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Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Twitter Commissioner. Surprisingly good in the clutch. Director of #ffthefilm, available on iTunes and Amazon.

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@aalgar @edcasey @LegalLinds I will not allow them to look like tourists@DanJackson415 DAN WAKE UP I JUST LEARNED THAT YOU'RE TWITTER FAMOUS COME HAVE WINGS@ptcrUIsErUsA I WILL TRY TO GET THIS WINGS PLACE TO TURN IT ON@ptcrUIsErUsA WHAT IS HE ON@ptcrUIsErUsA WUT@DanJackson415 @stevenEchambers I'm at wing wings wake up@McClure_SF come have a beer@DanJackson415 @stevenEchambers where I want that
@DanJackson415 @stevenEchambers are you drunj@stevenEchambers @DanJackson415 but where are you@stevenEchambers @DanJackson415 wtf is a Tulare@GlennF @edcasey he feels like he is@stevenEchambers @DanJackson415 where are you guys Ed got drunk and left me@edcasey how are there no typos in that tweet you drunkard@thatpuzzleguy OH SHIT. I have to coach a peewee soccer team in the morning. Want to get dinner? I can meet you.LIVE on #Periscope: Oh hai @edcasey
<--Dodger fan. October losses are *my* wheelhouse. It's like you tie it up in the 9th just to lose in the 10th. .....totally accurate. It's the winning that felt weird.
Retweeted by Scafe for SpeakerDon't worry about Cubs fans, you guys. This is their wheelhouse.@hassankhan that's what I thought, I just didn't want to assume.This is starting to get out of hand you guys. 27 whatLet's be real. If the #scafebump could stop Murphy, it would have happened last week.'m here for you, Cubs. they always will. It's endearing, really.@Hammad_26 are you making that up@zackwhittaker @darth I have been advised not to answer either of these questions in writing@morningmoneyben I'm picturing you holding hands with Mr. Met right now and it's inspiring and also terrifying.@_walkingEye thank you :)Wait Donald Trump is still running for President. You guys were supposed to fix that while I was away.@NotMrTibbs @enosarris no, I'll allow that one@Hammad_26 ew@ptcrUIsErUsA okay. What should I get him.@_walkingEye oh hai@ljmilman ty, that just made my day@ptcrUIsErUsA that makes me happywtf is super girl how long was I goneI’ve now watched the Star Wars trailer more times than the actual running time of the movie.
Retweeted by Scafe for Speaker@MDaware it's exactly like that song. But with less ambition.@ryanprociuk sometimes I wonder if it's going to be me in 10 minutesEveryone knows not to wake Darth when he's napping. when I see the woman having a heated argument with a shopping cart on Ventura Blvd. I can't help but think, yeah. Me too.
@sdpowell1 oh hai the 101 is a mess north of Lankershim STAY HOMEwait what the kid misses baseball practice cause of a dude waving a gun and threatening to jump from an overpass onto the 101. LA, you guys.
@clairbearattack yes but I want wings and a harp for all pr events@CapitalRadioOne @WeTheLiving but...but I'm available.Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that everyone's family is a uniquely weird hot mess. dude@jbmarker @edcasey you can do this. Don't be a quitter. Unless you're Sorkin and then you should quit cocaine for reals this time.Yes, we are 5-0. I'm not saying the Dodgers should fire Mattingly, I'm just saying I get the wins. you did not run this Seattle thing by me. Where are you going to live. If you say Capitol Hill I will punch you in the beard.@stevenEchambers but I think I could help more if I had a real position. Is morale captain a thing.@stevenEchambers I swear to god it felt like the bull pen was just a random assortment of dudes they picked up at central casting@stevenEchambers I think I could really contribute a lot to the organization. Just saying.@stevenEchambers from my cold dead hands I swear to god if they let him go I will be paying Magic a visit@ReadTheApple oh okay. When am I allowed to tweet again?Thank you for your condolences, but please remember: I am a Dodger fan and a Democrat. I am constantly prepared for a crushing defeat.@insomniacslounj even worse. I'm juicing.How can it be that the people who are bad at talking about politics somehow even shittier at talking about sports?
Retweeted by Scafe for Speaker@insomniacslounj I would but my family's in town this weekendIdk who's in charge of this shit, but a division series game five should always be on a Friday night. Heartbreak should be weekend-adjacent.There's always next year. Go Cubs.@ilovaussiesheps i mean, the tickets are free@eiffeldesigns ty@sundownmotel feeling better, thank you. How are youPretty sure this is a blackout bingo on the female stereotypes card.
Idk, you guys. I can't think of a more appropriate time to apologize than when you accidentally kill 22 non-profit doctors and patients.💯 @clintonyates
Retweeted by Scafe for Speaker@SBarlow_ROB @CarrieTait wait a second, what makes you think Mormons aren't ruthless gopher killers. I've seen things.@CarrieTait @SBarlow_ROB I have no idea what we're talking about but I'll do itThis is a good tweet. tim@truebluela did you call him a teaseThis whole FanDuel DraftKings thing is crazy because bros running fantasy sports leagues are usually very trustworthy and likable dudes.Moments tab? *takes drag from cigarette* I remember when it was called the Discover tab
Retweeted by Scafe for SpeakerThis Moments tab is stupid. "yo dawg, I heard you like timelines, so I put a timeline in ya timeline so u can timeline"
Retweeted by Scafe for SpeakerThe Ben Carson "rush the shooter" comment was very dumb yet also somehow the least dumb thing he's said about guns in the past several weeks
Retweeted by Scafe for SpeakerWait. The moments tab is just news that happened hours ago. It's twitter for people who wish twitter were facebook.@Brocklesnitch he never calls me back. @ActuallyNPH do you want to do dinner and magic next week y/y?...we have a rugby team? a member help me get into Magic Castle next week? I know it's last-minute. But you're magicians. Surely you can magic this.@rowast @lizzieohreally I believe the correct response is "come all without, come all within"*opens twitter* *sees tab labeled moments*
CJ: I just got to thank God. God: Wait what.@SolJewasaurus I feel unqualified for this@SolJewasaurus man-to-man coverage is my favorite.@SolJewasaurus oh godUsing the ball as a prop would definitely be my downfall if I were an NFL player.@katiem_allen 7-9. It's a pretty big range.I'm going to need more details about what makes a female look smart please.'ll do it. @Lizzs_Lockeroom
Retweeted by Scafe for Speaker@WeTheLiving I will go, I will do the things the Lord commands. I know the Lord will find a way. He wants me to obey.@SabrinaSiddiqui dedKid: Why don't they call offside penalties in this division? Me: Explain the offside rule. Kid: ... Me: There it is. #coachingwitherinRide or die, kids. RIDE OR DIE. has always helped me make good life choices. The word good is open to interpretation obvs.
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