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Sensibility is cheap. Reporting is expensive.

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.@AnneFrankCenter ain't mincing words.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAppreciate the note, but what's going on here? Why is Zuckerberg in Alabama? Why is he visiting more than 1 paper?
Trump's rise started w/ Buckley's new conservative movement. It has always been about white culture v. all else. an awesome listen today was this @Recode @edmundlee one with @nytimes @cliffordlevy @samdolnick
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAnd yet just few days ago:, the great equalizer...sometimes. I loved this story:
75 yrs ago, FDR signed the exec order that authorized Japanese-American internment. Today, those dark days resonate
Retweeted by Edmund LeeRe-upping what my great-grandfather, a Chinese immigrant, wrote in 1889 about the #ChineseExclusionAct. That's him…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLast night in Sweden.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@rupertmurdoch shaping @realDonaldTrump's worldview. Where are the brothers Murdoch on this? that dossier was noisy. Great reporting here, which will get distorted because that dossier was outed. (and his staff) have invented at least 2 terrorist attacks since he took office 30 days ago.
This is David Bloom @realDonaldTrump. You might have known him. He died in Iraq in 2003 doing his job. He is…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBernard Fall, American journalist killed in Vietnam reporting the war back to the people. @realDonaldTrump had 5 de…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThis is Woodward and Bernstein. Nixon called them the enemy. They proved that no president is above the law.…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNo line to get into U.S. to get into Canada.
Viacom will fire Paramount head Brad Grey as soon as they find his replacement: @washingtonpost?! scoop @LianaBaker via @ReutersDefinitely some geek love
Mark Zuckerberg in 5.737 x 10^3 words: via @Recode.@karaswisher talked to Mark Zuckerberg about his plan to save the world: via @RecodeThat should be run as is on every network every website. Any attempt to annotate or contextualize would not do it justice. #TrumpPresser.@mike_pence definitely benefited from the leak since he didn't know Flynn misled him until he read it in the… -- $SPX 7-day winning streak has happened four times in the last decade
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBefore he took office, Trump did 2 surprise calls to Lockheed Martin about F-35. Boeing CEO was in room as he phoned
Retweeted by Edmund LeeListen to me and @pkafka gab about the New York Times
Retweeted by Edmund LeeApple approached Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment about an investment or purchase - but the talks fizzled out.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Trump *is* making journalism great again.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@PostBaron sums it up: "We’re not at war with the administration, we’re at work." #journalism
Retweeted by Edmund LeeScoop w/ @MoritzDispatch and @brianwomack - Verizon near deal to cut $250m off Yahoo purchase. Breaking on
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
WhatsApp has hired its first COO: Facebook exec Matt Idema
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFacebook’s autoplay videos will now play with the sound on announced at #codemediaFacebook is launching an app for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV announced at #codemedia
Apple has a new TV show, so will it finally buy a big media company? No, says Eddy Cue. Cue live and liveblogged at #codemedia film producer who made ‘Whiplash’ missed out on ‘La La Land’ because of a missed lunch to have this guy on stage tomorrow at #CodeMedia.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee#codemedia
Apple CEO Tim Cook says fake news is ‘killing people’s minds’ and tech needs to launch a counterattack via @Recode
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAG Sulzberger lands @WIRED's the cover. Nice cast of characters @gabrielsnyder You spelled his name wrong. It's DuBois. Happy Black History Month, everybody!
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Ford is investing $1 billion in an AI startup founded by former Google and Uber engineers
Retweeted by Edmund LeePUMPED for the next Code Commerce event at Shoptalk on Mar. 20. @karaswisher and I will be there. You should, too:…
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Blockbuster report: VPOTUS Pence lied about campaign's communiques w/Russia or he didn't know. Neither is good.★ On Apple’s Capital Return Program:
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @alexbarinka grrrrHey anyone with a Bloomberg terminal. On TWTR forward-estimated EV/Ebitda pleaseThis scoop also includes current CEO confirming Unilever acquisition talks: "We couldn’t come to a correct structur…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSyrian doctor & nurse bore witness to war crimes in Aleppo. Trump Ban blocked them from coming to UN to tell story
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHow companies are gaming Trump. It's not that hard. Just dress up old announcements as Trump-inspired moves: via @FTNo Trump bump for Twitter. Separately, if someone wants to buy the company it's cheap now.$TWTR revs are flat and user growth just 2m. Not a growth co or value stock. That means short sellers winning big:
@Kantrowitz context: 30% higher @edmundlee feel like it happened a couple years ago? And then it didn't snow badly? Or I'm confusing it with something else. Which is likely
Retweeted by Edmund Lee hired someone who really only creates original TV shows, so that says something., the bberg chart stream is long overdue @Justin_B_Smith more than 30 years since I saw a snow day-school closed in New York announcement before the snow startedSmart reporting-enterprise from @fmanjoo on Trump's kernel threat to tech
Iger: We will be launching a direct-to-consumer sports service sometime in calendar 2017. $DIS
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@nypost, whoever your anonymous sources are on this story – they’ve mixed up their meds!
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNote from Dean Baquet and Joe Kahn about @RBlumenstein joining the NYT as a deputy managing editor.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBig NYT/WSJ poach. From Gerry Baker memo: "Rebecca Blumenstein is leaving Dow Jones to take up a senior position at The New York Times."
Retweeted by Edmund LeeRemember the Trump dossier? Wrote about BuzzFeed and Trump with @benpopper
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMediaLink sale by the numbers: $21mm upfront, up to $186mm more in earnouts over 3 years. 2016 revenue $54 mm
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
The @THRMattBelloni is replacing @janicemin as top editor at @THR >>
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Retweeted by Edmund LeeUPDATE: Iranian baby gets waiver to enter U.S. for vital heart surgery, Manhattan docs will treat her for free…
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
How are tech leaders in Silicon Valley reacting to Trump’s immigration order? We discuss with @edmundlee:
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$SNAP thoughts: Snap wants to raise $4B and get $25B valuation on market w/out leaving money on table? Underwriters' math will be tough.
I am one of them.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeI'm one of those subscribers.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@Recode has $SNAP covered:’s user base was growing quickly — but slowed down last quarter
Retweeted by Edmund LeeEvan Spiegel’s investors will give him another $750 million for taking Snap public
Retweeted by Edmund Lee$SNAP lost more than half a billion last year via @Recode