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@TylerScruggs I saw it today and her name at the end confused me, cos I liked the movie.Congrats, @sethmeyers! I bet it's a winner.
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Can you imagine if Michael O'Donoghue had Twitter.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @each1teach1 Shit. I just Gethheaded out. Then friend lost credit card and am having small anxiety attack. Mondays! @each1teach1Drop in shows for improvisors needing the feel of the stage? In London? Soon?Front row centre for @ChrisGethard tonight. Huge laughs and plenty of anxious nodding "oh shit, me too!" An amazing show. #CareerSuicide @SongWarmonger Split helped keep it naff.Doubled Lion and Jackie, one snuck up on me emotionally whilst the other smartly offered pain and grief in calculated offerings. Both great. @ross_maclean Oh, at how M. Night did that face as the woman says random things? @PatrickDane But you're ready for the new movie, right? @ross_maclean At how empty a 2 hour film can be?Also I get Night likes correct grammar but stop throwing in "whom"s everywhere. No human does that in a pinch.Split made me long for The Happening. At least that was 80 minutes and was silly. Not long, tedious, and McAvoy trying to keep it afloat. @tonypaulway His sponsorships are getting out of hand.Has it been revealed that the new Trainspotting is called T2 because they are being chased down the street by Robert Patrick this time? @movie_mad Hmm @Mike_P_Williams @movie_mad @papsby
@SDCain The S stands for Sully. Still ok?In a war, who do you side with?Speechless marathon. What a great show, the characters, timing, it's so damn funny.Dirty Grandpa wins 6 Oscars #alternativefactsI mean, Nazi punching would be a great NBC show. opening to Friends. attendance shade at @POTUS & @seanspicer by @DallasStars tonight !!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @kbiegel I kinda hoped that was gonna be a shot of penguins.
@alxhuls Is an MVP a potted plant?This is what I was thinking earlier: worrying they might be the next one to be punched is exactly where I want Nazi…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @kumailn @sundancefest Oh you were guaranteed before the shoot was finished. Congrats on the great write-ups. @emilyvgordon @JanisThomasMktg Will be there. Fo' shoZNext movie meet up is confirmed for Sat 4 Mar from 10am onwards at @CentralPictureH. All welcome so please join us to chat about films!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @ScreenjabberStu Because it is chilly and they like keeping the furnace on. I hate myself.Everyone should watch @nealbrennan 3 Mics on #Netflix. It is seriously a must watch. Nothing but good things to say about it. #NealBrennan
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @cineworld It's unlimited so no money loss, but annoyance and travel, missed last O2 3D today too.Booked to see Sing this afternoon at Cineworld West India, get there and it is closed. No notice beforehand.I've never been happier.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @Big_Pants Was it like vanilla, or pine, mint? Orange Raspberry mix? @Big_Pants Oh that makes it better. @Big_Pants EerrrrmThey make custom Fleshlights right?
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Resident Evil: ContradictionI feel like this political cartoon sums up everything. is not even his final form. feels like watching a coup.BBC has one clap, it's like a Vic Berger skit.I feel sick.I have the entire series of That's My Bush which will be a whole lot more entertaining to watch today. @ChrisHewitt A shame Willie didn't come. @jaykayell_ I went down a rabbit hole of their good songs after watching the video. @scottEweinberg Sing Street. Hope, creativity, a fight against an authority that doesn't see beyond itself. @johnfaethebroch @scottEweinberg We seem to be few. @scottEweinberg When I saw xXx 3 the audience whispered "It's The Hound" when he appeared. I whispered "Kenny from The Book Group"... Yarp. @JoeLoTruglio They had some good ideas. @joshbrunsting #FuckityBye @ThePlaylist Guy Pearce will save us! @mrbonturcode Congrats to all, hope you get to see the sun eventually.Lost in London LIVE - no-one died. Whole crew in here for the Q&A…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.A friend sent me some old sitcom drafts from 7 years ago, a lot is bunk but man is there some A-grade Andrew goof in there. I miss that guy. @ScottAukerman It truly is the last days of Obama-daugy. @kbiegel He was one of the coaches who proclaimed sabotage after every loss, right?This is heartbreaking.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.If it wasn't for my mum reminding me I would have forgotten that I'm seeing @ChrisGethard on Monday. I can't wait.An Inconvenient Sequel seems to have upped the stakes but the focus on Bumblebee is ignored for more racist robots. @202chicago Well. It's live, in London, and he's Lost. @202chicago It's super cold out tonight, bizarre time of year for Woody to make this happen. @ChrisHewitt This is the truth.
@iamnotwaynegale One of the great character actors. When they go, it takes a while for folk to realise. @outlawvern Hesitant Beagle? @MartinHoscik @ianjsilvera Well, the country's aiming to go back in time.Mate, this will sell
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.The best Michael Flatley anecdote you'll hear today. Via @amyohconnor
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.If you sit next to me during John Wick Chapter 2 I'll make you feel like you're in a D-Box. @Sethrogen your You Made It Weird episode was a lovely slice of joy and fun, and much needed examination of art, in a dark time for me. @scullymike The site is now called "At"Worldwide? @sam_clements @PaulRidd @charlielyne I thought Odeon LS was meant to be doing it?Urgent, anyone know the font from the UK News of the World Newspaper? The Title font?
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