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I wonder how he squares this with the intellectual dishonesty broadcast on Fox News prime time. coming soon - James Murdoch, son of Ripert +chair of 21st Century Fox, rips Potus response to Charlottesville, pledges $1 mill to ADL
Retweeted by Edmund LeeTrump's supporters, who loved his policy feints -- both on business and infrastructure -- created their own golem: wife: "someone had to pitch it; someone approved it; and someone edited it; so minimum 3 people thought this was… reads like it's from another era and a different paper ... "Far East" "exotic" "washed ashore" @nytimesbusiness use of new Times Reader section<3 u @boheekim
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNYT Dec 2016: Bubble tea is "so 2002" NYT Aug 2017: Bubble tea "goes mainstream"
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe editor's note on this New York Times piece on bubble tea is an understatement.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeTech hasn't totally bailed on Trump* *yet
Retweeted by Edmund LeeRead Tim Cook's note to Apple staff about Trump and Charlottesville a podcast, but you see it live, in person: Talking to @iamsambee and Turner boss Kevin Reilly, in NYC 10/24.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"our"
I'm announcing my retirement from Twitter. I'll never top this RT.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"...the Vice President...provide...written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the...duties of his office. #25thamendment
NEW: INTEL CEO, citing Charlottesville, quits Trump manufacturing council. Full master list of who's in and out:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAlways amazed that Rupert fails to control the narrative at FoxNews, which Trump embraces. TV is a medium Rupert ha… Plank took BIG heat for prior Trump comments. See my master list of who advises Trump and why…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFirst visible corporate fallout from Trump's #Charlottesviille response
thread Brokaw: Friends Across Barbed Wire and Politics The kind of read we need right now.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Masa approached other Uber investors, nice advance on story from @teddyschleifer
[ presented without comment ] 2014: Founder, Series B, Series A & Seed
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWhen they tell you theyre all out of brosé
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFor @CJR, I talked to the great @carvellwallace about his Mahershala Ali profile:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFacebook, blocked in China, tests waters with a stealth app that mimics Moments. By @paulmozur
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSnap confirms Zenly acquisition for $213 million and Placed for $135m. Spent a whopping $410m on M&A last quarter!
Retweeted by Edmund LeeUber + Google + Snap + Soundcloud. Big news day yesterday. Read all about it in #recodedaily. In your inbox. Free.
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After cancelled town hall meeting, Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks at girls’ coding event via @Verge
Retweeted by Edmund LeeScoop: Google CEO canceled all-hands meeting about gender controversy due to employee worries of online harassment
Retweeted by Edmund Lee$SNAP is feeling the $FB heat after failing to add enough users last quarter via @RecodeSoundCloud needs more money, and likely will need a new CEO’s Ryan Graves is stepping down as SVP of global operations
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSome housekeeping: I'll be taking over Politico's Morning Media newsletter on an interim basis after @Hadas_Gold decamps for CNN next week.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeShorter version: $CHTR has too much debt for anyone to reasonably want to buy the company."I don't do coffee, I do acid." this eclipse will touch no other country feels apocalyptic CRO Tonia O’Connor talks consolidation & acquisitions on Recode Media: transcript
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWow. Blue Apron had $421M revenue in H2 of '16. Only projecting $380M to $400M in H2 of '17 in wake of warehouse issues, decreased marketing
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe PR story is sometimes the story. Nicely done @perlberg is what you do when you have to manage a despot...or a toddler. #axiosamWisconsin is buying jobs with tax dollars. You could also call it an entitlement, or welfare.
45 mins later @NewYorker tweets with a @RyanLizza RT @Scaramucci: So that makes you the Monica Lewinsky, right? Not that there is anything wrong with that…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFacebook now has video ‘shows’ — but does anybody want to watch TV on Facebook?
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFacebook’s video tab, Watch, officially debuts tomorrow. First slate of shows coming August 28th. with @nmcalone:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHaven't been on this block in 10 years. @DCMS part of $FOXA earnings is on $SKY deal: "...received unconditional clearance by all competent competition authorities" Hear that @DCMS?Spent a year and a half reporting on Asian fraternities and the death of Michael Deng. Please read.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeDear @EricRWeinstein, Stop teaching my boys that their path to decency lies not in coding but in denigrating women…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeScoop from @DelRey $WMT deal machine
This is a big pivot from Disney, effectively changing its business model starting 2019 Breitbart Scoop: The failing New York Times unmasked for . . . reporting.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee21st C journalism -- very nicely done @BuzzFeedNews @BuzzFeedBen! It's Antuhnee! up on today's show: @Johnubacon, @_ARuggiero, @rnz1, @edmundlee, @StevenMufson and more. Join us:
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Google CEO says employee who penned controversial memo has violated its Code of Conduct
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThis is the exact wrong take. @mhbergen @felixsalmon hey...the internet is one big newspaper @realDonaldTrump We spoke to 75+ Repubs for this story, and we stand by it. This type of journalism is core to our…
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @realDonaldTrump That is incorrect. NYT’s business is thriving. Most ever paid subs: 3.3 million; and growing profi…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeY'all ready for some @ringer on Chorus?
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBenchmark and SoftBank are engaging in some public negotiating jiu jitsu over Uber personal news: Very excited to announce that I'll be joining @Recode later this month as Associate Engagement Editor
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHear that Masa? board member and co-founder Garrett Camp says Travis Kalanick is not coming back as CEO scoop from @JMBooyahCBS joins AT&T Directv Now streaming service ~ 6 after launch. Timing: NFL for fall; CBS earns call today.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNetflix speeds up the comics-Hollywood-blockbuster complex since it needs big franchises. Likely a cheap deal.
White haired woman on a dragon / Heavy Metal (1981)
It's August 2017, I'm watching "Nixon/Frost" and it feels sadly, wretchedly fantastical.Google just hired a diversity VP, just as it struggles with sexist memo from employee
Retweeted by Edmund Leea Google employee wrote a 10-page anti-women, anti-diversity manifesto that went "internally viral" today…
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Only in New York, kids, only in New York @RussAndDaughter @FungTuNYC lady reading my book & was gonna say hi but I'm wearing the same shirt as in author photo & didn't want her to think I only had 1 shirt.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee🙌 @tanehisicoates't give HBO's 'Confederate' the benefit of the doubt, @tanehisicoates writes
Retweeted by Edmund Lee“Convicted securities fraudster Martin Shkreli” oh yes
Retweeted by Edmund Leeof course it's compelling: