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Chicago Bears insider for @sportsmockery and Draft Analyst for @NFLMocks. Avid #Godzilla fan and diehard #DBZ addict. Deal with it.

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@jalali_jan Raiders would. Their safety situation is fairly stable. @chi_lando I'd wait to see what you can put together with Nall, Cunningham and Cohen. If it doesn't work, pick up the phone.Look I know it's preseason and all but it can't be a good look for the Steelers when your defense is giving up 48 p… @rola_sanc That was part of it but he was also critical of the media for diminishing the value of preseason games w… @MrITC3 Haven't heard much about either which is both a good and bad thing. @_Bear_fan_ Cutler said 3 years is usually how long it takes.You know a guy is a competitor when he's upset a week after a preseason performance. #Bears @raftingdon2 Little early. I think the Jets will keep him until somebody gets hurt elsewhere.Took the same approach as Dallas but in reverse. Just kept throwing 1st round picks at it. @raftingdon2 I was tempted to put them on the list but held off. @DaBearsBros Congrats you guys. Hard work is paying off. @AaronCurrent Possible but Bridgewater would give them an out to stay competitive and not have to start from scratch.So where will the #Jets trade Teddy Bridgewater this year now that it's all but a lock Sam Darnold will start?Two More Prominent Denver Broncos Speak Glowingly of Mitch Trubisky #Bears Michel with the knee and now this.
In case people wondered how committed he is to this. @CeciMustGo Maybe Kwiatkoski given their LB situation. @CeciMustGo All depends on what the Raiders are looking for.Very excited to announce I have signed with Chicago Bears! Let’s get it!
Retweeted by Erik Lambert @DhruvKoul Didn't win a championship and played in San Diego. Death sentence. @mklcolvin True but they've had a ton of upheaval at the top. Things tend to change a lot when that happens. @mklcolvin He's back but one must remember he's not a Nagy guy. Plus he's returning from injury. Bears clearly aren't settled on him. @mklcolvin Patrick Scales was their original snapper but he got hurt last year. @rbfrosty26 @chansemfsinyard To quote Mike Singletary, Roberto. "I am who I am, and I gotta be that."The NFL Running Backs Mount Rushmore of the Super Bowl Era Robinson was THE best red zone receiver in football from 2015-16. Amassed 18 touchdowns inside the red zone f…
Retweeted by Erik Lambert#Tough #Bears @chansemfsinyard Them along with Nall I think could hold things down for a year. Then just grab somebody next offseason. @chansemfsinyard Most fans can't let a player go once attached. I have to remain a realist. Does a good running bac… @chansemfsinyard That was the idea of Howard and a 1st for Mack. Would I do it? Yes. As good as Howard is, finding… Carew, whom the #Bears just signed, was considered one of the best long snappers to come out of college foot… have signed LS Tanner Carew. Oregon product was only snapper at the combine this year. Spent time with…
Retweeted by Erik LambertThe questions about what it would cost the #Bears to go get Khalil Mack haven't had an answer. Until now. again that Ryan Pace understands it's a business. No reason to let things get petty. #Bears #Bears @Tom__Pappalardo @MarkPotash I understand, but it's not getting better. Just rip the bandaid off and move on. @MarkPotash @PFF Don't be pulled in. They're fun at first but after awhile you realize it's definitely not worth the price.I mean, if you want numbers there are numbers too. #Bears @Brian63701486 Thank you Brian.Because he's a good teammate. #Bears has talked to him a few times. Always a wise decision. #Bears @Monctonscout Yep.Second day in a row. This is not an isolated case. It keeps happening. #Bears Nagy explained after the skirmishes in practice that they're here to play football, not to fight. #BearsA benefit Trubisky didn't have last year. #Bears've expected that after what happened yesterday. #Bears Miller beats everybody one-on-one. #Bears @AntoineRezko Yes indeed.OH COME ON! #Bears to admit, that would fire me up.'s What the Stats Say About the #Bears Plan To Go Bombs Away Most Underrated NFL Player On All 32 Teams you trying to work around to telling us something, Aaron? It's okay. We won't judge you... Superstar Has a High Opinion of Mitch Trubisky #Bears @DhruvKoul @Jmart365 Oh? I thought I just did?
Underrated player and A+ human being. #Bears @freddyrobles29 @NicholasMoreano It's hard to determine because there's no way of knowing what the Raiders are doin… @_Bear_fan_ Ding ding. @Jmart365 True, but he doesn't have Miller's strength. @ChiCitySlooper It's not that I think he's a bad player. It's that I feel he was a redundant pick. They already had… that mean you're a Loony Tunes fan??? Me too! @Jmart365 Maybe not quite that but 8-10 a year. @ChiCitySlooper I'm still upset because of the Iyiegbuniwe pick. He's done nothing to this point and that was their… hearing about all these rookie pass rushers standing out in training camps and preseason elsewhere. #Bears'm interested to know how the #Bears pass rush looked. Broncos had no excuses with Miller and Chubb out there. @JustinTwell78 Anytime. @JustinTwell78 I've always had to remind myself. Write about what interests you. If you force yourself on projects… @iJ3NKiN5 Fair enough. Just after seeing Jalen Ramsey do his thing, this is so different.Where our fans go, @Mtrubisky10 goes. 🐻⬇️
Retweeted by Erik Lambert @SeabassSaid Score. @SeabassSaid Wish I could. Just don't make enough money to travel like that.Bears have 3 pre season games left and 26 days until there first game.... Roquan will be fine.
Retweeted by Erik Lambert#Bears Offense Had Themselves a Day in First Broncos Joint Practice @rbfrosty26 Mariota is one of the best red zone QBs in the league and think he's been badly misused by the Titans.… Miller: “Mitch is a great quarterback. ... He’s their franchise quarterback. [As a defense], you’ve gotta not l…
Retweeted by Erik Lambert @ChristyGoff27 Tell that to Tarik! @rbfrosty26 Hard to say. Give Mariota the offensive scheme Goff has with McVay calling the shots? I'd take Mariota.And Ciampa doesn't sexually assault women.