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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

I write about tech. I make hard stuff easy to understand. Technology writer for @backblaze. Married to @fletchen.

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Reverse Tweets Mac Pro with video issues? Call Apple @strngwys good idea I just saw a spider anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @rgriff I think you mean “hahbah."ALERT: There is no more black tea in the house. This is not a drill.Podcasting with @imuggle @justinseeley and @BSutich for @app_factor this morning. Feels like old times! @Tony_Bolger No longer with iMore. Gonna be on the next @app_factor podcast tho!
@brunetmj No @ladywhimsy iCloud Keychain weirdness.I just realized there’s a whole group of people who only know @Kyle_MacLachlan from being the weird mayor on Portlandia. @funranium @edzitron let me tell you about my mother @tbridge It’s serialized correctly.iCloud Keychain has been a nightmare on my Mac ever since a main logic board replacement.I urge Sec. Clinton to join me in saying loudly and clearly that we will never cut Social Security.
Retweeted by Peter CohenAWWW YEAHHHHH @feralgames #XCOM2 Pac-Man and iCade Donkey Kong quick video
Retweeted by Peter Cohen @sarahcuda @HuntHenning @reneritchie @jcieplinski @drbarnard @irace You can actually convert an iPod classic to Flash. @drbarnard @jcieplinski @reneritchie @irace I can support this idea. I'd like to see iTunes get a time out, and think about what it's done. @reneritchie @jcieplinski @drbarnard @irace Only iPod Classics. They’re the only ones hearty enough to survive New England winters. @jcieplinski @reneritchie @drbarnard @irace And do what with iPods? iPod nano and shuffle are still current SKUs.No, you paranoid loon. Apple couldn’t care less about who fixes your busted iPhone. @snipeyhead surprised you’re not involved @darth or any other day ending in ytfw when you call AppleCare with a problem and they’re all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @PDelahanty *70,,Make sure to use a resistor to terminate the open PhoneNet connector. Or not. #supportcommentsfromyoreMake sure your cards have different IRQ settings. #supportcommentsfromyore @jcenters Vermin Supreme. eyeballs slid down her dress. #6wordhorrorstory @JohnGallant1 her/our @mcelhearn if Poe were alive today, he'd blog about The Telltale Vibration. He'd still end up dead in someone else's clothes, though.iPhone in hand, his pocket vibrated. #6wordhorrorstory @philiped Tim Cook: “Apple Watch sales were better than getting kicked in the balls, that’s for sure." @drcreek Not just now, but in January, yeah.Getting dangerously close to nuking and paving this rMBP after the last 24 hours. Endless issues with Messages, Safari, iCloud Keychain. @danielwcooper Three! Ha ha ha ha!
Gutted. The end of an era. @quakerotis Sure. Just check my Twitter feed from earlier today for details. :)And just like that Messages works again and no processes are going crazy. WTH.Bah. Messages is still a beachballing mess after reinstalling 10.11.3. Hm. @rolphus ThankThanks to EVERYONE who sent out their congrats today. Means the world. Really excited to be part of the @backblaze team! @ekiledjian Writing articles about backing up! ;)Messages is beachballing like crazy all of a sudden, and soagent and callservicesd are kicking up the fans. WTH @terri_stone Only when CeCe Peniston comes on in the grocery store. Then I’m Bernadette in the cereal aisle. Every. Damn. Time. @terri_stone @terri_stone does that mean I should stop cosplaying as walter whiteThe road to hell is paved with best SEO practices. @omahas OK, well, maybe not ALL museums. But you get my point. @jackbrewster #toosoon @jackbrewster "Sponsored by Subway"Children’s museums are awesome, but the appellation itself is weird. All museums should be children’s museums. @viticci Not with 1Writer, obv, but the same principle applies. @viticci No surprise that I’ve used the same trick on El Cap.I’m even delighted to announce, as opposed to announced. Verb tenses, I has them. @jcenters “Hold my breath til my face turns blue” doesn’t work for toddlers, either. Politics is compromise. @jcenters He’s a man of principle, which is more than you can say for most of these opportunistic sociopaths. @lymond not to mention the grain pyramids @dujkan iMore and I parted company last fall. @atlauren @chuckgoolsbee THE INTERNET SAYS HI @rebornaggie2013 I really enjoyed my time there. @fergus1n I still have my own site (see bio)Delighted to announced that I’ve joined @backblaze as Technology Writer. I’ll be writing for the Backblaze blog and web site going forward.
@jperlow banana cream pie, chocolate cream pie, coconut cream pie don’t like Boston Cream Pie because it’s neither cream nor pie, but I love me some ice cream cake, and that’s not cake. #hypocrisy @TheAdmiral @jgpmolloy It’s coming via Steam for multiple platforms including Mac. @jgpmolloy What about it? @jenskristian no @jinkies also @jcenters @GlennF something something absolute powerHey everyone remember Scion? Good times, good times. @jcenters @GlennF Just remember, fascism is the best form of government - as long as you’re on the side of the fascists. @jinkies have an open call for 2016 speakers. Did you know we not only offer a free hotel + ticket, but we cover travel?
Retweeted by Peter CohenI can’t wait to take a self driving car to the Amazon bookstore @Gartenberg Impressive. On your lap or on a desk? The absence of lap usability is keeping me in laptops.Atari Vault promises old school gaming thrills @RockingThePixel Every expression Warren gives is a variation on “Am I the only one who thinks what’s going on is insane?” #NotAloneMy favorite part of Time Machine backups is how it makes my rMBP warm. #toasty @mattgemmell I agree. Doesn’t take long for muscle memory to adapt.If you like electronic music and an AMAZING voice, check out @caseydesmond’s new project: @jyarow yes and yes. @EducatorBroome At home I was removed from it, in Laguna Beach. But I worked in Irvine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @EducatorBroome I lived in OC for 18 months in 1989/90. I feel your pain. @EducatorBroome Cape Cod is the most conservative county in Massachusetts. I hate this culture.Atari Vault enables old men like me to yell at clouds, tell kids to get off his lawn @OliverJHaslam To the right of the brake when @capecodweather predicts snow the $2.99 just for the piss-take on IAP in the trailer. program a gateway to the evils of Buddhism, according to dumb school committee bigot via @capecodtimes
@Jfdamato yep.Toxic masculinity is out of control., then buy this. @caseydesmond’s best work yet! cat inverted engraved Apple Watch designs @chrisphin you had me at emate @the_other_jon what a charlie foxtrot @yofal no on a and yes on b
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