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@maverick99sback It makes you human. Unless you only mean "from The Wire" That raises many flags. @iFlicks @followthelemur Next week it's I, Robot, then Westworld, Terminator Genisys, then for some reason The Lady In The Van.Carbide is the new Hypnodisc. Fuck me that's a crazy powerful robot! #RobotWars
Retweeted by Andrew JonesEverything about this is comforting, exciting, way-too-horific. I love it. #RobotWars @kristapley The script was 35 napkins. @BrettRedacted Did you report him to anyone?That man's been fighting robots for 15 years? I'm amazed he's still alive, to be honest. #RobotWars
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @ChampCelluloid He intends to stop Sir Killalot from getting a peerage, after the horrid violence he has been party to.Look at @HIGHzurrer out there slaughtering the box office!!! Yowza!! #LIGHTSOUT
Retweeted by Andrew JonesStar Trek Beyond: propulsive, witty, romantic. Cast having the time of their lives. Nimble script. A director that can make it move. LOVED.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @followthelemur Gotta love Nuts. @frankieisswell Eugh, sorry, tiredness didn't get that (yet I caught a few in Star Trek, so...) @frankieisswell He was the best robot. (I am psyched for this return!!!)Where's The Fuckest Uppest? #RobotWars @joshbrunsting A beautiful tragedy mixed with gleeful malice. So well balanced.BoJack, every year, seems to evolve to deal with the same things I am. I... I'm confused and in tears. @chrisblohm And I disagree. It's about children but for them too. Easily accessible, if sometimes potent. @chrisblohm Yes. I am. Sometimes lowest common denominator. @VogtRoberts Hey there, trailer for King Kongs Of Summer (Formerly Toy's Island) looks great. Roll on March! @EthanRunt thank you, yes! Also: if you know any undiscovered comedy writers we have £40k to support & mentor them:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @jonathanwakeham I'm exactly like Star Trek IV, the Undiscovered Country. Without some letters... @chrisblohm I feel sick. We can do so much more for the young. Make them laugh without being so lazy. @Dave_BSH I feel like the balance of the real, the character and the blockbuster was found. @Dave_BSH As I watched this one, I thought "I get Trek now, as an adult, I get it" but then that happened and I thought "Tgis works now". @chrisblohm If I want melancholic kid cinema, I have Where The Wild Things Are. That has no farting Queen scenes. @Dave_BSH If you want what I think is a Fast 6 Vin tank rescue reference in Star Trek, this film is for you. @jonathanwakeham No worries, hope it helps, the most useful tool ever developed for mac. And hope you're doing well good sir. @jonathanwakeham @jonathanwakeham Handbrake @ollyog After the show, his diet went to shit.The queue for Hall H is getting longer as the panel for cleaners at the convention gets closer. #SDCC2016
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @awarmann Another new logo? It's only been 3 years since the last one. @EDouglasWW Yes you do. Hill is the narrative/visual/visceral key to things. (I re-binged Eastbound, Foot Fist & Observe the last 3 weeks) @EDouglasWW Looking forward to ep 2, and watching the seeds of the premiere sprout into glorious profane situations. @ian_sandwell I know which one deserved the win... @papsby @edgarwright Everybody Wants Some!!!Also, it felt properly reverential and simultaneously invigorating. This generation's Trek, not "Like old but with some new tricks".Justin Lin's Star Trek is MY kinda Star Trek. What a great, fun, emotionally on point adventure. @JoeCunningham14 Understandable. @Mark_Searby Insweatrection @JoshRaby points!
Retweeted by Andrew Joneswhen you're about to snap the most badass office selfie of all time but that dude from accounting walks in
Retweeted by Andrew JonesSeeing Beyond in a cinema with a sign forewarning broken Air Con. I may tear up.
