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A lib until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat, became a fiscal conservative. In the new media sharing info/opinions/on the radio & guest on Fox

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That's odd
@EDinCali Add to that the number of people not watching games on TV, not watching ads, not buying goods b/c of greed of #NFLtv
Retweeted by EdIt looks like Obama did spy on Trump, just as he apparently did to me. Wish me luck in my next hearing v. DOJ Fri.
Retweeted by EdWhen I finish eating something I have to show my hands to our dog like I'm a blackjack dealer...
Retweeted by EdAnd he never apologized once
Retweeted by Ed#HerpesHillary
Retweeted by EdToo much kapernick, not enough football must pick and choose as to who is best for our country to allow in...otherwise why bother to have a country Left has deep state, special counsel, wiretapped phones etc, yet still must call on Morgan Freeman to keep the Russia hysteria going. 😂
Retweeted by EdBreaking: The Serial Lying Obama Spy Chief Makes Bombshell Announcement About Trump Wiretaps sashimi anyone? It is popular in Japan, but eating raw chicken can be hazardous to your healthDEMS & MSM FREAKING as President Trump SHINES on the World Stage!—Big Praises came in today frm the President of Ja…
Retweeted by EdSamantha Power sought to unmask Americans on almost daily basis, sources say | Fox News
Retweeted by Ed.@SenJohnMcCain is a an establishment traitor. Another one that lies to get elected to keep the status quo of the…
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali It was all lies through & least for those of us who are self employed. It's been a nightmare…
Retweeted by EdThe NFL is committing suicide in real time now the month of November will be social justice Awareness Month. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Retweeted by EdWhen a socialist gives a noble sounding name to a law for sure it is intended to deceive @EDinCali And the deductible. $5000 deductible means you have tragedy insurance, not HEALTH insurance.
Retweeted by EdWhat's the frequency Kevin? Trump's pressure on China 2 do more with N Korea has broke through, China just told it's banks 2 stop doing business with noko customers
Retweeted by EdBingo!!!!!'s a fine line between love and hate.....The opposite of love is indifference not hate......"Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don't need it and hell where they already have it". US President #RonaldReagan
Retweeted by EdMadame @MaxineWaters u r like thugs commie dictators Nicolás Maduro, Evo Morales or Raul Castro. @GOP @Lrihendry @KAFosterSowell @VP
Retweeted by EdCarlson: If Obama Spying on Trump Isn’t a Scandal, I Wonder What One Is @TuckerCarlson inside Ireland’s oldest pub - it might be the oldest in the world @AMike4761 @EDinCali Samantha Power, Loretta Lynch &Susan Rice were all in on the unmasking.Needless to say so was…
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Obama gang stole 2012 election by abusing IRS.And tried to steal the 2016 elections by wiretapping @realDonaldTrump?
Retweeted by EdSusan Rice proven a liar on unmasking claims. Trump vindicated on wiretapping claims. Great week for #MAGA
Retweeted by EdFmr Obama Ambassador Samantha Power sought to unmask Americans on almost daily basis, sources say | Fox News #ma4t
Retweeted by Ed @bella_tuscany @WiredSources @EDinCali I would love to hv mine back too. IT SHOULD B A FULL REPEAL.
Retweeted by Ed @WiredSources @EDinCali Well Obama lied more than once about that! Get rid of Obamacare. Americans want choice. I w…
Retweeted by EdThat's why Obama didn't respond to him, a work ethic is alien to him....What time did Obama star his work day? has the Democratic party beleive Laws mean nothing Dam it gets worse everyday a Nation without Laws is not a N…
Retweeted by EdJames Comey Openly Lies About Deep State Wiretapping Trump Tower (Video) @3lectric5heep
Retweeted by EdJames Clapper has some explaining to do! Clearly lied on @CNN #Wiretap Categorically Denied Any Wiretap Against Trump Campaign #JamesClapper
Retweeted by EdICYMI: "Larry Elder--Crippling Children By Selling Them Racism"
Retweeted by EdWATCH: Jake Tapper lets Obama lie to his face that ObamaCare will let Americans keep their insurance plans and doct…
Retweeted by EdHillary's PAC is funding ANTIFA @realDonaldTrump is winning the war against ISIS in Syria -- a story that isn’t getting covered enough
Retweeted by EdNeither Robert Mueller's team nor the US Senate Intelligence Committee has bothered to contact WikiLeaks or me, in any manner, ever.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Ed, you are exactly right. When will people realize we need to stop spending and get our economic affairs in the black.
