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Air force veteran, retired peace officer. A pragmatist, therefore no conservatives; or libertarians. Re-tweets mean nothing. I abhor arrogance. No lists.

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today's stats : 2 new followers, 3 new unfollowers, 140 non-followers. found via Trump is always starting controversy, be it here, or overseas. #NK #Curry #amJoy @CillizzaCNN He doesn't like people of color, you forgot that.If a president had the privilege of making billions of $, he should not be allowed to disrespect the emoluments cla…
Retweeted by Larry @cspanwj Sen Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are a no ... They still retain their humanity outside of their state's interests . Love em! 😍
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New trial sought for George Stinney, executed at 14 - CNN WHITE PPL CORRECT SHIT LONG AFTER CO-CONSPIRATORS R DEAD
Retweeted by LarryY'all don't REALLY want to talk about: •White Supremacy •The Military •The Police •The effects of White Privilege •Inequality
Retweeted by LarryThe Warriors should just go to the Obama's house and take the team pic on the porch.
Retweeted by LarryThe Knee is taken! #stephcurry ##kapernick #KneeIsTaken
Retweeted by Larry.@KingJames will ALWAYS be better than Jordan in the way that MJ has been afraid to speak out for fear of losing Ni…
Retweeted by LarryThe Warriors cancelled their White House visit, saying they'll use the trip to DC "to celebrate equality, diversity…
Retweeted by LarryThe guy who didn't know to put his hand over his heart is telling black people how to respect the national anthem.
Retweeted by Larry#NYGovAndrewCuomo, after visiting hurricane-devestated #PuertoRico, "I know the US Federal Govt can be doing more than we're doing now."
Retweeted by LarryTrump is only consistently loyal to white supremacists and Putin
Retweeted by LarryTrump calls a football player a son of a bitch. On the other hand, says some white supremacists are good people. This is the president.
Retweeted by Larrythis.
Retweeted by LarryCongratulations @NMAAHC on your 1st anniversary! Truly #APeoplesGift
Retweeted by Larry'To Donald Trump,' by Leland Melvin @Astro_Flow, fmr Astronaut & @NFL player (aka guy in best @NASA portrait ever)…
Retweeted by LarryThousands of white folks in Alabama gathered together complainin' about black folks gettin' out of line used to be called a Klan rally.
Retweeted by LarryJust so we're clear: the president's comments will only incite more player protests, not quell them.
Retweeted by Larrytoday's stats : 1 new follower, 7 new unfollowers, 139 non-followers. found via Trump withdraws Stephen Curry’s White House invitation #sports @realDonaldTrump Steph and the team have already been to the WH. To meet a REAL President. They good
Retweeted by LarryJimmy Kimmel thanks John McCain. Now we all need Senators Murkowski and Collins to be HEROES again, too.
Retweeted by LarryA President goes to Alabama and calls a black athlete a "son of a bitch" for exercising his rights. Tell me again who's being disrespectful.
Retweeted by LarryIt's not a health bill, it's a death bill. #Republicans #amJoyHold my beer while I fight this bouncer
Retweeted by LarryColin Kaepernick- Son of a Bitch Joe Arpaio- Pardoned Just in case you ever questioned that "White Supremacist" comment #TakeAKnee
Retweeted by Larry @AliCologne @realDonaldTrump McCain is a hero for prioritizing Americans' access to healthcare.
Retweeted by LarryWhat about malicious threats of “throwing opponents in jail” that have never been charged, tried, or convicted???
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Every vote should count. But it doesn't. *Cross Check *Voter Suppression *Gerrymeandering *Russian Hacking…
Retweeted by LarryJohn McCain's ass is already covered in hickies and lipstick. It does not need more adoration.
Retweeted by LarryThink about what it means that Jimmy Kimmel has evidently done more homework on health than any Republican senator over the past 8 years
Retweeted by LarryIf only Trump's ineptitude as a speaker were among his worst 100 faults! It barely makes #327
Retweeted by Larrytoday's stats : 2 new followers, 7 new unfollowers, 137 non-followers. found via @MadisonSiriusXM You aren't rude sir, your attitude his correct, its what makes your show. #consciousignorance #Because Bannon desperately wants war in China Sea? Bannon knows Trump needs a war to have execuse to deport and tak…
Retweeted by LarryWhy rush a vote on #GrahamCassidy bill? There should be no vote without CBO score. What say you @SenToomey?
