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Will the EU Referendum change whether or not Mary Poppins is actually allowed to Return? @TheCaterjillar Sadly Aykroyd's opinion holds no water now he's in his Crystal Skull Adam Sandler Movies phase. @ian_sandwell It's not a gate.Warcraft: The Beginning launches with market-leading £1.02m in the UK on Monday -
Retweeted by Andrew JonesTo read the headline of an e-mail "exclusive interview for syndication" means the English language means nothing.Oh man, UK tech's idea to get young people to vote is literally a Private Eye cartoon
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @Guitargalchina @STBwrites The magic lives on in close-to-sell-by-date last batches?A dark, gritty reboot of the Tiptoes franchise.
@JonathanHatfull Starts off funny but "what is it really" by later eps the confidence and scope is astounding.New PODPIT episode! George (@GrimWord) talks with TOM SCHARPLING (@scharpling) of THE BEST SHOW (@bestshow4life)!
Retweeted by Andrew JonesBloody hell, that Alan Partridge, stellar documentarian. @NathanaelSmith Same and same. @Gwailofilms They can redo You Only Live Twice, they know how to unkill a lead. for new Bond direction: Luc Besson. Just say fuck it, go crazy now. @TashCurly Plus Bebop and Rocksteady, always welcome. @GuyLodge In context the world look much nicer. The trailers did nothing for me. I was stunned in some shots at how the film looked. @jablonsky_steve Hey sir, just seen the new Turtles, as always your music has left a lasting impression. @GuyLodge I thought it looked really nice. One of its only positives.I want to know who played what in Warcraft but IMDB is no help because all the names aren't 'King Dominic Cooper' or 'Not Dominic Cooper'. @PaulRidd You mess with one of us, you mess with all. #NewYorkInTheNoughties @TashCurly As a Krang Fan I got what I wanted. Live action 3D photo-real-ish Krang.I really enjoyed the new Turtles.We've come so far in this country that we can now have a film advertised to young kids with ninja stars in the opening logos.I didn't see a single crafted war, it all seemed organic. @EthanRunt films today, both 3D, both with big green beings. Monsters that were created using a lot of Money.
Just finished Grace & Frankie S2 with my mother. What a great way to end this season. Mic drops all round. @DrGMLaTulippe That's totally my reason too... If, ya know, I was invited. *checks mail* @EDouglasWW Also Jack And Jill remains out there in public.John Carney's just dropped from "Filmmaker I Most Admire" to "Filmmaker Who's Career I Want But Who Should Never Speak Again"
Retweeted by Andrew JonesJesus. I'm sorry John Carney can't see how wonderful Keira Knightley was in his own movie, but play nice.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @c2c_Rail An hour later, yes.Dear @c2c_Rail Your 12:21 train left at 12:20 despite many running pedestrians at West Ham trying to catch it. Thanks.
[New Post] Review of THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE by @EthanRunt: #AngryBirdsMovie
Retweeted by Andrew JonesLondon, July 8th, seats still available to see @trumpvsbernie moderated by the majestic @HamillHimself Tickets Here
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @papsby It is da wurst
@ScreenjabberStu @DavidBedwell Always a problem for imitating in kids films. Also Tomb Raider cut one to stop from being 15. BBFC.A detective investigates products for sale online in The Gumtree Gumshoe @ScreenjabberStu @DavidBedwell Headbutt. End fight on the roof after he zips, awkward cut as Blart now telekinesises the baddie. @DavidBedwell Blart 2 will remain unrewatched until uncut.FRIDAY NEWS DUMP:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @DavidBedwell In this hour of need I turned to Sandler to cheer me up. He looked back and whispered "no" @DavidBedwell I have deleted my mortdecai pictures from my phone. Joke just died.The Do-Over is the second Adam Sandler/Tall German Actor film about cancer. It is very much not Funny People.Animals is on Sky Atlantic tonight. Hysterical, gorgeous animated show.I keep screaming at The Do-Over to start a plot and it just throws Luis Guzman's balls back at me.The Do-Over relies on VO like someone ended up thinking the film needed plot all of a sudden.Since there's a fucking Big Bang Theory set, there is no reason that this one shouldn't become a reality:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @adlow76 father, who watches Battleship for leisure, is not joining me for Netflix Sandler tonight. Am I a martyr? @yourturnheather Well this becomes depressing and makes my entire online brand reek. this point Banksy is just coasting. @philiplord Shakespeare was a regular Clooney with the English language. Regular Clooney was a term he coined.My girlfriend just farded
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOne of cinema's most destroyed landmarks
Retweeted by Andrew JonesWatched the new Finding Dory trailer & want to hope it's good, but Pixar's track record of sequels centralising annoying characs: Cars 2… @Mullane45 Had this also. Magnum or Mars. Went Mars. @rosstmiller First Turtles is a lot of fun. Watched it again last weekend. Insane 3D too.Had to see what the BBFC felt was so bad about this GOOSEBUMPS scene. It would've been a 12A if unmodified. Really?!
