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Mentoring startups to the sounds of Crystal Castles. Favourite designer : @haleymclane

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FWIW - Der Spiegel is one of Europe's most highly regarded (and read) investigative magazines. Nice Job #MAGA.
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If you're a runner, do yourself a favour and watch The Barkley Marathons. Insane, funny and exhilarating.Man plants a tree in the same place every day — 37 years later, the world is amazed by the result
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Retweeted by Fred Destin @eladgil That is a great threadThousands come out to peacefully protest white supremacists, while cheering on the cops, and he says this. He is a…
Retweeted by Fred DestinRead : "It is better to be whole than to be good" + "Reality is not to be defied but to be honoured". @micah In my experience people say that - but don't spend enough time really getting to know the teams they back @mikeal @cramforce ExactlyAntifa - witches brew remix. in-depth look at Antifa, in its American incarnation. Seems pretty accurate to me. of "we can't hear you" as thousands of Bostonians drown out a few hundred neo-Nazis. #BostonResist
Retweeted by Fred DestinCe que l'été fait aux familles 😂😂 this is absolutely brilliant. Political satire can be timeless. What about Chappaquidick? 😂😂 he demonstrated: The "American people" never got a vote in the "fundamental transformation of the composition o… @David @tkhoojones I really can't fit those well @nn81 @AntoniolaReis Calm down. Who's asking for tit for tat. Just need to understand and recognise your own histor… @AntoniolaReis 100% not what I suggested. You're smarter than to think I meant that ;-)This is a very worthy read from a Rep Senator with the necessary nuance."...for Trump against his opponents -- on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America.” 2/2
Retweeted by Fred DestinJust got off the phone w/ Bannon: "If there’s any confusion out there, let me clear it up: I’m leaving the White House and going to war" 1/2
Retweeted by Fred DestinUnlike Germany, seems like the US never atoned (for Native American genocide, for slavery). So it's still proudly…
Barcelona unimpressed: La Rambla right now
Retweeted by Fred DestinGet to know EQT Ventures new Partner @alimitchell
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One of Trump's most ardent (and smartest) media supporters disavows him. @SKaletsky @kadhimshubber Agree with you. As a theoretical point - who would genuinely be better than an experienc…
@SKaletsky @kadhimshubber That's my assumption but I don't know enough to make that statement firmly @AntoniolaReis Yeah it's tough to decide where moral majority stops - but slavery as an ideal is not really grey @AntoniolaReis ... you can choose who you celebrate on town squares. Statues of Lenin, Saddam etc were all removed with good reason. @AntoniolaReis Well history is def messy / nasty / complicated and it's wrong to try to turn it into a moral fable HOWEVER ... @kadhimshubber And by the way activist investors are a real scourge IMO when you look at why they do what they do -… @kadhimshubber Actually that raises a really interesting set of questions about who are the right board members for… man who is uncomfortable with empowerment of women is afraid the only thing he has going for him is being a man…
Retweeted by Fred Destin @Ned_Donovan @probablygeorge @BethTw I wouldn't put it past Goerge. Watch your back.Maybe worth remembering that the Confederates held slavery as an absolute right and ... lost the war 👊🏻. These monu…“Nothing makes us more proud at the KKK than white patriots such as JFJ running over nine communist anti-fascists"'m truly amazed there's even a discussion on moral equivalence here. Man...
Retweeted by Fred Destin @BethTw @Ned_Donovan @probablygeorge Does this qualify as domestic terrorism?Condemning White Supremacists is easy. Doing it while dismantling voting rights and turning a blind eye to resegregation is hypocrisy.
Retweeted by Fred DestinActually made me want to watch Fox 😂😂
Already started - know one fund being aggressively targeted with personal tax breaks by the French. Antifa - loosely organised violent anarchist types. White Supremacists - crusades, colonies, slavery, genocides, racism etc.Everyone! My son Abel wrote a hardware review!
Retweeted by Fred DestinTrump's denunciation. He clearly got shamed into it, but at least he is on record condemning White Supremacists an… - #HeatherHayer's dad hope strength to forgive is what arises from his daughter's death. She: peaceful,… beauty of democracy is that we tolerate almost everything, but the limits of tolerance were reached and breached in Charlottesville. @Bryce_Keane @sohear So very insider this week, gave me a good chuckle. Pun intended.Uk's largest adult training/apprentices provider faces collapse after damning Ofsted report Scoop with @FEWeek
Retweeted by Fred DestinJimmy Fallon using his soap box for real leadership. Well done, sir.
Retweeted by Fred DestinFederal court says LinkedIn *must* allow a company to scrape users' public profiles, orders it to remove technical…
Retweeted by Fred DestinJust watched a a man run away after smashing Boston's Holocaust Memorial with a rock. These acts of hatred are ever…
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1992 & 2017
Retweeted by Fred DestinSmall really is beautiful. is really all you need to understand the concentration of wealth over the last 40 years (via @umairh). @HarryStebbings @mrwhartonite I'll mix the mojitos. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone and invite @HaleyMcLane @mrwhartonite @HarryStebbings I'm on it, not despairing.Yeah, we're not coming together with Nazis. Sincerely, America #FireBannon
Retweeted by Fred DestinEveryone is watching. Frazier who left to protest DJT's implicit support of white supermacists... this @saastr ep with @cloudnotenough @HarryStebbings on 40% Rule for SaaS and sustainable business building!
Retweeted by Fred DestinScaling from Belgrade bootstrapping story, one can build a great company from anywhere @Nordeus
Retweeted by Fred DestinEIF is out. I know four early stage UK-based funds got pulled. Important issue raised my @markscott82 @stevegraham On face value, I think this action is beyond the pale but these are all massive players & fighters so… @stevegraham Hard one to judge without inside knowledge. End vs means here - we don't know enough. Not only about $.
This is not a new movement. Watch this. It took help. Those who gave it help will pay.
Retweeted by Fred DestinPresident Trump is always an effective communicator, but rarely has he more clearly communicated who and what he is than he did today
Retweeted by Fred Destin @stevegraham I'm sure you're right about that @stevegraham I don't think founders lionise VCs at all actually - most of them view them as a somewhat painful nece… point-counterpoint nonsense about the Google hate memo Toni Morrison has already said better and with a Nobel P…
Retweeted by Fred DestinSome days I really just love a good @jaltucher article and this is one of them (ambiguity on purpose 😜). Glad we m… they need GBP to pay their mortgage, but what do I know. the coffee shop earlier. Barista: You're a writer. What do you write about? Me: Cryptocurrencies Barista: Is that like dead money?
Retweeted by Fred DestinSure let's blame the antifa for the slogans whilst we are at it ... VCs have a clear propensity to replace founders, losing confidence too quickly 👎. Yet I bet all experienced V… everyone I'm a clown and I just got back from facepainting at a picnic and here's my take on male violence in America:
Retweeted by Fred Destin @nn81 Well aware. We're talking ideology here not the reality of war.