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@ziemer27 I love Paranorman. Got to visit Laika during the making of that and Boxtrolls, so I don't have much room to complain. @CaptArschkarte I'm still waiting on my screen-used Captain America shield and/or Nick Fury eye-patch. @slashfilm @GermainLussier next thing you'll tell me is that WB invited a bunch of DC hating bloggers to visit the Justice League set!Laika does crazy shit like that for most of their movies. They actually sent puppets from Coraline to some critics!I'm not one to be jealous of the goodies other bloggers receive, but I'd probably kill a man for one of those Kubo face sets Focus sent out @JamesGunn @ArcLightCinemas Jealous. That's one I've only seen small. Well, as small as a Leone film can be, anyway.
@headgeek666 dude. @mtgilchrist if you're visiting the workshop you'll be right next to the Cave. The workshop is way cooler. Tell Richard Taylor I said hi! @mtgilchrist No problem. Breaker Bay is also a gorgeous place to get out and walk around/hike.That's him. Have you seen him around? @mtgilchrist For food, I highly recommend Lambanjo in Seatoun & Planet Spice in Newtown. Cuba Street is a must visit for shopping/bars/food @mtgilchrist I'm jealous! Definitely hit up the Weta Cave in Miramar, near PJ's studios and right next to the Workshop.My lawn guy kind of dropped off the face of the earth (after taking payment for this month's mows). Adulting isn't as fun as it looks, kids.How suave is young Bela Lugosi in this BTS still from the original Dracula? @jennyleighx33 I bet they were super pissed when they saw Ex Machina and realized they were making the shittier version of it. @rodeneronquillo @ManMadeMoon @This_is_known He's a great director. Not sure if the WB structure is there to support him, but I'd love to see him knock it out of the park @MJSmith891 @devincf Haha, yep. One of us loved Stranger Things and one didn't. Maybe if Devin had more PB Max...Holy shit! I remember these. They were so fucking good. @micmehmet @headgeek666 it's a Google ad, maybe it was randomly placed? @headgeek666 @theo3189 I'd also highly recommend @RememberThisPod for some thoroughly researched Old Hollywood history.
@_MightyMarc_ @williambgoss that's what I said!DIARY OF A WIMPY KID (2010) | D: Thor Freudenthal #OnePerfectShot
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @Road2Oscars it's definitely not easy for this movie to follow it up with similar set-up, but that script would be eye-rolling either way. @Thejohnrivera I wish. @Dustin_Jacobs she's the best part of the movie, but not enough. @CharlesLandy it's fucking great! @Dustin_Jacobs not with this movie. Wouldn't say it's entirely her fault, though. @Dustin_Jacobs ha, great mindsIf you were thinking of seeing Morgan, just throw in Ex Machina and call it a night. You'll be much happier.What is MORGAN? Lots of things, actually. Predictable, a waste of a talented cast, horribly edited. Stuff like that. @TheDoctorIsntIn @headgeek666 Good call. Have a few ideas. Depends on the kind of access we can get to see if it'll be worth while. @CStrable @headgeek666 It's the best rocket, the biggest rocket. It'll win everything, believe me. @headgeek666 @TheDoctorIsntIn if I hated a website or writer as much as the talkbackers claim to hate us, I simply do not go there anymore. @headgeek666 @TheDoctorIsntIn naw, let 'em vent. I keep pointing out to those more hateful guys that they're supporting us with clicks. @TheDoctorIsntIn @headgeek666 As much as it might upset the hardcore talkbackers, they're not the majority opinion. @TheDoctorIsntIn @headgeek666 I talk to so many readers that say they don't even look at talkbacks and haven't in 5 or 6 years. @TheDoctorIsntIn @headgeek666 Talkbackers are a ridiculously small percentage of our daily readership. But yeah, there's some nuts for sure.Hey, @headgeek666. Saw a Trump Ad on AICN. Methinks they misjudged our audience. you want to sing out, sing out! Today's BTS pic, from Hal Ashby's HAROLD AND MAUDE!'m excited for the IT move. Because we all float down here, Georgie. And you'll float, too. Want a balloon?
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @UthdenTroll the Vin/Rock drama? We don't (and never have) cover personal gossip stuff. @kbiegel @_RyanTurek No shame in liking The Frighteners! Worst fault is that the "wallpaper ghost" is reeeeaaaallllly early CG.
Greg Nicotero works his gory magic on the set of The Walking Dead! @rob__mccallum I did once, right under the crow. It's not that bad. @rob__mccallum Mine is in the graveyard in front of the singing busts. @DrewAtHitFix Oooo, you're gonna have fun! @beta_angel 100%MoviPrep (real product): a laxative to ready bowels for a colonoscopy camera. Perfect definition of prepping movies.
