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Sensibility is cheap. Reporting is expensive.

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Don't care how nice it looks. Still want to know what's happening other side of the hill. my source: when you don't respond I'm going to assume the worst.)
...only in New York, kids, only in New York @caseyjohnston @gabrielsnyder sure but that's the only timeDon't ever pull the emergency break.'s $1.2B in losses so far this year is a floor. Q1 loses were ~$520M but Q2 loses SIGNIFICANTLY EXCEEDED $750M
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLeft unsaid: If Shari wants Moonves to run a merged $viab-$cbs she'll have to offer big chunk of controlling shares
@davidcho @DelRey dude it's called pasta i think...Hahahaha...Roscioli only place worth note @DelRey sub Viacom level all good @DelRey I am, but Julius Caesar is not. This is where they killed him. I could feel the rage I'm so in tune with it.
Hey PR when you lie to our reporters we remember."...a fitting conclusion to this experiment in what happens when you let journalists say what they really think."
"Something that burns the somethingest is something!" --@Choire $viab new CEO @puiwingtam on assembling a killer team.I'm thrilled to start @nytimes -- can't wait to work with @puiwingtam and team!
Retweeted by Edmund Leehooray, new colleague @daiwaka starts today! He's gonna kill it on the Google beat
Retweeted by Edmund Lee turns into a zombie site today
Retweeted by Edmund LeeI just published “Hi, I’m Christina + I Have This Big Idea”
Retweeted by Edmund LeeOlympic medal count. GDP by country. (Common correlation but wonder if an R-squared would show outliers like doping)
Sable. Herring. Sunday.
There's a "hey Les" call that will eventually happen. $VIAB
Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google turned down Lyft's $ 9 billion asking price. Even after it lowered the number, no dice. GM may be only hopeLyft was seeking as much as $9 billion in a buyout by @mhbergen @JMBooyah$VIAB: “If there was any doubt the strong-willed Redstone blood courses through her veins, that has been answered"
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"I can't do the reporting for my reporters, which means I have to trust them. And I hate trusting anybody."Things enigmatic Trump donor Robert Mercer has bought: 203-ft yacht, Breitbart, this gun:
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@Gawker trashed me more times than I can count but to be killed off by a thin skinned tech tyrant is appalling.
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Anna Wintour elevator. Come back.The SEC has opened an inquiry into Hampton Creek Reporting by @obinsonmatt and @OliviaZaleski
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAll About Eve.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @brianstelter @Lucas_Shaw that said kudos to media beat reporters covering VIAB -- it's a serious pain @brianstelter @Lucas_Shaw yeah Twitter is hard 😘#Viacom #Liberation
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @Lucas_Shaw dude, there are background briefings and there are background briefings. Dooley is a placeholder. @bristei I'm with you manHey guys. Your feed, my feed, very few care about Viacom doings.Another way to think about the Viacom settlement: @KenLerer to join $VIAB board: CEO Philippe Dauman is on his way out. So what's the plan to get Viacom growing again?
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @RichBTIG
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHere’s how Snapchat makes money from disappearing videos.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeE-commerce is still really hard — even after Jet and Dollar Shave Club fetched $4 billion smart from @DelReyBest story today. Naked Donald Trump statue in Union Square gets hauled away via @GothamistHere’s Nick Denton’s goodbye to Gawker note“The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very very brightly.” @nicknotned on always wanted someone to do a column about the Valley now that would be like Carl's Industry Standard column.)
