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Chicago Bears insider for @sportsmockery and Draft Analyst for @NFLMocks. Avid #Godzilla fan and diehard #DBZ addict. Deal with it.

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Chicago #Bears 2018 Mock Off-Season: Connections @nicktheman287 I don't know about that but I guarantee it'd be a hell of a lot better. @nicktheman287 Impossible to know for sure. I imagine he'd have been the first choice for Fox. Could've played right away. @BearFan920 I appreciate that. @BearFan920 Just trying to keep people honest.Expert Unfairly Blames Ryan Pace for #Bears Biggest 2018 Dilemma @nicktheman287 I think they thoroughly explored it and had interest. In the end Belichick wasn't willing to move hi…
Chris Warren, RB, #Texas: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report Underutilized Trick Matt Nagy Can Use to Unlock Mitch Trubisky #Bears @SharpFootball Indeed. Combine the past two years though and it's clear they've had some success at it.Seems the #Bears and Trubisky did pretty well out of the no-huddle last year. That could bode well for Nagy's new o… @Chi69Red Actually no. The info on him was off. Apparently the Chiefs picked up his 5th year option. @BearFan920 Yeah. I was fascinated that's how it broke down.Chicago #Bears Free Agency Success Hinges on Connections Are the Most Likely Chicago #Bears Draft Trade Down Scenarios football wasn't the only sport that got tired of him. #Bills Might Be Eyeing a Move Up for a QB Vikings got another good one.
@nicktheman287 Hard to say. Lost his QB coach but regained the OC who directed his career-best season. So ultimatel… @nicktheman287 Unknown. @Bartolo72301474 @BearFan920 Extra points for using a "Hard Boiled" gif. @chisox96 The key difference in this situation is he has his QB. So the need to stay in place is considerably less… Allen Robinson May Actually Be In Reach for The #Bears @chisox96 I agree. Trouble is he's shown a proponent to not move back in the 1st round. @DhruvKoul Got tired of waiting I guess. @chisox96 More likely a 4th or 5th. @ANTONIOEESPARZA In this draft class there isn't much difference in my opinion. @DhruvKoul Possibly. Will depend on who gets past the Jets at #6.If the Bills were to offer up both their 1st rounders (#21, #22) that would be close to the same value as #8 is for… @SonnnyP123 @AllbrightNFL Had a feeling that would be the case. My guess is they'll be going after Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield.Rob Gronkowski Has Considered Retirement For A While #Patriots NFL’s decision to relax celebration rules injected some fun into the game at just the right time. @KalynKahler
Retweeted by Erik LambertFree Agent Tight End is Rising To Top of #Bears Wish List Students to President @RealDonaldTrump: Stay ‘Far Away’ From Us via @thedailybeast
Retweeted by Erik Lambert @rbfrosty26 @AaronLemingNFL Sure. I'd just pay him and be done with it but such matters are always more complicated. @ANTONIOEESPARZA If he's there, sure but Ridley will be gone. @ANTONIOEESPARZA That would explain the Malik Jackson trade rumors. @ANTONIOEESPARZA I think they'll tag him and see if he returns to form this year. Then they'll pay him if that's the case.That was especially true later in the year. I saw him hit some "wow" throws. #Bears @Chi69Red YesSeconded. #Bears love the idea but this is predicated on Robinson reaching free agency, which I highly doubt Jacksonville allows t… @AaronLemingNFL @drkkoz @steven_stiller Smith is head and shoulders better than Kwiatkoski. He and Trevathan could be lethal in the middle. @BearFan920 @steven_stiller @AaronLemingNFL Just because he does doesn't mean other teams do. Belichick benched him for a reason. @BearFan920 @AaronLemingNFL @steven_stiller I'd take a run at him but wouldn't pay him top tier money. @DhruvKoul @BMADFTS @AldoBarkeeper If they traded back a few spots I'd be all over Jackson. Perfect fit for Fangio. @AaronLemingNFL @steven_stiller That's the reason I think he wouldn't be the pick. Fangio tends to prefer bigger CBs. @AaronLemingNFL @steven_stiller I don't see any CBs who are currently worthy of the #8 pick. @Chi69Red A 4th round pick is more valuable than a Pro Bowl defensive lineman in his prime?Chicago #Bears Have Another Chance to Nab Huge Defensive Upgrade @FrankyFrank782 No. @CoryWoodroof47 It was a weakness last season. Fixed it quickly.Staying in the division. A typical move for FAs. understand the injury risk but Robinson is the closest thing to a true #1 receiver that will be in free agency. T…
@steven_stiller Oh the market will be big for him. He and his agent know this. It's a matter of how Pace plays it. @rbfrosty26 @BowserAngela Jones is an excellent hire, but they make out like he's going to be the guy that singularly turns them around. @steven_stiller Unknown. My own source told me the La Canfora stuff is BS. @nicktheman287 We don't know if he's out. What La Canfora says is not fact. But I imagine both those guys will get serious looks. @zelechows @Isaac_Suazo_ @sportsmockery @AdamHoge It's fine if we're not your cup of tea, Adrian. Have a nice day. @NicholaSickalus @DickersonESPN @DavidHaugh @danwiederer Whatcha gonna do?Wow. He basically praises Ballard despite not being a fan of his head coaching hire. @AlexHartley9 @mikebrez5 I love Ejiofor. Would be thrilled with him in the 4th.10 points to Gryffindor for that one. @AlexHartley9 Then alone wouldn't be enough. I'd add a guy from the draft. @AlexHartley9 If I had to guess Irving will be tendered and Barrett won't. @Isaac_Suazo_ @sportsmockery That's why we're here. @AlexHartley9 But are we certain the Seahawks will tender him? @gfiz808 He's 27. I'd put it at a 35% chance they pursue him. He'd fill a huge need but I struggle to see Pace overlooking his character. @Isaac_Suazo_ Me neither.Man. After Chubb things get really dicey on the EDGE market. #Bears @drewgates03 I agree. @TylerLuxie He gets franchised.NFL Insider Says #Bears Will Lose Kyle Fuller to Free Agency Chicago #Bears Free Agent Connection They Can’t Ignore @fullmetalninja Therein lay the problem. Their best hopes at #3 to improve that was taken #1. Left them with a tough decision.I expected that. This likely means Marqise Lee reaches the open market. #Bears @KFerg290 If you say so but I don't see what you're seeing. @ChiCitySlooper I have my doubts. For a couple reasons. Pace has yet to show any willingness at all to move down in…