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@NicholasATorres It's 1pm.Did not enjoy Zoolander 2 but got confirmation that Kyle Mooney is 100% on my comic wavelength.Locke but set during a tantric love-making session. Cocke. @pompeyrod I've kinda always wanted to do that thing of leaving a cinema as soon as the title is said. @AntBit Must be nice to be given such an option. The pains of being a parent. Good for you for, I assume, wearing team colours. @AntBit That's how I survived. @AntBit Yuppers. Dunno how you do it, as a kid I had to go to my brother's matches every Sunday. Portable TV watching Keeping Up Appearances @ChrisHewitt Is @ChrisHewitt This @ChrisHewitt I @ChrisHewitt So @ChrisHewitt Love @ChrisHewitt Funny @ChrisHewitt You @AntBit Water football isn't the worst idea because it makes football less dull. Slightly.Anticipating laughs in 2oolander, no laughs in Dad's Army and unplanned laughs in Point Break today.The man who makes sure all pirated films are downloaded in the way they were intended: Quentin Torrentingo @JoeMande Through torrenting? @sebpatrick Matt Damon?Some excellent dad dancing from @TheActorJPayton here in Always In The Present produced by @montimer
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Inside Llewen Davis was just the Friday night fix required. Perfectly imperfect. Flawlessly flawed. @zarinatweets Welcome to the addiction. It's just non-stop.If I find whoever made the Solo family photo will it stop being RTd every 5 seconds
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @DavidHughesTwit #FourthWorldProblems @MikeHanford How long have they stopped playing them for? @MattBesser Contraption @BrettRedacted Cate Blanchett, That Film I Forget The Name Of. @BrettRedacted He's already binged many seasons of Happy Days, it appears. @DrewAtHitFix This metaphor doesn't work in a post-Dirty Grandpa world.Crowd reports for Dad's Army tonight? I know it's not that demo, but how's it looking for the weekend? @iamnotwaynegale In Bristol Noah Can Hear You ScreamSo now the talk show sketch show alt comedy genius of Comedy Bang! Bang! The TV Show is coming to UK Netflix I will hound ALL OF YOU.This episode of @ComedyBangBang might be one of the best-
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @codwhit @ComedyBangBang Gottfried's Cosby stuff made me hysterical around Soho this afternoon. @trim_obey Sublime."Aren't you Bobby Cannavale?" "Nearly! I'm his creepy digital avatar, Bobby Uncannavale"
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @EthanRunt Also Robot Overlords. So, stay in that weekend and watch some fun stuff.18th March on Sky Movies, Search Party, an unseen comic delight. @iamnotwaynegale He has to, via devil contract. @drapiroh Burn. Then they applied a salve. @iamnotwaynegale Jables sans Rage Kage means nothing. @SamFaulkner87 They also did "(Life Is A) Rat Race" which is amazing. @SamFaulkner87 You should go with a medley of Baha Men songs.Nice Friday panic attack to start the weekend right. Commuters can really go spit right now. @ianloring @Han_So When I looked last night there was no sign of the original decision. Effectively scrubbed from history.London Improvisers: don't miss out on these advanced improv workshops with @dynamoe in March right here in London
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @TheTomFordy Kudos.I wish Herzog would provide the voice of Bernie Sanders.Only 50 copies of Adventures in VHS will be left when it is back from the printers, so if you want one, go here now!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @each1teach1 Depends if that's a euphamism. @EthanRunt This question is legit. @Han_So @BBFC Weird, right!#billthefilm is now available to download from plucky start-up 'iTunes'. I think you'll regret not trying this x
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @EthanRunt Add Frances McDormand as their client and William H. Macy as the bad guy and you have a deal.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThe Coen Brothers as middle-aged kid detectives. There's your SeeSo show.Does buzzfeed want to create communities with listicles or destroy the concept of individuality?FINAL WARNING: RoboCop (2014) will be removed in the next couple of days! #LastChance
Retweeted by Andrew JonesMight try to Kickstarter this.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @ian_sandwell The high school theatre reveal had me giggling and thinking of what led to that in the film's world for AGES. @MrCamW Like Entourage did for social awareness cinema? @NickdeSemlyen But silently had to postpone Avatar 2.Watched American Crime Story last night. Nice of Madame Tussards to animate their Travolta waxwork. @EthanRunt
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@PaulEGreenwood #TheLastWitchHunterEugh, I hate that passive aggressive attitude people have when they subtweet. @PaulEGreenwood Some films I like there, you butternut squash.5 films you'd buy a UHDTV for if they were released in 4K?Is it 2oolander, Zoolander No. 2, A Funny Third Thing? @NordlingAICN You'll always be one of the legends. That's how history works.A story where a celebrity has to become their lawyer's lawyer? @DrewAtHitFix Muted if I recall. But not very often. @DeusExCinema Same amount as always. @jackkirby It's why I can't play the game in public.Have Adam Scott take Cusack's place. Make it a thing.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesVice's TV channel has a show coming up called 'Flophouse'. Glad the world of podcasting can get names taken away by ignoramuses.Finally they've made a sequel to the Schwarzenegger/Breslin zombie indie. of my new article: 15 Mystery Men Stars That Got Hot @DapperDan She's also credited as 'Special Edition'. Between that and her pay grade, Gillian Anderson's having a tough time this life. @DapperDan But it's harder to juggle 5 names and centralising the bigger stars. 2 people. 2 halves of a poster. It's... ARGGGGGH.Meet the man who used 40,000 Lego bricks to create a scale replica of the ship in JUPITER ASCENDING and then saw the movie.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @maverick99sback I'm hopeful but also know the ride's been long to get here. But, Charlie Dance. work, DVD artwork team. Couldn't flop the image? @robbiereviews Aaaaaaaaah! Roll on March."I'm going to catch up with all my TV shows. Just, a quick hit of Hamilton first." 2 hours later. "It's quiet uptown, sniff. Shit" @maverick99sback His American accent is one I'm psyched for in 3D. Plus, ya know, Delroy Lindo is always good value. But, looks bad. @PatrickDane In 2011 I wrote an essay on Spidey 2 and Wall Street 2. New York City from various cinematic perspectives. @maverick99sback I think we're gonna have to shake our heads whilst watching, trying to imagine Winstone playing it as Busey. @maverick99sback Fingers crossed. First thing Saturday morning, hoping for Stiller magic. @maverick99sback Has two American Flag Is Down shots that would make Antoine Fuqua's film seem pro-Clinton. @maverick99sback I saw it, that is to say I seen it. It's... well, Bay goes super jingoistic and forgets to direct action at all. @maverick99sback £228k over the weekend. Dead weight needs to be shifted so cinemas can fulfill Dad's Army demand. @metasimpsons
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @jramjee I expected more from this. Something cromulent at the least.As a life-long Simpson head the fact that #Frinkiac is down every time I try it is a real buzz (cola) killer. I NEED to see this.My mother is now watching John Wick. I have succeeded in this universe. @travisbeacham I've spent years having to learn that "you must believe" when script-sending. Dangerous. @Latinoreview I have a 5-star review on @HeyUGuys, been gushing for months (whilst embargoed) @NordlingAICN Take 2, where I wake up. Saw @Latinoreview tweet it.A Dexter Fletcher film has a Superbowl ad. My mind is blowing. @travisbeacham I was too self-conscious to delve into promotion a web series and it just divebombed Balance is hard, arrogance may be needed
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