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Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Twitter Commissioner. Surprisingly good in the clutch. Director of #ffthefilm on Amazon. Excited for

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"That guy's not right. Don't listen to him." - my 6-year-old brother's reaction to seeing Trump on TV. So proud. @RBStalin I mean, yeah, for starters. @nycsouthpaw same. *waves to @Brocklesnitch*
It can't be healthy to stay away from that area altogether. @jon_mcgregor do it.Quite tempted to change my profile to "I stay away from that area altogether"
Retweeted by First Round ScafeI have questions. @chrisgeidner @ClaraJeffery @nycsouthpaw @7im I always feel cheated as a west coast insomniac. East coast thinks I'm an early riser smdh. @dcbigjohn @chrisgeidner shut up stanton yes I will I'll do it @chrisgeidner @dcbigjohn okay. Let me know when it's 75 and sunny and California and I'll be there in two shakes.THIS SHALL NOT STAND. @thepatrickirish @futieton okay I have questions @hassankhan wait do you tho @hassankhan hell yes I do. We have a LOT of contests to squeeze into one morning. @hassankhan dammit hussy @chrisgeidner @dcbigjohn I saw those snow pictures. Hell no. @hassankhan our contest is next month. Your trash talk is based on bad math. @chrisgeidner it youIt me.The winner of tonight's debate is every person who avoided watching, discussing, or thinking about tonight's debate.Ah, yes. The predictable conclusion to the Fruit Stealer thread. I love you, @Nextdoor. twist: the Fruit Stealer thread is not actually about fruit stealing. Stealer Thread Downer man. The Fruit Stealer thread has taken a turn for the racist. JUSTICE FOR ALL FRUIT STEALERS STEALING EPIDEMIC @olexicon666 @MattNowak1 gonna have that put on my grave stoneFRUIT STEALERS. @nextdoor never disappoints. into the @Nextdoor site. Here we go. @tropicostation I get that feeling every. single. time I read Nextdoor. My neighbors are weirdos.They hid Wonka bars literally all over the world but the only people who found them were white people who spoke English.
Retweeted by First Round ScafeOh god. @Nextdoor is everything. feel drunj with power. @JVSylvester @hassankhan omg @dcbigjohn @hassankhan hussy, how fast can you finish that phd? Imma need a crew. @dcbigjohn @hassankhan wow, I just did a search for tweets in which I said "I'll do it." I have a lot to do. @dcbigjohn @hassankhan okay fine @dcbigjohn @hassankhan jfc stanton @eilfretz @hassankhan yes. I will win this. @hassankhan @dcbigjohn I'll do it @hassankhan @georgepearkes @drpepper by sponsorship, I mean a lot of Diet Dr Pepper and Hassan will need a costume of some sort. @CurtLeCaptain omg yes @hassankhan @georgepearkes hey @drpepper my friend Hassan and I are having a football competition on Super Bowl Sunday, will u sponsor us? @hassankhan @dcbigjohn that's my line @bridgeyrocks @georgepearkes @hassankhan added to the list @dcbigjohn @hassankhan hassan we're gonna need to push your flight back a few days I think @erinscafe jousting
Retweeted by First Round Scafe @dcbigjohn okay @hassankhan do you know how to ride a horse y/nYou're going to want to have several screens going tbqh. importantly, Hussy and I will finally compete to see who is the better athlete. Feel free to suggest events we should include.It will include feats of athleticism, song, and dance. There will be beer. And maybe costumes.Get excited. In the hours leading up to Super Bowl 50, Hassan and I will livestream the greatest preshow ever. @hassankhan It's so soon. I've been practicing, so don't think you're going to out-football me. @hassankhan wait what @Marc_Normandin @prograpslady okay so I guess we're sharing the blow-up mattress? Being Canadian is going to take some getting used to. @tedder42 @joelhamill the streets are unsafe. So are the sidewalks. LA was not built for bicycles. I'm all for adding bike lanes. @joelhamill no, it's really directed at adults who are riding 30 mph down the sidewalk. @joelhamill's a block by block law. But really, GROWN-ASS PEOPLE DON'T RIDE THEIR BIKES ON THE SIDEWALK. @joelhamill kinda. It doesn't define business district well. Essentially a block with apartments, a church or store is a business district. @prograpslady @Marc_Normandin I will fight you for it MarcWho is handling PR for the Academy and how soon will I be able to apply for that position. fact: it's illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk in a business district in Glendale, CA. Change the law or knock it off thx.[in underground bunker hiding from Leader Trumps killbots] Me: This is the gaffe that will ruin Trump lol Bunkermate: We're eating you first
Retweeted by First Round Scafe @hassankhan we know a lot of lawyers on TwitterJust sharing some coaching tips with @hassankhan. I should probably write a book or something. Hey Coach Erin, you know what we should do for our next game? Me: Score some points? Kid: Oh. Well, that too.
@AngryBlackLady thank you! I'm reading it.I might actually do this later.My pants ranked in order of coolness: @TimHerrera @kanyewest Tim I'm your OG that's all you need to know and also I like your cool pants. @gabrielabarkho @gaileyfrey expect mutual support from the Centennial Infantry Regiment Corps of Liberty Eagles for Judicial Equality in Revolutionary Kansas
Retweeted by First Round Scafe~workspace inspo~
Retweeted by First Round Scafe @AngryBlackLady serious question: what do you mean by white feminism @erinscafe timely
Retweeted by First Round ScafeAh, we've moved on to the greater social issues stage of the post-kanye rant. I look forward to your thinkpieces.My mother says the AT&T guy she called for help with her phone was a complete idiot. I desperately want to hear his side of the story. @truebluela @craigminla @jessespector @ProjectShaqBox funny story jose canseco promoted my movie on Twitter. There was a stripper involved. @Adam_Jacobi #evergreentweets @craigminla @truebluela @jessespector @ProjectShaqBox the random Dick Tracy sticker is what makes it art imo @truebluela @craigminla @jessespector @ProjectShaqBox @jessespector @craigminla @ProjectShaqBox @truebluela okay yes the cards are not all in those boxes. But if I gathered them. @craigminla @jessespector @ProjectShaqBox @truebluela I have three large boxes of donruss and Topps from 1988-1997. I'm ready. @macpatton @Dodgers @billplunkettocr I can neither confirm nor deny @thepatrickirish oh no @craigminla @jessespector @ProjectShaqBox @truebluela OMG this is amazingwouldn't know how to if I wanted to tbh
Retweeted by First Round ScafeI hope one day I make a man as publicly, permanently obsessed with my ho-ness as Amber made Kanye #staymad
Retweeted by First Round Scafeso far the Bundy militia livestream is indistinguishable from several sport fishing vlogs I follow
Retweeted by First Round Scafe*whispers* I am your OG. *smiles*oh my god this is absolutely true i thought it might be a joke but it keeps going off
Retweeted by First Round Scafe @juanyfbaby @kanyewest @DaRealAmberRose Juan I am crying nowKanye is, without a doubt, the greatest performance artist of his time. @globalyAccepted @kanyewest I'm crying. Actually crying.Wow. @kanyewest really makes @realDonaldTrump look like an amateur.THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS MUCH-NEEDED DISTRACTION FROM MY CREATIVE PROCESS if Drake just dropped his album RIGHT NOW.
Retweeted by First Round ScafeDefinitely a top 5 kanye rant in progress here.
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