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Radiohead confirm long awaited follow-up album...
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @evilguii Buy a fan and thank me in July.I need a full season of The Legend Of Master Legend please and thank you @AmazonVideoUK. @LOMLTV @noahharpster
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.director Peter MacDonald on the beginning of Rambo III - filming Stallone from behind & having him dramatically turn
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.
@jackkirby @dfpiii Probably from their recent albums, where they went lamestream. #NuMetalSnob @jackkirby now I see, Your tweeting me, Is pushing me away @jackkirby I wanna runaway from this joke. @sam_clements Screaming 'Pete's Dragon Is Amazing' to everybody.Why didn't they tell us they were sneaky little shits instead of pretending to be self-promoting idiots? - "Dead Men Scare Me Stupid"
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @watchinpreacher It is their day, Sunday. @LeanneLeveaux Fuckabees. @scottEweinberg Yeah, you gotta wear only clothes that stores gave away for free in promotions, and only eat day-old donuts.From a sketchbook c. 1989 -- early preproduction days on The Simpsons series
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @tubatron This is why my dog always wants to urinate on the TV. Case closed. CASE CLOSED MUM! @TillyTweets Or England's Luca Brasi? @ThePlaylist Wanna feel old? Here's the baby today not tired of winning. Just saying.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @FilmLandEmpire @Slippery_Jack Seconded. @theglenoliver Wretched cinema. A waste of so much talent.Saturday night has proven a bad writing night. The turn to act 3 is escapimg my grasp, whilst the rest is perfectly mapped. Hi. @kumailn @jakefogelnest The Crystal Maze is some of the greatest TV we have ever given the world. @MHarrison90 (I don't know why I can't stand The Lone Ranger at all, it should be the same thing) @MHarrison90 I love that film. It's stupid and oversized and long and idiotic and just... Oh Gore. @awarmann *curtsy* @watchinpreacher I don't know what to say to you but you can hear my heavy sigh across the world. @ArghZombies Almost always. @awarmann Wrong, this is the best thing @ArghZombies It's Mother's Day and the present time gives mothers every year is less sleep. @ChrisHewitt Going the whole The Nines yard? @The_Shiznit It's one of the best of last year. This was a joke about the film's... ya know... chronology. @The_Shiznit I don't know where to begin with this tweet.
@brendonconnelly That's a door. You are sleeping on a door. @PatrickDane @awarmann YOUR MOTHER WAS A MARTHA! @awarmann Not when we had the comic con stuff over half a year ago. They need to prove, and they have no clue. @JamieNeish Defendor weeps.My mother had the pick of my entire film library tonight and decided to re-watch John Wick. Happy Mother's Day Eve! @awarmann What is there in the trailer, though? There's nothing outside visuals. And even then, it's too mis-edited to get a sense of them. @carrgh Do... people... get attention... for wearing little? @carrgh It's probably the only reason why folk do that. @BobWeide Is that a prop loo or working?So the trailer for Kustice League is people staring and growling to hard rock, no clear antagonist? It's not a trailer, it's a youtube vid. @ChrisHewitt Why did you redact the location? HOW CAN I STALK YOU WHEN YO TREAT ME LIKE THIS BAE?DUNKIRK has an Oscar winner, 2 Oscar nominees, and Harry Styles but thinks this is the best way to promote the movi…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.'Is this my subconscious? Am I a racist?' Animals season 2 is doing some great stuff.Film Fair in full swing. Sold a box-set of World War II documentaries to the woman who was mugged at the start of Tim Burton's Batman.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @KevinLehane I mean, it seems like a cool thing to do. I love cool things and hate connective tissue in narrative. Who cares about emotion? @KevinLehane I can't read tone on twitter, I'm going on the right path drawing cool things then piecing it together, yes? Good.The 8 Best ‘This American Life’ Episodes Of All Time
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @MuseZack 'splosions. @LondonMovieLoon @Live_for_Films As Herzog intended. He pitched it as a pre-flight safety message for years. @jslaterwilliams Well that is a modern classic. A superior studio comedy. TCM, you've done it again. @evilguii I've kept you close all this time because of this reasoning. @evilguii I hate things with Scotch in the title or origin. I'm xenophobic for Scottish things. @evilguii I don't think there's a single pie I've eaten in my life. Crust and other foodstuffs just don't seem like a proper mix. @leepers500 Some dogs like it... ruff. @MartinHoscik I saw it 3 times. It's not a film. @MartinHoscik It can. Well, the first 4 seasons can. If only there was a long-winded comedy podcast about it too... @MartinHoscik I was doing an Entourage joke. @ryanlambie You using 'cool guy' filter on that? @rosspeacock He can kick any song into high gear. @stuarthazeldine Cheers to that. @MartinHoscik Oh yeah? @flannelheart The HelKelmet is too much. Everything about that segment was painful. And the return of the abused Little Person in the lift.Grace & Frankie has shown such restraint in Season 3, as Martin Sheen is rehearsing 1776, not a single Hamilton ref yet. @MartinHoscik @stefanpape29 And forever, right? That's gotta be an all-timer. Very strong conceptual piece. @MartinHoscik @stefanpape29 Sublime.The fifth biggest headline on the BBC news site is about shopping trolleys. Sometimes Britain is so very British. @MartinHoscik It truly was The Joke That Rocked @MartinHoscik About Time someone noticed. @blacksab67 The MVMT Watches Of Roof Shingles. @DrGMLaTulippe I sat at home and watched TV all day. LA seems superior to London. @ianloring Fresh off Desperado Rodriguez woulda been a great beast to look to that picture. What happened to that guy? That exact guy?The 44 minutes that have aired of Review this season are the greatest TV show you'll see. This show will end tragically, hysterically.
@MartinHoscik Really great stuff. I can watch Richard Kind do anything.Watching an episode of Red Oaks where 2 characters go see Aliens, yet neither notice their boss looks like the business guy in the movie?My podcast @AreYouMovie_Mad is close to finishing #RamboMonth as we watch 2008's Rambo this week #TryPod
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.The Three Billboards Of Melquiades EstradaJust 2 hours to go 🍆🍆 12:01 am PST!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Blanking on a movie. No luck on Google. A poker game where a guy has a heart attack, hands his wife the cards, and says"Don't fold." Anyone?
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.