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A lib until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat, became a fiscal conservative. In the new media sharing info/opinions/on the radio & guest on Fox

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I'd like to know the name of theguilty party!
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Ted Turner established CNN to be a leftist media outlet.
Retweeted by EdBingo! They're called present and future democrats @tomtomokie @rosier_tracey they work hard for the you better treat them rightWhen was it supposedly great? What did we have to compare it to, the msm?.There was NO internet to fact check then @EDinCali He figured out where the real money can be had
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Medicaid was set up to help the poor and indigent. The deceitful left added additional 'folks' who were n…
Retweeted by EdIs cutting taxes the only thing Paul Ryan learned from Ayn Rand? How about allowing free people to have a free market in health insurance?
Retweeted by EdANYONE tied in with the clintons, is a crook or dupe parents dont have that capacity, it is why we have democrats would think is as phony as a 3 dollar bill...trip and fall lawyer turned permanent politician some dont want to only takes a few votes in key districts to alter a states outcome for the same university that hid the pedophilia for years have allowed our children to be indoctrinated, not educated...The soviets die d the same thing, get the kids ear… WAS welfare...Now democrats have mainstreamed it in effort to give able bodied democrats more "free stuff"’s Wind Power Calamity: Canberra’s Government Tells Households to Rug-Up…
Retweeted by EdHis brief moment of honesty-Schumer Gaffe: Dems Are ‘Trying to Hurt’ American Families @SenSchumer, the ones who dont pay-Krauthammer: Americans Don’t Want to See ObamaCare Entitlements Rescinded railroad Tycoon who stopped the pipeline-Buffett Defends Not Paying Higher Rates He Says for: I Follow the Law True!!!-GOP Strategist: GOP Senators Signed up to Help the American People, Not Prolong Their Senate Career Thomas Calls Out the Supreme Court for Not Believing in the Second Amendment @DailySignalFast and Furious Whistleblower Says He Became an ‘Enemy of the State’ @DailySignalThis is the planned default all along if you even question this criminal, you are a misogynist/racist...Arrest her when Obama WH targeted conservatives via the IRS while propagandists like yourself cheered them on? Bet th…
Retweeted by EdThere's a "pause" in earths fever, something finally shuts bernie up #feelthebern guy is/was supposedly a republican, it is their fake news script....we're not buying it anymore TODAY: House to vote on immigration bills including 'Kate’s Law' and 'No Sanctuary for Criminals Act'
Retweeted by Ed
@EDinCali If I vote Democrat after I'm dead someone's getting haunted.
Retweeted by EdIf I'm voting democrat after I'm will be fraudThe Dimms’ Web of Lies about @POTUS & Russian collusion being ripped to pieces before our eyes. #MAGA #TrumpTrain
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali How many dead did he register to vote in the fine state of Virginia? Should it not be 100 days for each dead person registered?
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Man, I sure hope I don't vote Democrat when I'm dead.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Big mistake should have been made an example of. Need to deter others.
Retweeted by EdRussia was not a ploy, it is and was a diversion used as the excuse to surveil Trump days in jail for vote fraud, a democrat registering dead people to vote...WHY isn't it 100 months? @EDinCali I must be missing that page from the Constitution!
Retweeted by Ed @LKVents I knew you would :) @EDinCali IF it's a "right", why is it the ONLY one that folks are FORCED to exercise?
Retweeted by EdOne hopeful sign is the prosecutions going on against guilty democrats for vote fraud, rick perry is a barrel of monkeys Brit Hume is acknowledging this truth...He is not a knee jerk journalist @JamesOKeefeIII BOMBSHELL video perfectly explains why former Obama appointee Jim Sciutto is hosting the "Russi…
Retweeted by EdGod help us if there are enough ignorant fools to vote her in...Thank public education for this problem box but....kamala harris says healthcare is a constitutional right is it, the most corrupt administration in US history...just the tip of the iceberg's also right about obama wiretapping him of peace? Or just some nutcase? are getting exposed...I would not be surprised if they sat in on the daily democrat talking points conference… ignorant democrat put into a position of power
Made it to Drudge!
Retweeted by EdExcellent--maybe @CNN is draining its own swamp
Retweeted by EdLove this woman! Take that 👊@MaxineWaters
Retweeted by EdIf Obamacare is repealed and Kennedy retires, along with SCOTUS reinstating travel ban... OMG the winning this week!
Retweeted by EdCNN – No More Trump:Russia Stories w:out Approval, 1685 via @YouTube
Retweeted by EdHere ya go, it's what we thought and probably far more corrupt with Chicago way in charge RealJack: Eric Trump Puts Democrats, Media And Hollywood On BLAST, Calls Tom Perez 'A Nut…
Retweeted by EdThe media happily peddled "keep your doctor, keep your plan, save $2,500 per year". All LIES They don't get to weigh in on GOP plan.
Retweeted by EdI'm outraged by the number of people who are outraged that I don't want them picking my pocket to pay for their health care. FFS.
Retweeted by EdScore another victory for civility.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @Bronco_7777 KKKalifornia will profit greatly, and never have to take a snap!
Retweeted by EdHere it is @EDinCali And THAT, is right out of the NAZI SOCIALISTS play book...
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali LaRaza Racist Reconquista Perez defines today's Democrats as the veryvery least among the America people.
Retweeted by EdLOL MSM whacky msm news call SCOTUS travel ban ruling a win for both sides....ROFLOL!!!!The SCOTUS just informed the left what normal decent people already knew. The Constitution is for Americans not foreigners #MondayMotivation
Retweeted by EdSimple: Democrats like welfare. Republicans like jobs he can get a write off, California/Oakland will tax him horribly and tired of supporting imported welfare cases, support yourselves or go back to your own country and get thei… @LaurieMettier @EDinCali Not only's worse....they're anti-freedom
Retweeted by EdALWAYS watch what the left accuses others of doing because it is exactly what they are doing. When they point their… dam is breaking shows literally how far removed they/obama/left are from the reality of the majority of American people!!!! But the problem is that commies/socialists always run out of other peoples money AND SOME are more equal… that the Grape Shot? Hear!! The Perfect Face Of Todays Dems-Eric Trump Slams Tom Perez: The ‘Head of the DNC Is Frankly a Nut Job’