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Erin Brr, sir @erinscafe Hollywoodland

Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Surprisingly good in the clutch. I go to ballgames, the bleachers are fine. Director of #ffthefilm on Amazon.

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.@Evan_McMullin has been tweeting about Trump's authoritarian tendencies since he had just over 100 followers.
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirtfw u r CIA chief & they summon you with news of trump drunk-dialing kim jong un
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sir @nycsouthpaw it was mind-boggling. They somehow hired Trump surrogates who shouldn't even be considered qualified to be Trump surrogates.Every CNN panel I saw included someone hired for the purpose of defending a candidate the ordinary roster of conservatives would not defend.
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sir @mikenelson586 #PoorTiffanyThis had a lot less gay sex, inferno fiddling, and horse senators than I expected tbqh.*box of corn flakes returns home for winter break after first semester at Bard*
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirHey has anyone seen Tiffany Trump since the election?Our President-elect is a man who is waiting for an impersonation of him on a comedy show to become respectful.
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirTwitter should rename "While you were away" to "Oh god, what did he do now?"
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sir#HRCintheWild
Retweeted by Erin Brr, siroh god trump's presidential library is gonna be a hotel isn't it @thebeercolonel I think we all really needed it right now. Reminded me I need to look around, and be helpful.This is everything. We need more of this. PA recount not quite dead yet: Stein campaign says it will file new suit in federal court
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirOur next President is still rage tweeting about SNL. I don't think we fully appreciate yet how much damage this man will do on a whim. @realDonaldTrump dude
Called my mom in Taipei, who recently retired from Taiwan's foreign ministry, and she's like, "I don't even... I'm gonna go play mahjong."
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirMe & @JenAshleyWright have decided our future child will only know about Black Santa. If they see a white one we'll say "That's his husband"
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirJury Can’t Decide If Shooting A Fleeing, Unarmed Black Man Five Times In The Back Is A Crime
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirImportant Q here isn't what our posture to Taiwan should be. It's whether Trump even understood what he was doing
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sir.@andrewtshaffer the fun part of the Trump Administration is that we'll finally get to see all those Model UN moments irl @andrewtshaffer "look, I'm all about inclusion. One China, that's what I always say. Tear down that wall." -Trump @erinscafe “It is in China, Erin.” - China
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirD.C. punks lit up the façade of the Trump International Hotel with a basically legal, homegrown, historic protest…
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirEveryone's just covering for the fact that Trump thought Taiwan was in China, right. @rowast it's a templeThis pretty much sums it up. @missgowhitely she couldn't talk about it after-the scene itself was a surprise to her. Probably no penetration? Should never have happened. @pcdunham it's so weirdly aggressive. Like cold-calling people on behalf of joy and Jesus.Doesn't matter if it's a grown man or a young actress. If you're in a position of power over another person, your first job is do no harm.There's no grey area here. Directors, coaches, teachers have an ethical responsibility to protect the health and wellbeing of students. @ClaudiaRappDE YUPSchneider later wished she'd had her agent or lawyer come to set, but was too inexperienced to know she could. Dire… she died, Bertolucci mentioned the accusation and added "only today am I wondering whether there wasn't some truth to that."She suffered through drug addiction, overdoses, and a suicide attempt. She accused Bertolucci of having robbed her of her youth.Soon after Last Tango in Paris, Schneider refused to do a nude scene in Caligula, checked herself into a mental hospital, and was replaced.People spent $96.3 million just at the box office to watch a 19-year-old get raped, believing it was all acting. That's blood money. Pay up.Hey @MGM_Studios I hope to god you've immediately pulled any/all distribution and figure out how to donate any/all… @erinscafe
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirTrump: I saved 1200 Amazon jobs from moving to Mexico Amazon: wait we never- Trump: shut up I also saved 800 TJ M…'s call it by its real name. Dezinformatsiya. Propaganda techniques always sound sexier in Russian. is the best theory yet tbqh. don't understand Trump memes. These people claim to love Trump, but the memes they create suggest otherwise. @erinscafe So weird to see Trump with a book
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirOh I'll do it. I'll get to the bottom of this Trump as Joseph Smith meme if it's the last thing I do. @BuffyBlogs it's so weird reading your tweets 📷 @BadgerMBB
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirI woke up thinking about this and I still have no answers. 6 1981: "Mr. Reagan has been careful not to be seen conducting foreign policy while awaiting his inauguration."
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sircool whip on the top hell yes @erinscafe But you haven't truly lived until you've had Spaghettios in jello...
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sir @armstrongda I...I kind of want that @Ana1Sima you get used to it hey that should be the Mormon mottoand ham and peas hey I forgot pineapple rings @AdmiraltyPirate omfg @erinscafe Grated carrot in Jell-O was the starkest reminder that I, a child of lapsed Catholics, would never really belong in Salt Lake
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirwell yeah, because Coke is caffeinated've eaten Jell-O salad that contained marshmallows, almonds, banana slices, maraschino cherries, grated carrot, cottage cheese, Sprite, etc @rachelkiley oh god we should live tweet itYes and no. In the 90's, Jell-O released sales figures to newspapers as a PR stunt. Utah was #1. Mormons thought it… there are just so many @IanKarmel @FanSince09 has Trump even seen it? Because it sucks if no one has truly enjoyed it. Memes are for enjoying.That Brigham Old meme is funny af tho.oh god I found all the Mormon memes send help
@Joi_the_Artist I know. I should find it. @LSUcaligrl well, to be fair, the town was originally named Quashquema now I can't stop looking at hipster Joseph Smith memes @Jakeweindling well, nobody chose Smith, so now I'm even more confused @erinscafe Evidently HIPSTER Joseph Smith is a thing. I'll show myself out now.
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirI mean, do they know that Joseph Smith was tarred and feathered, then jailed and killed by an angry mob. Kind of a mixed message here. @erinscafe
Retweeted by Erin Brr, sirIs Joseph Smith a meme and I totally missed it? Is Joseph Smith a meme that takes the Lord's name in vain? What is happening.why...why did Trumpers photoshop Donald's face onto a painting of Joseph Smith in front of the Nauvoo temple you have to rape an actress to get a believable depiction of rape then you're a shitty director and a shitty hum…'s cheaper to not shoot unarmed black men. We should put that on a t-shirt, get the message out there. Cure some economic anxiety. @tholmz @Eater I know but eater has to take some of the blame hereIt's weird how the people who hate #blacklivesmatter also hate wasteful government spending.