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Chicago Bears insider for @sportsmockery and Draft Analyst for @NFLMocks. Avid #Godzilla fan and diehard #DBZ addict. Deal with it.

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2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame: Ranking the final 25 @WayneBorowski1 As would everybody.No team can block assistants from interviewing for head coaching jobs. Looking around the league? I'd say Fangio's… @WayneBorowski1 It's easy to forget he's getting into his 60s. Teams tend to go for younger coaches.I always go to the Eric Bischoff line in these situations: "Controversy creates cash." @JOF3_ Bowles would get fired by the Jets. @JOF3_ Not fired. Hired as a head coach. @mitchismyQB I can see him sitting, but if there's one thing I learned? Bet against him at your own risk.Assuming he's fired as expected? Todd Bowles. A 3-4 background. Was excellent as a coordinator in Arizona. Deep co… is yet another in a long line who likes to hear himself talk. Want to know how much his words have an impa… @EricBro20344576 They're a much improved group. White isn't playing because he's not a good route runner. Wims isn'… @EricBro20344576 It is a problem. @EricBro20344576 Don't know what you got 'til it's gone. @EricBro20344576 Reiff has been a solid player. @MakavelisSon96 That's favorable though I think Russell takes care of the football a bit better. @EricBro20344576 Yep. Guess they've been reintroduced. @EricBro20344576 Shocking given Jay Hilgenberg was a stud throughout their 1980s dominance. @Chukles41 No, Bellamy will not. @Chukles41 That doesn't depend on Chase. It depends on Nagy and how often Bellamy is on the field. @Chukles41 Chase isn't dumb. He knows a lot of the offense goes through Robinson. He has to get him the ball. @ChiBearsUpdate It sounds like a find plan but honestly I don't think the Bears are that desperate.Don't Look Now: Another Chicago #Bears Rookie Is Starting to Hulk Up @xLOOPS73x They weren't paying attention.It's the funniest thing. Ever since high school Trubisky has had coaches and teammates compare him to Brett Favre.… like I said. Trubisky is a competitor and he's going to battle whoever he must to play. #Bears @sdkoral I'm sure somebody will push for that at some point. @sdkoral That's why it's so prestigious. @mklcolvin Oh boy. A lot of Broncos fans would fight you for saying that. @sdkoral Understandable. @action4life Has one more ring than Lynch and only two fewer interceptions despite playing four fewer seasons. Did… @sdkoral Flores absolutely deserves it. If Madden got in, he should. @action4life Hutchinson would be a tough sell over a guy like Faneca. @sdkoral Flores really hurt himself with his bad outing in Seattle. Coryell was an offensive genius but his failure… @sdkoral True but they don't have the luxury of rings, so it will be tough. Three names above have rings. The other… Gonzalez Reed Atwater Bruce @jabster42 Memory yes.I no longer care. #Bears @jabster42 One I believe and it wasn't really a drop.From what I've come to see in the guy's personality? He'll try like hell to play. However, it would not surprise me…
@mrpchvz I'd say it's fairly close to Goff's though he's still less experienced than Goff was at the time. I think… @BowserAngela Keep the Lions guessing. I do believe the injury isn't long-term. Nagy has been forthright in that regard. @Betsypaige24 Almost two weeks with only one game missed.Kerryon Johnson and Marvin Jones missed today’s walkthrough. Don’t expect either one to play against the #Bears.
Retweeted by Erik LambertChicago #Bears Mailbag: The logic of sitting Mitch Trubisky @Betsypaige24 Not just a "minor" sprain is what he said. In other words a sprain that can't be shrugged off in 3 days. That makes sense.Man for a second I thought that said Rashied Davis... proof that yards is the most overrated stat for a QB in history. @boomboom1180 @sportsmockery That's the belief. Sprained joint. Quick turnaround isn't ideal for something like that.Bears injury report: Mitch Trubisky (DNP), shoulder. Adam Shaheen and Aaron Lynch also did not practice with concussions.
