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@Phil_on_Film Bravi!
Retweeted by Andrew... BonesI remember Ride Like Hell but this is a new one.
"I'm not guided by voices but I am guided by Guided By Voices. I'm Tim Kaine and I approve this message."
Retweeted by Andrew... Bones @thejonbass Good job Baywatch has wrapped else it'd be a Logan's Run situation. I mean they'll put you in turnaround.THE MAN FROM LARAMIE (Masters of Cinema) HD Trailer: via @YouTube
Retweeted by Andrew... Bones @PatrickDane Water, Helen. Water! @PatrickDane There was a guy called ballbag because he was the stockboy and also had stock, boy. I made this one up to make you feel better.I remember when mp3 players could boast being able to store almost every hit single from T-Spoon on them. @PatrickDane Cricket is an intellectual sport. A ginger member was named Biscuit because ginger. Swings and valleys.See our very own @movie_mad as Werner Herzog. @PatrickDane From a child at the cricket club I was Hamlet. Because my brother, who wore a village hat, was Village.Inferno is out next week and I'm still not seeing the triple-bill midnight screenings. Langdon No London? @katie_khan Half-great, half-awful. Never bought into the animal stuff though. Much more stilted than magical. Good shout.Trying to think of a time in recent cinema where magical realism did anything but destroy the fabric of the world. Rarely handled well.I hope Swiss Army Man is the nadir of this week or we're in for a long one. @ShowbizSimon @Mark_Searby Don't make this any harder. @PatrickDane Kevin Can Wait. @Knownhuman RIP hummusbayIn the Entourage world, Scott Caan would have rejected the medal until a hot young monarch offered him one. @Knownhuman Unmarkable, except for Stigmata. @Knownhuman A god-rilla. @PatrickDane World's End is the best of the bunch. @Knownhuman Harumbe died for your sins. @Knownhuman Hush yo mouth.I'm trying to teach @movie_mad about movies, but really he's teaching me... about patience. @AreYouMovie_Mad @PapaSonsFilm Da ba deeThose are 16-bit graphics. You write about games for a living.
Retweeted by Andrew... BonesGot a film a night to catch up. Monday's movie- Paul Dano And Some Other Fella."Oh man, this Pirates teaser is great. Depp's comedy is so funny, can't wait to show you all. He...what? Edit! Edit!"
Retweeted by Andrew... BonesNow playing @podnose @AreYouMovie_Mad: Grizzly Man Con Air Happiness More"Oh man, this Pirates teaser is great. Depp's comedy is so funny, can't wait to show you all. He...what? Edit! Edit!"
@JanisThomasMktg @Mullane45 It's Anderson at his most indulgent. Makes Fox look restrained. @Mark_Searby I imagine the theme from Brokeback begins. @alxhuls But you know I live The Founder diet. @The_Shiznit Boom. @Mark_Searby I just can't stop loving me.Google is wonderful. Tfl are asking for "Inspector Sands". It is not a normal voiced message. Fire or bomb scare code, apparently. @Mark_Searby Yeah, I'm not a good fit to go on holiday with myself. I hate me, and in close quarters I'm really annoying, it turns out.Louis Theroux: Savile on BBC2 at 9pm
Retweeted by Andrew... Bones @Mark_Searby Mixed.Now the final part of my social calender is over, my dance card is free. Please form an orderly queue. Or any queue. I'll take a brush-past. @EoinMason As a Hugh Grant fan, fuck that film. @EoinMason Because it is incomprehensibly edited.The newlyweds! @Guitargalchina @SamFaulkner87 Happy wedding day.Trains packed full of NFL fans. How has it permeated the UK so easily? @Hit_Delete Did we hit a time loop here? Is this a conceptual tweet? (Safety is amazing) @mrbonturcode I recall a big British film years ago I was shocked didn't get one. Thinking it was Submarine.Kenny introduces cast #NYFF #ManchesterByTheSea
Retweeted by Andrew... Bones @mrbonturcode That's a shame, seems like a film that needs that kind of attention. @James_Warren Anything Farnaby does has my attention.
@DavidHughesTwit Maybe you're still in the game. Maybe this is a very sophisticated simulation. @maahin You'll easily see me because I'll be the guy rocking back and forth with great anticipation, salivating at the mouth. WOO!My #bfilff. @RobGirvan It's sad that so many were following rather than having blocked him years ago.Watching people play For Honour gets me very amped for the game. Like a polished, gritty, big-budget Dynasty Warriors. @PFTompkins Hold up. You podcast?
@PaulEGreenwood I'm filling the hole of modern Gary Marshall movies.When a team of people do not agree about touch/smell/sight, Nobody Consensus.The deleted Bee runner on the Popstar blu ray is glorious. One joke taken to its thrilling and goofy heights. @ScottAukerman @BajillionTV #instead @BrettRedacted What is this, Harry Potter? Nailed it.Missed the You're The Worst S4 renewal news, great to hear. Last year's renewal was touch and go, seems FXX fully committed. @SquidyUK AHH! Charles Entertainment Kaufman.Conceptual joke from the Universal Studios Kwik-E-Mart. @SarahO_Connell But quality isn't what drives the masses. Thus a lot worse being on TV. @SarahO_Connell It's been tried before and nobody cared. Folk will go for the 3 minute viral, ignore the other hour.Almost home. After this trip I'm happy to be back in comfortable locales. @iamnotwaynegale Eugh. I hate you. Enjoy the frak outta that. Happy blerfday
Netflix will distribute Duncan Jones' Mute :
Retweeted by Andrew... BonesRan into King Richard & Gareth @Lacma's amazing @RealGDT exhibit! @VinnieJones65 #Galavant #KingsBeard
Retweeted by Andrew... Bones @Movieguy32 2 hour Never Not Funny until check-in opened. @jazzt My Lyft driver actively went through shortcuts, took us 40 mins.Andrew nails timing - hotel check-out: 11am. Flight : 5:50 pm.What's that you say? 'Mortdecai on the Orient Express'? @EthanRunt will be chuffed!
Retweeted by Andrew... BonesBlythe Danner's doing medicine ads, but they've cast a daughter for her. I can't believe in that world. @rollcredits The opening 20 minutes are so lacking in character it could have been a Malick. @brendonconnelly Are these films all connected? Will Sully and American Sniper fight the Hereafter?