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Air force veteran, retired peace officer. Pragmatic, ergo, no conservatives; or libertarians. Re-tweets mean nothing. I abhor arrogance, and hypocrisy. No lists

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My open letter to an unconvicted Nazi mass murderer. Hoping that he faces justice. Grateful to @HuffPost.…
Retweeted by LarryGood/ RT @thehill: #BREAKING: Federal judges reject GOP suit challenging new PA congressional map…"Today's school breakfast fuels stronger students who can focus and learn; tomorrow, these students will become the…
Retweeted by Larry @foxnews talked all last week about Farrakhan, who never hung anyone, he spoke at West Point, but nothing said about Nazis, or the's stats : 1 new follower, 2 new unfollowers, 202 non-followers. found via @FoxNews you spread racial tension, and #hatred. @MadisonSiriusXM Great show, as usual. @MadisonSiriusXM Not sure of a blue wave in November, we have #gerrymandering #Russians to content with.No due process for McCabe. #presidentmayhem #revenge @cnnbrk Domestic Terrorists!!
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College professors did not allow Clara B. Williams inside the classroom because she was Black. But that didn’t stop…
Retweeted by LarryInterestingly, the K.K.K. and other Nazi groups aren't on the terrorist list like Muslims, after killing black litt… offer to hire Andrew McCabe to help him collect pension #goodif he can shoot someone on 5th avenue, and get away with it. What effect will a porn star have on anything. #amjoytoday's stats : 2 new followers, 202 non-followers. found via
Retweet if you're watching tonight's new episode of The #DeadFiles!
Retweeted by LarryTonight is a good time to remember that Trump is obsessed--utterly and always--with revenge.
Retweeted by LarryThe last two Democratic presidents were a Rhodes scholar and a law professor before going into politics. The last t…
Retweeted by LarryBotswana accuses US of 'encouraging' elephant poaching via @YahooNews
Retweeted by LarryAndrew McCabe says his dismissal was an act of retaliation #truth#deadfiles fans- it’s the mid-season finale. All hell breaks loose after a Tennessee woman adopts a baby boy. Steve…
Retweeted by LarryI can only say two words "if Obama?" #dropsmic #AMJoy
Retweeted by LarryNobody is suprised #StormyDaniels was threathened. #AMJoySeeing President Obama's on #AMJoy today was reminiscent, of a better time in's stats : 2 new unfollowers, 202 non-followers. found via firing Andrew McCabe days before he was to receive his pension simply to appease Trump's bloodlust, Jefferson Be…
Retweeted by Larry#FF @VFW_Vet @cantcu @expedience2 @xobekim @cyber_magakitty @KarenChestney @voter1vote @wonderfullone @Progress4OHIO1
Retweeted by Larry @DavidSchantz @VFW_Vet @cantcu @expedience2 @xobekim @cyber_magakitty @KarenChestney @voter1vote @wonderfullone
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How petty, and vengeful, too fired a man with 2 days to go, before his retirement. #hate #petty #meanspirited @cnn @msnbc #evilThere's that difference between me and Bannon again. He likes his fascists to be fascists. I like fascists hangin…
Retweeted by LarryA black man brutally beaten at last year’s white supremacist rally in Charlottesville — and who was later charged w…
Retweeted by Larry👏🏼EPIC👏🏼TROLLING👏🏼 Someone took the liberty of posting the menu *outside* the #Russian🇷🇺Embassy in the U.K.‼️🤣😂🤣…
Retweeted by LarryPutin in rare photo meeting with his #Spetsnaz ,operating as a biker group for cover in Moscow. Now operating openl…
Retweeted by LarryEryn 💕💕💕 all I can say is Thank You
Retweeted by LarryHeroic off-duty firefighter saves 3 neighbors from burning home May promised to 'take every step' against Russian assassins — two years before latest attack via @YahooNewsHey, @foxnews why don't you talk about the K.K.K. ?today's stats : 2 new followers, 202 non-followers. found via
State of Tennessee has voted today to allow white supremacists free reign. How R minority groups going to prepare t…
Retweeted by Larry100k up your nose a month. #justsayinThe guy has two and a half days left... ON LEAVE. Let him retire with his damn pension fully vested.
