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Air force veteran, retired peace officer. A pragmatist, therefore no conservatives; or libertarians. Re-tweets mean nothing. I abhor arrogance. No lists.

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.@realDonaldTrump You HATE @BarackObama, but NOT AS MUCH AS YOU HATE NOT BEING him. Obama's the quintessential POTU…
Retweeted by Larry @BarackObama Barack Obama, you are the light that continue to shine in the presence of ignorance, and hate.…
Retweeted by Larry @BarackObama We love and miss you & Michelle, please come back soon & save this country from racist fascists in the…
Retweeted by Larry @BarackObama We miss you @BarackObama
Retweeted by Larry @BarackObama Mr President , it appears that your legacy is too damn strong that no one can question it. Feel proud…
Retweeted by Larry @BarackObama No one can compare to you, President Obama. However, the closest has to be Sen.McCain. Sending prayer…
Retweeted by Larry @BarackObama You are a class act. All the way.
Retweeted by Larry @BarackObama @erikweber Look at all the "likes" . America really misses you Obama. I'm ready for another black…
Retweeted by Larry @BarackObama Classiest. President. Ever.
Retweeted by LarryJohn McCain is an American hero & one of the bravest fighters I've ever known. Cancer doesn't know what it's up against. Give it hell, John.
Retweeted by LarryIt takes courage to stand up in front of the crowd, baying for your opponent's blood, and deny them the red meat th…
Retweeted by LarryI've been thinking about this John McCain moment from the 2008 campaign a lot lately. Even more so tonight.
Retweeted by LarrySen. McCain lost the 08 election partly because he didn't lean into discrimination against Pres. Obama. For that, a…
Retweeted by LarryThe 6 months of this adminstration, feels like 6 years. @msnbc @cnn @foxnewsWonder why they wanted all of our social security numbers and voter information first?
Retweeted by LarrySays the man who locked every Democrat and all but 13 Republicans out of the room while plotting to delete 22 milli…
Retweeted by LarryMore Foreign Workers Requested By Trump’s Mar-A-Lago #MAGA! #MadeInAmerica !
Retweeted by LarryIf Hillary won There would be no Russia Crap We would have real Press Conferences Experienced-Pro Cabinet Advisors wouldn't be kids ONLY IF!
Retweeted by LarryWow. Just wow. #trump
Retweeted by LarryRight wing media more interested in what Michael Vick say's, than Comrade Trump. #tcot #AMJoyToday, more than 300 Carrier workers in Indy lose their jobs.
Retweeted by LarryShe was warned by Hillary/ RT @MoveOn: She voted for @realDonaldTrump, but now she's furious he's (cont) president 6 months now, feels like 6 years.Make the people pay, because a blackman came up with #healthcare for all. #45 #AMJoyTrump administration ends Affordable Care Act contracts in 18 cities
Retweeted by LarryNot sure that many know this, but John McCain's mom is still alive, at 105. #SenatorJohnMcCain
Retweeted by LarryTrump wants to end ACA subsidy payments. Immediately halting them would likely tip the Obamacare markets into chaos…
Retweeted by LarryIf Sessions were to resign, I almost shudder to think what horror would replace him. Things always get worse with this crowd, not better.
Retweeted by Larry @PreetBharara John McCain was always a decent person.Dear Decency, You are sorely missed. - America
Retweeted by LarryTrump telling everyone to buy American is like Foster Brooks doing ads for Alcoholics Anonymous.
Retweeted by LarryWhile John McCain fights another deadly battle, let's remember Donald Trump's own sacrifices in Vietnam and disresp…
Retweeted by Larry
Trump loves Putin, so expect #theokeydoke #AMJoyTrump doesn't have an administration, he has a cabal. #AMJoy @MSNBC @CNN @FoxNewsWhat do you patriots like about Putin? He would live to destroy America? #AMJoy #tcot @MSNBC @CNN @FoxNewsWhat are #Democrats doing to prevent hacking of the 2018 election.To discredit a blackman legacy tRump will let 22 million lose their #healthcare. #AMJoyObamacare works in states that wanted it to work. Easiest fix is to elect Democrats at state level aka people who care about others.
