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Mace Windu Riddim OUT NOW |Winners Jazz FM Awards “UK Jazz Act of the Year“ & “Live Experience of the Year“ 2018 |

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*NEW MUSIC* “Mace Windu Riddim“ is OUT NOW! Share it | download it | stream it | dance to it here:…
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @TJonBASS just completed a 3 year physiotherapy degree at Brunel University. Whilst doing this he has done over 5…
Retweeted by Ezra Collective.@EzraCollective i @CoelyCoely seran al #SayItLoud18! Tenim disponible un número limitat d'abonaments. Per només…
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'Mace Windu Riddum' is exactly as genius as the name suggests. @EzraCollective bangs.
Retweeted by Ezra Collectivenew school jazz from London, 4 original compositions & a Sun Ra cover: @EzraCollective
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@EzraCollective @Spotify Congrats on your great release
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveMace Windu Riddim is now in the @Spotify State of Jazz playlist ❤️💛💚 Jazz outfit @EzraCollective are back preaching the gospel of London’s burgeoning Jazz scene with their new singl…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveGot tickets for @EzraCollective at @theklabristol in November. Along with upcoming shows for @MammalHands
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveEarlybird with @LeFtO featuring new music from @AndersonPaak, @mcpb and @EzraCollective
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveFull tracklist from last nights show! Loads of exclusive tunes in the bag! Thankyou @EgoEllaMay @S4ULDN
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Jheezee @joeArmonJones @RflectRspondNOW & @EzraCollective 3 in row on @1Xtra w/ @jamzsupernova 👏🏼
Retweeted by Ezra Collective#NP @EzraCollective #MaceWinduRiddim on @1Xtra
Retweeted by Ezra Collective❤️💛💚“Mace Windu Riddim” is featured in @AppleMusic “Best of the Week” UK playlist! Thank you ❤️💚💛‘If you’re not mad at the world, you don’t have what it takes.’ - more relevant now than ever. Happy birthday to on…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveYeah. Ezra in the bible studied the prophets that came before him. And use that information to go forward. How we l… morning..... Mace Windu Riddim @EzraCollective oh my geeezeeee
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@GoldingGirl617 Haha try this: @GoldingGirl617 Thank you so much 💚💛❤️ we dropped a new tune last week hope you enjoy that one tooSUPER RANDOM: But the @EzraCollective's 'Juan Pablo: The Philosopher' EP is simply delicious. It's so smooth, easi…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveOFF THE HOOK #playmorejazz
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveStart your week right with "Mace Windu Riddim", brand new music from @EzraCollective👌 #NewMusicMonday 🙌…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveStart your week the right way 🙌
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveMore from the WE OUT HERE compilation on @brownswood up now - let’s go with Pure Shade from @EzraCollective today..…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveWe're excited to have @EzraCollective join us at Thekla on Tuesday 13 November and tickets are on sale now! Ticket…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveDiscovered @EzraCollective whilst listening to @BBC6Music and now can’t stop listening to them!
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Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveMace Windu Riddim is on @Spotify here....👀❤️💚💛“There’s no reason why a jazz concert can’t shut down a stadium.” Do not underestimate @ezracollective Great chatti…
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @EzraCollective @FemiOnDrums Played it in my show today
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Shouts to man like @gillespeterson for spinning Mace Windu Riddim on @BBC6Music check it here: Windu Riddim'A summer banger that pops from the first note' @clash_music on the new @EzraCollective release 🔥🔥#NewMusic
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveSO DAMN GOOD👌🏼those keys are insane
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveYes. You owe it to yourself to get up and listen to this.
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveI spoke to @EzraCollective for the latest @Jazzwise about the real philosophers in our society, the sound of London…
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Our Top Picks this week include @EzraCollective, @jungle4eva & @ginwigmore ⚽️📺🙌
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveJUST ANNOUNCED: Fresh from dropping their new single 'Mace Windu Riddim', the formidable @EzraCollective announce t…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveFamília! Fa uns dies us anunciàvem que @EzraCollective obrirà el #SayItLoud18! La setmana vinent anunciarem la se…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveNovember 2018 we tour the UK. Tickets now on sale. Come thruuu to an Ezra dance ❤️💛💚
@DeejayKwak You can still get it from @amazon or record stores around the world.🧡
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveThere’s a lot of sauce on this track. A lot.
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @EzraCollective Where's the Jar Jar Binks tribute??
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveThe entire next album. it guys! 💫🎵👌🏼 catchy feel good music that you just have to dance too!
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @FemiOnDrums @TJonBASS @EzraCollective @Spotify @AppleMusic Best name for a riddim 👏🏽
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveThe senate will decide your fate.
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveRun don’t walk.
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveHoly hell, the new @EzraCollective is GOOD. Get some Mace Windu rhythm in your ears & feet.
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveShoutout @EzraCollective on their new track. Tune is dope!
Retweeted by Ezra Collective @EzraCollective new track MACE WINDU out now!!! Listen here And here…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveYoooo @EzraCollective WOW
Retweeted by Ezra Collective14:00 - 16:00 He's back @FemiOnDrums is fresh of tour & live for the next two! Spinning his favourite bits from…
Retweeted by Ezra Collective'Mace Windu Riddim' @EzraCollective
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Retweeted by Ezra Collective @EzraCollective -> Mace Windu Riddim
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveNEW @EzraCollective JUST DROPPED ☄️☄️☄️ Cop from here
Retweeted by Ezra Collective.@EzraCollective's summer-fresh jazz blaster 'Mace Windu Riddim' pops from the first note...
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveVery excited to be back LIVE on @ReprezentRadio today! I’ll be spinning my favourite bits from @coachella festival,…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveNew @EzraCollective ‘Mace Windu Riddim’ is an absolute summer banger 👏🏼💥 It’s @clash_music track of the day so che…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveNew 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 from @ezracollective “Mace Windu…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveNEW MUSIC. Mace Windu Riddim by @EzraCollective. Out Now Everywhere.@Spotify @AppleMusic. RT. Spread the word. God…
Retweeted by Ezra Collective💚💛❤️*NEW MUSIC* “Mace Windu Riddim“ is OUT NOW! Share it | download it | stream it | dance to it here:…
Are you at @fielddaylondon this year? Make sure you check out @thisNAO @UncleSego @EzraCollective and more!…
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🙌 the postman has delivered the @EzraCollective - Juan Pablo: The Philosopher #vinyl
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveRecommended #vinyl purchase ➡️ Juan Pablo: The Philosopher by @EzraCollective via @TheRealMrBongo:…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveA real joy to find this on my doorstep this morning, and on my birthday too! Perfect timing - thank you…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveEnjoy Homie!!! hoodie and red lipstick production with the @ezracollective
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@EzraCollective back in stock
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🌟 #NewMusicFriday 🌟 New #vinyl releases from @ArcticMonkeys @BeaccchHoussse @EzraCollective @SeaandCake
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveOne of the last few places to grab the Juan Pablo: The Philosopher vinyl is @amazon
RECORD OF THE WEEK! @EzraCollective Juan Pablo: The Philosopher 👌🏼
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveAixí sonen Bon @EzraCollective, la primera confirmació del #SayItLoud2018 i una de les bandes revelació dins el nou…
Retweeted by Ezra CollectiveBACK IN STOCK –– Ezra Collective – Juan Pablo: The Philosopher – Vinyl LP @EzraCollective
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Primera confirmació del #SayItLoud18 @EzraCollective! Un dels grups de referència dins de la nova escena jazzístic…
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