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Mentoring startups to the sounds of Crystal Castles. Now in London with Accel

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Wow Rocket Internet is really cleaning house - now it’s Tripda shutting down - ’s year in review 2015 : $160M raised online, 400 startups, 170 active syndicates ! cybersecurity event in London on Feb 15 - tickets at
@meet_cleo hey you !! That's my daughter's name !! :-)
Thank you :-)
Woohoo ! @Ronin_Jim @Deliveroo Yes that's because they do much more volume and get more customer feedbackMashable : The Australian food delivery crown goes to ... @deliveroo #neitherdownnorunder -
And in other fund news... @IndexVentures (our #1 coinvestor) raises a new main VC fund of $550M - congrats !! to our buddies @creandum on their new Eur180M fund ! Board Meetings that Suck — @accel @fdestin
Retweeted by Fred Destin"Death by slide decks is for losers" Startup Board Meetings that Suck by @fdestin in @Accel
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"... good companies are run on a few metrics and an elegant framework for decision making" -- @fdestin via @accel
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Obama’s powerful condemnation of anti-Semitism: ‘We are all Jews’:
Retweeted by Fred Destin @Eden_Dj otherwise usual - strike price or grant price - vesting conditions - what happens when you leave - good leaver / bad leaver etc @Eden_Dj doesn't sound tax efficient and why need to reinvent the wheel versus Stock options ? @Eden_Dj what are phantom shares ??"Trump could teach Republicans a lot if only they stopped posturing long enough to watch carefully" -
Stalin’s Moustache, Hitler’s Moustache - & Trump’s Toupet will all star in the movie @venkatkrovi @thomask @eportnoy @paulg don't think anyone means to be a Jerk - but commit the "sin of inattention" - same result. @ingridlunden in other words - AWS is more sustainable than the businesses that run on it. HSBC didn't die in 2008 either :-) @ingridlunden with next virtualisation and containers etc we're moving away from this issue + AWS is not going anywhereThinking of @ParseIt shutdown and how right @sravish was to focus @Kinvey on the harder issues of enterprise mBaaS @ingridlunden agreed ! Look, it's not like AWS is shutting down :-)Remember being on a VC panel in 2002 where message was "ecommerce is done - eBay, Amazon have invented it all" - ha! men interacted with everybody they way they interact with women on social media
Retweeted by Fred DestinThe @ParseIt shutdown perfectly summarised ;-) awesome endorsement for the hands-on startup building work of @thomask and @angelpad : @ingridlunden @matthausk have to assume @parseit failed as a business line to scale or facebook bungled team integration and team split @niraj @johnhenderson whole point of APX is that you can assemble services on the fly focusing in core skills - mBaaS no different no ?
yall can stop making GIFs now
Retweeted by Fred DestinFascinating @paulg, @sacca and @mcuban exchange that East Coasters slept through.
Retweeted by Fred DestinMaking Americans everywhere proud ! Are you really going to nominate this deranged media clown ? @AlanPearlstein @ganeumann @eportnoy empathy is lost by some in the grind of non-stop meetings, and some just never cared. @AlanPearlstein @ganeumann @eportnoy it's gotten much better since I wrote this but still an issue - @eportnoy great post. To the heart of the matter :-) @marxculture @OliBarrett @eileentso @H4ryB @paul_clarke mos def! @andreasklinger @eportnoy Spoken like a true growth hacker :-). I don't know the process solution to email overload when you're a VC. @andreasklinger @eportnoy checking email means you're not "fully present" and tells the Entrepreneur "you're not important to me". @neilswmurray @ingridlunden also US investors have more appetite for high growth / high loss stocks so builds a stronger investor book @neilswmurray @ingridlunden dual listings are common when you see strong demand domestically but want to access a deeper (US) market tooEvery #VC should print and frame this post from @eportnoy and remember who and what we work for - @ivanfarneti @piadiri dude had a massive shovel @ealexhudson yes, efficient meeting :-).@wilg @robinwauters we now also have "tinder for finding a job" @JobToday_UK as expertly covered by @tech_eu :-) Let's kill all the Indians again too. @wilg @robinwauters now that I think of it ... maybe I should find a rich gal to support my expensive hobby of being a VCFor all those who think it's just as easy to be credible as a woman out there..."All your bases are belong to us" : @Amazon Prime prob reaches 46% (!!!) of US households - "well it's only because my management style is fairly hard - men can handle the pressure". @piadiri (badass) just smiled.1/2 Paris founder to female VC : "I only hire men - they are more competent" ... Then realising somewhat what said, he adds ....@accel and @FelixCapital back mobile-only jobs marketplace to help service industry find jobs :
Embrace Chaos in Order to Succeed by @fdestin at #mtpcon #prodmgmt
Retweeted by Fred DestinExciting !! @projectdecibel unveils Starry - using millimeter wave arrays for broadband in #boston !! climate in the UK has changed - world class companies are emerging says @fdestin of @Accel #MSVUK
Retweeted by Fred DestinNice to see how @Microsoft uk MD @MichelVdBel is absolutely pumped about where @satyanadella is taking MS !Possibly more judges than startups #MSVUK :-) @b_tompkins yupFull house @MSFTVenturesUK #DemoDay for "ThePitch" (also live at the Cafe de Paris on @techcrunch) #MSVUK to see @Mattermark open public search (via @producthunt) :
Nice to see how @seedcamp team has stayed the course since 2007 and is making a real difference (by @tech_eu) the most important startup equation? (Constant improvement trumps all) As spotted at @homebrew HQ.
