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@AntBit It's a total Happening man! @AntBit They though they signed a 10-year deal, but it was for 100. @AntBit You get there and discover it's not really a park but an extension of a previous building you visited. @AntBit Not to be confused with the theme park full of bending paths, Shyamaland @AntBit Shyamalaned! @scottEweinberg Probably found more fulfillment in smaller, niche roles than an all-encompassing 'weight on the shoulders' lead. @denofgeek Fell back asleep on the keyboard?It's our 2017 #Oscar Special! We will be live-tweeting the ceremony on our personal Twitter handles! #oscars
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @jupin @WHMPodcast Very good reason to be awake so early.reach out, punch face
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Superstore?
waking up at 6:00pm, going to bed at 7:00pm
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @adlow76 @SpencerJGilbert I know. I was just being an "additional dick". @adlow76 @SpencerJGilbert Makes sense, it's a shit film any way you look at it. @greggturkington Danzal Washingston @brendonconnelly Depp died to me last year. The tache was gone. @mrbonturcode I hope the film is like the Rango/Wild Things Are rehearsal and recording process. Jones on all fours growling. @TheGMcConnachie @SkyCinemaUK Set to record despite all warnings. @ScreenjabberStu The character is the man. He had a beaver on his arm and was mates with Ray Winstone. Riggs. @wmrkbst You read @JoeCunningham14 Aye, which is patently false. Not spending time with your family is the real catalyst. @TylerScruggs Densely Queer is also the title of a great airport novel. @JoeCunningham14 The Facebook beat is funny, sure. But not enough. @JoeCunningham14 Exactly. You wish for transformation, stranger direction, a taste of some development.Alien Covenant is Your Highness in space @JoeCunningham14 Hated how it played out. Just dies a death. @DougBenson Holy shit, that incident. You deserve better in guests. But nice try anyway. Keep on delighting the good folk. @ericszyszka The only way I managed to get through it is with the kindness of Rifftrax. It is not suitable for viewing. @ScreenjabberStu Then I have no reason to watch. @ScreenjabberStu I've not seen it yet, I'm skeptical. Is the new Riggs anywhere near as anti-Semitic as the old one? #Sugartits @scottEweinberg Yup, and as such our Comedy Central doesn't bother showing the good one. @ManMadeMoon This raised my barn.A shame, if adapted closer it is hysterical and tragic in equal measure. Strange safe choice.Watching a film adapted from real events after reading a book on the subject. The film sacrifices all the big moments for awkward laughs.It's official! @reaperhulk @sirsean
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @ComedyBangBang Who does the bell toll for, and who pays the toll? @MuseZack Peter Stormare is hardly lesser.
@JoeCunningham14 Compton. Go Giamatti. @RyanHolloway75 @jamie_graham9 This is a good tweet. You should be proud of this tweet. @watchinpreacher Everything dies. Even death. @watchinpreacher Everything looks fucking scary. The world is always that.Michael Fassbender could turn kabuki into bukkake..@realDonaldTrump's got Milo Yiannopoulos's back (by @VicBergerIV)
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @Haydonsmovies Even with world's sexiest man, Brendan Gleeson? @each1teach1 Will do, good to get warning when rusty improvisor is coming. Rusty Improvisor is my porn name. @watchinpreacher Roller skating, but one row of wheels as opposed to 2x2 on each shoe. @MDowse What could go wrong? @watchinpreacher Ice, inline or board?Did the imdb message board closure happen after the Oscar In Memorium cut-off? @each1teach1 Alas I have to podcast all Sunday. March will have to be my month. Been a bad February for getting out. @thisisweber All true. Little Miss Sunshine also. @brendonconnelly We've always known that the Stooges would be the first to parody all space news. @iamnotwaynegale @BBCiPlayer (Is that a spoiler?) @iamnotwaynegale @BBCiPlayer Just be warned, part 4 (Part 2 part 2) does have two graphic photos of slit throat wounds. Nasty. @iamnotwaynegale @BBCiPlayer Oh no. No, not half of the whole things. It's in 3 parts, 2 at 3 hours and a third at 99 minutes. @iamnotwaynegale @BBCiPlayer The half-way point of it all or just part 1? I finished it all today, it's a huge chunk of stuff.And we're showing the terrific documentary Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story Of Cannon Films right after it.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.On Friday 10th March, we're showing Luigi Cozzi's Cannon Films-produced take on Hercules, starring the one and only…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @ianloring Our generation's Valkyrie @brendonconnelly Worked well for Galaxy Quest, but few nail it. @carrgh This time. There'll always be another. @Filmaluation I enjoyed Homeless Dad and Junk, two alternate performances of a man down on his luck. is a show I was not aware of until today. It has Veep's Sam Richardson doing gloriously silly things. @DrGMLaTulippe One, one bladed razor. Two, two bladed razor. Three... Wait, oh no, what have you done? @film_quiz Barry Jenkins' Transformers 6 @DanGreen1986 But not like the BBC show Lead Balloon?#FuckNeedlesI'm a big strong adult, which is why I accidentally swore quite loudly as I had a blood test this morning. I am an adult. @ManMadeMoon Minesweeper He's the mine with a broom that could explode!
@VogtRoberts Did it remember all its lines? @sadknob I really loved it and was surprised when I saw the rest of the world seemed so against it.BBC added Life, Animated and OJ: Made In America on their system. OJ is in 3 parts rather than 5. #Oscars2017
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @Phil_on_Film or EXTREME CLOSE-UP FRONT ON CHRIS TUCKER @iamnotwaynegale Because they were only talking about surviving the film unharmed?If everyone is looking at the camera in the Millenium Falcon, will Fleabag overtly ignore us?BBC added Life, Animated and OJ: Made In America on their system. OJ is in 3 parts rather than 5. #Oscars2017 @CalvinStarnesOG Ditty rocksThink I found my new favorite app.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @Mike_P_Williams I don't tend to find ignorance on a map. Is that the new OS style?