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@northeast_mama Sorry, a mistake.Trump’s embarrassing presidency has already cost America $2.7 billion in international tourism
Retweeted by LarryFACT!
Retweeted by LarryThe bill her father wants to sign would make this a preexisting condition.
Retweeted by Larrytoday's stats : 3 new followers, 3 new unfollowers, 137 non-followers. found via enforcement is "Taunting", it's our street, that's unprofessional. #amJoyTrump, makes dubya, seem like mathamatician. #unitednationsThis, of course, is insane. @lisamurkowski you do know that, right?
Retweeted by Larry.@LindseyGrahamSC @BillCassidy and their right wing media friends are attacking @jimmykimmel bc they know he has cultural reach they don't.
Retweeted by LarryAs neighbors explained that a deaf man could not understand police, they shot & killed him anyway. #MadgielSanchez
Retweeted by LarryDeplorable
Retweeted by Larry
This needs to go viral-it's video of Morgan Freeman explaining the #TrumpRussia scandal via @RobReiner's org #AMJoy
Retweeted by Larrytoday's stats : 3 new followers, 2 new unfollowers, 136 non-followers. found via July, the founder of Home Depot & his wife gave over $200K to the RNC legal defense fund. In August, it spent mo…
Retweeted by LarryGet the 5 call app which is free, to contact your representatives. #Healthcare @TeaPainUSA
Retweeted by LarryThe fight is with the wealthy, not your neighbor, who is struggling like you.Wonder no more. The Koch donor network will give GOP $400M for 2018 *only if ACA is repealed* & tax reform passes
Retweeted by Larry#Republicans trying to screw grandma, and grandpa AGAIN ! #HealthcareGood morning.
Retweeted by LarryGOP is trying to pass abhorrent #GrahamCassidyBill for NO OTHER REASON than to get reelected in 2018! #StopGrahamCassidy
Retweeted by LarryHere again--for the last time, I promise--the British promo for SLEEPING BEAUTIES. Worth posting, 'cos it's good. !
Retweeted by Larry @washingtonpost Only a tyrant would threaten to destroy another nation without a fully staffed State Department and diplomacy apparatus.
Retweeted by Larry @LouiseMensch @WSJ Sometimes it seems like it takes MSM forever to catch up to you. Trump time makes a day feel lik…
Retweeted by LarryDonald Trump is a threat to humanity. #NorthKorea #UnitedNationsTrump, selling wolf tickets to NK, he didn't go to Vietnam, knows nothing of war, and slaughter.When u get all white men legislating anything, we all lose. Trump & the Republican Party are taking us back decades!
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@northeast_mama w w nWWW ee WW . W q @Constitution_7 @,,,,,,,,,,, co-founder,,,,,,,,,,----- h @LACaldwellDCMy mom just died from metastatic cancer 10 days ago. Had it not been for ACA I would have lost her 11 months ago.…
Retweeted by LarryYou may have heard that Graham-Cassidy shifts money to red states but AZ, KY, WV, MT, ND, TN, AR, LA, NC, IN, IA ar…
Retweeted by LarryGraham-Cassidy is a disaster waiting to happen. Actually seems worse than the previous bills...
Retweeted by LarryA picture says a thousand words @realDonaldTrump #UNGA
Retweeted by LarryLisa Murkowski and John McCain are gonna decide Cassidy-Graham's fate. Think we can call that at this point.
Retweeted by LarryWe're Live! Everything you wanted to know about the Russia Investigation in one place. Visit
Retweeted by LarryTrump's UN speech is despicable trash. He's standing in front of an international diplomatic organization arguing nationalism and war.
Retweeted by LarryNazis are literally murdering people in our communities. 2017.
Retweeted by LarryThis man is going to kill us all.
Retweeted by Larry"Dylann Roof wants to fire Jewish and Indian lawyers - his 'political and biological enemies'" -
Retweeted by LarryWhite man arrested in killings of two black men in Louisiana #p2 #ctl
Retweeted by Larry3. One reason Graham/Cassidy is close to passage is that no one really understands it. Educate yourself.
Retweeted by Larry @WMoulthrope Yes, these two nuts could get us all killed.