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Podcaster, sometime video editor, attempted humourist.

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@adlow76 Glad I at least got paid as I watched it. @adlow76 Completely cold but in a way that's not interesting? I can do that and I'm a wretched actor. No thanks.
@adlow76 It's trash "art" cinema. The worst of genre and film as a medium. @adlow76 Oh boy it does when the lead character is so insular that nothing is engaging in the way he lives, and no plot feels interesting. @adlow76 I like not boring films. @adlow76 *long drawn-out sigh*Fashionable police clothing line. Hugo Bosch @MyNameIsGaron How are you so cool that you can compose a tweet right now? I'd be shaking with anticipation. @movie_mad Takes too long, the threat that engaged S2's early episodes is now nothing. @scottEweinberg Why is that man still allowed to work?oh my god I hope this happens
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @adlow76 Good luck. @movie_mad @scottEweinberg @MovieDrivel You're a rotter. It's all about the Molina scene. @ASMVidal There's a shot of her in the trailer that tells a whole story in a second and makes me a little weepy. @movie_mad Yes. You're The Worst, Rick And Morty, The Good Place to name 3.The Martin Shkreli's jury selection transcript is *kisses fingers*
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Saw DETROIT. Just kept thinking, why do we need this when we have CNN?
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.We @AreYouMovie_Mad serve to watch films not for personal gain, but to make dumb damn jokes.“HBO will never find it if we change the name of the show!”
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @outlawvern Woah. @jackkirby Wait, it goes all churchy? Jesus comes to Westeros? @thecinemadoctor At least there was a dollar. (I found it one of the worst of the year, those are the golden moments for me) @thecinemadoctor Sure. But one at least gave us Oldboy and Cannibal Holocaust references for kids. @hekasia London Travesties is a harsh retitling for Groundhog Day - The Musical. @RyanHolloway75 @AchinglyChic Coke Zero isn't going away if you recycle like this, damnit!Watching Don Verdean and finding it surprisingly enjoyable. Not since Libre has a Hess film felt both fun and kind-of interesting. @leewest82 @ChampCelluloid @Dave_BSH @Guitargalchina @JFGinDigital3D @petrolhead176 @brucemadelost @mawoee should be a reappraisal of The Brothers Solomon. @DavidBedwell *Jimothy @AreYouMovie_Mad @DavidBedwell Same. More fun watching Jim Broadbent at 2am. @mrbonturcode For real? I may have to see it just to rub it in their faces. @DrGMLaTulippe Why "beautiful"? What an odd choice.Londoners! Perfect Movie returns this Friday! Film based stand up comedy goodness w/ specia…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @Dave_BSH @Guitargalchina @JFGinDigital3D @petrolhead176 @brucemadelost @mawoee @jamieandaston @ChampCelluloid @TillyTweets To get more subscribers. And this "us first" policy is working."I look forward to continuing the discussion on, you know, what's wrong with me." Every writer, subliminally, exiting a notes meeting.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @brendonconnelly Yet, criticise them and it seems some folk turn onto you, I've had a weird thread at me since y'day.Satire is dead, part 17,784,382
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @DudeAndAMonkey Is it better to directly adapt a book or take elements from it? Also, King novels, good sources?Meanwhile a new @AreYouMovie_Mad to prep for @netflix's The Defenders has us look at another comic book hero. may be halfway around the world but I can still tell you to listen to my podcast. Ep 4 discusses #TheDefenders:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Loving @thevodpod's Netflix and Amazon pick minisodes, good reminder of things to come (HALT AND CATCH FIRE!) @antovolk It ruined me, for sure. @antovolk But they do it out of love. These guys have deadlines and multiple contracts. @antovolk As someone who had to create Instagram material for products, sometimes the company gives you nothing but the trailer, a bugger. @EDouglasWW So you're saying the credit roll is perfect? @MartinHoscik Even educated fleas do it.Theresa May on Nazi-sympathising presidents: Unfair to comment. Theresa May on Big Ben bongs: This is an outrage.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @TomMimnagh I know they do. Too much for a one-off pop. I thought there'd be £3 somewhere. Even prime rental. @DammitCARL @BillyMerritt @thatdevinfield @TimNeenan @itsjonmackey Black pudding is, admittedly, messed up, but you…"Dress for the job you want or the blowjob your boss wants, by Roger Ailes" Difficult People, Hulu, 2017 @NJ_Film "It's not your fault" *pause for laughs* "It's not your fault" *further laughs from audience* @montimer Yeah, but, her e-mails @SDCain If it's the last thing we ever do!We talk The Spirit, and ScarJo and Samuel L. Jackson in Nazi uniforms... Erm. TIMING!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Looking at a current draft, what I feared would be a quick conclusion has become a 'oh shit, how many pages is this gonna go on for' @PaulRidd @FilmFan1971 Do not mess up your crazy Dalton movies!Meanwhile, update, still need a copy of Flash Gordon for his weekend cos the prices on that disk are CRAZY.Guys, I'm not 100% but I think, for the first time in 3 1/2 months, I may be able to drink alcohol again!!! This sober summer sucked.
@GuyLodge Jeez, I know James Woods is a wretched human, but really? @watchinpreacher I remember the first few videos, and turning them off in disgust. I never thought years later they… @BrettRedacted No notable songs, doesn't really get off the ground narratively, the lead was great (assuming the We… @BrettRedacted That's what I said when I saw it. *dances out the door*Today's cringe-cidents included: walking in on your housemate having sex, making eye contact & then blurting out 'Hope ur having fun!' 👍🏽👍🏽
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.It's golden that the world is so Nazi-obsessed, since tomorrow's @AreYouMovie_Mad sees Sam Jackson and ScarJo all in SS attire... TIMING!Turns out the Germans had a permit to be on Dunkirk beach but those alt-left Allies ganged up. @TylerScruggs You better bring that swagger and secy, yo! @rejectedjokes America was bitten by a radioactive arsehole. @ianloring Oh damn do I wish Real Rocknrolla and Rocknroll Star happened.I'm not sure "antifa" as a negative label is going to get much traction because even fucking idiots hate fascism. Usually.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.For a while I wondered why this was released, now I see the world needs a reminder again. down this racist monument next.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @watchinpreacher DISTRACTIONS!!! @Cinemixtape Cos Gary Oldman? (Why is Gary Oldman in it? Did he buy too much last Prime Day?) @jamieandaston @ChampCelluloid @leewest82 @C_Cartwright @empiremagazine @RobertDowneyJr August 16 and 17. @VogtRoberts Truly destructive, not criticism, just smug bullying. But that's the internet for a lot of folk. @leewest82 @C_Cartwright @ChampCelluloid @empiremagazine @RobertDowneyJr Oh gosh, I forgot Feige was with him. I ju… @leewest82 @C_Cartwright @ChampCelluloid @empiremagazine @RobertDowneyJr Which one was that? Alone or with Guy? @Oog Sense, sure. But emotional resonance, less so.