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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

I write about tech. I try to make hard stuff easy to understand. Married to @fletchen. Occasional Walter White cosplayer.

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Today I went to Cumby’s and went half Farmhouse Bold half peppermint hot chocolate, because life is short and meant to be enjoyed.TFW you see the cat looks warily at the food container because she knows it’s low. “I’m going to starve! I’ll just eat the hoomin."Took the leftover taco meat and cheese from dinner last night and put it on pizza shells tonight. Taco pizza!@Spacekatgal Exactly so. I sell them as the day is long to marine biologists and researchers.@jcenters Jared Fogel #toosoon“Cat Fight” is on Nat Geo right now, and it’s all big cats fighting and OMG THIS COULD BE ITS OWN CHANNEL@GlennF The “let’s take this outside” option.@_elei I was thinking of using it as a cheeseboard.@JoyCiticonti Yes.@JonyIveParody sometimes we do it just to troll uThe 2010s will be remembered as the Decade of the Weirdbeard.@billnation Black Limba@billnation Cover Up offers a variety of different wood finishes. Looks quite nice. I have a black one too I might switch to at some point.@victorcajiao #HEYNOW@edbott Indeed. Makes me want to use it to serve some cheese and figs.@dmoren @GlennF Ist ve not the cybermen Robot pure cybermen Ja, ve ist der cybermen Super-duper cybermen!HAPPY CYBERMAN DAY EVERYONE It’ll be excellent to serve cheese from, however.@Tim_Stevens Maybe about 1mm.Just applied the #Woodback from Cover Up to my 15-inch rMBP. What do you think? Thanks man. Appreciated!@TLNZstudios Thanks! I pop up from time to time. Just did @MacVoices.@dwiskus @lexfri Take a number.@jcenters “You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon?” hic "It's the ship that made the…MacGuffin Run in less than, uh, 12...unobtaniums."…who had been drinking in a bar prior to their conversation. I’m SOL apparently."Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.” - Aristophanes@al023 I’m sure people do, and have.@al023 I had a conversation last week I'll summarize as, "either learn how to use this or hire someone."Sonos users rejoice! @AppleMusic beta comes to @Sonos on 12/15. Sign up now.
Retweeted by Peter CohenSonos plans to release a beta version that works with Apple Music starting Dec. 15th.@mcelhearn Not only do we require verbal authorization, they have to initial something on our service forms.@thurrott You should just (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) Sail away, sail away, sail away.Apple is being sued because people are stupid, careless and want to be infantilized. @gruber @daringfireball in festive holiday grey.I want a pizza, except for my soul. A spiritual pizza.@aaronmb Which really wouldn’t be a bad tradeoff.If you’re a CPU nerd and want more deets on the hardware in the iPad Pro, check out Anandtech. of having Christmas can we have Halloween again? stupid is foreverI want a content blocker that works on stupid content@Daniel_Rubino Never read the comments.@uliwitness The usual Monday, cyber or not.Busy at the store this morning. #retaillife're twistin' my melon man, you know you talk so hip man, you're twistin' my melon man.…and for the first time since I heard about the Internet of Everything I wish I could ping my lost eyeglasses.
@jcenters Either way, the GOP is revolting. #HEYNOW@GregGehr Yep. Tried that on Friday.@chrisphin I’ve tried different pants and pantsless too.@edzitron what came out is indistinguishable from what’s in the cans.@Cyantiffic Yeah, if I’m having this problem than others are having/have had this problem.Yes, I’ve tried clearing cache and cookies. I’ve changed browsers. I’ve changed computers. I’ve changed platforms.I get this far in unlocking my Facebook account, then no further. I still can’t log in. You strike me more as a Jawa. HOOTINI!My ingestion of warm beverages and soups increases exponentially this time of year.@CraigGrannell fellow cisgendered white males: Sometimes the best thing you can do is to shut up and listen. #PlannedParenthood@Spacekatgal Those people have been socialized to believe EVERYONE requires their input.@sfsooz @edzitron FOCHSUS@sabine_grundy All of the bureaucratic incompetence, none of the public accountabilityRegarding the new Creed movie: I’m sorry, but Michael B Jordan doesn’t look anything like Scott Stapp.@Lorskyfink @Ihnatko Not for me, but I have no truck with anyone over their dessert choices.
@JustinSeeley Absolutely. I’ve been locked out since yesterday and their process for reconnecting is broken.@ojezap End of an era. Thanks for the great photographic record of this.@onlyduh Go pagan and it gets fun again. Io saturnalia!@davidcaolo Also see: iPad photography@davidcaolo I’m willing to bet @iMuggle would agree with you. Used tastefully they’re amazing. Used indiscriminately they’re obnoxious.@PhilipMichaels @jsnell I’m willing to bet Two Old Men Watch a Football Game is equally applicable.Is there genuinely no way to talk to anyone or escalate a support ticket at Facebook if you find yourself locked out of your account?@edzitron This beat is Zitrotronic. For his supporters to stop being human garbage, mostly.@lexfri Every time I pull out of my driveway I hum the Doctor Who theme.My neighbor's newly painted door is looking wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
@GlennF @moiseschiu @MaxTemkin are you taking the piss?On planet Zitron the main form of currency and staple food are both called the farhad.Here’s a baby goat on a trampoline, just in case you need one tonight. I watched it with my kids, but I wouldn’t presume on another family. It was broadcast on SyFy in the states, produced in Canada.@ronindotca That’s a judgment for you, père.@ronindotca Nope. Four seasons.@ronindotca Continuum?Where my wife works is an absolute dead zone for @TMobile. No coverage whatsoever. Infuriating. #firstworldproblems@BenThePCGuy @edzitron first rule fans, right now roman or gtfo know, for a PR guy, @edzitron could really use more forceful branding.@sfsooz @edzitron Zitronalytics™.@lukei4655 @GlennF @edzitron better make it meat juice, otherwise you might go into shock.@GlennF Might be able to get a better price if you’re willing to sell parts instead.@robdelaney or one of their marijuana “vape” thingies.@edzitron False Flag PR needs to be a thing.Domestic terrorist at large. FALSE FLAGWhat's next? Roomba cockfights? Formula E announces the world's first driverless car racing series via @verge@edzitron The truth is out there. @GlennF they’re called cubic zitronians@HCMarks Ask him if he parked in a handicapped space. @whakkee maybe the Weehauken Alameida Burrito Tunnel can be modified., the donut guy at @CapeCodRoasters is amazing. Apple cider and cranberry cider donuts, served piping hot, plus holes and sticks.
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