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Columnist, Commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat and became a fiscal conservative. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Oh yeah and the FBI is "investigating" that most ethical of governors...Terry McAuliffe....NOTHING will come of itWell I guess the FBI motto of integrity is another casualty in this most corrupt administration in the history of the United States @EDinCali Good question, and well put. His "auto-sign" pen will be busy.
Retweeted by EdWonder who Obama will pardon after the constraints of decency are lifted on him after this election?for my Singapore 7 Videos @realDonaldTrump on my channel> @STcom @mediacorp @StefanMolyneux
Retweeted by Ed @Jwaynem2 you never here a discouraging word about the left in Obama's msm sycophant pressFruit of obama-Friends no longer trust us, after 8 years of obama, Philippines will now have new alliance with China & drop alliance w/USA
While ignoring the real sexual predator in the room -her husband. Why do you support this #ImWithHer ?
Retweeted by EdWIKILEAKS: Here's The Evidence Hillary PLANNED To Make Trump Look Like SEXUAL Predator via @Doug_Giles @jasoninthehouse is a RHINO Does nothing but talk, talk, talk #TCOT #COsentinels @heritage_action
Retweeted by EdBy getting the debate questions to @HillaryClinton before the debate? Shame on you @donnabrazile !! Dirty pool!
Retweeted by EdThey practice sustainability on us tax slaves, they shear us instead of skinning us @MydoghatesMe2 @exposeliberals LOL, years ago...Now bill sees every morning as a box of chocolates when he opens his eyesBTW: Maria Bartiromo looked stunning at the "roast"...Like Sophia Loren of yesteryear #italianwomenPlease help share this news, @MariaBartiromo All Americans deserve to know the WHOLE TRUTH, not just what the MSM d…
Retweeted by Ed @MydoghatesMe2 @exposeliberals Now I understand bill...waking up to that in the morningLike the USSR, you replace God with the state @EDinCali Go away, Obama!!!
Retweeted by EdA leader for those who can't think for themselves or take responsibility for themselves...aka democrat base! "toothless" investigation-Congress Demanding More FBI Docs on State Department’s Alleged ‘Quid pro Quo’ @Tigerlili99 How convenientHypocrite, unprincipled, Gives meaning to "cafeteria catholics", more politician than man of God stupid nanny state overreach-Obama on Air Travel Reform: We’re Proposes Refunds for Anyone Whose Bag Is Delayed Tears-O’Reilly Slams Clinton, Trump over Al Smith Dinner: ‘They Embarrassed Cardinal Dolan’ @oreillyfactor Jong Mentally Ill-CNN: Kim Jong-un Fears for His Life Amid Assassination Rumors @wolfblitzer’s John Gibbs: ‘There Is No Merit’ to Idea Voter ID Suppresses Minority Turnout @TuckerCarlson of the things I vividly remember in grade school was a field trip to hydro electric power generating dam...Do they even do that anymore?10 4 That's why its so easy to manipulate an ignorant population by unethical evil politicians respect Donald Trump's work ethicLet them eat cake...famous last words of the political elite'll get to see what unpleasant surprises are in store....After you vote her in knows what re-education camps are by design most public school kids dont know how energy is produced and transported to their classrooms to… that does it for me won't surprise me......Thanks to public school teachers unions everywhere we are now a bunch of dumbmasses @JohnEMichel So share! Joy shared is double joy...Sorrow shared is 1/2 the sorrowQuick call the FBI and Dept of justice! Oh that's right, this isn't #blm"Calibration" equals manipulation course...Puting said it best: It's not important how these emails were produced...what is important is the conte… had a feeling there was some vaudevillian in your woodpile :) and you are doing a good job...General rule of thumb if it costs anything don't vote for it..How many education… lefty windmills blow up/slice birds and solar generators(only work on sunny days) incinerate birds as they fly… savages think black dogs r demons. Seen pics of cats & dogs nailed 2 a cross lik Jesus. @matthew_mort @z1y2x3 @Hankin57 @AbuWankinobbi
Retweeted by EdThere's those googly eyes again's the sneakiest way to manipulate is why founding fathers made us a republic, too easy to manipulate a… are voting early and often....they love these months long voting periods and no ID requirements been an outrageous biased lefty ever since her inception in scotus "Manifest Destiny" Like obama refers to that murderous islamic orgaization as ISIL, a passive aggressive FU…, What have we missed? Juan is a paid leftist shill we vividly remember the Salem Witch trials of my favorite parts of Nevada @EDinCali and the people need to think a bit...... to stressful
Retweeted by EdIt's a sign of the end times that these 2 are front page news Parents Discover ’12 Year-Old’ Afghan Son is 21 Year-Old Trained Taliban Terrorist (VIDEO)
Retweeted by EdThe wording on most of these propositions is designed to confuse the dumbmasses...why not u tube who's on 1st? irresistible egos/monumental narcissists egos clash stench from the bench is making us clench...Michael Savage entrepreneurial ambulance chaser inflicting the lawyer tax on the country Gun? Hey bob woodward! Isn't this spoon fed enough for you? yeah....."Head Hurt" wont get MSM attention, it's too complicated and requires work...they want titillation of confrontation and conquest
Where's Lynch and Comey to prosecute these crimes against our electoral process.... Bombshell Proves O’Keefe Right About Dems and Anti-Trump Rallies
Retweeted by EdHuge difference Hillary plays with our money don't rely on obamas corrupt dept of Justice or corrupt FBI to enforce laws or protect Americans at the Wisconsin Trump offices today. Every single volunteer in here is a woman! Made 100 calls so far…
Retweeted by EdCanada is with you America! Your decision on November 8th impacts us all! #VoteTrump #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp 🇨🇦👉🏼🇺🇸✌🏼️
Retweeted by EdGood boy gets a table scrap. #PodestaEmails15
Retweeted by EdThe left ultimately destroys their host country who has ever worked 1 day at the State Dept knows that Trump is right: we need an American desk. #HillaryFailed
Retweeted by EdGoogly Eyes is medical term for Synapitcal misfires refer to it as: Googly Eyes'm looking forward to seeing more of this horse's the old emotions vs logic....How that working out for us so far? e tu sydney? @PatDollard Just when you think "how corrupt can it get"..Something appears and answers question: Our Govt politically weaponized against US