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGawker, a eulogy. Listen to @pkafka and @espiers talk about the site's early days: there's a chance @nicknotned buys it back it won't be for a while: was good.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee1/10 Big news: We’re shutting @nytnow. The app was a milestone in the digital evolution of @nytimes
Retweeted by Edmund Lee(watch, skip to 9:01), @ezraklein saying the thing about Trump supporters that media hasn't really said: via @msnbcSuper-smart @espiers worked for Nick Denton and Jared Kushner. So we talked about that. And also virtual reality.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeTimes shuts down NYT Now because its main app has enough millennials
@mtfarnsworth yes. Also, let's make it @Recode header image.The pose. to periscope from @recode with @KurtWagner8 and the inimitable and irascible @pkafka talking Galaxy Note 7, Intel and more
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMy wife pointing out she's still nice to me: @pmarca @CNNPR @BuzzFeedBen well they definitely know the Twitter: better about our Buzzfeed investment every day. 😎
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFalse alarm: Emails to Mary Meeker are bouncing back, saying she left firm. BUT: Firm saying she is still there. Seems to be email problem.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSo I thought I'd help out my old friend @colsonwhitehead and buy his latest book (usually do) and then I saw this: publicly sets the bar in case anyone is wondering if Univision should keep running media world, the rest of you are jealous (you have no idea) that @Choire writes Vox Media's reports on how it's going with Facebook etc.Donald Trump's tax returns held hostage: DAY 428
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @ryan @fmanjoo get an actual bagel before deciding if you want to toast it @MikeIsaac works tooHere’s how Snapchat makes money from disappearing videos by @KurtWagner8If you think corporations pay too much tax -- Walmart’s low prices have led to more crime, taking up police time:
BREAKING: Viacom and Sumner Redstone's Natl. Amusements in deep settlement talks that would end litigation, lead to CEO Dauman's exit - DJ
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWhether or not you always agreed with what Gawker published, @nicknotned made a thing that challenged power. That is journalism. Mazel tov.Here we go... Univision is buying Gawker Media for $135 million by @pkafkaHave to say this is a slow going auction process.Home Depot’s stock is flying high. Is it a good time to buy a startup like Houzz? by @DelReyWith @Gawker on the market, what happens next? We discuss with @Recode's @edmundlee:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAnd, someone is buying @gawker today. @edmundlee with the latest news @hereandnow. Listen
Retweeted by Edmund LeeKicking off @SquawkAlley w/ @edmundlee + Kate Mitchell of Scale: - Nasdaq Highs + $AAPL - Peter Thiel Op-ed - Google Duo
Retweeted by Edmund LeeZiff Davis bid for Gawker includes provision @nicknotned stay on for 2 years by @sherman4949
Will someone let me know when this hopelessly conflicted man stops blowing his pathetic horn and tsk-tsk lecturing?
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBrief update on Gawker bankruptcy: Confirmation that there will be an auction tomorrow. That is - at least two bids.
Retweeted by Edmund LeePeter Thiel says journalism will be just fine, since he’ll decide what’s good journalism guys, Peter Thiel says journalism will be just fine! He'll be deciding what qualifies: Executive Editor Joe Brown is going to run Popular Science
Retweeted by Edmund LeeDropbox is contemplating a possible 2017 IPO. Read on for the details of the scoop by @alexbarinka & @ManuBaigorri.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeEverything you need to know about the Gawker Media auction by @pkafka$TRNC Chairman, amateur media proprietor. Nice reportinng from @LesliePicker you want to buy Gawker Media, today's the day to make an offer | Recode Daily: August 15, 2016 via @Recode
Must read. Seriously. Stop what you are doing and read this now.
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Hey Twitter. @Lesdoggg is the best Olympics media. Period. You should bow down. women dominating on Earth, in the water, and in the air
Retweeted by Edmund Lee#Phelps.@MichaelPhelps ends his career with a #GOLD medal finish! This marks his 23rd #GOLD MEDAL!
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @DelRey always2 jiggers vodka + half jigger pickle juice + 3 ice cubes + 3 salted capers. I made this. Dunno if it's original, but it's gooooood.The GOP is still treating @realDonaldTrump like a child:
Clinton/Kaine is the closest we're ever going to get to a Jan Brady/Peter Brady ticket.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAnthony Ervin's Life Plan: 2000: Win Gold Retire Unretire 2016: Win Gold
Retweeted by Edmund LeePortland, ME #camppickup cc @Eater x2 🏅💛 @simone_manuel
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