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@indiepixie @indiepixie Hey, don't eat salt no more. @KoBE4NECA Most likely!Had a dream last night that I saw @rianjohnson's Ep VIII & it had a talking baby wearing glasses in it. Setting myself up for disappointment @filmfest_ca s'all good. I'm excited, too! @filmfest_ca @rianjohnson um...Remember when we finally got an Arnold Schwarzenegger zombie movie and it was boring as hell? @DrewMcWeeny be prepared to be a wreck afterwards. A good wreck, but a mess nonetheless. @merideth uh-oh (scratches off "Dustin from Stranger Things" off my possible costume list) @moiseschiu I don't know. Something about personal responsibility and evil government and Muslims. @scottEweinberg the other argument is that troubled shoot doesn't equal shitty movie. Fury Road was a troubled shoot. So was Jaws.
@iamchoppah you could've sworn correctly. 17 year old me wanders them halls. @NumbNien I'd love to see him try it, though!Agreed, but Mayor Vaughn is way more likeable than Trump. Can you imagine Trump ever having a "My kids were on that… @swankmotron I'd go for President Quint. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'd do it.Huckabee is a dum-dum. Quint doesn't even kill the shark, Brody does. @MGenuineBaker @bendreyfuss @scottEweinberg don't feel bad. Even Universal printed shirts with the wrong phrasing! @michaeldigh yep @ThomasGiannetta been on vacation @ThomasGiannetta didn't see it!These are my feelings perfectly summed up.
Love this time of year, when Haunted Mansion has a longer wait than Seven Dwarves. @iamchoppah Lady In White, Sleepaway Camp, Alone In The Dark (80s, not Boll), Raw Meat... @ArenaBrothers only did a bit at Epcot right before the hurricane and they had all that stuff shut down
Goodbye, old friend. Thanks for the memories! (Sorry I look so ominous) final Electrical Parade at Walt Disney World is about to begin. It's a mad house here. Here's a pic from yester…'ve ridden Star Tours a million times and have never been the Rebel Spy. The first time this little motherfucker r… @merideth it's the best. @T_Lawson @rob__mccallum rumor is a new parade like they do in Tokyo @rob__mccallum we'll see how permanent this is. They tried to retire it before and brought it back @rob__mccallum further clarification needed.Now's as good a time as any to say I'm going to write a story about the Parade, what it meant to me as a kid and a little about its history.
Lots of Disney cast members came out for this penultimate night of the parade. broke out an oldie for tonight's Electrical Parade. Only two more before it's gone., I want to kick my own ass for saying this but Disney World has some amazing Pokemon spawns. @swankmotron @JasonSurrell @surliestgirl @MissedinHistory Sadly for you it was all casual, off-the-record conversation. Maybe next time. :) @swankmotron @JasonSurrell @surliestgirl @MissedinHistory Nope, but I got my own blistering questions in today!It was cool getting to chat with @JasonSurrell at Universal today. I bow to his superior Haunted Mansion knowledge!… @PaulCRobinson yeeeepI finally got that damn shark to spit up the Kintner boy!
@ajbowen he's already on the ballot in FL and a few other swing states and those are controlled at the state level @ajbowen apparently there would have to be new rules written for that to happen. They've passed the point of no return...The people pointing out that trump was speaking privately and it's not fair are the same people salivating over hacked emails
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @ArchieBunker19 ah yeah, the ol' it's the wife's fault her husband cheated line. Got it.I know Hillary Clinton is the devil or whatever, but what more can Trump do or say to lose the vote of otherwise rational human beings? @buffywrestling Yeah, I'm pretty hot now! (You know I'm the dude on the right, right?) @TimothyDowling Nope. Goofy and kid were wandering around my Disney hotel, entertaining kids (and me). Stitch, too.I ran into @moshafeek and @justinbrookhart's favorite actor today! @ItsTheBoat how much are they? @jcdeleon1 so far! @jennyleighx33 yes indeedy do @jarrettem go for it! That fucker still stole a whole day at Disney Hollywood Studios from me! @jarrettem yep, all good. Didn't even make landfall. Think the worst we're going to get is some extra rain and wind @leithmcp safe and well! Hurricane looks to be missing us almost completely. @garywhitta @rianjohnson never doubt Rian's foodie choices. I don't think he's ever had a bad meal in his life!The voices of Charlie Brown
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@mattkward yeah, they're closing everything down expecting 35-70mph winds. I'm like "So, an average Wellington Thursday, then." @JennApple we'll do our part. Just tell Mother Nature to quit messing around and let us go back on some rides! @DrGMLaTulippe and thanks! That's super nice of you. @DrGMLaTulippe nothing is better than doing a Disney Park with kids you love. @mattkward nothing crazy so far. Supposed to hit our area in about 6 hoursFinished the night with a viewing of Disney's Robin Hood with the kiddos. Even when weather shuts down the parks we still do it up right. @ItsTheBoat oooo. @LimitedPaper if the storm sweeps me away my final words will be "there are other worlds than these!" @ItsTheBoat d'oh! Waaaannnt! @mattkward we just gotta convince Hurricane Matt that he hasn't lost his wallet and all will be good. @kbiegel but what if Space Mountain is a walk on?!? @scottEweinberg Disney All Star Movies Resort. We're pretty safe here, I think. @GermainLussier I'll do my best! @joshuapittman yep @jarrettem doesn't look too bad if you're not on the coast. Bad enough to shut down the parks, but we're pretty far inlandWe're all stocked up on food and water. Let's see what you got Hurricane Matthew. @MannyG1138 yeah, everything closed early todayNext ride at Disney is "Holy Shit, A Hurricane Is Coming - The Food Grab Spectacular!" No fast passes for this one. @VictorGischler @MGenuineBaker all star movies @MGenuineBaker @VictorGischler just left Epcot. Food court at my hotel is being mobbed and cleaned out, but stocking up on water and snacks. @moiseschiu @merideth @headgeek666 I'd do it in a heartbeat!