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Sr. Entertainment Writer for The Know at Rooster Teeth. Formerly Quint of Ain't It Cool News. Movie fiend, geek, man of the world.

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@tsgraveline Someplace new and fancy. Links will be posted next week, stay tuned. @MelissaRussells @jerslater Haha, now that I have more of a scheduled job I don't know if I have many late weeknight raids in me either. @MelissaRussells @jerslater Hey, if you want to spend time with your man you need to get your own Xbox and join our clan. @whattheshot Batman @jerslater Follow-up question: when are you done with your making good art bullshit and can play Destiny with your friends again? @jerslater How much of your frustration at bullshit mechanics of the Calus part of the Leviathan raid worked its wa… @whattheshot Pulp Fiction. @whattheshot They Live. @prahh83 I don't know. They have a good breaking-off point right now if they wanted to move in another direction. We'll see. @whattheshot Spartacus. @prahh83 Depends how hugely it underperforms. If it's a dip, but not catastrophic I imagine they'll use Flashpoint… neither. It is now forever Art Is Anal Cheese. Thanks to whatever blessed soul thought this was a good idea. @whattheshot Kingsman: The Secret Service. @blacksheep85 Doing it at my new home. Will be blasting it out next week, so stay tuned. @SlimSanders616 Was a joke with a jokey gif! @DannyTRS @paulscheer @whattheshot Phantom of the Paradise! @AaronTheH But then they put a hard shell over his face for all his villain stuff! @Eisentower30 I don't know. It's a grittier movie than most remember, swung into lunacy mostly by Nicholson's choices in the role.
@whattheshot Fantastic Four.I have a lot of nostalgia for Jack Nicholson in the role, but the older I get the more shocked I am that Willem Daf… @seanCduregger @paulscheer Both, but it's one thing to rip off ET and Poltergeist, it's another to literally have a… @paulscheer This is the movie I was telling you about. Not to spoil anything but a famous movie icon shows up at on… @whattheshot Zoolander. @eddyrivas @JonRisinger @keithcalder Someone say Buried yet? Also Locke comes close except there's some wide shots that have other people in them, right? @ChicNStu Batman's not treated too well, but Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Supes make it through pretty well. @ScottWamplerBMD @PJMcQuade @whattheshot Dogma. @ThatChrisA Always. @emily_dawn And a surprising amount of anti-dog literature. @ScottWamplerBMD @PJMcQuade That actually made me realize I wasn't following him. Fixed that mistake. @ScottWamplerBMD @PJMcQuade Feels like you're setting me up, Wampler. @PJMcQuade Sure. Gmail's in the twitter bio. Fire away when you got your shit ready! @FilmAddictDavid Not this year. It's a little too much to add on right now, but I wouldn't rule it out in the future.The Holiday Guide has a guest editor. Leaving Stella in charge while I take a nap. @whattheshot Jurassic Park. @whattheshot The Lady Eve. @tinymediaempire Sweet, that's actually a whole lot less work for me, so I'm in!The new Star Tours is weird... @JosephHight75 @hardwick @larainenewman @dan_aykroyd Wow, love that bass! @Kramg2014 We'll see what the real numbers are, but it's certainly not a good sign that tracking has fallen so sharply. @nobuddycarez There's always a big franchise trend, but this year also gave us Get Out, Baby Driver, Dunkirk... eve… @Lazron Yeah, part of it's the budget, part of it's the sharp drop from Monday's tracking, which had it between $110 and $120m.Rut-Roh. @beta_angel @thehorrorchick It might or might not already be on the list... :)
@hardwick @larainenewman @dan_aykroyd Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddeeeeee. @WVUCarrico I'm doing it at my new gig at Rooster Teeth. Links next week! @AlexCreager Yep, stay tuned next week for links to where you can find its new home. @r_sears Hope you know you got a lynx. @whattheshot Scarface.I'm in full on Holiday Gift Guide grind, y'all. Now's the time for any suggestions/tips/demands. @Aaron_Morgan @BostonDynamics I'd guess because they elected the head of OCP to the fucking White House. @r_sears @whattheshot It Happened One Night.Everyone's focused on Steve Mnuchin & the sheet of money but no one's talking about how his wife has been murdering…
Retweeted by Eric VespeOh, nothing. Just Shout Factory doing God's work is all. #MANTforever @ningram1138 @RoosterTeeth I can't speak for other reviewers, but I hardly ever try to stop anybody from seeing som… @MorphineBear @RoosterTeeth heart New Zealand. @ningram1138 @RoosterTeeth Very likely. Plus Snyder stepping away and another contrasting visionary coming in proba… posters, pins & apparel from @MondoConAustin are ON SALE NOW!
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@mattpalmer1978 Not nearly enough, but it was nice to hear them again. @gfeltner78 Yep. Stay tuned! Keep your eyes on my twitter feed. @BoredExcited Yep. You’ll be able to see it at a new place. Stay tuned! @ChristheWise1 Ultron is messy more than choppy. This movie really feels like we are missing chunks of storyJustice League is a mixed bag, but I didn't hate it. @SPurplesmoke @JusticeLeagueN1 Hard to pick a favorite, but Superman: The Movie, Iron Man, The Dark Knight and A Hi…
@aragonxxc @Redstar_2112 F’reals? Yeah, it has some wonky CGI and a boring finale fight, but the character writing… @thatKevinGuy He’s a very nice guy. A little jumpy, eager to please and share his vision. @bfett9 It’s definitely better than theatrical. Clark’s motivations make sense now, as does the world’s fear of him. @ek7824 It’s truly gets to the heart of Superman as a character, that ending. The only way to beat him is to force… @ZombieRickJames Re: stache. Sadly absent, but if I were a betting man I’d say it was cg’d out in the very first...… @JobaccaWookiee Studio seems happy with their Flash and Wonder Woman. Doubt they’d change much with them. @JobaccaWookiee I think worst case scenario they fracture the timeline in Flashpoint. Keep what works and discard what doesn’t. @ek7824 Yep. But a lot of good stuff too @ek7824 Me too! @Yenne7650 Yeah, it’s fun. Just compromised. Felt rushed and choppy and that’s a damn shame because all the pieces work well. @ek7824 If you’re invested at all on the DCEU you should give it a view. It’s not the misfire that BvS was and does…