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Air force veteran, retired peace officer. A pragmatist, therefore no conservatives; or libertarians. Re-tweets mean nothing. I abhor arrogance. No lists.

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Found 7 new unfollowers via Congress votes to roll back internet privacy protection VIDEO: It is TREASON and it will end Trump's presidency - and we may have just seen a preview of the Big Finale
Retweeted by LarryJUST IN: Funding for Trump's border wall with Mexico likely to be put on hold
Retweeted by Larry#GOPCare #TheResistance #Indivisible #Vets #WomensMarch #Dems #Women #GOPWomen #BLM #Latinas #Asian #FF RT
Retweeted by LarryJust dandy for mother earth. Green groups denounce Trump’s ‘all-out assault’ on climate regulations yea, i thought #Obama will only be known for being the first black president...
Retweeted by LarryI miss the Obama's, they were like a family show. #amJoyWe're roughly two months into the Trump Presidency, and it is the worst start to a time in office I have ever seen.
Retweeted by LarryCongrats to Ivanka on her new West Wing office/job! Notice FoxNews doesn't say a word when a white girl gets a free government phone?
Retweeted by LarryIn Their 20's! Hillary Was Fighting To End Segregation! Trump Was Sued For Discrimination! #DeedsMatterInLife
Retweeted by LarryBill O'Reilly and you wonder why people call you guys racist deplorables. Because you are. @MaxineWaters got to you b/c she is Right.
Retweeted by LarryTo give one's daughter power to govern, you give power to her husband. #AMJoyI have the utmost compassion, for black, and brown, motorist's. And they know why. #racism #racist #profiling #AMJoy#Trump begins tearing up #Obama's years of #progress on tackling #ClimateChange His stupidity costs the earth!
Retweeted by Larry
Nissan recalls 56,000 Murano SUV over power-steering fluid leak Baltimore man who allegedly stabbed a black man to death in New York last week has been charged with murder as an act of terrorism.
Retweeted by LarryGeorgia Republicans pass racial gerrymander to kick black voters out of GOP districts: via @slate #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by LarryDNC Chair #Perez Just Predicted Major #Indictments That Will Take Down The #Republican Party
Retweeted by LarryWe wouldn't have Trump if people hadn't decided they wanted a racist, misogynist sexual predator over an incredibly…
Retweeted by Larry @mmpadellan no repeal of Obamacare just minor fixes, don't remove Medicaid expansion in fact expand to a Medicaid for all govt opition
Retweeted by LarrySounds familiar... republicans always screech, "They're paid protesters!." whenever their policies are protested ag…
Retweeted by Larry#Republicans, are adoring our past, and present adversary. #Russia #AMJoyNobody, I mean nobody, walks away from the mike like 44. #AMJoyGlass-Steagall Act
Retweeted by LarryDon't celebrate fall of AHCA too much. Make no mistake: the #ConManInChief & Tom Price intend to strangle ACA until it's dead. Be vigilant!
Retweeted by LarryThis shows how much racism homophobia & Christian intolerance exists in USA There is no other reason for an ordina…
Retweeted by LarryGermany was able to thwart #RussianHacking according to report.
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Anti-Trump bump leads to wave of Democratic candidates in states via @nbcnews
Retweeted by LarryMalia Obama's Weekend Outfit Is the Perfect '90s Throwback - 6 new unfollowers via Kaepernick has donated: -60 Tons of food to Somalia -$1Million to #BLM -$50K to Meals on Wheels -$50K to #StandingRock Salute.
Retweeted by LarryPaul Ryan pledges that he is not done trying to take healthcare away from Americans
Retweeted by Larrybtw, collapse of Trumpcare completely undercuts argument that Dems are "distracted" by Russia controversy; that they can't multi-task
Retweeted by LarryYes! RT @WMoulthrope: @expedience2 Fastest way for meaningful change, #voteGreen2018with2020VisionI just know, #44 is somewhere laughing at the #Republicans. #AMJoy44 wanted to increase bandwidth in rural area's; 45 not so much! #AMJoy#Republicans now know, #healthcare is sacrosanct to the #Anerican people. #AMJoyActually, #Republicans beat themselves, with such draconian #healthcare policies. #AMJoy #good#Progressives take this recent win, into 2018. #Congress #Senate #AMJoy#Democrats walked in lock step thru this fight. Please proceed! #44 #AMJoyLove This... Love Obama... Miss Obama...
