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The only good #sb50 commercial, @AlecBaldwinHere's the TV ads with the most buzz ahead of Super Bowl 50
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You can make Twitter look like Facebook but only if *you* want it because Twitter.If you plan to watch the Super Bowl, you are hereby compelled to click this link: via sbnation
Retweeted by Edmund LeeA fun day @CNET in SF, with CBSI chief @jlanzone & CBS chair Les Moonves talking digital media, football & Star Trek
Retweeted by Edmund Lee#CodeMedia is less than two weeks away! Don't miss your chance to attend.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWhen you channel your inner Steph Curry:
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Newsroom frustrations abound at nytimes so @deanbaquet says let's fix it...and maybe cut some staff by @mlcalderoneBritain’s favorite friend Matt LeBlanc is the new host of BBC’s #TopGear:
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @MikeIsaac @modestproposal1 it costs Sulzberger $21,000 a year, so yeah @MikeIsaac @modestproposal1 log into bizdesk BBerg and type: LNKD <equity> SURP <go> --shows you how often it SURPrised on guidance. up/dwn @MikeIsaac @modestproposal1 the SURP on guidance was always to upside. This time down. That's why.@deray mayoral bid using crowdfunder. by @DawnC331
Retweeted by Edmund Lee$NYT scored well in Q4, largely due to deep cost cuts. Now, it's time to look at the newsroom, @deanbaquet says: getting this ambitious, laudable goal of doubling digital revenues in 5 years will be extremely difficult.$NYT Q4 sales flat. 2015 digital revs up 11% to $390mm. But at that rate, NYT would reach $660mm by 2020, not $800mm
Ted Cruz comes clean: "CNN got it correct”
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@DeRay files to run in Baltimore mayoral race
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNice @taralach but Shari actually running VIAB/CBS and her dad split co. so freston & moonves could be ceo via bfly @MikeIsaac also AOL @MikeIsaac before hacking @rupertmurdoch used to do that and it was pretty cool @MikeIsaac still no Qs from reporters tho. You should say something to them about thatHey @brianstelter please do the media story on this: @jeffbercovici @zseward don't take U-ber's name in...You get the sense that whomever Shari and the board pick to be Viacom's chair, it won't really matter. We know who's in charge.And here's Shari Redstone's statement. statement that just went out: #brilliant
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAmazon's plans to open all those bookstores? Not really about books. And not that many. by @DelReyPlease tell me Dauman doesn't become Chairman of Viacom.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @MikeIsaac also the sign of a man getting his affairs in orderBut reminder CBS is controlled by National Amusements which is still under RedstoneWHOA -- Sumner Redstone steps down as chairman of CBS. Les Moonves finally gets chairmanship @fmanjoo but no churn data?If you're Dropbox, this is exactly the narrative you want out there: talks tech coverage and @Recode:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWhen a company announces cost cuts and possible asset sales, or sale of itself, stock usually rises. Not so $YHOO Spike Jonze, Shane Smith, @pkafka, #codemedia, 'nuff said. Mayer still dodging the point it's for sale on @CNBC after @jimcramer Q
Join the most interesting people in media & tech at #CodeMedia, Feb. 17-18 in Southern CA
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWhoa! Big! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! galling is the distinctly millennial excuse of "not enough editors." FOH—Editors aren't backstops for your "take" on journalism ethics.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeTime to crack it open @recode east office is for sale because of course it is. by @karaswisherI'm leaving @RWW. Here's the obligatory Medium post. Read it, it's good!
Retweeted by Edmund Leethis slide says it all on $TWTR Mayer spent $1 million on an internal memo. It's called "the big red book" -- w/out irony: by @karaswisherAnyone who thought Trump would do better missed @tripgabriel 's amazing look at Trump's Iowa volunteers.
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Biggest news of the night. Go @kludt!
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNews: I will be leaving @WSJD and the Journal to pursue new things. Very excited but sad to leave a great team.
