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I write, post, and talk about tech, cute animals. Sweary. Opinions are implanted in my head by Reptilians. Married to @fletchen.

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Too many vanillas, @turkeyhilldairy. What kind of maniac needs this many? @glenda_atom @PDelahanty Sure, but not for the candy corn. @balexander not yetI just ate candy corn AMA @fionanarama @ClassicPopMag And you could find a way to walk And you could think you’re walking nowhere But if you… @jmetzendorf @russellholly @reneritchie Why? You can’t wear them on your wrist. @gregorykorte @cfarivar Data journalistsPorg Solo should get his own edgy Disney XD series. @shpprd I suggested to @fletchen that if we ever get another Roomba, we should get a 2XL to attach to the top of it… @ClassicPopMag Fad Gadget, because Frank Tovey was amazing. @Jon_Alper She wasn’t kidnapped by aliens. She was kidnapped by Aryans.Less Pixel. More 2XL. is Apple tech that helps games and graphic apps run faster. steps. #trailrunning am I more reminded of the ST: TNG episode “Darmok” than when I post GIFs to reply to things instead of using… @ZwilnikSF yeah, i’m gonna swing by the store and try the best-reviewed ones out. Just furious with myself that I was so careless.So disappointed and angry with myself. Stained one of my love’s favorite dresses by washing it with the wrong things, color transferred. @macosken I watched the Black Panther trailer like six times yesterday to remind myself why I love the MCU.Marvel’s Inhumans cannot flop. We need this show. Because we need Lockjaw to find the Mind Gem and start Pet Avengers. @capecodweather Wow! Looks like a spectacular shoulder season week.
@rstevens Treatable with antibiotics.BREAKING NEWS: ELON MUSK IS HARVESTING HUMANS shut up and listen @Deir_in_DC “You think I’m bad, wait until you get a load of THIS fuck." @jcenters Reagan-era family funnies. When I grew up, stuff like Andy Capp and The Wizard of Id had the same sort of hokey vibe. @KrisSiegel @gte @jsnell @siracusa that escalated quickly. AT THAT SMILE
Retweeted by Supeternatural CohenThis lie, the older I get the more I feel like Blank Reg in Max Headroom. I wish I had his hair. @gte @jsnell @siracusa I have strong opinions on the issue so I hope the debate is lively. @reneritchie a question I bet you never expected to ask people even a few years agoreal talk from jo @harrymccracken I still have a WP-2 around here somewhere, I think. @SteveStreza <sadtrombone>Not gonna lie, it’s been a bit amazing to watch The Weinstein Co. implode almost in real time.I wonder if my bed knows how much it means to me
Retweeted by Supeternatural Cohen @lschmeiser so say we all @harrymccracken Model 100: such a workhorse for so many in the news business. I supported them for a newspaper, pre… Speirs is missing his true calling as a movie reviewer. PANTHER OH hOLY SHIT MECHA. EVER. @ChrisBeveridge @fletchen bwahahah instafaveBuy Pixel. Buy iPhone. Or roll the dice.
Retweeted by Supeternatural Cohen @data_nerd The subhed, fortunately, cleared up my confusion. @waynedixon I’ve been encouraging us to break the Internet and start over again, so maybe this is the silver lining. @benroethig May the Force be with you.remember kids, KRACK is whackReading about this KRACK business and oy, what a mess. I imagine an avalanche of updates is coming to everything that’s actually updated.augh teh floof @JuliusGoat @the_moviebob I saw the pic and wondered why the Duck Dynasty guy was there. @ScottKevill Glad to see the changes have worked for the better. Wish Twitter would follow your lead, because this system doesn’t work. @flargh Community in any form just doesn't scale, and early members tend to fight attempts to scale because they do…
Retweeted by Supeternatural Cohen @zackstern My attitude poisons my use of Twitter.
GameRanger. And interestingly, I left for the same reason I’m putting the brakes on Twitter for a while - my own at… husky pupper
Retweeted by Supeternatural CohenSecond period underway! #BOSvsVGK
Retweeted by Supeternatural CohenBumper crop of foggy autumn nights on Cape Cod this year. @_Miche11e_ "Back in my day, each cel was drawn by hand, 24 of them to make a single second of footage!” @BryanPietrzak @SinisterOneSD We’re all yelling into the void. It can be a very peculiar and extraordinarily nihili…, this is going poorly, New England. #PatriotsNation @SinisterOneSD Sadly, affirmations from allies are basically the only benefit.Trying to tone down my political posts. I’m not changing anyone’s mind who needs changing. It’s a lot of wasted energy.
Young Medium with Cream @AndrewWrites @OverduePod Caffeinated beer is a thing.Ready for the cranberry harvest. @rstevens this just popped up for sale in a Facebook group I belong to to work on his poker face
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Back’s new album is finally out, y’all. It is AMAZING.
I’m with her.'s official: President Trump kills Obamacare cost-sharing payments that were designed to keep premiums low.
Retweeted by Supeternatural CohenThe state that gave us Mike Dense. Erm, Pence. @Deir_in_DC @bluelighttv 1985-86: Me in my head vs me irl EVERYONE BE QUIET @cw_spn IS ON #SupernaturalDay @Deir_in_DC @bluelighttv The student lounge on the third floor, playing this. pitch: Rantix™: A drug that helps you quit social media like smoking. Ask your doctor if Rantix™ is right for you.Not gonna lie, my day was sucking pretty hard until @mskerryd showed us this. @House_Feminist @sarahcuda Soon you will have binders full of respect for women.