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Retweeted by Ben $tillmanObama White House photographer trolls Trump with photo of Obamas holding hands:
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanEvil Loserswho wants to see Batman's new costume in 'Justice League'?
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanWTF. Can't wait for Alec Baldwin's impression of this.
Manchester :(MSNBC Hits Ratings Milestone, Fox News Drops to Third Place for First Time in 17 Years
Retweeted by Ben $tillman#stamplife in jeopardy didn't mind the cameras when he shouted "LOCK HER UP," so drag his ass before the committee and make him plead the 5th in person.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanSeason 4 will have a 3-part finale with stories woven together a la White Christmas. R stands for Retweet. Break the internet. Collage by Mick Dillingham.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanWith Michael Flynn expected to invoke the 5th, Trump trying to hide info by firing Comey, this tweet is especially…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanb sides and rarities
Retweeted by Ben $tillman
The coffee moment in episode 4 is HILARIOUS. #TwinPeaksMICHAEL CERA!!!!!Episode 3 SOO hilarious and trippy. Cooper in the casino oh my lord LOL! #TwinPeaksSounds like this is a huge deal for self driving too
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThe song at the end of episode two... Musical tastes in #TwinPeaks sure have evolved over the years.James still rocking the same wardrobe. #TwinPeaksSecond episode SOO lynch. Very impressed. It's high budget Twin Peaks.I love how Coop's Satelite FBI Computer has and hasn't changed since the 90s. #twinpeaksFinally, some Diane! #TwinPeaksTheReturnSecond episode even better than the first. Twin Peaks is back and it's the real thing."But the Morgan's are coming for dinner!" #TwinPeaksThis is definitely #TwinPeaksThe glass box pays off!!! That was terrifying and kind of sexy. #TwinPeaksWhat is this guy recording? #twinpeaksOh my lord the New Twin Peaks intro has the coolest Ariel drone shot of Snoqualmie falls. #TwinPeaksDayHOLY SHIT THE NEW UNTRO US SIO COOLHere we go! #TwinPeaks2017TWIN PEAKS TIME, GUYS. Parts 1-4 available on 'Showtime Anytime' rn!The sea lion's lawyers claim no criminal wrongdoing doing PD officers arrest 6 impaired drivers in two nights! Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over!
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanAnyone who thinks Trump is going down or will be impeached is doing the same harm as those last summer who were SURE Hillary would win. STOP
Retweeted by Ben $tillman"It was not my first sword dance," Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tells Chris Wallace in exclusive interview on @FoxNewsSunday
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The good ol' days... #GameBoy is 28 years old! Did you own one?
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanHow long until Trump insults Muller on Twitter?Final Fantasy/Papa Johns tie in promotion. I'm listening... brought the whole crew! I hear Bannon's farts are extra smelly when eating foreign cuisine.…"As a token of my goodwill, I present to you a gift: this protocol droid. He is hardworking and will serve you well…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanNATO secretary general said Trump "has a 12-second attention span": report
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanAlternate title: Bannon in hell.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanFirst leg of this trip appears to be going well despite Trumps lack of sleep on the plane. opening paragraphs to that Time story about Russia's social media war on America are chilling.…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanJared Kushner is always photographed like the camera is zooming in on the real killer in a Law and Order episode.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanPOTUS got "little sleep" before arriving in Saudi for his foreign trip, Priebus told WH pool.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanSpicer has landed.
Retweeted by Ben $tillman
Time honored tradition: when the Feds are about to put the arm on you, take a trip to the desert
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanDon't believe the hype knew pumped for the HBO Bernie Madoff biopic than the new Alien movie.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanCan't wait to see Jared Kushner go to prison, the "Harvard of the west"
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThou Shall Not GrandstandTrumptanic steering into every iceberg.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThis image of one of Erdoğan's thug choking a female protester (as Erdoğan looked on, shortly after bring greeted w…
Retweeted by Ben $tillman
Thou Shall Not ShowboatMaybe Breitbart is right & we shouldn't mock Roger Ailes but remember him at his finest moments. \
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanYou know what's actually a witch hunt? Birtherism."@thehill: Comey once tried to blend in with White House curtains to avoid Trump: report" h…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanA few Sgt. Pepper Stereo Remixes are already on Spotify and they sound fantastic! Huuuuge improvement., Obstruction of Justice, Showboating... all impeachable offenses. #ImpeachTrumpSoundgarden singer Chris Cornell committed suicide by hanging in Detroit, medical examiner says - AP
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThe investigation'll require work, many witnesses, possible grand jury, due process 4 Trump & public hearings. This aint happening next week
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanBefore Fox News, Roger Ailes helped Richard Nixon get elected
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanPaul’s studio set up in Scotland during recording sessions for 'McCartney II'. Photo by Linda McCartney…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanAlarming. Trump and his followers not going down without a fight, if they go down at all was here at WH when Mueller news came down, I'm told. POTUS and his AG very much in the dark as special prosecutor named.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThis is a photo series I like to call "Robert Mueller testifying to congress about the different sizes of dicks the…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThe same well-meaning souls who were throwing an early victory party for Hillary are now celebrating Trump's removal. Caution.
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BOOM! SPECIAL COUNSEL BABY! Yorkers stop to watch the ‘’Seinfeld’‘ finale in Times Square, 1998.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThe Constitution specifies no Showboats may head the FBIDHS chief caught on hot mic jokingly telling Trump to use his new ceremonial Coast Guard saber on the press…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanDEVELOPING: @CNBC: Dow and S&P 500 see biggest drops since Sept. 2016; Dow has fallen as much as 290 points Wed.
Retweeted by Ben $tillman.@BeaccchHoussse have penned a long statement on why they're putting out a new B-sides record…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanMen, elves, dwarves, hobbits and Gandalf the Grey. Orcs and Nazgul are still on the fence, waiting to evaluate Come…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanDow Jones Industrial Average down 320 points (1.5%) as Trump-Comey controversy rattles Wall Street
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanI still like the film "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure". #ExpressionsOfImmaturity
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThe crucial Henry Rollins endorsement?