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Westworld finale was bonkers good.
Earl Thomas injury casts a shadow over this victory thoNeighbors still lighting off fireworks. Happy Hawks fans rn.just about Westworld timeneighbors preemptively celebrating #Seahawks victory with Fireworks. Think we can hold onto this 33 point lead? Still anybodies game.40 Burger #CARvsSEAi c u Popesurprised Westworld hasn't bee spoiled yet. Hearing good things about the finale.Next 3 games tougher than they seem... Got a score to settle with RAMS and CARDS.30 point lead. Honestly could've been more. Not complaining tho haha.JIMBO!!!DOUGSpeaker on the iPhone 7 is noticably more powerful than preivous models. The speaker vibrates the whole phone.Don't let Marshawn Lynch talk Earl into retirement hahaBEAST MODE IN THE FUCKING HOUSEMARSHAWN LYNCH IN THE BUILDING:!?!?!?!?! WOWOWOWOWKEARSEClinton's margin now nearly as large population of Chicago (2.7M.) Trump lead in decisive 3 states (80K) would fit easily in many stadiums.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanGinn went flying lolBOO BOO BOOINT INT INT INT!😢😢😢😢 almost had it💧💧💧💧💧💧 Earl 💧💧💧💧💧 someone link me to a Gif of Earl Thomas' hit on Gronk?Cam on KamTyler Lockett is so gifted and humble. And FAST. #CARvsSEA #GoHawksTYLER LOCKETT IS AN AMERICAN HEROthese guys playing for Earl
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanEarl's hit on Kelvin Benjamin earlier in the game was fantastic. Earl's last great play? via @giphyEarl's hit on Gronk one of this Seasons most gif-able momentsHad been considering getting an Earl Thomas Jersey. 29 is my favorite number and I love Earl. @jeremyFLOWERS Devestating loss. Great player. Great attitude. Sad to lose him.loss of earl is hugeTwo excellent FGs that should have been TDsIMPEACH
Retweeted by Ben $tillmancould've used Rawls thereat least it wasn't a sackGreat pass to GrahamPlz don't retire. You are such an important player man. 29 my fav. you owe me a steak . Haha
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanRawls in concussion protocol?! no buenoTD here would be greathaha yea Russgood catch Vannett...wait who?Graham throwing a little stiff armDudes, your client has claimed on multiple occasions that the vote is rigged.Lawyers for Trump countered in their own court motion that there is “no evidence—or even an allegation—of vote tampering in Pennsylvania."Lets see Russ throw some deep passes (that aren't intercepted) @brent_know I KNEW IT!Great run by Stewart! #sneilcasmplz don't spoil Westworld finale guyysslow mo replay of the Earl injury is painful. Was almost an INT...that old R&B song from the Suicide Squad trailer (You Don't Own Me) has been popping up in a lot of commercials. #AdvertisingTrendsRawls just spoke. #CARvsSEA
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanRAWLS RAWLS RAWLS RAWLS RAWLS RAWLS RAWLSnice return Tylerlast thing i wanna hear about right now is the fucking Mummy trailerfuck the mummySeattle's fortunes turn on a dime.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanFUCK FUCK FUCKMajor Bummer :( Sherman Pistachios commercial lol. Playing catch with a giant talking CG Elephant.OHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK EARLoffense collapsing?jesus 2 sacks in a rowEmperor Ron Rivera is not pleasedRECOVERY RECOVERY RECOVERYdat hit from Earl via @giphyfuck mangFANT DOWN?!?!?!SO CAFFEINATEDnice run RawlsLove when Earl doubles teams a reciever. That hit was gnary.soo caffinated rnstill 3 and 1/2 Quarters left...Welcome back RAWLS baby
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanRAWLS RAWLS RAWLS FUCK YEAAA MANTyler Lockett is a god damn hero