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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Man. Ed. of the @backblaze blog. Tweets are mine: Apple, music, politics, gastric bypass. Occasionally off color, always on point. @fletchen's my one and only.

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Butching it up, @KINDSnacks? @mattgemmell @CraigGrannell Amiga OS for every wrist! @natisho I’m thinking about Portfolio-era taken to its extreme, so post-Jobs. :) @jeremydickson4 @jdalrymple friggin foreigners coming in taking our precious resources, this is what trump warned us about! #buildawall @vmstan A grateful nation thanks you for your sacrifice. @vmstan So is it like how they make kefir? Do you need some starter yeast or something?#HeySiri, does America have a strategic beard oil reserve? @badhedgehog A rusty beerd is bad news. That’s how you get tetanus.Wait, maybe beard oil is to seed the growth of new beards. Or is beard oil there to prevemt the growth of beards? I DON’T UNDERSTANDI’m more concerned about rust prevention. @edzitron oil: Is it oil taken from beards? Or oil to apply to beards? Or is it a closed loop ecosystem?FTL ansible communication through hyperspace, transmat beacon, froyo dispenser, better taptic engine. would to visit a parallel universe where Atari became the best selling laptop maker in the world. @blakespot Getting my shit fixed. Busted iPhone screen, suspect bad GPU issue on rMBP. @reneritchie I see this more as a Nic Cage vehicle. Maybe a buddy comedy with Jonah Hill.Imagine what a shitshow it would be if an alien invasion happened during Burning Man and only Burners were left to repopulate the Earth.Jeep XJ is on the list; I still see a ton of those on the road near me. They’re built like tanks. @gorskic ikrNever mind Zika. They should test for Zima. #NeverAgain @jeremydickson4 I once had a cat with paws that smelled like Fritos. @rstevens Sinuses aren’t the only passages those things open up. @gorskic She stood on my lap to get some. Very unusual. @settern @Georgia_Dow what exactly did you think the professor was doing with all those transferred Pokémon?I know that spinning ≠ biking, but the point stands - crazy to be cooped up in a studio on a day like today.TiL: My cat is really, really, super into @smartfoodLittle history lesson for car buffs: The British Sports Car That Became Ford’s Famed GT40 via @WIRED @darth I don’t care if it exists or is photoshopped or was dyed. Red panda kittens need to be everywhere @darth jfc bit judgy of spin classes on Cape Cod, when there’s so much gorgeous nature you can actually bike through.Morning on the cranberry bog.
@edddeduck Yep. Agreed. Sounds like a charlie foxtrot from A to Z. @edddeduck That’s where you and I disagree. Calling the cops = rule of law. @RockingThePixel “Just a reminder, hoomin, you ARE my backup food supply." @THErealDVORAK “It’s.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Lochte and the other swimmers were wrong to do what they did, but they were still shaken down by the security guards, any way you slice it. @jbwhong or do a clean installCan’t wait to learn what bizarre skeletons Steve Bannon has in his closet."Sorry, There Is No “Idea Guy” Position In The Game Industry" by @David_Mullich on @LinkedInWhenever I open the closet door the cat is always like “OOH! NARNIA! COUSIN ASLAN? U IN DERE?”
