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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Sarcastic and occasionally foul-mouthed, because that's how I cope with an insane world. Formerly of Backblaze, iMore, The Loop, Macworld.

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“Wonder Twin powers, ACTIVATE!" verdict is in amongst my British followers who participated: Peanut butter, another unchecked example of Americ… in the Oval Office at present.“Cillizza” sounds like the lamest kaiju ever. @chrisphin @theginkin I was introduced to martinis with vodkatinis. I have a “furniture polish” reaction to juniper… @chrisphin Interested in “introducing gin to people who hate gin” coverage because it me.Uniqlo must be an awesome place to shop for clothes if you are a stick figure @settern @Polygon then they know what they need to do @thurrott @wookiee Dumb them down?Daylilies @adambanksdotcom We make carrageenan from seaweed. Other than that, everything is pretty much corn, yeah.Taking the day off from the Internet today because I slipped and fell in a big pile of white male privilege this morning.tfw someone you know makes you so goddamn angry with his ignorance you are literally shaking trying to respond without screaming in all caps @Chalky011 It's literally generations of propaganda from the health insurance industry and their lobbyists poisoning Washington.
@spaceturbulence Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear. are the questions I sent the @Trump Org. spokeswoman yesterday about the fake @time cover. Still no answer.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen @macgenie A lot more empty calories than I wanted and a lot less protein than I needed, but it’s a rare indulgence.British friends: Please finish the follow sentence. Peanut butter is @hoserama99 "The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from.” - Andy TanenbaumTwin Peaks review: I have no idea wtf is going on and neither do you so shut up @mikahsargent @joesteel “ayfkmwtbs" @leicaman Can’t wait to see Poptone play this when they come to Boston!Was feeling all righteous about that lunchtime avocado smoothie until I realized I just pounded more than a Big Mac’s worth of calories.Unlike “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” “Go!” has the perfect amount of cowbell. out to John Cornyn literally just heard a white girl say “OMG Becky.” #atstarbucks #basicafMitch McConnell says the AHCA needs work. So did Dresden after World War II. @JanMorrisFLA FWIW, @ParallelsMac is a free download, so you can compare to see what suits your needs. @JanMorrisFLA The advantage to Boot Camp is native performance. Better for games, 3D and processor-intensive tasks. @JanMorrisFLA The biggest advantage is not having to reboot to use Windows. Windows apps and services on demand as needed. @JanMorrisFLA of whatVuvuzela Symphony is my Zulu The Verve cover band.Straight up, @MichaelRapaport is the PERFECT @cumberlandfarms spokesperson. Like PB&J! Whatever Cumbie’s is paying him is a bargain. @JanMorrisFLA A 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. I use @ParallelsMac when I need Windows.Jim Acosta's speech might have meant something if CNN actually had the stones to run their cameras.Thread. I wish I'd had this awareness when my kids were that age. @superpixels "Where is Kiki? We have a delivery schedule to keep."
This is so ridiculously on point. @EggFreckles Until we burn down the houseThis stupid, arrogant douchebag preened about breaking the law on corporate training videos. He deserves harsh puni… @JonyIveParody It’s like Groundhog Day, except I never learn how to play the piano. @JonyIveParody Oh, your phone does Wi-Fi Calling? Fancy. Mine’s been fucked off and on since the last Tmo carrier update. @kelbrooks Among others, yes. @DaveHamilton you go dade murphy Gary Numan is touring the US this fall. up: Keller’s cutting through the BS!’ve told my kids that I don’t care if they’re successful or wealthy. I just want them to be happy and content. Everyone deserves that. @lukei4655 I made the mistake of trying their froot loops shake. not recommended. @superpixels And 40 year olds. They like to make Gen Xers cry too. Fuckers.I can’t wait for another Nintendo product I won’t be able to ACTUALLY FUCKING PURCHASE. @cvspharmacy You people can eat shit until you support Apple Pay. It’s 2017 ffsNIMBYism: A proud Cape Cod tradition since 1620. THAT’S settled then. #thetruthisoutthere @mikahsargent but it is hypnotic af i can’t even what is happening is this real lifeThis is pretty much my permanent soundtrack. @mikahsargent @viticci I’m wrong, but I think Burger King’s "Mac n’ Cheetos" is a bigger existential threat to America than Russian hackers. @zeynep More like Iowa stakes iykwim @nycnash @Deir_in_DC @BernToTheFuture @YouTube 30 more points and they get a free drink at Starbucks! @Casonworld graduated high school 30 years this month. Advice to younger me: stay in college, take care of your teeth, don't get used to those bangs. @Deir_in_DC The biggest problem with political parties today is their lack of electrolytes. It’s what plants crave. #idiocracyFollowup: Only took five minutes before I started screaming about sociopaths today. I really have to stop checking Trump’s tweets.I figure Kellyanne Conway goes home every night, sobs and screams into her pillow for an hour, then megadoses on pe… @mikahsargent I feel unclean after watching that @jmetzendorf @_RelayFM You’re just trying to relayte.An alarming cybersecurity warning.“Reince Preibus” is pronounced “Grima Wormtongue” in the Common Speech of Middle-Earth.
A costume designer’s impressions of Wonder Woman’s design, via @Spacekatgal. A must read if you’re into this stuff.! It's Purge night! #nopants like ass wipes. Streaking garbage. night, Wonder Woman. Underpants? @ Heritage Theaters @apollozac fyp FACT: @jdalrymple occasionally sees a barber but @DalrymplesBeard has its own groomer.Even if you only “play” a sociopath on social media for shits and giggles, you’re a horrible garbage person.Wow, 20 minutes on social media before I started screaming about someone’s complete sociopathy. A new record. Tomorrow I shoot for 21.
@NantucketSound5 Is there an AirPlay-compatible head unit that would be a clean conversion for this?No, you silly autocorrecting bastard. I do not mean ducking. I never mean ducking.