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Blog editor for @backblaze. Sarcastic and occasionally foul-mouthed, because that's how I cope with an insane world. Tweets are mine alone.

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Paul Ryan comes clean: “We’re not going to give up destroying the healthcare system for the American people.”
@Pseudony_Ms "honestly lying." LOL @Ricker666 You’d *have* to pay me a million dollars to willingly visit Burbank fwiw @Ricker666 They have to be gone by 2 PM for Tumble Time Gymnastics.Americans already pay more for health care than anyone else, and the ACA slowed that. Screw the free market.…’s hotter, Khal Drogo or Aquaman? I’m going with Khal Drogo just because I’m partial to guyliner.Take a breath. Pat yourselves on the back. Then get back to it. This is a fight we can win if we persevere. @xeni but forgot to actually wire any of the explosives to a detonator. @jcenters Same. There’s gotta be a pony in here somewhere.George Carlin and I feel the same way about golf. @morrick @npann That was the beauty of the ADC cable - power and data, all in one! @npann @morrick They had a similar one for the Cinema Display, RIP.Trump, Bannon and Marc Short wanted to force a public vote to create a GOP enemies list of 'no' voters. Ryan said no.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen @burgerbecky Trampolines. @PhilRogmann You honor me, sir! :)
actually loling remember the good old days when Paul Ryan was the golden boy genius wonk of the GOPWhile the GOP stumblef**ks the #AHCA into oblivion, just a reminder that #MedicareForAll is the correct answer. #SinglePayerDon't worry, the dems will surely find a way to trip over the republicans' exposed, raisiny dicks here #MedicareForAll
Retweeted by Peter CohenI don't like to think of myself as the "inventor" of #gerrymandering. I'm more the "dope that went along with it, l…
Retweeted by Peter Cohen @abazoe The 17yo passes him on the school bus every day. His comment: “Your guy won four months ago, get over yourself already." @mollyesque @TonyRomm This joke makes me half sour, even though it appears to be your bread and butter. It just ain’t kosher. @abazoe Talking about the guy on Rte 28 and Santuit/Newtown?Fun fact: Massachusetts politicians invented gerrymandering. Specifically Gov. Elbridge Gerry. @leftofjuniper RINOs as far as those folks are concerned, I’m sure. @medicgirl Plenty on the Cape and South Coast too.*sigh* @fmanjoo my man has some ideas #AppleStore goes down just as they’re about to vote on the #AHCA. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! @bloodless_coup LOL this isn’t a roll call. ;)Massachusetts has a well-deserved reputation for being a “Blue” state, but there is *so much* conservatism and redneckery outside cities.If the Dems knew what they were doing, they’d have a #MedicareForAll bill ready to go as soon as the #AHCA fails to pass. @jcenters @edbott Irony supplements can help. Ones with Vitamin C help with absorption.Vault 7 is a lesson in mainstream media's ignorance of technology and Wikileaks’ ability to get good PR and totally undeserved credulity. @benroethig Snowflakes. @jeffmc Never flown Alaska but I love VA. Esp. because they/Alaska use their own security line at Logan."Those using two-factor authentication or Apple's trusted device system should be protected." @gorskic Yahoo’s had repeated password security issues, so that’s one reason. Another is if you have photos in Flickr missing from your Mac.Get your photos back out of Flickr with these tips.
@zackstern and HFCSThe funniest thread I've seen in days. a Virgin America customer, so sad to see this announcement. anyone thought that every time Trump says SAD it’s actually a secret plea for help with his Seasonal Affective Disorder?If you judge me harshly for my love of canned, jellied cranberry sauce, I’m afraid we can never truly be friends. @Deir_in_DC If I had a transmat I’d send you this pourover I’m working on, but the thought is there. ;) @Deir_in_DC had a ’79 Mustang - first year of the Fox chassis. I wanted one of these ’82 GTs *so* bad. followup to a piece that hit home for a lot of us. @fundraisinisfun @Sears Were you also a Toughskins kid?Hey @Sears if you want to stay in business bring back leisure suits. I would buy these in a heartbeat. @jeffmc srsly.You guys, the #Trump administration is about to announce a fourth branch of government, the Plenipenitentiary.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen @jeffmc Smart to keep it offline tho.Anyone else keep a running list of “first to line up against the wall when the revolution comes”? No, just me? @waltmossberg Give me an iPad that looks like a first-gen iBook. In Tangerine.All about Solid State Drives (SSDs) Companies Will Soon Banish Robocalls. For Real This Time via @WIREDHappy #NationalPuppyDay! acquiring Workflow seems like a better option than Apple Sherlocking it, at least.
Tried the new Marc Almond milk I found at the grocery store but it was tainted, love. #NewWaveDadJoke @davidcaolo @morrick Maelstrom and games like it were the catalyst for my entire Mac journalism career. @morrick One of my favorite Classic Mac game memories is that paired with Oxyd, a rolling ball puzzle game. Remember it?Jeff created Dynamix, GarageGames, Pushbutton Labs and Spotkin. Saying he made a dent in the game universe is a hug… @Spacekatgal I don’t think it’s a shift towards centricism, per se. I think it’s the damnable focus on false balance. @Spacekatgal to be frank, “barely contained incredulity” *should* be the default mode of *any* serious journalist. @samduffy2 @f_hanshaw Just understand that we’re in the minority.. Most people use iOS; Mac users are a minority these days. @dlpasco Plus giving yourself a sore ass and leg cramps in the process.Say it with me, fam, "incidental collection" is not a wiretap on Trump and it is not targeted surveillance of Trump or his team.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen @JonyIveParody @GlennF @GlennF “…The Aristocrats!" @the_moviebob yes @samduffy2 @f_hanshaw You can create a smart playlist of recently added songs if you prefer. @f_hanshaw @samduffy2 It’s a maddening UI inconsistency if you use both platforms. @dfravel In his “day clothes” he looks like a shitty Gordon Gecko cosplayer to me. @Jon_Alper For the generation that grew up with Missile Command and Centipede.This picture going around of Donald Trump Jr. looks like he’s trying to inconspicuously cup a fart. @samduffy2 I suspect the UI differences are b/c different people work on iOS and Mac, but why iOS lacks that functionality - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @samduffy2 I don’t, that’s why I’m asking people Sam. :)Good question. Doesn’t look like there’s any way to reorder or edit it. Anyone know?