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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Blog editor for @backblaze. Sarcastic and occasionally foul-mouthed, because that's how I cope with an insane world. Tweets are mine alone.

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Shame on every news agency that won't report the death of #SrinivasKuchibhotla as an act of domestic terrorism.TIL that Gabby Giffords has much bigger balls than Louis Gohmert.The naked hypocrisy of the Trump administration is almost beyond comprehension. Every day something else beggars the imagination.Cognitive dissonance much? States get authority to discriminate at will against transgender students but WHOA WHOA… @rgriff The heart wants what the heart wants. #noshame @davemark EVERYONE WHO WENT TO PUBLIC SCHOOL IN THE US IN THE 1970s: Recorder60+ degrees F today, so taking my afternoon inversion on the porch. @DadBeard And crappier music.HOW TO AVOID THE NEW MAC “PATCHER” RANSOMWARE: Don’t be a douchebag by stealing shit on BitTorrent. @zackstern or Spectre.@elonmusk Please invent hyperspace travel so we can visit Trappist-1. You know, in your copious free time.The best part of this article is the embedded video of Spencer getting punched in the head to “Just Can’t Get Enoug… @andrhia No, you’re just having a stroke.I’m sitting in the living room equidistant between my two sons’ rooms, and I can hear them chatting in game in whatever they’re playing. @ItMightBeKyle I love the strings in that tooYeah, like picking fights with people on Twitter and signing documents he doesn’t bother to read. Wait wut? @AshleyEsqueda What a vile, toxic prick. @cvcats Too bad you can’t just ride on the roof like Spider-Man.House Work is crazy earwormy too “ooh na na eh” kills me. So earwormy. the Smithsonian! I have discovered DOGGOSAURUS REX prints. @jeffmc “Bless his heart."As appallingly stupid as Louis Gohmert is, I can’t fathom the depths of public moronity required to keep this jacka… @iMuggle @davemark bonus: I love grape koolaid @whakkee Hm. Maybe a twofer @Cook34H @TinaDupuy It’s not my thing, but a million Tumblr pages can’t be wrong. @davemark @iMuggle I’d settle for BeatsX if I could get them in Ultraviolet. @iMuggle @davemark Now if I could only get them in purple without having to resort to ColorWare. @GlennF @jcenters Walrus? @davemark @nytimes FAKE NEWS! FAAAAAKE NEWS! @EricBoehlert @jeffjarvis In fairness, Louis Gohmert is an incredibly stupid asshole.I don’t care about the biological sex of the people I share the washroom with. I care that they wash their hands once they’re done. @thecaptjimmie IANAL. I’m interested to hear the @ACLU’s take on this. @johnfbraun Yep. I load up once a week or so on stuff I think I’ll use at some point.“Papieren, bitte! Schnell!" I would do if I were Trump’s comms dir: Fire Sean Spicer. Fire Kellyanne Conway. Kill myself. @mikemchargue Not bathrooms, tho. Heaven forfend.You despicable, loathsome hypocrite. is our national shame - one of many. @VP and @PRyan betray us all when they pander to the medical insurance lobby.We are the only western nation that treats healthcare like a privilege for the successful instead of a fundamental human right.Making choices between seeing doctors and buying food isn't freedom. Dying because you can’t afford care isn't irresponsible.The GOP’s attempt to reframe health care as an issue of “freedom and individual responsibility” is utterly detestable. @bassguy 180? @danielpunkass Only exceptions are the “digital coupons” you load to your card # from the web site. @danielpunkass Yes, presumably to keep pace with what Shaw’s does.the struggle is real today that Stop & Shop no longer uses that damnable loyalty card for sale discounts, just for gas points.Sounds like he needs a safe space. climate change isn’t real. about five minutes of the DNC debate last night before giving up. What a parade of gimps. @bassguy That’s okay. He’s getting rid of the “free” part as quick as he can.Went to sleep with a scratchy throat, woke up a raging snotbeast. Awesome. @caseyliss @nkdalrymple This is the BEST. STORY. EVER.
Grateful to live in a state (Mass) that affords protection to transgender students even if the Federal government turns its back.My life goal is to have a bed shaped like Nekobus from My Neighbor Totoro. @BodyofBreen @jcenters @yuetsu and jam @jamesthomson @fletchen cancelling the order then, that’s bullshitAlexa, how long will it take Elon Musk to invent hyperspace travel so we can visit Trappist-1This is amazing and @fletchen I think we need this in the upstairs bathroom @aminorjourney My kids were afraid to pee during the school day because the bathrooms were in such wretched condition.Groups save you time if you manage multiple accounts. also was into Bernie before he went mainstream. Got signed to a major label and everything went to hell after tha… u can’t even and @dominos to the rescue @marrathon Is there a way you are familiar with to reorder sound output device preferences (like the Wi-Fi tab under Network). @BernieSanders “Freedom.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @nowallthetime I intersect with a lot of his views but he’s a wretched polemicist and just generally a shitty host. @wkamaubell We're leaving Babylon, y'all! @marypcbuk comes with a free bale of marijuana hiding a dirty bomb. @nowallthetime @HBO @billmaher It’s okay because it’s straight pedophilia, not gay pedophiia. That’s much worse. #doublestandards#TRAPPIST1 is the solar system with the BEST fruit preserves. FROM THE KYOOT @rosemcgowan “Acclaimed Italian Performer and Director Dates Cook." @blakespot Let’s TP his house @stefanoscalia people with the strongest opinions about “the media” often have absolutely no idea what “the media” is or how it works. #dunningkruger @jcenters @BodyofBreen Chourico and kale soup is amazing. Literally no other use for kale in my life though.Duplicating the right channel fills both left and right channels with the app audio so you don’t hear yourself talking, btw.The trick is to option-click with Hangouts loaded in your browser, in order to see the GoogleTalkPlugIn.