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Mentoring startups to the sounds of Crystal Castles. Now in London with Accel

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@JohnEHenderson Thanks !@fdestin @Deliveroo This is why
Retweeted by Fred DestinAmazing work team @Deliveroo 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Retweeted by Fred Destin.@Deliveroo has grown over 10x YTD - fastest growing (large) business I have ever been involved with -"Uber playbook" : my co. @Deliveroo raises $100M to take its restaurant offering global - @PillPack @eileentso @cjsimpson @accelmed wholesale margins (like all pharmacies :-))
Going international ? @pbotteri 's guide to picking where to launch : they priced at $9 when I wrote this
@davidjwbailey ah yes - my only SEO contender :-)
@balajis @daniellenewnham thank you
Famed professor slams Yale activists for being pseudo-liberals who threaten free speech: ESOP well under water at $9 per share :-( Recruiters gonna have a field day if stock doesn't recover I don't know but I assume that with ratchet and liquidation preferences common stock ESOP is at 50-60% discount to last roundB/w @LinkedIn, @medium I'm at 10K on this post about Boards that Suck that I threw together in 15 minutes :-) on late stage deals with ratchet @Techmeme you've basically handed a giant negotiation chip to your late stage investors !@craiglauer @Techmeme they probably get negotiated out prior to IPO based on an assumed IPO price and I imagine at a slight discount@daniellenewnham it's a nice vision statement but the cost of electricity alone probably kills any mining benefits@daniellenewnham I just don't think the economics of mining work at all and wonder whether you're mining for 21co and what the point isI resent these special return clauses. This! A dose of reality on becoming a refugee in the US !!! Periscope where I asked my dentist to put wifi into my new tooth he 3D printed ... Stick that in your #bubble
Retweeted by Fred DestinThe Economist with a little common sense.
Retweeted by Fred Destin.@memrise will tour Europe in a double decker bus to record languages - great Kickstarter project and fun video : don't understand why ships a loss generating #BTC mining device -
@stephliverani you bet :-)Join me ! I love @Mikaelcho and @pickcrew and just backed The (beautiful) @Unsplash Book on @Kickstarter .@Jeff_haden - he is desperately trying to find someone who is either rich or at least happy : boards must focus more on people. People make or break businesses #entrepreneur @fdestin
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Does your Startup's Board Meeting feel like an Oxford Society debate ? @raganwald @wcrlguy yes + in Western Europe terrorist are more likely to be well educated citizens.@cliffelam @wcrlguy @raganwald wars always displaced people - vigilance yes, racist amalgams and refugee camps - no. We can represent hope.@cliffelam @raganwald fully agree cliff@raganwald @cliffelam well putA Syrian refugee’s child
Retweeted by Fred Destin@Paul__Walsh what do you mean ?Companies like @DoorDash and @Deliveroo are classic market expansion phenomenon the 90s, under President Clinton, the U.S. welcomed 40,000 Bosnian refugees to St. Louis. One would later become my wife. That's America.
Retweeted by Fred DestinI'm fascinated by the logistics of on-demand, so I spoke to Deliveroo CEO @WillShu203 about that very topic:
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Nothing like a good refugee camps to create the next generation of the dispossessed growing up, finding love, creating a human, and in a split second, deciding to sacrifice all that for others
Retweeted by Fred Destin@rorybernard @JohnEHenderson @rsohoni good chair useful but not sufficient IMO - role limited in startupsTwitter can not make a heart larke enough for how hard I "like" this tweet @fdestin
Retweeted by Fred DestinGood post by Mr. Belgian waffle: "good cos are run on a few metrics and an elegant framework for decision making"
Retweeted by Fred Destin@scotthom that's a typo not a grammar error :-) Thank you !@scotthom yes terrible corrected all i hope !NEW Post - Startups Board Meetings that Suck:
Looking for an effective charity we can back to help #paris victims - any ideas ?
L'hommage de Joann Sfar aux victimes des attaques à Paris
Retweeted by Fred DestinTo paraphrase this ISIS document - 'Make Western governments turn against their Muslim citizens so they come to us.'
