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@ScottWamplerBMD @ScottWamplerBMD @Jerk_Burton You know I actually thought about making that joke about 10 mins after I posted it. Probably for the best.
@melthefishy @MondoNews Lotsa good shit! I'm eyeballin' that Little Mermaid/Ursula print..@MondoNews I will disown both of my nephews if they don't fall head over heels in love with Tatum O'Neal after tha… hang with the nephews all day Saturday. Gonna visit the @MondoNews Gallery Disney show followed by a viewing… @Luceobrien did we forget to CC you on the memo? @darkhorizons This art was actually the first image that popped into my mind. Went with a different social, but of…, everybody (including me) used the sexy Dr. Malcolm picture in their Jurassic World 2 casting story! @Paul_Gandersman I don't. They called 'em Pods, I think. @Paul_Gandersman when I helped my mom clean up her house to sell we got one of those giant dumpster things that you… @TwitMat78 @JosephTimmer No clue. Perhaps something VOD? @TimothyDowling Ha, I said the exact same thing in my write-up. They should go back to Mel, who was attached when I… @CarterNixon Having just rewatched 4-7 and Rogue One, I will concede RO to that opinion. It has a great look and mo… @CarterNixon
@IconsRobG Oooo, tempted on the House box set and Road Games! @BloodyGopher @geveeso @TheZoneCast I told you!Played the updated Vault of Glass with my Destiny raid team this weekend. One of my favorite video game anythings. Perfectly designed. @burnie How awesome my Destiny light level is, obviously. @thatKevinGuy Supposedly later tonight US time.Sigh... those were the days. the Man in Black toy holding "the movie horn."
@merideth I grew up in primo Brandis hotness. That kid had alllllll the neighborhood girls swooning.Huh... The Man In Black seems to be holding the Horn of Eld... reason for the revisit: my nephews wanted to see it. Didn't hold up for me, but now they're dying to see Bad News Bears, so win.Had my 1st non-childhood viewing of Ladybugs the other day. Never caught how drastic the shift of tone/humor is with the dressing room scene
Stephen King's Bean (via @pixelfaker)
Retweeted by Eric VespeHappy Birthday, big guy! @IconsRobG Hopefully another LA trip is in the cards soon!
@IconsRobG It's like I'm right there with you! Holding a fish.Had a good chat with Armie Hammer, Sharlto Copley and @mr_wheatley about Free Fire. And Smurf Handjobs. As you do.
@scottderrickson It's fun! Enjoy.Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Shannon (@Lila_Stanley©)
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@cinelander @headgeek666 Good point. Creative duo sounds weird in this context so updated it to Mississippi Grind director duo. Thanks.Hey, it's Tim Curry's birthday!
The Aristocrats! traded for this pin while listening to @MyFavMurder podcast at Magic Kingdom. Appropriate. @themaclennan @jennyleighx33 @dtuck318 @jennyleighx33 @dtuck318 I'm kind of a social media heartbreaker, Jenny. Hate you had to find out this way.Happy Birthday, @edgarwright. Thanks for all the laughs and cinephile inspiration! @moiseschiu @HDTGM Alright, I'll do it! @jarrettem @dtuck318 @jennyleighx33 Aaahhhh @dtuck318 @jennyleighx33 Huh. I have no idea who that is. Guess I pissed them off at some point... @jennyleighx33 @dtuck318 Who is this being RT'd? I'm blocked by whomever this and now I have to know!
@merideth "That's... fine. I wasn't going to sell it anyway..." as a single tear falls down their wrinkled face. @merideth The crazy parts are when they're all like "oh, this is a forgery, it's not worth anything" and the light… @merideth Ooo, that lady brought in a painting that has been in her attic for 57 years. It's probably going to be worth a million dollars... @merideth You too? I can't not watch it any time it's on. @popmortem Humunga cowabunga from down unda! @popmortem Back to the Beach is the best! @rodeneronquillo They don't advertise it as part of the tour, but it's totally the highlight. Called Marceline to Magic Kingdom. @rodeneronquillo Not sure what the process is at Disneyland, but at DW you can sign up for a $50 tour that takes you into the ride @TammyTuckey Had the sampler so I got a little bit of it, yeah. @Lauzirika I am a shadow! @ItsTheBoat I'll be around MK tonight and all day tomorrow. Maybe I'll catch you around.A neat thing I learned on my BTS tour is that the Haunted Mansion ghost blowing out her candles is the same sculpt… view for lunch is super appropriate. Disney all over. #whybecausewelikeya @rezalackey Loved it. We were the only people who booked so it was essentially a private tour. @ItsTheBoat What's even better is my friends and I were the only people to book that tour yesterday, so it was pretty much a private tour!the force awakens . #SWCO #もや旅 thank you @KyleJosephE😎✨
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @ItsTheBoat The skulls coming out of the organ is way creepier in person @ItsTheBoat I could sit down there all day watching them spin around.
@ThatChrisA Seconded!This is where Forrestal cashed in. He was good. He was very good. #indystuntshow #bts @scottEweinberg Agree with Scott here. Isn't it kind of the point of language having different words for different things? @allan_paxton Yeah, anybody can go. It's part of a $50 3 hour tour called Marceline to Magic Kingdom. @merideth Right? @mattsinger An underreported $50 tour. They don't advertise getting to go behind the scenes at HM @Lauzirika Didn't get that special of a treatment, but got to go underneath and see the ballroom ghosts up close as the ride was running @rezalackey YyyeeeeepppI just took a tour behind the scenes at The Haunted Mansion and I'm basically in heaven. Got to see the animatronics up close! Holy shit!
@SeanBHutchinson The way it should be, IMO. Live streaming is the way to go with these things @headgeek666 staaaaaahhhhhppppp! @headgeek666 Dude, no. @SeanBHutchinson Noticed a lot of YouTube/Facebook Live style reporting. Maybe more of a personal brand/tastemaking… @SeanBHutchinson I forgot, we did get to see the first episode of Rebels S4 which doesn't premiere until the Fall. @SeanBHutchinson But experience-wise it's pretty cool to be on The a Star Wars Show and mingle with other colleagues and stuff. @SeanBHutchinson Not really, except those that got interviews or hands on demos on Battlefront II or something