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Author: #WetheEaters Co-Founder: Food Tank, FEED. Founder: Apron Project, 30 Project. Foodie, Feeder, Fighter for a better food system. Proud Navy Wife.

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Great to see @USHFC #REALcertified in action! Avocado oil mayonnaise by Chosen Foods gets REAL certification via @nprnews: Like Millennials, More Older Americans Steering Away From Driving
Congrats to France 👏
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonAwesome #yoga class tonight @CorePowerYoga in SD with the live tunes of @YesTeamGo - thanks for enduring the heat to give us great music!Externalities of a broken food system on full display- @nprnews: Farm Contractors Balk At Obamacare Requirements
#FlintWaterCrisis is an #Americancrisis global population is expanding in numbers, but also in weight. … #obesity #malnutrition
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonYou can color outside the lines without crossing the line. Disruption and destruction have two different outcomes.
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonI couldn't find #kingcake in #sandiego today, but I guess this @cafegratitude smoothie was a… called 15 stores/bakeries to get a #KingCake for #MardiGras today...and found NONE! #SanDiego #fail
.@MarsGlobal to Remove All Artificial Colors from Food Portfolio
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonSpot on ?s #wetheeaters 10 Food Policy Questions We Want Answered From the 2016 Presidential Candidates @Food_Tank
Got to see the #SuperBowl in person after all! But at 17,500MPH, it didn't last long. #YearInSpace
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonPoints for @united this #SuperBowlSunday, free TV for we can watch @Beyonce & the commercials #flyerfriendly #frequentflyerWe ❤ that stadiums are starting to offer fresh, healthy food #SuperBowlSunday
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This includes fries, boxed mashed potatoes, and chips (why potatoes get undeserved scorn). Ketchup, too.
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonTen Years After Removing Dyes in the UK, Mars to Remove All Dyes from M&Ms and Other Foods in the U.S. #dumpthejunk
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonMore Truth on the sidewalk! #ihavethisthingwithfloors #historyrepeatsitself #studythepast #read wisdom for brunch. #books #ihavethisthingwithfloors #eatknowledge
It's time to dispel the myth that women’s time and work is inherently less valuable than men's: via @qz
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonWell-said, essential message. I'd add: watching mil movies isnt "supporting the troops" Veterans, Patriots and Pawns
Put women in biz on top of the world! Click here Join & share. #DWEN @CircularB @carolynrodz
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonEasy #nofoodwaste road snack: butternut squash seeds from last night's dinner, rinsed and dried,… @NPR: Farm Subsidies Persist And Grow, Despite Talk Of Reform stop subsidizing corn & soy, ensure enviro externalities are paid by producers & let real prices follow #truecost makes perfect sense ---> Scientists Are Building A Case For How Food Ads Make Us Overeat
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonSuper-smart innovation in #foodsystems!!!!!
#wetheeaters #changedinner #changetheworld
'Forked' Rates Restaurants On How They Treat Their Workers @TMMcMillan @NPRFood
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonCommission: Less than 1/2 of military age population eligible due to physical, educational, or behavioral fitness.
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Good news: frying veggies in olive oil is healthier than boiling them:
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonOne thing is for sure. This is going to be one helluva Presidential race!
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGetting a bit tired of "top women in food" lists. There are no "top men in food" lists. How about we get just recognize women as top people?
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonCreative moves in packaging from conscious co @thebodyshopusa Finds From the Campaign Trail: Iowa Caucus Edition cheap organic foods you should be buying
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonNYT editorial board condemns unconstitutional "ag-gag" laws (extending beyond agricultural facilities in NC):
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German/UK co's answering fair food demand- Lidl follows Asda in plan to buy all bananas from sustainable sources find the battle against a really ripe mango to be incredibly hard fought and seldom won with… after the storm in #sandiego tonight #lookup #thankselnino about changing #milfams! The Unconventional Relationship Is The Norm In The Military via @TaskandPurpose
10 small things you can do every day to get smarter
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Just another Friday commute home for sailors in the worlds finest #navy;) #milfam usnavy well-said and complex critique of this kitschy stalwart. Letter of Recommendation: Cracker Barrel, via @nytimes'm am LOVING my treadmill desk- averaging 5-7 miles a day and totally helps me focus. #walk
We fight food waste w/@USDA food product dating guidelines to rescue good food for those in need.
