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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Blog editor for @backblaze. Sarcastic and occasionally foul-mouthed, because that's how I cope with an insane world. Tweets are mine alone.

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@macgenie Alexa asked “Do you eat it?” And had no idea how to parse “Well, *I* don’t personally, but some people do.” @macgenie “Guinea pig” was my 20 questions answer for Alexa, which got it in about 14, I think. @Ricker666 and a haptic wheel and rumble chair and vr gogglesOMG I NEED FORZA HORIZON 3 HOT WHEELS IN MY LIFE @breakthesystem Happy Koenigsegg! @invalidname interesting.I’d say that’s about right. Not Libertarian libertarian, however: the lunacy of the LP turns me off.'s Google Doodle is squee AF: Cassini Spacecraft Dives Between Saturn and its Rings! #GoogleDoodle @vidsmart @xeni That’s entirely my point.I appreciate the uncertainty, but I think it’s important to get a definitive ruling on this before it’s reported as… don’t watch ESPN and I hate subsidizing it with my basic cable bill. But my heart goes out to everyone who’s lost work.I’m sure that’ll make his already obscenely-wealthy adult children very happy. @mosspuppet I wouldn’t call it good, but the only one I find acceptable is TweetDeck.When politicians say “let me be clear” or “look,” it is to both draw emphasis to what they say next and because they think you’re an idiot. @GlennF I understand it’s outside agitators, but I’m not sure the public at large understand that. Or dismiss as a… @GlennF I know it’s not funny or cute, but Bezerkeley is living up to its rep.Echo Look that’s on the wall, dress me in trash from the mallWhen Boston Dynamics’ dog robots finally meet Amazon Echo Look, Skynet is gonna wake up and kill us all. @darth shut up I’m not crying @Aleen ditto @mikahsargent. @PDelahanty Plow drivers care not for one snowflake. It’s when they amass that problems Alexa, play the @si_bonobo station.But that’s not enough for me to have yet more personal info amassed into metadata beyond my control.Sleepwalking into surveillance capitalism, which is evolving into data and computation driven authoritarianism, one cool service at a time.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen @MacMarcus oh heck yeah. I’ll fight anyone who says New York is prettier than New England in the fall, but they’re… Look ridicule aside: The full body image stuff would have been SO great to have before, during and after weight loss surgery.I would love to be a fly on the wall of the SNL writer’s room as they lampoon #EchoLook. @MacMarcus Great time of year to visit my area especially - fall colors and apple picking!Got five minutes? Learn how to protect your Mac’s Internet data with this #vpn tutorial from @rosenz. Features… @MacMarcus Uncertain times almost demand such optimism. Let’s hope you’re right. @MacMarcus I blame the Electoral College, the Illuminati, the White Buffalo and... Amazon markets machine-operated video surveillance as a fashion accessory. #EchoLook @MikePeart Neat! I don’t have the stamina for the late night shows tbh, I’m always asleep when he’s on.Here it comes everyone. Trump’s gonna class up the entire nation. Gold leaf on EVERYTHING. @BigZaphod @galka_max me in 1969 @MikePeart Watching/reading news about the country’s popular reaction to Ivanka Trump’s visit and Trump in general.Hey, Germany, just FYI, most of us here in the States think Trump sucks too.I don’t use the Echo Dot very much, tbh. But I do ask Alexa whenever I want to know the weather and news. @EggFreckles TANGERINE OR GTFO @Jon_Alper @SpeakerRyan P90X bro @gruber Or sent to The Hague.Using Backblaze? We can help you get back *different versions* of deleted or changed files. Here’s how. SOOO good. I collect these like my black t-shirts collect beard dandruff"10 bands/artists I've seen live -- but one is a lie.” NO. 👏 ONE. 👏 GIVES. 👏 A SINGLE FUCK. @marktaber Trivia fact: Doug Wimbish played bass on that track. Went on to Living Colour and Tackhead!Hey @ScottBaio I don’t dislike you or anyone because of conservatism. I dislike you because you’re an asshole., dumb disco song with a phenomenal groove and a killer hook: Musique’s “In the Bush.” days I am very grateful that the Judiciary exists as a societal bulwark against the Trump administration’s blithering incompetence. @CLINT WTF does “To me as a man” even mean? “To me as a bagel.” “To me as a cylindrical glowing object."This guy was straight up murdered by the staff of the Milwaukee County Jail. Anyone associated with his care needs… @TMobileHelp TY! @TMobileHelp Had a very offputting CS experience with you yesterday and would like to talk w someone about it.When you start referring to your opposition as a snowflake, even ironically, you’ve lost the argument.
@CaffeineAndHate And the dog is like SEND. HELP.Anyone else a fan of David Macaulay? I read “Motel of the Mysteries” as a kid and loved it. @clunkclunk otoh, FRIGGIN ISLAND PARADISE ERRYWUR @Angry_Drunk “Enter the Robots:” Practical advice in the Age of Teledildonics. @clunkclunk That’s not the only issue! My “local” is almost an hour’s drive. @breakthesystem It’s a lot like life, that’s what’s appealing. @breakthesystem She refused to leave your shoulder. Who’s the master again? ;)Blue skies and blue water. Looks idyllic, but it was very cold. @ Lovells Pond @samduffy2 I have not seen that happen. Disclaimer: Not a Beats 1 fan so I use it rarely. @RebeccaSlatkin @GlennF Twitter is like a woodpecker on your shingles, but instead of pecking it makes you dumber 140 characters at a time. @hotdogsladies @jsnell wait wut i thought this was the desire path @pmeganb 😱😱😱 @darth He’s a good boy.Marine leads the National Front She always was a little runt @pmeganb Also, I refuse to buy a Roomba until it looks like Rosie from the Jetsons. Last thing I need is some trilobyte scuttling around. @lschmeiser But she speaks in WEIRD VERB TENSES, Lisa. @pmeganb I still wake up screaming when I dream about their “reindeers." @heatherkelly Except as a mutagenic virus that really does change all the Fortune billionaires into women. @JennS79 It’s been said that most SV startups are techbros trying to replace their mothers. Juicero = Capri Sun.And by “deliver packages” they mean MURDER PEOPLE. proves to me that the SV VC bubble needs to pop in a big way. I can come up with four better ideas after a bong rip ffsEvery day can be Taco Tuesday if you only believe. with faint praise: “Meyers does a pretty good job of keeping the parade of garbage entertaining.” @CLINT sort of like how you got your gig with Obama then @bwest @ajchavar @fmanjoo Fair. @ajchavar @fmanjoo The Great Lakes don’t count as a border?