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Ellen Gustafson @ellengustafson San Diego + the World

Author: #WetheEaters Co-Founder: Food Tank, FEED. Founder: Apron Project, 30 Project. Foodie, Feeder, Fighter for a better food system. Proud Navy Wife.

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Why these Walmart workers didn't eat turkey for Thanksgiving by @jennyalyseThe heavy truth behind millennials being more obese than their parents. | @DianaCReports
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson#shopsmallsaturday lots of people loving #smallbusiness & #smallfarmers littleitalymercato…
Taxes on fizzy drinks seem to work as intended
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonPro-life killer. Oxymoron.
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonBold and admirable move by @REI. #OptOutside
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson#wetheeaters #win San Francisco State University Pouring Rights Contract Fizzles After Student Protests via @forbes mashed sweet potatoes remixed w coconut flour & eggs for a #leftovers pancake brunch.…
Our table is set for a very #happythankgiving! Hope you and yours are well-fed and healthy.…
So thankful from those who have sacrificed for our freedoms.
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGreat morning checking quality (not perfect shape & color) of fresh oranges to be distributed by @FeedingSanDiego volunteer day @madhennessy @feedingamerica and we brought some of the most needed healthy… the day before, I offer this: one day does not make or break health results. Enjoy yourself (& others) #thanksgiving is 1 day.
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Hey! I've finally started a blog -- The Macroscope! Please check it out and RT! Thanks!
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson"The history of every Nation is eventually written in the way in which it cares for its soil" - FDR kale yeah! Family is in town, need to make sure everyone gets their greens on. #kaleyes for the farmers and farm-workers who are the backbone of the food system!! #Thanksgiving #farmworkers
Agriculture Linked to DNA Changes in Ancient Europe my bake on for the holidays!! Spelt, pumpkin, applesauce, vanilla ghee, cinnamon, maple…
Our greatness is from the tapestry of people who make it greater. ‘The Statue of Liberty Must Be Crying With Shame’
Craft beer, a harbinger of #foodsystemchange says it won’t sell genetically modified salmon, joining other retailers like Kroger via @seattletimes
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40% of #corn in the US goes to #ethanol. A sizable share given US exports 50% of world's corn.
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Execs not evolving w consumers = workers losing jobs. Sad. Tyson Foods to close Chicago plant, lay off 480 workers to Find Sustainable Poultry? There’s an App for That @FarmForward ht @CivilEats
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonWho wants to eat #GMO salmon? Anyone? But it won't be labeled. RT if you think that's outrageous #LabelGMOs
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonDenigration of leftovers = consistent w cheap food, food waste & maybe bigger waists. Leftovers: an economic history Thanksgiving, be sure to thank the farmers that are putting food on your table for 19 cents/retail food dollar.
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonIt's #WorldToiletDay and they don't call it a throne for nothing:
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Dear Business World, This is how it's done. Love, Empathic Entrepreneurs Everywhere p.s. 👊🏻…
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonThanksgiving is only a week away. It's the perfect time of year for families to enjoy making healthy meals...
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonDo something besides shopping this Black Friday and encourage others to do the same #StayInTheBlackFriday
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson@Hatchery gets that Consumers are increasingly looking for quality products made by small companies they trust ocean contains about half the food it held half a century ago.
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#welcometoCali #realmeaningofChristmas #refugeeswelcome You may fall in love with U.S. National Parks after exploring this content
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonUsed pantry staples that were just past the "best by" date to make this simple chicken, onion,… total, organic food at Kroger now makes up about 10% of the company’s annual sales of $108 billion #realfoodsells
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Sugar is the new tobacco — and one industry is determined to silence its critics via @YahooFinance
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonAwesome to see WFP highlight the idea for food waste reduction, not just production as a hunger solution!!!! a few days on some grey, brooding, roiling seas. Thankfully the boat and my fellow passengers… Study: Childhood food insecurity leads to chronicdisease and lifetime impacts on mental health. @CivilEats
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonIf you are at any Airport near any of my restaurants and not able to fly to Paris, show up, show ticket=we will feed you....
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#JeSuisParis #JeSuisParisian #JeSuisFrancais
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson#PrayersforParis
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This is surreal. I mean, cereal.
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonFood for thought...
