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That ‘fuck you’ literally echoes thoughout the chambers of Congress. Great natural reverb. Juneteenth everyone. It was a day of reflection and thoughtfulness about the progress our great nation has made.
Retweeted by Reginald Vanderstock“He moved on her like a bitch...”
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When asked if the separation policy is Humane, head of ICE gave the longest cringeworthy pause on air. #appalledBen evolves into Benis Benis evolves into BenisaurWhen you’re a celebrity they just let you do it.
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockFor two days, residents in Portland have surrounded the local ICE detention center with a 24 hr encampment. Tonigh…
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockWow #zelda
She's running
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockHey when Bill O’Relly says you’re being too cruel and heartless, you know you’re truly despicable.
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockWho wore it better: Children detained in McAllen, Texas or Ivanka Trump
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Melania blaming "both sides of the aisle" for children being taken from their parents by the US government does not…
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockAPESHIT is a great video but a mediocre song. Just a hookless trap beat with Beyonce doing auto-tune. Great video tho.old good times 🎮💕
Retweeted by Reginald Vanderstock“Let’s spell immigration in a way that emphasizes how much we know about the issue.”
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockLet’s all take a moment to appreciate blank VHS cassette packaging design trends. 📼
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockStephen Miller is the guy who gets in the escape pod after locking everyone out and then has his head bitten in half by the bug monster.
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockShe is silent, largely absent. She is beautiful but seemingly vacuous. She is 24 years his junior. An accessory. Sh…
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockCOMMUNITY BLU RAY BOX SET BABY
How Yoshi’s Island Got Its Beautiful, Hand-Drawn Look
“Elizabeth puts her hand to the window -- Paige disappears from view as the train pulls away…” #AlyssaMonks
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockWhen I was Secretary of State, we set up voter registration sites in high schools, food banks, in the Bureau of Mot…
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockNiiice. Hardwick was an irritating presence on television and apparently an even shittier person. morning, Chris Hardwick is a garbage person
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockWithout John Williams uplifting score, EMPIRE OF THE SUN would be a very depressing film. That music takes you out…
But my emails.
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockSHS is a dishonest scumbag. Someone should slap her., Switzerland looking good Sean Hannity Under Federal Investigation For Connection To Russia Probe, GOP Sources Claim #FireHannity
Retweeted by Reginald Vanderstockfuck Jigglypuff
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It's weird to see a Mario Party game with great-looking visuals
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockWay ahead of you ;) #prepurchased #Squaresoft #revival then @DangeRussWilson tweeted a photo with me in it. My life has peaked.
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockNOBEL NOBEL NOBEL NOBEL @MorganBRoss I was also informed the original Fear Effect on PS1 had a same sex kiss. So this definitely wasn’t the… JigglypuffDon't worry, everyone! It's not the first time the Blue Bomber has dealt with a dragon - right, @NintendoAmerica?
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Wtf happened to the Yoshi game??? I feel cheated. #NintendoDirectE3No Metroid Prime 4?! Toy with Metroid fans’ expectations and catch a bullet. up in this!!!! mech fight cameo in Smash 5?!?! That’s a Japanese only NES title from 1993. #NintendoE3InfinityWar ain’t got nothing on Smash 5 #NintendoE32018Cloud has a Limit gauge in Smash 5!! #e3Omg nintendo is crushing it rn #E318Mario Party campouts are the new rooftop parties
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockMy body is ready PARTY!!!!!!First ever same-sex kiss in a video game? THE moment of #E32018 OMG OMG is the real winner today is how you make all the people who actually showed up for your conference absolutely hate it. Utterly baffling…
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The fate of the nuclear world rests on a feller that can’t spell at a third-grade level. “Stoped”
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockDirector Steven Spielberg and producer Kathleen Kennedy on location for JURASSIC PARK. Yes, she produced it and ch…
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockNo FF7 Remake update lol #e3FUN FACT: No one was allowed to participate in the Trump campaign or Brexit unless they had a minimum of two Russia…
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockIn dissent Justice Sotomayor says ruling upholding Ohio voter purging "entirely ignores history of voter suppressio…
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Those deranged FF7 Remake fans are a security threat if they don’t get an update on the project.“I’m mourning the end of #TheAmericans.” - @BarackObama, asked by @JenniferBMorgan what is his favorite TV show at…
Retweeted by Reginald Vanderstock2 years after this moment the #BerlinWall will fall... In 4 years, the #SovietUnion will disintegrate... In 30 year…
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockFox & Friends accidentally said this about the Singapore summit: "regardless of what happens in that meeting betwee…
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FUN FACT: Today's the 2nd Anniversary of the Trump Tower meetin' with the Russians. If your "defense" is no one wo…
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockWhen @AoDespair gets banned for arguing a point and Alex Jones keeps his @verified status (and Twitter account) aft…
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockNot cool @jack if a proper #FinalFantasyTactics remake existed. Proper, that is- not the likes of what we've been getting…
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockSuicide Hotline Bling Russia is the centerpiece of “America First”, rest assured Putin has something much worse than a pee-pee tape.
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockDraw some penises for Christ sake + #pixelart practice made with some sprites from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. #GameBoyColor
Retweeted by Reginald VanderstockHis biggest “misstep” was Cars 2
rewatched Baby Driver last night. Realized it’s a perfect movie. The rhythmic editing, the performances... Was thin… is having a hard time in their own way. The world needs more kindness.
Retweeted by Reginald Vanderstocklove the Swing sample songlive streaming #KidsSeeGhosts this shit is hot. Kanye and Cudi at some bon fire in the middle of nowhere.
IHOP says it's changing name to IHOb. Many major companies also have rebranded — some successfully and some not so…
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@livinlavivaloca Fever Dog!!!!
He wasn’t a “star”, that’s chicken feed for a hit network show lead. He took it because he was a flailing, desperat…
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