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Sensibility is cheap. Reporting is expensive.

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.@rupertmurdoch Twitter is the best Twitter. Media reporters have been forever grateful by @kenli729:
Hug your loved ones because the End Times are coming: @karaswisher wrote about football.
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@nkulw I never argue. I preach. You should know that by now.The trust & ex-GF should be allies here. If court agrees w/petition Sumner's assets would also transfer to the trust post. Interesting using Apple in the hypothetical example. #RecodeDecode w/@karaswisher features the List App's @bjnovak, who's also done some TV apparently: choice: Adele + Jimmy Fallon. Or a debate about windowing. Both? Okay. via pkafka#GameOfThrones Season 6 poster.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeYou guys, THE TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #1 hits comic book stores next Wednesday. HUGELY excited about this. Pls buy the heck out of it!
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Next round is how park slope dads drink. Fuckyall raises $350 million in funding and expects another $150 million soon by @DelRey
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAmazon decides plastering trains with Nazi symbols is a bad idea by @nkulw$EMC and $VMW shareholders demand changes to Dell buyout deal via @ahess247Space is stateless. Imagine companies parking all their data on servers in low orbit, outside government reach.
twitter group DM timeNYT memo @alexmaccallum appointed svp of video & assist edit, reporting to...everyone: @deanbaquet @meredith_levien @kinseywilson @andyrNYTSo Bloomberg *did* bid for the FT after all! News being broken here by @WilliamCohan:
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Watch Jeff Bezos Lay Out His Grand Vision for Amazon’s Future Dominance in This 1999 Video
Retweeted by Edmund Lee>@RupertMurdoch had News Corp buy him a new $85 million jet before mass sackings at his Australian papers began
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@JessicaJones is very well done. 2 for 2 @reedhastings
Twitter’s new ‘Moments’ feature has become @DelRey's SportsCenter replacement
.@nancyjosales to @seanrad: here I am #sogood An Open Letter to Tinder’s Sean Rad from Vanity Fair’s Nancy Jo Sales via VanityFair
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBreak out the chain saw to cut off the unicorn horn.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeInteresting scoop from @LianaBaker: @laurenepowell was the mystery investor who bought out @rupertmurdoch's Amplify "I’m not saying personalities don’t matter.... But reporters need to show how bad behavior hurts a company." game 90/10 institutional to retailer split is unusual. Nice detail.
News: Excited to announce that @BDayspring will join team @politico as our first vice president of communications
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHey @realDonaldTrump, I'm an American Muslim and I already carry a special ID badge. Where's yours? #SemperFi #USMC
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@nkulw @HeyHeyESJ pad, pen, and my wits. all any reporter ever needs @HeyHeyESJ guys someone who's covered student protests, this isn't an uncommon request. I've always ignored it. Any reporter can over the transom. Please send more. is hard.$SQ now around $12.50, keeping short sellers at bay.@jimaley @felixgillette @spencersoper that a new thing? Edited By tag? because I like that idea.@fredwilson says @jack smart to take lower $SQ pricing since $ > valu. In this case $243mm > 40% drop in valu. Hmmm
Going to open the @NYSE tomorrow in a very special way. And I'll Periscope it! $SQ 💐
Retweeted by Edmund Leealso keeps short sellers at bay @williamalden @m_delamerced i have a reputation, man, don't ruin it...and another. Maybe public markets aren't great for SV right now @m_delamerced i like apples to apples. For example, it doesn't exceed Box decline. Yes, I'm giving you a hard time.@williamalden i like your style. But does $2.9B compare to $6B on fully diluted basis? More like $4BSquare sets IPO price at $9 a share, below initial $11 to $13 range via @DelRey's gotta be pissed:, Sean Rad really messed up by giving that interview, Match Group says in a SEC filing
Retweeted by Edmund LeeImpressed by how some PR pros try to witch-hunt sources. Not gonna happen. Pro vs Pro.Like her dad she starts things. has regularly missed financial projections, huge customer acquisition spend, cash burn
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For @meganphelps, there was God. Then came Twitter. Brilliant by @AdrianChen$20M of the grant competition is going to training recently incarcerated prisoners for tech jobs. that’s pretty cool
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHey, America... is it .... because ... you are attending all or mostly male reporter functions?
