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"Remember that scary weirdo that plopped a handful of waste meat into my hands when I asked for his contact info af…
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@SquidyUK A film about a dull and tiring frontman to a middling band only there for money spoke to him? @DavidHughesTwit Lawnmower Man has always sounded like a real 5th rung DC crapshoot. @evilguii And discuss the uprising in Germany, dear fellow? @DavidHughesTwit If a toddler sings a lullabye it can be creepy, if they say Bye Bye Man you'll laugh. @evilguii Outskirts. Easterly @evilguii Hottest venue in town.The Bye Bye Man was part of Suicide Squad, right?Oh shit, I saw this super scary movie last night. What's it called? The Bye Bye Man. ... ... ... ... You're fucking dumb.Trailers before Bad Santa tonight: Why Him? (A comedy), Live By Night (A Comedy?) and The Bye Bye Man (Well, the title made me laugh) @mtgilchrist @NordlingCS NopeBad Santa 2 made me feel sad for all those who turned up to make it.Shepard Book?! Noooooo!!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @film_quiz As a white man I was hurt not to see any representation within the film...Disney nail animation visuals once more but Moana feels devoid of strong characters andnarrative. Slog to finish. @AntBit @YouTube Ahh Herzog, Disney's next musical star. @AntBit Posters? Who sees them? @evilguii Och, this is why we tried the wall thing. @ianloring You sure she's not ready for Why Him? or The Birth Of A Nation? Kids love Sully. @ianloring It's crazy they fear the Wars that much in the UK. @AntBit SHE WAS JUST A NORMAL JOURNALIST, RIGHT, WOrld? @AntBit I can't recall much of the trailer outside Dwayne's moving tattoos and Lin-Manual Miranda's song. @AntBit Loved Kubo. Hope this doesn't ruin Moana for me tonight...Just wait a sec. As soon as Trump says something similar, you'll trip over your own dick to agree. #Cuba
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.In the UK Universal is going through to the end of 2016 without another cinema release. Crazy.Well played, @picturehouses / @SodaPictures!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @NicholasATorres Moana, Bad Santa, Ooh I Wanna Grab Ya, To Bermuda, Bahamas, Cum On Pretty LlamasThe obvious double bill tonight of Moana and Bad Santa (2) Curse a sequel's numerics ruining rhyme.Your president-elect said Putin is a better leader than POTUS and you're trying to throw shade at a football player…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @frankieisswell Tea and slow talk, the absolute opposite of the show. @frankieisswell HelloGo to to watch our classic "Bay of Pugs" sketch
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Join @AreYouMovie_Mad for a #Cranksgiving to remember! @totalfilm Peanut butter on the roof of his mouth.The bear scene with #JamieLannister and #LadyBrienne in @GameOfThrones Season 3 is like the one in #SemiPro. Just say spumoni!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @K_imbot @GameOfThrones A lot of the show synchs perfectly to Love Me Sexy. @Movieguy32 But do they involve wordplay? @Movieguy32 The singular upside to single life. @Movieguy32 Oof"Detectorists" #ThingsILearnedFromNetflix
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @dfpiii It's A nice day for a White Wingding @cineworld @Disney We know the this screening. And when it ends you'll probably sing "You're Welcome"Everything has been figured out, except how to be a great mall cop. #JeanPaulBlartre
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @dfpiii You present-tensed when it should be past, though. A right-royal Weekend-At-Bernie's-ed foul up.What happened to make them finally give up Weekend At Bernie's-ing Fidel?
Just saw the best thing. Saw 16 year old in Tesco. They were acting drunk. Bought 2 bottles of Shloer. Started necking it out of the store.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Just tried to watch an Anthony Bordain show but the UK government have censored it. @AlJean @TheSimpsons Had the worst not happened, Hartman would have turned Jack Reacher into a viable franchise. @PatrickDane @PlanetCoaster I getcha. Loved using Kraken stuff with subtlty. @PatrickDane @PlanetCoaster If in doubt, water spout. @PatrickDane @PlanetCoaster Hey, nice stuff! Just quick add, triggered explosion fx as coaster comes down from pirate battle? @rawshark72 He's precise, but I fear he's now just memorised that and goes around scaring folk. @rawshark72 How long left?Killer game of I Spy happening in Soho now. Nobody's got it yet. The answer is "hope". @jpraup Beatty Black Friday Brings In Big Bucks. @joshgad Last time this happened was the 2011 riots. And that was unrelated. @Mark_Searby You will be @thejonbass @RottenTomatoes @Lennyjacobson But Loving is perfect for those seeking more Lonny/Big Time comedy right? @Mark_Searby And fix the hinges on that rusty gate! @Mark_Searby Get outRe-rated American History X contains Strong Violence, Drug Use and Hear Him Out, Just A LittleSocial commentary from the UK's classification board. @Oog You replace Picadilly Line with me and it'd remain true. @papsby Do you D.A.S.A.D? @TashCurly But fo real, uber mega congrats on continuing to work, live, create, be the Mustapha we know and love. @TashCurly Neat. If you need a handsome, tween-friendly poster boy, look no further. @MartinHoscik A danger that can and did win through people's want of a laugh.Bought 2 tickets as close to front centre as possible for @ChrisGethard's Opening night in London next year. Effing psyched. @PatrickDane All your underground things are never in my hands."I loved you in Hollywood Homicide. No, Crash. No, wait, which generic 00s white kid actor are you again?" @PatrickDane I've owned this game for months, have a wristband and 2 T-Shirts, yet cannot play it. I wanna play so bad. @James_Warren Frajer? @AntBit I say that to folk all the time. @mant_a_tangi Hanks for this imput, the film had a lot of Eckhart but too non-Linney-ear in narrative. @AchinglyChic Oh fuck yeah, been a fan for years, didn't know he was bringin' this here. @TheGMcConnachie I can't tell you it'll be a good or bad thing to do. Weigh it up during the day. @TheGMcConnachie Well Netflix's UHD demo stuff say "this is next level". Playing games on it, the difference is clear, literally. @DavidHughesTwit @squat_betty Ahh crud, when will Fallon discover the truth for me? @TheGMcConnachie 49 is all we could fit, Hdr of course. Couldn't not.