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Chicago Bears insider for @sportsmockery and Draft Analyst for @NFLMocks. Avid #Godzilla fan and diehard #DBZ addict. Deal with it.

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I just watched a YouTube video called "Americans Share Brutally Honest Descriptions Of The States They Live In" Wi… is the best basketball player of his era. Was he "better" than Jordan? Honestly who cares? Enjoy the grea…
Retweeted by Erik LambertUh oh. @Ugawugwa By all means. Looking forward to it.Most Experts Agree This is Why #Bears Aren’t Making the Playoffs
@Ugawugwa Wasn't running but that's where I live so it was probably me. @VictorC4victory I have not. @edhf_10 Jealous. @rbfrosty26 TINY TOONS! Loved that game. One of the few oldies I wish I'd beaten. @rbfrosty26 Sonic 2 was the first two-player game I genuinely loved. @CrosstownTony Finally settle the conspiracies. @CrosstownTony Wow. Fate is a real bitch. @CrosstownTony My old man has a similar problem. @rbfrosty26 Obsessed with suits if memory serves. @rbfrosty26 In my top 3 for damn sure. Streets of Rage 2 is my life. @rbfrosty26 Wow. I never had that. Kind of pissed I didn't. @rbfrosty26 Ugh. Double whammy. @CrosstownTony She's a good woman. @rbfrosty26 HELL YEAH! @rbfrosty26 He'd have some fine cigars ready for you. @rbfrosty26 Damn. That sucks. @ProphetiCzz That takes skill. @rbfrosty26 I had that over Super Nintendo. No regrets. @rbfrosty26 Unreal arm. @ProphetiCzz She's too good for Naruto. @rbfrosty26 Nice. @ProphetiCzz Lol. @rbfrosty26 We all want to be taller. @CrosstownTony Dude NO! My best friend would smack you for that.Fix any current or past environmental disaster: I’d make it so nuclear power was far more popular and heavily regu… the overall scoring record in any video game: Winner of 53-straight Super Smash Bros. tournaments. At one poi… a food or beverage that no longer exists: Double Dip Crunch. My old man turned me on to that cereal when… back a toy that you lost from childhood: Action figure of the Terminator from Terminator 2. Was my all-time… one hour to interview any president: Franklin Roosevelt. To me he’s the greatest president the United States h… a single fictional character real: Vegeta. He’s always been my boy and nothing has changed. His cold attitude… total credit for one invention: Pokemon on Gameboy. I can’t even imagine how much money I’d be swimming in right now.Become best friends with anybody ever: Ryan Reynolds. I mean come on. It seems like life is never boring around this guy.Got to watch one athlete before your time play: Walter Payton. He retired two years after I was born. To this da… one characteristic about yourself: Do I need to say it? Look at my profile pic for an idea.Attend concert for one musician in history: Queen. The vocals of Freddy Mercury. So many iconic hits. Just awesome… to dine on just one food for a month: Salad. The beauty is there’s a loophole because so many other foods can… back and see one movie in the theater: Star Wars. Not just to see it in all its old theater glory but also to h… it's the offseason and I'm bored. So I decided to do a bunch of "if you could" scenarios for fun. Feel free to… to see how long Brady would've lasted playing middle linebacker. @victor_heard You misunderstand. Deserving gaming franchise. Not player. Madden sucks. @lukeridnourr Is there another reason? @lukeridnourr It was a good one but 2K5 is the best. @victor_heard I said deserved, not the only period. @Toopdaddy @sportsmockery Lucky bastard.Cody Whitehair Reveals What Happened After #Bears Drafted James Daniels's only one football gaming franchise that deserved to be graced by a #Bears player on the cover. was the high point of the series for New York who proceed to lose four-straight after taking a 2-0 series lead. a Hall of Fame-style birthday, @BUrlacher54!
Retweeted by Erik LambertAdd it to the list. #Bears Bucket List: 10 Things We Want to See in 2018 enough. The #Bulls scored more points per game (102 to 100) and gave up fewer (92 to 96) than the Rockets that… a way to say bye (bye bye) to your sanity. the fact they couldn't knock off the Jazz, I go with the team that beat the Jazz. #Bears Coaches Already Correcting Jordan Howard’s Biggest Weakness
@jthornhil I never put such a thing past Pace. @ChiSportsSteve Oh man. That's not fair. @jthornhil Not sure. How would you like a foursome of Robinson, Gabriel, Miller and Meredith?Saints Cameron Meredith Update Further Mystifies #Bears Decision @bvks_ Pat could throw a deep ball in his sleep.Nice, but it helps not having to line up against Marcus Peters. @nicktheman287 Mitch mentioned Anthony Miller extensively. @nicktheman287 In command but also like he's learning a new offense.Donald Trump says you have to stand proudly for the National Anthem or "maybe you shouldn't be in this country.'' I…
Retweeted by Erik Lambert2019 NFL Free Agency: The Most Vital Contract on Each Team Fans Will Love How Harry Hiestand Is Motivating His Players @Playalotta Solid choices.The anthem is so important to NFL owners that it allows network partners to run commercials during it.#Showmethemoney
Retweeted by Erik Lambert @steven_stiller There's a reason they say patience is a virtue. The attention span of fans these days is shorter. A… the NFL has perfected the art of fixing things that don't need fixing. NFL had no intention of trying to fix the problem. They merely passed the buck onto the teams for responsibilit… @SinCityTiki It means something is clean. Perfectly logical. @PatrickDadof3 Really? That's all you got? Same offense that finished 5th in the NFL. Same offense that humiliated… would be so easy. I really, really want to make the comment.... Nagy Arrival Should Give #Bears Offense This Big of a Boost