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Columnist, Commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat and became a fiscal conservative. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Rick Perry to Khizr Khan: 'Shame on You' via @TheIJRUS Prepping to Surrender Internet Control #Newsmax via @Newsmax_MediaGeorge Soros Funded Sharia Lobby’s Attacks on American Critics of Islam #tcot #tlot #vrwc
Retweeted by EdFYI...I was an American in the womb before I had color. (Drops mic)
Retweeted by EdCorrect, my guns shoot just fine.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Saw a quote yesterday, "Take the Dems out of the gun death equation and the problems becomes VERY small." Fact.
Retweeted by EdJoe's the one having a blackout of the day woud pay more-What Would Happen If Milwaukee Protesters Had Their Way? | Restoring Liberty do we allow this among us? Radical Muslim Cleric Found Guilty of Supporting ISIS | Restoring Liberty Exposed-Serbs Greet Biden With Chants of 'Vote for Trump!' | Restoring Liberty aliens/unions cry foul-Cheap robots are coming for our farm jobs by taking the most brutal tasks first Revenue Falling Behind Estimates Thanks to Excessive Taxation Rape Case Inspires Lawmaker to Fight Philadelphia’s Sanctuary City Policy via @SiegelScribe @DailySignalIrish boxer attacks Vladimir Putin who he says bribed Olympic judges It Begins-London Mayor To Set Up Police ‘Online Hate Crime Hub’ In 'Partnership' With Social Media Firms
@kmf829 @FLNJ312 he's always gotten a pass for every one of his boneheaded statements ....he is NOT a geniusAmazing how #JoeBiden got a pass on that one. The corruption is breathtaking. #MAGA @FLNJ312
Retweeted by EdAnd we won't mention hillarys bathroom server... Dangerous? I think so
Retweeted by Ed @tpartyatperrysb yes Joe biden smartest guy in the room....full of democrats... While explaining how dangerous Trump is..
Retweeted by EdLeftist "savant" joe biden" pointed out the 1 who carries nuke codes...remember he was the one who outed SEAL Team 6, before helo shot down @barbarag2016 they've perfected corruption and hoqw to live off others sweat @EDinCali @mommags2579 @JoeBiden nobody likes Joe more than Joe. Doofus
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @JoeBiden real smart he points right over to the guy carrying the nucular code dim wit
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali that explains why the unions went after Walker with so vehemently a while back. Too bad.
Retweeted by Ed#Milwaukee another democrat/socialist city run into the ground, but it's corrupt tentacles permeates thru the stateWhy? Because We Will hear The Truth? Bakari Sellers: Congress Getting Hillary Clintons FBI Notes Is a Slippery Slope Liar Clinton Supporter Chris Van Hollen Dodges Questions About Clinton’s Emails @ChrisCuomo @ChrisVanHollen suffers under the tyranny of its corrupt big citiesKaboom! Sheriff David Clarke: ‘What Causes Riots Are Failed Liberal Urban Policies’ @MCSOSheriff negatives make a positive? Gingrich: Clinton Lies About Lying @newtgingrich @kilmeade School Educated Millennials Think Karl Marx Is 3rd Party Candidate Challenging Hillary & Trump @MarkDice, "Smartest Man In the Room" Joe Biden: ‘I Became the Obama Whisperer’ @JoeBiden's That Working Out For The German People?-Trump: Hillary Clinton Wants To Be America’s Angela Merkel for office @HillaryClinton @JoeBiden has to hold her up straight 🤔 that should disqualify her #ShortCircuit
Retweeted by Ed🚨La razón por la que apoyo a @realDonaldTrump The reason I support @realDonaldTrump #Immigration #LatinosForTrump 🇺🇸
Retweeted by EdCradle to Grave Govt Indoctrinated Wards/Drones-Caldwell: Our campus crybabies explained Sharia-Germany Now Has More Than 1,000 Documented Child Marriages | Restoring Liberty
Jan Brewer: The Clintons Use ‘the Foundation to Fill Their Pockets’ @GovBrewer @jaketapper @Bakari_Sellers destroys home of Palestinian who stabbed to death a 13-year-old Israeli-American girl
Retweeted by EdWho else saw this on my previous tweet? Twitter is now censoring any images I post. This was a news article.
Retweeted by Ed
Dear Media, PUTIN said it FIRST! Putin OCT 2015: “Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, did, in fact, create ISIS.” h/t @AmyMek
Retweeted by EdI am a black woman, educated (BA,MBA), independent thinker. I support Trump. 🙋🏽@realDonaldTrump @Women4Trump #Trump2016 #MAGA #DealWithIt
Retweeted by EdHillary and Obama created ISIL/ISIS @Schairvo Maybe Boko Haram gave Clinton foundation a donationHey Michelle! You need a new hashtag~Boko Haram video claims to show the Nigerian school girls kidnapped 2 years ago not, what matters is how much you help the Clinton's enrich themselves at the taxpayers expense.
