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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Blog editor for @backblaze. Sarcastic and occasionally foul-mouthed, because that's how I cope with an insane world.

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@GlennF Sounds like The Walking Dead @zackstern No VPN access configured on this device. @MR_COLDHARBOUR Not the same thing I’m talking about, but weird regardless.FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS @smenor like milo y with lots more backpfeifengesicht.Wondering, @piersmorgan, were you unloved as a child, or was there a traumatic event that turned you into such a ho… @capeapple @dfravel but it needs to be 32 GB to be a pro machine *whine* *whine* #notruescotsmanIt's Saturday. Time for cartoons and cereal. Who's ready?
Retweeted by Peter CohenHey, to anyone marching today: Be safe and thank you for representing.Carnage Asada is my Los Fabulosos Cadillacs cover band. live in such a culinary wasteland that I can only find plain chiccarones most of the time.Never saw Cloudy with a chance of meatballs clearlyBillion dollar idea: Spray on socks @hodapp A template for the current administration @Ohthatflo lol so trueBilly Mays was taken away from us too soon. Pouring one out for television’s best pitchman. @matthewbbolton It tracks across multiple Macs set up with similar software configurations, so I don’t know what to make of it.If you see @iMuggle and me shaking booties it's probably because @themagician has a new mixtape. @matthewbbolton Trying to figure out whether to blame macOS or my router. @matthewbbolton When did that become a thing? @bxlewi1 yep. that’s what I do. When did that become a thing?Mac users: Does your Mac ever wake up connected to Wi-Fi but unable to work on the Internet? If so, what do you do? @f_hanshaw @TheOnion The Joe Biden one is a work of artIt’s gonna be an awesome four years for comedy if @TheOnion is any indication thing about that Bane quote: Tom Hardy sold the line much more convincingly than Trump.
@Capt_Logun just google trump and bane and click play. :) @johnfbraun Iy’s what the alt-right craves. @AmyJane and it turns out that it's a Gucci design based on the Union Jack, as per @AshleyEsqueda. Hilarious! @CoreBelote give trump a year @bergerjen for sure.“A CHALLENGER APPEARS” Me, every time I hear the door to one of my kids’ bedrooms open @joshtpm @jasoninthehouse “marion_anthrax” said it: "Should have told it to her face instead of using instagram fingers you punk ass chump” @Angry_Drunk how else will it develop a genocidal hatred of humanity?BREAKING NEWS: Miskatonic University linguistics department confirms Trump plagiarized parts of inauguration address from the Necronomicon.Bane dialogue is Trump’s policy now. "We will destroy ISIS. And then, when it is done and ISIS is ashes you have my permission to die."If I were president I’d plagiarize from much better Tom Hardy movies than The Dark Knight Rises. @CraigGrannell @Spacekatgal Welcome to Massachusetts, where Republicans often exist more in theory than practice. @AshleyEsqueda Without knowing the background, my thought was “Marlo Thomas/That Girl meets Hamilton." @AshleyEsqueda Hey, if she’s trolling, more power to her! @flargh Its a Gucci coat designed to celebrate London hahaha
Retweeted by Peter CohenHate all you want, I kind of dig Kellyanne Conway’s outfit. @gruber “what the actual fu…"tfw u have to search for public wifi because T-Mobile signal is so inadequate. @the_pc_doc Bordering on mystical.tfw Trump talks about movements @f_hanshaw I don't have an opinion at this point over the safety of using it. I just think it's creepy as shit.I am apalled at how many of my friends want to look like alien weeaboos. #meituYep, this is about where I'm at today. forward to the Swearing At Ceremony for the new president. wait wut? Swearing IN? Never mind.Redbox just emailed to let me know "The best new releases are here" then listed Suicide Squad. Dammit, Redbox, WORDS 👏MEAN👏THINGS. @anamariecox Angel finds the new POTUS' word salad even more meaningless than the typical human jabbering. keeps talking about his movements. What is it about old men's obsession with their BMs?
"We have the highest IQ of any cabinet" is meaningless nonsense.Mexico has extradited El Chapo to the US. So much for keeping out Mexican drug dealers, @realDonaldTrump. @edzitron or just leave it unplugged that's fine tooExplanation: Americans are stupid. have a favorite sausage/egg/tater tot slow cooker recipe? Lay it on me.I bought this stupid tea infuser because #dadjokes: "Manatea." @Miz_Rosenberg @russpitts Elvis' death. @jperlow less pubes tooMeitu is freakin' creepy. There, I said it. @harrison3 My Chemex broke, waiting for replacement to arrive. Melita pour-over.Me, just now: "I WILL GRIND YOU AND BOIL YOU AND EXTRACT YOUR VITAL ESSENCE! MWA HA HA!" The 19yo: "Dad, that's ki… is so wrong and yet I am laughing so hard life would be very different if all of the time I've spent playing @hayday over the years was billable. @jessmakes Thanks! @jessmakes I was thinking that it would be cool if someone made custom fashion drains for goths that look like ticks. @jessmakes Taking it week to week. @jessmakes looking forward to getting back on my feed. still have drains installed. Bleah. @jessmakes yep @jcieplinski It ought to be legal to beat those people with chairs old-school WWF style. @jessmakes SurgeryRemember, according to custom, any observation you make about Rick Perry must be followed by "bless his heart." @chrisphin @stitchbitch and Irn-Bru?BREAKING NEWS: Product not announced by Apple already delayed make Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with Reese's Pieces inside. The pieces need something inside them for the total Turducken experience. @whakkee @backblaze (restores don't *have* to be managed, but can be) @whakkee @backblaze There's no difference in price - Groups makes it easier to manage centralized billing and restores.Mac users: Running a Windows VM and @backblaze? Learn how to back it up using this Help Desk article: