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Sr. Entertainment Writer for The Know at Rooster Teeth. Formerly Quint of Ain't It Cool News. Movie fiend, geek, man of the world.

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@poeticpoison22 But thanks for the support! And the same back to you, by the way. I saw you tweeting about going on… @poeticpoison22 I lost a ton of weight a couple years ago and slowly gained it all back. I’m in the right mindset t… @jeroenvanderuit Spoilers indeed. Don't want to go into much openly on twitter just yet, but I think it's pretty he… in the Disney design department is a @DestinyTheGame fan.
Retweeted by Eric VespeWas going to write a piece just like this next week after everybody got a chance to see Solo, but now I don't have… @jarrettem Please do! Smelling it is the next best thing to eating it! (that's what she said?) @ThatChrisA @geekgirldiva @michelledeidre @rianjohnson Would attend! @keithcalder Deep cut! @jarrettem Next Friday I can participate in cheesy goodness, anytime between now and then I can enjoy a good steak and steamed veggies. @TheMightyWink At my mom's house, of all places.In 35 yrs we have NEVER shown this! View the never-before-seen score of #DeepNote THX's audio trademark 🔊 created b…
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @williambgoss @jarrettem @jarrettem Roadhouse all day every day! And following Umberto's advice and doing cheat meals every 14 days that mea… @elmayimbe Interesting. Looks like that could help on my sculpt days, as well.*Note Simon's highly inappropriate, extremely rad tee-shirt.Facebook reminded me this pic exists. Still one of my favorite photos from my weird and awesome career. @elmayimbe Since you are an expert, what is your definition of a cheat meal? Like, burger and fries or "fuck it, I'… @w_dewitt @MattGoldberg @ScottWamplerBMD Plenty of "what the fuck is going on here?!?" to go around! @w_dewitt At this point, any. Sonic tater tots, McDonald's fries, seasoned wedges, waffle fries, hashbrowns... hrmmmm... @elmayimbe I was planning on going hard for a month before introducing cheat days. If you think that's too extreme… @joshrotunda @Brrunt Oh, pizza. I miss you so much! @ScottWamplerBMD If you gentlemen don't mind I might roll this into an article for next week. This opens up a crazy… @Brrunt The food I eat is delicious, don't get me wrong! But hoo-boy do I love breads, pastas and potatoes. @JFCDoomblade Pretty much just a tax-free sale. If it was a BOGO or 50% off I would have done some serious damage to my bank account.I'm a week into a low carb diet. Feeling really good, energetic, healthier, but I'd kill all of you for some french fries right about now. @TheRoar_24 @ScottWamplerBMD @MetalDave815 @bdgrabinski @kristapley I thought of this: "This is interesting. Lando." "Lando System?" @_RyanTurek Super washed out, right? I've seen it twice and that seems to be the choice.Me: Opens email. Email: Shout Factory has a Memorial Day Blu-Ray sale! Me: "Yippee!" Email: Look at all these Screa… @MetalDave815 @bdgrabinski @ScottWamplerBMD @kristapley Is it wrong that this whole aspect makes me like Solo a lit… @JacobSHall @mattsinger If we do then we would destroy our beloved Marvel Studios. So it is written, so it shall be. @waltisfrozen @ScottWamplerBMD I think ANH and TFA shows the weight of those events as much as they can while chara… @waltisfrozen @ScottWamplerBMD There’s a difference between violence happening to someone you know and someone you… @waltisfrozen @ScottWamplerBMD Dunno. Luke is mourning after Obi-Wan, Kylo and Rey are pretty damn mad at each other after Han... @ScottWamplerBMD It took me a second, but yeah, it's crazy how non-chalant everybody is about this moment consideri… @misterpatches @GermainLussier And when those URLs are posted to social media they send the spoiler out to people t…
@upkody Even at the low end of the opening weekend predictions it’ll still probably hit half a million worldwide, i… @GeekWithAnAfro Email’s in the bio. @RichRippon We’ve already gotten the origin story (poorly) and some rich character stuff in The Clone Wars. The mys… @OrionWoody Considering Fett’s history with Kenobi I wouldn’t doubt there may be some cross-over there. @upkody Plus it’s not poised to be a massive flop, just the lowest performing Star Wars movie, which is still a lot of money. @upkody It’s not an announcement. It’s the trades getting a story, which is different enough that they could always pull the plug.I love Mangold’s work and happy to see him do anything Star Wars. He’s earned my trust as a viewer, which is why I’… @CinemaPhileTX I don't think you hate it that, to be honest. Every single tweet you send me is a "Well, actually",… @CinemaPhileTX Respectfully, looking at the common criticisms that's exactly what happened. It's always "Luke shoul… @ScottWamplerBMD Aka "The 2A is flawless and must not ever be looked at more closely, but do whatever you want to the 1A..." @David_The_Wavid I think it's going to be great. I'm just excited to see something break away from everything we al… @1980_Wes I get it. Had I written a straight review of Solo it wouldn't have come up, but when looking at the evolu… @David_The_Wavid Yeah, the Johnson trilogy and new series from the Game of Thrones guys are the most interesting th… @1980_Wes I was careful to not paint any dissenting opinion with that brush, but it's undeniable that racists and m… is nuts! Lots of Crystal Skull talk on my flashback feed. @AndyTheBlanch Thanks, bud.I reviewed Solo: A Star Wars Story and also examined the current state of Star Wars fandom. It's related, I swear!… @TheMightyWink Crimson Peak! @AshCrossan Definitely not for fat people! Nothing like having to wait for the one “big seat” on some of their rides.
@bdgrabinski @ScottWamplerBMD With Bill Hader as adult Richie they've already reached 100% awesome. Go with God for…'m no journalism professor, but I suspect what you'd end up with is a bunch of well-rated journalists who don't co…
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @mattpalmer1978 I remember that! I grew up next to Great America. It was Marriott's Great America when I was really… @discolando Yeah, I did the Vegas experience. Very neat. Lots of cool opportunities there, but I have a feeling it'… @andrew_milito Agreed, if they don't half-ass it. Galaxy's Edge is going to be a mini-theme park within the larger… This would be pretty cool. 2) Good luck with thinking that'll be real competition for Galaxy's Edge. @emilyzemler Esmeralda, of course. @sbackword My Twitter (which you're on) is good for alerts the second I post something. You can also bookmark this… is me talking with my RT cohorts about my feelings on Solo. Written review coming shortly!
@crahow555 Only seen stills. Another remake no one asked for, but I like Rami. Will check it out tonight.Writing my Solo review and the first page is a deconstruction of the evolution of Star Wars fandom from the OT to n…'t go wrong with any of these. Monster Squad in particular is one of my favorite '80s scores. Some of these are… @merechrisianity @DrewMcWeeny There's a hell of a story to tell about that time, the Wild Wild West days of the int… @Boopa1219 @Lazron I wouldn't say it's safe for a major tentpole to kill off it's entire lead cast. My understandin… the early AICN days they wouldn't put Harry on press lists. I was on them because I reviewed for a print publica… is a great deep dive into the inside baseball of local publicists and the power trips they can go on. Thankful… @The_Reviewist I'm still grappling with that. They make a choice with him in the third act that kinda a little bit…
@sirdaveoftulsa It's messy, but it's okay. Feels fan-fic-y to me. Don't love it, but like it alright. @beta_angel @AdamFrazier Opinions! @JonKasdan Planning on going Thursday night with a bunch of my SW fan friends! @FilmandPaint I didn’t dislike it, just don’t feel strongly one way or another. TLJ ranks somewhere in the top 3 or 4 SW films for me.This is brilliant. @JonKasdan You know I dig your stuff. This one just didn’t work 100% for me, at least on first viewing.I have the weirdest/coolest co-workers.