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonToday we remember the heroism of the challenger crew. May they rest in peace.
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonThe top 10 branded processed food companies have lost 4% of market share in past 5 years, say... is changing 70% of their restaurants to cater to millennials
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonHuman reality behind our food @nprnews: Guest Workers, Legal Yet Not Quite Free, Pick Florida's Oranges
Would you go to Mars? Meet the four women astronauts who can't wait to go: Via @glamourmag
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonLove it @IMKristenBell @daxshepard1! no surprise at all. @FoxyProduce continues to see strong growth in organics #organic #produce
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonInteresting data... to be working with SheKnows on BlogHer and LOVE this video and video contest about #TheFWord"What's the biggest lesson you've learned as a woman?" Show up. @NPDeMember #twittermirror #genderequality #WEF16
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonFabulous. Post-blizzard, Sen. Murkowski notes that only women turned up to run the Senate
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Another obstacle to food movement: complexity of issues that need significant backstory to understand: @TamarHaspel
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson!ATTENTION! NBSD has received reports of an active shooter on the base at Balboa medical center building 26. If...
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.@Walgreens, checkouts laden with candy and soda aren’t making people happy or healthy. #RethinkCheckout
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonStudy: Companies with strong female leadership perform better. Now what? My new post on @medium:
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonCould be smarter if it included books penned by women, no? Here’s our 2015 list:
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonVote for my girl @yahoohealth Editor-in-Chief @michprom in the @shortyawards Health Influencer' broccoli!! I've found that when cooking, I'm better at before/prep pics than after… commitment to truth for #wetheeaters @sugarpolitics!
@instagram is giving me serious snow #FOMO #SnoMO? #snowmaggedon2016Obesity + hunger = 1 global food issue. @ellengustafson #health #obesity #hunger
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15 words you need to eliminate from your vocabulary
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonDay 302. #Blizzard2016 gave us an impressive view below. Stay warm! #GoodNight from @space_station! #YearInSpace
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonBrought a little @juiceservedhere love home from a quick trip to #dtla this week...hope they…
@LVShannyLeigh awesome, thanks!!! I hope you like it #wetheeaters"Raising the minimum wage hurts restaurants!" NOT TRUE, says new study. #RaiseTheWage
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonSad that even little joys like this have been tainted by pollution:(
Great day (& breakfast!!) at the #blogher16 Advisory Board meeting today!! Thanks for including… agriculture is a "dream job" for tech enthusiasts - @AgWebEditor
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson"The @USDA's report is a guideline for food policy, not legitimate dietary recommendations"
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonPTSD is a serious subject and should not be politicized. "Vets: Don't blame Obama for Track Palin's behavior" @IAVA
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Very cool story #WomanCrushWednesday was 11.1 billion pounds of cheese produced in the U.S. in 2013. #NationalCheeseLoversDay
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson"Being a woman isn’t a business handicap."-@AmyJoMartin
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson
#foodsystemchange More water during school day can help reduce #childhoodobesity #RethinkYourDrink
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson#NetflixandGrill w @michaelpollan ;)
Violence, climate change, obesity: world's cities face growing health risks"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Dr. ML King #MLK #MLKDay #americanhero
Snow day @powmow! #ski #powmow
I go occasionally & buy everything #organic, my way helping drive demand. @BlueStarFamily @DOD_OLW #healthybases is power the consistency of this move...reducing emissions from cars + cows.“Will the ‘real’ Dietary Guidelines please stand up?” by @christianawyly
One of my favorite benefits of working from home is the weird leftover mash-ups I make for… @CBS8 @Kevin_Faulconer @Chargers for the record: a solution could be that San Diego's football stadium & waterfront airport switch places.Funny & relevant for cuspers like me born in 1980! “My Gen X life has been Columbused by Millennials” by @Alex20001 for American farmers. Hope as we shift to more diverse demand, market will drive more diverse crops!
The finest! #militaryshoutout #SOTU16
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson"Our troops are the finest fighting force in the history of the world." #SOTU
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonBig move for @BarackObama to really highlight our need to invest in communities that rely on fossil fuels to move forward. #SOTU
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGlobal aquaculture via @GroIntel
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson @SD_chip leading on this !! @NPR: More Hospitals Are Ditching Antibiotics In Meat They Serve + tweeted from my new treadmill desk while walking at 2.5 MPH!)
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