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@BrianUdovich #notalludosUdo held court in the hotel hallway, demanded good white wine, ogled a passing woman for a good 10 secs and said he needed to call his dog.Udo Kier was being very Udo Kier before, during and after the interview... @michelledeidre @RachelHeine It's so great to see big! Took my nephew to see it on a double bill with Wizard of Oz… @L0rdoftheNorth Ha, thanks! I was trying to contain my geekout, but couldn't suppress my smile when the theme song… Fest-ers: Make it a priority to see Gilbert. It's one of the most feel-good things playing the fest. @RealGilbert is a mensch. @ScottWamplerBMD Lucky! I don't get a movie until 1922. @MrRandyHavens @MADmagazine That's so rad! I'd probably quit after an honor like that. Nowhere to go but downhill now. @ScottWamplerBMD 3pm, I believe. @threetoesoffury @DougBenson You'll have to wait and see! I'm no spoiler!I'm interviewing Udo Kier in a couple hours and I'm both giddy and terrified. @jarrettem @DougBenson Do it! I'll link to it when it goes live! @Morais1Charles There's always a chance, but I'd call it an underdog for sure. Acting is great, but very specifical… from the midnight movie, getting 3.5 hours of sleep before the morning press screening. Promise some reviews will get written tomorrow! @KirstynCobb1 Nailed it.
The CinemaScore for The Killing of a Sacred Deer will be an F- probably. But that's a good thing.Greatly, greatly, greatly enjoyed The Killing of a Sacred Deer. Weird, assured, funny, fucked up, one of a kind. @melthefishy @DougBenson It is true. Unless you are Anne Heche. @JennApple @DougBenson Yes way!Had a blast being a guest on one of my favorite podcasts. Thanks to @DougBenson for letting me compete. @Mike_Dougherty @GodzillaMovie Nice.When the gazebos kick in
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @GermainLussier I have three straight days of 8am press screenings and midnight movies. Let a brother get one day t…! I completely agree with @jimmykimmel and I'm the NY Medicaid Director.
Retweeted by Eric VespeBegan a stress dream (running late, couldn't find my car) & I said "nope, not doing this" & woke up. Think I'm ready to take on Freddy now. @heathergi76 A lot to say, so probably best to link to my review.
@MouthDork I knew you weren't a vershin. @JosephHight75 @anyataylorjoy She's great on Bates Motel!Thoroughbreds is a nifty darkly comedic thriller/character study that lets its two leads (@anyataylorjoy and Olivia Cooke) shine.First official Fantastic Fest movie is Thoroughbreds. I don't know a thing about it other than the title. Love watching movies like this.I got Jeff Bridges to go off on a weird Tron tangent in my Kingsman interview. Very proud. @CassandraBelka @RealDooovall @Cassiuslives @StephenKing @DrewMcWeeny No problem. I'm jealous you live in King's ne… @RealDooovall @CassandraBelka @Cassiuslives @StephenKing @DrewMcWeeny For sure. Different Seasons and Skeleton Crew… @merideth @TaronEgerton We talked about BNAT, but then the overlords made us get down to business. @merideth @TaronEgerton What'd you think? Worthy or unworthy? @merideth @TaronEgerton I was gonna ask if you watched it!My chat with @TaronEgerton in which he gives us a look at Eggsy's mindset and talks up Image comic God Country!'s my first Kingsman: The Golden Circle video interview, with Matthew Vaughn and Mark Strong. @ASamanthaRae It's at the Highball at 4:30. Not ticketed, just walk in. Don't think you even need a badge. @ASamanthaRae You might want to go to the Doug Loves Movies podcast taping tomorrow. I hear it's going to be pretty cool.
Posting some video interviews for Kingsman 2 tomorrow. I'm used to print so forgive any awkwardness, but there's some fun stuff in there. @RKSDooM @willrot @poeticpoison22 @alexjkane @Aaron_Morgan @scottEweinberg @UncleCreepy @BuIIet_Ego @Yarvo Got Fant…
@briangoff Playlist had an article gathering multiple interviews of his explaining the movie. I'm out and about, but it should easily found.Art is subjective, you take your own meaning from it. Still, seeing a dozen "this is what he meant" thinkpieces obl… not to be that asshole, but I get a kick over Film Twitter twisting itself into knots over Aronofsky's explanation of 'mother!'
@iamchoppah @brian24587 @micmehmet But Drawing of the Three is where it starts getting super fun. Waste Lands is just a hugely… @brian24587 @micmehmet Gunslinger is differently paced than the rest, for sure, but I always liked it and sped through it, so... @pablohidalgo It, War for the Planet of the Apes, Kingsman jump to mindLove that IT is a legit cultural phenomenon. Can you imagine how great the one-two punch would have been if they didn't fuck up Dark Tower?
@Aaron_Morgan Holy Motors is way more fun, I'll say that. @neilccook No way. Those things are an urban legend. @Aaron_Morgan I honestly have no idea how you'll react to it. It gets way up its butt before the credits roll.But seeing a movie this focused on allegory made at this level with such A-list talent in front of & behind the camera is pretty incredible.Those accusing 'mother!' of being pretentious aren't wrong. It really has its head up its butt and sometimes thinks it's smarter than it isIt's a movie about conflict made with conflicting ideas. Jennifer Lawrence is spectacular in the lead. Best performance of her career.'mother!' is fascinating. Yes, more art film than thriller with an absolutely bonkers 3rd act that is somehow both heavy handed & delicate.I have some thoughts on Aronofsky's 'mother!' but this statement by Paramount is pretty on the money. got Eggsy's jacket as far as the hallway before they foiled my heist. Sorry, @merideth. the end of my Kingsman interviews with some authentic Statesman whisky! to talk a little bit about Tron with Jeff Bridges, so my goddamn week is pretty much made. @m1cod1n Ha! Not directly, but we did talk about how much he hates any studio bullshit. @merideth I'm about to go in here. Do you feel a disturbance in the force? @TheRagingCelt Yep! @CarterNixon Can't wait!Talked John Denver and awful studio notes with Matthew Vaughn and Mark Strong. Got just about everyone else from Kingsman 2 on deck. @Sam_McCosh I wish I could fit into a suit as trim and dapper as that!Manners. Maketh. The Man.
@mtigeragony @MarceloJPico Definitely up there. It's a brilliant score. I listen to it every holiday season. @HarditoATX Yeah, I'll be there, for sure. @BLCAgnew @iamchoppah You're not wrong, but I feel like there's even more people who knee-jerk hate ToD and dismiss the score entirely. @FookThis @iamchoppah You in, @Pat_Healy? @FookThis I'm gonna call her lady and see if she'll go into her Magnolia rant for me.And to sweeten the Lebowski pot I'm also supposed to talk with the great Julianne Moore.'ve met and chatted with Steve Buscemi and John Goodman. Tomorrow I finally complete the holy Big Lebowski trinity… @kbiegel They all float. @bdgrabinski We survived that level of stupidity. We can get through this one. @bdgrabinski Hey, I'm old enough to remember when the youth complained that Gandalf's fall in Fellowship was rippin… @iamchoppah Temple of Doom, always and forever. It's no question my favorite Indy score and it never gets any credit.