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Don't let the barbarians impact how we live and let's stand proud of our way of life really ?? border controls designed to keep them in - they're almost certainly French.@JohnEHenderson I think they just apply accounting rules :-)superbly crafted post on the intangibles that set apart great athletes (and entrepreneurs) by @JayMay_ChiCity awesome : @jyri @trueventures backing low-cost SAR microsatellite company Iceye - few pictures to celebrate a wonderful #slush15 @slushhq - me of my conversations with some technology analysts and VCs on disrupting big tech cos with @Kinvey
Retweeted by Fred DestinSpreading the word of @factionskis at @Crowdcube pitch night 79% funded! #CrowdcubeLive
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@Paul__Walsh Britain feels like home to me - but I think you are partially wrong - content = yes, style = no. Misunderstood@JackGavigan dude you don't count !@cyantist Thanks ! We are going to need a bit more than that like a pan European angel forum good enough to attract them cc @pmoe@rodolfor :-)@sohear apologies for disconnected subtlety detector tonight :-)Cultural differences at work - Brits used subtle language differences to express disagreement (and people miss them) why ? Whether AngelList or something else most angels seem to operate within their national boundariesEuropean Angels are disconnected - should all leverage @Angellist to create profiles and get to know each other !As the stage darkens, an excellent #slush15 draws to a close - thank you @SlushHQ ! judge @chalfs got flowers for all finalists - heartbroken they could not all win a prize :-) #slush15 job for #slush15 judges in selecting #slush100 winners ... Great crop of startups ... And the winner is ...@elamadej warren buffet or Charlie munger quote :-)Delighted to announce we will have @fdestin @Accel on the show on Friday 4th December to complete @Accel week alongside @jamesdcameron
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@shaig yes you're right.@accel backed Fiverr just added $60M to power its freelancer marketplace : are 155 firms in NYC that are investing in private companies
Retweeted by Fred Destin@shaig add accel :-) (Etsy etc)String of large exits for @Accel London - adding Atlassian IPO (fingers crossed) to showroomprive, Avito, Etsy and supercell !Good luck running that one past your accountants ! Lagging indicator ? was the @accel London team, not just me :-) 25 countries, 3K meetings, 13K cups of coffee ! "are not the hope for the future but the base of the economy" @NeelieKroesEU at #slush15
Retweeted by Fred DestinCheck out the full report: Achievement Unlocked But Not Mission Accomplished #whatsnext4eutech #slush15
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#Slush2015 is underway with the speakers dinner ! me on #TCDisrupt stage - fireside chat with Will Shu of @Deliveroo - Dec 8 at 4:10pm (livestream on haha excellent :-)4/4 Gates : " AI? I don't understand why some people are not concerned" (my favourite - courtesy @fortune)3/4 Musk: "potentially more dangerous than nukes"2/4 Hawking: "full AI could spell the end of the human race"1/4 worried about AI ?Content Schmarketing : you have nothing to say? don't say anything! you have no viewpoint? don't slam us with platitudes! Keep it real.Awesome !! Startups should apply now !'re gonna slush it !
Belgian court gives Facebook 48 hours to stop tracking internet users with cookies or face fines of up to 250,00 euros a day
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.@Michael58238424 @pegobry hey no offense but Star Wars feels more like Jesuits as the All Blacks vs Franciscans and Dominicans :-)"If you’re looking for convenience with your medications, it seems you can’t go wrong with @PillPack" - post by @dhh ... but I don't get the need to pour scorn on everyone else to make the point 10 tweets a day is rude and trolling, sorry - not "mum nagging",I told you we were taking action and we are. We care.
@Dan_Rowinski ah sorry on way to Baahston"What I really smell in Dublin this week is ... opportunity" says @Dan_Rowinski #Dublinwebsummit can't believe this even works. It's amazing. @bhorowitz @Lytro
Retweeted by Fred Destin@bawdynan I replied politely twice and made the company aware - they are taking action - trolling or mum nagging ? your kids grit, character, the ability to fail and to get back on their feet.
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