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It's General Grievous, not General Steve-ous
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @PatrickDane I'm good for another year now. @PatrickDane Where are you these days and why haven't we clinked glasses* for so damn long? *euphamismTwo moons. Shapeshifting mermaids. Teslapunk magicians. I've made nothing better than #TheCuriosity
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @adamrubins @cineworld Hope it doesn't freeze at the tail end like Ben-Hur there last Friday.I was the donkey in the "Hammer The Nuts Off The Donkey" game. - "The Million Dollar Policeman"
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @cameronesposito Calories! In my knees, calories! @ShowbizSimon Twists don't offer that. They just hurt real hard. @ShowbizSimon The biggest twist of them all. @PatrickDane A shitty pile of shit made about shit? @keithcalder Yet Pacific Rim's led us with camera swoops between fights so wonderfully. @keithcalder Glad some care about that, been to too many in the last few years that barely bothered to engage outside of action...... by the film's producers.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesIt's not as hot as yesterday but the atmosphere, I almost fainted just now. Blimey.End of Fifty Shades 3's trailer. "Crazy In Love" Performed by "Weird Al" YankovicZig and Zag were in the pocket of Big Breakfast. @ianloring I was in already, but now. @Laurie_Rose Like a photo-real remake of The Wall is starting up. @Laurie_Rose Seems like you should see a doctor about this growth. @chrisblohm My one man show "All Access Past" still has plenty of seats.Just added some new Beginners #Improv Courses including some starting late September and early October:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @papsby @McDonaldsUK High five that shit!So happy Stephen Fry is joining us for yonderland 3. Starts 16th October
Retweeted by Andrew Jones
Bless Jon Voight for indulging this.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesWhen I get specific about Sex And The City people say I'm such a Semantic.I have created a tip jar for myself through PayPal. I'll just leave that link here. Maybe throw it into my bio too.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @scottEweinberg Ain't no thing. All the love.Natalie Portman as 'Jackie' Chan a problematic example of white/gender-washing but #savinggrace: she did all the stunt-casting herself #wow
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @iFlicks So close to the finish line. @Cinemixtape Eff yeah Nine Lives! @ChrisHewitt Did you get flashes of a violent demise just after you met? @TashCurly Just the shirt, right? Let your munks hang free? @LukeWhiston Charismatic leader now dead? RIP Roadhouse @sljmcgrath David Spade isn't her dead-beat cousin is he? Where's Martin Spanjers? @awarmann @AliPlumb Said his agent and nobody else ever. @PaulRidd Ahh. But, knowing modern Malick, isn't the shorter option infinitely better for sanity?Why is Malick's new film not at the IMAX at LFF?The @Snapchat Oompa Loompa lens is hilarious #RoaldDahlDay
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOh boy howdy, @ThePCCLondon are showing Dewey Cox's masterful biopic in 35mm in November. I've got my ticket, Guilty As Charged. @DazzMcGuinness Good luck.
Michael Shannon's parents look so proud of him
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @Justin_Marks_ He believes he is in The Sims and can see plumbobs above other Sims.Avatar The Video Game was a real moviechanger.If Final Draft were a program used by famous actors, it'd be flawless and everyone would love it. Instead, it is a program used by writers.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @MrCamW I heard a clip on the radio during a film discussion and it freaked my 9 year old self out. Never saw it.I think Nine Lives is my new Mortdecai. I hope Kevin Spacey doesn't do something stupid soon like be a dick or star in a bad kids movie. @jayduplass @MarkDuplass @jennyslate The film starring Kevin Spacey?Before #LaLaLand there was Coconut Shy @mrbonturcode enjoy that this picture looks like he's being held hostage to take a fake hostage picture. @AreYouMovie_Mad'Make a move and the bunny gets it.' - our latest #Podcast is out now for all your listening…
Retweeted by Andrew JonesRichard Sandling's Perfect Movie Presents @squat_betty @RedRawLondon @Marc_V_Price @BobPipe in The Terminator
Retweeted by Andrew JonesRichard Sandling's Perfect Movie Presents @squat_betty @ashens @BobPipe @jamesgroomactor in Robocop
Retweeted by Andrew JonesRichard Sandling's Perfect Movie Presents @squat_betty & @ashens in Die Hard
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @EoinMason They start Storks, pause half-way and slip in Free Birds unannounced. @EoinMason Free Birds and Storks double midnight screenings.It's Nine Lives.'m writing a funny book about deranged people. Can't donate? That's Ok. A share goes a long, long way:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @RealRonHoward Dear Mr. Howard, how come Inferno is in flat? Strange to leap from scope after the first 2, will we see narrative reasons?The Last Guardian was just announced as a launch title for the PlayStation 6.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @scottEweinberg Asking for help is not weakness. Rejecting help is not a sign of strength. I will do what I can.Feel like Captain Fantastic's title set me up for disappointment with the ensuing film.Nine Lives BD/DVD news:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @Dave_BSH @carrgh Last night, in my dreams. @DrGMLaTulippe And this season of Ballers has been all about Rob Corddry wearing Dwayne as a skinsuit, so... @Dave_BSH @carrgh Better than in your house at 3am, uninvited.Nice write-up but still terrified of Garth Jennings being enveloped by Illumination's style/lacking humour. @Dave_BSH @carrgh Ut is insufferable, they demand the respect they do not afford others.Like any show I liked that moved network, Bake-Off will get overlong episodes that serve only to stroke creator's ego. @RobGirvan @RememberThisPod I'm certain that the Updog project would make for a great run. @SquidyUK Thunderbolt and Lightfoot very very frightfoot me.Welcome to Con Air, where you'll find Happiness, and The 'Burbs has The Mechanic.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @SonyPicturesUK MPAA number, Dolby logo, copyright info? @jormataccone Totally fine to be planning to pick it up on holiday next week as a key part of my trip, right?Spent my lunch trying to get a better understanding of my journey next week and inadvertantly have given rise to anxiety that lay dormant. @ManMadeMoon He wasn't much of a Pontins guy? @MrCamW Just looked at the line-up. A few decent films mixed with some "I am so sorry these exist" films.
2016'm sure someone will be Fury-ous over this advert.