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I help build companies. Favourite designer: @haleymclane. « Persons are not things or processes but openings through which the infinite manifests ».

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@algovc Wow. @HarryStebbings @johnhenderson You know I’m always nice to you @SBOEDist12 @_littledrizzy Spiteful much 😂😂?? Shame on you. Best of luck @_littledrizzy sure well deserved.
@HarryStebbings @johnhenderson More like of the advice about VC and startups belongs in the category of (a) I’m working hard to post my 5-a-day and / o… @HarryStebbings @johnhenderson @HarryStebbings @johnhenderson Ok that’s funny. Or not. #olderThese Farm Girls are Rocking It. Pretty good moves too. this guy’s hilarious. @DamienLane1 Sweet @jdfehnel @semil 100% on Siri 😂 I like the light bar. I have had recurring issues with keyboard becoming “sticky”…
The return of John Barron 😂😂 or how DJT faked his way onto the Rich List. Folks: You get the heroes you deserve... @maxniederhofer Ok taking a look at whether I can ! @maxniederhofer Running the marathon in September :-) but hopefully before !!I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.
Retweeted by Fred DestinI just love how @maxniederhofer is becoming the dalaï lama of venture 😎. I’m just annoyed he keeps writing my posts… @rafat @hkanji Rooting for @TourRadar :-)Someone missed @chalfs departure from @Mosaic_VC - excited to see what's next and enjoy the journey!’s a really good list here by @CBinsights (to challenge the Midas List 😉) BUT I find these ranking exercises perp… @MKRocks @infoarbitrage Roger is the ultimate discrete and humble VC. @kutluka Ah yes excellent additions thank you!Love this. Force yourself to express complex ideas and concepts through writing to capture all their richness. Th… : Giuliani and Trump 🤘. I’d never seen this before and I had to watch it three times to convince myself it w… how often entrepreneurs feel led down the garden path by VCs when the partnership’s interest is not there.… @bcardarella = White goods in Europe today @mikebutcher @jamesrbuk Could it be the services co. is simply incorporated separately from the data co. to protect…
But who cares about facts when everyone’s got opinions. spoke in London about my thoughts on venture capital and what we are trying to do @socialcapital. @fdestin just w…
Retweeted by Fred Destin @beyondreasdoubt @Apple So glad I’m not alone.I’m very passionate about the @ryan_caldbeck tweetstorms and insist that you all follow him 😉 Capital and the platforming of VC [new post] : over words. well - @HarryStebbings trailblazing it on shoe fashion 🤓 cc @thulme @johnhenderson @NathanBenaich @HarryStebbings followed me 822 days after we met (ie last week 😂😂)OH blanket statement from a credible early BTC investor - “ICO’s are a complete fraud but they demonstrate strong a… assume you know. Pattern recognition is truly a double edged sword for experienced VCs - “I lost money in th… @robinklein No you didn’t 😉 @marshallk This ? @writtenbyrach @bostonmarathon @GavDoddfax @marathontalk @UKRunChat @runningblogs @tomwilliams1974 @_MarkSutcliffe is important in understanding how @Comey ‘s efforts not to appear biased towards Clinton and protect the integ…
There was too much Comey to fit in the show! Hard choices where to cut. So here’s the whole damn thing.
Retweeted by Fred Destin“That the steps designed to keep the FBI out of politics—and perceived as out of politics—will themselves be taken… #bostonmarathon was both gruelling and amazing. Here’s how it felt : wrote a monster guide on how to start angel investing in tech startups. It was so long that I had to break it int…
Retweeted by Fred Destin @SarahADowney Mind over body has limits even for a real warrior like you 🔥. Glad they saved you. Next year!Yesterday was the wettest #BostonMarathon in history ->
Retweeted by Fred Destin @shak @HarryStebbings @johnhenderson Harry that is literally the worst piece of advice I have ever heard. Can't wa…
Been chatting to my wife while twitter was down. She seems nice.
Retweeted by Fred DestinNew post: running the #bostonmarathon 2018 for #operationairway - what it felt like and what I learned as a runner… @conradholmboe Yes pretty epic storm like rain but great day !! Boston out in force to support ! @joechung Thanks man! Neither did I :-) @gaberivera @om I remember very clearly his early posts on 21c and not being able to rationalise them. I’m no Marc… @DamienLane1 @MassEyeAndEar Weather was insane but I loved it :-)
@sjsivak @MassEyeAndEar Thanks man !!Huge congrats to @instabill_com founder Jason Field who ran for his dear brother and her fiancé and just finished a… @robgo @MassEyeAndEar Thanks !! It was a very Boston experience - everyone out cheering and shouting at the weather… finished #bostonmarathon in pretty harrowing conditions on a new PB of 3:36 - #operationairway and… for a wet, cold and windy #BostonMarathon in support of @MassEyeAndEar #operationairway tomorrow - still time… @elenamstt @boldhealthhq Let’s do it
“The meat pies were within sniffing distance“ - this beats Wallace and Gromit and had me laughing all the way 😂😂 @surangac +1. My concern though: there is not really an incentive for the healthcare players to effectively preven… @ealexhudson I agree and I think ultimately I’m asking a political question. The only participant with a generalis… @AntoniolaReis Many illnesses are derived from environmental factors (toxic construction materials, what we put int… @thejamesmcaulay Haha totally. But behind the absurdity I actually think it’s a profound question as it relates to…’s going to build companies that truly want to prevent + cure (fast and cheap) instead of monetizing illness 🤔? @StefanoZorzi No worries sorry to be cranky 👍That’s exactly it. @yoramdw Yes it’s certainly true that they seem overdone but I wouldn’t put it past some actors to play a subtle lo… @akberzins @maxniederhofer @andreasklinger @nntaleb @naval So I wasn’t commenting on the veracity of this thread -… @davemao @bernardgolden @MADmagazine It’s not super funny but it IS (absurd) humour. We have to let humour be a zo… thread 👇 (via @nntaleb) on kids war propaganda - @naval suggests we call it “pedo-prop”. Only solution t…
@stevegraham @teller Why ? @stevegraham @mr_james_c @teller 100% - unraveling of social fabric is the massive issue and it’s been going on for… @azeem @mikebutcher Your feet need to be nurtured more, @azeem 😂😂Runners not afraid to wear the flashiest #bostonstrong shit. This year’s coolest #bostonmarathon themed shoes 😎 @Bromka Running tights or just shorts ?Looks like absolutely miserable shit weather for the #bostonmarathon Monday so I decided to enjoy my taper weekend… @linda_bernardi I think some spectator attacked and other runners pushed him away - older man dressed in black behind herAre you paying attention? Hungary has seen is democracy subverted into a dictatorship - and the methods are simila…