Got your #SDCC exclusive Trump Vader toy? Kylo Clinton still in stock, BB-Sanders sold out.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesNew footage from Justice League brings in fan favourite villain "The Director", who turns the world into bleak-looking slo-mo stupidity.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones
Retweeted by Andrew JonesI’m liking this whole releasing trailers from Comic Con cause they’re gonna leaked anyways. More of this please.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @brendonconnelly @PatrickDane No movement in context of the planet or the universe? @brendonconnelly @PatrickDane I like to believe you were waiting all day to reply. @drapiroh Not a fan of one room £800pm deals? @ross_maclean If you're putting BFG in that "good gag" category, then there's your answer, fishbulb. @PaulEGreenwood Is something people say on opposite day. @Lazbotron It was 2016 all along, they just filmed on tape because they were hipsters.Guys... I have an announcement. I am also a Blair Witch spin-off. @mild_concern The gal that wants her beef British? Totally. @DrGMLaTulippe I listened to that on the way to work the next day and almost broke into tears.Pre-order NOW! Our official TANK 432 (@TheTankMovie) print by @MichyBaps (limited to 100)
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @chrisblohm Jus' like that?Except they are. But only the ghosts and not the women.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @drapiroh You might be within reach of us awesome folk soon?!?My fam are all buried in plot 666 of the Bent Cemetery which 100% seems like where ghosts would live in an early 90s cbbc show.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @jamesmoran As a quiet man, we're not all secretly handsy basement-chaining folk. @ChrisHewitt @Krizanovich The Martian Extended Cut sounds super different.So I see that @ESgoingout @standardnews foul #StarTrekBeyond review is still up & running then. You stay classy guys
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @JFGinDigital3D Life's greatest mystery. @JanisThomasMktg Ooh, yeah. 2 months to LA. @DrGMLaTulippe When you are done, get the album, and enjoy the music all summer long. Drive It Like You Stole It just plain rules.
@jeffullrich So, making it rain? @jeffullrich And today you celebrate by diving into a Scrooge McDuck-style room of gold coins?The BFG's BBFC description cites only "mild threat". Mild is too harsh a term.ICYMI: My next book is now available to pre-order (out Tuesday)
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThink I fell asleep before the new Spielberg and dreamt the worst possible film. Had to be that.inbox zero is lame
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @NathanaelSmith Awww. Thanks. Embargoes mean less thanour friendship. @NathanaelSmith The Entourage one. @NathanaelSmith Gush. Ep 5. Yes.Biel-lieve it! @scottEweinberg You're popping in to merry ol' London for Frightfest, right? Will you have time to be bought a well-earned beverage?How'd the RNC land an exclusive Rogue One poster? These conventions, man.BoJack episode 4. That is incredible. @EoinMason @Dave_BSH Well I saw 45 minutes of Are We There Yet? @scottEweinberg Not even season's highest point. Great run.It's crazy how the things from school I use most in my life are last day of term movie days. @carlreiner But it's not an original song. Someone sang it before.Great to have BoJack back. Belter of an opener.Unsure about this new Exorcist TV show
Would the next generation of awful, fame-hungry, talentless stars be called "The Twat Pack"?Tense thriller about a killer who uses the cold, but also about cancerous lumps. "Can You Feel It?"Sexy spring break horror movie set in a place full of rusty nails so the tagline can be "Everyone Get Your Shots" @ScreenjabberStu Oh crap. Marty, it's your kids, they voted for an asshole! @WWNTFCD A fan walks to a microphone. It is Hardwick. *Nerdist forever* he screams. The podcast network wars begin. @ScreenjabberStu Is it 1998 again? Marty, I think the machine's busted. @Lazbotron There's a great song leading up to interval which is comprised of M's many sighs of contempt for Bond.Hard to believe we're only a few weeks away from a new Scott Eastwood movie. @TheOliverStone This cast shot... So it's very close to the real events?Watching The BFG at 9 pm tomorrow, expecting a packed house of Ry-Hards. Rylanders? Wolf Hall Aficionados? @DeusExCinema I always think string-piano melodies when I see goosestepping.Guys! Drop everything! Look at this HBO educational trailer from 1991. It is the best-worst thing you'll ever see.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @Truly_Defective It has never got in the way of her doing great comic work before. I hope she still has time for shows and podcasts.Excited for the Lights Out movie. Game adaptations always end well.