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"You know, the last time someone ordered me to something, I was 18 years old. And it was my daddy."
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Inside Uber’s self-driving car mess nice reporting from @JMBooyahTrump foregoes his Twitter and hands off to @costareports on AHCA failPresident Trump just called me. Still on phone. "We just pulled it," he tells me.
Retweeted by Edmund Leedon't see any scenario where this works out for @FortuneMagazine, @TIME or @SInow falls again for the corporate hide-and-seek playbook via @RecodeThe art of the deal? Iger extends contract again Who's bidding for Thurs NFL streams + more in @ReliableSources:
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Side view. Front view.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeIf you've been watching Fox you may have been told that London is defeated and demoralised. So I walked to work a…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFacebook, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube are bidding to stream the NFL’s Thu night games details scoop fr @KurtWagner8Smart @Bankoff take on YouTube ad issues. @PowerLunch realized my boss is better get than an editor who needs hairc…'s new tech whisperer is a DC insider via @Recode$GOOGL lost $25 billion in value after YouTube's ad problem via @Recode
I really don't know anymore.Bob Woodward on Fox News giving air to claim Trump was 'wiretapped' just as Carl Bernstein on CNN talking Trump-Russia connection a coverupScoop: The Senate could take first step -- as soon as TONIGHT -- to gut the FCC's privacy rules, sources tell me:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFox News can aggregate too! have wanted Google to give more data on its ads for years. Google's latest gaffe gives them leverage.
The emotional arc of Trump supporters summed up in one gif.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeExclusive: At Jared Kushner's bidding, Britain stymied a series of eleventh hour Obama initiatives in UNSC.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeRoad to IPO needs to show exponential growth without breaking the bank. Nice @KurtWagner8 scoop: us entertain you.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSmartly done @shalini @asharma y'all! It's day one for me @Recode! Tell me your secrets! 1. NEW email: tony (at) recode (dot) net 2. Signal/WhatsApp: SAME, see bio
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#DelReyCon breaks news his first day at @Recode. Drinks on me when I get back to NY: great sadness we must announce that Robert B. Silvers, founding editor of The New York Review, died this morning after a short illness.
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@LouiseMensch and: @LouiseMensch @Ostaley and: @LouiseMensch @Ostaley watched the whole thing @Ostaley noteworthy! But again had nothing to do with her Qs @Ostaley she kinda just left the inquiry after a few Qs. I don't recall he being anything significant. @tom_watson on the other handgood story by @sapna on how NCAA advertisers go to great lengths to avoid mentioning, you know, the actual athletes
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAlso worth noting @perlberg -- Rupert owns @heatstreet, which is significant given Fox News' propagation of wiretap misinformationNice reporting @perlberg, but @LouiseMensch didn't present tough Qs at hacking inquiry. She threaded the needle now Uber president Jeff Jones is quitting via @Recode
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @jackshafer @jackshafer was great because he talked to people -- not professors or pollsters or experts. No one does that anymore.
@edmundlee @brianstelter actually, he quotes someone who *speculates" that Murdoch is upset.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee(for media reporters, current and former, the twitter machine is still a thing to behold.)Juicy detail in @brianstelter nwsltr: Rupert Murdoch upset with Fox News for potentially derailing his Sky bid:
Either Bob Mercer, his daughter, or Bannon orchestrated one of the greatest media hacks in history:… is Bob Mercer? Think (Peter Thiel)^n^n where n is a high positive integer. Does @realDonaldTrump read @NewYorker NEWS REAL NEWS
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMerkel is like the political inverse of POTUS: female, globalist, a former chemist who got her start in gov't as a wall was coming down.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @fmanjoo not if it's a 911, then it's a sign of unsuspected depthNot fake news I guess"In Europe we all see the developments in the United States, and that's not where we want to go"
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGoogle’s smart home speakers played a promotion for Walt Disney's new “Beauty and the Beast” movie.
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Uber internal docs show its self-driving cars have put on 20,354 autonomous miles @JMBooyah scoop: via @RecodeCost of security for Trump Tower: $183 million/year Budget for National Endowment Arts/Humanities: $148 million/yea…
Retweeted by Edmund Lee @alex advertisers love buying into shiny new thing property until it stops being shiny @alex but yeah @alex short sellers paid as much as 45% to hold $SNAP shares. MoffettNathanson note from this AM fueled selloff. @alex means the shorts will buy in at $17+We're interviewing Bevel's @tristanwalker, Stitch Fix's @kmlake and Walmart's @marcericlore at Monday's #CodeCommerce. I want your questions
Retweeted by Edmund LeeCode 2017: Jeff Bewkes Travis Kalanick Mary Meeker Reed Hastings @pmarca Cecile Richards More to come!
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBulk up on defense and cut everything else. Feels like a doomsday prepper's budget. hour on @SquawkCNBC this AM with @chamath -- smart discussion.
Needing some of this.
If you give a damn about Asian American representation in comics, please buy the hell out of TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe exec at the center of Alphabet’s Uber lawsuit worked for Uber earlier than we thought
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAmazing. Biggest losers ALL won by Trump, by landslide margins in most: WY by 46%, WV 42%, OK 36%, SD 30%, AL 28%,…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBBC interview family speaks! cuts Snap’s 2017 revenue estimate by almost 4 percent
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According to CBO: 64-year-old making $26,500 pays $1,700 under ACA. Under Trumpcare: Same person pays $14,600.
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1) It's his wife, not a nanny or maid 2) She has a name, Jung-a Kim 3) Cute kids 4) Life happens ❤️ 5) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThis BBC interview that was interrupted by kids was the best thing on the internet today.
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wait a minute...apparently the kid is trying to eat a marker, and wife's pants falling down? thing on the internet today via @Recodebest internet this AM @EricNewcomer nice newsletter today
@DelRey @ranimolla @TonyRomm aaaand welcome to RecodeWoohoo: welcome @TonyRomm and @ranimolla!"...many News staffers and alumni feel like the air has been sucked out of the room." Nice from @joepompeo treat to talk to @lpolgreen about her plans for Huffpo 2.0, her time at @nytimes, and Twitter as a loneliness…
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFor those wondering, the Haines Bottom was called the morning of March 10th. @CNBC
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