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@LimitedPaper hell of an opening credits sequence, no?Twilight Zone ending: A broke Martin Shkreli ends up needing that AIDS drug.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @devincf because I think he understands that would only give the White House to the Republicans. And he actually wants a shot at the win. @ScottNeumyer It's one of my favorites. Such a great one to show to new people. Feels like a lost, dark Amblin movie. @ScottNeumyer Scream Factory is doing a Blu this year, I think.Larry David does a great Bernie Sanders, but I'd love to see @iammrvandy give it a shot. Get on that, Funny Or Die. @WeirdLifeofV That's the best time to watch it!Listening to the Democratic debate while writing about a foul-mouthed poop and dick joke superhero character. #ThanksObama @devincf @deantrippe but if they ever took the nom away from the popular candidate it would tear the party apart. @deantrippe Yeah, Super Delegates are meaningless. Crazy thing is they were put in for exactly this scenario.Finally watched the full Triumph Election special. The fake Fox News blonde reporter segment was flat out brilliant.
Alright, I'll quit flooding your feed with great music. Happy Birthday, Jerry! @moneypitmusic @utgjames It's good shit!"The Dream" from The Burbs OST: #HappyBirthdayJerry"Mountain Hunt" - First Blood OST: #HappyBirthdayJerry @popmortem Haha, good luck! Can't wait to meet the little missus. - Main Title. #HappyBirthdayJerry (as featured on the Django Unchained OST). #HappyBirthdayJerry @Mike_Dougherty One of the few times I can say I'm happy John Williams was too busy... @Mike_Dougherty Very much so. Such an otherworldly and beautiful piece of music. That whole score is an all-timer.This one sounds like it was recorded in the afterlife. POLTERGEIST - THE LIGHT @EricVespe #HappyBirthdayJerry
Retweeted by Eric VespeOne of my all-time favorite cues: It Knows What Scares You from Poltergeist: Theme From Chinatown: #HappyBirthdayJerry Titles, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. #HappyBirthdayJerry @Chris_Tonick @newbeverly or Roar!Goldsmith also did great music for the criminally underseen Ghost and the Darkness: Satani from The Omen. #HappyBirthdayJerry for some of my fav cues from Mr. Goldsmith. First, the incredibly catchy Gremlins Rag: Birthday, Jerry Goldsmith. Cinephiles everywhere miss you! I loved up on John Williams on his birthday, it's only fair I love up on one of my all time favorite composers on theirs, too. @FookThis noble. Make sure you have some chocolate snacks. You'll know when it's time to eat 'em... @FookThis ugh, it's... Tough. Not a fan, but I guess everyone should be exposed to it at some point. @KevinLehane That said, I can understand being dickish on that set. Everything I've heard about him on Jaws was that he was awesome. @KevinLehane Haven't read that book yet, but I hear they quote me and call me "Brian Vespe," so maybe they're wrong about Roy, too? @FookThis me, too. And my man-crush on Scheider has only, like, 20% to do with it!We lost Roy Scheider 8 years ago today. You were one in a million, Chiefy. I'll drink to your leg tonight, sir! @FookThis @DrewAtHitFix @DrewAtHitFix and just how lucky I am to be alive at the same time as the maestro to experience that @DrewAtHitFix Ooo, I might need to see him again. Writing up that B-day post thing I did made me remember how amazing that experience was. @DrewAtHitFix No shit? I'd actually LOVE to see ELO play.
@Robogeek @timalamo @eechentx sure, if you're expecting instantaneous change. Think they're playing the long game.Had a dream that @BernieSanders, piloting a Power Loader, was protecting people from Xenomorphs. Think about that when you vote, NH."If Sen. Sanders is here, who's going to bring Marty back to the future?" I missed Triumph.
