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Revisited I'M NOT THERE for the 1st time since it came out. Liked it much more the 2nd time. Bale is still a disast…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanYou Either Die A Hero or Live Long Enough to See The New York Times Expose Your History of Sexual Misconduct drawing board to digital, watch Vasjen Katro's work for #CokexAdobexYou come to life in Illustrator,…
Retweeted by Ben $tillman18 Attorneys General from across the U.S. call on the FCC to delay Thursday's vote on net neutrality amid concern over fake comments
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanRep. Peter King on Steve Bannon: "This guy does not belong on the national stage. He looks like some disheveled dru…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanAs many as 2 million comments submitted to the FCC about net neutrality were using stolen identities, New York Atto…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanDougie Jones for the win. Congratulations civilization, we live to fight another day. @GDouglasJones
Retweeted by Ben $tillman
@brent_know Agreed. TFA has strong beginning and middle but underwhelming finale. Hope all 3 acts TLJ are solid. @brent_know Technically seeing it 1am Saturday haha, Pacsci tho... Tried rewatching Rogue One on Netflix, couldn’t… @brent_know Ive heard it has a different tone than TFA, that’s bound to rub some people the wrong way. Seeing tomro… Jedi has a higher score on Metacritic than The Force Awakens, but both films have identical scores on RottenTomatoes (as of now).Sick burn! was a big win for the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in 2020, Charles Barkley
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanYou could argue McConnell abandoned Moore which partially led to his defeat. Other see Bannon's presence in Alabama… how tonights loss will play into Bannon v. McConnell. Already seeing a lot of Republican finger pointing.Jones should be seated immediately.Trump said a "win is a win." But Moore is not conceding.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThought Moore might have sent out his Jewish lawyer....
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanRoy Moore refuses to give up. It's like he's Roy Moore and this election is a 14 year old girl.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanBREAKING: Jackass refuses to concedeDougie Jones for Senate. #ALSen @mfrost11
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanFriend texts: "Charles Barkley finally won a championship."
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanGrammatical, coherent, vaguely gracious. Donald Trump did not write this.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanMade the same joke on Twitter earlier today. I got there first. soon before T-Rump tweets that the Russians hacked the election!! Fake News! Immigrants and black people voted…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanReally curious if he keeps up this tone tomorrow at 6:30 AM
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanSource close to WH: "It's devastating for the president... this is an earthquake... Virginia but on steroids... the…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanShould've prayed harder women in Alabama: I would like to give you a giant hug and all my gratitude.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanBlack voters are the heroes of this electionHOLY SHIT Moore ends up losing, I bet he fires his Jewish lawyer.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanJones may take Alabama by a point or two! Tea Pain is sho nuff proud of America tonight!
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanDemocrat Doug Jones overtakes Republican Roy Moore in partial results from U.S. Senate race; result still too close…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanDoug Jones victory bender is looking plausibleGo go go
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanLOL all these elections are like sports games
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanOH MY GOD!!! HE COULD WIN!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanOh my god.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanGetting TIGHTWOOOOOOWIt's literally a special place in hell.
Retweeted by Ben $tillman2.5% away from a Doug Jones victory bender. #AlabamaSenateBlack Women are the heroes of this electionWOOOOW THIS COULD HAPPENDoes anyone know what a messy, high-stakes recount with national implications in AL would look like?
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanNothing In yet from Dallas County, largest in the black belt. Jones will roll there. #alsen
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThis is excruciating #ALSenateRaceJones wins Talladega County
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanIt's easy to do wrong and hard to do right. That's crazy to me
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanWow what returns on Fox News show a much closer race than CNN who show Moore much further ahead. Weird.I have hope.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanRace tighteningDoug Jones was a long shot😿😿😿 @AnasAbdin
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanAnother #RoyMoore supporter just called my office posing as an @AP reporter. Once their cover was blown they star…
Retweeted by Ben $tillman2016 Election Dejavu on CNN with Wolf Blitzer & John KingDougie Jones for Senate. #ALSen @mfrost11 Link “my dude” turns everyone you meet into a very chill bro
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanWhen you've killed Laura Palmer but your wife doesn't know it.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanTo quote Buster Bluth, “Like anyone would want to R her.” It Worth It to Avoid Every Single 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Trailer?
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanAfter 1 viewing, I am prepared to say THE LAST JEDI is the BEST STAR WARS FILM EVER MADE. Best shot, best executed,…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanPenguins might not entirely merit the high regard in which they have been held.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanGrim Fandango Remastered is free on GOG
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThe GOP is actively engaged in rigging elections as well as covering it up.
Retweeted by Ben $tillman
The title "A Crow Looked At Me" is loosely inspired by Ralph Wiggum in this video:
Retweeted by Ben $tillman @WilliamBibbiani Our favorite track is Dad teaching Duvall how to sing "He Needs Me!"
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanSquare Enix Interested In Porting Classic Games To Nintendo Switch via @NintendoIns'Sweet Home Alabama' is basically a Neil Young dis-track @brent_know Hasn’t sunk in we’re about to see Ep 8, partially because I avoided all trailers/commercials. Zero expe… my God, the clip is so much worse than just reading the quote. And reading the quote is atrocious.
Retweeted by Ben $tillman“One of our attorneys is a Jew.” These people need to go.
Retweeted by Ben $tillman @brent_know Was looking for Vegas odds on Moore v. Jones... Hope the force is strong with Dems/Hawks this week.I wish they would just release all the episodes of Steven universe that will ever be made now instead
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanKnow humility.
Retweeted by Ben $tillman @MorganBRoss They'll need to put me on suicide watch if Last Jedi gets bad reviews.