Retweeted by LarryHere is what @msnbc should be discussing relentlessly. Was #Trump installed by #Russia to destabilize the the Unit…
Retweeted by LarryA former Russian lawmaker who compared Putin to Hitler was shot and killed in Ukraine
Retweeted by Larry
Just remember we passed up a Secretary of State for a Reality Star. Now we're baffled at Trump's behavior when Hillary warned us all.
Retweeted by LarryTrump rallies today. So much winning. #MaGaha
Retweeted by LarryRetweet if you think @MSNBC should give @amjoyshow @JoyAnnReid Greta's timeslot DAILY! #AMJOY
Retweeted by Larry lol lol lol /RT @OneAngryMonk: Immigrant woman regrets voting Trump now that husband is (cont) Blasio blames Trump rhetoric for hate crimes across U.S.
Retweeted by LarryDemocrat Jon Ossoff Is Gaining Ground in Georgia Special Election to Replace Tom Price
Retweeted by LarryThe #Trump Campaign Has Been Under Investigation Since July #TrumpRussia via @eosnos
Retweeted by LarryThis video of a little black girl being followed home is chilling. Look at how the guy on the top right backs off w…
Retweeted by LarryYesterday we gave tax breaks to leerjet owners. Today we moved closer to increasing taxes on mobile home owners. #wvpol #leerjetjustice
Retweeted by LarryObama Just Responded To Trump’s Attempt To Destroy Obamacare And It’s PERFECT – A statesman
Retweeted by Larry#missingdcgirls #Pedogate
Retweeted by LarryWhat an amazing woman/role model...
Retweeted by LarryMan I'm soul weary of seeing dash cam and cell phone video of black citizens in custody who end up dead. This nation has a problem.
Retweeted by LarryYou know what to do. Let's get it done.
Retweeted by LarryThe media seems to be ignoring the power of the people as usual.
Retweeted by LarryHas anyone seen where the President, attacked Putin? #AMJoyThose townhall protests work. #Healthcare #amJoyThe failed passing of #Republican #healthcare, points directly to public protests at townhalls. #AMJoy #protestsNot that much actually. Your bill polled at 17%. 83% of the country is doing just fine.
Retweeted by LarryTomorrow's front page: TRUMPCARE FIASCO - Trump, Ryan lead U.S. to epic health-care reform failure…
Retweeted by LarryAmerican dignity, humanity, grace, charm, intellect, and eloquence: @POTUS and @FLOTUS44. Anyone with a heart and a…
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‘Lining their own pockets’: Pharma firm gives $500,000 to fight legal weed – then gets the OK on synthetic pot
Retweeted by LarryAlphonse almost FROZE to DEATH doing his job. #SCOTUS nom Gorsuch ruled against him Nurses oppose #Gorsuch:…
Retweeted by Larry20. The construction of Obamacare and the "coalition of stakeholders" that now defends it was political genius. The GOP is in trouble.
Retweeted by Larry#RT @coldandnervous #TrumpCareFail The Art of the Deal #KillTheBill #Obamacare Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer
Retweeted by LarryAmen!
Retweeted by LarryI miss having a president that laughs. (And a president that thinks. And a president that has a heart. And a presid…
Retweeted by LarryDealmaker Trump can’t close the Obamacare deal #Obamacarerepeal #KilltheBill #ObamaCareRocks
Retweeted by LarryNatarsha, whose breast cancer was caught early because of a screening at Planned Parenthood, which Republicans woul…
Retweeted by LarryToday was a victory for all Americans.
Retweeted by Larry❤#Obama #Obamacare
Retweeted by LarryNow that their health care bill failed epically, we can go back to focusing on the giant, billowing scandal about GOP collusion with Russia.
Retweeted by LarryNow it's time to fix the parts of #Obamacare, like getting insurance costs and drug prices under control, that we can actually achieve.
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