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Air force veteran, retired peace officer. A pragmatist, therefore no conservatives; or libertarians. Re-tweets mean nothing. I abhor arrogance. No lists.

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Texas rep Al Green , who called for trumps impeachment, now employing bodyguards. #justsayinY'all realize it's a Breitbart White House right? #SteveBannon #AMJoyDismayed John Kerry says Harvard grads should 'Buy Rosetta Stone and learn Russian. ' - you yahoo's, #Republicans want your #healthcare, to remove the black guy's great legacy. #preconditions #deathpanels #tcotTrump resurrected the term UGLY AMERICAN. #AMJoy @about_scout Yes, I know, wondering can we survive that long?Ignore a huge voting block, Dems might lose more in 2018. less than 6 months., but the tax returns are necessary though not sufficient part of the dirty truth. We need them and will get the…
Retweeted by LarryTrump must have said some outrageous things behind closed doors for the cautious Markel to make this statement. Pu…
Retweeted by LarryAngela Merkel "Germany can no longer rely on Donald Trump's America. We Europeans must take our destiny into our own hands" Unbelievable!
Retweeted by LarryThese heroic men-one an Army veteran-who stood up to hate in Portland, were shining examples & great Americans. RIP
Retweeted by LarryGermany's Merkel after G7: We can no longer "completely depend" on America as a partner
Retweeted by LarryEvery single Trump supporter eventually...
Retweeted by LarryHe couldn't have done more damage to world stability during this trip if he tried. And he tried. Saying this was a…
Retweeted by Larry @Lionwoman54 Let's hear your's?Add your name: Senate Republicans must #VoteNo on Trumpcare @moveon #IAmAPreexistingCondition
Retweeted by LarryWere, #PresidentObama white, #Republicans would be improving the A.C.A. #amJoy #Obamacare @MadisonSiriusXM, and JeffSessions, are to be feared, tRump is about money. #amJoytRump: i'll build a wall to stop crime, but money laundering that's alright. #banks #amJoy #JeffSessionsJeff Sessions, will prosceute, a nickel bag, but let a bank slide for money laundering. #amJoyDon't waste your energy on tRump's base, their with him regardless. #G7Summit #amJoyYour President has no couth! #G7Summit #amJoyYou myst give respect to get respect. #G7Summit #amJoyY'all realize tRump is sabotaging the A.C.A. #amJoyThis President isn't us. #amJoy#Democrats need a strong people message. #amJoyAll the time/ RT @amjoyshow: Our #AMJoy panel reminds #DonaldTrump that sometime *HE* is the (cont), and this President, are above the law. #amJoy #RussiaTired of the lies. #MarchForTruth #AMJoyMerica' where people buy guns according to political President. #amJoy @angelme @DanLamothe Elite squad!Army Spc. Etienne Murphy died Friday in a vehicle rollover in Syria. He was 22, and a member of the elite 75th Rang…
Retweeted by LarryThis nightmare Trump disaster is really just the beginning....
Retweeted by LarryTrump-Bannon trickle-down. This isn't​ politics. This is murderous fascism in our country.
Retweeted by LarryNot smart enough to vet HIMSELF. the key away. Oregonian has identified the assailant in yesterday's double homicide/hate crime as Jeremy Christian.…
Retweeted by LarryThey were complicit in his election. Trump! A terror attack on American soil & no statement?Oh thats right..the terrorist was a racist white guy so…
Retweeted by LarryExperts agree: #Trump is obstructing justice in Russia probe
Retweeted by LarrySecret communications between Russia& Trump & his people are essential to transmit USA Secret Info to Putin, and for Putin to control the WH
Retweeted by LarryWatch A Mentally Not There Trump Wander Off From Meeting And Be Brought Back By Staff
Retweeted by Larry @KensingtonRoyal @BarackObama America's true president! Please don't take offense by Charlatan Trump - he won't be…
Retweeted by Larry @KensingtonRoyal @1roughjourney @BarackObama I love this. 💞 Such a bright spot in the bullshit of the past 9 days…
Retweeted by Larry
@KensingtonRoyal @BarackObama *forever President Barack Obama
Retweeted by Larry @KensingtonRoyal @BarackObama Thank you Prince Harry for being a wonderful host to our PRESIDENT Barack Obama
Retweeted by Larry @KensingtonRoyal @BarackObama You know, deep down inside in that place he doesn't talk about at parties, Obama is e…
Retweeted by Larry @KensingtonRoyal @BarackObama Mr. President @POTUS44 your vacay is over. Come back home...USA is being neglected really "bigly."
Retweeted by LarryPrince Harry hosted former US President @BarackObama at Kensington Palace today.
Retweeted by LarryNow your tax dollars will pay for a 'war room' to defend Donald Trump from the Russia investigation. #MarchForTruth
Retweeted by LarryMe too, Pope Francis.
Retweeted by LarryJoin us on June 3rd! #MarchForTruth!
Retweeted by LarryBlack 12 yr olds are depicted as malicious, adult-like actors, yet Kushner is already being referred to as "a naive 30 yr old." Wonder why?
Retweeted by LarryTrump wants to create a financial crisis where only the very wealthy can afford to live
Retweeted by LarryVideo of #Portland stabbing suspect confronting police while still wielding the knife he used to kill 2.…
Retweeted by Larryhe's just not there. there's nothing going on in that head.
Retweeted by LarryYou knew this was coming, folks. This was the whole point.
Retweeted by LarryAll gave some, some gave all, and some had fake bone spurs.
Retweeted by LarryDonald Trump is the reason other nations turn and give us that funny look. He's not representative of who we are as a nation #morningjoe
Retweeted by LarryWho the Fuck cares that Russians are Frustrated? Think warning a free media is smart? Let the Investigative Journal…
Retweeted by LarryTaliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche - he will always be remembered as A HERO. One of the victims of #Portland stabbing.
Retweeted by LarryTrump Administration Closes in on Birth Control Benefit
Retweeted by LarryAnother judge, again a POC
Retweeted by LarryYesterday a white supremacist murdered two people in Portland. I don't want to hear any more about broken windows at protests.
Retweeted by LarrySuspect in Portland Hate Crime Murders is a Known White Supremacist
Retweeted by Larry @letat_lechat @BetsyGervasi @RepAdamSchiff @meganmckenzie94 absolutely @RepAdamSchiff @meganmckenzie94 He's going to undo everything that President Obama put into place. How long will it…
Retweeted by LarryElderly #TrumpUniversity plaintiffs die waiting for checks
Retweeted by LarryMalcolm Nance Says FBI Should Assume Kushner Was Planning To Share 'Nuclear Codes' With Putin via @politicususa
Retweeted by LarryWoW didn't say Friday we were leaving N.A.T.O. did he? #AMJoy #dogwhistleBetcha, he wouldn't have shoved Putin. #AMJoyWe have a President who'd call fire in a crowded movie. #AMJoy @shawsaluto And to stupid to realize there will be a placement. @edz1 Yes, that balcony scene.#Media better start telling it like it is, before they are nullified altogether. #AMJoy @MSNBC @FoxNewsY'all saw the smug expression on tRumps face after pushing that gentleman aside? #AMJoy