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Don't open this anywhere you can't afford to experience crippling laughter for five minutes.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @JoeCunningham14 I'm dying my hair blue and buying a purple shirt. Evertything'll come up great concept. @JoeCunningham14 Now I know there's not just statues but mascots I must prepare great photo concepts. @mattbelknap @ScottAukerman @ComedyBangBang @IFC No Smalley Wallace spin(to win)-off show in the pipeline?Officially on iTunes! If you want movie mad fun in your ears subscribe and get everyone you know…
Retweeted by Andrew JonesDid you want iTunes-integrated content? @movie_mad @EthanRunt
Retweeted by Andrew JonesA world where everyone is Dennis Farina except for you. A VR adventure game. @Zack_Parks Bidi_Ridi2.0Trump: I'm Mr. Bulldops!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @Zack_Parks No, Ryan's had a restraining order from birth. @JoeCunningham14 Don't stop, they'll destroy you. Run.I can't wait for all the BLADE RUNNER 2 press to be able how Jared Leto farted in Harrison Ford's food every day and only spoke in riddles.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesIn the last 90 minutes I feel like everything turned quite sour. Take me back to that happy time. @TashCurly Wrong film won!I've always said the sooner we end it, the sooner we can get to the reunion shows. See you in 10 yrs.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @ScottAukerman R2D2soonHi! Dropping by to let everyone know that after 5 seasons & 110 episodes, we are ending @ComedyBangBang TV on @IFC
Retweeted by Andrew JonesUltraviolet has let me download Sing Street to my phone. The best technology ever, right?Choose wisely. Choose Sebulba. @TashCurly I know which one I still enjoy lots of to this day.Watch: New Trailer for Bowie's 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' Re-Release
Retweeted by Andrew JonesIn my Back To The Future remake, act 3 sees Biff open a time portal in the town centre, unleashing hordes of faceless time monsters.Andrea Arnold's new film is 2 3/4 hours long. Well, good luck.The podcast that asks @movie_mad if he is truly Movie Mad We begin with The 'Burbs
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @JoeCunningham14 Did you tell him my "Jeff Goldblum Sings 'It's A Sin'" joke?!?Well?
The first episode of my new podcast in which Andrew Jones questions my namesake is finally…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @iamnotwaynegale They didn't have Nine Lives."Do you guys like comedy?" "Well, we used to." "Now we do it." Difficult People is perfect.A new @podnose podcast. @movie_mad is being cinematically groomed by me for your amusement. Hard on Sky. Second film in as many night with Mr. Wrong Kid Died. He didn't say it in Purge 3 :( @mr_craig It's not bad. And I hate d'bard. @TashCurly Good luck.Watching 2015's MacBeth. God these modern adaptations are dark, grim and humourless. @gfdedwards Hey sir, real sorry about the news. Hope you bounce back quickly.Just go ahead and start cutting me checks.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesSome weird noises come from @AreYouMovie_Mad at night. We should investigate that tomorrow. @FrightFest A very interesting director's cut of Florence Foster Jenkins, where she eats souls to survive?Tom Schapling on Roadies' Machine Gun Kelly, "The guy that looks like a deleted ex-boyfriend from Scott Pilgrim" Perfection.references aren't jokes
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOur brand new trailer for the 4K re-release of David Bowie in THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH has landed:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @TillyTweets Last time someone saw him at a venue, well, they did not survive to see their island built.Nine Lives is in cinemas today. Here's the trailer:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesLast night @wossy told me about this TV ad for 'Evil Dead 2' from 1987. Cannot believe I'd never seen it before.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones600+ nuggets of #WednesdayWisdom from all your favourite movies, for just over two quid:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThe Man Who Fell to Earth: watch David Bowie's extra-terrestrial turn – exclusive video
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @Dave_BSH @jamieandaston Wahay!Idea for horror film: A world where pedestrians walk really slowly in groups ahead of you but if you walk on the road YOU INSTANTLY DIE
Retweeted by Andrew JonesWanna feel old? Bob Balaban is 71 today (if you are standing near Bob Balaban please show this tweet to Bob Balaban).
