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@AADaddario Is that a mark by @thejonbass' thigh or a but of thick?Ok I think I've seen enough pretend 80's VHS covers for modern movies.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @Hit_Delete Tree is superb. Wonder is, like Knight, a bit of a "deleted scenes from a film smooshed together"
@PatrickDane He didn't last juan dae inda scoooirch @Hit_Delete I got the blu ray in January hoping for something great. Just terrible. Utter dross.This. #EPIC #FAIL @HuffingtonPost :(
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @Hit_Delete No. Do not. It is the worst. @lopezbobby You broke into the Disney Vault and saw a blu ray of Song Of The South that hasn't aged a day?Woah, Martin Mull on Veep. Because that show's cast needed another giant.In case you want to know where FIFA will hold the 2050 World Cup.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThe fact that Space Jam warrants a sequel but Looney Tunes: Back in Action does not makes me feel sad.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @EoinMason Sandler films give more than sports. @EoinMason Sports remain still the worst thing civilisation has allowed to exist for recreation. @EthanRunt the Nights Watch covering Nazi Punks Fuck Off was a shock, it's true.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @jakefogelnest "Hail Skeletor"Why the hell is the Harry Hill show not available to buy?
Retweeted by Andrew JonesFighting footbsllers were more interesting than this week's Thrones.Simpsons team are cool on a normal day but this is hip as balls. 3 & 1/4 seasons, “No You Shut Up!” has been canceled. Thanks for watching, everyone. #NYSU4
Retweeted by Andrew JonesStrange marketing choice to get Game Of Thrones to remake scenes from Green Room this week. @iamnotwaynegale Ahh snap, get ready for a big blockbuster Braff movie next.Aww, @NoYouShutUp has been cancelled, a wildly funny political puppet comedy show.In the future everybody will get 15 articles on The AV Club.This is how you tweet, not mere seconds after credits begin on the East Coast. Hugh Grant pass wind? I bet he doesn't. He probably hires someone for that.Stallone's voice in Ratchet & Clank was alarmingly similar to Nick Kroll's severely stupid impression. @jackkirby If it's not just lines from Southland Tales then why bother? "You're a pimp, and pimps don't commit suicide" is hella motivating. @MartinHoscik Thanks for the link regarding candidates the other week. Finally got a half-idea of where my vote lies thanks to you. @JEBermanator Yeah, I launched into laughter at the dunderheaded move. But I guess you have to too, if you have an Alice movie.If anyone needs ideas for what to get me for my birthday, google Hamilton-a-grams, then patent it because I checked too.Also, what do you think Baloo whispered to Kaa at the end? #TheJungleBook
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @Dave_BSH George MacKay's gonna be besties with the time-travelling Francophile.Trailer of new Alice with White Rabbit playing seems dumbfounding. Or are Disney diving into mind-altering drugs for the sequel? @Mark_Searby @ScreenjabberStu I will watch Hugh Grant in a 30s-style dance pic any day of the week.Happy to see the UK trailer for Mother's Day not only has Cameron Esposito, but she gets a line. She'll take over one day. @jazzt Timings of films can be crazy.Adored Florence Foster Jenkins. Narratively, twchnically, everything, superb. @ScreenjabberStu I very very much did.Ratchet And Clank very poorly started the day so fingers crossed for the new Hugh Grant. @iamnotwaynegale He's totes the Paul Blart of WesterosNo show can last even closing credits without just rampant tweets. Thus destroying need to watch. Thanks.When Jerrod’s only got time to walk through one room in the opening credits, I know “Carmichael Show” has got a lot to say.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @MHarrison90 Then Derek watches a dog die.
25 minutes I lasted with Special Correspondants and the sole character trait on show was "50-year-old plays video games". @EDouglasWW You're a sick sunnuva. But Kiss Kiss? @EDouglasWW Nice Guys is expected to be great cos...Black. Went with GB. @jaykayell_ Ain't nothing to tweet home about @ScreenjabberStu @iamnotwaynegale 2 Blarts = 1 Heart @ScreenjabberStu @iamnotwaynegale Oh I sorted that out for her @kumailn Wait, are you the message that HBO leaves before the veep? @Zack_Parks Also, hi buddy. @Zack_Parks National holidays so-called because despite being on a weekday, the banks would close to celebrate.Mr. Monopoly Wears Mouse Ears on @SiliconHBO: GRAPHIC SEXUAL INTERCOURSE! Penetration. And I don't mean global markets either. Although there will be that too.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @The_SneakyZebra Tell that to Snowpiercer, still unreleased here. @The_SneakyZebra Given how bad it did in America it'll probably end up VoD or SVoD in the end. @Wetdarkandwild Rare film I had to leave.First ep of Silicon Valley S3 now on NowTV. Sharing time with parents for this.At Monkey CERN they would find the God Particle by flinging fecal matter at high speeds. @ManMadeMoon I know it's a "thrillomedy" but still... @ManMadeMoon Throw a Halloween at me and I run but an Arachnophobia? All bets are off. @PaulRidd Tssk, there's been TWO Disney animated movie songs since then #Immortal #TryEverythingFrom July you have NO excuse for missing one of the funniest films Britain has made. @sizemore Mister Data were you spying on my neo-Nazi fantasy?🙈
Retweeted by Andrew JonesKevin! Must be missing an angel! @iamnotwaynegale I super-like Superman McClane, dumb film but fun dumb. #FireSale @ShowbizSimon was von Trier's birthday and today Wes Anderson's, so... @ShowbizSimon This guy seems to know all the famouspeepholes, we shall hire him for his rolodex. @FMUK This guy... @sleezsisters If Mickey gets in a 'uge' fight with Minnie we now know his first port of call.Out of context this could be the greatest indie folk track title. @scottEweinberg @saulnier_jeremy Excited for James Bond in Red Leather Yellow Leather.Remake of Lonesome Jim but set in space? Any takers?
@BrettRedacted Lyrics are whispered, but the album art is fuck-off gorgeous.The BBC know how to sell a news item in the UK. @iamnotwaynegale Jai Ho @scottEweinberg A pot was broken so we are remaking it. Anything but movies and it's fine verbage. @FilmFan1971 Seen that trailer a lot for work, line NEVER stops making me chuckle. @ScreenjabberStu @FilmFan1971 I saw Bats V Supes at the O2 and EVERYONE hung around, the absolute inverse.Colin Hay ending with Next Year People turned a wimpering, awed Andrew into complete puddles of joy. @EmpireCinemas Feature production, right? Cos @SHO_HouseOfLies probablr wants credit too. @sepinwall @YoWalleyB Definitely recall it being one of the episodes of Breaking Bad. @iamnotwaynegale The year he became friends with Willis. And then Cop Out... @unklerupert CunthI call this BTS #anomalisa pic: "Brady Bunch Nightmare".
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @papsby @BrettRedacted Ooga booga @EthanRunt One s. not too messy.Seeing Colin Hay tonight, expect to become an emotional mes.Amazon Prime adds US sitcom Casual
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @ManMadeMoon Children of Benson & HedgesSpoiler-free recipe tells you what to do but not what you're making.Lars von Trier turns 60 today. His birthday party has no non-diegetic sound and all guests have to bring presents that were there already. @ScreenjabberStu @Jason_EntFocus Guardians steel went on pre-order the day before release. It's about hype and pre-sales. @EthanRunt I deliver high calibre Seth Grahame-Smith jokes.Warners didn't like the hybrid of The Flash with the story of Jesse Owens?
RT this if you're a straight male who is excited for Grace & Frankie s2.
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