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I showed up to the Tampa airport 5 hours early in order to write about the new Star Wars title because I'm a dork.!!!! @liambrazier good question. Probably Frank Miller? No, he'd be the crazy bird lady.I regret to inform you guys that after 5 days on this boat I finally saw Home Alone 2 kid with his mom at breakfast this morning.
@alebrugues that made me feel all tingly on the insides. It's a date. (I'm in LA for my birthday next month, FYI) @alebrugues You owe me nothing, good sir. I owe you, like, 400 cigars at this point. @rejects @edgarwright was actually pretty awesome during the Orca bits. Sometimes the boat rocked in sync with us. Kinda groovy. @merideth cool, I'll introduce you to my new son next week then. @alebrugues Also, thanks to your kindness in providing cigars I didn't get swindled with fake Cohibas in Cozumel. Smelled wrong. @alebrugues I'll get through it... somehow... @merideth I kinda want to adopt him off the boat if no one claims him when we get into port tomorrow. That's how that works, right? @merideth A couple hours later he was by himself on the dance floor. I'm 100% sure this kid ditched his mom and dad somewhere. @merideth and he said "naw, I've gotta find my parents. They're probably at the casino and I can't go in there... Bye!" and ran off. 2/2 @merideth He was at the beginning of my Jaws screening tonight. I asked him if he was staying for the movie. 1/2Did a fun intro to Jaws on the deck of the ship. Took a page out of @edgarwright's playbook & brought up some quest… @merideth dude, you're not far off.Update on random Home Alone 2 kid onboard: still no signs of parents, but he did just tear up the dance floor while wearing zombie makeup.There's a kid on this boat that I'm 99% sure Home Alone 2'd his way onboard. @Da7e It's not a star-studded interview, but chock full of good stuff and even some hints at what the Duffers removed from S1 for S2.Angling for some BTS shots to be included, which might take a little bit of time to get cleared. Hopefully it can post sometime this week.Transcribing a long chat that will be crack for Stranger Things fans. Lots of inside info and previously unknown details.My desk for today. Got some transcribin' to do...
@ASamanthaRae stallllkkkkeeerrr @ASamanthaRae no, that's you. Full stop. @alebrugues of course I did. I'm not drunk! Slow down!Got to spend the day in Cozumel. Got some especially Jaws-y photos... award to best on-theme cosplay on the @Fan2SeaCruise goes to this guy, hands down. #fhlostonparadise found a Chief on this vessel. Not Brody, but just as awesome. @DavidKHarbour men should feel proud and inspired by the @womensmarch. If you feel the opposite then maybe it's time for a little introspection. @ManMadeMoon @david_bowiefann "Quaaaiiiidddd... Turn on the reactooooorrrrr..." @moiseschiu they'll be fine, there'll just be a few more scenic oil derricks... @moiseschiu sorry, no Haunted Mansion, no deal. @merideth @indiepixie some money playing late night craps on the boat, but did so in good company. Thanks for the fun evening @CharlesSoule & @Ssnyder1835.
@Jinzo_Ningen Think most of them stay. I've seen Axle from Walking Dead and Randy Havens just hanging out.See, here's proof! That's me! I will hike some Mayan ruins, make some aquatic fish friends and then talk about the awesome production design of @Stranger_Things. @rob__mccallum @scully1888 the irony is the religious right just voted in our first Atheist president. @rob__mccallum @scully1888 because Christians organize and get out the vote. Simple as that.
@MelissaRussells @jerslater Oh my God... Slater has an identical twin brother?!?Getty says this is Henry Thomas' mom, but it sure looks like Kathy Kennedy to me. Either way, adorable picture. @KRobertMarlo @MrSeanOC Melania gets her own town...Elliott, you sonuvabitch! Whatsamatter? Spielberg got you pushin' too many pencils? @HeadlyvonNoggin Oh, I mean we're getting Lex Luthor in the White House, not that I get to meet with the legend. I wish!Tomorrow: "Beeee.... goooooooodddd..." just heard about the passing of the great Miguel Ferrer. You'll always be a bad motherfucker to me, sir. @MelissaRussells These Walking Dead and Stranger Things people are cool and all, but I'd have a lot more fun with you lot, that's for sure! @MelissaRussells Royal Caribbean. I expect you guys to attend next year for a big Exorcist panel.Most of my colleagues are trudging through the snow. I'm also hard at work, traveling in grueling conditions. @scottpoythress @TheRealCatDyer @atlantajmac I know Ms. Dyer is. Already passed up a couple chances to Chris Farley on her & @MrRandyHavens.Michael Rooker on the very first @Fan2SeaCruise panel. "I'll do Mallrats 2 if you bring me some chocolate covered… @d_a_howell @CharlesSoule Tampa to Key West To Cozumel. @DrewMcWeeny there will be tears.Jimmy Buffet over the speakers and Stormtroopers guarding the entry to the ship. I guess I'm really doing this... into my nearly missed connecting flight like... @DrewMcWeeny ut-oh. @DavidFurtney can't wait to get back from my trip and give them all a go!
Winters quietly takes some barbs, dishes out a little self-deprecating humor, but always care more about others and gets to be a hero.Most times people write us bigger folks as gluttons (the fat kid always has a candy bar in his pocket) or just completely ignore the weight.Not for nothin', but Shelley Winters in The Poseidon Adventure is a perfectly written overweight character... @BrianWCollins boss reference. @merideth done and done! Make sure a good chunk of me ends up in the Haunted Mansion.Click 'Hell Yes' on this and then you may go about the rest of your evening. @T_Lawson @Scream_Factory III was derailed by Heather O'Rourke's death, II is solid, just falls short compared to the perfect original. @T_Lawson @Scream_Factory Haven't popped the shrink wrap yet, but Scream Factory always brings the quality.I genuinely like Poltergeist II, but I'm drawn to the commentary on III to get the inside story on that clusterfuck. Thanks @Scream_Factory! @gleeb @robertcatto good thinking. You're in the will. Don't fail me.Setting sail tomorrow. Want to watch Poseidon Adventure, but I also have new commentaries on both Poltergeist II & III as well. #tornI fully expect my remaining friends and family to be better at this and not get caught when they (eventually) do th… @Aaron_Morgan I will be at the airport not too long after you are. 5:05am flight. Hoooooooboy. @JasonTheFace time is close! I'll do my best. Keep Wellington safe for me and have a good fight! @jormataccone @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Eric VespeI'm putting in an inordinate amount of research time into my intro material for the Jaws/Piranha double feature onboard the @Fan2SeaCruise.What Priscilla said.
@CharlesSoule @aintitcoolnews I hope you're taking notes, too, Charles.I continue my quest for cruise pointers in cinema with a revisit of Jason Takes Manhattan: @Kevin79 @scottEweinberg Oh yeah? I'd love to revisit it one of these days, see if it holds up.