Retweeted by Andrew Jones
@thomasdharris HA!Boom! 💥
Retweeted by Andrew JonesTWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING (New Masters of Cinema Trailer) 17 October 2016
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThank you! #WeMadeThis
Retweeted by Andrew Jones
@NathanaelSmith Heck yes. Beautiful cinema.One of my all-time films. More than almost any blu ray announcement, this is huuuuuge!SQUID AND THE WHALE CRITERION!!!!!!!!!! BAUMBACH IN PROPER GORGEOUS HD!!!!!!!!! GENE PARMESAN? AAAAAHHHHHHHH! @Mark_Searby Yes. Me too. Again. *shifty eyes*An underwater marionette action thriller starring one of the leads of all Mission Impossibles. Vingrhames. @Mark_Searby 2 days of quality 80s homegrown cinema, 2 of the year's best I cannae wait to revisit.The Neon Demon is great. And just as funny as Zoolander.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesSing Street and Eddie The Eagle on blu ray for £25. Showing my parents the Carney tonight.CC Rob Thomas
Retweeted by Andrew Jones#fav7films 6 pretentious movies you've never heard of ERNEST GOES TO CAMP
Retweeted by Andrew JonesComedy Central cancels 'The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore'
Retweeted by Andrew JonesPETE'S DRAGON earns our Good Movies for Kids Seal of Approval! Our review: #PetesDragon
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @WeAreThinkJam An invite for everyone but me? The No Andrews Club (You can have one)If this is true, then that's shameful.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesBest of the quadrilogy?
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThis week's Roadies was clearly not designed for my commute by virtue of it being short. Now what do I do?
@ShowbizSimon Excited for new Bekmambetov.Who is better?
Retweeted by Andrew JonesBest of the quadrilogy? @Cinemixtape If it's more Green Hornet than The Interview it'll be a shame, but the premise hit me hard. Great twist in trailer. @Cinemixtape In Rogen & Goldberg I Trust.Caught a Sausage Party trailer in the cinema, my first viewing of one. Many guffaws. Roll on September. @jakefogelnest Y'all think a ban on dancing might help set them kids straight? @szyjake Just caught Mike & Dave, laughed loud and heartilly the whole time. Very nicely played.I love 3D when I'm tearing up from scene 1.Wow. Pete's Dragon, a perfect screenplay, emotionally impecable, visually gorgeous. What a piece of art. Great work @davidlowery.Which member of Suicide Squad had the power to grow legs, cos it looks like they didn't make it to the film's BO. @petrolhead176 Same. Queue was qrazy again today, of course...#SausageParty beating expectations w/ strong $33.6M opening wknd in 2nd place. May become another $100M+ R-rated comedy hit for #SethRogen.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesI'm seeing Pete, Mike and Dave today at the cinema. A shame it's not called Blake's Shallows. @GaryGreenScreen Ooh, great to hear. Seeing it in a few. @SkyCinemaUK They gotta fight. For their rights. To par...ty!Second David Lowrey on the big screen today. Expecting further hand clapped compositions.7 comedy acts across 2 shows plus 2 chances to jam! Drop-In 6pm Dinner & A Movie 8pm @HorseAndStables tonight FREE!
Retweeted by Andrew JonesWho is better?Swedish disco comedy double act ABBA & Costello.
@watchinpreacher Change the name, and maybe gender. @DrGMLaTulippe A downstairs Siskel is better than a downstairs Ebert. @MidlandsMovies The second half genuinely makes that film. It's not scary, just a thriller but funny when it locks into gear. @MidlandsMovies Keep going on.Finished the list thus far of @AreYouMovie_Mad films for @movie_mad to watch. We'll be here some time. Coming very soon.Saturday night, y'all @maverick99sback I know sir. @SquidyUK My favourite George Harrison song may be What Is Disney Life? @SquidyUK Coming soon to Blu Ray 3D, DVD and Disney Life. @maverick99sback Eeeeh. Not moving in ways I hoped, quite stagnant in comedy and plot and character. @alyankovic #WhatsUpHotdog