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Sensibility is cheap. Reporting is expensive.

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Hi there. I'm Mitch McConnell. When I'm not having disabled people arrested for protesting a bill that will kill th…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSaw Lion in Winter last night @PBS Teenage me was rapt by dialogue/performance. 20 years later, arrestingly depress…
@pssolomon has to beInflation keeps falling w/unemployment at historic lows. That doesn't make sense. No one knows why that's happening: Caldbeck takes indefinite leave of absence from Binary Capital via @axios
Retweeted by Edmund LeeVenmo is testing its own physical debit card
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSeems like the job of the person standing at the @PressSec lectern is to say "his tweets speak for themselves" or "… to @nytimes for this handy chart on who depends on Medicaid - this is who loses under Trumpcare
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@Nest’s lead industrial designer is changed a lot since Google bought it: breaking frm @Tess_Townsend @JackMarshall zactlyonce you go liquid cooled... @JSwiftTWS wait, there's food outside New York? Also, there's an outside New York?.@foodandwine moves from Manhattan to Birmingham. It's cheaper, yes, but it'll also change coverage. media buyers and advertisers were worried about at Cannes. Smart media redeall from @KurtWagner8
Not you, @tedcruz. You're not invited. 😉
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"Dear Readers:" the post-public editor era begins
Retweeted by Edmund LeeUnless you are impervious to disease, injury or age, Trumpcare will hurt you. Lifetime limits means no insurance after one big problem.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@PreetBharara sent an email to "memorialize" Trump's strange call. @JasonLeopold got it under FOIA.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeTesla is talking to the music labels about creating its own streaming service
Retweeted by Edmund LeeUber employees are circulating a petition to ask the board to let Travis Kalanick return
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"How do we expect pilots to learn to fly if they can't even fit in the drone?"
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
There's conflict of interest, failure to alert the subject, poor sourcing, made up sourcing...and then there's this: still maintains board seat (and Kalanick with fellow founder Camp still controls votes) stories nowadays rarely expose a newsroom's culture; @perlberg obliges in a nice takeout on @GuardianUS go on but you're better off listening to he doc's director here: Dead were an inevitable product of white decadence ... classic post WWII America. Strange reminded me how great the Dead were as a band but how weirdly disconnected it was from the Dead Heads. all 4 hrs of @LongStrangeDoc. It's not the Last Waltz, but one of the best music docs ever made. Nicely done @amirbarlevTrump's Russia connections reported here by @TimOBrien via @bvBuzzFeed and New York Times e-commerce chiefs are coming to Code Commerce in September
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
End result of telling a reporter there is an embargo and then letting another outlet go an hour early: i will never work with you again
Retweeted by Edmund LeeUber adding tipping makes it a good day to re-read Michael Lewis' immortal case against tips
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWhat @tonyromm saw behind the scenes at Trump's tech summit:, well-reasoned argument from @karaswisher on what needs to happen at Uber #mustreadWant to ask me where I'm 'really' from? Try another question. My latest for @CNNOpinion #whereimreallyfrom
Retweeted by Edmund LeeStitch fix without the stylists ...for now
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBloomberg has excellent reporters who deserve better than this. So does Bloomberg's audience.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Media reporting has always required a particular kind of brass: flash. Trump's tech summit by @TonyRomm via @RecodeNot exactly a tick-tock, but the best we have for now on Amazon's takeover of Whole Foods $AMZN $WFM Technology Council about to kick off. Jared Kushner.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @TonyRomm @Recode .@tonyRomm flagged the possibility the merger would be blocked last week: from @TonyRomm via @RecodeAs I first reported last week, FanDuel and DraftKings were in big merger trouble. Now, the FTC voted to block their deal. More TK.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeCongrats Joe! Nice get for VF. @ranimolla fighting wordsStitch Fix IPO bound ... could it be as soon as this year? via @RecodeTrump tech summit 2.0 with Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Satya Nadella, et al. by @TonyRomm"Short of waterboarding him, I don’t know what more Kelly could've done to expose Jones’ dark methods." @jackshafer
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe big sweep on @deanbaquet vs @PostBaron by @joepompeo
@edmundlee If by hipsters you mean goyim
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @Matthaber best compliment in a whileHow is @edmundlee more Jewish than me?
Retweeted by Edmund LeeI can accurately report the pastrami rye is exactly the same. 🙏 (If you order anything else you can't be saved so n… Katz's Deli in Brooklyn they take credit cards!!! But no Cel-ray. Also someone ordered "brisket with Swiss." Th…
from @Recode's brosé expert, @KurtWagner8, who will be at Cannes, so follow along
@DelRey @fmanjoo @ellenhuet @OliviaZaleski pretty for @Instacart @DelRey @fmanjoo @ellenhuet @OliviaZaleski is it ready? I'll grab @fmanjoo @DelRey @ellenhuet @OliviaZaleski change of control clauses are rare ... also, Amazon is buying into real… recall @gregbettinelli being first I saw long while back. But looks like the tweets are gone 😳
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHow many @megynkelly takes have we seen before the segment has even aired? @nkulw story's got legs you need to ride it all the way aka journalismAmazon + Whole Foods = bad for every other supermarket by @ranimollaThe tipping point for $AMZN was consistent, same-day delivery, says @edmundlee. Consumers now confident in it, and $WFM provides the network
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @MikeIsaac @danprimack @benthompson terms of art: vertical vs. horizontal (AMZN is barely in grocery) regulators wi…$AMZN gained $15 billion in market cap since announcing $WFM acquisition so the deal is now paid for. by @ranimollaHere's our big takeaway: via @Recode @edmundlee Bloomberg reported in April that Amazon wanted to buy Amazon
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNYU professor Scott Galloway wins Amazon m&a sweepstakes -- he called the AMZN + WholeFoods deal weeks ago:"@amazon could close @WholeFoods stores down and just turn them into warehouses and they could justify the price."
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSmart, quick folo from @TonyRomm on how Trump’s criticism of Amazon looms over its Whole Foods deal to know what's going on with Amazon buying Whole Foods? Read @fromedome super helpful post outlining everything good snapshot here.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee$400 million termination fee: acquisitions by deal value by @ranimollaAmazon-Whole Foods deal also a tie up between WaPo and NYT: Bezos owns WP+Gabrielle Sulzberger, wife of NYT publisher, is chairwoman of WF
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThis is what $amzn + $wfm deal has done to the sector: