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Author of The Art of Immersion. Member of the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab. Writer and speaker on the impact of technology. Digital anthropologist.

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Evening of thinking & doing w/ @longpathorg - fostering policies, ideas & narratives to imagine futures beyond our…
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Oof, this is a strong front page.
Retweeted by Frank RoseThe bodies from the Florida HS massacre haven't even all been buried yet, but @FLGovScott and @marcorubio ($3.3M in… Netflix is fundamentally different from both broadcasting and cable: it's both "breathtakingly broad and micros… Twitter didn’t take down tweets impersonating a journalist who was trying to report on the shooting. The res…
Retweeted by Frank RoseRussian bots flood Twitter immediately after Parkland shooting via @WIREDFCC chair Ajit Pai pushed to allow TV broadcasters to own far more stations. Weeks later, ultra-conservative Sincla…
.@FoxNews blames the Florida school massacre on medicine and virtual reality, while suggesting assault rifles can b…
Retweeted by Frank RoseCongressional candidate @TannahillTweets refuses to take down his "AR-15 Giveaway" following the Florida school sho…
Retweeted by Frank RoseSince taking office, Trump: -Repealed an Obama-era rule barring people deemed unable to manage their own finances f…
Retweeted by Frank Rose"This is a time for our country to take a look in the mirror and realize there is a serious issue here." "We don't…
Retweeted by Frank RoseStudent journalist in FL: "I thought, if I die I want to tell a good story. I want to show these people exactly wha… article should not be read by insecure males
Is technology pushing us towards a real-life Matrix? in #NYC tomorrow evening, @amir_baradaran's Out in Tech takes…
Alternate realities? Sheffield Doc/Fest is taking submissions for non-fiction stories that can be experienced throu…"It's not as simple as giving every deputy a camera," said the LA County Sheriff's chief after deputies killed a 16…
Silicon Valley then and now: In The Wall Street Journal today, my take on new books on VR by Jaron Lanier and Stanf… Ocean interviews Timothée Chalamet for @VMAN: Nice (h/t @WaterSlicer)In today's @WSJBookReviews, my take on two new books on VR by Jaron Lanier and Jeremy Bailenson
In @nybooks, @agordonreed reminds us how journalists now charged with sexual harassment helped put Trump in the Whi… from Friday's @WSJ exposé alleging decades of predatory behavior by Vegas billionaire Steve Wynn: Company s… from a month-long break in Shanghai, Vietnam and Cambodia. Hello Twitter!
.@realDonaldTrump thinks @washingtonpost reporter should be fired because a tweet was incorrect? That's rich—if acc…’m looking forward to a Republican or independent leader in 2020 unafraid to boldly proclaim those two simple, bea…
Retweeted by Frank RoseUnbelievably scary. A host on de facto state media is openly calling for the arrest of law enforcement officials wh…
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Ojai is a bucolic town of 7,600 people surrounded by orange groves, avocado groves and mountains in southern Califo…
Excited to be giving the keynote at Stereopsia's World Immersion Forum in Brussels next Tuesday:
“It’s just good to see Matt up here and not under my desk,” Zucker said from the podium. “I don’t want to say Matt…
Retweeted by Frank RoseHorrific . . . and the Santa Anas aren't expected to ease up for days. to Patagonia for fighting to keep public lands in public hands. Explore more at move, GOP, weaponizing your tax bill to punish blue states. So clever to introduce poison into the tax code! B…
“I have a rough time wanting to spend billions & billions & trillions of $s to help people who won’t help themselve…🔳 Hannah Arendt died on this day, in 1975
Retweeted by Frank RoseThe @FCC chair wants to let telcos and cable cos decide what you'll see on the Net and how much you'll pay for it.…
Repeated warnings from my 98-year-old grandma, a Nazi Germany survivor, chill me. She says it all started this way,…
Retweeted by Frank RoseFeeling disgusted & degraded after an @AlaskaAir flight where the passenger next to me made repeated lewd sexual re…
Retweeted by Frank Rose"I'm the storyteller from the future": @thisisIF wrapped her TED residency with a terrific talk on her amazing AI-d…
OTT goes over the top: Nearly 60% of US homes now have a game console, smart TV or Apple TV/Roku-type device—and ne…“This is a guy who is doing things that are totally unprecedented,” says GOP senator from GA defending presidential… need to weigh in on this. I have very little doubt if anyone else did this, they would be suspended. Does o…
Retweeted by Frank RoseNot even close. The CFPB has returned $12 billion to consumers. Big win for predatory lenders, who can once again…
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VR headset sales go up as price goes down: No surprise. But Sony far outselling Oculus and HTC combined?'s profile in @nytimes was staggeringly tone-deaf. This piece in @TheAtlantic points out exactly ho… that if we don't fight Trump—and Trumpism—and win, all else is irrelevant. @benjaminwittes lays it out we…
.@FCC flooded with anti-net neutrality emails that seem fake—and refuses to cooperate when NY atty gen investigates on @FCC's net neutrality smackdown: The move is so radical and arguments in favor of it so contrary t… @FCC's net neutrality rollback will likely hobble entrepreneurs and small businesses across the US
“Stop micromanaging the internet”?@FCC chair Agit Pai wants to let Verizon, Comcast et al. decide what you can see…
A devastating report on the years of neglect that have brought the NYC subway to its knees. Run for president?…
"Republicans have made their tax plan really simple, and their voters are going to get it"
A must for this week’s #NYC culture calendar: "Move Fast and Break Things" author @JonathanTaplin in convo with “Wo… Trump Effect
Retweeted by Frank RoseThanks also to guest speakers @mikemonello @thisisIF @ellenLupton @briancollins1—terrific contributors to the… @BainRo! So glad you liked the program—it was great to have you on board.
Easy to just mock Hannity for this, but it's more important than that: A whole universe of people who won't be told…
Retweeted by Frank RoseIn February, Hurst described how he approached gun violence prevention. It's strikingly different from Clinton-era…
Retweeted by Frank RoseNewly elected VA Lt Gov @FairfaxJustin becomes 2nd black statewide officeholder in Virginia since Reconstruction
Retweeted by Frank RoseChristian parent here. We're celebrating. We're preparing our son to embrace difference, not fear or discriminate a…
Retweeted by Frank RoseThe man who wrote the anti-trans bathroom bill just lost the election to a trans woman. Let that sink in.
Retweeted by Frank RoseChris's girlfriend was Allison Parker - the TV reporter who was shot and killed on live TV. Chris gave up being a r…
Retweeted by Frank RoseNice to see my home state secede from the Confederacy: Dems sweep VA elections in repudiation of Trump
Congrats @mikemonello & @CampfireNYC for sweeping last nite's Clios w/ Resistance Radio for Man in the High Castle
World confidence in POTUS craters, favorable view of US drops below 50%: Blames Schumer and Immigration Policies Hours After New York Terrorist Attack Despicable.Trump: The Plot Against America "for all his nationalist bluster, his campaign was a vehicle for Russian subversion"
@pietromarx @USC I’d love to. If only I were still in LA!LISTEN NOW: - Creativity & Collaboration: Fusing Purpose & #Content Into #Commerce |…
Retweeted by Frank RoseContinuing red tape puts US at #6 on list of countries friendly to entrepreneurs. At the top: NZ, Singapore, Denmark sobering glimpse into your future as a data point (via @pietromarx):
Think fake news on Facebook is a problem in the US? Take a look at Myanmar:
Flying home Sunday from Zurich after giving a keynote at CILECT. Wonderful audience. Thx Bruce Sheridan, Stan Semer… tell me Roger Stone's suspension from Twitter is permanent. He spent last night attacking CNN reporters.
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“World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.” - Marshall McLuhan, 1970
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.@poniewozik on "the golden age of the superfan"—whole ecosystems of media digging into the minutiae of a franchise
How is @Google like Harvey Weinstein? The news just keeps getting worse. This one’s unbelievable: #factualpredator
How a privately owned funeral home in Vegas helps victims’ families heal. Wonderful story from @NewYorker
Soderbergh previews his "Mosaic" project for HBO at #FoSTFEST: Branching narrative for someone who hates choose-you…
A brazen attempt at media intimidation, a direct threat to 1st amendment press freedoms guaranteed by the Constitut…
Are Americans this much more evil than people elsewhere? Or do we just have more guns?
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