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Ezra Collective @EzraCollective

Award winning band from London. Playing Jazz, Afrobeat, and Hip Hop. 'Space Is The Place' OUT NOW! Link to download and Pre order our upcoming EP below!

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If you catch just 1 of my shows this year, let it be today on @1BTNradio at 3 - it's the real crème de la crème shi…
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @FemiOnDrums @EzraCollective By force by fire, I'm seeing you guys next year.
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @FemiOnDrums @EzraCollective @gillespeterson Congratulations guys! Well deserved. 👑👑👑👑👑👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
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ezra collective - juan pablo: the philosopher @EzraCollective
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveRespect to man like Gilles featuring @EzraCollective in 50 essential jazz records. Honour to be featured. Real talk…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveJheeezee that new @EzraCollective on @gillespeterson this weekend ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
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Monday morning 8-10am GMT @Back2BackFM #southroadcellar Deepness Guaranteed #ElvinJones feat new music from…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveI took my friends to the @EzraCollective show in Leeds a few weeks ago. Last night they surprised me with this coz…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveFuturepast Zine: Music Reviews December 2017: @Slainednb @H3ADG3AR @chemist_rns
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Just played a forthcoming track 'Pure Shade' from @EzraCollective on @BBC6Music... which'll be on @brownswood's Lon…
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Spent the evening cooking, listening to @EzraCollective 🙌🏻 Dang sure I’ll do it again!
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveMy new favourite thing! Listening to @EzraCollective grooving round the kitchen on a Friday eve. Happy weekend everyone
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveThis is exactly what the music was written for. Have a dope weekend. ❤️💛💚**NEW SHOW** Constellations #105 Feat:@Bibio @RoddyFrame @tearsforfears @prefab_sprout @EzraCollective
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveLast few copies of this heatrock from @EzraCollective
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Ahead of @DHradioshow on Monday - here's November's mixtape! Put a rocket up your drizzly Thursday - New wax from…
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @gillespeterson Track @PenyaBand - Beat Your Demon Album @porticoquartet - Art in the Age of Automation EP…
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Check out the @Jazzfuel Dec playlist, great tracks by @Mosesboydexodus @TheonCross @EzraCollective and more…
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Brownswood to release compilation showcasing London’s bright young jazz scene
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@FemiOnDrums @EzraCollective @Urbanmusicaward Excellent and congratulations!
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Big up @EzraCollective for winning Best Jazz Act at the @urbanmusicaward last night! So well deserved, their sets a…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveOne of my best-friends @Dupe_xo made a YouTube channel, check the link and retweet. She has a voice and I can’t wai…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveHuge congratulations to wonderful #NNF17 artists @EzraCollective, deserved winners of 'Best Jazz Act'…
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @EzraCollective The Philosopher is a great record. Just got my LP in the mail yesterday!
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @joeArmonJones @EzraCollective @Urbanmusicaward Well deserved, guys! Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings!
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveWE WON!!! ☄️☄️☄️☄️ Last night @EzraCollective won "Best Jazz Act" at the @Urbanmusicaward thanks to everybody for your support!!
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveLast night we won "Best Jazz Act" at the @Urbanmusicaward this means a lot to us, massive shout outs to everyone who has supported us! ☄️☄️
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveLast night we won "Best Jazz Act" at the @Urbanmusicaward this means a lot to us, massive shout outs to everyone who has supported us! ☄️☄️Last night @EzraCollective won ‘Best Jazz’ at the @Urbanmusicaward. I’m so grateful and proud. Thank you everyone t…
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2017 Little chat on @1xtra about @EzraCollective and other…
Retweeted by Ezra Collective#peopleintrouble on @1Xtra shout out to @jamzsupernova & @jessefkhoward ☄️☄️☄️☄️
Retweeted by Ezra Collective#peopleintrouble on @1Xtra shout out to @jamzsupernova & @jessefkhoward ☄️☄️☄️☄️ @joeArmonJones played Keys in our #MaidaVale session! He's also part of @EzraCollective & shared his t…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveRight now @joeArmonJones talks Jazz and presses play on new @EzraCollective for @jamzsupernova ➡️➡️…
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UK is killing it right now - a few artists to check out...
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveListening to @EzraCollective. I’m not a jazz guy, but I dig it.
