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Innovating at intersection of Engineering + Health. STEM Mentor. Views are my own.

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Happy #EntrepreneursDay, Trojans! You may be self-employed, but you're not alone - check out the USC Alumni Entrepr…
Retweeted by Engineering + Health @ZoeJDolan @fmanjoo @Noahpinion He. Just. Woke. Up. @fmanjoo @Noahpinion Yes. The norm!!!!!!
Digital literacy is for your future what air is for breathing... gaspa powerful intervention to increase direct clinical face time with patients is advanced team-based care where the p… one-third of the time was spent on medical care #EHR tasks such as chart reviews and problem lists, while inb… consisted of 4.5 hours during clinic times and 1.4 hours after work dealing with the #ehrA new study using electronic health record (#EHR ) system event-logging data to track family physicians’ workdays f… forward to household robots to take care of annoying and constantly recurring activities, so i could have m…
Comprehensive pediatric care helps to prevent chronic diseases later in life.... Fighting chronic disease starts in pediatrics..Soo is this what you meant? 🤣 #fridayfunnies #healthcare #hospitals #EHR old are you? You're actually only as old as your eye! 🤣 #stemHow a child's toy led to an interesting medical device #innovateSermon! stop learning about your market, your customers and your competition. #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #startup
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If you want to get funded ask for advice. If you want advice, ask for funding #startup #entrepreneur @Target Better if we can write our own text. Marketing fail #target @TechCrunch @Tesla Not in LA traffic it's not. Noone goes over 30mph in LA trafficThis looks great! IMAGINATION, DESIGN - AND THE FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE | Episode 2 Why Your Doctor Should Daydream… viewed through a lens as a: customer, consumer, an admission, a visit..etc...While those are important terms…
Retweeted by Engineering + HealthClinicians at Exponential #Medicine are able to try symptom-transference technology and feel a Parkinson’s disease… we close the loop between data capture and transmission? clinicians could feel symptoms even if they are thousa… is an inevitable dehumanizing effect when, because of rising #healthcare costs, patients become regarded as objects...The #medicaldevice industry is built entirely on a 20th century model...The technology isn't always the solution... in #medtech the solution is using that technology to enable the right solution...Excellent point...and the trajectory needs to continue from reactive to preventive to PREDICTIVE
Retweeted by Engineering + HealthWelcome to our new Core Sponsor @USCBridge!! We are so excited to work with such an amazing group of scientists and innovators! #labiotech
Retweeted by Engineering + Healthhumans only correct movement errors when they impair performance. so we should only treat #movementdisorders when they cause disability.
Retweeted by Engineering + Healthwhat if you had enough memory to store movements you make every millisecond of your life? what if you could replay it? #Neuroscience2017
Retweeted by Engineering + HealthIm also enjoying the advances in future #medtech. not just repair physical disadvantages such as impaired eyesight… enjoying this shift in #Healthcare from a reactive to a preventive approach, where #data can help in avoiding ch… folk may call it soft but patients and healthcare workers call it immeasurable..“Soft” really means valuabl…
Retweeted by Engineering + HealthAutomation, robots and artificial intelligence will perform certain cognitive tasks brilliantly to the extent that… healthcare, soft skills such as empathy – and the jobs connected with it will be valued more and more in the future#DigitalHealth should simplify administration and cut down on monotonous tasks
Thank you Steve for teaching us about lab-on-a-chip & prototypes #medicaldevice #Healthcare in America should not cost an arm a leg. However it does actually cost an arm and a leg.physicians value in new #digitalhealth tools. digital health tool needs to (1) Improve work efficiency, (2) Increas… a look inside #Alibaba's smart warehouse, where #robots do 70% of the work with 300% more #efficiency! V/…
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#OnThisDay in 1977, Louise Brown became the first ever person to be conceived by IVF. It was inside this glass incu…
Retweeted by Engineering + HealthThis surgical glue is sticky, even when drenched in blood
Retweeted by Engineering + HealthHow to use #GrowthHacking to get users yo engage and buy products #healthcare is valuable to you? What is valuable to your customers? #startup #entrepreneur measure. learn. execute. #productstrategyvalue #innovation can be accomplished by focussing on the unseen markets. swim out to the deep ocean and launch pro… strategy involves: (1) cost leadership (2) differentiation (3) have a tantalizing value proposition deliv… of a product needs to be aligned with the business objectives. what is the business strategy of the… strategy you develop for your product ought not evolve in isolation. experience strategy + business strategy = #userexperiencehow to monitize #harpo content and engage with the brand #UserExperience how do you add value to the site, banners,… #UserExperience class discussing the #oprah brand. studying #oprahs concept map for her products and brand… new interactive model. the gesture of swiping right or left. try new technologies regardless of your opinio… that are easy to use and products that we love. we use them for entertainment or productivity. create for… to hear the @SloanFoundation @filmindependent enjoyed my talk on innovation in health. Thanks for having me1 in 20 #google searches is health related. 60,000 health searches every minute. @singularityu @RasuShrestha @ExponentialMed @curiscope @daniel_kraft 👍🏾Our @ExponentialMed scrubs are cooler than ever thanks to @curiscope augmented reality. Watch @daniel_kraft show ‘e…
Retweeted by Engineering + HealthHow Digital Health Care Can Help Prevent Chronic Diseases
Retweeted by Engineering + HealthReport: With today's technology, digital health could save US $7 billion via @MobiHealthNews
Retweeted by Engineering + HealthReinventing Pharma. The future of clinical practice. Engaging technology and biology. The future of Mental Health… @USC_CBC @_bakulpatel @DrLeslieSaxon @ExponentialMed 👍🏽
At the USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience, Fei Sha will bring an expertise in Artificial Intelligence an…
Retweeted by Engineering + Health#Robotics suit help kids with cerebral palsy
@keithmcgreggor Very long 👎🏽 please keep it short and neat @karmaal2010 @michael_saylor No 👎🏽 @michael_saylor I barely made it past 100 with this tweet @alberttalks @USC @BenjiLock @Robinff3 @AmandaDaflos @briankshepard Looks funKaiser's new medical center. New inroom monitoring systems. Lab results analyzed immediately. Pharmacy delivers…'s new innovation healthcare center. Smart patient rooms, new exam rooms, waiting rooms have been redesigned.… & VR at #socalbiodh healthcare report created like onstar car report. Not only blood pressure but How did you g… #IOTMT #usc
Retweeted by Engineering + HealthSmartsole. Helps to track older patients and kids with #autism vital signs #Digitalhealth streams with context. Incentives for clinicians and providers. Engaging patients. Analyzed data readily availa… the internet of medical things is a $22.5 billion dollar industry. How does #DigitalHealth affect disease management? #bigdata
Shocked and sorrowed by the heartbreaking news from Texas. Prayers for all those touched by violence today: victims, survivors, worshippers.
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Biggest barrier to #DigitalHealth is COOPERATION. Tech already exists, but stakeholders aren't sharing data & aligned goals -HealthcareWenThe older you get, the more expensive lessons will be.
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