Retweeted by EdThey gonna keep on spending til they run out of other people's money and other people's future generations money just another Obama lyin liar real criminal manipulators of the US Presidential election? Obama and his corrupt administration... NOT Russia @EDinCali The new left has jumped the shark. only chance of out socializing venomous haters like Ellison & Perez is…
Retweeted by EdWhy can't we all just get along? @EDinCali @theblaze Just shows that thru dialogue there are very common principles between all of us that is WE ARE AMERICANS FIRST!!!
Retweeted by EdThe #GrahamCassidyBill would force sanctuary cities to rethink wasting federal tax dollars on illegal immigrants.…
Retweeted by Ed"You bring me the man, and I'll find you the crime." --Lavrentiy Beria, chief of Soviet secret police
Retweeted by EdYep, he just wasn't quite enough maoist for the rest of that party, so they put the disgusting tom perez in Lives Matter group takes the stage at pro-Trump rally — what happens next is amazing via @theblazeThe financial engine behind the democrats is a scam on the rest of usual has protected john mccain throughout his career: From almost sinking his own aircraft carrier, to S&L scan… Abuse Of Power--Monica Crowley: The President Knew What He Was Talking About with Obama Wiretap Tweet can pick your friends but cant pick your relatives lyin' obama hypocrite aided and abetted by the msm tova from our family to yours!
Retweeted by EdTrue @EDinCali When oh when will the trail lead back to #BarackHussainObama
Retweeted by EdMcCarthy: Something Fishy About Obama Officials' Manafort Wiretapping Denials | Restoring Liberty has gone into govt schools to teach this-Team of 8-Year-Olds Kneels for National Anthem price of unionized govt workers controlled by democrat operatives Luis Gutierrez, the Dem who called General John Kelly a 'disgrace in uniform,' arrested at Trump Tower
Retweeted by EdHe's the racist/anti semite face of todays democrat/marxist party Legislature abandons middle class Meghan McCain In Talks To Co-Host Daytime Talk Show Clapper and James Comey its sad that Fake News CNN is more honest than you two lying crooks! Maybe you can be bunk buddies in prison!
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Dear Mr. President, we need you to fulfill your campaign promises. No more speeches or tweets. Build the wall. Cut taxes. Put her in jail.
Retweeted by Ed"America’s critics will be quick to point out that at times we too have failed to live up to our ideals....This is true." Obama, U.N. 2014
Retweeted by EdKatie Pavlich - Netanyahu: Trump's UN Speech Was the Most Courageous in 30 Years American should read Pres Trump's UN speech
Retweeted by EdObama NSC Adviser (Susan Rice) Admits Seeking Trump Aides Identities in Intel Reports. h/t @BillGertz
Retweeted by EdRepresentative Nunes was visibly shaken by what he discovered about election wiretapping. We are starting to see why. #Manafort
Retweeted by EdBREAKING: Obama FBI Wiretapped TRUMP Campaign Manager During 2016 Election
Retweeted by EdWhat happens when thugs with guns are empowered by law to go after their political opponents @nytimes
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @OliverNorthFNC Oliver North is extremely smart!
Retweeted by EdWhen ILLEGALS turn on their own party... @NancyPelosi Karma is biting you in the ass now.🤣 #GoToBedNancy😂 #EndDaca👊💥
Retweeted by EdYet another victory for the DNC! They have planned this well. Whatever plans they had, they sure didn't expect Trum…
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