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The guy in charge of CNN’s business says a Trump presidency doesn’t change anything for CNN co-founder’s new media startup is eyeing $10,000 subscriptions — eventually
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAce reporter @JMBooyah just got Jim Vandehei to cough up pricing for his new thing: subs will be $10k and up. #codemedia
Retweeted by Edmund LeeTo be clear, @janinegibson, "didn’t say ‘yes' over dinner. I had a think about it.” #codemedia
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@janinegibson changed her mind, thinking, @BuzzFeedBen “is a funny guy.” At dinner, Smith said: “Should I be trying to recruit you?”
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAfter @janinegibson didn’t get Guardian gig she considered canceling already dinner scheduled with @BuzzFeedBen. #codemedia
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @DylanByers tonight: online is gonzo journalism todayGreat to see @voxmediainc here with other amazing companies. Cool recognition for our team and those who support us
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGood @meredithcorp quote here NOT calling this rumor or spec @jackshafer
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNet worth of Administration $8 billion and counting...
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
"From where he stood, Trump’s iridescent hairdo was almost close enough to pat." 👏 @maxabelson @zachmider inspires a banana republic. CEOs and heads of state are willing to kiss the ring bec they know it'll work the journalists do the journalism. Smart from @Jessicalessin York Times added 132,000 net subscribers in the 2 weeks since election day, about as much as it does a quarter @TheDomino @Recode that'd make a good chartATT's streaming service is ambitious enough to spur cable cos to offer their own streaming service outside footprint
Uber is firing its employees (oh, they’re not employees?) for having Juno logos visible during rides: by @JMBooyah
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @qualityrye overheard-at-dinner reader submissions to @Eater column requiredwell done @JohnCarreyrou @gerardtbakerWSJ exposed Theranos as snake oil. @rupertmurdoch, which controls WSJ, is Theranos investor. QED WSJ independence guy who sold Maker Studios wants to buy Time Inc. via @RecodeTime Inc thinks it's worth more than $1.8 billion...w/debt it's $2.8 billion. Oooookay
@MikeDuda shhhh...that's supposed to be a secret
Trump to Apple:
A credit card hack at MSG gives Knicks fans another reason to despise owner Jim Dolan
Retweeted by Edmund Leenow more than ever, an hour long network narrative set in a newsroomNicely done @MikeIsaac don't know how politics reporters live on Twitter)a month ago via @recode currently full of posts on Trump's on the record interview with the New York Times.a media reporter aside... in addition to Bennett / Khan / AG, note the non-columnists and reporters on this list on the record with @nytimes. Start here 👇 @nytimes: Please livestream this session with @realDonaldTrump -- signed, a longtime subscriber.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee2 of 2 President Elect will meet with our publisher off-the-record. Then, on-the-record with our journalists & editorial columnists.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee1 of 2 Mr. Trump's staff has told us that the President Elect's meeting with The Times is on again.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeDemocrats won the most votes in the election. They should act like it.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeArthur Sulzberger reminds reporters you *always* insist on a public record. Bravo. Why didn't TV execs ask for same? TV networks presumably have most clout with Trump and yet don't use it to push back. Re-up @ron_fournier
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@realDonaldTrump cancelled his meeting w/@nytimes. Our response: "We did not change the ground rules at all and ma…
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
The document is arranged in a numbered format. The first point reads, “Bar the Entry of Potential Terrorists.”
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBelow the sleeve, even worse. A planned attack on voting rights:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeKris Kobach should learn to use folders and cover sheets.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThey're *always* lying to you.FB told @Verge its Aquila flight was successful. it wasn't. Now @CaseyNewton shares a lesson
Retweeted by Edmund Leeamateur via @nypostIn SF on Dec. 6? Join @karaswisher & I for a commerce-focused Recode event at 5-8 pm. Great interviews + networking…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeArgentine press: Donald Trump asked Argentine President Mauricio Macri for help w/big Trump project in Buenos Aires.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNicely done @sapna
'We're gonna build a fourth wall, folks, and make the Brechtians pay for it'
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBad information isn't information. @ericschmidt's logic here is baroque.'s showtime, folks. via @Recode
This is a bizarrely uncritical profile of Steve Bannon.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBuzzFeed owes NBCUniversal extra stock if it IPOs at a lower valuation ... also 2018 via @RecodeWent to a Boston rooftop to see what wireless high-speed broadband looks like. Spoiler: It looks like a box on top…
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Hey NY remember Thu night? President Obama piles onto Facebook and its fake-news controversy
Retweeted by Edmund LeeCrazy how, 3 years ago, Jared Kushner was just the multi-billionaire who didn't pay me for my internship at the Observer!!
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Not surprised but well deserved. Way to go @colsonwhitehead"I refuse to allow bullying, intimidation and threat of legal action to take away my First Amendment right to speak…
Me and my loyal butler @GavinNewsom show off our chompers.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSnap has confidentially filed for an IPO via @Recode @levynews hand-hewn ad sales. Difficult visibility into what it's automated ad product will do. Users could fleeCompany that doesn't yet have big revenue engine wants to sell shares to public. to our #CodeEnterprise stage in just a few minutes - @GavinNewsom and @karaswisher. We'll have live video on…
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@karaswisher and @GavinNewsom about to take stage at #CodeEnterprise via @Recode coffee on cable cars. really guys?
.@benioff #CodeEnterprise if you haven't already been watching you're missing out: @inafried @karaswisher @JMBooyah @Recode @TheVillage969 @Benioff I told him to do that"Without Twitter you wouldn't have had president-elect Trump" @Benioff at #CodeEnterprise cc @jackBenioff ... politics ... twitter ... live @JesseDrucker congrats! Big get for @nytimesPersonal news: Thrilled to announce I am joining the @nytimes - digging into taxes and other international business topics.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHFS'm lucky to have appeared on News Hour with Gwen Ifill, the best journalism had to offer. Her passing really sucks. Especially now.Kate Hudson is joining Recode’s next Code Commerce event
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAlright SF. Let's try this again.
No satire: Stars of HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ say they got ‘cucked’ in LA bar
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