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@ManMadeMoon @stevewiz82 I'd bet if they're showing it to attendees the online drop will happen pretty quickly after, but who really knows? @stevewiz82 tomorrow!
@Ryknowsnothing is this not a reasonable place to park?Boarded on the world's cheapest airline to Vegas. Lady next to me is slurry drunk & already asking for booze. This… man. @onlysaysficus no way. I get not digging the movie but it's super simple and clean in premise and geography. @onlysaysficus Pandorum is an interesting movie, but still a muddled, convoluted mess of plotting and imagery.!!! @filmfest_ca I'm not on board that train, but I did take an entire act to start jibing with the movie. @Koutchboom naw, it's well made though.That Life is also radically underrated! I miss Ted Demme. that's pretty much it, but it has a lively cast, quick pace, fun gore and a hell of an ending.Bookmark this tweet: In 5 years you'll be seeing "LIFE is radically underrated" thinkpieces on movie geek sites. @suzanaeh yeah, I'm sure we willIf I don't see a Dark Tower trailer at Sony's CinemaCon presentation then I really don't know what the fuck is going on with that movie. @rianjohnson @edgarwright @philiplord @AmandaSeyfried and I swear to god that's @ColinHanks looking at his phone on the right.Headed to Vegas in a couple of hours. CinemaCon here I come!
@burnie @DustinKH I think the ACA being preserved is the next step to that very thing. Just gonna take a new generation of politicians to do it. @CarterNixon Yeah, no. This is horrible or Trump and for Ryan. This not passing might have saved the Republican party, though. @CarterNixon If this bill had passed and people started losing their coverage the whole party would have been voted out in 2018 and 2020. @CarterNixon He's kinda right, but it's more a win for the Republicans in the long term than for Trump. @indiepixie yep! They don't do much except send angry snail mail letters if you leave your garbage can out too long. @indiepixie no politics on mine, short of bible study announcements. Mostly it's "I don't recognize this car so I called the police" posts. @kbiegel only crazy to think that Trump is that masterful at thinking ten steps ahead. @indiepixie Nextdoor is fascinating... a neverending rabbit hole of nosy neighbors and bored stay at home moms looking for drama.The state of the whole movie biz at the moment.
@gholson it's to help focus the kinetic energy he makes when he runs. Makes him crackle with electricity and stuff.It's not just me, right? That Batman poster looks like costume concept art, not a one-sheet. Right?No shit, I saw that Batman Justice League character poster and thought it was for an Arkham game. Still the only th… Justice League logo poster is cool and all, but I think Alien Covenant stomped on WB's glory a little bit.
@CarterNixon @FilmCritHULK Rocky, yeah? @emilyvgordon the world. I want to get off. @robtrench yeah, it's gotta be attached to Life. If not then it'll be next week after they debut it at CinemaCon.Death Note (hitting Netflix in August) has a trailer. Dark Tower (hitting thousands of theater screens a month earl… @houx yeah, it's tough if you consider CG characters more performance than effect. Gollum, Caesar, Kong...Wait. Gaslight is on @tcm today? Didn't you tell me it was on yesterday? Or Sunday? I'm so confused...
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @houx post Matrix? LOTR springs to mind.
@jennyleighx33 No, I'd get that. Super early, still not out... This was from a regular old embed write-up for a drama/thriller trailer.A few more #BTS photos from #FerrisBuellersDayOff #HappyBirthday #MathewBroderick
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @daFish81 nope, a trailer that I wrote up a couple weeks ago.Like, the quote even says "from the looks of this trailer (___) knocked it out of the park." Is this a new thing now?This is a first: I was just asked for quote approval... for my thoughts on a trailer.
@kbiegel what if you mix Three Ninjas and Back to the Future Part 2... @BrianARuss also I think that's the secret weapon of Favreau's Jungle Book and it only really dipped its toe into the musical element @BrianARuss people want the music. This is a dumb decision. Look at how much B&tB made and it was sold as a musical. @kbiegel we just need some friends with childhood martial arts photos posing with a bo staff & one with sais and we'll have a TMNT team. @kbiegel player two has entered the game. @EliotETC Giant's Causeway in the North is a must see.
@burnie I have it in my brain if you want to plug in.I couldn't afford one of his originals, but Wrightson was kind enough to sketch me this freebie: one of these Cons Wrightson was selling some of his Dark Tower art and if I had the money I would own this piece… was lucky enough to spend a little time with Wrightson at various Cons over the years. His legacy was intimidating, but he himself was notBernie Wrightson was one of the key artistic minds that shaped the geek I am today. His work with Stephen King part… @BLitt1978 @aintitcoolnews The early draft I read has the line in a different context. @sirmitchell, the Dark Tower poster was released and I, of course, had some rambling thoughts on it.
@BBW_BFF you've got my axe. @jennyleighx33 nice! Overdo it! You deserve it! @jennyleighx33 how was Karaoke and Beasting? @jennyleighx33 indeedy do! You're in good company!Happy Birthday, Pirates of the Caribbean! You've changed over the years (a little less rapey and a little more Depp… in Tunisia early morning Day #1 waiting for my 1st shot (emerging from home for robot auction)-Perhaps the ve…
Retweeted by Eric VespeThere are a million little touches I love about Star Wars Rebels. Current fav: Thrawn appreciates Sabine's art (and uses it against them) @jennyleighx33 right? Also, happy birthday!
#SDCCflashback: directors @RealGDT & Nicholas Winding Refn, in this extraordinary @EricVespe-moderated 2011 panel…
Retweeted by Eric VespeI adored The Big Sick at @SXSW. @kumailn and @emilyvgordon killed it! Review here: @M_R_Fish We talked about that! I was disappointed that I couldn't romance him. He understood my sadness.Only had 10 minutes with them to talk about Big Sick, but I had easily a half hour's worth of questions. Such a great movie.I might have wasted a little too much time bullshitting with Kumail and Emily about video games.Excited to read all the hardhitting thinkpieces about how a 277 year old fairy tale about a lady falling in love wi…'m interviewing @kumailn and @emilyvgordon for The Big Sick today. It's St. Patrick's Day. My only green t-shirt i… birthday to Jack Burton! Who?'t unsee. @DougBenson Don't worry, that'll go away in, like, 2 or 3 days. @DougBenson @mflanny124