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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Man. Ed. of the @backblaze blog. Sarcastic and occasionally foul-mouthed, because that's how I cope.

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@backlon You can no longer shop happily? @TheBreen @baratunde Chris P Bacon. @apt honestly, Nightstand Mode on the watch made the difference, for whatever reason. @apt never used the phone that way. Just seemed inconvenient somehow."I don't know if millions of votes were fraudulent" is the new "I'm not a scientist."Looking forward to the cosplayers. @apt nopeIt dawned on me today that the Apple Watch has completely negated my need for an alarm clock. @AmandaMarcotte the crypto-racist equivalent of "she was asking for it."Angry at Trump for tweeting about SNL? Seriously, that's the most INNOCUOUS thing he's done this week. #wakeupsheepleThe trick is not to get distracted and fly off the rails. See through the manipulation and rise above it, assess what it means, then react.None of what you read or see in politics that makes you angry is the result of ignorance or stupidity. It is coldly methodical manipulation.Now if they'd only CHALLENGE it. horrifying. RT @BostonGlobe: At least 24 dead in Oakland, Calif., fire, more expected ... hour of wifi and texting? Don't mind if I do! #tmobilewingman @VirginAmerica your Logan crew are rockstars. ♥️♥️♥️
Awkward phrasing, because it sounds like the DARPA Grand Challenge or something. @bugcounter @lexfri Thank you for the important history lecithin. @lexfri Embiggen is a perfectly Trumpulent word. @SwineyEdward @jeffporten The Emoluments Clause guarantees the president and congress will be well moisturized, which explains our Strategic Oil Reserves. @MarcoB Indeed. A few months ago I was playing with a classic Mac emulator and System 6 and realized how much more productive I was offline.Angel chills on her blankie. #catsofinstagram 41 basically makes me want to throw out every electronic thing I own and go live in a hut in the woods. @dannyo152 You lucky bastard. There isn't a Popeyes within 50 miles of here.Chicken a la King is unamerican! Check the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. @dnanian @chuq Don't forget about Holtzman Shields.Between General Tso and Colonel Sanders, I am most concerned about the continued escalation of chicken militarization.Finally got around to using UE's "PartyUp" feature which lets you stream to multiple (up to 50!) Boom/MegaBoom speakers. Works fabulously.Remembrandt - when you recall who painted "The Night Watch."
Great news - file restores with Backblaze are even easier! Read on for the deets. bitter disappointment for me in the wake of Trump's election: No longer being able to use "trump" as a verb without triggering friends. @IanLPhotography chose Mad Dog McCree to be secretary of defense? Isn't he a bad guy? @zackstern Sexy as hell if you're a gypsy moth caterpillar. @robspodcastmug Faster with an iPad charger btw @Angry_Drunk If it'd been "stripped bear for Winter," then you'd be wise not to.Stripped bare for winter. think it's bad now, check it out after you've plowed through a bag of Cheetos. @steven_aquino @reneritchie BUT BUT BUT 32 GB WHINE @lukei4655 I'm happy to vouch for you. *rolls up sleeves* @meganmorrone "Logging the spam" sounds like a pooping euphemism. @kvanh I think you mean "They Live," but yeah, absolutely.With Snapchat's success, I have an idea for AR-augmented glasses that let you know when someone's lying to you. I c… @robspodcastmug The only time I miss smaller phones is when I wear tight jeans. ;) @robspodcastmug It took a long time for the Plus to grow on me, but now I can't stand tiny little baby phones. @clunkclunk @chrisTgrace Fair. But this is Apple we're talking about, so it'd be more like $550. @chrisTgrace Then again, I was wondering on how Apple could improve on Eero, and apparently they decided they couldn't. @chrisTgrace And they're still available for sale, but I was holding out for the next gen. I too am bummed that won't come to pass.Apple axes AirPort. Now what? Sudano: The most talented cover singer on YouTube by far., that explains why iPhones were in short supply. I wonder who's stealing the MacBook Pros? intestines house 70% of the neurons in your body outside your brain. So some of us may very well have our head… @kittenwithawhip A sudden influx of SF hipsters? Ugh.
I want to leave the United States, but I'm willing to negotiate a tax break with the new administration that will keep me here instead. @rstevens The worst part of every morning is waiting for the coffee to drip through the filter. Torture. @dlpasco @chrisphin @jackbrewster Also, The Devil's Dictionary. @TLNZstudios Not dirt, actually - cranberry bushes. @chrisphin @jackbrewster @dlpasco Liff yes, ISIHAC no. @chrisphin @jackbrewster speaking of Rich Hall, I miss Sniglets.The bog, after the rain. @GlennF NOT MY wait wutI'd like Hazel from @NoodleSoft but with Audio Hijack's sweet workflow interface @TheBreen @backblaze you said it, not me. :)My latest for @backblaze: Why it's important to have a backup even if you use iCloud. @dfravel and only open on Sunday. @dfravel Meanwhile, we STILL can't get a goddamn @PopeyesChicken within 50 miles. @dfravel Business idea:: Buy out Sam Diego's across the street and open Chick-Fil-DaveThe inherent fallacy of "If You See Something, Say Something" is that most people are idiots who have no idea what they're looking at. @dfravel I'm sure that Pensacola franchise wept blood the day he moved to the Cape. Give me a fucking break. @dfravel Also anyone who thinks that any chain "treats them like family" has a really empty, shallow life. @dfravel Having had it in the past and thinking it's mediocre at best, I don't see the attraction. The god-bothering is another turnoff. @abazoe just in case you didn't get enough of them on your way to work yesterday, Chicken Head got his pic in the T… @dfravel "Assholes wait for shitty chicken sandwich." @Lorskyfink IIRC, the app does collect nav data, however. just not useful for turn-by-turn.
Social media marketing people are the WORST. @YevP @spaceturbulence It has the benefit of sounding quite saucy. @Lorskyfink It’s far from a perfect app, but for the price I paid (free), I wasn’t expecting perfection. @Lorskyfink I don’t believe so.