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Creative Director, Writer, Professor of Advertising, Co-author Hey Whipple, Advisor to Brands, Ad Agencies and The Next Generation. BU, MullenLowe and Beyond.

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Glad to see Colbert winning the ratings war. Fallon has always been a lightweight, pop culture, safe, middle of th… another way, get the fuck off your iphone and make something.
Astonishing. "Shame on you Anne Frank Center for not praising Donald Trump." And this is not The Onion.
Bacon coffee. Nah. 2017 internship applications are now open for Boston, LA and Winston-Salem.
Retweeted by edwardboches @Joan_Vennochi @BostonGlobe Great column today, Joan. Thx for being such a voice of reason. DF may be good hosp, but this was in bad tasteDana Farber hits the jackpot at Mar-a-lago but at what price?
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@comcastcares Curious if email servers are down? Everything but email is working.
@EversourceMA do I need to find a hotel for tonight? @EversourceMA We're getting pretty cold. @EversourceMA Still no power or heat Highland Ave Winchester. Can't access online w/o full Internet and account number. ETA?
There's hope. 105 and getting fitter. some good news. Resist. Standup. Fight on. Eventually justice and fairness will prevail.
Three is better than none.
Great @middaytomhall discussion on #nativeadvertising with @COMatBU @edwardboches and @MaraEinstein
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.@BenVolin @Dan_Shaughnessy @BostonGlobe Shaughnessy is either getting senile or losing memory. Pats win awesome. But no comparison 2 Sox.Pay attention or pay the consequences. Brilliant. I Work from Home - The New Yorker said ex account guys can't become comic geniuses. Laugh out loud funny. From Colin Nissan. He is the best Shou… arrived @wgbh for a radio appearance w NPR station in Baltimore. The usual post Super Bowl stuff. that Fox denied this from running as it was intended. Beautiful story. No rapists or murderers either. case you missed this on CSPAN. @edwardboches We're a champion of acceptance and anyone who believes in it. #weaccept
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@wadeforit @itsa10 brilliantSouthwest Airlines: Your next Gotta Get Away spot should be Goodell on stage with Kraft. Just run some footage, lock off on face, logo, bam.Mark Wahlberg leaves the Super Bowl early — and misses historic ending via @BostonGlobeBest of the SB: Itsa10 Tide Nat Geo 84 Lumber Kia Bud Audi Benz Ford #brandbowl #3percentsb @Bucky_Todd Tambor!!!Hey, a football game just broke out! #brandbowl #3percentsbAnd T-Mobile I am officially uncomfortable. #brandbowl #3percentsb
Retweeted by edwardbochesDamn, looks like all the good writers have left advertising and gone into writing cable TV shows. #brandbowl #3percentsbI was just getting ready to turn it off, the game and the ads, but @Itsa10Haircare has brought me back. #brandbowl #3percentsb.@Itsa10Haircare Well done. You win. Better performance than the Falcons. You are leading all other brands by a lot. #brandbowl #3percentsbBest hair product spot ever. As in ever. #brandbowl #3percentsb @gracie_mjohnson I thought it was just because the beer is crappy.Budweiser should support all the organizations that are trying to help Muslim refugees. Give $$ to @ACLU, Budweiser #brandbowl #3percentsbCar brands, give your accounts to all-female creative teams and female directors. I guarantee stunning effective ads #superbowl #3percentsb
Retweeted by edwardbochesAudi. Hmmm. I know @makelovenotporn likes it. Well done. But is it phony coming from Audi. What say you? #brandbowl #3percentsbEveryone in my living room is NOW asking what is an "Alfa Romeo?" Clearly their spot didn't land. #3percentsb #brandbowl
Retweeted by edwardboches @NickChilds Ends with getting to fence, and there is a door built in it to get through, 84 Lumber builders. But Fox nixed it.Nat Geo spot kills it. Great segue. #brandbowl #3percentsbGuess Gaga was pressured into not saying anything about Trump. #brandbowl #3percentsbFans @ the stage wait in a crowded pen for the full first half. Then they get sent back to the pen, no pay either. #brandbowl #3percentsbSeems Lady Gaga has been around for soooo long. Only 30 years old. Awesome. #brandbowl #3percentsbGood choreography on the outfit changes. Well planned. #brandbowl #3percentsbLady Gaga still big. Right kind of show for the SB. #brandbowl #3percentsb @NickChilds Trying to connect w employees many of whom are immigrants. Showing support.Kudos, 84 Lumber! Great storytelling, beautiful visuals, and a clear call to action! #3percentsb #brandbowl
Retweeted by edwardbochesThis is better than the real lady gaga #brandbowl #3percentsbShame on @FOXTV for not letting @84LumberNews run their spot all the way to the finish. #brandbowl #3percentsbNow I dislike Tiffany even more than I did. That was the epitome of phony on every front. #brandbowl #3percentsbNice job @airbnb and @tide You lead at the half time on my score card. #brandbowl #3percentsb @NickChilds Advertising -- big broadcast buys anyway, less and less relevant creatively. Prob works media / data wise. Not culture wise.This is the third year in a row, at least, where the ads keep getting worse than previous years. #brandbowl #3percentsbIt is good when eggs have British accents. #brandbowl #3percentsbHe just said Pittsburgh up by 21. Huh. #brandbowl #3percentsb @Bucky_Todd Should take care of that pre-game @ryannflynn Who poops at halftime?Hey Fabreze, I bet most people only go Number 1 at halftime. No stink unless they had asparagus for their snack food. #brandbowl #3percentsbTide ad is revealing on many fronts: target for cleaning products -- single, urban, different kinds of families, etc #brandbowl #3percentsbTide! Story, joke,and casting. Well done. #brandbowl #3percentsbHonda. Always pretty good. And interesting, fresh approaches to production. #brandbowl #3percentsbIf Pats lose it will either be because of shameless Trump support. Or because they have no defense. One or the other #brandbowl #3percentsbNice try, Buick, almost. #brandbowl #3percentsb @gracie_mjohnson was that national or localGood do see some brands, like @Airbnb expressing their beliefs, even if good for the business. #brandbowl #3percentsbLocal airbnb spot. Very nice. #brandbowl #3percentsbWhat just played in your market? #brandbowl #3percentsbLocal ads don't count. #brandbowl #3percentsbWe must all be so jaded it just doesn't seem possible for a single spot to resonate with any force. #brandbowl #3percentsbOil does all that? Good to know. #brandbowl #3percentsb.@MichaelCalienes #brandbowl #3percentsb Michael, did you notice H&R was like Northern Light visually? @putnam49 How many clients do you think it took to approve that one? @LeeEar Complicated, and then suddenly Don at the end? Must have been too many clients involved.How pissed is trump right now that Arnold is in a #SuperBowl Commercial and he's not???? #brandbowl #3PercentSB #adworkers
Retweeted by edwardbochesWTF? H&R and Watson #brandbowl #3percentsbSo far, game better than ads. Google and michelin tap into the only sentiment that might be unifying. Family, home #brandbowl #3percentsbAlways more and better camera angles in the big games. #brandbowl #3percentsbThe only ads that should count are during the game, between kickoff and last play, not half time and not local ads #brandbowl #3percentsb