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Feel like there’s no time to spare for fitness during the holidays? Try @harleypasternak's 5-minute workout:…
‘Tis the season to be merry & get motivated. Save up to $50 on select gifts to inspire everyone on your list. Plus,…
Looking for ways to use up all those leftovers? There's a wrap for that:
@ohhhhreg Thank for the interest. Aria 2 should be on its way before the holidays! To learn more about the product… @hoyty @davezatz Hi! We've started shipping out pre-ordered Aria 2 scales. Hope to have yours delivered soon! @hoyty Hi! We've broadened the wireless protocol requirement to support 802.11 b/g/n so that many routers that uses… can seem like a sweet solution. But are they even safe? Read on to find out: @abcoathup Thanks for reaching out. Please DM us with your Fitbit account email address and country of residence. W…
@MikoditeYvette Hi there! For more information on using the Fitbit Aria when pregnant, check out our Fitbit Communi… about upping the weight on a workout movement? Ask yourself these 5 questions: yourself the best running foundation with exercises to keep your feet and ankles in top shape:…
@jakeisonline Thanks for your interest in the Fitbit Aria 2! Learn about the required router settings for setting u… @levi1922 Hi there! We'd love to talk to you privately. Use the link provided below and tell us more what happened… @accuweather 52 degrees? Sounds like it's time to get out for a midday stroll for some steps! 🌤 is bringing all your favorite apps to the Ionic:
Retweeted by FitbitThese 7 lifestyle tweaks can boost your heart AND brain health. Check ‘em out: you know? You can cut back on added sugar, without taking everything sweet out of your week:… @fab_bod Hi! We've responded to your DM. Please check your inbox. Thanks!
The Fitbit Ionic’s first major update adds new apps and watchfaces
Retweeted by FitbitOften free, this is one workplace perk you should take advantage of—stat: @biebersqveen You're a goal crusher! Keep at it.First time running a marathon? Follow @ryanhall3's pro tips to get a head start:
@jump1n_jackss Thanks for getting back. The Aria 2 can now be pre-ordered by clicking here: @jump1n_jackss Hi! While we'll continue supporting customers using the Aria, kindly note that we've discontinued it… a running slump? Train your mind to strengthen your body: the lowdown on the latest #FitbitOS update: new apps, new clock faces and much more!
@Ankat_ Thanks for the interest. While we can't specify an exact date, note that if you place an order via our web… @ValerieCoon Thanks for reaching out. Kindly note that while we can't specify an exact date, if you place an order… @ThatCurvyCanuck We appreciate your feedback. Kindly note that while we can't specify an exact date, you'll definit… dining is fun, and that good company has the bonus benefit of being good for your health:…, pay, listen, and more. Check out 10 #FitbitIonic features that work without your phone:…
Roast chicken is weeknight easy when you bake it on a single sheet pan:
@elanderson21 Woohoo! This is really great news! We're so excited to see you get started again. Thanks for the wait!Rock your next workout with a playlist curated by #FitbitLocal Ambassadors: @YGalanter 2/2 Additional apps will be available later in 2017, including Business & Finance, Food & Drink, Health… @YGalanter 1/2 Hi. At launch, Ionic will offer Weather powered by AccuWeather, Pandora, Starbucks (North America only) and Strava apps.
@Globalfitonline We hope you're feeling better! @Wagnerian Thanks for your interest. There's no specific date to share at this time but rest assured that we'll ann… smarter by using these four key exercises to manage your diabetes: above your nerves at work during these 4 instances that call for bravery:
@ohhhhreg That seems unusual. Are you getting any error message when you're trying to purchase it? Keep us posted.By making changes to her diet and using a Fitbit tracker to motivate her, Rachel W. was able to go from sedentary t… wireless headphones made it on @greatist’s “12 Gifts for Friends Who Live in Leggings but Still Like t… for strong (not skinny!) in 2018 and celebrate what your body can do with Fitbit Ambassador @GabbyReece:…
@ohhhhreg Thanks for getting in touch. As of the moment there's no specific date yet for the release. Rest assured… gifts to give this holiday season, including the new @fitbit Ionic:
Retweeted by FitbitFitbit user Rachel W. shares her reason for taking on Type 2 Diabetes. Read about her story and see how you can sha… @_LienQ Thanks for the shout out, Lien! If you'll need a hand with anything, we're just a tweet away!Check out our new limited edition rose gold #FitbitCharge2 with blue grey perforated sport band – sold exclusively… for your first marathon the right way with @ryanhall3's expert advice: season feeling more stressful than restful? Find moments of calm with tips from Fitbit Ambassador… @MatteoHausbrand Hi there. Smart Alarm on Ionic is currently being reviewed. Show your support and share your thoug… @adebisi1891 Thanks for your feedback! Please visit our Feature Suggestions Board and share it with our Development…
Sorry, wine lovers. But you might want to slow your pour: exercise sessions focused on your daily goals. Get step-by-step instructions. Crush your workouts anytime,…
@_LienQ No worries. Feel free to reach us if you have other queries. Have a great day!And the best fitness tracker for the $ money $ is... the Flex 2! @fitbit takes home our Best Value award…
Retweeted by Fitbit @_LienQ That's right, Lien. However, rest assured that we're doing our best to release the Aria 2 this Fall. Stay tuned for updates! @_LienQ Hi there, Lien! We don't have an exact date of arrival yet, but Aria 2 will be available this Fall 2017. Stay tuned!The Fitbit #BlackFriday Sale ends soon. Save $50 on select fitness products. This is your last chance, make it coun… fired up with #FitbitCoach personal trainers Lea and Adrian and crush your fitness goals:…
Satisfy fall cravings with a comforting roast dinner that’s still quick enough for a weeknight:…
@pixie_eixip We'll be happy to check this out for you. Please send us a DM with the order number and email address… @ValerieCoon Thanks for reaching out, Valerie. Can you please DM us the email address linked to your Fitbit account… cheers to mindfulness with these 4 simple strategies for healthy drinking:
Step up your gift giving game with this mini-quiz that helps you find the perfect Fitbit gift to give – and learn a… @Michael199003 Thanks for asking! We don't have an exact time of arrival, but Aria 2 will be available this Fall (2…
It’s a marathon, not a sprint 🦃 🍂 #HappyThanksgiving
The Fitbit #BlackFriday Sale starts now! Save $50 on select fitness products. What are you waiting for?… first-timer tackles the @nycmarathon using her new @fitbit Ionic. You go @clairelizabeth3
Retweeted by FitbitYou’re looking forward to carving up the bird on #Thanksgiving. But is white meat or dark meat actually healthier?…
It’s time to kick the cans. Get fresh this #Thanksgiving, with these smart swaps: your next slice of 'za with the Mystery Pizza workout!
Retweeted by FitbitIs a heart-healthy, diabetes-friendly, and delicious #Thanksgiving dinner possible? Thankfully…yes! Read on to find… @marcusbowlerhat We don't have any estimated shipping dates for the Fitbit Aria 2, but we're working on making it a… @marcusbowlerhat Thanks for your interest! No exact ship date is available at this time (so we can't make any guara…
@ABCrabb Hi! While we can't cite an exact date, if you place an Aria 2 order via our webstore then you'll receive a… up your gift-giving game with these #BlackFriday deals: the excuses, not the weights, with this total-body, strength-training sequence: