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@chrisblohm Why the Disney logo? No other recent purchases have had the castle at the start. @katie_khan Seems like the only other Hulu show outside of Difficult People that hasn't got any UK pick up. Weird.We at @AreYouMovie_Mad go back in the @JamesGunn vault to talk SLiTHER this week first film to come to mind on reading of Jonathan Demme's passing, my favourite of his works.!
Tilda Swinton: We should look for clues. Yoko Ono: Sky smile. Land frown. Sea weeps. Tilda Swinton: *folds in half* Yoko Ono: AHAHAHAHAHAH!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S..@AreYouMovie_Mad Others star Steven Seagal.Starting next week on @AreYouMovie_Mad we are diving into 90s R-Rated Action Movies! All enjoyable, some legitimate masterpieces too.Tilda Swinton: There's been a murder somewhere. Yoko Ono: Fish are never truly happy. Tilda Swinton: Crime. Crime? Yoko Ono: *counts peas*
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.I want to write a script for a film where Tilda Swinton and Yoko Ono are metaphysical crime fighters.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.To prep for @MarvelStudios and @JamesGunn's Guardians Vol. 2 this week, we talk SLiTHER
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @squat_betty @denofgeek Very much. With additional lactation fetish elements. @denofgeek My first 18. I was hurt when it got the rating but my cinema was so lenient I saw it 4 times without being I.D.-ed... @film_quiz I have now. I grew up with a Dalton, 2 Brosnans and 4 mid-era Moores on video. @papsby MonaLisa! You're an overrated piece of shit!So... I just burst out in hysterics watching a Bond film I'd never seen before. Oof. @NordlingCS Be nice to Pauly Shore, he's had a rough career these last 20 years.we should've let Trump do a dry-run on Civ5 first
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S..@RealHughJackman I was doing ADR the other day and this didn't sync at all. Do you have any tips? Production is f…
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@ShowbizSimon What's the point if y'all can't swear/cut out the Craig Robinson sex scene? @thepeoplesmovie I'd rather re-watch Sandy WexlerThe last birthday movie I got in cinemas was Hot Tub Time Machine. Oh if only I could relive those glory days somehow.Next Friday's releases, my birthday movie options, are a dog movie with Dennis Quaid and nothing else. THANKS DISTRIBUTORS! @Real_MarkRidley I'm sorry. I've been there before. @MartinHoscik So much of that in the film, everything dramatic happens off-screen, then they tell Bond. Madness.(Answer: Me, because I had creme eggs with Cadbury fingers for dipping.)All my pals were at a Guardians screening whilst I watched Diamonds Are Forever with my father. You choose who really wins. @lizo_mzimba @zoesaldana So that film is just a man going to a jeweller and ordering a custom-build piece? EXCITING @kbiegel Let's get a trampoline and bounce around.Tonight's Odeon Screen Unseen screening is looking like it's going to be a bumper one for fans of online crybabies.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @iamnotwaynegale First question, why? @film_quiz That film has a dutch angle that hand-held turns to an alternate dutch angle, it's a joke at that point, and that's 20 mins in. @JanisThomasMktg Hope the holiday's going well. @filmguidenz Have fun, glad it's finally coming to you guys down there. @davechensky Is there just his cameo from Scrubs playing on a loop in there?THE RULES OF ATTRACTION (2002) | D: Roger Avary #OnePerfectShot
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @MuseZack STAR WARS @BrettRedacted Carrie Coon and Ruth Negga in Be Careful When Saying Aloud @andrewstanton You own Disney, right? That's how Hollyweird works, I hear. @The_SneakyZebra @SiliconHBO Gilfoyle Girls? @BrettRedacted Why would we do the second part?
@MrCamW Donald Dunn is here to save us all!Quentin Dupieux is really going gritty with his RUBBER sequel
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @Big_Pants I think balls shouldn't be kicked because it is too violent. Instead, players should hand one-another a… @awarmann @iFlicks But compared to sudden guitar riff in Wonder Woman trailers, all Marvel score work is perfect. @PaulRidd Y'all needed some Queen Crazy shizz? Some Charlize in Huntsman screaming? @yourturnheather I know which one I've seen more recently, yet which one I have fond memories of. Spirit fingers a-go-go! @KevinLehane You're writing Grey's Anatomy now? @stephensajdak Jerry Bruckheimer?Baby Driver trailer just sidelined me in cinema. Avoided eyes/ears, but next few months no spoiling anything is now impossible. @jramjee He's either a brilliant actor or just super skeevy, and given his line readings it is the latter. Ew. @jramjee ClydeTook to April to find a film so reprehensible I couldn't finish it in the cinema. I hate when something is that rotten. I shan't name. @Mark_Searby @thisisjoff You have hired a comedy sidekick named Andrew? @DeusExCinema I like both film and digital. Should I be banned from opinions?Not as on board with Their Finest as I'd wish to be but Gemma Arterton's Welsh accent is wonderful. @Mullane45 Dr. Seuss' @CineWipe @iamnotwaynegale Where are his testicles?Hahaha GUYS WE LOOK DESPERATE @mikelucianosup @brendhaniscool @jennyroskind
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Netflix has made it too easy for me to chip away at new MST3K. I'm almost at season's end, I do not wish to be.I ASKED the skywriter to write "Hello" but instead he drew an "H", an explosion, and then a smoking trail leading into the ocean. Refund!?!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.At first glance I was more surprised that Nadiya appeared to be rebooting Craig David from Bo Selecta.
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@PatrickDane For real though, the worst pop punk song is still great because it's only ever 2:25 long.After nearly 5 months in cinemas, Rules Don't Apply's trailer has been turned into a feature.'d stream my PS4 playing but nobody would watch a man play Assassin's Creed chasing the character's tail for hours. @PatrickDane Sum say I'm 41 @PatrickDane What's my age again? @ianloring But there's gold in the credits. @ianloring It is a sluggishly paced 'film'. @PatrickDane 10 year old pop punk is real end of season stuff. 17 year old pop punk is gold. @MartinHoscik At no point is the lead likeable. @MartinHoscik Ok. I watched it all. Surprise mid-series Melanie Lynskey wins all.I marathoned all of Girlboss today, what did you do? @Laurie_Rose Hey, you'd know. Does John C. Reilly not wanna go back to the states? He's been filming things in London since Dec now.
@SquidyUK Dave's still not there? Man.
This is great news, one of the finest comedies in audio medium. @JamieNeish Yes, it's the gif that makes you look sinister.This week we call for DEATH TO SMOOCHY
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @GuyLodge Or star of the biggest film of April Fast 8's Helen Mirren?