@gromitthethird @backblaze @chrisTgrace That’s what keeps the ASP I used to work at in business. @ACslater017 I already had an appointment to fix one thing, but they wouldn’t let me book both. It’s a two hour round trip to come back. @ACslater017 There’s a lot more to the story than that. @chrisTgrace I wasn’t being pushy - closest Apple Store is one hour away. It’s a lot of driving. Wanted to save the trip. @chrisTgrace Which I did, for my phone. They wanted to kick the Mac sesh out to Sat, and the store is an hour away. So I walk in’d that one.Finally sorted at ref Apple Store. The wait was maddening but they're awesome as always.They were able to sort my iPhone in 30 minutes. I've spent the rest of the time just waiting to check in my bloody Mac.Apple Store redesign aside, being a "walk in" for service is ridiculous. Two hours waiting so far. @jamesreb this was closed for six months while they remodeled. @scottbuscemi lots of natural light reflected off white ceilings. Feels open and bright.Confirmed. Derby Street feels huge. @EggFreckles Thankfully no. @dfravel @SueMalomo Instead of the Genius Bar, they herd the confused to seats in the center, then pick them off one by one.First time at Derby Street Apple Store since the remodel. Much more open, airy and bright setup. I’d take photos but my iPhone is restoring.I have waited my entire adult life for an ELECTABLE presidential candidate with sane drug/war/economic/health care policies. Still waiting. @reneritchie Disappointed by the lack of a Trenta cupholder.Listen to Music for Chameleons by Gary Numan on @AppleMusic. long read, but eminently worth the time. “Can the Academic Write?” by @Jo_Livingstone focus on improvements in iOS 10: "Apple's smart home vision is finally taking shape" via @Techland
@andrewbg Couldn’t have done it without you folks. ;)Better than the 15,000 WAG I'd read earlier this week. Cisco to cut 5,500 jobs, or 7 pct of global workforce @streakmachine Thank you. One of my very most beloved possessions.Don’t are about being Verified on Twitter. How about Justified and Ancient, though? @lymond @the_other_jon Drury Lane is like Arkham Asylum, but it smells better. @lymond @the_other_jon Do You Know The Muffin Man will be our The Killing Joke.OK, we have our Stan Lee. Now who’s gonna Jack Kirby this thing? 16yo and I came up with the lamest metahuman concept ever: The Baker. His power is the ability to instantly activate yeast. @film_girl @russellholly @Spacekatgal @macfixer @Spacekatgal @macfixer at least no one has recommended the gimp yet @macfixer @Spacekatgal But to Bri’s point, I love Pixelmator, Acorn and other apps, but I’ve been using PS since 3 or 4. It’s muscle memory. @jgpmolloy then you might like this. Not visible from that angle. @macfixer @Spacekatgal It adds up, obviously, but they’ve pivoted to offering PS increasingly as a service, so it makes sense. @macfixer @Spacekatgal tbh, I see little difference between paying Adobe their pound of flesh or giving us $5 a month to back up your Mac. @macfixer @Spacekatgal I confess to subscribing this year. I get money’s worth between PS and LR. @Spacekatgal hidden in a bunker far underground, in an abandoned salt mine. @Spacekatgal That’s why I have VMs. Encased in amber. @Spacekatgal How dare you use legacy software that continues to function and meets your needs! Philistine! @jeffjarvis I want to bottle it and save it for the bad days. @film_girl go big or go home #JoinUs @Spacekatgal @ItMightBeKyle that’s your thing, cool, but Indian Ranch is the last place on Earth I want to be come Sunday. @RockingThePixel DICKSIn the future, we will all be Trump’s campaign manager for 15 minutes. @RockingThePixel Would you like an Ativan? @chrisphin I imagine that it’s a little like doctors as patients.Night of the managing editors at Tech Night Owl @twelvesouth BookArcs keep my old 13-inch MacBook Pro and Retina iPad looking very tidy. ❤️ gamers: A new update to @steam_games improves compatibility with macOS Sierra. Go to the Steam menu, then... @cloudberrylab MBS and @backblaze B2 cloud storage, easily manage multiple Windows Server backups for less! @jeffmc YUSListen to My Ever Changing Moods (12" Version) by The Style Council on @AppleMusic. should bring back the Granada. you’re too lazy to Google “Stephanie Cegielski,” you’re welcome: Moore says the same thing Stephanie Cegielski said six months ago, and she actually WORKED ON THE CAMPAIGN. looks good. "New Resident Evil 7 gameplay video returns players to its horror roots" via @PolygonTop recommendation for people looking to write clearer is to read (or reread) “The Elements of Style.” Anachronistic but still useful.Almost every time I open Medium, I’m reminded of how badly people need editors, and they don’t know it.