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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Man. Ed. of the @backblaze blog. Tweets are mine: Apple nerdery, music, politics, more. Occasionally off color, always on point. @fletchen's my one and only.

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This image is incredible and awe inspiring. (via @mgsiegler) @CaffeineAndHate someone should tell huckabee that the american flags are being used as toilet paperTelling people to eschew alternative candidates furthers *your* political agenda, not theirs. Stop trying to impose your will on others.We need YOU! If YOU area QA Mastermind. We need someone to QA our GUIs. #Acronyms are fun!
Retweeted by Peter CohenIf anyone needs a reminder of how clueless Wall Street is, Nintendo stock dropped after they reminded investors they don’t make Pokémon GO.Are you all about QA? Looking for an exciting job with fun people in San Mateo? Come join @backblaze!
@emilysipiora Plus you can go all Prince and just make it M. @emilysipiora Em? It’s more enigmatic, mysterious, and androgynous. @Lorskyfink Spiders-men? @jackbrewster My new startup Futbl will have broader international appeal than your niche brand.VCs: Please fund my disruptive new startup Socklint. It’s Uber, but for socks. #unicorn @ronindotca Socklint. @Lorskyfink all this and street nut vendors too. truly a land of magic and wonder.Had a great time talking with @jmartellaro today for the @backgroundmode podcast. Expect it to post in August - I’ll link out when ready!It’s 2016 and I’m still sorting socks by hand, like a common fieldhand. We need Uber for socks.current status <3 iStat Menu. (@bjango) hate that subrogation is part of the medical claims experience.Not all heroes wear capes! @phae_girl I’ve got the Avenue Q soundtrack around here someplace... @morrick primes are my favorites. I have a 50 on my Canon. @ActionFigured @cbcns Ursine suspects spotted, Ranger Smith in pursuit.The end of the production of VCRs means Ron Jeremy will need to find a new vessel for his horcrux.Yoda was right. thing I could hope for from the #DNCinPHL is messaging about what they actually plan to do instead of why The Other Guy is so bad.Humans are wired for threat detection. When you read bad news, try to be mindful of the difference between “risk” and “hazard.”
@EggFreckles words to make me not trust you: “It’s too hot for coffee." @billnation Entertainment. @jeffporten Cautiously optimistic, but still waiting for Jason Momoa to display another emotion beside rage. @jcbouvier thought about watching Sunday morning news programs, but it’s such a nice day, I kinda don’t want to be angry anymore.Software, not YARRR., after watching the Wonder Woman Comic-Con trailer I’m taking every bad thing I’ve said about DC movies for the past few years.
current status @MikeElgan Keeping those Princeton and Dartmouth scum away from the halls of power, at leastLooking forward to talking to @jmartellaro on the Background Mode podcast (@backgroundmode) next week.Roundtripping photos from iPhone to Mac back to iPhone for Instagram posting is a PITA, but Instagram's editing tools suck and MAC 4 LIFE.Power trio, [REDACTED] I can’t think of a *less* newsworthy story than an AV app developer creating a channel-optimized version.
You know it’s time for new glasses when you start mistaking David Duke for Donald Duck. @Spacekatgal I’m sticking with my dirty imagination. Better than the sad reality. @Spacekatgal “licked donuts” is a euphemism right?Wishing everyone in the area safety and peace.My heart goes out to anyone touched by the horrific violence in Munich. @dlpasco @hernanp Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Snorlax that day, I can tell youOur people are awesome. Case in point: JC - Our New Office Admin! via @backblaze*insert “This is fine” dog* clouds on Neptune? No, half and half in my coffee.’ve bought Apple’s refurbished gear for years and it is always top quality. many Pidgeys and Weedles. @dimitri_12345 or things used to hurt people."Stagefright" malware for iOS and OS X? @glennf says not so fast. via @macworldYes, these regressive, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing jackasses are alive and well and vacationing in Mashpee, MA this week.I just moved after listening to one shitlord complain about his ex-girlfriend who didn’t like it when he called women “girls.” #starbucksCmd-A. Delete. Problem fixed. reason I don’t work from the Mashpee Starbucks more often is the conversations I overhear show I’m surrounded by vile shitlords. @chrisphin One of us! One of us! Gooble gobble!We need to take a long hard look at the society we’ve created and stop extolling sociopathy as a leadership trait.If you read one thing today about Milo Y and the GOP, read this: “I’m With The Banned” by @PennyRed never sleeps.
@thegraphicmac that’s a lot of hate for a cartoon character.#ByeFelicia just happened and that will never get old. @tbridge The humidity has been on and off since I got back. back on the upswing with temps in the 90s, ugh @robspodcastmug That’s enough. Two in the hand and one in the cloud is all you need! @robspodcastmug Awesome. So that’s one-two. Where’s three? @robspodcastmug *highfives* @tbridge after last week in san mateo and sacramento 16yo: “My culinary arts class taught me more practical life skills than algebra.” He’s a great cook, btw.Backblaze, now with Retina Mac support. I’m lobbying for more KAWAII! in a future release. @GlennF No, it’s on my list, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. @Ricker666 Will there be free candy too? @GlennF retcon: A total protonic reversal mishap in Ghostbusters Prime universe is the reason we’re in the reboot universe. @blakespot I’ll take “Things a mythical creature might drive” for $500, Alex. @GlennF I also suspect it’s a giant plot device they’re holding on to for the sequel. @GlennF @lediva oh god that’s amazing @CraigGrannell @rickygervais hope he’ll play the tambourine at least. @CraigGrannell Found our lead singer. Looks a bit poncy but he’ll do @rickygervais pour over, waiting for the kettle. Is Strange is out for the Mac and Linux by way of Steam, and the first episode is free. Not to be missed! u walk into an argument about Flash and ur not sure if they mean Adobe or Barry Allen @Jieves I always thought @Angry_Drunk did it first. I always liked his CLOWD best. Irony: CLOWD now pays the bills. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Kinda wishing that was a thing.I'm starting a new band with @CraigGrannell, we're called Sin Tax Era pole @KingofKats @nuzzel Hopefully he’ll have the self-awareness to seek treatment. @KingofKats @nuzzel The context is equally important. Milo actually *is* a sociopath, as demonstrated by his actions since writing this.Great advice from @pinatubo2000 on how to set up a Mac RAID using Disk Utility: @timkingman The basic comm model is the same. Mesh networks are better at managing redundancies and other issues. @andrewmartonik What I want to know is why United trolled me with delicious stroopwaffels only to teabag me later with zesty snack mix. @andrewmartonik Or just leave it bars where it belongs @andrewmartonik On the BOS-SFO trip, United gave out STROOPWAFFELS. On the ride back, zesty snack mix. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯As an Anthem subscriber, I am not disappointed in this decision., they’ll be some shenanigans, but this is crazytown.The problem with the disunity in the GOP: When the DNC happens without such fractiousness, it furthers the “librul media” narrative. @joshuatopolsky tfw u think u’ve awakened in a parallel universeBoy, am I. I’d like to see Apple add mesh networking to AirPort products.“We were making honey to put in our lemonade.” - Michelle Obama “Uber but for Pokestops and gyms.” The 16yo: “GENIUS."Hey, @Crunchyroll, when are you going to get the hell away from Flash? It’s 2016.