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@STARS_TyranT Very much.The new Twin Peaks has been pretty straight forward narratively, especially compared to David Lynch's recent work.… @k12dude Aw, man. Someone threw away a perfectly good white boy.I was going after the original poster art for Better Off Dead, but was way, way, way outbid at this auction.… @hammy_port Hundreds of millions. Easy. @ShadowMakerSdR Yes, but all screen used parts! @melanielynskey @jcolburnlevy All my favorite things in one place! Good time to be a Stephen King nerd. @mattsinger A small price to pay to keep them Death Star plans out of the hands of those pesky Rebels.Just watched a screen-used R2-D2 sell for $2.3 million at auction. Hate to ruin your day, but I wasn't the bidder. @BrianLynch
This is out tomorrow. It would mean the world to me if you saw it. I dearly hope you enjoy.
Retweeted by Eric VespeI got to interview @edgarwright for Baby Driver we ended up only talking about the coffee shop sequence for 15 mins. @Chris_Tonick @TheJoeLynch @ScottWamplerBMD Too rich for my blood! I'll have to be happy with my Mondo print version. :)"Labyrinth" was released on this day in 1986. Here's a letter from Jim Henson to David Bowie, trying to convince…
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @GermainLussier I know it's tough to be around me. I see you choking back your vomit every time we hang out.It says something that the coolest thing in this featurette is Elba casually twirling his gun while taking direction @HQ10 @FantasiaFest I'd love to come back! @ajbowen Comic-Con again this year, but will be on the ground for D23. Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Star Wars Land stu…
@merideth I didn't hate Book of Henry, which by Film Twitter standards means I loved it! @ChicNStu @merideth That either makes you a great father or a horrible father. Can't quite tell yet... @merideth @tinymediaempire I counter that nonsense with this piece I wrote a couple years back: @youareatower It's called Castle Rock, takes place in the Stephen King universe @MrJonathanKing @SebazNZ @Aaron_Morgan @ImpossibleFoods @jarrettem @SebazNZ @Aaron_Morgan @ImpossibleFoods That's crazy considering I've heard it's substantially cheaper t… @beta_angel @ImpossibleFoods Yeah, pasta is the next trial, I think. @bradmiska @ImpossibleFoods Unless we find out this gives us cancer or something it's a game changer. @SebazNZ @Aaron_Morgan @ImpossibleFoods Ewww @jarrettem @SebazNZ @Aaron_Morgan @ImpossibleFoods I was, too. It's not a 1:1 to real ground beef, but super close and really tasty. @ImpossibleFoods My buddy @SebazNZ cooked that great burrito and the faux meat isn't exactly like real beef, but so…'m a Texan. I take my beef seriously. Tried vegetarian meat replacement via @ImpossibleFoods last night and it's k… @BryceDHoward action, for a single still of Lon Chaney from London After Midnight, went for over $13,000. Holy moly. Holy moly.)Sitting here in New Zealand watching original London After Midnight stills go for crazy amounts of money at auction… be a fly on the wall in this workout session... @BryceDHoward (That sounded vaguely threatening. Let me rephrase: "Good luck in your final weeks of filming." There, that's better.) @BryceDHoward Any time! Good luck in your final weeks!I was literally just having a conversation yesterday about how underused @jcolburnlevy is and then she goes and gets cast in Castle Rock.I regret to inform you that I didn't win the auction for the Myrna Loy autographed photo (to Eric, no less), but I'… Levy starring in Castle Rock? Sissy Spacek returning to her Stephen King roots? I am so amped for this weird-ass Bad Robot show, guys. @GermainLussier @BrianWCollins He fixes the cable? @mrbeaks @BrianWCollins I haven't seen a newly struck 35mm print, but I have seen original release prints, 1 faded… @BrianWCollins As someone who has seen Jaws in every format, that restored DCP is the best the movie has ever looke… @Yarvo @Aaron_Morgan @scottEweinberg @80sAllOver Get the kid from that Wolfie's Just Fine slasher video in the lead… @Aaron_Morgan @scottEweinberg @80sAllOver Little boy kills other children for his evil teddy bear. It's pretty righteous. Cheap, but fun. @VogtRoberts
@VogtRoberts Saw some familiar big monkey skulls while I was in Hawaii a couple days ago. They say hi. @Luceobrien FYI if a lady wants to propose to me, this is a way to guarantee I'll say yes.Some motherfucker's always tryin to ice skate uphill
Retweeted by Eric Vespe#neverforget #therealjorts
Aloha, Hawaii. We didn't have long together, but you treated me right. Now to return to a colder climate... @Aaron_Morgan @williambgoss gorilla looks like he wants pictures of Spiderman on his desk by noon
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @Aaron_Morgan 3.7 ain't nothing. Just a warm up.
@Aaron_Morgan @slashfilm (I know he's number one, but it's still funny) @Aaron_Morgan @slashfilm @slashfilm I'll show you a worthy number two, Peter. @BryceDHoward this gif sums up Nick and Nora Charles' relationship perfectly. Definitely seek out the Thin Man seri… @fedalvar Not gonna lie, that does it for me a little bit.
@RealRonHoward Finally, the world will get to see the twist George told us he always wanted to tell during Grafitti!
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @wkarsten So rad!This is what happens when you let your hockey team design their own jerseys... #CrushItLikeQuint #JawsTaughtUs
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @EDouglasWW *and stand off-stage, I meant. @EDouglasWW I only got in because Nicotero let me sneak in and off-stage. AMC sure as shit wasn't giving me any help after that debacle.But the piece was good, I'm proud of it and happy of Harry having my back when the publicists tried to smear me to him.They claimed I broke embargo when I refused to make the piece less detailed, told me Darabont was furious (he wasn't), etc. It was a mess.There's a long, long, long story surrounding this report, but the short version is there was a ton of drama afterwards. AMC wasn't happy.Seven years ago I published my set report from a visit to the Frank Darabont-directed Walking Dead pilot set. @SteveDunk5 Never have! He's supposedly a bit grumpy, but if you lead with something you know he'll want to talk ab… @SteveDunk5 Then there's always hope! @timarno It's worth the wait!If The Big Sick plays near you this weekend, go see it. It'll be one of your favorites of the year... Unless you have a shriveled up heart. @colliderfrosty But with Lucasfilm stuff I assume their version of the fallout is the studio's version @colliderfrosty I got blocked for questioning their Rogue One reporting sounding like damage control. Haven't read their Solo story yet... @alphadawg7 Where was I complaining? @JennApple Just a quick three day jaunt to Hawaii before coming back to NZ.Because I love spending time on airplanes...
Here's a bit of cool for you today: A geeky awesome slate used during the making of Indiana Jones and the Temple of…