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Quint of Ain't It Cool News and movie fiend.

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@benbohling Legend from Ridley Scott. Early Tom Cruise movie!Something about Captain America doing USO tours hits me right in my geeky heart box. guys are the best! I'll be onboard, anybody else going? @BBW_BFF yes and no @EvilDeadTiM The Thin Man, great screwball romance series @EvilDeadTiM Powell & Pressburger's A Matter of Life and Death (aka Stairway to Heaven) @EvilDeadTiM Charles Bronson, from Leone's Once Upon A Time In The West. @EvilDeadTiM one of the funniest movies ever made, Buster Keaton's The General @EvilDeadTiM yep @EvilDeadTiM my favorite Guillermo del Toro movie, The Devil's Backbone. @EvilDeadTiM accordion, Weird Al's favorite instrument. It's from a weirdo French flick called Holy Motors.
@EvilDeadTiM Take Shelter @EvilDeadTiM Taking of Pelham 123 @EvilDeadTiM The Dead Zone @EvilDeadTiM Miller's Crossing, from the Coen Bros. @EvilDeadTiM Love Actually. Sappy sweet and I love every inch of it. @EvilDeadTiM not quite. You should check it out, it's called The Third Man. Some of the best black and white photography ever done. @EvilDeadTiM Tales From The Crypt Presents Demon Knight! @EvilDeadTiM Battle Royale. @EvilDeadTiM Let The Right One In, one of my favorite films of the last 15 years. Was remade as Let Me In @EvilDeadTiM early De Palma movie called Phantom of the Paradise @EvilDeadTiM Phantasm @EvilDeadTiM it's fantastic @EvilDeadTiM Oliver! @EvilDeadTiM great underseen '80s teen sex comedy/drama The Last American Virgin @EvilDeadTiM yep @EvilDeadTiM Better Luck Tomorrow. @EvilDeadTiM Dolemite! "Dolemite is my name and fucking up motherfuckers is my game!" @EvilDeadTiM compliance! @EvilDeadTiM the movie's super low budget and rough but super funny. Commentary on the DVD is even better than the movie. @EvilDeadTiM Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures @EvilDeadTiM 👍 @EvilDeadTiM Fulci's City of the Living Dead. Wait until you see what happens next! @EvilDeadTiM Argento's Deep Red @EvilDeadTiM you should seek it out. Goofy as hell, so much fun. @EvilDeadTiM great Korean revenge flick called I Saw the Devil. @EvilDeadTiM Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 @EvilDeadTiM you got it @EvilDeadTiM my favorite Woody Allen movie, Purple Rose of Cairo. @EvilDeadTiM Preston Sturges' The Lady Eve @EvilDeadTiM yeppers @EvilDeadTiM close, The Wild Bunch. @EvilDeadTiM Hal Ashby's Harold and Maude @EvilDeadTiM Death Race 2000 (the original '70s Roger Corman one) @EvilDeadTiM It's called Gold Rush. @EvilDeadTiM Night of the Hunter. Old school creepfest starring Robert Mitchum. @EvilDeadTiM Brick! @EvilDeadTiM The Conversation, one of Francis Ford Coppola's best movies. @jamesdshotwell Passionate, sure. Not sure I'd describe him as chill. He was amped. You can tell the cogs are always rolling at top speed. @Rick_Bullard Oof..@MNightShyamalan really likes Back to the Future and shares some great creative insight in my interview with him: @Rick_Bullard As you should be. Pitt's a very underrated actor. Kinda taken for granted as just a movie star. He's incredible in the finale. @chriscarle wish I could take the credit, but Gareth totally ran with it, thank God. @EvilDeadTiM go through 'em and ask what they are. I'll tell ya'! @Rick_Bullard Oh wow. How'd he take to it? @alebrugues @ajbowen :( @GermainLussier Yeah, I think you're right.I know this sounds like sour grapes. It's honestly not. I'm happy with my readership, just curious why 1 gets picked up & the other doesn'tBut yesterday I posted my interview with Gareth Edwards that details, in surprising depth, how they achieved that feeling.It's an interesting quote, but pretty much just says "we make it how you remember it, not how it actually was"It's interesting to me what news gets aggregated and what doesn't. The Knoll comments about making Rogue One look like SW, for instance @slder78 Scream Factory just put out a new transfer. Trivia: the director Bob Clark did another iconic holiday movie - A Christmas StoryIf that deluge of gifs inceptioned you to watch something, let me know what it was. I'm hankering for LOTR and Let… @jennyleighx33 seems like I underestimated the geekiness of my followers! Never again! @jennyleighx33 me too. I thought I was playing it smart by pre-finding about 80 gifs. @slder78 the great Black Christmas, which is the real forefather of what we know as the slasher style. @BriguySalisbury please do, I borrowed it from @jennyleighx33! Keep the chain going! @edpalmeruk you got it! @MrFredGuest Macgruber! @BobbyWeigel don't know the whole story, but did see a great crime movie he did around this time called The Nickle Ride @therobglenn temple of doom's in there! @FanaticoFIlms Peter Jackson's Braindead (released in the US as Dead Alive). It's straight up brilliant. @jamesgaule me too. Doing this made me want to revisit it @gleeb @DrewMcWeeny I'll allow it. @rotch nope, but good guess. From an underseen '80 movie called Lady In White. @MeanShadows bingo! @KyleWarner3000 thanks, buddy. @joshuapittman @RealGilbert all the time!