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Who is Judy? #twinpeaks
You go first.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanBannon will likely function as a party whip moving forward, rousing the far right against any Republicans who question Trump.
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The problem was never just Steve Bannon. It was and always will be Donald Trump.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanElvis Presley with his dog in a dune buggy 1968.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanSenior editor at Breitbart
Retweeted by Ben $tillman😂😂😂
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@Moffman23 Hell yea. The sound was so intense at PacSci. Pretty incredible cinematic experience. Best Nolan in awhile.I WILL DEFEND ANIMATRONIC MONUMENTS WITH MY LIFE. Could turn into the next Charlottesville. did you think of Inglourious Basterds?
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanGonna pitch an alternate-reality tv show where the civil war is over
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanIs Diane in cahoots with Mr. C? #twinpeaks @mfrost11 @brent_know Don't know how well Dunkirk will translate to the small screen but the film is up your alley. Nolan's '… @cosmicdebris87 Some impressive Boat cinematography as well. The Sound design was NUTS! That deafening Bass drone,… @brent_know More focused and cinematic than Interstellar. A better film, but towards the end I started missed the S… @cosmicdebris87 That was a gorgeous shot. The airplane cinematography was all stunning.Would've been better if Tom Hardy spoke in the Bane voice. Honestly his Fighter Pilot character should've just been Bane. Imagine it....Dunkirk in 70mm is an insane experience. Shows the horrors of Nautical Warfare and the thrill of survival. Also: Tom Hardy is a badass.Unbelievable. He actually did bring the Middle East together.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanWashington and Jefferson founded this country. Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson tried to destroy it.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanBarack Obama now has the most liked tweet of all time. If Donald Trump wants to break this record he need only tweet two words - I resign.
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Neo-Nazi website banned by Google gets Russian web domain
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanlarry always knew
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Stan from #MadMen was the FBI agent in Vegas who gets angry at his subbordinate. #TwinPeaksMan I bet Hannity is gonna TEAR THE LID OFF of Hillary's emails tonight.
Retweeted by Ben $tillman🎶 Hello darkness my old friend 🎶
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanme, to @mcjesse: that john kelly photo looks familiar @mcjesse, before end of sentence:
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThere's no moral equivalency between racists & Americans standing up to defy hate& bigotry. The President of the United States should say so
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThis is definitely the big news today
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanA GOP source says WH issuing messaging memo tonight urging surrogates to say both sides acted inappropriately in Charlottesville.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThere is blame on both sides, Anne Frank was being a very loud and rude houseguest
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanWATCH: Chief of Staff Kelly listens to Pres. Trump speak during the president's news conference at Trump Tower toda…
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanSen. Sanders to Pres. Trump: "You are embarrassing our country and the millions of Americans who fought and died to defeat Nazism."
Retweeted by Ben $tillman#PhotoOfTheDay least one person is praising Trump's comments
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanOMG. What did we just watch? He blamed the anti-racism protesters. He likened George Washington to Robert E. Lee. Donald. Trump. Fuck. You.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanFormer KKK leader David Duke: "Thank you, Pres. Trump, for your honesty and courage to tell the truth about Charlottesville."
Retweeted by Ben $tillman#fucknazis
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanAt that presser, Trump may have been the first President to be asked "are you against the Confederacy?" since James Buchanan
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanI am 80% sure it was invented by Sean Hannity
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanTrump "They had a permit, the other group didn't have a permit" Yes, white supremacy and slave owners had legal permission too
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanTrump right now:
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanCongrats, General!
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanSonic Mania just hit the Switch eShop. The Blue Blur is back!
First our election and now TP? WTF, Russia?!
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThe Russians. I knew it.
Retweeted by Ben $tillman"game on" Mania scores 9/10 from @gamespot!
Retweeted by Ben $tillman#HowToTrainYourDrogon #GameOfThrones
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanAs the president was walking out, I responded that he has spread plenty of fake news himself.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThe President of the United States is a fascistic swine. This has now been amply evidenced:
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanIs anybody on the WH staff pointing out to POTUS that his failure to speak out clearly on racism/white nationalism makes him appear WEAK?
Retweeted by Ben $tillman"Why?" he would ask. "Isn't the rally over?"
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Ocarina of Time joke tonight was so brilliant. #LastWeekTonightDaughter. #TwinPeaks
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanHoly fuck the animal noises. This is a strong episode."You're a very bad man Chad"In tonight's #TwinPeaks ANDY WATCHES EPISODE 8!Yea fuck Chad! #TwinPeaksThere are only four hours of this left, and I still have no idea where it’s going. I love it. #TwinPeaks
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanDavid Lynch dedicates Part 14 of #TwinPeaks to David Bowie.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanBOWIE!!!!!All roads lead to VegasDiane bombshell tonightCoffee Time! #TwinPeaksBora Bora! #Lol #twinpeaksMichelle Obama: "The presidency doesn't change who you are. It reveals who you are."
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanThey’re worried they’ll be replaced by Jews? I’ll tell you how to guarantee you’ll never be replaced by Jews. Learn to use a wrench.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanIt's a masterpiece 2020NEW CURB LEAKED??Nazi Bros Can Suck ItDonald Trump's staff asked him to personally deliver a statement denouncing white supremacists. He refused.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanDem lawmaker: Ivanka Trump blocked me on Twitter
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanI think we know what side James Alex Fields Jr is on
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanMitch McConnell, back in the day.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanWalk away, you complicit coward.
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanFerguson exactly three years ago. Where are the tanks against White Supremacy? #Charlottesville
Retweeted by Ben $tillmanHaha yes