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@SpookyWhit @SLC_Andreas It's a masterpiece of tone, no question. @danicat58 Never had a problem with the average cinemagoer who just didn't care for the movie. More about those that delight in the backlash @ClayShirley no, I'm rooting for one of my favorites of 2016 & will be perfectly happy if another of my other favs wins instead. Unlike some @ColinLawrence3 that's why I said "most." @jfwong I get where you're coming from, but to me it was about the struggle and perseverance and that could be applied to any dream @TheOriginalHoff considering I was using it to make fun of people that would actually use that word for real, I'll be good with it. @RockieWarAntz it's always Train to Busan time if you think about it @ManMadeMoon elites for sure. Deplorable would hate all the faggy emotions and dancing in the movie. @SLC_Andreas it's popular and successful and not politically important, so a good amount of film twitter hates itI could make a good case for most Best Picture nominees, but really want La La Land to win just so I can see snob twitter lose their minds.
@JschooverK The nephews got a little restless, but the one Marvel flick they couldn't get through was Civil War. @JschooverK yep, very much.Watched Dr. Strange with the nephews this afternoon. They call Dormammu "Your Mama" and I couldn't be happier about it. @MatthewKadish the current creative execs didn't come up through the Hollywood system, they were brought in from non-creative fields. @MatthewKadish 10 years ago they were making V For Vendetta. Of course they always cared about money, but they also cared about quality. @UnrealJJohnson I'm hoping this is great news. My hesitancy comes from him initially saying "fuck this!" @MatthewKadish and how much disenfranchisement is happening at all levels under them because they care about what the studio produces @MatthewKadish About how the top execs don't care about quality at all, only product, which wasn't always the case.All this is speculation on my part, of course. But I've heard many stories about the way the WB suits are working right now.If Reeves was negotiating with the press I can all but guarantee it wasn't for more money, it was for more creative control.Bad news if they backed the Brinks truck up to his doorstep. Good news if they caved and are letting him do his thing with the character.Remember when I said Matt Reeves leaving Batman was a bad omen? Him coming back could be very good news... or very bad news.I mean, Elijah has a rat tail and ninja stars, but Lynskey acts exactly like I'd act in these extremely violent situations. Tough choice.I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore is damn good! Only problem: deciding who my spirit animal is. @elijahwood or @melanielynskey?
Oh. It's this kids birthday. Again.
Retweeted by Eric VespeThere are songs I love more, that move me to my core, but nothing makes me instantly as happy as Holiday Road does. #wallyworld
That Get Out movie is pretty good, you guys. Strikes a great balance between creepiness, biting satire and laugh out loud humor. @MrDarkDC @uz88 If it was directed by Miike we'd be able to watch it next month.Bet you $10 we'll see a feature film based on this story by Fantastic Fest 2019. played the Belko Experiment VR game and it was really awesome. If you got a Vive or Oculus Rift check it out! It's free on Steam!
@KevinRBrackett on a purely filmic level, the movie's incredibly well-made. Framing, shot comp, score, cinematography all top notch. @KevinRBrackett I think so, but it's impossible to let go of what the movie meant to me when I was younger.::squeeeeee:: @MelissaRussells @kebesays @CaponeAicn Logan is pretty stand-alone, but it's cool if they've seen the first two X-films & know the Prof X/Logan relationship @kebesays @CaponeAicn That's a pretty good run up to the movie. You'd be fine with X1 and X2. @amandazubillaga @MelissaRussells same, but for nuts. @digitaljami @headgeek666 @aintitcoolnews embargo is up, yeah. @TillyTweets Totally agree. Normally. I will say that the second book gets crazier & the third book is just straight up fun adventure story. @TillyTweets naw, just a flat wrong opinion. :) @TillyTweets get a bit hyperbolic with my review of Logan. Sue me. It's fuckin' great. @LimitedPaper @RockieWarAntz @SamShotFirst Well, read it twice. @RockieWarAntz @LimitedPaper @SamShotFirst I'll throw in the Bachman Books & his other short story collections Skeleton Crew & Night Shift. @thisthatedition No clue, sorry.This is an A+ joke.
@mattkward @CarterNixon I've heard good things from those that have seen it, fwiw @bdgrabinski I do not disagree with this. @bdgrabinski yeah. We might get O'Reilly sniping at the campaign from time to time, but I doubt he goes very hard against. @bdgrabinski what's encouraging is it's their bigger guns that are taking a hard line against Trump @bdgrabinski they're losing some of Fox News. Wallace had to skip over the other 3's bullshit out of context historicals to make his pointWait....what?
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @MelissaRussells Jeremy's right. Her dad is KING Triton. The daughter of a King is a princess.
@BrianARuss @Disney bro. @BonafideBlack likelikelikelike. @kevinbrettauer That dude was a real deal boss, that's for sure. @Moesquito16 I'm obsessed? One of us is seeking out fights with people they don't even follow.I was lucky enough to go to the Real Time after party and have a lively political conversation with @larrywilmore. The man's the best. @Moesquito16 @Moesquito16 not at all, Pepe.Also if you feel like Milo got off easy on Bill Maher tonight make sure to hit up YouTube for Overtime. Larry Wilmore Ate. His. Lunch. @RussTop3Ever go to YouTube, watch Overtime. Larry Wilmore ate his lunch.They were sitting directly behind me and I saw them with Milo at the after party.If you watched Bill Maher tonight and think Milo won over the audience I can tell you all the whooping and hollering came from his friends.
@KoBE4NECA not from where I was sitting. Milo had a row of his friends doing all the hooping and hollering @jack_p rad!About to watch a taping of Real Time with Bill Maher. If you hear an exceptionally loud boo thrown out Milo Yiannopoulos' way that's me. @CStrable exited negotiations. That's after the "I want to do it" stage and into contracts. @MikeKalinowski @AliGhezelbash @antovolk ask @JamesGunn if Marvel's creatively restrictive @UnrealJJohnson @KevinRBrackett similar, for sure, but this is way more old school clueless studio execs @burnie just until tomorrow. Going to the taping of Real Time with Bill Maher tonight @Luceobrien call a mulligan, give it a year or two and relaunch. @burnie at WB right now @burnie don't think it's a trust thing as much as they want a movie made by committee thing. @burnie you out here right now, boo?Matt Reeves exiting Batman is a horrible omen. Execs won't let someone with a vision come in. Look for a journeyman director to get the gig.So cool to see @VogtRoberts represented at the Warners gift shop! @mrbeaks @TheRock haha, no, but @Aaron_Morgan was wearing a shirt with a lightning bolt on it and Dwayne told him he dug it. #neat