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Columnist, Commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat and became a fiscal conservative. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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The same people who bring you Obama's approval rating, are the same ones whose polls said Hillary would win by a landslide. #ObamaLegacy
Retweeted by EdU.S. Steel CEO: If Trump Eliminates Crazy EPA Regulations, We’re Ready To Hire 10K in USA
Retweeted by Ed.@TomiLahren: Mainstream Media Largely 'Caters to the Coasts' #oreillyfactor
Retweeted by EdReports: Attorney General Who Battled Obama’s Environmental Rules Picked By Trump To Lead EPA Carl....Always good to see your çheerful, helpful knowledge on my timeline, ladies and gents.. here in the USA
Retweeted by Ed @NoraWhi1 @Bernade97386460 And Jill Stein should put her money in Ca and see the dead people and illegals that voted. There was 200+ dead
Retweeted by EdHUD is one of fed govt's most corrupt, SJW-infested agencies. Ben Carson & strong deputies can & must #draintheswamp
Retweeted by EdLets get an audited recount for the city of Chicago, where even the dead have a constitutional right to vote Democrat #magaThis alone should prompt a recount/audit in every county #hillary won. #VoteRecount #voterfraud end the…
Retweeted by EdOh they have done plenty of damage to our country, trillions in debt and obamacare for 2 vote recount shows how 1 corrupt big city can swing a whole state to a dem candidate...Like how we got senator franken, almost got goreThis recount is showing the true Democratic party for what they are! No wonder they ignore Hillary crimes, they all…
Retweeted by EdThis Michigan recount is exposing how America suffers under the corruption of its 1 party rule, dem big cities...time to drain the swampsJill should have left this alone. dem voter fraud a big problem in Michigan recount.
Retweeted by EdI Demand A DNA Test!-America’s Dad Joe Biden Comforts the Nation: Don’t Worry, It’ll All Be over in Four Years The Messy Truth About Van Jones
Retweeted by EdSo pathetic and sad, sometimes you just have to laugh so as to not go crazy! 😁😁😁
Retweeted by Ed"The Sanctuary State"-Conan: Trump’s Coming to California for the ‘You’re Dead to Me Tour’ @ConanOBrien Dems,Careful What You Wish for-OOPS: Michigan Recount Appears to Expose Industrial-Scale Democrat Vote Fraud still have their wise luminaries to lean on: Debbie Wasserman Schultz/Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi/Keith Ellison/ a… hillary will have to sell some of that White House China/Silver's because he hates the colonials out of slippery places Carl :) that Donald Trump is Times "Person of the Year", Next up Nobel Prize?...Fair is Fair #MAGAWill the clintons be "dead broke" again now that they can't sell political favors? @EDinCali thanks for following love your bio....
Retweeted by Ed @DrJimmyStar Thanks, Yours isn't too shabby either :)AKA: One Big Azz Mistake America't Russia have an arrest warrant out for George Soros? 2 far left democrat senators and several far left congresspeople “Fake news is whatever people living in the liberal bubble determine to be believed by the right” –TCT #Tucker @FoxNews
Retweeted by EdIrony at its finest... '60 Minutes' goes to Sweden to show how peaceful refugees are.. Entire crew gets assaulted b…
Retweeted by EdDon't Forget Pearl HarborLAMEST DUCK: Congress Passes New Iran Sanctions, Ignoring Obama Admin. Threats – They Are Livid…
Retweeted by Ed
@theseedyone OK glad the numbers aren't reversed :) @mindfulhorse I feel I can, I played a psychiatrist in a a school skit...classic narcissist with a heavy Munchausen's syndrome by proxyIs the longer your name is supposed to mean the smarter you are?Liberals don't like that we have an Electoral College and I don't like that Liberals get to vote. We all make sacrifices. :-)
Retweeted by EdBut but....she travelled more than any other secretary of state and killed the dictator Gadaffy saying "the campaign against ISIL has been relentless" is comical at best. Clearly whatever he's doing isn't working. He's one of them
Retweeted by EdHis final bayonet thrust to our damaged military @charliekirk11 @EDinCali The doofus just doesn't get it. #MAGA
Retweeted by Ed @jajones338 @EDinCali We will always be here to help those in Ca who supported trump. SO much misguided opposition there.
Retweeted by Ed @GovMikeHuckabee I love Denver Rodeo & @LasVegasNFR #Rock Detroit Cowboy @bdckool @DrJimmyStar @LouDobbs @EDinCali
Retweeted by EdTypical Obama lies: Don't believe your own lying eyès have 1.6M homeless children in U.S. Why are we bringing refugees here setting them up with money, housing, food. We DEMAND #AmericaFirst
Retweeted by EdWe hope you remain reporting on the White House with new President Trump, you are tireless and accurate boom! like @newtgingrich's idea of revamping media WH access. Also, Twitter & FB need to be declared national assets w/limits on foreign control
Retweeted by EdRep. Jim Jordan says IRS commissioner John Koskinen's behavior "warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office"
Retweeted by EdTrump NatSec adviser General Flynn in "tells truth about Islam" shocker.
Retweeted by Ed"The Obama legacy will be losing both chambers of congress, adding 10 trillion in debt, destroying healthcare, & di…
Retweeted by EdWill besieged Sheriff Joe Arpaio be Trump’s first official pardon?
Retweeted by EdBEN CARSON Those asking how a brain surgeon is qualified to be Housing Sec Never asked how a community organizer…
Retweeted by EdOh the irony's tons of evidence of you and other CNN anchors and pundits conspiring/colluding w Hillary and DNC. Just re…
Retweeted by EdThe latest The Freedom Fighters Daily! Thanks to @PeteNicodemus @Lars9596 @EDinCali #tcot #trump
Retweeted by Ed @bpolitics art of the deal unfolding at once in our favorBoeing offers new Air Force One proposal after Donald Trump tweets about cancelling order
Retweeted by EdIt's decades of the left influencing curriculum and culture on campuses across the US inner cities are the #LastBlueWall. Let's make them beautiful again and win the hearts of America forever. @pulte
Retweeted by EdWhich pipeline are we protesting again? #DAPL
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @JPY_Kurdish strong man I'd like to see him try that in front of me
Retweeted by EdCSP is grateful to AFLC for its commitment to protecting 1A under assault by Islamic supremacists & their enablers
Retweeted by EdReligion of peace we pledge to defund your scofflaw sanctuary city of every last bit of our tax money #MAGA @EDinCali That way the explosives can be built in --DANGER! The reason we don't let host country's build our embassy
Retweeted by EdWhy should he?
Retweeted by EdTrump just walked out into the tower lobby to make a statement on Boeing
Retweeted by EdYes the 4 billion dollar air force one...The chicago way!'s what pajama boy was all about to normalize and emasculate male ethos!!! Chicago Way, just like obama's billion dollar website for obamacare...follow the money Libs See America as a Nation Driven By White Privilege and Want to Flood It with New Citizens of the last people I want to see near our White House is that charlatan al goreThey're in touch w/hardcore dem base-Hannity:Left Wing Mainstream Media Proving How Completely out of Touch They Are he's rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 him in his tracks, Congress grow a set!'m not either, but I did play one in a high school skit...But I know everything he says can be used against him in…