Retweeted by Larry3 Republican women effectively killed McConnell's latest ACA repeal plan # via @HuffPostWomen
Retweeted by LarryStatus quo isn't working.We're asking all House Dems support #PeoplesPlatform. Join us: RTp…
Retweeted by LarryY'all realize if your are able to become pregnant, that's a pre-existing condition?.@POTUS wants to sabotage health care. @SenateGOP wants to repeal and run. This is an abdication of their duty to t…
Retweeted by LarryHouse GOP Recklessly Pursues Privatization of Medicare in Budget Process
Retweeted by LarryGOP senator says Congress could act within weeks to repeal consumer protection regulation via @bi_contributors
Retweeted by LarryFound 9 new unfollowers via is sunglasses for the iris. #eyesBrown eyes are brown because of the melanin in them, to protect from the sun. #superiorHow #stupid is it, to speak with Putin, and use his interpreter? #Russia #money # collusion #treason @MadisonSiriusXM Yes, Joe that Minneapolis cop should be in jail.Y'all who voted for this #racist President, might get to see total capitulation of #healthcare as we know it. #AMJoyA longtime casino consultant w at least two Russian government clients is now a State Dept advisor
Retweeted by LarryO.J. Simpson’s bid for prison release drawing national obsession /dont mess with married women.Former NYPD sergeant guilty of tossing semen on female co-worker #imagineLawmakers ask for review of Ivanka's security clearance idea of creating two years of hell for 35 million people and somehow having a calm, bi-partisan debate about healthcare is BONKERS.
Retweeted by LarryRIP Republican Health Care Bill. In lieu of flowers, please send new representatives to Congress in 2018.
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@SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski @SenCapito #RESPECT
Retweeted by LarryTrump-Putin are both guilty of fixing the election. The election was fixed. Time to throw out the corrupted results.
Retweeted by Larry#truth let #ObamaCare fail, I'm not going to own it. #fail #theokeydoke #Senate #fixit #AMJoyA man fought a bobcat on video. Then he found out it had rabies.
Retweeted by LarryAre #Democrats aware Russia will hack us again in 2018? #election #midterms #AMJoyToday: Rohrbacher held a closed townhall to a 55+ community Yesterday: He Defended Russian hacking See you in 2018.
Retweeted by LarrySecond Putin,Trump, meeting, how many more, do we not know about? #AMJoy #truth #justsayinAdminstration has no critical thinkers, or they"d fix the A.C.A. and Trump sabotaging the A.C.A. #healthcare #theokeydokeDonaldTrump: Let A.C.A fail, then we can fix it. #ObamaCare"Freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression." -Nelson Mandela…
Retweeted by LarryAmerica, where one political party wants your #healthcare, and the other fights to keep it. #theokeydokeWhen Senators want your A.C.A. but keep it for themselves, that's #theokeydoke #justsayin #AMJoyCharter schools take public school money, to educate the wealthy child. #education #theokeydokePresident Obama: A superior human in EVERY way. Class Intellect Character Leadership Diligence Dignity Honor RETW…
Retweeted by LarryIf You Called Verizon Customer Support This Year, Change Your PIN Right Now via @dailyjuezmz
Retweeted by LarryIn America we are culturally conditioned to believe white is superior, and black is inferior.
Retweeted by LarryWith both houses AND the presidency, Republicans STILL can't win. #Trumpcare is dead, now they wanna kill Obamacare, cut Medicare! #RESIST
Retweeted by LarryFired cop who killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards indicted for murder | theGrio via @theGrio @MadisonSiriusXM /RT @AriBerman: House GOP voted to eliminate federal agency preventing voting (cont) destroy a healthcare system that works is the height of irresponsibility. We will not bail you out of a crisis o…
Retweeted by Larry @realDonaldTrump @tkdmike @MittRomney @BarackObama
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