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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

I love to write about tech. Occasionally NSFW. Proud, vocal, bleeding-heart liberal. Married to @fletchen. Formerly of Backblaze, iMore, The Loop, Macworld.

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@WernerTwertzog Swedish Fish. The regular sized ones, not the minis. @adamhunteratc I prefer to think of myself as alt-avian.Anyone saying that taking a statue down “erases history” is a moron. That’s not how history works. To do that, you… @millie1962 @mcelhearn Wow, double-whammy. That’s awful.I’ve got no problemswith hitting these motherfuckers in the pocketbook. @AmandaMarcotte America distinguishes itself in the same way that the guy who ate beans at lunch distinguishes himself in the elevator. @rclyded Aware. You can also say new line and new paragraph, but none of create a new item in an existing reminder. @joshtpm @GlennF @dog_rates @csmcdaniel shield his eyes but make him bark loud to scare the sky dragon into vomiting the sun back up or we all die.We should tear down all statues because I hate pigeons and want them to poop somewhere else @spicy_knight @mattgemmell QUOKKAS ARE NOT UGLY WHO WOULD EVEN WRITE SUCH A THING @jeffporten @PDelahanty just do an extra pushup or 1,000 ffs @GeraldoRivera Tearing down his statue doesn’t erase him from history, you fucking knob. @frizull Clever! @dwarfland I fear what will happen to the X-Men under his watch. “Why the hell does my MacBook suddenly sound like a wind tunnel?” Looks at open apps… Ohhh. That explains it. @dori u legit don’t know if the Onion is posting real news. don’t eat too many donuts anymore, but the best cake-style donut is an old fashioned and the best raised is strawberry frosted. fight meI had a great time recording this with @chuckjoiner. We went all over the place too. Please listen/watch when you c… @mcelhearn I was probably kept away from that a bit because of the subject matter. I don’t remember Berkowitz until years later. @lymond @drcreek was one of the first big news stories I remember as a kid. I was 7 years old. People were devastated. @mcelhearn and have three new items appear in the shopping list. Now one item - “bananas, beer and chocolate” appear. @mcelhearn That’s what I do now and it’s awkward and time-consuming. What I want to do is “Add bananas, beer and ch… @mcelhearn Not looking to add new reminders, tho. Want to add new items to an existing reminder (Shopping) @PDelahanty I do this too and it sucks. Looking for a better way. @lymond @drcreek In fairness, tho, putting adversaries in the executive branch wasn’t exactly a great way to govern… @f_hanshaw and expose pretty clearly. I can’t find a way to do it. @mcelhearn Reminders. It’s where I keep my grocery list. @ms_reba @MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport Not only that, but his family (the Glossers) have disavowed his views. @mcelhearn nope. both insert line or para breaks but neither break up the items to two different ones. @chrisTgrace Saying “add [X] to the shopping list” and “add [Y] to the shopping list” is tiresome. I do it, but i’m not happy. @f_hanshaw Reminders @Angry_Drunk dictate my shopping list using Siri all the time. Does anyone know a way to separate items? “and” doesn’t work. @FINALLEVEL @the_moviebob better not show him Inglorious Basterds, he’ll lose his shit at what the alt-left does in that one.Jealous of one of my kids who’s (coincidentally) in Indianapolis during the eclipse next week. Much closer to the total track than Boston.LOVE this song by one of the great voices of early synthpop. @JRussellMI @nycsouthpaw @dcexaminer FORKGATEmy man’s still got it. AWESOME album. taking over the government was just a plotline from the Avengers, what the actual fuck America 2017. @ChurchofSatan @drcreek So all we need is a queen. wait wut @HandsomeGlenG @MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport He’s Cohn, actually. Like McCarthy’s goon and early Trump ally. Fuck t… @timdgreen @steven_aquino Pence is a political animal, which makes him that much more dangerous, imo @Aleen @jeffmc Basically we’d have to Designated Survivor our way out of this. @benfysh He’s weird when it comes to women and he believes in electrocuting gays to “cure” them, so he’s a shitlord too. @drcreek Clinton was impeached by the House, acquitted by the Senate, and the two-thirds vote to remove him failed.Now, I’m not saying that’s the worst possible outcome. Just that Pence is every much a shitlord as his boss. @drcreek What you’re missing is that impeachment is a political process - a sitting president can be impeached and… @jeffmc Order of succession after that: Ryan, Hatch, Tillerson, Mnuchin.Remember, if we get rid of Trump, we replace a racist with a sexist homophobe. @snipeyhead Respect. I went with Toe Jam & Earl. Because Funkotron. @mikemchargue @dfravel hey jerry fucked your mom lately @mshonhall @elijahdaniel word @suppertime I had to re-watch that scene three times and I giggled and clapped like a fucking goon each time.The alt-right, men’s rights, GamerGate: I would like to kick the shit out of whoever-the-fuck decided to weaponize Asperger Syndrome. @mcelhearn Pretty much. Decided to spend my time with fiction that was actually fuckin’ readable instead. Ayn Rand… @Daniel_Rubino And the fact that @MichaelRapaport is the @cumberlandfarms spokesman amplifies my love for them both geometricallyMy man drops the fuckin’ hammer on the Kush. @MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport “You’re the only Jew in the WH.” Not just him, mishpocha. Miller too, that vile Goebbels-looking fuckI was a libertarian when I was 18. Then I GREW 👏 THE FUCK 👏 UP @realDonaldTrump You didn't end anything. The CEOs were already bailing left and right because of you. This isn't the Apprentice.Just a reminder
Retweeted by Peter CohenJavanka sounds a new Silicon Valley startup for a caffeine injection enema machine. best part about the Daily Stormer switching to the dark net is that most of its readers are too stupid to know how to use Tor.Less Cantwell. More @CAZWELLnyc. can’t decide which I love more, image of Cantwell sobbing in fear at the thought of arrest, or self-bukkaked with…’s Christopher Cantwell, the cowardly, sobbing face of American white supremacy afraid to accept responsibility… @GlennF Or at least put them up on eBay for cheap.He Apprenticed the whole council because it was too embarrassing. @MikePeart Also, in fairness, I’ve been told that Fassbender’s German accent in Xmen: First Class is much more convincing... @MikePeart Kinda like Massholes, it turns out. We can sniff out a fake Boston accent in a film like a bad egg. @MikePeart Well, that’s what happens when you grow up in the shadow of Piz Palü.I feel bad for Richard Sammel. He’s typecast as a Nazi, but he’s so good at it. even joking btw years after Skokie. Better late than never, though.