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Erico Guizzo @ericoguizzo New York, USA

Senior editor at @IEEESpectrum covering robots, drones, and AI. @MIT_Sciwrite alum. Engineer turned writer. Husband. Dad. Made in Brazil.

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Awash in Artificial Light, the World Gets 2 Percent Brighter Each Year Magnetic Circuits Expand Into Three Dimensions AI That Can Spy Build the World’s Smallest Atomic Clock, Trap a Nitrogen Atom in a Carbon Cage
Willow Garage and the Making of the Robot Operating System Big Hydro Project in Big Sky Country new paper ( in a nutshell: An unfit #robot (1) evolves into a walker (2). Its descenden…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoDARPA Seeking AI That Learns All the Time Makers Fill Their War Chests in Fight Against Amazon about the latest version of our #drone mounted mosquito release mechanism, which we're developing for the figh…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoWebAssembly Will Finally Let You Run High-Performance Applications in Your Browser Cochlear Implant Turns Light Against Hearing Loss Wants Printing Quantum Dot Displays to be as Cheap as Printing a T-Shirt
I tried the new HaptX Glove by @HaptX_inc (formerly AxonVR), which they hope to sell to big companies as a training…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoElectric Vehicles Aren’t Taking Over Our Roads as Fast as Hype Artists Claim Speaker Verification Systems Can Be Fooled by Disguising Your Voice Inc Reveals New Haptic Glove for Virtual Reality To Buy 24,000 Self-Driving Volvos Distribute Swarms of Sterile Mosquitoes to Stop Zika and Other Diseases Field Controls Drug Delivery
Would You Pay $1,000 for a Chinese Smartphone? publicly discoverable info included "all attachments to the service e-mails they receive… images of damaged dro…
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Congratulations to the winner of the photo contest in the "best funny humanoid photo": "If only I had a self-driv…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoCongratulations to the winner of the photo contest in the category "best humanoid photo": "To be or not to be" by…
Retweeted by Erico Guizzo“Transformative automation is coming. The impact is up to us”: MIT President Reif’s op-ed in The Boston Globe:…
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The concept of a robot operating system started at Stanford. It’s a complicated story that shaped the robotics indu…
Retweeted by Erico Guizzo$TSLA Semi > Roadster, for several important reasons, says @meharris in @IEEESpectrum :
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoThe IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Announces New Standards Projects…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoApple Postpones Release of HomePod Speaker Fei-Fei! Your collection of labeled images for computer vision, #ImageNet, is the inspiration for #DexNet, a co…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoFrom one of @rethinkrobotics field applications engineers at a customer site this morning with a new Sawyer deploym…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoCan you believe this now back-flipping #robot only made its debut in 2013? Though DARPA no longer funds the develop…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoStanford Algorithm Can Diagnose Pneumonia Better Than Radiologists Friday: Backflipping Atlas, Cozmo Lost, and MantaDroid Aquatic Robot
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoTesla Launches an Electric Semi Truck—and a New Sports Car
It's surreal.. It shouldn't be possible in real world. It was possible only in simulated world..! A loss for words.…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoDash Robotics Acquires Bots Alive for Clever, Affordable Robot Toys
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoGreat recap of the CHM Xerox Alto event! @IEEESpectrum @TeklaPerry #CHMLive #CSH
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoTechShop Goes Bankrupt Language We Invented as We Invented the Future Causes Cascading Power Grid Failures graduate students could face tax increases of up to $10,000 by taxing their tuition awards as income. It is a…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzomindBEAGLE Brain-Computer Interface Gives Non-Speaking, Immobilized People a Voice
DeepLoco now running & walking with a full humanoid. #deepRL #BulletSimulation
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoIBM Edges Closer to Quantum Supremacy with 50-Qubit Processor Xerox Alto Struts Its Stuff on Its 40th Birthday Mix of Nanomaterials Leads to a New Quantum Photonic Circuit Architecture, here's Anthony Levandowski explaining the AI religion he's creating. It's actually fascinating. Great work by…
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Six leading computing organizations join to oppose provision in House tax bill that would increase taxes on graduat…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoFlying-Car Company Terrafugia is Bought by China's Geely Dynamics has a new creepy dog-like robot called SpotMini Leaders Dismayed by Weaponization of Social Media Dynamics latest robot looks like a glimpse of the future
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoThe Ivory Tower Can’t Keep Ignoring Tech
The Strange Art of Writing App Release Notes Different Top500 Supercomputing Benchmarks Show Two Different Top Supercomputers what may be the first industrial use of an exoskeleton, @EksoBionics is outfitting some @Ford assembly workers w…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoQ&A: The Ethics of Using Brain Implants to Upgrade Yourself Technologies That Will Rock Your World Microscope Counts Malaria Parasites in Blood Samples
Chinese UAVs are in service with the militaries of Iraq, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, and UAE, as well as perhaps Egyp…
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Forget California, Arizona Is The Risk-Taking, Live Laboratory For Driverless Cars:
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世界初となる、ヘビ型ロボットによるはしご昇降を実現し、本日のImPACT TRC 第五回フィールド公開評価会にてデモンストレーションを行いました。 フル動画をYouTubeにアップしています。…
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoVideo Friday: Japan's Avatar Robot, Lidar vs. Camera, and Knicks' Drone Show
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoFord Assembly Line Workers Try Out Exoskeleton Tech to Boost Performance Maps the Angle of Light to Color and Vice Versa President: the future of automation/AI/robotics/technology should be a national conversation. Indeed!
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A Data Bus for Quantum Computers accessible read on what's hard for robots, and how confluence of VR + AI could change this! by @BotJunkie
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoCan Ford Turn Itself Into a Tech Company?
Wizards of ROS: Willow Garage and the Making of the Robot Operating System
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoSelf-driving shuttle bus in crash on first day
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoAI Startup Embodied Intelligence Wants Robots to Learn From Humans in Virtual Reality
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoLight-Up Pajamas to Treat Babies With Jaundice Adding Accelerometers to Keys Will Thwart Car Thieves Takes Us One Step Closer to Flexible Terahertz Electronics
Wizards of ROS: Willow Garage and the Making of the Robot Operating System via @IEEESpectrum @AutomatonBlog @rosorg
Retweeted by Erico GuizzoLaser Weapon to Go in Fighter Jet in 2021
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