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@GeorgeC66 people like VP now, base is jazzed, platform is farther left than anticipated. If Hillary nails it tomorrow I think we got this @GeorgeC66 part of me worries about the bar set for Hillary tomorrow. @microcosmcmedia @OriginalFunko good to know what I need to pick up on the next trip! @cinemasentries I'm a Temple of Doom superfan, so I'd be happier with this one! Weird, I know.Uh... this is a thing that exists and I don't have it? @ASamanthaRae Ha! Glad you went proper name because I thought you meant the 1980's William Katt House. But Hausu is super silly, too.
@CarterNixon @LimitedPaper Yep. That's why the choice to play this week as fully optimistic I think is incredibly smart. @LimitedPaper @CarterNixon I wish I could buy into conspiracy theories 'cause I like the one that he's there to guarantee Clinton's victory @CarterNixon @LimitedPaper Noticed the Dems finally figured out the way to take Trump down is to get under his skin & let him do the work. @LimitedPaper yeah. Worst case we can say Trump's name 3 times while looking in the mirror and take him away from his victory party. @CarterNixon @LimitedPaper I think (hope, pray) there's nowhere to go but down for him at this point. @CarterNixon @LimitedPaper My prediction is Trump hit his highest water mark just after his convention, which always gives a boost. @LimitedPaper Yep, me too. Conversely, if the opposite happens I'll quietly turn off my computer and hide under the bed for 4 years. @CarterNixon @LimitedPaper Obama, Biden and Bernie stumping for her will go a long, long way. @LimitedPaper I'll love it even more when that dude roundly loses come November. @LimitedPaper they're going out of their minds! A few non-followers have come into my feed trying to start some shit. Something hit a nerve.It's a good night. How about a picture of Vincent Price visiting the grave of Edgar Allan Poe in 1977 to top it off? @ASamanthaRae Haha, it was a little hipster of me, I'll admit. @ASamanthaRae Oooo, silly or serious, silly or serious... I'd go serious. Haute Tension. @PMSJenga You'll be happy. @KoKoPuPh have fun screaming into the void!.@KoKoPuPh cool, thanks for seeking out my opinion to tell me I'm wrong. Have a good night! @amiehartnett @loctastic Then they got Brexit'd, so who knows what's going on over there. @amiehartnett @loctastic It's a real thing! Literally a dozen people asked me what the deal with the Trump support was when I was in London. @KoKoPuPh @PeterSHall Last London trip nearly everybody (old & young) who heard my accent did some form of "So, Trump? What are you guys thinking?" @devincomiskey @jameskick it's something I wish everybody could experience. Empathy and understanding at a gut level does change with travel @PeterSHall My travels weren't to as extreme places, but I noticed that shift too. NZ, EU, Canada. No more "You aren't American, are you?" @KoKoPuPh Not bothered at all. He's lovable and has fought the good fight for decades. I'd be honored to have him be my Vice President. @HBK112 hahaha.I've traveled overseas many times during this long primary. Obama's right. Everybody outside of the US thinks Trump is end-of-times scary. @kbiegel seconded.Today's Behind the Scenes Pic, from Billy Wilder's THE APARTMENT! @FreeStuart @KevTheUprCTOTY You're right! ::rickperrywhoops.gif here:: @KevTheUprCTOTY you're right! You followed my train of thought, though. @KevTheUprCTOTY Same guy!Yooooou are our lassssst hope. @MelindaMDaniels like Tim Kaine, but something has been nagging at me since I first saw his face. Finally figured it out., I typo'd the shit out of that Tim Kaine tweet and it was a good one, too! Let's try that again."We were just funnin' around, honest!"Trump walking back his Russian Hackers/Hillary statement feels a lot like Biff brushing off Marty when Strickland walks up. @burnie 1. Yes, all of it. In one sitting. 2. The first trailer a month or so ago. @alebrugues @kbiegel @russfischer remind them that the original literally opens with a song about hillbillies creatively torturing and murdering their orphan. @TheUniBaller @MondoNews Pretty sure they're going online, but Mondo could answer you better than I could. @JediASU @utefan_42 @aintitcoolnews I know my nephews flipped out over it at 4 and 8, so have some hope! @ASamanthaRae right? @ToddPiken I'm in the goddamn club, aren't I? @josh_diamond @scottEweinberg I think the establishment would be more than willing to throw him under the bus & lose this one election. @josh_diamond @scottEweinberg I think he's still fighting two battles, one outside his party and one within. @josh_diamond @scottEweinberg the Clintons will have shown to be better businesspeople than him. They paid $43m in taxes in last 10 yrs @josh_diamond @scottEweinberg Did you see Marc Cuban's twitter storm about this? It's amazing. Says he's sure Trump won't do it because... @josh_diamond @scottEweinberg both, I think. @josh_diamond @scottEweinberg My understanding is that hadn't stopped anybody before. It's still his choice, he's not bound by law. @emilyzemler Calling on Russia to hack his opponent is fucking insane. Like he's trying to lose the election insane. @emilyzemler he scared a bunch of people out of the party early on. My hope is that the more crazy he talks, the more independents turn away @emilyzemler Sports mentality. My team vs. theirs. The real feelings of the GOP is closer to what they were at the heat of the primary.The Mondo folks let me write the liner notes for the Monster Squad vinyl. A first for me and something I'm very happy to be a part of.Happy to debut Gary Pullin's cover art for @MondoNews's LP release of THE MONSTER SQUAD ST!