Retweeted by Fred DestinGet it whilst hot - @pillpack founders in suits !!! enjoyed showing @GovernorHassan around PillPack today. Thanks for including us in your #InnovateNH tour!
Retweeted by Fred Destin @Altimor hi F - since destination made visible I've had (a) cancels when published (b) park and wait (c) calls to demand to know + cancels @mattsappsTV @mikebutcher @GeorgeBevis @Uber yes - used to hide the destination but not anymore - now that's it's visible it's all downhill
Yes, had that exact experience. Driver parked and waited. quote @umairh God: OH “having a sense of humour is important, and it’s not the same as being funny” @dvdsmpsn @Uber the whole idea was that if drivers are busy all the time they don't really care where they go or if the drive is 2 or 5 miHey @uber your London drivers are now cherry picking rides based in destination - completely unreliable service !ANYONE WHO IS MORE INTERESTING THAN I AM IS A HIPSTER & ANYONE WHO IS LESS INTERESTING THAN I AM IS A BRO & I AM MAD AS FUCK AT ALL OF THEM
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Some of the "leading" European VCs feature in every entrepreneur horror story yet continue to thriveFounders are fire breathing dragons ! (@_TheFamily)
Retweeted by Fred DestinLet's make America great :-) Bloomberg, Sensing an Opening, Revisits a Potential White House Run: @cliffelam @fxelves @TiloBonow yes ... but so easy to debunk the cost of "dynamic currency" pricing as abusiveThe world's most efficient market, FX, continues to be a shocking ripoff for consumers - go @fxelves et al !
Innovate responsibly - key #WEF16 question: dangers of 4th industrial revolution "tech tsunami" given speed and scale of change ?Great event yesterday with @fdestin @pbotteri and great entrepreneurs around why we #lovesaas at @_TheFamily
Retweeted by Fred DestinAmazon gets into shipping. As in, ocean shipping !! and lively : .@Accel 's @jamesdcameron lets you peak inside his VC Brain: Beards. Crowbars. Welcome to @mancrates, every burly man's wet dream ! leaves us and then a 9th planet appears, i don't need to read your science article
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#lovesaas event at @_TheFamily - what a great space and community ! #FrenchTech big collective challenge for 2016 - mount a sustained and powerful campaign against Daesh without repeating the mistakes of the pastObvious to any foreigner that @realDonaldTrump will not "make America great" but weaken its international leadership position at speedReally wish Bloomberg was running for president :-( @anshublog looks at why Big Companies fail to move up the stack : via techcrunch @tech_eu @robinwauters you guys rock
This interview with @fdestin was surprisingly refreshing! Not to be missed by any #VC especially the toxic ones :-)
Retweeted by Fred DestinMarket slowdowns ain't hard to grok - here it is in plain English from @joshk @Citymapper on a gorgeous $40M round (w/ @peterfenton @benchmark and Dom Vidal @IndexVentures)! : shocking juxtaposition of the wealthy and the destitute that most try to explain away through weather etc.
Retweeted by Fred DestinParis Founders (SaaS or not) - We're going to keep it real so come and join us! Cc @_TheFamily do I invest in SaaS? Short interview on everything SaaSy with @eFounders
Retweeted by Fred DestinTrust matters: how skiing leads to Unicorn @ft @muradahmed
Retweeted by Fred DestinGreat post ! The LP view for 2016
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