Retweeted by Erik Lambert.@ChicagoBears @jamsdans is one impressive rookie. It’s hard to find true “earth movers “ and it starts with his ta…
Retweeted by Erik LambertLess the injury and more the short week that might keep Trubisky out. #Bears @Betsypaige24 It's a physical game. It's not for everybody.The #Bears mailbag is open a bit early this week for obvious reasons. I imagine you all have plenty of questions. Fire away! @Betsypaige24 It's likely a sprain. Pain with those can linger until swelling subsides, which can take a couple of days.Trubisky is an unknown for Thanksgiving, yet the #Bears don't seem at all worried if it's Chase Daniel getting the… @RossHart17 Without question.What Roquan Smith Is Doing Right Now Is Not Normal #Bears @John_B619 I think Mitch plays, but even IF he doesn't? I give the Bears a 50/50 shot at least of winning anyway. @BBobysud588 I'm sure that's what people told Brett Favre for 20 years.HAHAHAHAHAHA! #Bears @BBobysud588 They could do that, but Mitch doesn't strike me as a guy who will be on board with it.As always, Aaron hits the nail on the head. #Bears "I have a good idea already but I sure as hell ain't gonna tell you." #Bears @MartyDek78 Yep.The Lions may be without two of their best offensive players. They had trouble stopping that #Bears pass rush on th… to always keep in mind. If you have a chance to keep your opponent guessing, you do it. #Bears @BowserAngela Yeah. If Mitch is held out, it's less due to the injury and more due to the quick turnaround. @Betsypaige24 Honestly these practices he's missing are walkthroughs. I'm not panicking.Funny coincidence: The first start Chase Daniel ever had was on the road against a division rival. He played in S… @tomquinny2 Don't tempt him. He'd do it.There really isn't much worth doing in 85 hours. Should be all about rest. He just played the Lions less than 2 wee… encase him in bubble wrap until Thursday. #Bears Underachieving NFL Head Coaches Ever (via @ErikLambert1)
Retweeted by Erik LambertBad form, ESPN. @WayneBorowski1 Trubisky doesn't sound like the type who would accept that. He wouldn't even let them yank him against Buffalo.Wasn't a great week for the Raiders' draft picks. As of right now, Oakland would own the 3rd, 17th and 26th pick.
Retweeted by Erik Lambert @samchampos A valid point. @trubiskygoat10 @WAGHER11 He might be limited but I wouldn't lose sleep over it. @Inkspot_77 That was before the injury. Personally if it was serious I believe we'd have heard more by now.It was a clinic by his receiving corps. He needs to be smarter with some of his decisions. @SuprSquirrel @nowthisnews You're welcome! @trubiskygoat10 @WAGHER11 Just an excuse to sit him. Needs as much rest as possible in short turnaround.People are talking about the health concerns for the #Bears for this upcoming Thanksgiving game. What about the Li… Rankings Poll: Our top five teams remain the same but no team jumped higher than our new No. 6, the Bears…
Retweeted by Erik LambertAkiem Hicks Unimpressed by Rams and Chiefs Record-Breaking Shootout #Bears @WAGHER11 All I remember is what happened with Cutler in 2011 became clear right away. News hit right after the gam… @WAGHER11 My thought as well.Winnie the Pooh went above and beyond to make sure a little boy with cerebral palsy had a magical experience at Dis…
Retweeted by Erik LambertI try to be fair in these situations. People say Trubisky shorted his next throw to Cohen following the hit from Sm… #Rams and #Chiefs instant classic hides a grave concern thread here
Retweeted by Erik Lambert @Betsypaige24 I think our D is good enough to at least slow those offenses down. Then it becomes a matter of whethe…'t be afraid to call in a hit, Aaron. @chadbearbalfan Yeah. Goff and Mahomes didn't win squat in college. @CryptoMeTX No doubt. They had it won multiple times. Got away from them. @CryptoMeTX They better keep winning. They don't want to get into a situation where they have to either visit Chica… @nicktheman287 Yep. The Chiefs have run into a string of very mediocre defenses this year. They've faced one top 5… @CryptoMeTX It was as low as 25 degrees. @CryptoMeTX Thus reinforcing my point. @CryptoMeTX I have doubts.