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Erin Brr, sir @erinscafe Hollywoodland

Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Surprisingly good in the clutch. I go to ballgames, the bleachers are fine. Director of #ffthefilm on Amazon.

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Joined Twitter 1/28/09"I won't even tell you the pep talk I gave to my staff after the election. It was the worst pep talk ever. But I got better." @AdamSchiffCA"I'm not a paid protester. I've never organized, or done this before. But I'm here. And I'm real." - kindergarten teacher from Eagle Rock @ara1c I like the agree/disagree signs. Posters seem to be better if your rep is a dick who you really really disagree with."If you feel like there's no space for you in the Democratic Party, then we need to make space. And we need to make it fast." -@AdamSchiffCAYou guys. Chaffetz is taking pics with adorable bear cubs instead of investigating POTUS. I can't even. @clivity which is weird, because LATown halls are my jam you guys."Republicans seem to have lost their appetite and enthusiasm for investigation." - @AdamSchiffCA"The question was when are we going to impeach the President." [HUGE CHEER]My town hall has essentially every character actor in Los Angeles.Yeah I'm like 90% sure that was John Billingsley asking how to stop a fascist.Sometimes this is what democracy looks like you guys. @davelozo @AdamSchiffCA #townhallafterdark @CarolMossEsq @keithellison @amyklobuchar @alfranken #blessedYOU GUYS. @AdamSchiffCA is coming to the overflow gym."Since when is fairness something we only dispense to the deserving." Great point. All deportees should have legal representation. @CarolMossEsq @amyklobuchar @alfranken you have the best ones. Al, can you be my rep next? You have to move to LA tho because snow is gross. @PattiMurin oh god, those eyes. I might be signing a lease Sunday- if you haven't found anyone, hmu. I might have room.Anyone in LA area able to possibly help foster this puppy for a bit?
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirI didn't think it was possible to love this man more. And before you ask yes, I retweeted this from a town hall. T… stands with the one democracy in the Middle East: Nicaragua.
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirDeleted, but the internet is forever @VP
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sir @AlexHortonTX @jaketapper Seems like a lot of flag confusion going on today
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirI have expertise on this matter. Push back on an FBI investigation of the White House is better known as a COVER UP:
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sir"You should have all your representatives on speed dial." Hell yes. @erinscafe A friend took this in SLC, where none of the invited reps or Senators showed up. I guess those Mormon te…
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sir @VP that is dumbWow, thanks everyone for the print orders, kind words and shares today - over $1,500 raised already for @ACLU!…
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sir @akabeth10 sameAnd more than ready to cheer on the representatives who are actually doing their jobs.Don't let anyone tell you these town halls are violent. People are angry, but they're also thoughtful, and curious, and fucking energized. @tammyinlalaland @AdamSchiffCA I almost missed it tooThis is the gym at Glendale Community College, which is overflow for the @AdamSchiffCA town hall. Main crowd fills… is what it looks like at the *overflow* location where constituents are watching a live feed of @AdamSchiffCA's town the town hall is full, but you can stand outside me: that's great! security: it is? me: oh I get excited about civic engagementOn my way to the second town hall of the day. Don't start without me @AdamSchiffCA! Actually no you should start.There was a guy at this town hall spreading the word about @ossoff and the Georgia special election. Help him win: @BradSherman's staffers are handing out combs at the front entrance. Rep. Sherman is bald. And hilarious. is crazy. @edcasey I have been trying since 1997"100% hell no on vouchers." - @BradShermanlol god I love twitter and Los Angeles @kyliesparks omg wait send me a pic of your view @kyliesparks Van NuysI can almost see."Trump's not as rich as he says he is...yet." -@BradShermanSomeone just asked about Trump's taxes and THE PLACE GOES WILD. @erinscafe Is Soros paying per kid now too? Time to have babies, I guess.
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirWell they gave up on the room and they're doing it in the courtyard because so many people are here. And this court… victims of the violence in Kansas and their families are in my thoughts and prayers. Xenophobia and hatred do not belong in America.
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirI kind of thought fewer people would show up for a Democrat's town hall. But my god this place is packed full of energized constituents.Brought the kids to @BradSherman's town hall. This is insane. is literally all it would take to make the movie good.'s 100% the right answer btw.)literalol "Can you check it again? I'm sure we're on the list." "Nope, you guys can come in." "Fuck you." @natevavra @JoeAlv I'll do itBut seriously, if your so-called news organization was allowed into the briefing today, it's probably time for some self-reflection."I believe there's been some sort of mistake." "No mistake. Says right here "NBC and ABC." Come on in!" "Please don't do this to us.""wait why aren't we with the real news agencies"omg NBC and ABC must be mortified several pointed out, this article is from 2010. We deported 3 million people under Obama. CBP union criticized h… live in a wonderfully diverse neighborhood. This makes me so upset. I really did not expect to see this feet from…
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirCPAC sounds like an HR seminar, a Friday afternoon conference call, an office holiday party and a long-winded Sunday sermon rolled into one.Just want to say that things are stressful enough in the world without restaurants serving three pieces of bread at a table for two.
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sir @white @WeTheLiving @mattdpearce dude, they pay us in cash so we don't have to claim it on our taxes. Keep up.Well, he's half right. I *am* dangerous., please nobody spoil the fun by telling the GOP that conservative media shows are accessible to liberals.This guy seems smart. Btw, the town halls are working. Keep it up, you guys. like to imagine this is the kind of political debate we're all having on Earth-2 rn.Everyone knows you have to start with an unpaid internship. @HeidiBelleau GOOD CALLThis is amazing. via @natevavra @HeidiBelleau especially with the huge Christmas crowds @HeidiBelleau we just took the nephews this past December. It was a marathon. Use RideMax for the first time and it was worth the money. @HeidiBelleau oh god. Well. It's a small world is that same. That might be it. :) @HeidiBelleau let me know if you have any Disney questions. I have so much knowledge to share :)