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Author of The Art of Immersion. Member of the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab. Writer and speaker on the impact of technology. Digital anthropologist.

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Rest in peace, Srinivas Kuchibhotla. Sending good thoughts to Alok Madasani. Kudos, Ian Grillot. #Islamophobia
Retweeted by Frank RoseWhite House bars @nytimes @latimes @politico @BuzzFeed @CNN from briefing Guess we’ll be getting news from Breitbart#refugees & #migrants In the first 53 days of 2017 at least 366 people died in Mediterranean trying to reach Europe
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.@EJDionne: Admit it—Trump is unfit to serve “a remarkable combination of authoritarian inclinations and ineptitude"6 days left to apply for a £10,000 grant in @sheffdocfest's "alternate realities" immersive documentary competition
California vs. Trump: The battle is beginning How the world’s 6th-largest economy is taking… worry that computer algorithms can put too much control in the hands of corporations and governments…
Retweeted by Frank RoseSee @Nike's stirring 'Equality' spot that aired during the #Grammys
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Every troll that comes for you validates your voice and role. They are afraid. Their time is almost up. And it is a beautiful thing.
Retweeted by Frank Rose“Discovering the Internet”—a tutorial covering “how to use something called a Web browser…what a Web page is…”’s #WomenScienceDay—so see or read #HiddenFigures. There’s a reason it’s up for 3 Oscars and is #1 on the @nytimesbooks best-seller list.Net worth of cabinet members Reagan $61M Bush 1 $19M Clinton $39M Bush 2 $324M Obama $361M Trump $8.1 billion…
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I'm always amused by @profgalloway's musings, but this week he's outdone himself. No Mercy No Malice: Dead Canary just named 'The Art of Immersion' by #CBSExecEd's @frankrose as required reading for 2017:
Retweeted by Frank RoseHow has the election changed what we're reading? @brianstelter and I discuss:
Retweeted by Frank RoseFrom any normal administration, Flynn would now be making a rapid ignominious exit.
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Your daughter Ivanka totally unsuccessful in getting you to do the right thing. Needs to push harder, maybe off a c…
Retweeted by Frank Rose"Go buy Ivanka's stuff!" Kellyanne Conway tells "Fox & Friends" viewers from the White House briefing room.
Retweeted by Frank RoseThis, of course, is demonstrably false. Clinton didn't have Cabinet in place until March 11. George HW was March 17…
Retweeted by Frank RoseBig majorities of US adults from all major religious groups say healthy children should be required to be vaccinate…
Retweeted by Frank RoseUpdate on how the racists are celebrating the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.
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Mag of the Year: MotherJones for finding new ways to engage audiences & continue its practice of fearless journalis… Art of Immersion, my book from @wwnorton, named to the required reading list by @AIGAdesign America today? “We have a magnetic leader, one who lies continually and remorselessly—not pathologically but st…
A gallery of postcards to #PresidentBannon via @usatoday
Fascinating. would be good strategy for Judge Gorsuch to condemn Trump's "so-called judge" remark. If he doesn't, that in itself would be troubling.
Retweeted by Frank RoseImportant words from @specterm.
Retweeted by Frank RoseDanger Zone
The notion that people have to choose between the TNY and Der Spiegel covers instead of appreciating both is why Trump won.
Retweeted by Frank RoseThis is the new cover of Der Spiegel. on Gorsuch: "Don’t Let Republicans Steal the Seat" Gorsuch must not be confirmed—because the GOP should not benefit from unprincipled obstructionism
Confronting the end of privacy: my take on 2 new books that seek to guide us in this “post-privacy” world…
@pbj06 Sorry! Afraid I do not. Your impression is correct, but that was a long time ago and a different regime.How Big Data used social media to swing the election. Chilling.
Delete your account (and do something real) And this will be my last tweet of the day.On almost every issue, Trump and Republicans ignore the views of the people while they follow the dictates of their campaign contributors.