Retweeted by Eric VespeBut if I talk about anything else (other movies, sports, random daily life stuff) they usually go a mile a minute about it.What I mean by that is if I ask questions related to the movie at hand I get yes or no kind of responses.Interviewing kid actors is fascinating for me. I haven't quite cracked a technique that can both stay on topic and avoid short answers.That was a first. Had an interview that 15 minutes ahead of schedule AND I was ready for the chat when they called early.
@MYWILDEARTH still plays like gangbusters. Watched it with a crowd a few months back and still got hoots and cheers!Saved the best Aliens pic for last! Today's BTS column: @ltgalloway This is directed by Frank Marshall, I think! I have this on 16mm!The negative side of that coin is when I finally get the go-ahead to let them watch Poltergeist they're going to see what a sham I am.A big thunderstorm rolled through today. I calmed my nephews by reciting Craig T. Nelson's Poltergeist bit. Most paternal I've ever felt.How about another great Aliens Behind the Scenes picture to make your weekend even more awesome? #affirmative @WriterLe pretty straight adaptation @FakeScottYoung season 2 is way more convoluted, but fine. Called the finales both seasons. Wondering if I'm smart or they're too obvious.
@Aaron_Morgan see, stop-motion, just with a weight/pulley system! @williambgoss @tylerfdvdtalk (I don't really feel this way, but it was the perfect gif to respond to that image) @tylerfdvdtalk @williambgoss hahaha. "Do you like gender-swapped movies? I'll gut you like a fish, cuck!" @SatanCritic I like the new backstory behind it all. Very much an '80s slasher staple untouched by the self-reflective neo-slashers. @williambgoss the Scream series after hearing it wasn't bad. And it's not. I do like the characters despite some soap opera writing/line delivery @TorgHacker They really missed Bit and kept asking why they didn't include it in the sequel.Stand By Me went over big with the kids. Then they requested a rewatch of Tron. "Which one?" "The first one's best!" @HeadlyvonNoggin the only issue I had with Jordan's casting was the gymnastics they had to do to explain Sue being white in that family @HeadlyvonNoggin how does it "serve the story" if they're white?Image: the Pixar render farm in 1995. Half of an iPhone.
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@JennApple I like to think so! @headgeek666 have you watched this season yet or is this a rewatch? Damn that show's good. @iamchoppah No, but they're intrigued after Tron/Tron: Legacy last weekend. Told them about it and they're pumped to see it. @Schofizzy that'd be rad! I still remember my mom debating about whether or not to let me see it because of the "bad words" @HeadlyvonNoggin Yeah, it was awkward. Go for it, but why not cast an African-American actress as Sue, too? @WamplerMatt Love the bounty hunter gametype. Just wish it felt at all like Titanfall. None of the maps are built for wall-running! @benmekler @RachelHeine Infinite Bride Fantasy. Great. @BBAD777 @headgeek666 that's the choice every one has to make, I guess. Thanks for sticking with us as long as you have.Got the nephews again tomorrow. Think it's time for this one: @WamplerMatt Loved the first one. @BBAD777 @headgeek666 really? This is the straw that broke the camel's back?I loved Titanfall because it wasn't Call of Duty. Titanfall 2 is trying really hard to be Call of Duty, but not even one of the good ones.Tried a little of the Titanfall 2 Beta. My measured opinion is I fucking hate it and hope to God the final game isn't as frustrating. @HeadlyvonNoggin probably be a little weird to make an African King white, right? @eimajery naw, about the uproar over Zendaya playing Mary Jane.Thanks to @TitanBooks we have the online debut of a great ALIENS BTS shot featuring @JimCameron and Bill Paxton! @filmpunk86 It's not exactly a perfect comparison, I'll admit. Adaptation of a written medium vs. visual but the core is still the same. @benmekler @GaryJMatthews I think he's a fascinating choice for the role and if he nails it, it'll be an all-timer. @GaryJMatthews In the early books Roland's a steely, hard, mean son of a bitch. The real test for Elba will be showing Roland's heart. @Raelshark I mean, she also has to play the sorrow of her shitty home life, something she covers up with confidence and charisma. @Raelshark agree with that 100%. MJ has to be the cool popular girl that's way out of Peter's league. Anything else is window dressingStepping off my soap box now. Gonna start prepping a really cool edition of my BTS column. Stay tuned!And that what really matters is if the person cast embodies the spirit, tone and personality that I loved in the source material.Took me a while to realize my desire to see the character exactly as he was when I fell in love with him wasn't all that important.One of my lowest moments on Twitter was voicing my disagreement at the Donald Glover For Spider-Man movement.Listen, I know what it's like to be a fan of the source material and want to see a direct adaptation. @RepaidInBlood That's the set that started this conversation. Huge price tag, some pretty packaging, but no new material.