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One more sweet sign spotted after the Austin march was winding down. Look at @rianjohnson’s words bolstering politi… killing it with their signage: of my favorite signs at the March For Our Lives protest at the Austin capitol. “If I’m old enough to be SHOT I’… McCartney attends #MarchForOurLives in New York: "One of my best friends was killed in gun violence... so it's…
Retweeted by Eric Vespe are getting interesting downtown. This is the front of the march. The line has been going down Congress for… @BrianLynch On so many levels.The @NRA claims 5 million members. The Church of Scientology claims 8 to 15 million members, worldwide. Would you…
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@ItsTheBoat @CinemaPhileTX It’s not wholly Arcel’s fault. Some real awful shit went down behind the scenes there. After Westwor… @RKSDooM @ScottWamplerBMD And I’m not even being a dick. I’ve talked to multiple people who’ve worked with him. His… @RKSDooM @ScottWamplerBMD Easy answer: he didn’t. @ScottWamplerBMD The Georgie part is the most fucked up thing about this. Not 100% on the decision to give Pennywis… @mikeryan Haven't read it yet, but I'll predict he brightens up if you mention Parents and/or My Boyfriend's Back. @whattheshot Eddie Murphy Raw @TheEricGoldman That's right! Yeah, this whole thing is weird. @thefountain73 @bcfuller If they could have timed the movie to come out, like, 2 months after the video game it wou… @PiercedTedyBear @bcfuller It is the Voorhees that binds us together.Shit, it's Andrew Form, not From. Stupid typo. Gonna let it stand, though.I talked with Platinum Dunes' @bcfuller and Andrew From about why you haven't seen a Friday the 13th film in almost… @CinemaPhileTX It’s one of the most batshit bonkers fun movies ever made! @JacobSHall Rad! That Crystal Lake book is great. Tempted to go scour HPB for that Kubrick Archives book, though. N…' Nuff! @jennyleighx33 That's the most romantic thing I've ever seen!
Here's what I think about whitewashing: it doesn't matter if I think something is whitewashed or not, because I'm n…
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @mechamelissa Sweet, come up with what you want to watch! We're both southies so it's easy to find the time! @EricDSnider @mechamelissa Anytime you want to get together and watch some cheesy '80s horror movie let me know! @whattheshot Wall-E @cineweeda @kkjordan It's true. It's better at Magic Kingdom, but I'll always love the Disneyland location because… @tk421421421 Thanks for the heads up. I knew it was going to be crazy, but it's good to know in advance to expect a… @tk421421421 I would rather wait 2 hours in the line and soak that up than wait 2 hours at the front of the park. @tk421421421 I'm staying on resort so I'm planning on using the extra magic hour in the morning to get there first… @kkjordan That's still super cool! You gotta be the most proud mama in the world right now. @GilbyRanger @Schwarzenegger I would kill to smoke a stogie with Arnold and make him tell him a hundred John Milius stories. @BLitt1978 Gotta be comin' soon! @RickArtus Planning to go back in the fall. Don't worry. :) @kkjordan I will! Give Chelsea Clinton a hug for me, by the way! Don't tell her it's actually from me, though. That might be weird. @ItsTheBoat My dates are the 8-12. I'll be at MK the 8th and 11th for sure. My flight out on the 12th is pretty lat… invitation is open if @RyanGosling wants to come hit Disney World with me. I’m sure he’ll take me up on it cons… @TampaMovieGuy That’s what I’ve heard! Can’t wait to go. Planning on using the extra magic hours to hit it first th… @ItsTheBoat I’m flying solo this time. Will hopefully see you at the parks! @PTFilm That might be in the cards. @TheFloridaFoxs I do not, but I am staying on resort so my plan is to use the magic hour, get there right when it o…'ll be heading to Disney World in a few weeks for my first vacation since signing up with Rooster Teeth! Gonna che… @kristenmchugh22 The word Reese's could go either way, I'll grant you that, but we've been using the word "pieces"… @Chris_Tonick You got me, but I've heard it across multiple different kinds of podcasts. It's an epidemic!Podcasts have given me many, many gifts, but they also alerted me to the fact that a disturbing amount of people in… @rejects I could use this gif to throw onto Twitter about 3 times a day.
@slashfilm Well... @GeekWithAnAfro Reminded me a little of Danny Lloyd in The Shining... but grown up a little and with more acting chops.One of my favorite discoveries of #SXSW was a great Bad News Bears-ish flick starring the great Michael Kelly calle… @JennApple Nope. Maybe some day!Lots of good movie news recently that seems to be catering to my very peculiar movie tastes: Tessa Thompson joining… @JAngelSierra82 Nope, but it's a great movie. It's in a weird place that didn't have a giant cultural impact, but m… it! This casting actually makes me excited for this rebootquel thing. @WhitlockAndPope Birth definitely qualifies. What a weiiiiird movie. @GMoneyNuggs I love Fido! That's my quote on the right (attributed only to AICN): @thedudebecool Frailty's great. I think there's a strong, if niche, segment of movie geeks that carry the torch for… @Graham_McCain @rianjohnson I agree! I've been a fan since before it was made! Rian can back me up on that! @aManAboutFilm @ColtonD84 And Mud. Anything Jeff Nichols seems to fall into the overlooked category. @aManAboutFilm @ColtonD84 Underrated and overlooked are two different things. Underrated means you disagree with a… @chip_chops Layer Cake is an all-timer.Another great, overlooked movie: Death To Smoochy - Jet black comedy that features an all-time best performance fro… @TaeilTellsTales @hradzka I'm definitely nostalgic for SMB, but I haven't revisited it in yeaaarrrsss. @ColtonD84 I interviewed @jes_chastain for Tree of Life after having seen Take Shelter at Sundance and she got so e… @TaeilTellsTales @hradzka Can't go with you on JPIII. I rewatched it recently and it played worse for me. Feels so… @ColtonD84 Take Shelter's an interesting addition here. I feel like it was bigger before release than it was when i… @Game_of_Arrows I'll have to revisit that one. Only thing I really remember from it is the really smart transition to English. @jakew998 Yeah, this one is brilliant. So good. @BigDumbMale Are you looking through your DVD collection as you come up with titles? I bet you are! @CTVRyan @thordiakow @VancityReynolds Another great overlooked Reynolds movie is The Voices. I adore that one. So s… @LordPunch Demon Knight is the best. Billy Zane! @Lazron Yeah, at the beginning you either go with the fact that every Russian and German character has a British or… @Brian_Tallerico Cure For Wellness is a good one. Curious to see if it gains any notoriety in the next few years or… @ZombieRickJames Yes! Paul Walker's best movie. Would make a weirdly perfect double feature with Hanna since they'r… @wmparrino With metal teeth!