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Sensibility is cheap. Reporting is expensive.

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If I give 10 apples to one person and no apples to nine people, the average person has one apple. Why are nine pe…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeYour be-smart cheat sheet on StitchFix IPO and ecommerce from @DelRey reporting @nytmike @emilysteel. Particularly intrigued by this part since likely a v small group on thread…
Amazon sends staff email about providing "harassment-free workplace" after Roy Price's exit. via @nickwingfield
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSpreading lies about your own country: sad. Spreading lies about others: sadder. What an absolute moron.
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The vast majority of Russia’s disinformation campaign was “organic” not paid ads:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeCrucially, the proposed bill appears to expand the definition of a political ad to include all the divisive stuff t… 30% Apple "tax" is hampering Facebook/publishers
watch as Wenner tries to turn @joehagansays biography of him into samizdat @clewishalpern @newscorp @DowJones 😟 next timeFor everyone who thinks columnists are insufferable.... This tweets for you
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSmart look into the lawmakers (some who have criticized Amazon) asking Amazon to locate headquarters in their state think about the first time I met David Cross ten years ago & he made fun of my pants (that were tattered because…
Retweeted by Edmund LeePresumably this will allow showrunners to negotiate better deals with Netflix and other streaming services
@UCFJuelz endorseAmazon Studios chief Roy Price has resigned in the wake of sexual harassment allegations
Retweeted by Edmund LeeRegina Dugan, the head of Facebook’s secretive hardware lab, is leaving the company scoop by @KurtWagner8NEWS: Barry Diller tells Recode he will not consider and is not interested in serving as the next chairman of Uber.…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe Daily, NYT’s superb podcast, hosted by @mikiebarb, soars past the 100 million download mark. Congrats!…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAll reporters are welcome to join panels in ballroom, please pardon the miscommunication @edmundlee @bizcarson @jank0 @alexeheath #WSJDLive
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @felixsalmon @newscorp @DowJones pretty sure notSo reporters are not allowed into #WSJDLive conference, effectively turning it into a private event. @newscorp @DowJonesLetting'em off the leash doesn't mean it's any less orchestrated. There's definitely a more sophisticated PR play g… speaks. problem with ratchets ... interesting study and a nice break down on so-called 'unicorns' from @andrewrsorkin media companies only go up in value if they're about to be acquired
Oh, the angst and anger of a Park Chan-wook film. Nicely done., the NYT's newsroom is independent of its op-Ed section. birthday to my famous friend from television @edmundlee
Retweeted by Edmund LeeYes, that’s Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wearing an ugly Christmas sweater on his earnings call OFFICIAL BLOG POST
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHappy birthday to me. @ShiraOvide Me tooI think the cash outlay is worth it if higher percentage goes towards fully owned content like HBOI think Netflix defines originals as stuff that first airs on Netflix even if it doesn't own it outright like House…$NFLX will spend $8 billion on content next year. What % of that goes toward fully owned rights versus licensed? A year ago I got an astounding health care bill: $629 for a Band Aid delivered in an emergency room. (1/11)
Retweeted by Edmund LeeDwyane Wade called LeBron out for being the cheapest guy in the league. The King didn't deny it. 😂
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So I decided to do this...let's see what happens.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeUber is selling shares at two different prices because it can
Who could head Amazon Studios? @theinformation's @Jessicalessin says a big name will be tough, but floats Peter Che…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWherein I disclose how low Lisa Bloom stooped to try to kill my story.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSlim Shady in the White House this is everything
Retweeted by Edmund LeeIt's Friday lunchtime of a dreadful week. Here's 2300 words by me on relevance in journalism to numb the pain
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Note: Great reporting work (on sexual assault) from @RonanFarrow @kimmasters had to land at outside news outlets @theinformation @NewYorkerTruly a nightmare to break thanks to Weinstein team of @LisaBloom and Charles Harder.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGoogle is essentially building an anti-Amazon alliance, and Target is the latest to join
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFacebook is #1 source for news in US. It sells ads against news and other content. That’s a media co, whether it em…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBusted. Best read today: via @WSJ👇wife of @jamesmurdoch, the CEO of @21CF, which owns @FoxNews and pays @seanhannity rarely say this, but it is your responsibility as a citizen of the world to read this story
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@yashar @lpolgreen report @RonanFarrow's story on Weinstein would have be reviewed by head of NBCUniversal
@carr2n David may not have nailed that story but he never really backed off WeinsteinI remember @carr2n facing down a very angry HW at party after David's story ran. They were literally chest bumping yet you're unlikely to see Sandberg or Zuck at the public hearings next month. @AjitPaiFCC is this how it's done?
Journalism has always required the brass. Not always about the heft of pocketbooks. Kudos @RonanFarrow @davidremnick @NewYorkeri wrote about the overwhelming Asianness of cyberpunk films like Blade Runner
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNew: NBC let the @RonanFarrow scoop slip away. My story with @maxwellstrachan @jasoncherkis
Retweeted by Edmund Lee*Hand over your reporters* is the effective order Turkey's authorities have given here.
Reminded that the "Access Hollywood" tape of his remarks about women came out one year ago, Trump: "That's locker r…
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South Korean writer Han Kang reacts to Trump's casual & loose talk of war with an eloquent directness.…
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Yeah. This happened👇🏽luckily I didn't need a job or favor from him + didn't have to be polite. Others did. Keep tha…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNew info: About 150 of the political ads Facebook sold to Russia showed up on Instagram
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNew scoop from me on Amazon's pharmacy ambitions. It's still an *if* not a when, according to email viewed by CNBC
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMany revelations still to come in the weird Facebook / Russia ads situation. Clear explainer: @TonyRomm @KurtWagner8
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAll hail the Albanian Army is fun: The SEC asked why Amazon doesn't disclose the # of Prime members. Company had a LONG explanation.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeI will start my character prep now. Thinking dramatic political thriller w/ dark comedy tones. And I sing. We got t…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSome really nice details in this report on why Amazon's entertainment ambitions have failed:
Congrats @SridharPappu on "The Year of the Pitcher." (Caption: Media reporters in repose.) of us covering media in the last few decades have heard accounts like these. Nice to see it reported out: I bet @waltmossberg and @karaswisher were stoned every day they were here...
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSo appalled by what disreputable shit .@BorisJohnson is doing to Theresa May. Eject him from office now.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAmazon end game likely to index every available product for sale whether they own it or not and then ship is the most ambitious thing Google has done since search. It's not about the hardware. It's software that make…
Scoop: Google writing checks to publishers launching its new Discover/Stories format. *Might* roll out in super-lim…
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