Retweeted by Frank Rose24 hours into self-inflicted disaster, NOT EVEN ONE GOP Sen/Rep has dared speak against it. During campaign, Penc…
Retweeted by Frank RoseTrump’s Unreality Show: “We’ve never seen anything this bizarre, where up is down & down is up & nothing is real.”Not 1 American was killed on US soil by citizens from any of the 7 countries in the ban from 1975 to 2015 according…
The White House's LGBT rights page has disappeared by @sarahbuhr
Retweeted by Frank RoseIt's a political map of America
Retweeted by Frank RoseThe end of America as we’ve known it. Only if liberals and conservatives unite against right-wing radicals can this be salvaged.Inaugural preview.
Retweeted by Frank RoseNew president will be corrupt & crazy but also incompetent: @paulkrugman joins @nytdavidbrooks in assessment
Retweeted by Frank RoseNever a leader as professionally unprepared intellectually ill-informed morally compromised & temperamentally unfit
App Stores: Government Censorship Made Easier Important story by @fmanjoo to 3-year-old @CalSunday, finalist for an Ellie Award for magazine of the year:…
And the #1 most popular story on @NewYorker online is ...
Kevin Starr, 1940-2017 Historian whose Americans & the California Dream series captured the Golden State brilliantly
Thank you! They Came from Another World Smart read on Arrival & novella it's based on by Time Travel author @JamesGleick23 year old John Lewis' speech. The March on Washington. August 28, 1963.
Retweeted by Frank RoseIn Trump’s Feud With John Lewis, Blacks Perceive a Callous Rival “Raw, unsophisticated, ignorant and uninformed”
Apple has removed The New York Times's apps from its app store in China after a request from authorities
Retweeted by Frank RoseI spent a couple weeks talking with people about Google's #VR application Tilt Brush. Here's my report: @nxthompson new editor-in-chief @WIRED! This could get interesting. Jones says Simon & Schuster is spreading hate by publishing Milo Yiannopoulos
Retweeted by Frank RoseThis is how it works: Hannity gets “exclusive” intvu with Assange. FoxNews pushes angle that 14-YO could hack DNC.…
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"John Berger, Provocative Art Critic, Dies at 90" His 1972 TV series "Ways of Seeing" questioned everything."The posture is the product": @nytdavidbrooks on the looming void in the White House & where it could lead“Nonreligious Americans Remain Far Underrepresented In Congress” - @npr on our new report
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Russians hacked Vermont utility—US electrical grid security at risk, officials say Leahy calls it "a direct threat.".@cwarzel: Idea that tech platforms are merely morally and politically neutral infrastructure no longer makes sense
Vanity Fair is not “Way Down, Big Trouble, Dead!”—but Trump's bogus tweet has sent mag's numbers soaring:
@pbj06 He did not. Presumably they are at the agency? I didn’t have access. Good luck with it.Oculus just made Gear VR way more social with voice chat and virtual living rooms. via @verge
Retweeted by Frank Rose"On the Ranch with the Creators of Westworld” @newyorker explores the perils and promise of interactive narrative."Nine Ways to Oppose Donald Trump" #4: Support independent journalism. via @JohnCassidyA professor who built a self-driving car in the '80s is now targeting fake news with AI. But he knows he can't win:
Retweeted by Frank RoseWhen start the purges of those in CIA who know dangerously much about Trump's Russia connections?
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Christie & pals on both sides of the aisle. Live in NJ? Just a couple days left to stop them. Phone numbers at bott…
Russians phishing, a lax FBI, bumbling Dems: "The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S."’s @JonathanTaplin on tech's redistribution of wealth: "Forget AT&T. The Real Monopolies Are Google and Facebook"
The correct response would have been, “Does Trump have something against beauty pageants?” GOP staff leader/ex-CIA agent @Evan_McMullin on Trump’s threat to democracy—and how to counter it
Red cities, blue countryside: @stevenbjohnson on how urban areas are shortchanged in electoral votes and in taxes