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Sensibility is cheap. Reporting is expensive.

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Hi everybody! Back to the original handle. Is this thing still on? Michelle and I are off on a quick vacation, then we’ll get back to work.
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He always scared the right way. it read: "Nice try, now try wiping your ass with it" of my favorites he had tacked up over his desk, a note from Al D'Amato inscribed on a torn off Voice cover story about his corruptionWayne Barrett was a real reporter's reporter, one of the best investigators I'd ever seen. And he always got the best hate mail. RIP
Putin, China 🍸 Hastings doing color commentary on HBO, again: via @RecodeInvestigative reporting suggests this photo was actually shot at a Mar-A-Lago concierge desk. #picks via @NYMag…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeI discovered who was behind an anti-Clinton fake news site. And he agreed to tell his story.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee& the hotel refuses to comment:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNot discussed on BuzzFeed-CNN: news industry as ecosystem. The rest are waiting for the other guy to go with it. @mhbergen but how will this affect the Namibian bond trader?!.@CNBC on hiring spree. Great hires and moves all around. @LesliePicker @ylanmui @sallyshin @mcwellons @LesliePicker nice. congratsSkillful q&a from @danprimack, exposes Tim Draper as credulous, obstinate VC:
Here, @aijenpoo, a not-a-tech-person who knows work’s present… on tech’s role.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee21/ Finally, it was a great privilege to do this work with @rudoren @JonGalinsky @karronskog @marclacey @giratikanon @tysone & @deanbaquet.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee1/ I spent most of last year on an @nytimes team analyzing our newsroom and future. The report is out today:
Retweeted by Edmund Lee1) I popped my Recode Decode hosting cherry 2) I conducted the outgoing DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx's exit interview
Retweeted by Edmund LeeImportant context to Boyer story on Trump & media: he was in Ailes' war room in 2014 with Steve Bannon strategizing how to deal with my book
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFacebook wants more TV-like content. Better for ads, certainly. Nice scoop from @KurtWagner8 via @RecodeSony Pictures would make an interesting buy for a tech giant
This one is great by @jackshafer. Man the barricades: Trump Is Making Journalism Great Again
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThis is the concern. said, most journos saw this wasn't an easy call, and BF influenced the news cycle that followed @BuzzFeedBen @brianstelter @BuzzFeedBen @Rieva @brianstelter @CNN news orgs vetted Wikileaks dumps vis a vis Clinton emails before pubbing @Rieva @brianstelter @BuzzFeedBen @CNN one was vetted after the doc dump, the other wasn'tNeither though. We are @BuzzFeedNews and proud of it.
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Are you trying to be the Washington Post, or are you Wikileaks? @brianstelter asks the kernel question of…
A woman in Trump country Tennessee pleading with GOP Congress to not take away Ocare covering her chemo via @kasie…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLyft expects profit next year. But once it expands to new cities it'll likely start losing money again: @ericjackson all the big media outfits would sell their movie studios before anything else @ericjackson right...ahead of Sony Pictures saleLynton makes exit for Snapchat, aka upside: @AriFleischer we did
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Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@tmcgev and @jwbens have always been the good guys, the guys who elevate journalism. It's Politico's loss.I’ll just say it: The rank-and-file at @WSJ saw Monica Langley as a “Friend of Trump” and too cozy with subjects (i…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLove this. co-founder Stephen Dubner talks writing, diversity and the rise of Trump on Recode Media
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Palantir CEO Alex Karp told me that he has not been asked to build a Muslim registry, and would refuse if asked
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @joonian got two hands?How many Asians do you journalism? said yesterday no one cares about his tax returns. @RonWyden & I have a bill requiring their release. Retweet this if you agree w us.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFor everyone who's been asking:
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @joepompeo @jwbens @tmcgev @politico Joe, want story now. can't wait for newsletterNews: @jwbens and @tmcgev are leaving @politico
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I don't think we know more than we did yesterday...I think we only suspect more, which anyone can do: a press conference matters and is diff from just a statement or an interview with a single news outlet 👇
Just watch for when Trump calls to lift sanctions on Russia.Wow @SchoofsFeed @BuzzFeedBen publishing Russia-compromises-Trump docs: comprised Trump, and no one reported it. He's still compromised btw: @JasonHirschhorn "Hey Alexa" -there will be more than one SkyNet and they will battle for supremacy over carbon-based unitsRecode's @Tess_Townsend reports on how Valley workers are trying to organize against Trump, side-mullets and all:
it's the red pill...or the red pill...take your pick Mayer to step down from board of YHOO following sale to Verizon. Deal looks like it'll happen now: in: memo to NY Observer staff on Jared Kushner's departure
Retweeted by Edmund LeeJared Kushner will resign as publisher of New York Observer…. BUT his lawyer tells me "He will be transferring his interest to his brother."
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThis @polygon oral history of Final Fantasy 7 is just incredible.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThis voice-activated robot communicates entirely through GIFs
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFacebook is going to start showing ads in the middle of its videos and sharing the money with publishers via @Recode
I was lucky enough to have hatched union actions with him at the Village Voice. A great columnist and reporter.'s a great 'ahem' from @deanbaquet to @gerardtbaker in here: could be disastrous for Apple: journalism Q: can't we just call this an actual conflict of interest rather than a potential?, which published Crowley's book, didn't respond to one phone call or email over several days.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe plagiarism in Crowley's book is extensive and includes copying columnists, news reports, Wikipedia, Investopedi…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBREAKING: 50+ instances of plagiarism in Trump aide Monica Crowley's 2012 book
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHere's the first @JesseDrucker NYT byline, and it's a blockbuster.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeUS policy potentially for sale:
Looks like a hand-holding position, to quell newsroom concerns. But will she have power to change *how* FB exploits… @miriamgottfried @gerryfsmith @JBFlint @sherman4949 stench of vendetta @miriamgottfried @sherman4949 @JBFlint it'll def be a test for those agencies @miriamgottfried @sherman4949 @JBFlint curious what kind of conditions he'll suggest on $TWX $T ... like selling CNN @miriamgottfried @sherman4949 @JBFlint will def make it trickier for media m&a this year. $CBS $DIS ESPN etc. @miriamgottfried @sherman4949 @JBFlint actions and words from Trump suggest there's no "rule" just purely personal animus
What happened in newsrooms on Election Night? I interviewed 2 dozen reporters, anchors and execs to find out
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHey, you can't figure out your business model? Blockchain!