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Twitter's retreat from 'Buy' buttons puts its payments partner Stripe in an awkward spot
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Read the @ReliableSources newsletter, led by @DylanByers tonight:
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @bizcarson @JMBooyah updatedanyone else sensing a long weekend news dump?Complete list of which car companies are investing in which startups: by @JMBooyahSources speculate exclusively... is the biggest problem with billionaire Thiel's Gawker attack, Swisher says
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMeet the Highest-Paid C.E.O.s in 2015
Retweeted by Edmund LeeViacom's stock is up +12.2% since Philippe Dauman was removed from Sumner's trust last week $VIAB
Retweeted by Edmund LeeOn $VIAB, it comes down to Shari Redstone wanting to remove Philippe Dauman. The board would/should consider just negotiating a new CEO.It could be an interesting day for directors of Viacom. My report:
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"Sumner Redstone" could replace $VIAB board (incl. CEO Dauman) today @davidfaber says. if so, he'd have to have a CEO lined up.P.S. FYI here’s the web link:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGawker CEO Denton: Peter Thiel's attack on Gawker shows the power of the billionaire class
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"I think it changes the debate, because now it's clear what the agenda is and who's behind it." - @nicknotned
Retweeted by Edmund LeeDenton suggests billionaire Sean Parker is the 'friend' who encouraged Thiel @CNBC #Gawker
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"This is kind of a revenge fantasy for billionaires..." Gawker CEO @nicknotned says on Peter Thiel funded lawsuit. #SquawkExclusive
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNice lead item in @joepompeo's first media newsletter: WSJ editor Gerry Baker calling on staff to be "fair" to Trump
Don't miss: We'll be interviewing @nicknotned of @gawker on @SquawkCNBC 7:30am EST Friday on battle w/@peterthiel
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"...the details of your involvement will be gruesome..." @nicknotned not backing down Denton to Peter Thiel: " the next phase, you too will be subject to a dose of transparency..." open letter to Peter Thiel — and some questions he should answer.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeTwo more Twitter executives — in charge of media, commerce and biz dev — are leaving the company via @RecodeFacebook insiders insist the company isn't responsible for Peter Thiel's private actions: via @RecodeEither Gawker wins on appeal, or it files for bankruptcy -- then you talk sale. via @RecodeLove the Gawker statements showing up in my inbox anticipating what I just saw in my Twitter feed. @jeffbercovici @pkafka @felixsalmon somewhat educated guess based on VC penchant for club deals. what if Get Gawker, LLC was a club deal?
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFYI our 2.5-yr-old daily media newsletter going free, renamed Morning Media + I’ll be writing it, starting tomorrow:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeApple looks to spend "several hundred millions of dollars a year" on original content @MattGarrahan reports:
@tcarmody it's called "ring and run"You think Peter Thiel is dangerous? He’s so much more dangerous than you think.
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Retweeted by Edmund LeeSo Peter Thiel pays people to fight his battles: one of closet Sumner observers around. But my real favorite is when Sumner tried to get one of his sources: time Sumner Redstone asked @peterlauria3 to get him some ice cream:
...Thiel is on Facebook's board as part of governance and comp committee. He owns ~$130m of $FB stock and was compensated $355k last year.Why did Nick Denton think Peter Thiel was behind the Hulk Hogan suit? by @pkafka...Silicon Valley exhibiting the ruthless dysfunction media moguls have long employed...finally.Forbes reports it's @peterthiel backing the lawsuits against Gawker all who RTd my pleas for vets who got @realdonaldtrump's $ yest'day. We couldn't find 'em b/c they didn't exist.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNews was always a small part of Buzzfeed, like news division of a major network. Entertainment was always the plan: chasing Amazon Echo: by @amirHow can you ditch your carrier and just use Wi-Fi? @Recode's Kara Swisher and @verge's Lauren Goode explain.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeToyota has made a strategic investment in Uber
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGawker's founder has a hunch a Silicon Valley billionaire is financing the raft of lawsuits against his company:
What Viacom CEO said about Sumner in November, differs wildly from what he's saying now: via @RecodeViacom CEO says Sumner Redstone, who controls the company, can barely talk CEO's complaint against Shari Redstone say he visited Sumner as recently as March, and he wasn't all there: culpa. This morning on @SquawkCNBC I called $VIAB a "dying business." Better said, a declining business, or at least not growing.And here it is: Viacom CEO files complaint in family court over his ouster from board that controls the company. Talese on journalism.