Retweeted by Edmund LeePorat: "Reported revenue for Other Bets was primarily generated by Nest, Fiber and Verily." Me, this morning.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee$GOOG > $AAPLHi team. Live blogging over here about THE MOST VALUABLE COMPANY IN THE WO...
Retweeted by Edmund LeeA fake Sarah Frier remains on Facebook. I reported it, FB said it didn't violate community standards. Sample post:
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @sherman4949 @pmarca just "kicking the tires" like I always do @sherman4949 @pmarca totally fair, @Jessicalessin couched it correctly. Just love how markets get all twisted$TWTR seesaw: @pmarca+Silver Lake was interested in Twitter: Um, SL not interested: a car ride down the FDR with this thing in my ear don't care what anybody says. #nyDon't have to be a Long Island boy to get this @AlecBaldwin @JerrySeinfeld conv but it's so much funnier if you are:
No joke: Turned away at the door from event because co-hosts @MarkHalperin & @jheil didn't like critical things I wrote about their show.
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@MikeIsaac Facebook to update policy to ban private transaction of firearms between users. Licensed retailers can still advertise guns
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @SFNick well when I worked there I didn't call it thatwait, "the Daily News of New York"? not the New York Daily News? cc @NYDailyNews builds secret team to kick-start VR effort: 100s of staff already building prototypes, @tim reports @FT
Retweeted by Edmund Leeold media switchout. Longtime Esquire editor David Granger out and @JayFielden is in.The US government is using Muslims' immigration status as leverage to make them informants
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Politico CEO @JimVandeHei to depart after election (memo) by @edmundleeWow. Seriously surprised. base your statements on photoshopped pics?I bailed you out twice;a 3rd time,maybe?
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAttn Google geeks: when $GOOG reports earnings under new Alphabet there will be an "other" in its "Other Bets" item. PR firm Freuds buys @BrewPR for $15M -- well deserved @brooke @DenaCook! by @karaswisher
A millennia after Arabs formalized the math we use today, Europe "discovered" it. Today, Silicon Valley: by @nkulwWhere's the world's favorite tax haven? The good 'ole U.S.A. stellar story by @JesseDruckerassigned @bxchen sling media was bought by echo star which is DishWe sent @nkulw to Vegas gun fantasyland to ask gun lovers about gun tech. Here’s the story
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @bxchen they are two different products but they're both owned by the same company I thinkHey cable industry: @ckanojia is going after your broadband customers. I definitely want this: by @pkafka
Former Twitter product head @kevinweil is joining Instagram another @KurtWagner8 scoop source says Trump isn't taking Ailes calls. Hannity just tried calling trump as an emissary. Trump only wants to deal with Murdoch now
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Retweeted by Edmund LeeHow much is @MikeBloomberg worth? $49 Billion, much more than you thought via edmundlee
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @ChaseWithorn not confused at all. No debt and cash is dist or spent so EV is fair comp in this case @M_C_Klein exactly right, and they're not always distributed, but as I didn't have definitive reporting on that, i kept it conservative @bupbin yeah @henrymance they can and have written about him as a pol, but not as an executive @bupbin as one example, when Bloomerg acquired BNA for $990 million, it wrote a check. @bupbin I don't have definitive reporting on that but have been told, no it doesn't.
@ericjackson can't tell him much either waythat estimate has always been way's actually much higher you noticed no ads in your Twitter timeline? If so, you are one of Twitter's chosen: via @pkafkaActually, @NathanCHubbard was named Twitter media boss: more Twitter scoop @KurtWagner8 @DelRey bec that's how we doOH: "i mean, not everything in Silicon Valley has to be about helping you make a booty call." @puiwingtam don't mess it up @MikeIsaacgod help @puiwingtam$TWTR has sucked for a while now.
Reporter-covering-Twitter feels like media reporter from like decade plus ago.
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