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Columnist, Commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat and became a fiscal conservative. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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I am very disappointed in Rick Perry...He backtracked on OUR principals in order to appeal to the left so he can get his gummint jobAllen West - The Grand Delusion of the Progressive Left
Retweeted by Ed @llmk100_larry @MADE__USA madonna @treehuggingsis @EDinCali @paula3silva @redsteeze Dem model has always been divide, conquer.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali If they want to lower their ratings, that's their problem.
Retweeted by EdTSA was the unionized govt club insisted upon by Democrats so they would get their vig off the Union dues @EDinCali @foxnewspolitics we do not want ANY of @BarackObama people on your network.
Retweeted by EdHe would be considered a hero during the Obama regime college kids needed crayons and a safe place #IKnewWeWereDoomed
Retweeted by EdShould they raid her house? Take her devices? Freeze her assets? She's worth 550 Million dollars & has power to blowup anything #Trump45
Retweeted by EdObama's Friend, Terrorist Bill Ayers, Helped Organize Violent Anti-Trump Protest In Washington D.C.
Retweeted by EdSpread out.....1 hand grenade would get the lot of you....poorly trained is she not arrested? Does her celebrity status protect her from threatening the life of our @realDonaldTrump an…
Retweeted by EdIf there was ever a more insulting bunch of liars than Obama spokespeople, I can't remember. Now Fox wants to inflict one on us?Obama is.....therefore he lies you want to live in France you must pass a French language exam.
Retweeted by EdGlad to see a freeze in fed govt hiring...States should follow, next privatize most govt "services" and employeesI hope this is true...
Retweeted by EdWith lefty "friends" like obama, who needs enemies? now has ample time to reflect upon the 1,041 seats, and the complete collapse of the Dim Party that took place on his 8-year watch.💯🇺🇸
Retweeted by EdStates that don't want to clean up voter rolls, require voter ID, make it easy for vote fraud. Why shd they determine federal elections? @paula3silva @redsteeze @EDinCali & "white people are the Devil" not a winning strategy 4 union workers or Americans
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @TocRadio Chris Matthews is THE Expert on unpleasant😉
Retweeted by EdThey will just cry themselves to sleep @redsteeze @EDinCali Democratic Party sold itself to these Hollywood elites and special interests. They are no longer for the working people
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@MSNBC The American people are waiting for a statement about this
Retweeted by Ed @thegre8_1 @johnrich @TraceAdkins @EDinCali John Rich was there.
Retweeted by EdRuns with squirrels is against it? I am for it Party is trading union workers for celebrities and are getting smaller every election because of it.
Retweeted by EdLol Jason, yes indeed :) @EDinCali in a child safety seat with a Fisher Price toy steering wheel.
Retweeted by EdIs it OK to assault and harass Trump supporters in this country? No repercussions if you're on the left? THIS IS A GREAT TOPIC THAT DESERVES SERIOUS DISCUSSION. CAN WE SAY NATIONAL VOTER ID CARD. TIME F…
Retweeted by EdDear Feminists, If you want me to stay out of your healthcare business, why do you want me to pay for it?
Retweeted by EdProud to celebrate National #SchoolChoice Week. Every child deserves access to a quality school. Together, let's put kids first! -Betsy
Retweeted by EdClearly they ar nor old enough to drive. They need child safety seats and pacifiers.
Retweeted by EdTo all the lefty're welcome to come along with us as we make America great again, but you'll have to sit in the back seatIdentity politics & intolerance of today's left make a joke of King's 'content of character' speech!
Retweeted by Ed @AuthorAnnBaker @EDinCali They think that in repetition truth will be found. We know that it's still just falsehoods, lies, and deception.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Quit supporting ALL sponsors of CNN and #BoycottNBC. Things will change!
Retweeted by EdI realized a couple of years back. Notice how they repeat EVERY falsehood against Trump over and over. Half hearted rebuttals. @EDinCali
Retweeted by EdWTH? @jonkarl Do you pledge to only report the truth and not make shit up as you feel?
Retweeted by EdI heard that...NEVER was that questioned asked of any of the pathological liars in the entire Obama administration @AnthonyMcIntyre @StatemediaUsa or teaching a chicken to play piano...same head movement as Elizabeth Warren#alternatefacts
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali
Retweeted by EdHis leg is numb had 8 years of a President trying to work his way around the Constitution.... now we have one who wants to work under it.
Retweeted by EdSchumer is exactly what he has been since he got on the public dole....and before DeVos .... like her boss..... will not accept the status quo ... and that scares the entrenched liberal.... as it should.
Retweeted by EdWatch the Madison Wisconsin model for juvenile thug behavior from the left...they will finally cry themselves to sl… @EDinCali Jesse has not only lost $1.8M, but he has lost future earnings since he destroyed his reputation permanently. Greedy golum dope.
Retweeted by EdHe will be ruthlessly efficient in removing the taint of the obama administration mooooove on Jesse, like we have moved on past you link to CAIR & Muslim Brotherhood that had reps in Obama WH & Admin positions!
Retweeted by EdMcConnell And Schumer On SCOTUS Nominees. The Irresistible Force Meets the Cowardly Turtle. | RedState the plug!!!-Trump Should End Government Funding of NPR's Biased News | Restoring Liberty the Radical Islamic Law Firm Representing the Orlando Terrorist's Widow | Restoring Liberty, Senator Grahamnesty try explaining math to a liberal, its a waste of time @rbeestweets OK That's IT!! @Leannbe @EDinCali I simply refer to Warren as a 'fraud in progress'. Pretty much covers her entire existence.
Retweeted by EdThe socialist pope sticks his nose into our business Passengers cheer as woman berating Trump supporter is kicked off plane via @american_mirror #pjnet #tcot
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I am not sure WHAT she is exactly, and quite frankly she doesnt even know herself. #WalksWithSquirrels🐿
Retweeted by Ed @psalm2607 @RealJamesWoods LOL!I haven't watch them for the past 2 yrs. that is when I switched from Democrat to Republican! MAGA
Retweeted by Ed @joepalojoe @YahooFinance Phony Wallace should answer why the media brought up the crowd size to begin with if he thinks it's unimportant😠
Retweeted by Ed @RealJamesWoods @EDinCali I don't want to live in this "culture." Bring back western civilization, please.
Retweeted by Ed @sean_spicier @EDinCali So according 2 the previous adm, everything that is wrong in this world, is either Trump or climate change fault
Retweeted by EdWhen message and messenger meld perfectly...
Retweeted by EdCAIR-SF exec director who bashes U.S. Military, spoke at ‘Anti-Trump Butt-Ugly Women’s Rally’ in Washington
Retweeted by EdWe have not forgotten pain of Benghazi or those who murdered them=locked,loaded,stocked&waiting4JUSTICE or violent…
Retweeted by Ed"[Trump] is caught on tape saying things that no decent person would even think, much less say..." --Barack Obama
Retweeted by EdHe's petty in his mediocrity/pseudo intellectualism"Undocumented immigrants come seeking a better life and contribute to American society." #BanSanctuaryCities
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