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveCatch me on @PyroRadio 2100-2300 GMT tonight with a whole two hours to myself this time! Music from @FarOutRecs
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@matthew_hilton @spotify @ezracollective Shake your groove thang, hot doc
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveNew find from @Spotify - @EzraCollective Loving these grooves 🎵♥️
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveYou know when you lock into your zone... 😩 @EzraCollective Tour has been incredible.
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveLive Review: @EzraCollective@PatternsBTN – 16th Nov '17 #LiveMusic #Brighton #EzraCollective
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveShout to whoever runs the social media accounts for @chaseandstatus @LEVELZMCR @Pola_Bryson @kimandpia_nts
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @EzraCollective live #alcazar #roma
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Q for @EzraCollective Rome show for the last show of the #juanpablothephilosopher tour. Let's get it!!🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveWe up in #Italy tonight! Playing at #alcazar in #Rome come through and party with us if you local!
Wasn’t actually prepared for how incredible the @EzraCollective show in Paris was. Had no idea there were so many E…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveTonight on @NetilRadio I’m celebrating all the freshest jazz post @LondonJazzFest with an interview…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveListen back to 'Jazz/Hip-Hop Week' of my radio show ft. @EzraCollective @sowetokinch @robertglasper @joeArmonJones
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveEzra Collective & Kokoroko end @LondonJazzFest with an afro beat bang! @kokorokomusic
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Copenhagen was incredible last night. Honoured to be mashing work at @newmorning in Paris tonight with…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveNo one deserves it more. Her work rate is inspiring. Vote for excellence today. Proud of you @JorjaSmith. ❤️💛💚
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveShouts to @AIAIAItweet for the headphone hook up ☄️☄️☄️☄️ live on @LeMellotron in 15 mins tune in!
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveGoing live on @LeMellotron in 15 mins tune in! This @EzraCollective was mixed by the incredible @floatingpoints 🤤🍯
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveCurrently playing some exciting new-gen jazz from @EzraCollective and loving it. Tune in to Breakfast with Jim and…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveDoing a live stream with @EzraCollective on @LeMellotron like now. Tune in 🔥
Retweeted by Ezra Collective[THIS WEEK] @EzraCollective @AurelianX @paloma__colombe @IvanAvenue @ImportedParis #JacksonMilas @La_Pause_
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveWe playing @newmorning #paris tonight!!! Come through and party with us ☄️☄️☄️ at @newmorning tonight with @EzraCollective Femi and Dylan are well rested @ New…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveEzra Collective are taking Jazz to a whole new level of awesome @ezracollective #jazz #music #mfc4372
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Top top top peice of music.. Kèep doing what doing @EzraCollective #GottheFunk
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveHey @EzraCollective @nerijamusic @seedensemble @TheRookieLife hope u enjoy your shout outs on w @Church_of_Sound ☺️
Retweeted by Ezra Collective'Juan Pablo: The Philosopher' @EzraCollective
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveI know it's only been just over a month, but this genuinely gets better with every listen! Big up @EzraCollective!
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveListening to @EzraCollective at this godly hour
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveREVIEW: The furiously talented @EzraCollective spin through their repertoire, never missing an opportunity to highl…
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Finally found a plus side to being stuck on delayed trains - some AMAZING sets by @AnoushkaLucas @EzraCollective on…
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @JorjaSmith guest appearance at @EzraCollective show, euphoric live music
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveLive Review: @EzraCollective@PatternsBTN – 16th November 2017 #LiveMusic #Brighton
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveI KNOW they killed this one 🔥 Gutted I missed it ... @EzraCollective
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveWe completely condone @JmeBBK ‘s endorsement of @EzraCollective ! Really exciting young London Jazz group who were…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveCurrent listening playlist updated, 2 hours of new(ish) soul, electronic, funk, jazz and beats feat @NoyaRao
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveThere is only one thing that feels better than getting emails saying that #Vinyl records have been shipped to you:…
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @FemiOnDrums @Islington_AH @EzraCollective @JorjaSmith @nubya_garcia loved every minute. you and your crew's music is good for my health
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Love every time. Was an honour to witness the manic of @EzraCollective & be up on stage with you too ♥️♥️♥️
Retweeted by Ezra Collectivestill screaming internally bc @EzraCollective brought out @JorjaSmith without any warning wow my soul is soothed 💘
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveOur 6,000th news piece on 365Bristol - Interview with Femi Koleoso, Ezra Collective
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @femiondrums BEASTIN 👹🥁last night. @EzraCollective you guys killed…
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