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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

I write for a living. Former Apple tech journo. Still talk about tech, the world, and post cute animal pics. Sweary and jokey. Married to @fletchen.

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@clunkclunk @OhhLookShiny again @mattgrishaber @caspercdn Sociopath! @octothorpe Rock Me Amidala @AleyMags Next time I will def include a trigger warning, apologies @JStheoriginal True, but in fairness, she has no interest in the TP roll whatsoever. She just scratches door frames to splinters.i live with monsters a few keywords here like "Chappaquiddick" with "her emails" and "Agnew" with "Pence" and this 44 year old A… @mr_peabodys There’s an inherent tension in consumer tech between security and convenience. I’d like to see a parad… Hollywood fake news? Not so confirms @TheBillyBush: Yes, Donald Trump, You Said That
Retweeted by Peter Cohen @MMFlint @CapeProducer Well, he does wear adult-sized Depends, at least. @cox_tom Congrats on adopting Clifton! She looks very sweet.In case there was any doubt, @ChuckGrassley is an enormous asshole.
This leering creep on the right used $84K in taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment claim but won’t admit it.… the fuck Gronk @kevinhoctor Good. ;) @lymond Milch does a better job with iambic pentameter.“Let the people of Alabama decide” = “Backchannel talks say Moore will play ball with GOP establishment if he wins."They weren’t kidding about the handwriting in the margins of the new GOP tax bill of Hot Chip’s best songs. Don’t @ me. @WernerTwertzog Make America Gehenna Again @Angry_Drunk “It pops up messages reminding not to kill nosy motherfuckers who ask questions."You hypocritical motherfucker. Those are the billionaires and corporations you’re giving shit to, not children from… blocked an idiot for tone-policing me. If you don’t like what I say or how I say it, fuck the fuck off. @aaron_j_m Also, same. Still rocking an OG AW @aaron_j_m I don’t care because I don’t get paid to write about this anymore. Literally, as Harvey Bullock on Gotha… @flargh You should have said “Does your watch time how long it takes to pack my bag?”
Retweeted by Peter Cohen @aaron_j_m I could not possibly have cared less. @SinisterOneSD I told him that playing tech oneupsmanship with customers reflected poorly on his service skills and let it go at that. @jcenters ✅ Fat ✅ Balding ✅ Neckbearded ✅ White AFI recently got dick-measured by a grocery store clerk because I had an Apple Watch instead of HIS smartwatch. "I'm… the #ProjectRunwayreunion show last night, finally. Loved @amybondfashion calling out the Toxic Twins on th… @laurenduca The catastrophic nosedive was the result of the flight crew jamming their dicks into every open socket in the cockpit. @adambanksdotcom Because he’s pathologically impulsive and incapable of self-regulation. @elizmccracken Flashing back to saying a curse word within earshot of my grandma. @OrrinHatch Fuck you, you ghoul.
this song just came on in @ultabeauty and i’m like “shut your dirty hooker mouth.” President asked his FBI Director to let his National Security Advisor off the hook for committing the crime of…
Retweeted by Peter CohenYou kids and your doohickeys. Back in my day handheld game systems played one game and ran for days on a single 9 v… show to end @maximoparkofficial’s tour at @brighton_music, 12/1/17 @avalunagroup You were incredible at @Brighton_Music last night. Thank you for an awesome show. @GreyAreaUK I can’t tell. Reality is on its fuckin head these days @HCMarks Depends on how you define “adult pictures."In the space of less than a year the country of my birth has been reduced to a banana republic. I’m horrified, sick…, remember when the President admitted to obstruction of justice on Twitter? Good times, good times.All right now it’s a fucken hockey game kid #NHLBruins #OriginalSix @adsausage @MavrocksGirl @newbeverly @CitizenScreen @Illeanarama
it me @dwarfland @JustinTrudeau 2018, sponsored by the Koch Bros.hey @fivebelow, I suspect you are overestimating the joy holiday socks bring children. @JustinTrudeau please invade the US and annex the Northeast to save us from this lunacy @ajohnsocyber @havochaos Right next to a Guy Fieri cookbook, if you can believe it. Actually, now that I think abou… @PenLlawen In our house it’s the “mummy dog.” Hot dogs in strips of pizza dough, like a mummy’s wraps.I know you're Gen X if this song instantly makes you get your funk on. @PointerOfficial*dies* @traderjoes, I am in full support of this @diddy and @snoopdogg fusion cuisine Lawmaker behind secret $84K sexual harassment settlement unmasked via @politico
Retweeted by Peter CohenA pox on the authors, publishers and resellers of this vile tome. @hoserama99 Our oldest, now 22, used to emulate my driving as a toddler by grabbing the steering wheel, moving it b… @Angry_Drunk sycophants and useful idiots. @perlmutations Either way it’s drenched in Russian dressing. @reneritchie Just this week, a friend of ours dropped off her phone after locking herself out, needed a restore to… @reneritchie Everyone *knows* about how annoying security is, but I don’t think people who haven’t done support for… @SopanDeb In fairness, Axted hears Aziz Ansari’s voice in his head when he talks to his pets, too. He’s…not neurotypical.Important commentary to read from @reneritchie, especially if you’ve read or heard about the ElcomSoft blog post an… @SpeakerRyan History will remember you as an amoral hypocrite and opportunistic coward who eviscerated the middle c… holidays can be hectic times. Give yourself 15 minutes each day of peace and quiet, a time to be reflective, me…
Retweeted by Peter CohenPut another way: At least 1 in 4 men is a sexual harasser. @TimGunn It’s been 124 years since the zipper was invented, and it STILL stinks. Why, pray tell, haven’t designers… @nealon My recommendation to them is Canada, NZ or most Scandinavian countries.My advice to all three of my kids if this tax plan goes through is to expatriate once they’re able. They shouldn’t… single Gen X'er should be outraged as we watch a bunch of septuagenarian and octogenarians load another 1.5 t…
Retweeted by Peter Cohen @wyldphyre @Angry_Drunk Whatever you’re planning has my endorsement.
Good lord, you have to watch this hardcore Jake ownage
Retweeted by Peter CohenThread about how the sausage is made: Clickbait journalism meets false balance. was going to tell a story about cooking with chicken fat but it’s schmaltzy.Just a reminder that this is the scoring approach the GOP has demanded for 40 years. This is the standard by which…
Retweeted by Peter CohenBreaking out the Christmas cheer @alyankovic style