Retweeted by Andrew JonesIf you say "Gortimer Gibbons" 3 times whilst looking into a mirror, an Amazon Studios exec will climax.The Do-Over is now on Netflix UK
Retweeted by Andrew Jones
People next me were talking about how incredible Michael Cera was in Love and Mercy
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @Ethan_Anderton What if that person is Matthew McConaughey? @Gwailofilms Special Correspondants is the Marco Polo of comedy.9 hours away from new Adam Sandler on Netflix. The excitement is palpable. @FilmFan1971 But then again... @FilmFan1971 I knew nothing and very much enjoyed the pilot.Well, second viewing of Nice Guys really cemented all problems I had with it. Weightless, riddled with inconsistent comic strokes/character.Personally I'm more of a Lin-Manuel Samantha
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @DCpierson This is why the Apple Watch was created. @rosstmiller @newswithjokes
I like how Game of Thrones producers have finally figured out that the first 50 min can be boring as fuck as long as the last 5 are good.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @unklerupert WoW, he's a real RocknRolla. @JoeCunningham14 @iamnotwaynegale None are as important.I need someone to rewrite some bullying tweets of mine. I need a punch-up of a punching down.Emilia Clarke's insides not pictured
Retweeted by Andrew JonesCancel all my everythings! aren't we all talking about SING STREET?
Retweeted by Andrew JonesFor no reason I present adult lyrics to a children's classic: @TheChewDefense By asshole do you mean cocky bravado? Cos he can bring that so well, yet not lose that charm.Tickets for my one man jazz tap interpretation of Freddy Got Fingered are now on sale.
@JoeCunningham14 I shall offer mine for no reason. Marshall Engage Neigh Gree @TomSchnauz World just wasn't ready. Make it an NBC event series. @Filmaluation Just imagine Vin and Judi playing D&D during the shoot. @movie_mad Yes. She saw how the visuals would end up looking. @TashCurly I have been there before. We are basically twins.OH HELLO.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesWould Welcome To Mooseport be as beloved were it not Gene Hackman's last film?Key and Peele's KEANU is released in the UK on 15 July.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesSad to hear the legendary Burt Kwouk has died, aged 85. An incredible body of work ensures he'll never be forgotten.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones!
Retweeted by Andrew JonesIt turns out I can tell Bowfinger from a fuzzy exterior shot. I will be an asset to the X-Men.If all goes to plan I shall be attending this awesome looking event later
Retweeted by Andrew JonesTicket for Warcraft booked. Hoping this one is a lot of fun. @ScreenjabberStu Because "from the director of Son Of Rambow" just isn't cool enough.British filmmakers: if you're not doing what Ken Loach does, you're apparently doing it wrong.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesPatronising for an American critic to assert that filmmakers from smaller, poorer countries must limit themselves to the national condition.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesWorse still, it's not even *set* in Greece — what was Lanthimos thinking? Stay in your lane, filmmakers!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones @ThePCCLondon Is The New World showing as part of your Terrence Malick season tonight?