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2016 not seen this ever. The person who controls a company issuing statements against the company he controls. Redstone v Viacom.One of the last issues of the magazine @kenli729 and I started in college. Print baby.'ve got high school papers on these.
Sumner Redstone Ousts Viacom CEO from his Trust ... Shari Redstone demonstrates Sumner-like ruthlessness:
Even $3 billion for $YHOO's core biz would be a nice one-time dividend for shareholders:
One of my favorite tech dudes, @JasonHirschhorn, talks with @pkafka. 'Nuff said: via @RecodeGoogle celebrated Yuri Kochiyama, and some people think it's promoting radicalism. Er, no: @karaswisher @KurtWagner8 @DelRey on being named @LoebAwards finalists:
.@WSJ on Theranos 24 stories 0 corrections Theranos Voids 2 years of test results Subject of US criminal probe Faces federal sanctions
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHow Recipe Videos Colonized Your Facebook Feed via @newyorker
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBreaking: Theranos corrects tens of thousands of blood-test reports, including voiding 2 years of Edison results
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Here in Vegas w/ @DelRey who is helming #CodeCommerce with an assist from @nkulw and @edmundlee #soproud
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@DelRey's first rodeo tonight. city. @DelRey to bring the real tonight at the first #codecommerce conference. Drinks before and after.
Twitter will make it easier to cram photos and links into tweets @pkafka explains why the story is a storyThe complete timeline to self-driving cars via @JMBooyahput it another way: Buffett paid $1 billion for 9.8 m shares of $AAPL stock that's now worth $886 million. @bristei cf @WarrenBuffett investment in $IBM.@WarrenBuffett owns $1 billion of $AAPL stock. Caveat: he's not great at tech investments.
Sitting through an entire Noah Baumbach movie is like staying friends with college people you shouldn't be friends with anymore.My (very) long goodbye as NYT public editor gets one last blast at @onthemedia in an interview with @Bobosphere
Retweeted by Edmund Lee>@RupertMurdoch, James Murdoch and Twitter's @Jack pay homage to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal
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Opinion: Why Alan Rusbridger had no choice but to quit The Guardian
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @MattRosoff $1B cross border investment with two massive companies? That's a big miss. Those other stories were largely internal movesThis is a big deal: Former guardian editor @arusbridger will NOT return as head of the trust that controls guardian Rusbridger confirms to Guardian staff that he will not be returning as chair of the Scott Trust.
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@lisahopeking PR > BBerg / Reuters speedesks > wire > Twitter > news sites @levynews $1B cross-border investment two massive companies. Lots of chances to get into it. No one gotApple's $1B investment in Didi was broken in a press release. Everyone's slipping.Facebook 👀 topics from 1000 sites but only shows headline if it appears in 5/10 top sources. Built in bias? is killing online retailers. Here's how one startup is trying to fix that. by @DelReyRN @jakesilverstein responding to Samuels on Rhodes story controversy. @MikeIsaac our future. @Milbank + 🍴 + 📰 = 💩 @mhbergen @nkulw dorksjournalism. is Google's new app to smuggle search into iPhones
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Google’s answer to Amazon Echo is code-named ‘Chirp,’ landing soon @mhbergen strikes again @fmanjoo 👍 mogul Rupert Murdoch owns a piece of Uber. via @JMBooyah & @EdmundLee
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @NellieBowles @Edpilkington bec he has access to a lot of things! @NellieBowles look up @Edpilkington while you're hereGoogle's audacious plan to take on the cable companies: the big take by @mhbergen
"Journalists shouldn't have to worry about the business part [of their parent company]." --@nsbarsky. agree that's how it SHOULD be, but...
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBeat y'all to this. @JohnTheCho already starred in my movie, West 32nd. #StarringJohnCho read on that Facebook algo controversy, from @reckless