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonAWESOME #veteransday story abt my farmer-vet friend @growingwarrior! That's no ordinary flag flying over the Capitol #veteransday piece by my #milspouse friend @bluestarKRD Military families seek stability as they serve
"Not having policies that allow" something is also the same as having regulations #realtalk #GOPdebate
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafsonwhy is everyone angry about poutine
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGreat to hear a bunch of "patriots" ranting about defending America when ALL of them refused to serve. #GOPDebate
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonColor on the sugar subsidies talk #GOPDebate the corporate welfare that is sugar subsidies bc of sugar lobby just came up in #RepublicanDebate #wetheeaters #foodsystemchange
A gem of an organic/toxin-free spa in SD that's also open late: check out @girlonthegosd for a @ZoyaNailPolish pedi! food market in #FoodDesert led to: "fewer calories, less added sugar, and fewer 'empty calories'" #choiceworks - and all in the food system - will do what citizens demand, when enough of us demand it loud & long enough #wastenot
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson#wetheeaters revolutionizing traditional brands: Campbell Rethinks Its Recipe as Consumer Tastes Change was FINALLY brisk enough this morning in #SanDiego to call for warm rightfoods oatmeal. I added… Torrey Pines earlier today- reminded how awesome it is to have @natlparkservice castateparks…
Love that @bittman ended his column in change is happening everywhere. A Slice of Heaven in Pittsburgh global soil quality is one of the best things we can do for climate change: by @btschiller /
I'm definitely one of #Chicago's biggest fans. Thanks for hosting us here @blogher #blogherfood15 @… sad bt it'll eventually change or die: The only major fast food company that isn’t fixing how it gets its food
Only 4 companies control 60% of US poultry market but they're keeping workers trapped in #poverty #livesontheline
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonFood can be an incredible source for change. - @ellengustafson #BlogHerFood15 @BlogHerFood
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonLike I've been saying: #wetheeaters are changing food! A Seismic Shift in How People Eat will be emceed by @ellengustafson; judges are @luvvie, @global_smg & Lea Ann Leming of @SheKnows. ~Melisa #BlogHerFood15
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonToday, I choose to use my purchasing power for good. I #ChooseArtisan.
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson
Great party tonight for my friends @warbyparker new store in #SanDiego! Beautiful store, specs &…
@elizabarclay @dhgisme yes, we did! It was honestly delicious. I'm not a freezer veggie burger fan at all, but this tasted meaty/savory.Every conference should send a packing list @blogher -See you in Chicago! 5 Extra Things to Pack for #BlogHerFood15 more research needed on possible cxn btwn current food processing/production & allergies/disease.
Cool: An Instagram-Famous Teen Shows the Severely Dark Backstory Behind Her Perfect Selfies via @@TeenVogueMove Over, Yellow 6. More Natural Colors From Plants Are Coming @NPRFood
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonCan lipstick cause forest fires, species loss & chronic air pollution for millions of people? Find out: #XtheHaze
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonReduced access to healthcare, nutrition, and education kills. Sad because it's so fixable.
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonThe growing problem that is changing the way you look at the poor
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson
#sundaybrunch @ REDD Restaurants
Some Halloween treats (yeah, I did BYO candy corn) on Howell Mountain in Napa laderavineyards @…
What are your questions about the world around you? Share them using #howcanwe. We'll draw 'em.
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I love a great burger and I can now say impossible_foods has created a great burger (from plants). RG… + soy=too much of our food/Ag system: Soybean oil => more obesity than coconut oil & fructose @EurekAlertAAAS#bees and #neonicotinoids uh-oh
Why you should never believe another nutrition study again:
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson.@GOP @marcorubio @JebBush @HillaryClinton"When you have more than you need,build a longer table not a higher fence"
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson'for the love of Julia Child...please, please stop describing your food preferences as an allergy' via @davepell
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonWe care about where our chicken comes from, but what about the workers who process it? Learn more: #livesontheline
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonOnly 4 chicken companies control 60% of the market—but they're keeping workers trapped in poverty. #livesontheline
These stores are refusing to open on Thanksgiving Day
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonEat better fish. Thx @bartonseaver @HarvardHealth @Cooking_Light great
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonEat less, but better meat. You can afford great quality, organic, pastured, etc, when you eat it less frequently!'s #sodatax under attack, as govenrment considers reducing it-- just when it appears to be working. #ImpuestoAlRefresco
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonConsolidation concerns aside, can pharmacies stop selling junk food/drinks? Walgreens Said to Near Deal for Rite Aid study, also not industry-funded. Cutting Sugar Improves Children’s Health in Just 10 Days, via @nytimes
Demand for local up, as is price consumers will pay, survey reveals isn’t happiness. It’s just sugar and water … and a billion dollars in advertising. #ShareHonesty with @CSPI:
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonRT @Revkin: Where processed & red meat sit amid 478 @WHO cancer risks.
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson#wetheeaters #changedinner #changetheworld @jessfanzo
Sunday evening reflection: crepuscular walking has to be the best preparation for the week ahead!…
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