Retweeted by LarryLeaked email shows North Carolina GOP panicking over Pennsylvania upset
Retweeted by Larrytoday's stats : 4 new unfollowers, 202 non-followers. found via governor of South Carolina, attacked school kids, who are demonstrating for #gunsafety. @MadisonSiriusXM Yes, You're the "Real morning Joe.
#WednesdayWisdom Sane America stands solidly with our British allies. Putin can go to Hell. #UK #USA 🇬🇧🇺🇸
Retweeted by LarryWow! > One Newspaper in German Had the Guts to Print What Every Sane American Thinks about Trump. And It’s Brutal.…
Retweeted by Larrytoday's stats : 1 new follower, 2 new unfollowers, 201 non-followers. found via
His fault. Ignorant for him to even take the job.
Retweeted by Larry"I think many of us could see that Donald Trump was going to be a very poor president. What we couldn't see is how…
Retweeted by LarryBlack men defended and protected a country that has never done the same for them.
Retweeted by LarryTuskegee Airman Floyd Carter Sr., 95, Dies
Retweeted by LarryThis man blocked traffic with his truck so he could get out and help an elderly person cross the street
Retweeted by LarryChina says it has developed invisibility cloaks that may be used on fighter jets
Retweeted by Larry#Media runs with all stories of Stormy, day in day out. And nothing will come it. @msnbc @cnnSometimes karma is just right: Waffle House waitress helps man cut his food, gets scholarship via @usatodayThe entire #Republican party, needs to be impeached. @MadisonSiriusXm Your curse jar is suffering.Washington State Just Made It Easier To Prosecute Police for Using Deadly Force
Retweeted by LarryAttention Democrats:
Retweeted by LarryYou're gonna see polls saying @ConorLambPA is ahead. Ignore it. Assume gerrymandering. Assume cheating. Assume supp…
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URGENT: If you are in Austin, DO NOT TOUCH any packages left on your doorstep. Don't open them or touch them. Perio…
Retweeted by LarryStop for a moment and just imagine what the reaction on Capitol Hill would have been if the Obama administration ha…
Retweeted by LarryFollow GA Dem candidates to flip US Congress: #GA07 @KathleenAllenGA @Carolyn4GA7 @DavidKim2018 @SteveReilly2018
Retweeted by Larry @MadisonSiriusXM Yes Joe, don't let them talk their personal's stats : 1 new follower, 2 new unfollowers, 200 non-followers. found via @MadisonSiriusXM Reagan killed the fairness doctrine, and opened the door for "FakeNews".The #Republican political party, is really a racist cabal. #Justsayin
#AMJoy First , they came for the undocumented immigrants... And you didn’t speak up ... Eventually... They will come for you
Retweeted by LarryIf you're not angry and a little bit frightened by the fact that Trump & Sessions are turning ICE into the American…
Retweeted by Larrytoday's stats : 2 new unfollowers, 204 non-followers. found via
Listen to Obama whenever possible you will hear him talk about TV and it's effect. He points out that the right has…
Retweeted by LarryCould a Californian Be the Next President? / via @politicomag Would vote for Jerry Brown in s heart beat.#unhackthevote Trump wants authority over polling places!!
Retweeted by LarryWhen this wild sheep got his horns stuck around a tree, this runner knew he had to help 🐑💪🏽
Retweeted by LarryWanted, a parade for a draft dodger. #AMJoy @SStarr40319842 @Ronniekorn @b00gie_mama @AtomicElbow1 @wkufans2 @amory_miller @Lt_Hicox @lieutenant_aldo
Retweeted by LarryFew facts you may not know about the Parkland shooter: • He wore a Make America Great Again hat • Had a swastika…
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