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Empathetic, emphasis on the pathetic. Podcaster, sometime video editor, attempted humourist.

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@Mike_P_Williams @netflix To each his own. Mulaney/Kroll seems to work on me whenever.
@TheDWHall Call everyone "boncey" and end all sentences with a wry "hmm?". @dfpiii From one writer to another. Thank you.Been writing montages of emptiness, lonliness and alienation for a day. Now other writer steps in for a big love scene We all know our roles @Poochface @ODEONCinemas Ha. I've taken the ride twice and it just hurts. Hurts so good, as they say. @Poochface @ODEONCinemas Did you cry? Are you still in agony? Cos it does NOT stop hurting. @Mike_P_Williams @netflix It took a few eps for me but became an hilarious delight. @dfpiii No, Naomi.put it on a note stuck to a goat and send it walking past his house. he's in a window right now with binoculars loo…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Naomi Watts went deaf. What? No Watts. Deaf. What? (How do I submit this to David Lynch?) @Dave_BSH @jamieandaston Been nice knowing you!Want to attend @StylistMagazine's special free preview of #CallMeByYourName this Monday? Enter here…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.I just got propositioned by some food packaging. Either way, I'm eating. our @AreYouMovie_Mad's experiment subject's birthday with us. Mister Salesman You Could've Sold Them I Gave You All the Leads THE LOMAN (2017)
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @filmthug So Netflix won't be giving as a Holden/Bill action figure line this Christmas? I wanna play Mindhunter with my nephews.Personally, I can’t wait to see the new Ron Howard Star Wars film. #solo #Solomovie #StarWars
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @NathanaelSmith Hold up, you like Cinderella? @NathanaelSmith And then you follow up this tweet with "so I'll join in"?It is @movie_mad's birthday so the @AreYouMovie_Mad gang celebrate with a Johnny Cash movie!…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.It is @movie_mad's birthday so the @AreYouMovie_Mad gang celebrate with a Johnny Cash movie!…
Are the #CallMeByYourName 🤼‍♂️ twitter emojis in? #Elio 👕 #Oliver 👟 #MichaelStuhlbarg 🤧 #tearsOfTheAudience 😭
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @deanjnorris It's meant to say "Look, Right, There's Cars Comin' So Be Bloody Careful, Got It?" @robbiereviews You're a god, to quote Vertical Horizon. @Film4 Last week, right? That's my point. Despite all the time around the world, the UK release to UK airing, for a… know it's been out for years, but for the UK the cinema-to-TV gap here is crazy. @ianloring Sam IS the hero next door,who won't save you because sod it Pontypandy's independence means change in wo… the #CallMeByYourName 🤼‍♂️ twitter emojis in? #Elio 👕 #Oliver 👟 #MichaelStuhlbarg 🤧 #tearsOfTheAudience 😭I may now be watching Zodiac again because I listened to these two digging into Mindhunter and I've already binged… Like = I'll Spare You My Opinion On EverythingIn Norway the Snowman movie branding is to a younger audience. #HarryHoleForKids makes the un-sourced claim that John Malcovich has maintained a lifelong deep hatred of the animated film…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.So the movie isn't out for a week but I'm already having to mute/unfollow Thor viewers? Nice, journos/fake bloggers/premiere audience.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Don't Sc@ me.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.
@joshbrunsting You can, but I'd take a Breakfast Club over one of those new releases immediately added to the label. @sicryan And they deserved them!! @sicryan Did he end with "You haven't seen the last of me!"?Rubicon. star of Billions is under attack, who will protect his honour? appears to be semi-annual "best Marvel movie ever" day. I forgot to decorate my tree.Kudos to you, @ThatKevinSmith. I've busted your balls for shit in the past but that's all trivial. This is not.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.This week's @AreYouMovie_Mad will be a day late, for some reason. Maybe @movie_mad knows...Oh my gosh, so much Rubicon! He said there's a secret ending to Rubicon that never aired he called "scorched earth"!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.My dream of interviewing James Badge Dale came true. I am obsessed with James Badge Dale and I think he knows it now
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.Picturing movie It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World, w/ large cast of bumbling current and former Trump associates running a…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @ParisLDN I want to be shocked but it's been years since this stuff surprised. Monsters everywhere. We need to light up their hiding places.Jim Broadbent plays the hurricane. Oh shit, this could work. @Lionsgate?Jane Austen's Geostorm. A young woman of little income falls for a rich heir who intends to ride into battle and punch a hurricane.I guess we should all see Geostorm in 4DX because otherwise it might as well have been a stately period drama, right? @scottEweinberg Besides the rejected early draft of Amistad he wrote. Those sailors really had a bad day. @BrianWCollins I know I was a kid when this came out but shit, 20 years?Crimewatch is axed? But I spent years planning my BBC1 debut. Now what do I do with all these blunt instruments?Unsurprisingly Patton Oswalt's new Netflix special brings many giggle-laughs amidst the tearful acceptance of the impermanance. @kbiegel Even when making a joke about the show you couldn't change the title?
Today can fuck right off...
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @VODzillaMag All of Mindhunter, 15/16. The Meyerwitz Stories (New And Selected) 12/16.
@SamFaulkner87 Godzilla Faulkner? @misc_annie @NetflixUK In the light it's all good. @Justin_Marks_ Well played.Seriously Holt destroys in this show. Bill Tench is so much fun to watch just staring at Holden Ford sometimes. @AliPlumb Or maybe it points to who shot Mr. Burns. @JanisThomasMktg Thanks. I've used it already to finish Mindhunter. The 8 eps after what you saw on Tuesday do not disappoint! @RobGirvan And 3D, rightJames Cameron? @johnmoe I thanked you last season but I've taken Hilarious World on flights this last month and they've soothed the anxiety. THANK YOU JOHN @HannaFlint I hate men. They are rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.It seems @AreYouMovie_Mad's newest friend Paul Giamatti creeps everyone out. Should he be banned? @JanisThomasMktg Have fun, having avoided last night!As I finish season 1 of Mindhunter, I dub it Holt And Catch-Fire. Cos that man brings the serious burns on Groff. @carlreiner Can't let power get to his head, that's how his 00s happened. @DrGMLaTulippe Talked with a friend last night who finally saw this damn thing. Directed him to the Fuck Off delete… but Mel Gibson said "if you get raped by a pack of n****** it's your fault" on tape & @TheAcademy nominated hi…
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S.4am airport bar watching Mindhunter over breakfast is a weird cocktail of ugly, evil and addictive. @ShowbizSimon Oslo, home of The Snowman. It's a second Norway trip. Hoping to write a film this week.95 minutes of sleep, now to prep for a plane in a few hours. Guys, I may be insane.
@NickdeSemlyen Like how BAFTA meetings require all to wear golden faces at all times?The True Detective season 2 we deserved
Retweeted by Andrew Jones B.S. @movie_mad And Haaaaaammm! @movie_mad It's why I stayed AND sat through the awful Q&A. She can't save bad. Needs a good script... wonder where we could find one.I just kept thinking "If this large crowd saw The Edge Of Seventeen instead".