Retweeted by EdAn old saying is when a horse is hard hardheaded ,raise the feed trough and keep raising it until it responds.
Retweeted by EdLike leading it to water @EDinCali @newtgingrich @ainsleyearhardt WHY I'LL VOTE FOR TRUMP!
Retweeted by EdPirro: Hillary’s Server Designed to Protect Money Funneled Through Foundation @sdoocy @JudgeJeanine @ainsleyearhardt Trump Is a ‘Direct Assault’ on the Washington Insider System @newtgingrich @sdoocy @ainsleyearhardt Release of the Rest of the Foundation Emails ‘Could Be Catastrophic’ for Hillary @krauthammer when bill clinton said "character doesn't matter" when trying to appoint one of his corrupt dem minions to head a fed agency?The idiots are terrified to state any ethnicity! INSANE!! Profiling WORKS!
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali
Retweeted by EdAlso, Americans welcome legal immigration to those who contribute to our country...We do not want those who come here to takeClintonesque Word Salads....mean nothing Convenient @bad_robot_57 You are closer to him than I am, you call himAssimilate or go back to where you came from, this is NOT the 7th century is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark?Smoking gun? Oh that's right they are banned did he do for poor White or Hispanic Americans? NOTHING. So we're all in the same boat.
Retweeted by EdTwitter re-instated @GUCCIFER_2 after massive pressure to stop silencing whistleblowers.
Retweeted by Ed#Milwaukee - another Democratic Party stronghold. If you want the whole country to turn into a shithole like Milwaukee, vote Hillary.
Retweeted by EdLooting stores for hair extensions because "justice" or something. #Milwaukee
Retweeted by EdCorrect Terminology: Arkancide @Rockprincess818 @CarmineZozzora
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @SRuhle
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @SRuhle Disgusting that he had to say it not that he said it
Retweeted by EdThis state dept is populated by a large number of delusional leftists of our economy, Coal Industry Burned by Crippling Regulations | @MangusColorado Former German finance minister blurted out "solar is path to bankruptcy" but was shouted down by left @EDinCali @SRuhle A bit more than a 'smidgen'. #ISIS creator.
Retweeted by EdI imagine obama lynch will be right on the imam shooting in Queens... but ignore clinton foundation utter corruptionNot a Smidgeon Of Truth? Basil Smikle: ‘Disgusting’ for Trump to Say Obama Is the Founder of ISIS @SRuhle Green Gangsterism-Obama: No Doubt America Has Become Global Leader in the Fight Against Climate Change, He Was NOT A Bigot Before He Ran For President-McMullin: ‘We Know’ Trump ‘Is a Bigot @MangusColorado Can they use that same approved drug to start executing murderers on Californias death row?#GOP must embrace #fracking technology as tax cut, defense policy, jobs program, economic stimulus, inflation fighter, OPEC tamer #teaparty
Retweeted by Ed10/10 - Think only Donald Trump insults? Watch Hillary antagonize & demean a potential voter, then laugh in her face
Retweeted by EdDon't vote for @HillaryClinton #Benghazi #NeverForget #NeverHillary
Retweeted by EdThe front yard has become home to 3 huge ravens @RichardGrenell @greggutfeld LOL...The outed foreign policy expert and conservativeFolks be careful of getting in those floodwaters in Louisiana, all kinds of bacteria/filth that can get you real sickPerhaps the country is tiring of permanent politicians @BeanfromPa Its how we got the "war on poverty" started...Going to the well again, how much more can the earners afford?It's a clinton m/o....rope a dope stonewall and public gets scandal fatigue...Lanny Davis knows how to pull it off @KurtSchlichter @RichardGrenell LOL....Lynch/Comey team are "on it"RedState: Clinton Charity Remains All About Taking Care of the Clintons #USPolitics
Retweeted by Ed @WBVT_98FM dammed rubberneckersPerhaps they can try printing the truth instead of a leftwing agenda, it might help @RSCGOP beware the media/govt incestPot tax goes up in smoke in California Legislature Spoke Blunt Truth Again, Libs Dont Like it-NY Times Losing Revenues, Credibility and The Famous Sunday Edition a fixer upper-San Jose: Average Home Costs $1,000,085 matter how much the left wants to punish our economy-Conventional Fuels Still of Vital Importance to California protected by govt unions and fed law, bureaucrats are untouched by ramifications of their misdeeds