBD1 roflol!Hillary saw Chelsea's tweet. 😰 She ran back into the woods.
Retweeted by EdAdam Schiff has the same crazy "white eye" my psycho horse had....Coincidence? @SurvivorMed I've fired hundreds of rounds through my ppk never a misfire or jam....extremely reliableCBS's 60 minutes is doing a piece on fake news. That should be fair and balanced in their eyes only.
Retweeted by EdScotty! Beam me up! can keep your plan You can keep your doctor A few bad apples Workplace violence It was an internet video You s…
Retweeted by Ed @SundayFutures @FoxNews @LindseyGrahamSC @MariaBartiromo Well LindseyGraham do you use Obamacare?
Retweeted by Ed @RealJamesWoods @BernieSanders @EDinCali He just had to have that beach house.
Retweeted by EdFundednin round about ways by who? US taxpayers/CAIR/Saudis/Iran/muslim brotherhood waging war on Western values is NO room for a reasonable person in the party of Tom Perez Maxine waters Nancy Pelosi Chuck schumer et al "90% of the media is the opposition party. Let's be honest... these aren't reporters — they're PROPAGANDISTS!"
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Best #TalkRadio show in the USA starts in 10 Minutes - Roger Fredinburg KMED |
Retweeted by Ed @paulaspaulatics Hmm Sarah Palin did say she could see Russia from her front porchInteresting how 1 plane crash shaped Alaska politics for the far worse @CNN @MSNBC @NYtimes @WaPo et al, not much journalism going on here. It's a focused hate & resistence.
Retweeted by EdThere you go...Drunk on the potomac water'm surprised Sean Hannity allowed himself to get ambushed by bushwhacker ted koppel without having some say so as to what gets edited outIt's NOT just democrats bought and paid for its republicans too...Look at murkowsky and collins owned by NEA about visa fraud, employer fraud/greed
Retweeted by EdI want to unmask the unmaskers #maga to command a conversation when you also edit out any parts you don't like.
Retweeted by EdNo it's called Stephanopoulism, a new breed of "journalism" spawned in the 90's crooked politician got wealth via money extracted from taxpayers at the point of a bayonet behind the scenes After I answered the first question, Ted said "none of that will air". So I kept saying "Te…
Retweeted by EdJust the tip of the iceberg, a new sheriff is in town who will expose more of this corruption WHO is paying these ambulance chasers?...Same thing with immigration attorneys, taxpayer money is being used democrats loudly squawking about Trump and Russia connection is a: He who smellt it, dealt it. Dems are dirty/corrupt and hacked TrumpThe BS inference by dems Trump & Russia colluded to fix election is a smokescreen to divert attention Trump WAS wiretapped by obama #MAGADirtbags attacking 14 y.o. child-Lawyers for Illegal who Raped 14 Year Girl Decry Sensationalism/Hysteria Over Case @Sterry39112572 @RepAdamSchiff OOPSY!An embarrassment to thinking/tax paying/non govt dependent Californians' Adam Schiff: Trump’s ‘Baseless’ Wiretap Claim ‘Weakens the Presidency’ @RepAdamSchiff biggest difference is that with President Trump, we didn't pass a bill America doesn't want.
Retweeted by EdFollow the govt money to expose the left wing green cronyism @JoshDWalrath @lybr3 @SenKamalaHarris Because she likes mild bondage?As dumb as a rock, a perfect replacement for her predecessor barbara boxer...California apologies ahead of time to… democrats voter base is on the backs of taxpaying californians have obamas praetorian guard eric holder on the payroll double standard is front and center Err is Human......To Forgive, Is Against Company Policy fix your infrastructure with your $, crumbling roads/dams AND energy prices skyrocketing due to your policies this hypocrite/faux joker is a hero of the left who want to imposer her values on us the head movement is so chicken like not sure about the 2nd the competition is fierce within the past administration!
Retweeted by EdNanny State Bureaucrats Rule-Suffocating Regulations Driving California’s Housing Crisis to the Brink her to club GITMO-Convicted Terrorist Who Organized "Day Without Women" to Be Deported are more equal than others @petefrt I like @EDinCali 's Woman Who Runs with Squirrels.
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