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Mentoring startups to the sounds of Crystal Castles. Favourite designer : @haleymclane

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A beautiful piece on depression - as viewed by the son - @semil @shaig @TZhongg All of this looks like reasonable pricing tbh @shak @ediggs The epitomy of sadAmazing thread all you brexiters... More people died in the Las Vegas shooting than in UK terror attacks this decade.
Retweeted by Fred Destin @ShaulDavidUK @Amirmizroch That’s BTC @DeanForbes 😂Boston's pitch to Amazon. And it's AWESOME. Well done, @marty_walsh & co.
Retweeted by Fred DestinNice! leveraging its (superb) real estate as an EIR platform. Repeat founders only. are hard. Great exits are *very* hard. Well done @flybridge and team @MongoDB. interesting article on emotional intelligence / granularity and our view of how emotions are formed (via…, balanced response. consolidation continues - London’s postmates-lookalike @jinnapp ruins out of juice after a 5 year run -
@sohear Seed round that has really super people in it.
ICYMI: @AFP covers The Collective as "a project that is a response to the urban housing crisis."
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It’s an insult to everyone to even consider #NoDealBrexit is any form of strategy - starting with the Brexiters… @IanHathaway @lesamitchell I think I read this as “be supportive, don’t feel the need to be so involved” which most… said it not me :-). ICOs: ”Probably 97% of them are garbage and that's a problem the industry needs to clean up"
Large vote discrepancies between number of voters and votes in Wisconsin precincts... thread. @frplante @blusie @dhh Regardless of your politics we should be able to agree that having a well functioning brain,… @MayaPlentz Wrong thinking IMHO - need to think Geneva + Lausanne / EPFL and look to strength of the overall region to create a great hubThat’s cool from @draperesprit @lisafleisher @JamesLiamCook Nice sharkFirst question in an interview w/ French president Macon. Compare and contrast to the sitting American president 🤣
Retweeted by Fred Destin @SantanderCycles team please fix your data services - top often slow or unable to connect
Dude is my hero. A phenomenal must read from @alexismadrigal @TheAtlantic on “facebook and democracy”. I’d never blame the pl… pressure : @gabrielsherman at @VanityFair reports that guy with finger on nuclear arsenal is “unraveling” @mosseri using the phrase “be data informed not data driven” - this overview of the facebook feed personal… @mr_james_c @sohear Also : Look at OnTheMarket as a well funded cooperative with stakeholders engaged and how littl… @sohear All you need to do is regulate down the platform profit share that Uber takes - like a utility. @sohear Maybe everyone is *somewhat* underestimating the difficulty in building a product like this at scale. @parkparadigm @richardtitus @The_Tom_Howard Some really exciting possibilities like offering secondary liquidity to… @parkparadigm @richardtitus @The_Tom_Howard Right :-) On closed funds with long investment periods - cant avoid lot… perfect line to summarize ICO’s : “the path to progress is marked by great smoking holes in the ground” - and cynicism to help you form a view on “the gold standard” @BaseCoin project : + @richardtitus @The_Tom_Howard How do they plan to manage capital calls ? Looks like all capital is release upfront… by @angushervey on permission vs open blockchains, adoption and scaling issues and ultimately, ideology -! Takes a special genius to hurt consumers, insurers & taxpayers in a single move. Kind of like when you lost…
Retweeted by Fred DestinAdult diapers outsell baby diapers in Japan.
So much goodness here, from @fdestin. Add: structure financing for the long run. Trustworthy VCs can really help.
Retweeted by Fred DestinThis is the best video on the Internet 😂😂
Retweeted by Fred Destin @dougall Fair ;-)Perfect summary from @fdestin
Retweeted by Fred Destin @jab For sure 🇨🇳Today’s status, choppin’ it up podcast-style w/ @HarryStebbings (AM) & @nchirls (PM). These episodes will be ⚡️💥
Retweeted by Fred Destin @runvc I feel you
@staringispolite @andreasklinger @DB_b2b Good thinking but not at all - hands on has many negative implications fro… @leepnet @semil @m2jr Exactement. @thomasrorystone @andreasklinger @DB_b2b Good advice. @thomasrorystone @andreasklinger @DB_b2b And on the graph specifically - what’s interesting is the gap between what… @thomasrorystone @andreasklinger @DB_b2b Agreed. Reality. Means much more than simply don’t be an arsehole when a… shocking. Behind all the politically correct language about race in America, there’s this. What a reality… @aaronwhite Dude. White. @infoarbitrage @mcgd @twentyminutevc Sharing is caring and all that - I’m with Rog FWIW + it’s good for the enviro… @msuster Oh I believe you (and been there).Huh, if you don’t know the difference between bookings and revenue that means you don’t understand cash ... which i… #startup #founders really want versus what #vc offers besides $$ (cue: not #hashtags @gaberivera 😂) - piece here from @fdestin on what #startup #founder want from their #vc must read for sure!
Retweeted by Fred DestinAn undeserving heroine (and a photographer detained for bearing witness). Shame on her. @AlmostMedia @ganeumann Well it’s our trade so we think about it a lot...
A great post post from @fdestin about what Entrepreneurs want from VCs (vs what VCs are selling)
Retweeted by Fred DestinYou *really* need to be there when the best in the business share their playbook. Tix go up November 1st!…
Retweeted by Fred DestinLeadership and governance - sensitive yet beautifully conveyed by @Sarah Tavel, #VC world, remember in like 05 when we used to talk about a "capital gap" in the seed stage? How quaint and distant that seems #OpenLP
Retweeted by Fred DestinLet’s give it a few days but that looks like a pretty cautiously priced IPO… founders really want from VCs - my latest post - @DeanForbes Never mastered it.
New Oxford University facility aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills launched by Apple CEO @tim_cook
Retweeted by Fred Destin @SeanLightbown @markscott82 @Sam_L_Shead Really confusing - merged mytaxi with Hailo - what’s going on ?Adding my favourites: patience, courage, consistency. must attend for all you SaaS lovers, now with party crawl attached. Oh, and 😂 Talk to your users.
@madhumita29 I read it as the worst possible disingenuous passive aggressive backlash frankly @edabs @sohear I can never remember plants. Or wine. I’m in. @azizmorsly Initial investors say owned 20-30 percent - made 85-130 so 7-11x @azizmorsly It’s a really interesting strategy piece but to neglect talking about capital efficiency and phrase it…