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@kenli729 @nkulw @NellieBowles @mhbergen @CaseyNewton only way to edit@NellieBowles @edmundlee @mhbergen @CaseyNewton no this is the twitter pregame
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@edmundlee the truth is i am a huge bro and i never stop brogramming with my bros
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@edmundlee all the women live in Oakland
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@edmundlee @mhbergen @nkulw @CaseyNewton are you guys already at tech drinks two hours early just chest bumping?
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@edmundlee @nkulw @mhbergen @CaseyNewton wtf are you talking about bruh?
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@mslopatto @elcush clearly I go to the wrong neighborhood@nkulw @NellieBowles @mhbergen @CaseyNewton best part of all this I'm still in Park Slope with a cheap pinot in my mug@CaseyNewton and now I want the off the record answer@edmundlee i’d say we skew more ‘nerd’ than ‘bro.’ And we have an incredible + sizable community of women reporters in tech, too
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@nkulw @mhbergen @CaseyNewton totally, because flannel and beards and "duude"@mhbergen @nkulw @CaseyNewton Casey, please rule on the bro quotient of SF reporter thingies@nkulw honest Q dude...that's the word, right? dude?why is it when SF reporters get together, it's so...bro-y?So, the Lyft guy kicks off autoshow by vowing to make a kajillion $$ with a service for people who don’t want cars.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBen Carson grossly misunderstood a briefing; thought Chinese were in Syria. Great reporting. the Goldman Sachs Silicon Valley hotlist, 2015 edition via @pkafka, this is no longer that, so stop calling it that because it's this now: Media Lays Off Some Employees
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNone of the Paris attackers identified so far have been Syrian refugees.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeParis attacks reignite debate over Apple, Facebook, Google encryption practices via @Recode
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Jewish children in 1942. MT @hughhewitt Governor Christie says no Syrian refugees now, not even "3 year old orphans"
Retweeted by Edmund LeeReferences to use of WhatsApp by Paris attackers scrubbed from all versions of @nytimes articles w/out cx or clarification. Odd. @Sulliview@felixsalmon @KurtWagner8 hey @pmarca Felix is making a pretty bold claim.@KurtWagner8 @felixsalmon 10b5-1 plans do not need to be disclosed. Owners can also appoint a broker/proxy to execute trades at will.
I'm watching: time major news event and @TwitterMoments was useful: #Paris"Left in the vapor trail of his hospitality, I watched him glide into the room and busy himself..." is embedding 20 of its own employees in CBS's newsroom for Saturday's Democratic debate - @kerrymflynn
Retweeted by Edmund LeeKnow I'm years late but finally caught up @HTMIA -- made me miss the hustle of '90s New York.
@edmundlee We did this morning! Thanks
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHey @BuzzFeed ... for our Master of None reddit AMA is live, start asking stuff, we'll be in there in a few:
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@RichBTIG @asharma @WSJ @hulu @ShaliniWSJ @keachhagey yes if $TWX pursues means they would have to change plan. But here Hulu seekingHulu is seeking to sell a stake to Time Warner inc nice scoop @ShaliniWSJ @asharmaSnapchat signs up the @WSJ, because millennials and business: scoop from @KurtWagner8 days you're a tweeter, some days you're a retweeter.
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Another @karaswisher Yahoo special -- Marissa Mayer as Dorothy from Oz. literally. via karaswisher
Hey @JakeSilverstein @samdolnick, don't brown up like that, says @azizansari us in 30min @Recode's @ahess247 joins us on this scoop:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThis is how you move the market...Dell's $EMC deal could fall apart on tax rule by @ahess247
Shouldn't Facebook, et al. participate in First Amendment battles? @JillAbramson smartly points out. blood and a new perspective are coming to Twitter's board.
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Episode 2 @MasterofNone @azizansari nails it. Go watch.
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