@ASamanthaRae 3pm? Barton Springs location?.@brockmeaux that dude was the male version of Sigourney Weaver's character in Galaxy Quest! All he did was say what just happened! @ASamanthaRae tomorrow late lunch/early dinner? @ASamanthaRae did I ever tell you my Bill Clinton story? If not, over creamy jalapeño!New Bourne fizzled for me. Action totally incoherent, plot topically preachy and dialogue super on the nose. @headgeek666 appropriate that you surveilled me while waiting for Bourne. @mmds1306 Dude made his crew shoot nights because he's not a morning person! @mmds1306 funny story: I talked with him a little bit. They were shooting nights, but were on stage. I asked why. JC: "I'm a night owl." @mmds1306 spent a day on the set of Ghosts of Mars. Don't think I ever saw him without a cigarette the entire day.You want today's BTS pic? Yes, sir. The check's in the mail. JC's Big Trouble! @EricDSnider 2001?DONE @EricVespe
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@brockmeaux Agreed 100%. That change only happens with a majority in house, senate and the presidency.I love you, internet., catching up on the DNC stuff I missed while watching Jeff Bridges & Chris Pine drunkenly talking about how much they love each other.If Bernie can keep his fire going at the grassroots level a progressive wave is going to wipe out social conservatism for a generation.Somebody put the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme against this video. Pretty please., noir is only partially accurate. It's more of a Southern Giallo. Pulpy crime fiction with bigger than life yet grounded charactersThe Hell or High Water Q&A was off the chain, but it should be noted that the movie is pretty fucking great, too. Deep fried southern noir. @Kiddi it was live streamed to 13 theaters. Judging by the publicist's faces I doubt anybody will see this again. @ASamanthaRae totally! Wednesday?Almost as entertaining as this Q&A is the row of publicists behind me losing their fucking minds that their talent are drunk and smoking.Only a Federation captain could get away with smoking in the Drafthouse.
Retweeted by Eric VespeNever mind, Bridges: "I'm streaming now, but I'm drunk like everybody up here. Let me say one more thing while I'm on a drunk groove."Pretty sure the only person not drunk on stage at this Q&A is surprisingly Jeff Bridges. Chris Pine just lit up a cigarette inside.At the Q&A for Hell or High Water. Chris Pine is randomly laughing into the mic and quoting Lebowski. #awesome @scottmbeggs Had the same thought. When Elizabeth Warren & Barney Frank are your enemies are you still allowed to call yourself progressive? @Aaron_Morgan @DustinKH @jack_p Clinton, warts and all, is the norm for progressive politics. Baby steps instead of revolutions. @Aaron_Morgan @DustinKH @jack_p I think progressives got pampered by Obama. Not how he actually led, but what he promised and his charisma. @Aaron_Morgan @jack_p Calling Bernie's hardcore supporters butthurt was the low road, but after they viciously turned on Warren I was done. @Abstruse @Aaron_Morgan @jack_p look at the numbers. Election to election it's gotten less and less red. @jack_p @Aaron_Morgan I'll give you three reasons to vote for Hillary: Supreme Court appointments. @Abstruse @Aaron_Morgan @jack_p Texas will be a swing state soon. Many progressives move here and minority population is growing @jack_p @Aaron_Morgan you can write in Bernie if you want and it'd have the same chance as a 3rd party vote @jack_p @Aaron_Morgan the only thing standing between Trump and the White House is Hillary Clinton. The only thing. @GuyIncognito777 It's super sweet. Dig it a lot. @GuyIncognito777 It's great. This and Frankenweenie are his best work in ages.Watching Sweeney Todd. I love this movie, it gets better with each passing year. There's a huge Alan Rickman-sized hole in the world now."I'll find him for three, but I'll catch him, and kill him, for ten." #PokemonGO
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @thefountain73 Black Christmas Blu from Scream Factory and the description of the Spider-Man footage.