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We all have a role in ending slavery in our communities and worldwide. At End Slavery Now, we help you find yours.

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Porn: Human Trafficking at your finger tips: sex trafficking through empowerment: Sudara's story reports on abuses in Thailand’s seafood industry trafficking and sex trafficking in Canada, Nepal and Thailand in today's news a gentle way, you can shake the world. -Mahatma Gandhi
Netherlands criticized for lenient child sex trafficking policy report uncovers trafficking, taskforce announces issue of 500 permits, giving workers contracts and protection is the final piece needed in the story of true freedom for a survivor. : trafficking in Ireland, South Korea, Australia and more in today's news
As Obama heads to Malaysia, human trafficking stance questioned @bonjoybox Everyone needs some #fairtrade rum in their lives right?All companies have slave labor in supply chains but it can be stopped, politics and human trafficking in today's news
Appeals court limits sheriff in fight over online sex ads organizations fighting for labor rights in the food system quotes about slavery then and now. See the whole series: survivor stories and more in today's news
This girl's senior project became a law enforcement tool to stop sex trafficking @garyhaugen @IJM! Our #beautifulsurvivors @ @FAIR_Girls need winter coats & gloves. Can you help #donate or #give? @DCSMS
Retweeted by End Slavery NowThe Indian maid who had her arm chopped off in Saudi Arabia #domesticservitudeMethods of rescue and more in today's news #humantrafficking #slavery
Why do sex traffickers pick South Dakota? In Florida's tomato fields, a fight for ethical farm labor grows (+video)'s Gift Guide #6! from Mariah @EndSlaveryNow | #fairtrade gifts for men & all #giftforgood
Retweeted by End Slavery NowAre you getting your weekly actions? Sign up to get 3 new ways to fight slavery each week: rights, sex trafficking and more in today's news
Is Ohio case of migrant youth trafficking evidence of a 'systemic problem'? Kutcher launches tech lab to fight child sexual exploitation workers, tech and more in today's news
Jailed trafficker meets victim who put him away out @Everlane for quality fashion with no secrets! of modern slavery are devastating our environment too, environmental degradation and human trafficking in today's news
“Freedom means rights protection, having the law protect humans.” Chairat Read his story: do human traffickers come from?'s new slavery museum will highlight human trafficking and modern-day slavery Thanks for sharing friends!Creating jobs for women so they can support themselves & children w/ dignity & in freedom.
Retweeted by End Slavery NowREAD: @ciw publishes in-depth analysis on global landscape of social responsibility…
Retweeted by End Slavery NowA ban on child marriage and more in today's news in on the conversation! Live Q & A with #A21Aftercare sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. -Leo Tolstoy
"In Uzbekistan, a World Bank financed project supported a cotton industry notorious for child labor & forced labor." trafficking survivor: I was raped 43,200 times trafficking in Mexico and more in today's news
Wealthy foreigners face 'spot checks' on domestic staff to stamp out slavery and sold for sex: Matilde's story“I tried to study and go to school.. I didn’t know I was going to be trafficked." aftermath of rescue, prosecution and more in today's news #humantrafficking
New public-private coalition aims to have sites like blocked in offices and other workplaces men: Tricked and indebted on land, abused or abandoned at sea fights against sex trafficking, child labor and forced labor in today's news:
In California, companies struggle to combat trafficking, slavery in compliance w/ Transparency in Supply Chains Act Trans-Pacific Partnership text released, labor advocates say human rights protections 'not enforceable' factory collapse, updates on Irish fishing industry and more in today's news:
Monks, military, more officials sought in Thai teen sex case for a job fighting slavery? Check out current openings: Pacific trade deal, Vietnam agrees to U.S. terms on labor rights on the controversial 2015 TIP Report, details of TPP deal and more in today's news:
County weighs public 'john shaming' campaign to deter child sex trafficking: Operation Cross Country the best way to fight child sex trafficking? job openings in the antislavery field! Check out opportunities from over 86 companies and organizations.@_Samantha_Berg We'd be happy to try to address your concerns in more than 140 characters Email info @ if interestedAre you wearing a blood diamond? sex trafficking, child labor and more in today's news: one voice has power. @MalalaFund
Was your jewelry mined by slaves? Learn about slavery in the jewelry industry:'To end forced marriage, we must work with the whole community' out curriculum on #humantrafficking for high school students: The ILO numbers were published in 2012, and while their methodology is the most sound, it's still mostly guessing.@_Samantha_Berg The entire graphic is only based on the study from the Urbn Inst which did an actual study that we wanted to spotlight.Not just Thailand: Stories of trafficked migrant workers abused in the Irish fishing industry: in purchasing gifts that are slave free this holiday season? Then you need to make a plan: does it look like to rescue victims from slavery? See how @IJM works: labored 13-14 hours a day in a brick kiln. For 12 years. Until last week, when everything changed...
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@_Samantha_Berg Correct! This is a global statistic that is estimated.@_Samantha_Berg The study only looked at closed force labor cases in the U.S.@_Samantha_Berg Urban Institute study looked at victims of forced labor in the U.S. Of the 122 interviewed, 3 were in sex work. That is 2%Slave labor in homes, fishing boats and more in today's news:
Sex crimes bill would require DNA from johns arrests 29 people in 8 states on human trafficking charges, identifies 15 potential victims to teach high school students about #humantrafficking and #modernslavery You're right though, the % is incorrect, it should be 2%. Thanks for bringing that to our attention!@_Samantha_Berg These numbers are pulled from a control group of 122 people. Of those 122 only 3 were trafficked for sexual exploitation.Sex trafficking investigations, displacement and more in today's news:"As long as Human Trafficking remains low risk and high profit, traffickers will continue to exploit vulnerable people." - Philip Hyldgaard
The conviction on pimping vs. trafficking and the consequences for victims: sure to shop Amazon Smile ! A percentage of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice: private economy exploits 90% of the world’s forced laborers, an awful truth we face today: the Human Trafficking Movement Can Learn from the AIDS Movement Success: and her husband are helping to rescue girls that are being held as sex slaves for ISIS:
“Hope is a force of nature. Don't let anyone tell you different.”Nearly 168 million children around the world are engaged in child labor (11% of the world's population): a letter to encourage a survivor: about Tostan, an international NGO that is currently combating modern-day slavery across the world: @TostanSee what industries are the culprits for forced labor here in the U.S.: what it looks like for @IJM to carry out a rescue operation on Lake Volta:
“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”..every year, about one million people – regardless of their socioeconomic status – are forced to pick cotton:
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