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Podcaster, sometime video editor, attempted humourist.

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@TashCurly Punch! That! Shit! #MozartInAGoKartIf all films opened with Junior Senior's MoveYour Feet they'd be better.
@edgarwright What are you, famous now? This is amazing. @ORachaelO What do you call this act? Twitter!This place. Has to be seen to be believed. @filmthug Hopefully a lobster. @ProfBrianCox Cable TV is America's auteur refuge.Look, I'm old and dumb, but I can't think of a single person I know who prefers news videos over news writing. Not a single one.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @OllieChapman @edgarwright Can't keep crying over spilt milk. It hurt. But we got this crazy slice of pure Edgar. @JosephDAWalsh Named after the greatest guitarist in Ireland. @JosephDAWalsh Yeah, the Transformers franchise really went out there. @ChrisHewitt Moneypenny Train @ChrisHewitt Dial M For M's OfficeIf the Bond cinematic universe gives us Ben Whishaw as Q: The Winged Serpant then I'm ok with it all.Oh my wow. @Mark_Searby @The_Film_Girl Is it Trans5mers? @NickdeSemlyen Finally I can write my Japanese Bond villain comic, ScaraManga. @simonbrew It's great to have Edgar alive and fighting fit in these times. @awarmann That scene is amazing, but Oz hasscary shit too and is PG as well, so it would. @yourturnheather Sexy boots. is out now! To celebrate RT for a chance to win 1 of 5 Baby Driver goodie bags! Enter by 040717 TC…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @DapperDan Jumanji: The Rundown @CasparSalmon I'm thinking as Edgar has never had a solo writing credit that his entry into WGAw was a hurdle to un… @CasparSalmon Likely just a guild thing. @DapperDan Imdb check, the US had the duff title, we got Jungle. Strange still regarding Jumanji.Jason Statham is called Frank and sits in a car. It's not The Transporter this time.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @DapperDan I thought the UK had it as Welcome To The Jungle, I remember that on the extended DVD. @Dave_BSH Teamwork, everyone does their bit. @watchinpreacher Hahaha, if there is one then the years of ocd notation I've committed to are just wasted hours by arcade fireCome on Edgar! @TheTomNix Exactly, go big before you go home. @cinephile24 But in 20 years you'll do a thorough 2017 watch. @TheTomNix Baby Driver would be real neat to see at the dome, give it a test drive. @JFGinDigital3D Hahn's gonna do some crazy shit whilst everyone else is perfectly fine!!!!!!! @mrbonturcode Oh baby, what a great thought, but then where would middling filmmakers go to rewrite and have awkward meetings Noel Clarke? @TashCurly Other side Doc Ock? @mrbonturcode But the laughter and gasping of a crowd, even a midday Curzon crowd, is a nice atmospheric addition. @kevinknapman I had to rush, cos they began late... Luckily it's on Netflix, so...Glad I caught Okja on the big screen, fantastic work of creative mania. @empiremagazine I, uhhh, have, uhh, tinnitus and need, uhhh, this lady to sing sweetly to me, uhh, at all times. Ye… @VODzillaMag quote in the wild @rhysiedarby @NathanaelSmith The Ed Film fest truly is epic for things like that. @ChrisHewitt @andyffgibbons @rominicole @ChrisHewittLFC @foofighters Grumble. @NathanaelSmith Still wish I could see Snowpiercer on a cinema screen, so this is my holding film on that. Crazy Swintons! @TillyTweets Give Dirty Grandpa another go in a few years too. It won't improve, but it'll remind you that all other films is better. @NathanaelSmith Got myself a front row ticket. Figure this Netflix movie deserves a cinema trip over, say, Sandy Wexler.Hey German friend, how are you? Ok, ja. @CasparSalmon If ever there's a joke so fine I have to forever-follow you it is this one. Kudos all over.You can watch BABY DRIVER on general release today and, after that, go home and see OKJA on Netflix. #WrightNowBongThen
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.I magnetize them baddies, Slay them with my handies, Great wall stand tall, Oirish accent and allBest movie-specific theme song of the year thus far? My vote to Matty D's "Great Wall Stand Tall" rap. @KevinLehane @Simon_Barrett Now I'm salivating.Interstellar (2014) (dir. Christopher Nolan)
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Dr. Teeth & The Electric Bayhem @ChrisHewitt @andyffgibbons @foofighters Cripes, our last dm was about Battleship. Battleship! @MHarrison90 A foooking pen-ciiil! @Atencio Meanwhile Okja also available. A wealth of cool, alternate yet mainstream originals. @andyffgibbons @ChrisHewitt @foofighters I am willing to do this if you need it Chris.I'd describe my musical tastes as [scrubs] chic.GOP is like Neil LaBute film "In The Company Of Men." McConnell says "Let's hurt somebody." But instead of 1 girl it's 22 million Americans.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Just pre-ordered my #BabyDriverMovie limited edition Blu-ray Steelbook & you can too here:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.When I grow up I wanna be @TylerScruggs @TashCurly I recall 3 scenes of nudity overall, might be wrong, it simmers down when the show embraces ensemble. @TashCurly GLOW effing rocks! @mrbonturcode YuuuuuuuuupAs ever bought the soundtrack to prep for a re-watch.
@TashCurly He says throughout how he wants peace and to stop the violence. Bay screwed it up.We've got a 🏒 cool ice hockey double tonight: Seann William Scott in Goon at midnight, then Soviet Union documentar…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @firstshowing @LeapTheMovie Retitled due to Sing's success perhaps? @firstshowing @LeapTheMovie Literally released as "Ballerina" last year over here. @iamnotwaynegale Be he Ape or Orc or just a real Rocknrolla I am on Toby's side.🎶 Sing us a song you're Piano Man That's how Piano Man fights crime You're a piano, a weird singing piano And are no good at fighting crime🎶
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @TashCurly Hope you get a quality crowd, maybe one that claps at the best beats. @TashCurly You forcing yourself to a screen tomorrow or is it more a weekend event? @DrGMLaTulippe Blimey, this is a tad inconvenient, the apologies of the entire land, pip pip.This weekend, take Jason Statham for a ride as @AreYouMovie_Mad talk The Transporter Trilogy!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Kickstarter to ensure Carrie Coon never does a crappy CBS multicam.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @mradamscott Sneaky peak at his juicy tridentMichael Nyqvist, ‘Dragon Tattoo’ and ‘John Wick’ Star, Dies at 56 via @indiewire
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