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Thought Hidden Figures was a decent period drama, but was skeptical about the math/science of the film. Neil insist… is Light! God is Love!
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanWhite supremacist fantasy that if "others" are banished, all "whites" would be equal in supremacy. Fact is, in US class & not race matter.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanSlow Donald Trump down a bit and he becomes that drunken old man ranting in a bar.
Retweeted by Ben $tillman @realDonaldTrump you look tired x
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"All cruel people describe themselves as paragons of frankness." —Tennessee Williams, died this day in 1983 Thanks @Don_Share !
Retweeted by Ben $tillman.@realDonaldTrump They did. It wasn't.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanTrump’s attacks on the press are connected to his Russia scandal. It's so when the truth is finally released, his b…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThat's infuriating. I know one fella who had to show his birth certificate, but some lying shitbag still kept claim…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanTrump attacks the media all the time because he lies all of the time. It's imperative we all stand up to Trump's drift to authoritarianism.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanAn early look at next week's cover, “Eustace Vladimirovich Tilley,” by Barry Blitt:
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanAmazing... #FeelTheBern 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanLike clockwork
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanNothing. Seven years of useless, empty, fraudulent nothing. A party in the passionate thrall of a complete lie.
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@cosmicdebris87 I feel ya. Gotta stop retweeting political news. so much to be outraged about rn. @cosmicdebris87 good call. instead of deleting social media people should just stay off the internet for awhile. problem isn't FB.Nickelodeon should reboot Guts for a new generation with a more American Ninja Warrior junior version of the Aggro Crag
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanCollabing with legends have their reasons... But the problem is rarely ever the Social Network itself, but rather their compulsive/obsessive usage of it.When friends angrily delete their FB page only to retreat deeper into another social network.BREAKING: Rachel Maddow Exposes New Russian Scandal, It’s Deep -
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanAt what point did Buzzfeed become a legitimate news outlet?Lou Reed, Mick Jagger, and David Bowie hanging out at Cafe Royal in London, 1973.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanSomething dictators do
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanOne of these organizations is blocked from press briefings.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanHearing the Joy-Cons suck as actual controllers. Early reviewer recommending the 'Pro' Controller. #nintendoswitchThe Drapers reunited. Sally all grown up! #MadMen be clear: this is how anti-democratic authoritarian regimes behave. THIS IS NOT AMERICA.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanSign him up! Terrific.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanLa La Land? More like Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins, am I right? First appearance of Wario.
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"The least anti-Semitic person you'll ever meet" tried to humiliate me by pointing out my birth name was Leibowitz.…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanWashington state will resist federal crackdown on legal weed, AG Ferguson says via @seattletimes
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanLetter to AG Sessions:
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanWashington ready to defend state's legal pot amid expected DOJ crackdown
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanToday Bannon openly admitted Trump’s appointees intend to destroy the agencies they’re heading.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanJeff Sessions just re-embraced private prisons. Nothing is more contemptible than a society that has figured out how to monetize its poor.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanNow it's personal Spicer basically said during the Press Briefing that you can kiss legal marijuana goodbye. Illegal drug dealers are celebrating today.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanSpicer one minute: "We are a states rights party." Spicer next minute: Federal marijuana laws override state recreational marijuana laws.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanY'all kno damn well it's only one real beast right? Biting ass... #beastmaster
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanGamers won't be able to look at Trump's tweets the same way 😂
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanFashion in 1991.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanArt: @apoonto
Retweeted by Ben $tillman"He shot it like one gigantic movie, and then it will be cut up into hours. It’s not even going to be episodic." @madchenamick #TwinPeaks
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanLife comes at you really, really, REALLY fast
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanNew episode of Legion is freaky af. Goes full-on Babadook.
Greatness on my mind. #NoTime2Sleep #DangerTalk
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanFinally saw Logan. Best X-Men movie to date and finally the Wolverine action l've been hoping for since reading the comics in the 90s.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanIf bathroom laws are a States Rights issue, Succession should be too. #WESTcoastSecede #pipedream #buticanstilldream #succession.@NASA id be more impresed if u found some brand new epsodes of seinfeld
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanHoly crap.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanGood news: There are 7 newly discovered possibly hospitable planets. Bad news: Russia is already interfering in their elections.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanObamaCare working great for me. Thanks Obama for allowing me access to essential medications. #birthday Olympic NF, #Washington! Founded #OnThisDay 1897. Get out there and show the forest some love!
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanJust like Selves! Mad respect to Kid. Paving the way.Kid Rock's 'Only God Knows Why' was the first time I heard #AutoTune. Kid wasn't using it as a cool effect either... Rock just can't sing!
They started hyping FFXV like 7 years too early, and the final version was drastically different than early trailers and fans were pissed.Director of the FF7 Remake wants to share a new trailer but Square won't release more footage of an unfinished game after the FFXV fiasco.History repeats itselvesa nigga don't dance but he make moves. XO
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanMuslim-American activists raise more than $20,000 in 2 hours to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanHow about Alex Trebek rapping on Jeopardy! tonight
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanS4 everybody just relax it's not like anything bad has happened before due to anti semitism
Retweeted by Ben $tillman🕎✡️👍🏽👍🏽 anyone done this yet?
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanHard to fathom or encompass in words the cowardice involved in someone choosing to do battle with some familial mem…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanJCC threats, cemetery desecration & online attacks are so troubling & they need to be stopped. Everyone must speak out, starting w/ @POTUS.
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@maritimeseattle FAKE NEWS!Trump hates the press?!?! i never noticedWith a single speech, or part of a speech, our minority-pres. could dissuade his antisemite & "white nationalist" f…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanWords mysteriously missing from this statement: Jews, Jewish, anti-Semitism.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanHappy President's Day.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanHappy President’s Day to every legitimate U.S. president!
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanJewish Community Centers in at least five U.S. states evacuated following bomb threats
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@WhatsYoDiel good to hear. I'm about to watch it. Stoked. The pilot ends on an exciting note.The LEGION pilot is spectacular, but I hope future episodes are less like Girl Interrupted and more like X-Men.#putlejug#BigLittleLies has the best real-estate porn on television
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