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Chicago Bears insider for @sportsmockery and Draft Analyst for @NFLMocks. Avid #Godzilla fan and diehard #DBZ addict. Deal with it.

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We All Missed an Awesome Mitch Trubisky Leadership Moment vs. Bengals #Bears @Jamess0617 Sure. @Jamess0617 I'd go with Gordon and Draft. KC and Buffalo have bad run defenses.Day 12: I Go Home | Vlogmas 2017 via @YouTube @JessLambert19 @ErikLambert1 @TheEllenShow
Retweeted by Erik LambertChicago #Bears: How Best to Solve the WR Issue @MidwesternMarc We'll see what the next injury report says. @Eric_Edholm Bring it on.Grateful Dead. @CoffeeandGrunge They don't score a lot, so that shouldn't be surprising.The kid is an entertainer on and off the field. #Bears @meckojing I don't think so. They have quality options at the position.2017 NFL Draft: Power Ranking the Top 5 Classes @xLittleDreamerx @SeeRedCHI23 I appreciate the offer. I don't drink but I'll gladly take a burger/dog/brat off your hands. @rbfrosty26 Nor I. This is where old school gets you in trouble. @inosmellbs Thank you. @xLittleDreamerx @SeeRedCHI23 That's how it goes. Coaches don't like GMs making decisions for their roster. The fac… @BearsEst1920 Not sour grapes. Just an interesting story. @SeeRedCHI23 @xLittleDreamerx Not dwelling. Just interesting. @xLittleDreamerx Fox hates rookie quarterbacks.Rumor: Biggest Ryan Pace Miscalculation May Not Have Been His Fault #Bears @RobertZeglinski @readjack @chrisbleck @AntonioBelisle Yeah but I'd rather Maddux vs. Clemens than Maddux vs. Schilling. @readjack @chrisbleck @AntonioBelisle That stuff is always the best. Can't wait for the first shootout between TRU and A-Rod. @readjack @chrisbleck @AntonioBelisle Epic game. The rampage. The comeback. Two stars playing a classic game of "Can you top this?"
Akiem Hicks is a bad man. #Bears @mznoor786 Nah. Only other option would be Atlanta but I doubt that happens.Arizona Cardinals, for the win. #Bears @inosmellbs You might not but you can bet your ass Devin does. @nicktheman287 That's solid. @nicktheman287 Who do you have?Notorious #Bears Hater Heath Evans Gets Ultimate Dose of Karma @nicktheman287 They've allowed 95 points in the last 3 games. So no. @nicktheman287 I'd go with Rivers as the QB and the Chargers defense too. Bears game is untouchable both ways.Adam Shaheen appeared to injure himself in the Bengals game though he played through it. Now on the injury report w… Goldman and Pernell McPhee are back at practice. So at least their injuries didn't result in going to IR. #Bears @mznoor786 Maybe. Bears may have to reach out to him. @mznoor786 I don't think so. @DaSignGod Weird concept, eh? @gfiz808 @AaronLemingNFL @RobertZeglinski @NicholasMoreano @AdamHoge @FulphilO Remote. Have a hard time seeing him leave Dallas. @DaSignGod @sportsmockery @D_Hest23 Find every NFL writer of note and pester, pester, pester.I don't take up many causes but Net Neutrality is a big one. Sign this. Doesn't cost a dime and take 5 seconds. Hester and the Hall of Fame Conundrum #Bears #Falcons #Seahawks @Juicy____K If we could get Bradley Chubb, I'd be happy.Most people look to the Super Bowl or the comeback against ARI as their favorite Hester return of all-time. I've sa… @BowserAngela Of course it won't.Former #Bears Head Coach Warns Team Is About to Make Huge Mistake Windy City Flyer is calling it a career. He better get into Canton. #Bears @justabearfan I think the thing that really upended his chances was the injury to Cameron Meredith. The two had a d… @Bears_Daily Old news. @jacobinfante24 Amen to that. @AlexHartley9 @AaronLemingNFL Interesting idea. Depends on where Sitton's health is at. Also their depth chart. I l… liked Heath. Now I have a new reason why. @meckojing The names I'd watch are Bradley Chubb, Clelin Ferrell and Harold Landry. @EJPizzle316 If so it's working for him. He's not causing problems so that sounds baseless to me.Miami #Dolphins: Jay Cutler Gamble May Have Saved Season @aohalek Well not so much for Trubisky. He played very well against them. Hope that's the start of a trend. @DhruvKoul Oh if only Primetime Cutty could've made more frequent appearances. @Chisportsnut Why bother when he can live it up in Brazil with his wife. @TeaWithBecky Meh. @nicktheman287 He might be.Every player has that one team they just can't figure out. this. #Bears Don’t See How Significant the #Bears Win in Cincinnati Was'S A TRAP! @stonedcacker @sportsmockery Forgive me, I meant *first or second year. @stonedcacker @sportsmockery If you look at the majority of their biggest playmakers this year, all of them are in… @stonedcacker @sportsmockery All I can say is I know what I'm seeing. Mitch is playing far above the level he should be. @nicktheman287 All four of our wins this year were against okay-to-good opponents. Panthers and Steelers likely goi… @nicktheman287 Maybe, but odds are way longer. @nicktheman287 I think Pace was always safe but it certainly helped.
#Chargers Are On Verge of Making Rare History @craigpgruston Not huge. Probably somewhere in the Seth Roberts or Torrey Smith range.Classy to the 10th power. #Bears times in 2017. What a backfield. #Bears @BlowNHookers69 A big key for those teams has been defense. Their defenses are typically average. Pace has shown he knows how to build one. @Zanegreen12 You're welcome.France and the U.S. may not like each other, but they always seem to show up right when the other needs them most. @BearDown2012 The weird thing is he hardly ever fumbles.Mitch Trubisky Trolled The #Bears Coaches After Blowing Out Bengals