@Luceobrien I'll let you know if it ends up happening. Would be awesome to see you. Been way, way, way too long. @Luceobrien It's possible I may be going back to NZ sometime this winter (my summer), so you should plan to visit the folks. :) @Luceobrien Come to Austin! Or make someone bring me to Australia! @Luceobrien Aw, yer the best, Luce. Lucinator. Lucy Lawless, Lucy Lu. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. @devincf's the Maestro's 84th birthday, so I looked back at John Williams' incredible career: @SonnyRickles wait, what? I tweeted about this kid, like, 3 times in my life! @Jerk_Burton @A24 @TheSlyStallone But I need someone to protect me from terrorists and arm-wrestling truckers...I want to adopt this kid. @bsgfodder we'll see how deep his fascination goes. There's also a good WW2 museum just outside of Austin, I'm told. @Leder88 #scaredstraight @Aaron_Morgan damn right! @Aaron_Morgan you secure that shit, Hudson! @Aaron_Morgan yeah, it's probably a good thing he didn't go to Hawaii with us...Happy birthday to living legend John Williams. Thanks for decades of magic, sir! @AnthonyPutson yeah, I saw. Coincidence, but a happy one.Watching Jurassic Park tonight made me realize I really, really, really want to see myself as the Dr. Grant to my nephew Rocco's Timmy. @RAWRnivore ack! Sorry I put you in that mess! @michaelmannman lotsa fringe benefits to being my buddy, that's true. @ldmullen @roxanne73 all-time great ending, too.Surprised a small group of friends with a 35mm screening of Jurassic Park. Beautiful print, great company. Thanks to all who came out! @RockieWarAntz glad you made it out!
@burnie hahaha, damn!It's been a year since we lost him. #neverforget #rip'm sure it will be fine, but every ad for X-Men: Apocalypse looks like it's for a mobile game, not a movie, to me.Messed up the title. Redo! Mulligan! @headgeek666 @headgeek666 @DrewAtHitFix @flabbyironman @headgeek666 @popmortem yeah, all the Mark Millar stuff. Kinsgman was a comic, too, right?Having a job with many awesome elements, I think my favorite is getting emails about being moved by old articles. @BloodyGopher Don't know if you got the Facebook invite for Sunday night's b-day screening at the S. Lamar, but you're invited. 10pm. @mpresley it changes a person. Sappy, but true. I love those kids like they were my own. And I don't have to do any actual parenting. Bonus. @CaponeAicn @MecumHaiku @NordlingAICN @headgeek666 more nephew tweet. We watched Jaws (youngest's first time), Sky High (they loved) and Bridesmaids. Their mom picked the last one. @devincf @mrbeaks And that's Devin "SJW" Faraci saying that! @mpresley It makes me feel really good to hear that they loudly complain when she tries to get literally anybody else to babysit. @MecumHaiku @NordlingAICN @headgeek666 @CaponeAicn cc Aaron Sorkin.Got the okay from his mom to show him Saving Private Ryan sometime soon. If she's not careful I'm just going to steal him one of these days.Spent the day with my nephews. Rocco told me about a report he did on Pearl Harbor & he's now fascinated with WW2. This excites me so much.
@CarterNixon yes, son. I think he does... @MoviePaul they're a big part of it, but everybody is great in it. And Danielle Panabaker & Ms Winstead are like super adorable, too. @ToastedSchizo It's so much better than it has any right to be. @Justin_Marks_ "Bananers"Sky High is still fuckin' awesome. FYI.
@qbert455 excited you get to see it for the first time! @scottpoythress perfect! @SamShotFirst Ladykillers is delightfully off the reservation. Same reason most hate it is why I gotta respect it. Hanks is nuts in that oneWHO DID THIS??? #StarWars
Retweeted by Eric Vespe @SamShotFirst there's stuff to like in both, but no question they're from lost and wandering Coens. @scottpoythress @SamShotFirst sign of great filmmakers.Billy Wilder and one friend. @scottpoythress @Cdoty20 Fargo was never my favorite and I saw it in theaters. I'm the weirdo who thinks the TV series is better than the movie. @devincf Yeah, I kinda hope the movie's as big as they predict so we get 6 months of Deadpool 2 advertising.Billy Wilder and six friends.
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