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Sensibility is cheap. Reporting is expensive.

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Bribe Cases, a Secret Jared Kushner Partner and Potential Conflicts - My Story:
Retweeted by Edmund LeePithy, economical, removed. The best kind of newspaper writing. Also, giant rabbits and United Airlines! ESPN had mass layoffs today: Costs are up. Subscribers are down by @pkafka and me
Retweeted by Edmund LeeOn-air talent getting the axe which is a bigger structural change. Big deal.$TWTR big beat on sales, profit and user additions, but revenue still down a lot from year ago
#Millennials @Noahpinion some may buy that argument but I don't. Snap presents a real product. If it succeeds it'll come down to… @Noahpinion they want control. they don't want any constituents. that's fine but then those companies tend to stay small @Noahpinion wouldn't go that far. tends to suggest narrow worldview of founder(s). @Noahpinion more reporting required. Q I'd ask is if this ratchets up pressure on IPO. If secondary market's pressu… @Noahpinion true. but startup valu less dependent on profit than topline growth so "toxic culture" as wedge against… @Noahpinion in a "rational" marketplace, yes. But startup marketplaces are distorted fields so toxic culture may a… source tells @theinformation that UBER shares (secondary market) have dropped, now valuing co. at $50 billion
Hacking, Murdoch:'s content staff now doing some buy-this-stuff writing: via @Recode
Sunday done @MikeIsaac
Hey @jeffsessions, I'm a fan of The Warriors too: really wants TV ad $$$ so it'll pay publishers for more video breaking (yet again) fr @KurtWagner8after NYT, James Murdoch's dislike for O'Reilly, Lachlan's wife, a $24B bid for Sky hanging in the balance...yeah s… sent this Trump-like oppo research email someone is doing on tech press in general and me in particular. Am rep…
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @MikeIsaac @TonyRomm @Recode there's no substitute for reporting, Mike. That includes tweeting.Nice get CNBC! McCracken is a real heavyweight. and Google are spending lobbying dollars to fight Trump breaking from @TonyRomm
Arianna Huffington tells the staff that Eric Holder needs more time to interview key figures via @RecodeNice one @joepompeo to run this Twitter account? We're looking for an Associate Engagement Editor. Apply here:…
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @Aerocles @KurtWagner8 this is not thatBig acquisition in ad tech, noteworthy for large price. Also, imp as GOOGL/FB want brand advertisers to spend more Facebook has gotten to an "editor-in-chief" type, but don't call it that: breaking from @KurtWagner8
Google plans ad blocking feature based on a standard from a "coalition" funded by Google., Catz (Oracle), Mike Markkula (fmr Apple), lots others, as Senate lawmakers try to raise money in a place u…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeKudos @emilysteel @nytmike for breaking news on O'Reilly's payouts, which led to his ouster at Fox News. There's no substitute for reportingAnd that's it. Bye, Bill.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeA source tells @gabrielsherman, Lachlan Murdoch's wife, Sarah, may have persuaded him to dump O'Reilly👏👏👏 @OliviaZaleski @ellenhuet via @technologyGreat to hear @tmcgev is taking up the media mantle at the Voice! I'll be reading. via @joepompeo.@brianstelter And the amt of $$$ Fox would reap from owning rest of Sky would easily offset anything lost from O'Reilly pushout.@brianstelter I'd add another factor to Murdochs decision is their plan to fully own Sky, which might be scuttled… breakdown of likely O'Reilly ouster in @brianstelter newsletter:
Murdochs dropped Sky deal because of hacking scandal. Pushing out OReilly might assure @Ofcom Fox is fit to own Sky than Walmart's purchase of Jet. breaking from @DelReyBuuuuut thing is, Ballmer's project, called USAFacts, does not appear to want to load this AM. Steve, call ur off…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMy in depth look at the next iPhone, coming at product's decade anniversary
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWay to go nytimes. Congrats @ellenjpollock1
How Putin uses Trump's anti-media stance against Trump. Smart on-the-ground assessment from @jimrutenberg
@JBFlint "If a frog had side pockets..." still the best one
When @gabrielsnyder interviewed @kenli729 about that thing you know as #fastandfurious Lore's latest acquisition since joining Walmart. 'nother @DelRey scoop @DelRey @EricNewcomer called @EricNewcomer yeah that's weird. Was wondering how they got to 33% of the fare @EricNewcomer does the $6.5b count Pool bookings?.@Aiannucci > Aaron Sorkin metric that Id like to see is net revenue per ride minute and how that's changed.@EricNewcomer As to the actual biz, weird that UBER counts uberpool bookings as revenue, tho Pool is def the futur… says look over here (nice get @EricNewcomer): @gerryfsmith @Lucas_Shaw cc @Viacom @Lucas_Shaw @gerryfsmith was unclear why they'd want to partner with payTV to do so @gerryfsmith @Lucas_Shaw but that's also why dist have ESPN problem since payTV guys have to make it avail on the m… Wants to Rule the World. First It Must Conquer India: My long story on Uber's operations in its #2 market.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @gerryfsmith @Lucas_Shaw why would TV networks work with pay-TV distributors to create an online bundle?
There is nothing you can do to convince me that Facebook isn't using my phone's mic to target advertising to me
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBest man at my wedding.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHahahahahaha
Hey @WarrenBuffett, it looks like @JeffBezos is trying to Wally Pipp you: will report earnings for the first time on May 10
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Another one bites the dust: Uber comms head Rachel Whetstone is departing via @Recode
Retweeted by Edmund LeeKentucky coal museum installs solar panels #maga
Retweeted by Edmund LeeDC museums dominated by school visits, so there you go.
And...can you diiiiig it! Way to go @colsonwhitehead fuck yeah #pulitzer#Pulitzers have always favored catholicity, but especially telling the smaller newspapers that won in Age of Trump @waltmossberg on a remarkable career & thanks for everything you've done for consumers! Enjoy next chapter.
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How a urinal pitch became the billion dollar Fast and Furious franchise. Guess how much journo @kenli729 got?…
Sharing a few words of gratitude for my friend and colleague @waltmossberg as he announces news of his next chapter…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeOne of Twitter’s longest-tenured board members, Peter Fenton, is leaving.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSyria’s civil war has killed around 500,000 and displaced millions. Here’s how it started — and how it got to this…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeI'm lucky to have worked with one of the best journalists to have ever put fingers to keyboard. Thanks @waltmossberg
@matt_levine I effed up the editing of myself. Fixed.